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  • Current Version: 21.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: PlayStation Mobile Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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PlayStation App App

Connect. Discover. Control. Stay connected to your gaming friends and the games you love to play, wherever you go with PlayStation App. See who's online, voice chat and send messages, and discover deals on PS Store. Connect with friends • See who's online and what games they're playing. • Voice chat and send messages to your PSN friends, hang out online, and plan your next multiplayer session. • View other players' profiles and trophy collections. Discover new games and the latest news • Shop for new releases, pre-order games, and check out the latest deals and discounts on PlayStation Store. • Get your daily fix of gaming news from the world of PlayStation. • Stay up to date with notifications and invitations on your phone lock screen. Control your console wherever you are • Download games and add-ons to your console, so they're ready when you are. • Manage your PS5 console storage if you run out of space while downloading. • Get ready to play with quick sign-in and remote game launch on your PS5 console. Account for PlayStation Network required to use this app. PlayStation terms of service are viewable at Some features require PS5 or PS4 console. Content available on PS App may vary by country/region. Some titles shown above may not be available in your country/region. “PlayStation”, “PlayStation Family Mark”, “PS5”, and “PS4” are registered trademarks or trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

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PlayStation App app reviews

  • New update not good 1/5

    By JennieisAmazing
    Ever since this new update I have not been able to login to the app it won’t even let me sign in it’s a complete black screen
  • Lazy 1/5

    By hatecrome 1349
    Got my account suspended after a group a racists reported me. And of course Sony doesn’t even bother to investigate it. I have them ALL on video and now I can’t even report them because Sony likes being racist.
  • Why is this not available 2/5

    By Joe_Reflex
    Playstation is an amazing console, but why are sharing moments such a hassle! On xbox i'm able to clip something instantly and then with the app download my clip and share it anywhere. PS only lets me clip after taking like 20-50 seconds removing me from my gaming experience and then to top it off I cant see my clip unless i'm on my Playstation and cant download it to my phone without a process.
  • Where are the communities 3/5

    By mohscen
    First you remove community party , now we dont even have community section in any app . So we have to be at the ps4/5 to communicate . I expected more ....
  • Update is cool and all, but 4/5

    By ms.0_o
    Add back where you can change your cover image. That was one of the best things about why I loved PlayStation, I don’t see the whole point in completely removing it. Especially if it has it on ps5, why would not have it on the brand new app as well?
  • No Landscape 1/5

    By supernsa
    If you have an app for iPad in 2021; IT NEEDS LANDSCAPE SUPPORT!!!!!!! INEXCUSABLE
  • Great app but can’t load or send messages 3/5

    By AzizS99
    The app works great and is super smooth compared to the previous version. However I have a I phone 12 pro and my messages fail to load. I can’t create or send messages. I have tried to uninstall and log out and back in but does not work. Please fix the chat system.
  • PlayStation app review 4/5

    By eternalmickey01
    I just downloaded this and it was fine until it wouldn’t let me sign in so if you can fix that it would be great
  • Update the app 1/5

    By Lajsbdk
    Update the app I can’t message anyone!!
  • Merged App Somehow Worse than Separate Apps 1/5

    By unsterblich616
    The removal of landscape orientation on iPad for the new PS app might as well have broken it. I never thought I’d say it, but I actually miss the ridiculous separated apps.
  • Not a very good app 1/5

    By MelidaInez
    There are always ghost notifications and even double notification each time someone sends you a message. Also I’m not sure if this is an iPhone problem or not, but I used to be able to send photos and now the app won’t let can select a photo, but now there’s a weird glitch and it’s just a blank screen with ‘preview’ written at the top and no send button. Please fix the glitch and only send notifications to the notification button and not double them to the messages as well.
  • Backwards UI redesign 1/5

    By Dciuffi
    The new UI makes no sense - “back” buttons keep shifting position, depending on which screen you’re on. Messages do not allow images from the phone to be attached. Images received via chat cannot be downloaded or Zoomed into! So many terrible choices, one after the other, just make this the worst app redesign by playstation.
  • 5 star 5/5

    By Ninjago 155
    I give it a 5 star because u can text your friends on your ps4 on your Phone/ Android and you can check the PlayStation store.
  • Can’t Kick Out Trolls From Parties on the App 4/5

    By Conner3669
    Been using the app since it launched and liked it over the outdated predecessor. Yes, I miss the wishlist feature but that’s a small thing. What I experienced lately is a party creator can’t kick trolls out of parties or report them for harassment from the app. This can only be done on the PS4/PS5. So what happened was a player was harassing and bullying other players, basic troll, all day and I had to allow it to happen because I was away from PlayStation all day. There is no reason this feature can’t be added and should be soon. The app makes it really easy to create parties, but not manage them
  • Photo Gallery 4/5

