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Cook amazing meals that are as fun to prepare as they are to share. Plated lets you skip the hassles of shopping and meal planning. Get all the ingredients you need—along with foolproof recipes—delivered each week, so you can start making dinner better. ----- DISCOVER DELICIOUS NEW DISHES Break free from your recipe rut while exploring ingredients and cuisines from around the world. CHOOSE & SWAP RECIPES Get exactly the dinners you want. Choose from any of 20 new recipes each week in any combination​—desserts optional. SEE UPCOMING MENUS Easily browse and choose new recipes weeks ahead so you’ll always know what’s for dinner. SKIP WEEKS OR CANCEL Plans change. When they do, use the app to skip a delivery or change delivery days to fit your schedule. ******As seen in WSJ, Time, Food & Wine, Forbes, Vogue, TechCrunch, The Today Show, and Real Simple******

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  • Left out the fish! But under Delivery issues, not listed! 1/5

    By CharlesMJr
    In the Delivery issues list were the meals delivered LAST time. My issue was the deivery TODAY! How do you make Seared Salmon without SALMON?????
  • Plated App 5/5

    By Southern eating
    This app makes it possible to check or change selected Plated meals at any time and anywhere. Very easy to use as well. This is one our favorite Plated meals! Easy and delicious!
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Logophiliac
    Easy to use, visually appealing, informative, and accurate. Definitely recommend!
  • Excellent but lacks variety 4/5

    By Jennscoolurjealous
    The meals are excellent, my cooking skills have improved ten fold since beginning my culinary journey over a year ago with plated. The only thing I would change is to have more gourmet or a wider variety of meats for me to learn more such as lamb, scallops, crab, duck. There’s only so much steak, pork, ground lamb, and chicken recipes once can learn.
  • Steak Bulgogi!!! 5/5

    By FahQueen
    THIS.WAS.AWESOME. Flavor=10, Ease=10, Kid approved!
  • Plated 5/5

    By bethrobbiekeller
    So easy & convenient!
  • Nutritional info 5/5

    By remyryemama
    Fantastic food. Only issue is incomplete nutrition info- since Plated does not provide the amount of fiber in any recipe I can’t determine net carbs. Would be nice if that would be fixed. Also, Plated tends to repeat a lot of recipes.
  • Does not follow through 1/5

    By upnorth home cook
    Sorry but plated is not what you want! I started out with Plated and for the first few boxes I received there were missed ingredients. I called the company to let them know because on one occasion they were missing protein which is something major you need to make your meals. They were very sorry and offered a discount, but as time went by the boxes continued to be missing other ingredients that were things that were supposed to be in the boxes but I had in my own kitchen, so instead of constantly calling the company I used what I had to make the meals they were “providing “. I suggest you look elsewhere if you want a company that will work with you and actually gets stuff right, right from the beginning. Good luck.
  • Couldn’t sign up... 1/5

    By Fortis in Ardus
    Tried Facebook (I’m not sharing my friends list), can’t sign up. Tried username/password combo, also ‘error signing in’.
  • My family loves Plated 5/5

    By TNMAggie
    We have tried 6 different delivery services and Plated is by far the best one. The food taste great. There are so many good choices. We order new things every week. The packaging is perfect. You can tell they go to great lengths to cut down on waste. The service is fantastic. I was impressed because they just emailed me more than three weeks before time that the delivery service would be closed Easter Sunday when I normally get my box so they wanted to know my next preferred choice of delivery days. Little things like that impress me about their service. I refer everyone I can to Plated!
  • Easy and delicious! 5/5

    By RiaDeLonge
    We had planned on doing Plated. only until we collected about 20-25 recipes that we love and then stop the service and just use the recipes to do it ourselves...well it turns out it is just so much more convenient when everything is already portioned out and sent directly to you. We love Plated. and I recommend it to ANYONE with a busy family lifestyle.
  • Great service! 5/5

    By Sarah in Elgin
    Good food. Easy, tasty recipes!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Kannley
    I get plated three nights a week. I love their meal selection and how I can add or take away meals for the week. Their customer service is great as well! All around good meal service.
  • Screen doesn’t rotate 1/5

    By jpepmiller
    Need screen to be landscape for my iPad holder to work.
  • OMG the BEST! 5/5

    By PippasMum39
    We just made and ate the chicken ginger croquettes. So simple to make and TOTALLY delicious. A friend who’s over, now wants to start PLATED. Soooo good!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • Good try but still needs work ... 1/5

    By Li_H#Orig
    First complaint is with billing. My experience has been unpredictable billing. I should be alerted when you will be pulling funds at least 24 hours in advance so I can plan accordingly. Instead, you attempt to pull funds unpredictability. Then, send notice when your attempt fails and leave me no time to correct the issue. So my order gets canceled and I am left without dinner plans. Next, the portion sizes are not adequate.
  • Never stays logged in 2/5

