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  • Current Version: 22.9.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: PlayStation Mobile Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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PlayStation App App

Connect. Discover. Control. Stay connected to your gaming friends and the games you love to play, wherever you go with PlayStation App. See who's online, voice chat and send messages, and discover deals on PS Store. Connect with friends • See who's online and what games they're playing. • Voice chat and send messages to your PSN friends, hang out online, and plan your next multiplayer session. • View other players' profiles and trophy collections. Discover new games and the latest news • Shop for new releases, pre-order games, and check out the latest deals and discounts on PlayStation Store. • Get your daily fix of gaming news from the world of PlayStation. • Stay up to date with notifications and invitations on your phone lock screen. Control your console wherever you are • Download games and add-ons to your console, so they're ready when you are. • Manage your PS5 console storage if you run out of space while downloading. • Get ready to play with quick sign-in and remote game launch on your PS5 console. Account for PlayStation Network required to use this app. PlayStation terms of service are viewable at Some features require PS5 or PS4 console. Content available on PS App may vary by country/region. Some titles shown above may not be available in your country/region. “PlayStation”, “PlayStation Family Mark”, “PS5”, and “PS4” are registered trademarks or trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

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PlayStation App app reviews

  • Captures do not work 1/5

    By jdhamakakaksjdjdhfhsjzjz
    Whenever I take a capture on my PS5 nothing shows up in the app. I have tried everything I could find by researching and still nothing shows up. This console is two years old and the app even older but they still haven’t fixed this bug, making the app completely useless.
  • Messages 3/5

    By my hero yo
    I wish u could delete pictures or messages that u sent or people who u this so we can not have messed up arguments in stuff
  • Good content, bad compatibility with 60fps phones 2/5

    By NinjaDogz
    I enjoy using the PlayStation app, but I really would like it to be compatible with my 60 fps screen so it doesn’t hurt my eyes. It would also be super athletically pleasing to be able to see those images scroll fluidly and effortlessly. Thank you for providing the content, but please provide a better experience.
  • Whyyyyy!!!!! 1/5

    By king_eric2017
    Why do you have to be redirected to Sonys website when I try to find out about my payment what is the point in a app
  • How helpful it is 5/5

    By masondur
    It’s goood and helpful is if new games come out you purchase them on your phone while you away from you ps5.
  • clips 5/5

    By iljunioril
    you should put a clip icon for all the clips you have on your system so you can share them with your friends
  • Remember Me 3/5

    By Lord D. Willard
    The app runs well however every time I try to use it I’ve been logged out and the app never remembers me. Please fix this Sony… multibillionaire dollar company can’t remember users accounts.
  • Horrible App for Captures 1/5

    By Kamellasmommy
    This is app is unbearably horrible. I only need it for captures and not only does it auto delete after 2 weeks (why???) but it freezes when you try to download older captures. I have been sitting here for over 2 hours just trying to download captures from a few days ago. Every time I scroll down it freezes. So I restart. I’m lucky if I get down to the videos I want to download but once I do, I can’t open them because it freezes. I cannot get my captures!!! And the console only lets you upload to YouTube with horrible quality, or Twitter which you have to clip. I just want my videos! You also can’t delete captures off the app so I can’t even remove what I’ve already downloaded in hopes that maybe it’ll help the app load my older stuff. I’m literally going to lose a ton of content because of how horrible this app is. If you must use it, download your captures off of it immediately or you could find yourself with an app that won’t even LOAD itself and allow you to get your content. Xbox wins the capture function BY FAR.
  • I loved dis app 5/5

    By jdndusujsjs
    I like it
  • Omg love the app 5/5

    By bulldog8449
    0_0 ❤️
  • Great app! 4/5

    By Jcesarr
    Working great!
  • Update Log In 1/5

    By PhillyG954
    Every time I open the app if automatically brings me to the update page for my new account and won’t let me put in my old log in info. What is wrong with this app?
  • GET THIS NOW 5/5

    By bajsjzcxuzfsugs
    This app is amazing for seeing if your friends are online when your just on your phone or iPad plus you can download apps from the app to the ps4
  • I love this 5/5

