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  • Current Version: 1.17
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: One Up Group LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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On demand e-sports app that instantly connects video gamers around the world that want to compete in their favorite video games for real cash prizes and show off their skills. It Pays To Play! Highlight Features • Instant matchups • Flexible Scheduling • Instant Payouts • Invite and compete against friends • Track real time earnings Systems Supported • Xbox One • PS4 Games Supported • NBA 2k • Madden 19/20 • NHL 18/19 • FIFA 19

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  • Don’t play Gangstafever in madden 2020 1/5

    By Mtchris50
    Cheaters on the app and the company does nothing to stop it. Called out support and instead of receiving winnings, I got a refund. (The cheaters probably work this company) His PSN is chancethesickest FYI
  • Scam 1/5

    By gooobsiajwhejw
    This app is garbage took my money and never added it to my one up account
  • False advertising 1/5

    By MFGZO3
    DONT GET THIS APP THEY ARE NOT PROFESSIONAL... it’s been almost 2weeks I still haven’t received my money, they want answer any of my messages regarding my payouts
  • Withdrawal 1/5

    By FirstonMoney
    I won over 260 dollars on this app and tried to withdraw 230 dollars a month ago and still haven’t got the money. Every time I chat with the support system, it doesn’t answer any of my questions concerning my withdrawal. I haven’t got any update on my withdrawal too. Very upset 🤬😡😔
  • Subpar 2/5

    By Tre 123
    If you guys would deliver payouts on time consistently, as well as have a better support system where you actually get help, this app would be great. But it’s so inconsistent and frustrating because you feel as though nobody works for this app and that your money and time is being wasted. Please just fix the payout situation and you won’t lose so many users.
  • Being robbed 1/5

    By Perkins21231
    I just wanted to play a $10 game not even with the purpose to win I was just trying to clear the app of my money so I can delete the app so it say I need to add $1.50 so I goes to deposit it and it takes another $10 and the automated reps are the worst I told them I was being rob they replied that’s what we’re working for
  • SCAM 1/5

    By Hey One Up ;)
    This app is a scam , OF COURSE it lets you do every thing you want by adding money to your account and playing people and taking money away from your card , but what it won’t let you do ? WITHDRAW THE MONEY . YOU CANT COLLECT YOUR EARNINGS . SUPPORT WONT EVEN REPLY TO ME BECAUSE ITS ALL A SCAM . SAVE YOUR TIME .

    By Nick Dunaway
    Don’t use this app, when you try to withdraw your money it will never be deposited. I lost $200
  • Good but crashes 4/5

    By Michaelcu07
    The app crashes every 30 mins But when it works it works
  • Never received withdrawal of $50 1/5

    By Geoduba
    I never received my withdrawal of $50. I created a support ticket and I haven’t gotten a response.
  • Bad customer service like it’s ran by robots 1/5

    By t dog 1998
    I can’t get in contact with live support I would do players lounge over this any day
  • I’m not mad, just utterly disappointed 1/5

    By Theo in Jax,Fl
    Before June 11th, 2018 I deposited $50 to play competitively with madden 19 on Xbox One. My account has a balance now of $357.25. I’ve been trying to withdraw this balance since June 11th and haven’t played any games since because of this. Once you reach a certain amount they will not let you withdraw your money. When I try and contact them they say my account isn’t a high enough status to speak with a live person which puts me in a endless cycle of talking to a bot named John or Jason. Account name Theo100006. Again, I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed. At least give me my initial $50 back.
  • Good app 5/5

    By rj9.
    Need to add ufc 3
  • Scam 1/5

    By jjjjcold
    This app is a scam if u make certain amount on the app they won’t pay u they will try to find anything to not pay or lie
  • Slow payments 3/5

    By 2K $ports
    Took weeks and I had to keep writing them
  • Support team is terrible 3/5

    By Tupacrip
    Support never responds to concerns you have to message constantly if they do respond it may takes days especially about money.
  • Disgrace! 1/5

    By jham409
    If I could rate no stars I would! My first and only time playing I lost money do to “connection to peer has been lost” and just so happen to be down on the scoreboard. I messaged support explaining what happened and I was told “you bet on your own connection”. Then I received a text message informing a replied message and I went to click on the link and the web site pulled up “ close page, someone is attempting to steal your identity” so I wouldn’t recommend using! I’m just very disappointed.
  • Okay app. 1/5