    By Honeyholedazzlr
    I really love the newly designed look and UI of the PS App, a great leap in my opinion, but still lacks behind the Xbox/Game Pass Apps. They have the Photo Gallery right there in the bottom of the interface that lets you see your captures, photos or videos. Just like Stadia. Theirs is right at the bottom of under the games you have. I realize how much work it might take to implement this into an all new designed app, and how much space it could take up to build servers or cloud service to store all photos from the PlayStation family; but your app is behind. 5 stars once it’s added as a feature but it’s just great for now. I only use it rarely because of this lacking (important mind you) feature. Because having to upload to Twitter then save tends to degrade not only the video but wastes time when I could just open the app and save or download the video/photo. Then I’d use this religiously. But still, great job Sony/PlayStation and devs that develop all these, it’s still phenomenal.
  • Buggy 2/5

    By Paradigm816
    Trying to block a player from harassing me but your stupid app keeps telling me I’m signed out of psn every time I click on “block.”
  • No games for ps3 5/5

    By awesomejaiden90909
    Why is there no games for ps3? But i still rate this 5

    By Nai Nai 25
    i was really looking forward for this app to watch my clips from the games that i play. I’m coming from xbox where i can watch my clips anywhere and now i feel very limited to watching them on the console only. very inconvenient. just add this aspect of viewing clips onto the app it can’t be that hard. LEMME SEE MY CLIPS PLEASE OMG. PS. i’m not mad i’m just hella annoyed
  • I like it, but.. 4/5

    By Broski Maniac
    I like the current UI. It looks clean, but one thing I would like to see would be an option to sort/filter when browsing on the PS store section as you would while browsing on PlayStation.
  • Fix it please 3/5

    By itz ya boi ophelia
    It’s good but there’s a really annoying thing where I can’t send pictures anymore and it’s getting very annoying.
  • Profile 4/5

    By fortnightyoungod
    Everything for me is great, but for the PlayStation profile the setting to change your profile background is completely gone!! Where is it ? When is it coming back?! Is it coming back ?
  • Great App- No capture gallery 4/5

    By Rwa726
    The only thing missing from this app is being able to remotely view screenshots and game play recordings. Been a standard feature on the Xbox app for years was slightly disappointed to not find it here as a recent convert.
  • Nice app 5/5

    By OPKingz
    All I have to say is this is the best CONSOLE
  • A request needed 5/5

    By J u h a n i
    Please bring back communities. For ps5 and plaese the app also, thank you
  • 4 5/5

    By 2ATactical
    If it would slow me to change my cover photo it’s wold be better improvement
  • Unintuitive, broken, and seemingly malevolent 1/5

    By geometron
    This is the worst app from a major technology company I’ve ever had the misfortune of using. The chat feature doesn’t update automatically (I have to close and reopen a specific chat to see incoming messages). My app regularly has badge numbers but I can’t find any unseen notifications when I look inside. I can’t forward attachments nor pinch-zoom to see them better. The list of grievances is extensive and too long to enumerate here. The albeit slick design has unintuitive navigation and confusing space arrangement. The whole thing seems like a poorly patched together collection of features aimed to bolster a PS game sales engine. It reminds me of being in a Las Vegas casino: purposefully disorienting and redirecting your attention to the money spending option until you surrender to the pretense—this is the extent of your reality now, might as well participate.
  • The app gets the job done, but... 4/5

    By meiflame
    I just switched to playstation after playing on switch for a long time. I LOVE having the ability to clip things and capture my gameplay. However, I feel like there needs to be some sort of capture gallery tab on the PS app. In this tab, you should be able to view the clips captured on your Playstation account and be able to edit them. Most importantly, I feel like playstation needs to add a feature where you can directly download your clips from the app directly onto your phone!!!!! this would be a huge improvement and I would rate the app five stars if playstation did this. It’s so annoying to have to upload to youtube every time you want to share a clip, and if you don’t have youtube premium(I do not have youtube premium by the way), you can’t even download the videos!!! this is so stupid and I shouldn’t have to pay just to have my clips saved onto my phone. It’s annoying to post clips to twitter as well because twitter ruins the quality. If sony would add a download clips feature onto this app, that would be the best thing ever and I feel like everyone would utilize this feature.
  • New app, bad user experience 2/5

    By okelcj
    The developers really screwed this app up with their latest update. In place of usability and practicality, you get a fancier UI that is more in line with the PS5 aesthetics. No more Related Games section. No Wish List. Not even a "continue shopping" option once you've added a game to your cart. Isn't one of the purposes of an app itself convenience? Hopefully these issues will be fixed with later versions. Highly frustrating. Would prefer the older app.
  • Can’t upload pictures 1/5

    By Jbk1023
    I have an IPhone 7S and can’t upload any pictures it shows the preview screen but the picture never shows the copy URL is also broken due to this app. Why fix what’s not broke?
  • Message 1/5

    By BabyNine72513
    I can’t even text my friends on the PlayStation app and always says “can’t load your party screen try again later”
  • Ps App 3/5

    By mahsisnsbbs
    So the app is great don’t get me wrong but the messages part hasn’t worked but it’s really useful to use to check which friends are on
  • Just keep messenger app 1/5

