PlayStation Messages

PlayStation Messages

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 20.01.7
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: PlayStation Mobile Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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PlayStation Messages App

Use PlayStation Messages to see who's online and to send messages to your friends from your mobile device. Always stay connected with your friends even while you're away from your PS4. The PlayStation Messages app for your mobile device includes the following features: • See who's online and what game they're playing. • Send text and voice messages as well as photos and stickers to your friends and groups. • Quickly access your groups by adding them to your favorites. An account is required to use this app. The Share extension is used for sharing content such as URLs and images to PlayStation Messages.

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PlayStation Messages app reviews

  • Broken 1/5

    By Whitechapel4269
    Every time I go to sign back in on the app, it crashes as soon as I'm about to put in my 2 step verification code. Excellent job Sony.
  • Why 3/5

    By no good of an app
    I’ve had the ps messages on my phone for a while, but I decided to delete the app because I wasn’t using it as often. So on my ps4 I put my number so every time I login I can insert the code for extra security. Now I redownloaded the app, login, have the code be sent to me, and when I go to insert the code the app crashes and I can’t login.😖😖😣
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By ThatPinoyGuy
    This app was good before but now it just crashes no matter what happens. It’s been like this for a couple months now and yet there’s nothing being done to fix this issue. Every time I get a verification code sent the app just crashes.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By Mr. Elite22
    Every time I open the app and try signing in, the app crashes. So far there have been no fixes. I’ve deleted the app, restarted my phone, updated everything and it still crashes every time I try signing in.
  • Force Close Issues 1/5

    By DaveHates808s
    After successfully authenticating using proper username and password the app will force close when you tap on the dialog box to type your two step verification code in 👎
  • Crashes all the time 3/5

    By Jemiah_209
    Used to work great on my iPhone 8, but ever since I got my iPhone 11 it crashes every time and Idek where to contact help or support so I’m just writing a trash review
  • Love this app 4/5

    By Linko11
    Actually ps messages help me to be in touch with my friends, when I am in a vacation and traveling away far,I still can chat with my friends without my psn, this app is so great
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Michaelthecre8r
    Every time I attempt to sign in the app crashes when I receive the verification code, please fix this.
  • Update for IOS 14 1/5

    By Falcons99
    They haven’t updated the app and it’s unusable on ios14 can’t log in with out app automatically crashing w 2 step verification
  • The app keeps closing 3/5

    By yo yo broskie
    I love PlayStation so much but it keeps signing me out of this app, when I try to sign back it I get to type in my email and password then it completely kicks me off the app. I’ve restarted my phone and it does nothing, I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app and it’s done nothing. So there is obviously something up with the app.
  • Keeps shutting down 1/5

    By CarJasPa2013
    I’ve deleted and re-downloaded this app so many times, but in the past couple months the app shuts down anytime I get to the 2 step verification stage. Fix this bug please!
  • Every time I try to put the text code it keep shutting down 1/5

    By danielisnices
    What going on with this app it keep shutting down when I put my text code to log in
  • Needs fixing now 1/5

    By dkh_334
    App keep crashing on 2 step verification
  • Something Is Wrong With This App 2/5

    By KemoThaGod
    It tells me to login and when I do, it just closes out. And I have to keep logging in every time I open it or when it carries over from the PS app.
  • cant even sign in 1/5

    By rainysenpai
    I have the 2 step security thingy and everytime i try to verify my account, it just force closes the app leaving me to start the login again. deleted the app and started using the official ps app
  • Great app one problem 2/5

    By alphawolf10705
    So it signed me out a couple days ago and I go to sign back in and I entered my email and password them it tells me to type in the 2 step them it closes the app if I click the screen any where I already tried restarting my phone I deleted the app it worked then and it did it again an hour ago this needs to be fixed
  • Can’t even log in 1/5

    By MadzzZ95
    I’ve previously used the app now I can’t even log in, the app crashes when I got to click the text box for my two step verification.. 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • Bug 3/5

    By Annoying_asf19
    Every time I try to sign in to my account it always closes the app when the 2fa screen comes up it’s annoying and I don’t even know why it keeps signing me out to begin with!
  • Logged out Cant log in 1/5

    By DarthVix
    Cant login anymore, it sends a verification code but the app closes by itself so it doesn’t let me put in the code in order to log in.
  • CRASHES 2/5

    By Ashleyyyjordan
    Unable to log in after it sends verification code, the app crashes — been a huge pain
  • Why? 1/5

    By KJ Pearson
    I tried to login to psn but it keeps saying that my email or password is wrong but I’m typing it right
  • Won’t stop crashing 1/5

    By xXDarkAceXx
    I would give it a lower score if I could. The app won’t stop crashing when trying to sign in. This only started happening recently but it happens with PS Messages, and PS Second screen
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Mr. Ozymandias
    Every Playstation app crashes when i try and login and have yo use 2 step verification. ill change rating once its fixed but its unusable
  • It’s ok 2/5

