PLINK - Connecting Gamers

PLINK - Connecting Gamers

  • Category: Social Networking
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  • Current Version: 1.26.7
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Compatibility: Android
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PLINK - Connecting Gamers App

Match. Chat. Play. Plink – the revolutionary app for gamers. Forget about playing alone - find your perfect teammate, influence game history and plunge into a global game community. Want to improve your gamerscore? Play with supreme teammates that match you through age, country and language. Get results you couldn’t even imagine before! Learn how the leaders play, chat with them, discover a thrilling game stats, share it with friends. Be the first to play new trending games. All of these make Plink a unique solution for gamers. Ever dream of becoming popular in the game community? Create your own squad with hundreds of gamers! Follow popular streamers and stream online! Get thousands of followers easily for free! Use Swipes to like or pass on players. If someone likes you back, it’s a Match! No stress. No rejection. No playing alone. Just go through profiles, chat or call, play together, and see how your stats improve. Trust us. Our search system will analyze your game skills and find the best teammate for you. MMORPG or FPS? “Counter-Strike” or “Dota 2"? Stop pestering each other with questions! Be in the loop for the favorite genres and the available games of your teammates. Create your own game community and spark something new. Be in touch. With our user-friendly news feed, you’ll be the first to find out when your teammates kill an imbalanced monster or achieve a new high score. Share your in-game results and stream in a community where it’ll be appreciated by thousands of gamers. - Plink supports all popular games, including Call of Duty, Apex Legends, Battlefield 5, Destiny 2, Overwatch, Counter-Strike and many others. - Never play alone - with Plink, you'll discover gamers who play the way you do! - Enjoy sharing, voting, and discussing games. - High-quality voice calls, group chats, private messages – feel free to use either the mobile or desktop version. With Plink, there are no limits!

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PLINK - Connecting Gamers app reviews

  • This has pros and Very bad Cons 2/5

    By Lord Shaman
    I love the app for the reason I’ve met genuine friends to PLAY games with. I even have a few groups more than 100+ I host myself because of this app. But, the more concerning thing is that this app is for AGES 12+. From what I see this app is not moderated enough to maybe not at all and the subscription price is way to high for it for the lack of support as well. I just noticed a new Show Selfie [Beta] what is this about? You do realize there are people who only provocative pictures and posts daily on a app for AGES 12+. While staying at the top plinker for weeks and months. When there’s genuine people adults and children’s who doesn’t have anyone to play with continue being ignored because of nonsense such as that. For that reason alone while there’s many more I can list. I’ve decided to delete my account soon.
  • Cancel 5/5

    By TheRealiszt
    How do you cancel subscription before charges. I have an iPhone can someone show me how’s it done
  • Good 5/5

    By ayo.kye
  • Plink obviously deserves the highest scores 5/5

    By Janiene Bulchqq
    Plink obviously deserves the highest scores because it suggests the widest gaming functionality ever. I believe, every user can find something special and useful starting from the newsfeed to matchmaking!
  • absolutely understand why Plink deserves the praise it gets 5/5

    By Ciasia Bechezs
    I absolutely understand why Plink deserves the praise it gets. I'm scrupulous to details, but all aspects of plink made me amazed! I still can’t understand how the developers managed to create so big variety of functionality!
  • it’s impossible to remain indifferent to plink. 5/5

    By Briauna Burwelljz
    I’m sure, you will be amazed by this application, because it’s impossible to remain indifferent to plink. Plink offers an outstanding opportunities! You just need to get them!
  • recommend plink from the bottom of my heart 5/5

    By Onaya McInteerxwrpy
    I recommend plink to you, from the bottom of my heart! I, truly, haven’t seen the better app earlier! The matchmaking is amazing, so many teammates I’ve found with plink! Recommend !
  • Pro version is really worthy 5/5

    By Leilane Bagwelljfdgz
    Can't understand why some users write negative reviews. I think plink is the best gaming app to come out. Pro version is really worthy!
  • it needs to be free 1/5

    By von_c-apZ
    this app needs to be free it’s not fair to lonley people
  • Forced me to subscribe 1/5

    By SkyRadial
    I already had the app downloaded and went to open it again after a while of not using it. Once I did it said I had to re-link my Xbox account which I proceeded to do. After doing so a screen appeared that asked me to try the premium experience for one week for free with no way to skip past to continue to the app. I knew I had acted in to the free week prior so I assumed it would not work twice so I just wanted to skip it. Closing the app and opening it again did not work so I went ahead and tapped on the free subscription and allowed it to go through. Now 20 dollars is gone from my account and it is non refundable. I immediately unsub from the premium service via my subscriptions on my iPhone and the app had the nerve to ask me why with one of the options being (the base service is enough for me) even though I had no choice to continue with the base service, There was no way to access my account past this premium service offer. So needless to say I am a tad frustrated.
  • cant even use it 1/5