    By Trolliam_the_first
    Honestly I preferred the messenger app. Ever since they took it down and put it on the other PlayStation app it’s been buggier then [email protected]? Constantly kicks me out of parties and won’t even let me send pictures anymore. The preview is always blank and when I type there’s a delay and gets laggy with the typing or just doesn’t even want to send. I wish the messenger app was still up instead.
  • So many apps 3/5

    By Captain Huey
    I want to keep liking PlayStation but Xbox has one app for everything there’s so many more features and sharing videos on your cell phone and all that is so much more simple. Sony needs to really step it up on the apps and operating systems..
  • App is TRASH lol 1/5

    By Bdrums2112
    Cant add a game to cart it says sign in but does nothing when tapping sign in. Sending photos is a nightmare a lot of the time.
  • Terrible for chatting with friends 1/5

    By Ophidaeon
    Can't upload images to chat. Can't zoom on images in chat to see them on my phone. Can't paste web links in chat. It's utterly Awful since the update. I rarely use it now and most of my friends stopped. It's kinda destroyed my online social life.
  • Don't believe the good reviews 1/5

    By Loey Felipe
    This app is broken from the get go! It ruined group messages. Notification is not clearing. Not refreshing. Can't attached photos most of the time until you exit and re-open. Messaging is not updated until you close and open again. I believe psn ruined co-op games as games w/o glitches suddenly began having it after this garbage of an app! YO SONY PSN FIX THIS. We know you don't care as we won't jump ship to Xbox or Nintendo BUT for Pete's sake get your shiRt straight!
  • Good Start to an Update, But... 2/5

    By JackiePaper22
    I think the integration of messaging and the UI look very nice with the new update! HOWEVER, I have 2 main problems: 1. Notifications are whack. Friends will send me messages that I don’t receive in the app (to my knowledge due to lack of notifications) until the next day. We’ll be gaming together and I *still* do not receive their message notifications. I’ve checked my settings on both the app and my phone—Push is set up, Notifications are on, Background, etc. I’m not sure if this is an app or PSN issue, but I’m throwing it out there anyway because it is incredibly frustrating. 2. The messaging doesn’t allow you to copy/cut/paste. In the dialogue box, there’s no option to paste. There’s also an invisible character limit (no ranting about bad teammates, then, I guess), so when I cut part of the message to not have to re-type & paste in a separate message, the app didn’t let me paste! Please iron out the kinks—then it will be great!
  • Good app 4/5

    By hacmil
    The app is good and all but I just wish that I could check the status of my downloads from the app instead of having to turn on my PlayStation every time I want to check
  • To developers 4/5

    By CoolFortNitekid
    PLEASE ADD A WAY FOR US TO USE OUR CLIPS FROM PS4 ON OUR PHONES!!!! I don’t have a usb and I wanna submit this clip I did to bcc gaming lol other than that I love the app
  • Messages don’t work 3/5

    By BloodborneHunter
    Never ran into this issue before today
  • Picture 5/5

    By YT_GameTheKing1
    This app is still better than mine. I don’t have one. Keep up the good work people.
  • [BUG] No Password Manager integration on iOS 2/5

    By cmdrPGH
    Honestly just trying to file a bug with this: I went to login and it wasn’t allowing me to autofill account details. Please fix ASAP. Pretty bad UX. And might be anti-security best practices.
  • Messages 1/5

    By Brie737364838273692
    I can’t even chat with my friends on PlayStation and not even on the app if they would bring back the PlayStation message app I would of been able to contact my friends
  • Download List 2/5

    By E Livin
    I Miss the Old PlayStation App just like I miss the very PS Store which was on PS3 the PS Store was much faster and quicker, while the PlayStation App I can’t find my Download List!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Discussions Don’t Refresh 1/5

    By BrainBF
    Just as the title says - ever since the latest update. There is no refresh button so to see what is being said in a discussion you have to back out of text edit screen and discussion then reopen discussion back up. Really dumb. Oh yeah - There is no zoom feature on pictures posted to discussions so you are forced to save pictures to the phone just to open in another program that allows zooming. Dumb
  • Phantom Notifocation 3/5

    By dTRS
    I’m the type of person that needs to resolve all res badge notifications. This app had some phantom notification I cannot find to make the red badge go away. I know this sounds stupid to some but it’s a thing for me. Add some clarification as to where the Ted badge notification is coming from and I’ll up my Stars, not they Sonay will actually care but it’s worth a try right?
  • If it ain’t broke don’t fix it !!! 1/5

    By guytd813
    Horrible can’t send pictures anymore I have to erase and dl the app to do it , it’s horrible I hate it messenger worked perfect boooo
  • Image sending 4/5

    By LegenDuck1822
    I’m on iPhone 8 and when I try to send a picture from my phone to ps it won’t pop up so I’m unable to send pictures
  • Add back 1/5

    By niyaladybug💦🥵
    Love the new update I just wish that would’ve kept all of the editing your background feature. Please add it back if u could