PLINK – Team Up, Chat, Play

PLINK – Team Up, Chat, Play

  • Category: Social Networking
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  • Current Version: 1.35.9
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Compatibility: Android
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PLINK – Team Up, Chat, Play App

Match. Chat. Play. Plink – the revolutionary app for gamers. Forget about playing alone - find your perfect teammate, influence game history and plunge into a global game community. Want to improve your gamerscore? Play with supreme teammates that match you through age, country and language. Get results you couldn’t even imagine before! Learn how the leaders play, chat with them, discover a thrilling game stats, share it with friends. Be the first to play new trending games. All of these make Plink a unique solution for gamers. Ever dream of becoming popular in the game community? Create your own squad with hundreds of gamers! Follow popular streamers and stream online! Get thousands of followers easily for free! Use Swipes to like or pass on players. If someone likes you back, it’s a Match! No stress. No rejection. No playing alone. Just go through profiles, chat or call, play together, and see how your stats improve. Trust us. Our search system will analyze your game skills and find the best teammate for you. MMORPG or FPS? “Counter-Strike” or “Dota 2"? Stop pestering each other with questions! Be in the loop for the favorite genres and the available games of your teammates. Create your own game community and spark something new. Be in touch. With our user-friendly news feed, you’ll be the first to find out when your teammates kill an imbalanced monster or achieve a new high score. Share your in-game results and stream in a community where it’ll be appreciated by thousands of gamers. - Plink supports all popular games, including Call of Duty, Apex Legends, Battlefield 5, Destiny 2, Overwatch, Counter-Strike and many others. - Never play alone - with Plink, you'll discover gamers who play the way you do! - Enjoy sharing, voting, and discussing games. - High-quality voice calls, group chats, private messages – feel free to use either the mobile or desktop version. With Plink, there are no limits!

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PLINK – Team Up, Chat, Play app reviews

  • Help 5/5

    By Winchester_8
    Hey! I think the app is great but I paid for the trial on accident. How do I go about a refund?
  • Fake and waste of time kinda sad 1/5

    By freddieboy2004
    Y’all are actually lame for hyping it up just to try and get us to pay as soon as we get on the app? Like y’all r that desperate???? Yeah free subscription to see what it benefits us with…. I’m pretty sure if we wanted all that fancy extra stuff we’d buy it if we wanted it. Fix y’all’s stuff cuz it’s actually sad y’all deserve like a 1 star average tbh😂😂
  • Hey why don’t you make it clear before I download the app that it is paid 2/5

    By cccchhharliiE
  • Broken services 1/5

    By Jm0609
    Intended to use your app to find players for Genshin Impact but the sync feature for that game has a broken login screen. Deleted your app after five minutes. Didn’t even sign up for an account. Bummer.
  • Great Concept, Overly Expensive 2/5

    By Jeny Lane
    This is a great concept, but $10 a week is ridiculous.
  • Scam Subscription 1/5

    By Kozmicxl
    They paused my account and I can’t deactivate the battle pass subscription nor can I redownload the app to cancel it within the settings either
  • Needing to login with Apple 2/5

    By G3ovanyM3ndez
    So, I don’t usually do reviews but this really got me mad. I heard about PLINK from one of my friends who used this app. After looking at PLINK I decided to download it because I needed teammates to play. Once I got to the sign in part, it said Sign In with Apple. Now some people don’t have a choice on signing in with Apple, I’m one of them. I’d like it where y’all would add a Sign in with email, or Google. Please and Thank You!!!
  • Great app 4/5

    By dontget360ed
    Great app to make friends and find people to play with. But doesn’t show my current playtime. So I’m getting matched with people that have only a day of playtime. (I have over 1000 hours)
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Dheuwhjsnrkabegdhsjebn
    Either pay or don’t use the app it may say free but it’s definitely not
  • Not that great 2/5

    By i download bad games
    As soon as you open the app you have to pay $10 a week to find players and it hasn’t brought up new stats for my account in 2 months
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Turk8484
    Tried to find people to play a certain game. Couldn’t because I kept getting the your profile is hidden. Tried going on google to figure it out. Emailed them the info they gave me didn’t help at all. So I’ll stay away from this app. It’s not made for certain games at all.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Fishman2294
    Can’t do anything on the app without it telling you to get the premium subscription service like I’m not paying $9.99 a week just to find people to play Xbox or pc or switch games with
  • :) 5/5

    By Slaladjessegoth
    Soooo helpful thank you.
  • Trash 1/5

    By (&4883?,9,9:
    It’s trash…making you pay but says it’s all free.
  • Good app but 3/5

    By Operatorrocky
    I like the idea of this app because it’s hard for me to find people to play with but to really “unlock” the app you have to pay like $10 a week for the battle pass, there should be a free pass or something because not everyone can afford to pay $10 a week
  • Expensive Subscription 1/5