    By makamamamamam
    I love this
  • Great app, but…. 3/5

    By KrypticWRLD999
    I love this app but every time i update it I have to re-login and it’s kind of annoying, otherwise I would’ve rated five stars
  • Worst mobile app ever 1/5

    By hiddencontentx
    Playstation really dropped the ball on this one. So many features missing
  • Old update was better 3/5

    By Ljsmommy2010
    It should be easier to refresh and clearout notifications you’ve seen. I basically use the app to talk to my gaming buddies. Chatting outside the game or when I have too much to type but the group and parties got really messed up 2020-2021 updates
  • Ps App 5/5

    By UrPedar
  • Remember me! 2/5

    By guitarrockj
    This app is actually not bad at all. It does what it’s supposed to do with one great big giant flaw. 9 times out of 10 when I open it up from a notification about a message or even a game deal in the store. It makes me log in all over again. This might not seem like a big issue once or twice. But it’s so often that Im starting to hardly ever use it. That and jointing a PS Party using the app works buuuutt the sound quality is god awful. It’s like your talking through a tin can, just on the outside of a black hole. These two things need to be fixed. And it’ll most likely earn it another star or two. We have to make the most with what we’re given I guess.
  • This app feels 5 years behind. 3/5

    The app lacks a lot of things. -we cant change our background photos on our profile no more -they changed our text bubble to grey, Why? Just let us customize the text bubble at this point. -we cant see other peoples friends of friends, would be nice. -also cant see someone’s background for there “About Me” -sometime the pictures i send wont upload for me to see but others can see it. -videos aren’t able to played sometimes. -cant send videos from our phone to the messages or group chat I would like these things be added. It makes the app much more compatible to use.
  • yikes 2/5

    By rfggamnghd
    Ahhhh yes the playstation app, its good idea honestly. Theres small problem, the glitches. when im trying to talk to my buddies to decide on a cross platform game, i use my phone. While im on my phone a constant and consistent glitch happens. my phone screen LITERALLY WILL GO BLACK and it PREVENTS me from closing the app. I literally have to spam the turn off button in order for my phone to reset itself and THEN i have to swipe up to close it, i dont have a bad phone i have a iphone 10 X, my memory and space arent full nor taken up. Its not my wifi or my bandwidth because only MY pc and ROKU are connected to it. If theres a fix someone link it to me.
  • Game clips 5/5

    By thatdude203
    Why Can’t We Get Our Game Clips And download them on our phones anymore? Love the app tho
  • More bugs than a mafia safe house 1/5

    By Donny Draper
    It started out great, I could download old games from my ps4 to my 5 right from my phone at work. I got the app mainly to be able to download screenshots from Red Dead Redemption 2, because it’s such a beautiful game with so much cool stuff to capture/share. Unfortunately only a week into using it one day it just stopped uploading the pics I took to the app. I tried everything online they suggested. I updated the app (it’s current) I turned ps5 into rest mode and then shut it off completely. Next I deleted, then reinstalled this app. I can see the images on my ps5 fine, they just will not appear anywhere in this app. Not to mention the fact this app seems to have a mind of its own. Overall Sony should be able to do wayyyy better than this.
  • Cannot sign out 1/5

    By -蕾米莉亚-
    Rubbish, I cannot sign out the stupid account unless I finished the verification. However, the verification asked to provide a phone number in China… even I tried to reinstall the app several times, nothing happened, still stuck in the same page when I clicked the sign in button.
  • Bad Game Search & Filtering 2/5

    By mibordy
    Please improve search and filtering. Finding couch co-op games is extremely difficult, I always end up going through online forums to find offline multiplayer games instead. When selecting two categories I want a game that falls into both of those categories, not games that fall into either. Hack and Slash is a tag for a lot of games, but is not a category to search by. Can't search and filter at the same time, are we back in 1994?
  • worst app ever 1/5

    By Camo_four
    since using it i've been banned from PlayStation because my phone auto correct to profanity Wishlist broken shows games that i already have they say unavailable and I can't remove them
  • Completely broken 1/5

    By Gigady7
    Fix your app. I just updated it and it still won’t let me sign in or do anything.
  • PS5 app 5/5

