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Playsee: Reels & Video Sharing

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Playsee: Reels & Video Sharing App

Capture & share everyday experiences with Playsee. Discover new places, people, and experiences; Contact the locals via our brand-new Playsee Boards feature to start new conversations in the community and get first-hand information on the latest local happenings from the locals’ perspective. Use Playsee Boards and Playsee’s interactive map interface to discover all the big and little things happening in your area. Find new friends around you that share common interests, and start building your Playsee social community! Join over 10 million users today and watch or create your own short videos and stories that can be shared with nearby users or the entire Playsee community. Interactive map discovery • Find & watch short video stories posted by locals, whoever you follow, and people with common interests! • Let the map be your guide and discover hidden gems in your area with personalized recommendations, or explore new locations and hotspots with authentic locals’ recommendations. • See exactly what’s trending in your area or anywhere in the world - from your neighborhood, the next town over, or other parts of the world - anywhere your heart desires! Let people know what you’re up to • Check-in at your local hotspots & capture your best moments to share with people around you • Let everyone know where’s good to grab a drink & some food around your area • Explore trending spots & events in your city from wherever you are. • Ask the locals for recommendations only they know with Playsee Boards! Connect locally with Playsee Boards • Use Playsee Boards to find out what’s happening in your area and discover the latest buzz! • Join in or start conversations on Boards to engage with people around you and let people around the world hear what you have to say! • Connect with people around you in your community, make new friends, and find people with common interests! • Expand your local friend group into social media circles across the world. Create new connections and get to know different people, cultures, and places. Share Your Moments with the Community • Establish a following through your content & become your own influencer • Show your followers your favorite spots in the neighborhood & the things you like the most about your community like no one else can! • Join discussion Boards to chat with the locals and find your crowd • Like, comment, and share your favorite short videos, stories, and local discoveries We are bringing millions of users together through local and global discovery. Download & be a part of the new social trend. Playsee's Safety Practices: Playsee requests location access while you use the app to post trending video experiences and suggest fun spots to you. But don't worry, we are super serious about user privacy and safety. Your immediate real-time location is never stored or disclosed and is only visible to you. Need help or want to leave us some feedback? Visit

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Playsee: Reels & Video Sharing app reviews

  • Need sound 1/5

    By MR_Miyagu_Allenson
    There’s no sound
  • Love it 5/5

    By MaxxxxGalore34
    Glad to be onboard early
  • Locations 3/5

    By smiggs0001
    Finding it a little hard to find locations.
  • Read the agreement 1/5

    By selenelind
    If you read the agreement you are agreeing to give all of your content away, they are not responsible for hacker and so much more. They should take Their toc to a lawyer to get it fixed because the wording in it is so vague and not even worded properly. Do not recommend AT ALL. DONT TOUCH THIS APP untill they fix all that!
  • Help 1/5

    By 7orki
    I cant share anything 😡
  • No sound on videos 1/5

    By WidowWomen
    I would give a better review if you can turn on sound or tell me how to turn on sound.
  • Terrible - videos are wrong way, support non existent 1/5

    By DLS001
    Posting videos is terrible because you can never get them portrait or landscape properly, support to ask questions is non-existent.
  • Nice 5/5

    By foreverdone
    You rock
  • App doesn’t even open 1/5

    By Extreme beastboy
    I wanted to try this app since I love learning about other cultures but the app doesn’t even open up it just says playsee logo and doesn’t load in I would love to try your app If it would actually open up and work please fix it so I can experience the app.
  • Simply doesn’t work 1/5

    By abriggs1
    On iOS the app just doesn’t open. Pretty worthless
  • No sound 1/5

    By Net-Hazard
    Seems like a good concept, but eliminating sound doesn't seem like a great idea.
  • الرياض - السعودية 5/5

    By SafwanSaid
    الموقع لطيف بس لا استطيع تفعيل الصوت
  • Informaion 5/5

    By jfiydxofdv
    Would like a small caption on time filmed, place filmed.
  • Jhon886 4/5

    By jhon886
  • Misread something 3/5

    By FeetofGod
    I’m seeing something that I don’t now have need, but it has potential. I’d thought my search was for a way to download videos from twitter, but this might be better for communities. Sometimes I see a video on Twitter or something that I don’t have time to watch and wanted to download it or save it to watch. I see many that I forget to go back to or cannot find later. If I find an actual use for it, I’ll adjust the rating according to that. Right now I’m just too tired to work it out.
  • Young girls 1/5

    By zzzzport
    Extremely inappropriate videos of children. Just go on to report them. Naked. Discussed.
  • How 1/5

    By c. f gbhuu g tdc
    How to make a video
  • Delete post button 5/5

    By CuteWolfy12321
    Hi I like the app but please make a delete post button. I can’t get my video off
  • Pirated Tiktok videos everywhere 1/5

    By b0000000000d
    Pirated Tiktok videos everywhere
  • Good 5/5

    By lightbulbnarwhale
    This is a good concept and I really like it. It is fun to make small videos and post them. I like creating the avatars even though I would like it better if you didn’t have to use coins for almost everything. It is fun to also watch other people’s videos on there too. It is good to do when you are bored. I like it. Thanks for reading.💗
  • How I love Plessie see 5/5

    By Leo Nugent
    Plessie see is so cool tell all of your Friends and family to get this app right now the App is free!
  • WOW😮 5/5

    By rainbowdash lover🌈
  • Playsee 5/5

    By oxdiejwkwihsjeuwjwßisksj
    It’s great!
  • The best game ever 5/5

    By ghvgjgjgf
    The game will show you all of these people doing cool stuff
  • Buy it or not buy it... 5/5

    By uglykid999
    I think it just wants out location to track us down... But the app is amazing!
  • The best app 5/5

    By yorley alvarez Yesenia
    This is the best app that I had ever used this app makes me like to update new videos and this is the best app that i had ever used
  • Amazing 5/5

    By reveiwwr09!
    I love the app it is great and it’s so mi h fun
  • I really don’t like it now 1/5

    By aleena/sonic oc YT
    other people say it’s great but when I customized my avatar I saved it and it didn’t save and I only have 25 after purchasing >:(
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Nogoodinthehood
    I really enjoy the design of the app and the video challenges.
  • Pretty cool app 5/5

    By shaiannenicole
    Pretty cool app
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