    By dope one up
    Haven’t received payout yet in 2 weeks because they are “backed up” on payments. Still a cool app but fell off big time.
  • Great app but having trouble withdrawing money 4/5

    By Selling-
    No matter what time it is it will never let me withdraw money from my account onto my debit card. It always says i have to try and withdraw the money from 8am to 12pm but even when i do it in that time frame i can never get my winnings.
  • Lawyers will be involved very soon, do not deposit on here 1/5

    By Shad'da'God
    Have been having many problems with the people who run this app ever since I had it. The app starts me off with $5, so I never made a deposit, but suspends my account several times because im using the money that they started me out with???? Terrible experience, I tried to give the app a chance but the guys behind the scenes don’t even get back to me 😂 ive been trying the same withdrawal for over 2 months, no exaggeration
  • MAJOR SCAM 4/5

    By T Regine
    UPDATE 7/23/19 One Up resolved the situation and they’re working on improving payment process 7/22/19 DO NOT play One Up, it is a SCAM. When it’s time for them to pay you they’ll accuse you of fraud and won’t pay you. I’ve hired lawyers and after being very patient with no results we’ve decided to begin putting a lawsuit together against the company for wage fraud and online gambling fraud. With the amount of money they owe me it is very possible we could get it to felony level. If you’ve experienced similar treatment PLEASE contact me and we’ll represent you as well for FREE. Thank you.
  • Will not give me the money I won 1/5

    By Goooooisgjj
    THIS APP IS A SCAM. They owe me money and have yet to send me the money I have earned. Don’t waste your time on this app. They don’t even respond to support tickets.
  • One up gaming 1/5

    By drethetruth
    Y’all are not paying the winnings players and if it happens again I will sue the company
  • Struggling 1/5

    By Youngblii
    This app is accusing me of fraud when I have not done any fraudulent activity . They are keeping me from transferring my money that I played every game for . I get in contact with support and all they say is my account is under investigation for fraud! I don’t know how I could even commit fraudulent activity on this app. There also is no number to call and contact the app so I am still unable to transfer the money that I earned ! Don’t use this app I feel like they are scamming me !
  • Why can’t I change my username? 1/5

    By vandy0015
    I changed my ps4 name, like many people have and I can’t play games anymore. It won’t let me change my online username for oneup.. disappointing
  • Worst app I’ve ever used 1/5

    By Fluffy_Plane915
    Do yourself a favor and do not even think about downloading this app. It’s real easy to deposit on there of course, but when you actually start winning money they just make up reasons not to pay you. I’ve been waiting to get paid by this app for over a month now and haven’t received a dime. They have the worst support system I’ve ever seen, very very very slow at responding and when they do it’s like a copy and paste message and they never actually try to resolve your issue.
  • A HUGE SCAM!!! 1/5

    By plsAVOIDscam
    A HUGE SCAM!!! if you make too much money on here they can’t afford to send you your earnings YOU WON. They will make up lies on your name just so they won’t pay you up.
  • Worst app and support ever 1/5

    By benjijohnson
    Do not sign up and play for this app this is the worst gaming app ever the support is the worst. If u lag out a game in first quarter or at any time period u automatically are given the loss. It makes no sense u can be down 1 point and if u show proof of the game disconnecting you automatically get the loss and support never responds or contacts you after you write them, anybody who thinks about downloading do not play this app is a scam that has the worst support ever. The rules say u must play the remaining time in a disconnection but no matter what if u are losing and it disconnects you automatically lose your money. Worse site ever. Lost about $100 just because the game lagged out in the first quarter and I showed video and evidence of it disconnecting. I REPEAT DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR PLAY ON THIS APP
  • DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! It’s all a Scam 1/5

    By A away
    Please DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR EVEN SIGN UP. I’m speaking from experience. This company is full of hackers. They wouldn’t even let me delete my account after I found out what they were really doing to people.
  • Terrible, do not waste your time and money. 1/5

    By lstern22
    Our group of people that been playing on these esport sites for years now came over and started spending all of our time on this app. Then they started not paying us out, and claiming fraud. They’ve treated everyone I know the same exact way. Horrible customer service. They went broke or something cause I haven’t seen any payouts for anyone. Just read the reviews
  • Terrible customer service 2/5

    By Iballallday
    App is good but the customer service is terrible. It can take days for staff to review a game and issue you your funds. It also does not help when they do not reply to your tickets. Needs better customer service.
  • Trash 1/5

    By hdmsnsk
    Ive missed out on so much money all because this app won’t let me withdraw my money in the bank😂it’s only a matter of time before i sew this app
  • Ace 1/5