    By Mike_Bills
    It’s amazing
  • Can’t even log in 1/5

    By mwp401
    App is trash. Gives me a bogus “server connection” error when I try and log in, yet I can log in on their website just fine. Fix this!!
  • Remote Play 2/5

    It’s cool that you added remote play to the PS App & I love it but the fact that it will still opens on the remote play app it’s terrible but hopefully this is just the starting move to everything just being on one app.
  • App Problems 1/5

    By heun5678
    I changed my name and it took my money and did not change it. That gots to be fixed. Just happened today. 9/22/22 Thursday
  • 👎 1/5

    By Danziol
    Terrible app cant see my clips on screenshots from my console.
  • … 5/5

    By OvertimeFlight
    When we gonna get PS5s in stores
  • Broke my tv 4/5

    By broke my tv
    Can u guys add a pin for ps4 app because I broke my TVs down I can’t get a new one pls add that.
  • Ps app 2/5

    By los2674
    I think it’s really lame that the p5 can get the captured videos on your phone but not the p4 make it make sense…..
  • Captures GONE!!!! 1/5

    By Knight who says Kne
    Why did you remove the captures from the app?! Only reason I use it.
  • I got signed out for some reason 3/5

    By iiii⛈⛈⛈⛈⛈🌦⛈
    OK so I got signed out whenever I was going to the PlayStation app I got signed out for some reason my PlayStation username is Vincent good boy so please sign me back in
  • Captures 4/5

    By Vonny1981
    The one thing I actually did enjoy about this app and somehow y’all removed without notice. I used it to make shorts on YouTube on my channel. Still like the app though. Hopefully you’ll put it back soon.
  • Captures Don’t Work 2/5

    By dfishey07
    I love PlayStation and love using it, but recently the capture feature in the app isn’t working at all. It started by not loading my captures and now it won’t show the captures section at all in the game library
  • Mostly Frustrated. 2/5

    By Andel de Krveproliti
    It’s a good app when it works, but when it doesn’t it fails for no reason and with no clear way to fix any issues.
  • Fix this bug 1/5

    By joshh813
    I recently updated my iPhone to iOS 16 now I cannot download my clips from the capture gallery to my phone. Please fix this bug.
  • Cant save video clips 1/5

    By SideB.Official
    Cant save video media/clips sent through messages
  • I love it 5/5

    By SkillzT87
    It’s nothing like it don’t know what I would do without it.
  • clips 2/5

    By jokerjah
    fix my clips bro i CANT DOWNLOAD ANY OF THEM
  • Pretty decent app with some issues 4/5

    By DearQuark
    The PlayStation app has gotten a bit better over the years, so I’m updating my earlier negative review to reflect that. It’s honestly pretty good as of now. But one major issue I keep experiencing is repeat message notifications going to my Apple Watch. If someone sends a group message I’ll get a notification on my watch. But every time I open the PS, repeat notifications of those old messages ping on my watch. It’s really frustrating and this is the only messaging app I experience this error
  • Can’t Download. Try Again Later. 1/5

    By Bearicano
    This app is so buggy. It never shows thumbnails. It takes forever to play a video that was just uploaded. Sometimes won’t play at all. Now it won’t let me download any of my captures. All I get is a message that says “Can’t download. Try again later.”. It’s later and it’s still not working.
  • Ps5 1/5

    By michowel
    When is PlayStation going to be held responsible for the defective ps5 once it start with the problems it’s all down hill from there lan cord disconnected reconnected is your first warning it’s dying at the point can’t even log in cause it will install update
  • Captures not working 1/5

    By nukeblitz
    All of a sudden I’m unable to download my captures to my phone
  • Stupid Service 1/5

    By uwunick
    Safe to say i’m going back to xbox. I was waiting 20 minutes for an online agent to help me with a refund. Suddenly it says “Connection Lost, Return to home page.” I try to find another agent and it’s telling me to come back tomorrow. This has happened to me twice already. This platform along with the app is terrible. I did not receive help with my problem and I have to wait an entire day.. again. If I need someone resolved and I did not receive help, why do I have to wait another 24 hours to ask the same question. It’s laughable.