Playbook - created by trainers

Playbook - created by trainers

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Playbook - created by trainers App

Playbook is a mobile marketplace where your favorite trainers, social media influencers, and athletes share their real-time workouts. Each trainer/influencer/athlete has their own channel, which allows them to publish their workout programs directly to you in real-time. You only get their 10 latest workouts - it's always new, but also means you have to keep up! Get premium access: • Discover fitness partners on Playbook who inspire you from everyday life (from social media, blogs, magazines, etc). You can recommend who’d you love to train with as well and we’ll work hard to get them on Playbook • Your Playbook “fitness-partner” shares their daily workout routine and health & wellness insights through their channel • Communicate directly with your Playbook and engage with others in their community APPLE HEALTH Apple Health compatible: track your workout completions and progress with your Partner (optional). SUBSCRIPTION PRICING & TERMS Playbook is free to download and includes a 7-day free trial period to unlock access to the entire platform, including all trainers, workouts, programs and videos. Playbook offers three auto-renewing subscription options: $14.99 per month $39.99 per quarter $99.99 per year These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence. Your Playbook subscription will automatically renew unless turned off in your iTunes Account Settings at least 24 hours before current period ends. You can go to your iTunes Account settings to manage your subscription and turn off auto-renew. Your iTunes Account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed. If you subscribe before your free trial ends, the rest of your free trial period will be forfeited as soon as your purchase is confirmed. Read more about our terms and conditions here: Read more about our privacy policy here:

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Playbook - created by trainers app reviews

  • iPhone only 4/5

    By xx---
    My only wish for this app is that it could be downloaded on an iPad. Following a yoga flow would be much easier on just a little bigger screen.
  • A ton of great trainers all on one app! 5/5

    I love that I can access lots of trainers of all different modalities on the app. Yoga, gym workouts, sculpting, and more!
  • Coach J 5/5

    By JJ welder
    Best app I’ve ever used! Really fun and explosive movements through all planes of motion!
  • Feel worked and strong. 5/5

    By Todaysandbeyond
    I’ve done a lot of these workout programs that have left wanting more or to exhausted to even function. But this series of workouts make me worked and strengthened each time I do it. I’ve been doing Magnus Lygdback’s workouts and I’m very pleased with the results. Highly recommended.
  • Code would not work when I tried to sign up 2/5

    By karenandtimcullen
    When I tried to sign up The app indicated an error when I entered the code sent to my email. I attempted it three more times, having it resend the code but to no avail. It’s a shame-I was looking forward to using this app.
  • :) 5/5

    By gonnamakeyousweat
    Jennifer Giamo is kicking my butt!! Lol thank you!
  • Best fitness app ever! 5/5

    By FitFamSeanG
    I love this app! It makes it so easy to workout! I get access to all the top trainers for one subscription price! Amazing!
  • Very limited content 2/5

    By BarkKhab
    The search function is awful. I was hoping to be able to customize searches to find things like quick workouts, or body part focused workouts. Here, the focus is on the instructors which might be what some people like but I prefer to be able to search for specific workouts.
  • Worth it 5/5

    By bluedoorpt
    Morgan’s flows are beautiful and strong. She offers clear direction with a soft peaceful voice for all to follow. I also really enjoy the short 5 min chats, very inspiring. I highly recommend her playbook!
  • Manoj “SixPac” Shah 5/5

    By Manoj "SixPac" Shah
    Omar and Emily have created an amazing program in X2! Simple exercises that force you to maximize your potential. You won’t be happy doing it, but you will be happy you did it.
  • Workouts by Michelle Siegel 5/5

    By MGirgs
    Not only are Michelle’s workouts fun, challenging and safe, she motivates and coaches you to ensure you get the results you are looking for. Regardless of what your fitness level is, Michelle has something for everyone!
  • Can’t use it 2/5

    By Ageis54but1115
    You can’t use the app unless you actually purchase a subscription. You can find all the same stuff for free online.. they don’t even have a logout option !
  • A tiny bit misleading! 5/5

    By Moriah257
    I downloaded this app because I seen it on Emily Bett’s insta. I love the CW Superhero shows and I know Tom Taylor trains the cast. One thing I noticed is that there wasn’t really any free options. I tried the 7 day free trail and I loved the app it works great. I just don’t have the $99.99 a year or $14.99 a month to pay for this. If you have the money I totally recommend if you don’t then I wouldn’t download.
  • Great but loading time needs worked on! 4/5

