Plato: Find Fun

Plato: Find Fun

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: iOS 2.1.5
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Plato Team Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
118,266 Ratings
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Plato: Find Fun App

Plato is the best chat app built around having fun. No sign-ups, emails, or phone numbers are required! FUN TOGETHER Chill with your squad or make new friends while playing games and chatting at the same time. CONNECT FREELY Plato features private 1:1 messaging, group messaging, and lots of public chat rooms. Join one of dozens of rooms and talk about your favorite movies, tv shows, music, or whatever else is on your mind. MEET PEOPLE Plato is all about connecting you with your friends or meeting new people. Just upload a profile picture and get chatting. With 10 million+ people, you'll find your clique in no time. SAY HI TO US! We'd love to hear from you. If you have any suggestions, please reach out to us at [email protected]

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Plato: Find Fun app reviews

  • Old or young 5/5

    By mizz__gator
    Very relaxing. A game for everyone.
  • Love it but 4/5

    By puppy unicorn 🐶🦄
    I love this app it’s great for texting but I don’t understand how u get coins and the things are weird other than that I wish we had a place to call our friends to but I love this app so much
  • Good and bad game 1/5

    By I only talk the truth
    Fun game but the robot keeps asking the same thing over and over again if you read this please fix the game
  • Goooooodddddd 5/5

    By wolfe2020
    Good app but i wished that i could put voice messages and stickers and photos because sometimes i write big texts so i have to put voice messages Well GOOD APP!!!
  • I can not access the applications 1/5

    By axiiiiiiiiiiiii
    I can not access the application
  • Vip not activated - bad support 2/5

    By SoMe0nE24
    I like this app very much however i bought vip but it didnt activate, i emailed support so many times but they didnt respond
  • delete messages 4/5

    By dygthfhft
    it would be a 5 stars if it had an option to delete messages for both sides
  • ❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By saraniknam
  • اقتراح .. 5/5

    By -Abosh-
    نتمنى اضافة دردشة صوتية
  • Bug on my piccccc 1/5

    By meehhhh 22
    Why there is so much bug on my profile pic it’s not clear ! Please fix it
  • These are good games but 3/5

    By Shortnsexy Tashiab
    Why don’t the games show up in iMessage like they used to, I can’t play with my friends.
  • Give us the Option to Add own photo Banner! 5/5

    By sjahdo78
    You should have The option to chose your own photo for a Banner! Otherwise Great!
  • Fun but needs some money 3/5

    By Kaylee_08
    so we should start out with 900 coins just a suggestion
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By souhelbhr
    It waa so dun😂😂😂
  • Lovely 1/5

    By へbたい
  • don’t download 1/5

    By zayaxo
    blocking for nothing and by choice.never reply to emails.
  • App does not load 1/5

    By TheEverBlessed
    The app opens and doesn’t load anything on my iPad Air 2. Please fix this as I would like to use the app with my friends. Till them I would rate this app 1
  • Good app 4/5

    By izzy's chicken nuggies
    The app isn’t too bad it has a few connection issues and a few glitches here and there but it’s great overall. Some people on the app can be inappropriate. I would want Plato to give a better way to give coins, watching ads to only get 25 coins but the prices the get little thing in the game are 250 or higher. I think they should do something about that.
  • best game’s app 5/5

    By solish05
    however this app need to the some space but you can play game with each other totally i recommend install this app
  • Bots 1/5

    By twoYearsOfSpam
    There is many bots in chat which share sexual comments and bude pictures all day long , i’ve seen some accounts spamming for 13 hours straight , no matter how many accounts h block they comes back again , some games in plato include types of offense for some religions such as(Thoughts) .
  • Not a good game 1/5

    By p1235789
    This game is racist you have people on here calling you racist names and when you email the developers they don’t email back. Also it’s spamming on here also I wouldn’t recommend downloading this game
  • Unable to select my Ocho theme cards 5/5

    By Shuhattey
    So I bought some of the Ocho upgrades but I cannot equip them😫😫 I gifted an ocho theme to a friend who has an android and that friend can use those cards. Mine cannot be seen in matches. I really wanna use them. This app is really good to play with friends being away from each other. I really like it.. but i want to be able to use the ocho upgrates. Please help
  • Add games 5/5

    By Breaker1990
    Can u add snooker or carrom game
  • I love this app but it think something happenend. 5/5 DOWNLOAD NOW. MUCH FUN 5/5

    By BagelzN'Space
    I used to play the app every day two years ago, and would always match up with people who speak the same language as me (English obviously). But now I’m always matching up with people from other countries. While I love trying to talk to them and sometimes I have good conversations, I used to only match up with people of the same country. I was going to rare this 4/5 stars because of that but I came to the realization that it’s because of fewer people using the app. So I understand, other than that 5/5 best board game app out there if you have internet access most of the time at least. Easy to under stand games, easy to understand rules, sleek interface, friend system, few ads and no pop up ads. Probably the best app out there and I’m going to pay to remove ads because they deserve the money for creating this masterpiece 👌
  • New options 5/5

    By sombody3574
    It’s a great app. Thought if I want play with my friend online and add other random people it’s hard to find my friend. I also think it would be fun to be able to make our own golf course.
  • لا يمكنني وصفه 5/5

    By عهود الملكه
    شكراً على هذا البرنامج إنه جميل جداً
  • bad game 1/5

    By ae3164
    it’s not a good game, because if you are not pay you definitely lose in all games, i’m delete it
  • ADD FARKLE! 5/5