    By Brandyford7
    there’s an immediate fee AFTER you put in all your personal information, there is no way to use the app without a subscription.
  • Paywall 1/5

    By Lxtures
    logged in and could even do anything because it required you to pay
  • Worthless 1/5

    By fghhuutt
    Literally, you download. Make an account, then they say “hey now you can pay us to even look at anything on here and you can’t leave this screen no matter how many times you try” Literal pay wall within 2 minutes. Stupidest app I’ve ever wasted my time on.
  • Lured 1/5

    By mason.r.c.x.c
    At first I saw an add and I was like oh that’s perfect for me boy was I wrong they lure you to pay and say nothing about the pay until you link your account and all that do not recommend at all unless you wanna spend $20 just to find teammates play fill
  • It cost $$$ 1/5

    By coolkidrj2006
    It should be free for people to meat other to the games with
  • Signup 1/5

    I had seen ads about this app and I didn’t really have teammates or a squad to play with so I thought I’d give it a shot but after I had synced one or two of my accounts it tried to make me subscribe for a monthly fee. I was unable to close out of this page and closing and reopening the app did nothing
  • Pay wall 1/5

    By hfit sjfbdkdfyodhynd
    You have to pay to play
  • Just no 1/5

    By flobsssss
    Seems good if I could only get past the “Try the free Trail”
  • Another money grubbing app 1/5

    By Mr.awesomeness
    Of course they get all your information and let you create your account to then after all your info is collected tell you that oh yeah you have to pay monthly to use our app. But hey. We have your information now so jokes on you. Might as well right? Wouldn’t be so bad if I could simply choose to do the “not premium” version as they say. Well I don’t have that option to exit out of the paywall. I literally can’t use the app unless I pay. 75% of the positive reviews are people that work for the company creating fake account. It’s all made up first and last names. Not one of them is a username.
  • Gets all your info before slapping a paywall in your face 1/5

    By QKDTW
    Will let you connect all your as ccounts like steam before even mentioning it is a subscription service. once you Finnish singing up all you get is a screen saying you have to pay.
  • Several complaints 2/5

    By Maheriel
    So the only reason I’m not giving this app a 1 star review is that it is very very easy to navigate and is very user friendly. However, if forced you do accept the free trial and enroll in auto subscription. I searched myself and had a friend search and there was no obvious exit to the screen so I had no choice but to accept the free trial then and there and not when I was ready and willing too. Furthermore, how is it going to tell me that it couldn’t find me acceptable teammates? I don’t care if I’m higher ranked than them and stuff I simply want additional teammates. This just makes the entire purpose for me downloading this app obsolete; finding a teammate/teammates is what this app is for, yes? Pair me up with them at the very least and display a warning if your matchmaking deems them sub-par. Casuals exist in the game for a reason.
  • Plink is superbly detailed application! 5/5

    By Franchessca Cotgrovefi
    Plink is superbly detailed application! Every single expect and every element is amazingly thought out and polished to perfection! To my mind, the app is fantastic, and ,undoubtedly, worth trying!
  • Pathetic 1/5

    By Ad2923
    It’s 2021 and nothing good comes if you have to pay a subscription to use a social service. No I won’t try to the free week subscription. Uninstalled it as soon as the paywall came up. It’s sad because it was a good idea. Hopefully a more legit competitor comes out with a similar app. Disappointed
  • Awful app 1/5

    By dave.26
    Really just steals money from you after starting a “free trial”.
  • Got a new phone! 5/5

    By YungZayyYT
    Nvm i got it lol
  • Same reason as everyone else😐 1/5

    By The_ShowStopper
    Like it seemed real cool and like a very nice idea , but that su6scription tho the games are already $60 the. Online some more money then u wanna add another 20 dollars to my bill. Now that’s crazy talk
  • No fix 2/5

    By SuperTurtle_144
    So I can go into the app and I can talk to people now but I can’t pair with them without the subscription unless they already paid for it they can see you want to pair but you can’t see if others want to pair with you all it says is pending and when you click on it it slaps ya with a payed subscription like guys if it’s a payed subscription it should have extra content not what the app is supposed to do
  • Make a free version! 1/5

    By IcyPenguinTundra
    Make a free version & stop copying & pasting your responses! If you don’t start listening to people, I will expose you! This is a huge scam for people ! You shouldn’t charge people to find friends ! That’s so messed up! Your app has bin having these problems with responding & listening ! You use to tell people lies & tell them to just pay it’s “free” & got so much bad feed back you just got lazy & stopped caring all together! It seems like you even make your own reviews… hella sus
  • Subscription 1/5

