Plato: Find Fun

Plato: Find Fun

  • Category: Social Networking
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  • Current Version: 1.5.8
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Plato Team Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Plato: Find Fun App

Plato is the only messenger app built around having fun. Chill with your squad or make new friends while playing and chatting at the same time. CONNECT FREELY Plato features private 1:1 messaging, group messaging, and lots of public chat rooms. Join one of dozens of rooms and talk about your favorite movies, tv shows, music, or whatever else is on your mind. MEET PEOPLE Plato is all about connecting you with your friends or meeting new people. Just upload a profile picture and get chatting. With 5 million+ people, you'll find your clique in no time. NO ADS, JUST FUN We cut out all the annoying distractions (like ads). Plus no sign-ups, emails, or phone numbers are required. Seriously. We hate that stuff. SAY HI TO US! We'd love to hear from you. If you have any suggestions, please reach out to us at [email protected]

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Plato: Find Fun app reviews

  • Please fix. 4/5

    By Alie Clark
    Love the app I’ve had it for awhile now but the last two updates have made it super slow and laggy. It’s made it to the point it’s annoying to get on cause it so slow. But before those issues it was really fun.
  • “4 in a row” isn’t fair 4/5

    By Yvng Kalim
    When I lose a math in “4 in a row” my points go down by like 10-17 but when I win a game my points only go up by like 3-4 points. Besides that everything else is well.
  • 5)),::4dryuujjbdraqqqqqqqq 5/5

    By 98cg
  • Having problems? 3/5

    By Marcosmas
    Since the new year my dad and I aren’t able to play our games anymore.
  • Frustrated user 1/5

    By Prstssiou
    This app has so many bugs, especially dice party. It is suppose to be fun, but quickly becomes stressful and frustrating. The active turned based dice party games just disappear and then your ranking will go down because you have no idea you forfeited, because the game is gone. Also when other pamper are sending in game messages to you, you can’t play your turn. Players will just keep their hand on the send button to prevent you from playing a move so they can win. It’s childish and not very fun. There are just so many problems with both the turn based and the live games in dice party. I wish they would fix the name bugs in this app, and especially the multitude of bugs in the dice party game. I had no problem with the connection issues that it seems most people had. I will go back to connection issues all day long if it meant all of these other bugs could get fixed. I have noticed the most trouble right after the update that supposedly fixed the connection issues. Maybe they fixed the connection trouble, but made dice party significantly worse in every way. Also when I try to send an email to them for help with the issue, my email don’t go through. There seems to be a problem with contacting them as well. I resorted to writing a review. I ha fro give one star but I didn’t want to. This app is horrible at best.
  • 🤩🤩🤩 4/5

    By swagmaster420yoloswag
    super fun !! sometimes at night it takes a little bit for people to join games (not a lot of people are on) and occasionally profile pics will show up as a default ones but like the games are really fun.

    By Shawty673
    This game is great but we all want to play blackjack. Blackjack is fun.
  • Great idea. 2/5

    By Rawrsaysdinosaur
    Could use some improvements. Lately I’ve been losing games due to “timing out” while I have been waiting on the opponent to take their turn. Shouldn’t the opponent be the one that is timing out?? Also, now my games being played will not show up with this current update.
  • Please fix the game 💔 1/5

    By Mariam B.
    The last two updates are the worst 💔 the game was much more better before Now there’s lots of problems 💔
  • What is wrong 2/5

    By Starbucks1940
    I start a game then come back to finish and it is not there. Then I get a message saying I forfeit because lack of activity. I was gone for short time. This has happen a lot. Why
  • A few requests 4/5

    By Erica😝
    Please add Poker!!! Please please please add poker it’d be so fun

    By Bernard Iyawe
  • Updates 3/5

    By Solamite
    Gameplay is great!! Beware when you update the app you lose all current games!! Is there a way to fix this? I had to forfeit two turn based games because they disappear and two more are close to 24 hours and another forfeit 😢
  • Won’t notify me 3/5

    By Jaydakin
    Ever since the recent update the game won’t notify me when it’s my turn
  • Needs more turn based games 3/5

    By jennykhvan
    Overall good app, but some of the users are creepy and aren’t interested in game play. Wish there were more turn based games it’s difficult to play with friends live given the average persons work schedule
  • New update won’t allow me to play 1/5