    By gijviv
    You guys should add FARKLE!
  • Profile picture 4/5

    By Poppy🌺🌺🌺
    When I pick a picture to set as my profile picture and press choose it doesn’t change. Why is this? I dont want to be a freaking cupcake
  • pictur 2/5

    By Icoon screen home
    i havent picture of players for choose and when i blockin a person who come back again!!pls make this bugs
  • Request 4/5

    By santoz0098
    Font in app is too small (in chat)
  • Solve this issue 5/5

    By johnwere
    Why others see how many friends i have
  • Love except for one thing 4/5

    By missylob
    My husband and I use this to play games together since we are on opposite sides of the world and really love it! I’ve been having problems lately with guys wanting to have dirty chats when play with with people. I’ve changed my avatar to show I’m older and even still, I won’t allow my daughter to use the chat feature anymore after the nasty comments I’ve been getting. Seems to be a lot of people wanting to use this as a sexting app which is unfortunate & scary cuz there’s so many kids that are using this.
  • Ludo potentially is rigged 1/5

    By Frustrated Nathan
    original review — always seem to lose with each opponent needing one spot to win, I’m kind of convinced after losing five straight times with it coming down to the final roll for one spot win. I likely will not continue using this app, because I am convinced the games are rigged and the players may not even be real humans you’re playing against. What are the odds that you lose the same exact way every time you play? Both needing one spot to win and the opponent always gets it? Never fails. One star for this app. Deleting it soon. Not worth playing and getting upset over. UPDATE on 6/10 - THIS APP is without question rigged. I was playing Ludo this afternoon and it is game like parcheesi. I know it is without question rigged now. I had three pieces in my bank and my opponent had zero when all of a sudden, the opponent had rolls of 5 and 6 constantly which allowed him to make a massive comeback, causing me to lose. I could understand if this happened once, but this happens almost every time I play where I have a huge lead only to have the opponent make a large comeback at the very end against all odds to win. I have deleted the app, not likely to put it back on my phone. Unless you like having games rigged, which happens on virtually every game on this app, I wouldn’t suggest you download this app for your phone. Without question it is rigged or you’re playing against computers who know what they need every time to win.
  • . 5/5

    By Ojennyyy
    5 estrellas porque encontré aborteras adoctrinadas y me encantó 💯/💯
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Mialattee
    The app is absolute garbage. I was in the middle of a game and everytime I put down a card it would show me that it’s the next persons turn and that I automatically put down a card and resigned me for being inactive as I was actively playing the game. This app is poorly designed and the games are scams and were not made for a fair gameplay. The algorithm or whatever needs to be fixed.
  • Problems 1/5

    By NFXX.
    Recently the app is slow and i can't play one game please do your best to fix it
  • 🙂 5/5

    By miss archi
  • Good game 5/5

    By Collsteve8
  • Bnm 5/5

    By behnam54
  • removes my profile pictures 3/5

    By brynnesia
    hi i love the app and i use it everyday but recently everyday when i come on the app my profile picture is gone. i’ve put different pictures and they keep disappearing. the pictures are literally just of my face.
  • Censors 2/5

    By Psych0 Kittie
    I love how, at first, the “censor words” option is on and you can turn it off, you’re not forced to be kid friendly but the kids or people who don’t like curse words keep it on. I prefer to turn it off bc I want to know what everyone is saying (I’m just weird like that). But when others have it on I notice they’re not even allowed to say “God” or “Japan” or something simple. One more issue is the profile picture censor thing. I love that it’s a thing now bc way too many guys had their gross ding dong hanging out and absolutely nobody wants to see an unwashed nasty penis right on their screen. So it’s fantastic that they started censoring that stuff but sometimes it’s ridiculous. It should be censored so that anything that’s gruesome or graphic that’s not a cartoon should be removed but the cartoons should be fine, because it’s not real so it doesn’t have the same effect on real gruesome pictures. I’m only talking about the blood and stuff, because anything that resembles a penis shouldn’t be on there (cartoon or not). So I’m only giving a two star review because I know this review system goes by a certain method and maybe you’ll listen to me if I offer to bring it up to a glowing 5 star review. If you fix the issues, I’ll change my stars to 5 bc other than the censoring issue, this app is fantastic and has changed for the better. I’ve been on here since 2018 maybe and they’ve definitely improved👍
  • Good but it determined the winner 1/5

    By kioumars 71
    The game in so amusing but it determines the winner form the beginning of the game and also some people like me may find it boring because u lose a lot and its not fair for amateur players like me and im going to delet it
  • Full of Bugs 2/5

    By Farziiinn
    Really good and exciting app with plenty of games but one BIIIG problem!!! BUGs and they are HUGE and i wish developers fix that in updates. The game just hangs in groups that are full or even half full and it wont go to the game and that is soo anoying! I hope this gets fixed 🤷🏻‍♂️😒
  • reset 3/5

    hi i really love this app please do some features to reset our playing to zero
  • My favorite app 5/5

    By Aunt_juli
    My friend recommended this app three years ago and I fell in love with it 5 stars for sure
  • Perverts and Stalkers 2/5

    By Jizzeppe
    When blocking people they shouldn’t be able to join your game and follow you. It’s weird and annoying. When blocking they also shouldn’t be able to see what you’re saying. This app needs updating. Can’t change my profile picture and can’t see peoples new names and pictures even when they have them.
  • Great 5/5

    By ninikocho
  • مشاكل تعليق واعلانات مزعجة 1/5

    By mon coure

Plato: Find Fun app comments

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