    By mkas-1238
    I can’t use the app without the subscription you say you don’t need the subscription, but obviously I have to do the free trial to get past the pay wall, DONT FORCE YOUR USERS TO USE A FREE TRIAL AND NOT LET THEM SKIP THE TRIAL WHEN THEY DONT WANT THE TRIAL PLUS EVERONE IS JUST GOING TO USE THIS TO FIND SOMEONE, THEN EVERYONE IS SWITCHING TO DISCORD HORRIBLE BUSINESS MAKING US THINK ITS FREE BUT LOCKING EVERYTHING UNDER A PAY WALL you say “just do the free trial cancel the trial, after you will still have access, no, you give us an option to skip the trial stop hoping we forget we are using a trial so you get our money, very sketchy business. EDIT: Developers please reply I want to see your exudes Edit 2: still getting one start because of the forced subscription developers stop with with automatic response just let us skip the trial also it took you a month to reply pathetic
  • Thought I could find a teammate but I guess not 1/5

    By uhlaiv
    Immediately when I downloaded it, it wanted me to pay for it. $20 is not worth it. I advise anyone to just use discord,messenger, game chat, or any other app that isn’t this one
  • The care and attention to details are amazing 5/5

    By Gearald Yuranovevyweit
    The care and attention to details made me amazed! every component I’ll plink is unrivaled. Simply get it! It is not just ambitious and revolutionary, it’s a masterpiece.
  • the most impressive achievement 5/5

    By Relina Mattiaccixndnl
    Plink will be remembered as one of the most impressive achievement, I haven’t seen the app even similar to plink! I would rather say it is a great social network for gamers!
  • Plink knows everything about high quality 5/5

    By Dushan Blasegpvqh
    Plink knows everything about high quality like no other. Developers across the world will be learning from plink how to create a good gaming app with useful content!
  • an incredible level of qualitative gaming content 5/5

    By Alisun Richelghrke
    Plink suggests an incredible level of qualitative gaming content that all developers should aspire to. The must have experience!
  • an opportunity to feel yourself like a part of big gaming family 5/5

    By Jasmane Averyfvtqk
    the developers has created an interactive, immersive and massive gaming application! Plink gives an opportunity to feel yourself like a part of big gaming family!
  • Plink is enjoyable and accessible 5/5

    By Monekia Woodyerardnv
    Plink is enjoyable and accessible! the app is really engaging, it has so many awesome things to do! The developers have achieved their aim and created the best application I’ve ever tried!
  • WE’RE NOT BAIT 1/5

    By BigCock20"
    They lure u into the app and let u set everything up jus to smack u in the face with a $19.99 service for an app you haven’t even used yet🤡
  • No way 1/5

    By MattZiegler1
    You can’t use the app unless you buy a membership
  • the new benchmark by which gaming apps will be measured 5/5

    By Kendra Lodwickcj
    Plink is something that you use and experience. Something you willingly get lost in its amazing wold of gaming content... This is the new benchmark by which gaming apps will be measured, but none will be meeting its heady heights anytime soon.
  • explore it and fall in love with this huge amazing gaming world 5/5

    By Bracha Steedcf
    I wish there was more I could say about the app. There is so much to discuss, but that would take away from the experience. Avoid spoilers, avoid reviews about plink, just buy pro version of it, try it, explore it and fall in love with this huge amazing gaming world the same way I did.
  • an unprecedented level of interaction with other gamers. 5/5

    By Lyta Waddilowuv
    Plink offers an unprecedented level of interaction with other gamers. Its level of detail and brilliant way of suggesting entertainment to gamers is completely amazing!
  • the most mature gaming app in every aspect 5/5

    By Antonett Glowacki
    Plink is the greatest gaming app to date. It's also the most mature gaming app in every aspect: technical, functional and entertaining. This app may not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you're interested in games, the reward is the most versatile and valuable experience we've ever had in any app, in which everything is seamlessly integrated.
  • the most scrupulous attention to details 5/5

    By Mickayla Dansie
    Plink isn't just a masterwork with the most scrupulous attention to details and gaming development, but a real new milestone in its sphere, capable of further shortening the distance between gamers. An app that everyone should try!
  • No X to close it 2/5

    By hgvbhhf
    When I got to this elite thing there was no X so I have to by it to close it or sum
  • Pay to use. 1/5

    By kemosabey29
    No free options.
  • Needs to have a non premium account 1/5

    By Celticspidey
    Theres a subscription wall, and i dont have a card or money for it . I thought this was a free app
  • an application with almost unlimited abilities 5/5

    By Jalayshia Heckleql
    it's hard to argue, for someone plink is not a masterpiece. the meticulous details, matchmaking, newsfeed and stunning statistics results in amazing application with almost unlimited abilities! I like the app and every aspect of it!
  • Literally like paying for LFG on Xbox 1/5

    By Scott.0107
    lol go find another way to make money you dumb bums.
  • Eh no 1/5

    By Hk4113
    Thought it was like tinder but for gamers. Not gonna pay for this as I ain’t some hardcore money losing gamer.