    By 16261672
    I love the app lots of quality of life features and it's very nice however the loading time on the videos is horrendously slow even with full 4g lte sometimes videos will take 2+ minutes to load
  • I love training with Magnus! 5/5

    By BrookeBussone
    I got the playbook app to access Magnus’ workouts, and I love this app and the workout routines. I love that in the app there is a timer that you can set, that you can see video demo stations of your workouts, and that you can contact the trainer with questions easily. Plus you can download workouts ahead of time in case your gym has slow WiFi. This app is definitely created by people who understand what you need in a gym. I’m very happy with this app.
  • Great content but please... 5/5

    By ElleKayeKaye
    Audio cues for all the videos.
  • Not happy! 1/5

    By KB90210
    So I only wanted to do a month subscription after my 7 day trail. I was charged the $99 dollars for the yearly subscription. :/. I went into my settings to cancel this subscription but there is no cancellation link/button on there. So I contacted playbook. They said to contact Apple. So far Apple has been of no help. If this gets taken care of properly I’ll update my review. With that being said... so far I do Love the instructors program I am following. Kerri Verna is wonderful!
  • Great work out, just a small needed adjustment 4/5

    By 50stat
    Great workouts and coaches. Only issue, I’ve worked out the full week, but for some reason I’m only getting credit for 3 days. Not sure how to fix this minor issue.
  • Love this work outs!! 5/5

    By joy 1957
    Love the workouts!!
  • Great idea, but ... 1/5

    By aprildawn78
    Good luck signing in to the app! I’ve entered my email address about three times. I get the confirmation email, but when I click the link in the email it just opens Chrome and nothing happens. 🙄
  • Issue with app 1/5

    By nlg585
    I’m having an issue where the app crashes as soon as I click to start open it. I’ve since canceled the app and I was just notified of a charge to my account for this app. This seems the only way to contact someone on this as I went to the developers website and couldn’t find a contact there.
  • Waste of Time 1/5

    By Tysterm
    For the price that they are charging it is pointless. There are barely any benefits and I can find full workout routines for free on other websites, which this app doesn’t provide. Thoroughly disappointed
  • Interesting platform 4/5

    By Dstack91
    The “partner” aspect of it is a little confusing. What does it mean to be “partnered” if I can only have one at a time but I can change as much as I want? Do I always have access to any person’s content regardless of partnership? There should be a better explanation of how this works.
  • Bring back the buzzer on the timer! 5/5

    By Edwin_IV
    Love the app, and it’s been great for my fitness! The latest update though updated the timer on your rests, etc, and because of that, there’s no noise signaling you when your rest or workout is completed. Bring back the buzzer!
  • Can’t even login or contact you 1/5

    By JimboDubb
    Tried to sign up through email. The activation hotlink that gets sent opens up, a site to buy likes. Yes I’m on my mobile. Went to your webpage and your contact us page is also broken with zero information. Just going to delete this app.
  • App won’t open 1/5

    By zhowes14
    I just downloaded the update and now the app won’t open at all. :(
  • awesome 5/5

    By Johanx13
    easy on the joints and great soreness !
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By laurenbrookie
    The videos are what take this app to the next level. For anyone who has questions about form and needs visuals, this app is perfect!!!
  • Best app I’ve come across!!! 5/5

    By faythrose
    I was referred to this app when it launched through Don Saladino and fell in love with it. There are many resources and most of the workouts are fun and motivating. Each suggestion I’ve recommended has been heard. I’ve been bragging about this app to everyone! I will admit I bought an iPhone just to get this app and it was worth every penny. 9.99 a month is not a killer in the budget. Just try it using the 7 day free trial and see for yourself!
  • Playbook App 5/5

    By Rafael1988!
    This app has really helped me improve my nutrition and the video tutorials for the programs are easy to follow.
  • No Excuses Anymore! 5/5

    By md.mullin
    The ease of everyday guided movement! Charlee is THE BEST!
  • Fun 5/5

    By raggidy andy
    2 weeks in and really enjoying it, something new!
  • Need online version 4/5