    By Jojordan91
    The new update cleared all my pending games out of the home screen. When I get alerts for others making their moves and open the app, the games appear for less than one second and then disappear and the notification goes away and it says I have no active games. I am forfeiting games due to inactivity and my score is dropping. I contacted Plato yesterday and no reply. Every update has brought a new problem, using an iPhone XS.
  • Recent update 1/5

    By Khaos84
    With the most recent update all of my current games disappear from my list and it will not let me report a problem.
  • the good, the bad, and the ugly 3/5

    By #1BillyBob
    i love this app — when it works. even with the most recent update, no more where i am, it always lags and says “connecting to server” and forces me out of the app. again, when the app works, i love it! it’s fun!
  • Last update!! 1/5

    By oz3
    After the last update, i cant play games well! The games will start and i cant find it anywhere! Then i will lose my points due to inactivity!! Whats going on?!?!?!

    By dough_nuts
    It’s crashes 24/7.. that’s it
  • COOL 5/5

    By FriendCrazy
    This app is SO COOL I MADE A FRIEND
  • Trash 1/5

    By PlatoIsTrash
    Your game is super trash and is clearly a copy of game pigeon. I hope your game gets banned and screw you. Loser. You guys are doodoo, but ima play your game cuz my friend wants me too.
  • Recent Update Crashes 1/5

    By NaviFaerie
    I love plato with all my heart but this recent update has left it unusable. It won’t even open anymore which is very disappointing as I play it so often. I hope something gets fixed so I can play again!
  • Great game! 4/5

    By Latoya3624dark
    It’s a super fun game but I’ve been having this problem recently where old games would keep popping up into the group and I’ve tried deleting the app and everything but it still hasn’t worked :/
  • Do not get this app 1/5

    By mansdad
    Plato has lots of glitches such as not sending notifications, not scoring completed games, and not being able to connect all the time, like right now I can’t even open the app and yet I am getting notifications about games I am forfeiting. Forget about emailing them, they will not email you back. And the page on the App Store says it’s a social media app and doesn’t even mention that’s its for playing games. My daughter downloaded it and was disappointed to find out they mid-lead her. I have had the app for over a year and and am top 100+ ranked in three games but I have already deleted this app due to the mis-management of the Plato team
  • I love this app 5/5

    By jeffy waffles
    I think people should download this app because it is really fun and the games are exiting to play
  • This app glitches all the time. 1/5

    By Prowake18
    I love the games, which is why I haven’t deleted it. But dang, they really need to fix all the bugs to it! You got to play a game with someone and it says their turn, you tell the person you’re playing and they can’t play! Then you have to start over! It’s frustrating!
  • Critique 5/5

    By mahdidavodi
    Hi. Your app is very awesome but it has a problem that we can’t sent photo in the pv
  • Almost Perfect 4/5

    By Tad boo Hunger Gamer
    Overall I have enjoyed this app and only have a couple problems with the app itself. The first problem is the unnecessary censorship system that is in the chat. I understand starring out actual swears but, sometimes I am trying to say normal words or people’s usernames and it stars out anything I’m trying to say. This makes communicating in games and chats difficult as the unnecessary censorship makes what people are trying to say unclear. My second problem with this app is how you have to wait twenty four hours to change your profile picture at anytime. I understand usernames because people need to keep tack of who’s name is what but I don’t think adding a time limit on whether or not you can change your profile picture is necessary. If those two problems get fixed, I’d rate this app five stars.
  • Can’t restore my purchase!!!!!!! 1/5

    By sbs208
    This is the worst app regarding restoring purchases and you can’t contact them also!

    Many men looking for YOUNG CHILDREN. I got contacted by one looking for girls under 17. He is 27 YEARS OLD. Looking for sexual videos. Seems like he has got them before.
  • Good time killer 1/5

    By cantfind avalidname
    Very addicting and good for killing time! But lots of flaws so don’t take very seriously. Also good luck chatting (not vital) except a couple games. Lots of good aspects but don’t write support to point out a flaw. I am banned because I asked in my games people disconnect or quit they forfeit! Makes sense and I agree yet it doesn’t in dominoes ever since I wrote support I can’t get in any game! Coincidence I think not!
  • It’s pretty good 5/5

    By alyssa.n.s
    I met a lot of cool people
  • Fun for everyone 5/5

    By TracI
    Love this app. I love I can play games with my daughter. We have board games but this is still quality time. No mess. Also she can’t cheat LOL
  • Ehhh 4/5