    By Person3073
    The app works fine for choosing menus and scheduling deliveries, but it never stays logged in so you don’t receive notifications. Multiple times I’ve had boxes delivered that I didn’t want because I wasn’t receiving the notifications about deadlines to make changes to my delivery.
  • Love it! 4/5

    By HMG-C
    Great info and very easy to use!
  • The Best Food Hands Down 5/5

    By L_Wesley
    I’ve tried what feels like ALL of the meal kits. From Blue Apron, to Hello Fresh, to Dinnerly, to Hungry Root, and HANDS DOWN, Plated has the yummiest meals. After four weeks of meals, all of them (with the exception of one) has been a total knockout. I’ve eaten primarily off of the vegetarian/pescatarian menu and the meals are just SO delicious. The only reason why I’m taking a break is because I don’t enjoy conking and don’t have time for it, so I’m going to try one of the services that cooks the meals for you. But once my load lightens up at work, I know I’ll be back at Plated. Love it!
  • Zero for Two 1/5

    By Th1sN1cknam31sTak3n
    New customer here and on delivery day the first week I got my delivery confirmation. Problem was, no box at the front door. Checked tracking more closely with Plated and found it was marked delivered, but with a note it was Disposed. And that’s when we discovered the fatal flaw of home meal delivery. When you plan to have 4 dinners arriving on a specific day of the week, you don’t meal plan for the rest of the week—Plated IS the plan. So when your box doesn’t show, you’re screwed and left scrambling. Customer service was unable to ship a replacement box and seemed to really have no backup plan for customers this happens to. I wasn’t offered any kind of compensation for now having to back out to the grocery store and figure out 4 nights of meals—just a like-for-like credit for the next week. So, still wanting to try the service, I took the credit and picked some good looking recipes and anticipated the arrival of our box the following week. Well, today is delivery day #2 and I just got a notification from the app that my box was delivered. I checked the porch and got that sinking feeling when nothing was there. Checked the tracking in the app and it again says Delivered with the signature line reading “Disposed”. Talked to Plated on the phone this time and again they had no backup plan. No “inventory” left this week to send us, no compensation offered for a second consecutive week of failed deliveries and now having to hit the grocery store Again and figure out our next four nights of family dinners...Again. I’m sure the meal delivery game is great when it works, but when it doesn’t, Plated just leaves you SOL. And the worst part: our neighbor across the street orders from Blue Apron and I can see their box on their porch right now. Ugh.
  • New customer 5/5

    By indian1208
    I’m thrilled with plated!! I’ve never tried anything like this before and I love it!
  • Great app, Great food! 5/5

    By mindfreer
    The app is easy to maneuver and mostly intuitive. Makes it easy to manage the meals and changes from your phone. And oh lord is it worth it. I just love their recipes!
  • Good but could be better 4/5

    By Connor Regan
    Needs better shipping info integration.
  • Improvements to app 2/5

    By anytips
    Make it so the app can be read vertical also you should be able to see cooking steps when choosing upcoming meals not just when your order is processed. I haven chosen meals not knowing that I would need to bake ( sometimes it’s too hot to turn on oven). If I had known this ahead of time I would have chosen another meal. Would also like to see reviews and cooking tips from customers who have already made meals. I also think there should be some type of conformation when you swap meals letting you know changes have been made. I enjoy the food but you app is not the best.
  • Buyer Beware Fake 5 star reviews. 1/5

    By Sir Charles Tuna
    I would recommend staying away from this app. Bad customer support, and will charge you when they shouldn’t. Don’t want to believe the bad reviews then give it a whirl. Just hope you are not on a strict budget and can afford to lose some of that money you thought you had.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Booka425
    Service, options, food amazing. Easy to use. Best at home service for dinners ever
  • Problematic app 3/5

    By app wont let me enter one
    This app often fails to work properly, such as logging me off randomly, failing to confirm changes to menu items, saying a current week is “open”, when it is actually a skipped week. The Plated meals are always good, but the app needs some attention
  • Very easy to use! 5/5

    By JuliaB678
    Great app! Very easy to view recipes and manage my account. I can keep track of my choices, delivery, payment, and stop, start and change menus with ease. Love it!
  • Plated App Rating 3/5

    Needs Rotating ability
  • Fresh and tasty 5/5

    By MamaTanyaV
    Only my second box, but I haven’t been disappointed yet! The directions are easy to follow and the food is fresh..and the recipes we’ve chosen- very tasty!
  • Great app, great company. 5/5

    By April_Beene
    I love this app! It’s easy to use and navigate. Their is also a great feature to “live chat” with customer service.
  • Sign in 3/5

    By Tim Kubly
    Very frustrating that the app makes you sign in all the time. Why not do a fingerprint I'd?
  • App 5/5

    By Ben042800
    Your app needs some tweaking, I can’t change my meals on the app it refuses to take it. I have to go to the website, which is fine but it would be easier with the app. Besides that y’all are amazing and so attentive to your customers! Thank you!!
  • The app makes it easier! 5/5

    By 4TheLoveOfCooking
    I did Plated for a year without the app...I will never do it again. This makes the menu selecting, the reporting of any problems, and the rating recipes SO much easier.
  • Want to be charged for food you didn’t order? This is for you 1/5

    By derekgrabowski
    The mismanagement within this company has caused me to receive and be charged for far more food than intended. Their customer service department could not care less. Blue Apron and Sun Basket are far better
  • Not Intuitive 4/5

    By Luddite for now
    App is easy to use once you figure out how to swap out meals.