    By AlexSmash_626
    Had this app for almost a year good just that when I finish putting my email l and password (btw I have 2fa on) I go to the 2fa code thing and if I tap anywhere on the screen the app crashes.
  • Not compatible with iOS 14 1/5

    By KARAN1711
    Seriously Sony, fix your darn app!!!
  • Performance 2/5

    By Brandon_wayne1218
    Used to work a lil while ago, but crashes every time I try to log in. It force logged me out for Some reason as well, which is what started this whole problem in the first place.
  • Haven’t been able to login 1/5

    By Radicalfrenz
    Haven’t been able to login to my app after making my password more secure. The app crashes right before logging in every time.
  • Poor experience 2/5

    By jericito21
    App is bugged and keeps crashing. I uninstalled it. Reinstalled. But it won’t let me log in without crashing.I have an iPhone X max.
  • Needs an update 1/5

    By Evancs98
    Shuts down every time before I can sign in because of iOS 14
  • Bugged 1/5

    By Blazetro
    Crashes on login, just message on the playstation not worth the download.
  • Can't sign in 1/5

    By DyreLogan
    Every time I am asked to enter my 2 factor code the app crashes and I have to do it all over again with the same results. What is wrong with Sony? Why can't they code a simple app? Oh well, deleting this garbage app and since no one is answering any of the reviews on their app I doubt they will ever fix the issue. It's XBOX for me, since they keep taking things away, their new system is not as good as the new XBOX and sincw they can't code a simple app. Deleted.
  • No good 1/5

    By jmjh12765
    App constantly crashes on iPhone
  • Unusable 1/5

    By dadleftme
    I don’t get why it constantly logs me out and when I try to log in the app crashes whenever I get to 2 step verification! Fix this!!!
  • Great app with a horrible bug 3/5

    By Elliot P.
    I’ve used this app for many years. It’s simple to use and lets you keep up with friends. There is unfortunately a big issue when logging in. I will occasionally be logged out and will have to sign back in, but now, when I log in and submit for 2FA, the app will crash as soon as I try to type in the code. Now I can’t even log into the app even after uninstalling it multiple times. Can this please be updated and fixed??
  • Crash at 2FA 1/5

    By theshadowknows04
    App hasn’t been usable for over a month. Crashes every time the window for two factor authentication pops up. Hope it gets fixed. Pretty ridiculous that despite PS having multiple different (and unnecessary) apps, one of the most important ones is useless.
  • closes out 2/5

    By jordanmagliocca
    app was awesome, but now everytime i log in and get my security code for two factor authentication, it just closes out. doesn’t let me log in anymore
  • Force closing 1/5

    By Reganwarren
    App consistently force-closes every time I try to sign in. Doesn’t look like I’m the only one, either.
  • Probably needs fixing 1/5

    By Sasuke 1
    Every time I try to open the app it closes
  • Bug 1/5

    By Sunflower. p 21
    When I put in my password to fakes me to the code thing but when I try to put in the code the app glitches and takes me back to my Home Screen and I’ve tried a million times
  • We can’t use it. 1/5

    By hllblly
    App crashes when the text box to enter 2 step authentication code is tapped.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By atmryder
    App worked fine before. Now when I try to sign in, I get a code sent to me to verify it’s me signing in. Once I click the field to enter the code, the app crashes out. This makes the app completely unusable. iPhone Xs iOS 14.0.1
  • Broken 5/5

    By kittylover230796
    This is ridiculous just the day before it was working now All my messages say "sending " this is the only way to talk to my friends . Please fix it and don't delete that app just fix it .
  • Problem 4/5

    By hdhskdkdd
    Every so often it will log me out and when I try to log back in, and it goes to the verification step, the second I tap on the text box my app crashes. Every single time.
  • Update the app for iOS 14 so it will work 1/5

    By joshcordle
    The app needs to be updated to support iOS 14 because every time I try to use this app when I go to enter the 2 step verification code the app end up crashing
  • Bug 4/5

    By kcote1254
    With the new update there is now a new bug on my phone and making the app shut down immediately after I get a verification text so I can verify my account. As soon as I click on the enter code bar to enter my verification code it crashes. The app itself works really well other wise.
  • Psmessages 2/5

    By Eyepatch7
    They need to fix the app because when I log in it takes me back to the Home Screen
  • need updated! 1/5

    By nenuko03
    not work!!
  • Amazing PlayStation App 5/5

    By kim_rockopuppy
    This app is amazing it’s so much easier to text on your phone then to use your PlayStation and it was so easy to connect my PlayStation account to my phone and it allows photos in your camera access so it’s a double win for me and when your PS4 is even off you can still use the app like what I need to text my friends that I had to get off
  • Not working app, needs an update 1/5

    By Gantz345
    consistently crashing when attempting to log into an account.

PlayStation Messages app comments

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