    By D.A.H., Jr.
    Love the concept, but would like an online version. Sometimes it is difficult to look at the phone while doing a work out. Also, I hate that workouts you like disappear after sometime, never to return again.
  • Extremely user friendly 5/5

    By tamekanoni
    The creators of this definitely thought of its users when developing this. It’s very user friendly.
  • Loving playbook!! 5/5

    By Rockstar Jamie
    I love how I can just open Playbook and do one of the sessions with her be abs or legs anywhere.
  • Busy, Happy Wife, Mom of 2, and Teacher 5/5

    By mrsjrussell804
    This app is a game changer. It is so easy to use and I can take it with me wherever I go. The workouts stay fresh and interesting. I never get bored.
  • True reason why this app is great 5/5

    By Montirock
    The hardest part about working out was finding a routine and a ending my Workout effectively without hurting myself or overworking my body. Getting this app helped me maintain an even, well paced, and intense workout routine that didn't leave me feeling confident and driven to continue working out.
  • Awesome 4/5

    By John Filip
    I love the app. It’s amazing to workout with someone you are inspired by from your own home! It feels like Melissa is in my House motivating me. Only downside is I downloaded on my iPad but I can’t get it on my phone. The subscription only seems to work on one device but sometimes I’m on the go!
  • Great 5/5

    By Eichel69
    I follow Melissa wood and love her workouts. Short, effective and safe. Perfect for people who dont have time to get to a yoga class and can squeeze in 20 mins at home. Also nice that she is a real person doing this with you. The app has worked great so far and seems like there are trainers for many styles of workout preference. Thanks to the Fitner team!!!
  • Tone up with Don ! 5/5

    By Louisa8383
    I have a difficult time in the winter months , getting motivated and dealing with injuries. These workouts are new each day , non repetitive ( not boring) and I can do them without leaving my residence. I began following Don Saladino after seeing him in a Garden of Life post ( which I consume daily as protein ) and I was able to establish an amount of trust through social media , by following his advice and such . I then decided that the next step would be to try this free trial and I am enjoying it very much . Thank you !
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By 1D_Graceland_Lover
    I love this app so much. I follow Don Saladino on instagram and decided to give it a try, it is so so helpful! Now only if I can start eating right ! 😂
  • Great way to workout! 5/5

    By meredithkharrison
    I have been using the Fitner app for 3 weeks now. I have been following Melissa Wood’s workouts almost every morning. I feel amazing after and it’s an awesome way to start my day. The workouts are between 20-40 minutes which is perfect for me. I love that I can do them at home and am getting a great workout in! It’s awesome
  • 💪🏽🙌🏽💪🏽 5/5

    By ambuyah
    This is a fantastic tool for getting your daily workouts in! I have been using Melissa Wood's workouts while traveling and I'm loving them. They are between 15-45 mins that focus on all areas of the body. This app makes it super convenient so there is no excuse to skip a workout. I only wish I downloaded this sooner!!! I mean... you've got your workout buddy and can turn any place into a gym. A total win!
  • $9.99a month?? 2/5

    By MeadowOfDragons
    Can we squash the thought that being fit has to cost you an arm and a leg? What about if you're poor or in college and can't afford these apps? Yeah they give you a seven day free trial, but 7 days is not enough to know whether you like an app or not. Being healthy is something I've strived for and I want to get a nice body. I've done what I can't but I have trouble continuing because every time I try to get better, it seems to cost me money I don't have! I'm just sick of being 180lbs and I wish someone would help me without me having to pay them money :(
  • good 5/5

    By Dusisjebsiqiw dickens
    i only got this so i could see Sebastian stan lol
  • Workouts I actually do 5/5

    By lovenicolep
    I hate working out most of the time but I can't seem to talk myself out of 20 minutes with Melissa Wood! Now I work out with Fitner almost every day!
  • App is a joke 1/5

    By bryanc182
    I came across this app via Instagram and signed up to join to try to find a great workout routine so I can get started in changing my life. When I signed up it said that there were 5000+ people ahead of me? Really? Ahead of me for what? I can't just sign up and select the person I choose and follow their daily workout routine like it states? Don't waste your time on this app...
  • App gives you inside look! 5/5

    By Zatters12
    Great app to get inside the minds and training of some of the worlds top fitness models. Very cool!

Playbook - created by trainers app comments

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