    By Ellie Rates Dis
    So, I updated my review by one star. I love the new apps and chats! The only thing is the amount of players asking for nudes, it’s just a overload of predators! Honestly, the children don’t deserve to see that, especially if they don’t know better. Otherwise the games are quite fun! You can chat and such, along with having games with only friends to avoid strangers. Another problem is when you’re about to create your account, it freezes right when you click start. Hopefully this bug gets fixed
  • Need to fix 3/5

    By بسام الحربي
    There are alot of crashes in th game need to fix
  • More chat rooms? 4/5

    By Dead Dear
    I really love this app but it’s sort of hard to find people to talk to because of how limited chat rooms there are. There’s always 80+ people in the “social lounge” chat and 10+ people in the “English pub” and no one else in any of the other rooms. I think it would be cool for people to make their own chats to find what they’re looking for and even limit how many people can join so it doesn’t get over crowded. That’s my only suggestion. Thanks for this wonderful app!
  • Uninstalled 1/5

    By hunchojuliann
    I’ve been trying to change my profile picture for an hour and it keeps telling me there’s a problem they’re working it and will fix it ASAP but pleas try later ... it’s so annoying. They have a restriction on how much you can change your profile picture which is probably one of the stupidest rules the app has. On top of this it’s never able to recover my account either just so annoyed with the service of this app
  • I got married 5/5

    By Carrot_head 123
    I met my husband here when we were like 18 now we are 20 and I’m happier then ever thanks plato 😭❤️
  • .... 5/5

    By zooz123123
    حلوو مرا يجنن
  • LAG! 1/5

    By FibCav
    This app lags so much and it won’t let me enter the app without crashing a few times. When I try to join a game it lags and puts me in a game I never even wanted to join. It’s annoying when you’re in two games
  • To laggy 2/5

    By heavenly_
    On some phones I feel like it lags to much or I don’t know but I have an older iPhone (6+) and the lag is real like there so many bugs like it will take me off the game for no reason, it will make it so my message dosent send, it will make it so I can’t see the chat then later they blow my phone up with the chat. I’ve talked to other people about this and they have agreed some people said they can’t even see. Please fix this it’s not a bad game it’s just there’s so many bugs I liked it before there wasn’t even lag please update it back to how it was or please fix these bugs soon thank u. It’s not even like I’m new to this I had this game In 2017 cmon now guys 😩 and there was no bugs like this. I feel like your rank shouldn’t go down if u loose one round also because I said I was hunter and I still died like this is ridiculous you guys shouldn’t even make an option to kill first day
  • I love it 5/5

    By Willyoulistennow
    But I wish they had more games. Like Tarot or other games
  • Bugs galore 3/5

    By Rdgonzodogales
    Nothing is more frustrating than the app telling you that you “forfeited due to inactivity” right after you played. It’s a lot of fun.... but it’s not worth continuing to play if things like that don’t get fixed.
  • Ugh 3/5

    By Harajuku Roman
    This app use to be phenomenal until you all made some changes to the iPhone version and now it’s really messed up.On my Samsung I can play with easy but on my iPhone it’s really laggy and the app shuts down on me when I’m playing games can you all please see to this matter urgently,thank you.
  • Mini Golf unfair if player quits 5/5

    By Ryan Padilla
    Please fix the point system in mini golf. If a player quits after the first round, then the person in the lead has an unfair advantage since the second place player cannot catch up if 1st place person is ahead by 2 points. Also Werewolf is hard to play when everyone just calls out people not wanting to participate and get called out (werewolves). Please add some sort of antichat to prevent villagers from pointing out werewolves early on in the game. Lastly, we need a racing game!!!
  • Don’t let your kids on here 1/5

    By nick4002635
    There are way to many nasty people and perverts it’s not a place for your kids.
  • Need backgammon timer 2/5

    By Deedodds
    Need to add a timer for backgammon moves. Players play several games at once and leave you hanging waiting for them to make a move. It’s destroys the game’s momentum and could be easily fixed with a timer. Very frustrating - I am going to stop playing.
  • And it’s NOT the fiancés fault 2/5

    By KittyWillHuggzChu
    Love this game, used to play it all day everyday to the point it caused problems with the fiancé; but i can’t now and not because of him. Iv been waiting 5+ min, just this time alone, for it to stop saying “connecting to server...” but never does. I have tried for a few weeks now on and off to play any of the games here but can’t even get the app to finish loading.

Plato: Find Fun app comments

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