    By VBillups
    It Was fun until it stopped letting me withdraw to my cash app but always let me make deposits with the same cash app debit card they always tell me is invalid when i try to withdraw as if this a scam or something and i put in another debit bank card and all of a sudden its an error when i try to do a withdrawal with the card on file if u know how to report apps report this one
  • Scam 1/5

    By D1234Dee9
    Never received my payout lol. Joke
  • Trash 1/5

    By FreashPrince24
    Please don’t waste your time on this app Won’t verify my real identity to withdraw money from the app. And when it does it’s a 50$ minimum and when you do that it says it take 3 days but never comes
  • Bad 1/5

    By yeezzy12430
    They will not let me report a fraudulent ply
  • No payouts? 1/5

    By _A_Rojas
    I’ve been trying to withdraw for over two weeks and every few days I go back into the app and see my withdrawal is cancelled. Not to mention they’ve made it do you can only request withdrawals from 8-11 AM on weekdays, clearly trying to minimize the number of withdrawals.
  • Mistakes 1/5

    By Anthony205
    Y’all make simple mistakes when people choose to play with the same teams. I got my money took a couple of times because be submitted the wrong results even though I took a recording of the real results y’all still gave my money to the other guy. Before you download I recommend they update the app to get there problems handled or you will be a mad customer like I am.
  • Needs a lot of work 2/5

    By Nandohsjshd11
    Slow support slow payouts limited to 250 even if you have two thousand dollars in your account if your opponent quit the match they give them their money back , seems like the entire app is a scam rarely do the payouts get approved just overall terrible gaming app support really don’t care about anything they just refund anyone who quit. reaching support is like pulling teeth he will respond days late or never will. No consistency they don’t even follow their own rules.
  • Payouts 1/5

    By Big Reke
    Yo this app is trash when it comes to finally cashing in on the money you win. They say payouts take 1-3 business days, but that’s cap. You’ll play all those games just to never see the money you won
  • Smh 1/5

    By Zayzay3301
    The app doesn’t let me play or setup a game doesn’t let me withdraw my money for the past 3 weeks bs app need to fix or give me my money back
  • Scam Alert? 1/5

    By peezythreehunna
    I started using this app a couple of weeks ago and words cannot describe how much money i lost. However, the minute i want to withdraw my funds with the wins i have gotten It is a hassle. I have been contacting customer service, with no response still. Why is it that it is so easy to add funds to play but it is Impossible to withdraw your funds? Its website also has E-mails That do not work so who are you actually suppose to contact? Thanks for taking so much of money and me not being able to get it back. Newcomers Beware
  • Wow 2/5

    By woo112
    Need your ID or and or your passport and I need your last four digits of your Social Security know that does sound right
  • Quitting 3/5

    By Dom424142
    I like the app , but I’m host are picking a certain team ; they shouldn’t be able to quit & host another with a different team. You chose them💯
  • Need my money 1/5

    By Aaroncool08
    I haven’t gotten my money back and I haven’t even played one match and it takes my money out my account and put me in depth
  • garbage 1/5

    By Goddest1
    Can’t lie worst site ever and I’m still on it only bc I can’t use players lounge ... u can’t get ur money when u want , ppl can cheat u and get their money back , post fake results, make a million accounts and still get to play , I just love to play the game if I had another site I woulda been deleted this garbage
  • Can’t play 1/5

    By MmmmZzzzXxxx
    So it’s been two weeks since I have limited access the first time I even tried to take my money out it didn’t let me then it says I have limited access been trying to contact someone but no one replies I can’t even play anymore thru the app doesn’t let me setup or join a game I have 70$ in the app that I haven’t been able to touch someone needs to contact me
  • Don’t download 4/5

    By nickkff
    Ah scam they 3pt shoot is boosted up you’ll never win
  • This app is a SCAM. 1/5

    By VB_200
    Do not waste your time downloading this. A friend of mine told me about the app, I downloaded it & started to play people for money. My game started glitching & they were still scoring on their end. They people I was playing were all doing the same thing. Pausing the game for a long time & then next thing you know, they started making the most impossible shots. The app takes money out of your account, but gives you trouble when you want to withdraw from it. The customer service is a SCAM. A bunch of hackers, hacking into your game system probably because once you play them normally without putting the game into the app, you easily beat the person that was up by 20 in the 1st quarter. SCAM SCAM SCAM.

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