    I love to cook and was skeptical that I’d be satisfied with a service like Plated but I have to say - I’ve been using for several weeks and haven’t had a bad meal yet. The recipes are so delicious and the ingredients very fresh and of good quality. The portion sizing is perfect. Not a bad thing to say. Thank you Plated for providing such a great service that makes it easy for me to serve delicious meals every night!
  • Best customer service! 5/5

    By lele77118
    Plated has the best customer service I’ve come across. And is best food delivery service out there (and Ive tried them all!) 5 stars!!
  • Functionality limited 2/5

    By Evr47
    So I was signing up and the website would freeze. I call customer service and they recommended using the app to sign up (which changes my sign up incentives- how convenient). Then once I setup an account I went back to change some info and I went too far and out of the account. When I tried signing back into the account there were error messages that were useless "sorry we can't sign into your account" . So I setup another account with another email. And I was unable to change my CC. Called customer service and they are iable to help with payment options. Finally I was update my info and payment, so let's see how the quality of the food is... Fingers crossed ...
  • Seared steak 4/5

    By Melissa_036
    Great meal the only negative thing I can say is the cut of the meat it was too fibrous
  • Plated is by far the best!! 5/5

    By nblack79
    I’ve tried them all! Hello fresh for almost a year, Blue Apron, Green Chef, and one other cant think of name. Anyways- Plated has been by far my most favorite. Been getting food delivered for almost a year and almost every single recipe has been beyond delicious!! The ingredients stay fresh 7+ days. The customer service is great. The food is easy to cool and I have definitely become a better cook. It saves me so much time and I believe even money rather than menu planning weekly and buying all these ingredients to make meals that didn’t really taste that good. The variety is great, desserts are delicious. There really isn’t much I would say negatively about them. They give you free meals to pass to friends which is great. I would highly recommend them coming from someone who is picky and a little bit of a food snob. My husband is even a bigger food snob and he loves the recipes I make him weekly.
  • ❤️ Plated 5/5

    By Elen M
    I’ve been using Plated for over a year now and can’t imagine not having it. The app is easy to use and the food is delicious! I’m pescatarian and Plated makes it easy to accommodate my diet.
  • They don’t let you choose not to get veal. 1/5

    By Annaharr
    I talked to a customer service agent about making it so meals with veal don’t show up in my menu. They suggested I deselect the lamb option. Veal and lamb are not the same! The methods used to produce veal are barbaric and I don’t want to eat it! Customer service was very friendly though. And they have great food. The app even works pretty well. But I won’t give them 5 stars until they add the option to deselect veal from my menu.
  • What was wrong with the previous version? 1/5

    By Uleedog
    Thought I would resubscribe until I loaded the app and noted the changes. Not easy to manually change items desired and delete those not wanted. Not happy with changes.
  • Pretty great too use overall. 4/5

    By gannonreid
    This app is better than any other meal lot service app. It's easy to see the recipe choices and make changes and get help all in the same app. That said, there are some finicky controls (the drag and drop is not as easy as using a couple clicks) and it can be missing some information between new orders. But that said it's still a great app to use.
  • In love! 5/5

    By Carlacrab
    So far, I have tried three kits and recipes! I’m officially in love with Plated. I have been able to try new ingredients with each meal and I have to admit I’m very impressed. There isn’t a worry about buying unusual ingredients that would be wasted for portions unused. Although the meals are complex, I enjoy cooking and it gives me the opportunity to make interesting, delicious and new meals for my family. (I also need to say the unique foods and complexity was the very reasons I chose plated) I’m no longer stuck in a rut. I’m SOLD!
  • Poor customer service on app 1/5

    By Heavy Good user
    No way to opt out of emails or change types of notifications you get. I guess when you get bought out you stop caring about customers.....
  • Switching back to HelloFresh 1/5

    By Hangry Henry
    Loved the meals I selected, absolutely hated that I kept receiving boxes for weeks I clicked to skip. The first time it happened I just figured I must not have actually clicked skip, by the second and third time I knew that it was something with their app. Will have to switch back to HelloFresh because even though Plated’ recipes are better they keep sending me ones I don’t want.
  • Easier than the web 5/5

    By Meechtx
    Love this app! It’s super simple to use and I’ve never had it crash or mess up on me. You just drag / drop your recipes to update them for the week. Contacting customer service via live chat is also simple and easy through the app.

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