    By xoxo Banana
    The app concept is great. Finding people to play with and being able to see stats. However, the fact that there is a subscription price of $9.99 a week is ridiculous. $40 a month for this app is not worth it.
  • Forced Pro Trial $500+ a year after! 1/5

    By Ari Maarie
    I don’t even know if I like the app or its features because in order to try it you are forced to sign up for the free trial of the Battle Pass AFTER linking your accounts. Developer response that the free trial is an “opportunity” is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. If it’s not optional it’s not an opportunity it’s forced subscription buy in. Immediately uninstalled. Oh and the subscription price is disgusting. $9.99 PER WEEK. WHAT? That’s over $500 A YEAR. Are you out of your MINDS? The subscription is higher than Adobe Creative Cloud software. That’s the most disgusting cash grab I’ve ever seen in software. I don’t care if I can unsubscribe right after accepting the free trial. I won’t be supporting this predatory business. Edit: The developer response is a joke, they don’t even read these reviews. Clearly. Will never support this app or dev team. Probably sold my information.
  • Niki MANJA 3/5

    By sally_tic
    So like I got the app thinking yukkie ima get friends for gaming I swipe green on 2 people and now I have to wait 11 hours to swipe again in green what?!?
  • Trickery 1/5

    By idkblocc
    I was bamboozled by the 3 option boost that came with the app, not telling me or informing me with the full price it’s basically a freaking scam. Highly don’t recommend and I demand a refund from the merchant I have not used any of the boost at all
  • Its all about the money 1/5

    By CensoredPhoenix
    I’m sure by now you read the other reviews and probably saw it for yourselves but after sign in you get hit in the face with a $10+pay wall subscription to use the app and yes I mean use. Sure they offer a trial that if you don’t cancel right away you will get charged the money and you have to cancel quick cause the trial is no longer than 3 days. I downloaded the app about a week ago looking for some valorant players but being the introvert I am I just let it sit, getting all the “somebody wants to play with you” notifications. Today I hop on to look through those who want to play just to swipe on 1 person only to find out you have a 12 hour timer before you can swipe right on another. I came to read reviews and noticed the overwhelming amount of 1 stars hidden behind the reviews that I can only assume Is a bot of some sort to keep their ratings high. The developers don’t care about anyone using the app which is clear to see in the reviews and since the paywall has been a thing since day one apparently. Chances are the devs are going to reply to this review saying something of email our support team for any issues you have. Or they will say something about how the subscription makes the app completely different. If I influence anyone reading this to do anything i hope it’s not to download this app.

    By hdjdudndhdd
    PLEASE download this amazing incredible app who allows you to “FIND” people to play with for only $7 a WEEK amazing price. The best thing is that you can use it for free….only for when you try to contact a player it tries to charge you $7 a WEEK so cmon try this well thought APP 😄
  • Trash! Developer deserves death 1/5

    By monkey g luffy ddxdd
    This is trash don’t waste your time. It’s a scam and an insult to gamers. Bam this app and get it removed from the AppStore.
  • Pay to play video games with people??? 1/5

    By nyjustin14
    This app will never be successful if you charge people a $40 a month paywall… reconsider making a free version or lowering your subscription to something that’s actually worth investing into… i signed up and never even got the option for a free trial anyway… Revamp the entire app or get rid of it entirely… Respectfully.
  • plink review 3/5

    By dieschwule
    When I set up the app, I was given my account and synced my Nintendo account and I got my library populated - cool! But a bunch of the games I have never played. Not even like I tried a demo or my friends copy, but games that have literally never been on or in proximity to my switch. No big deal I’ll just remove them. So I went the process of hiding all my games but splatoon and… it’s so cumbersome. Why can’t I batch this? During me doing this the app crashed a few times which I get it, apps crash, but one thing that was pretty funny was that the app asked for stats for one of the games that I didn’t play with a little snack bar modal until I hide it. I would long press a game and the bottom modal to hide it appears too. The notification modal is visibly above the other one and it blocks the hide button, but the hide game modal I guess has it touch listener take priority to the snack bar. As a result I’d try to hide the modal, which was blocking another button, but I couldn’t hide the modal because the touch events were going to the button under the modal I thought the rest of the app was cool but everybody looks like they’d call me a slur so I deleted it
  • Bad developers 1/5

    By aidhwbao
    There is no way that this app has a 4 out of 5 star rating when 95% of the reviews are below 3 star. This is a greedy pay wall app. $10/week? Almost $40/month?! That’s absolutely ridiculous. You’re out of your mind if you think someone should pay that. Thousands of bad reviews about ONE subject and you refuse to change it blows my mind.
  • Not Practical & Does NOT Work 1/5

    By usatrusted
    Why use this when Discord is free and has been around way longer. Also, the game matching feature would be great… if it actually worked. I even spent the extra $9.99 to have my profile boosted and nothing. There is just absolutely NO WAY to justify the cost of this app. No one is going to use it for more than a day because of all the other FREE options out there.
  • Why 2/5

    By Chepe1223
    I can’t connect my account.
  • Crap 1/5

    By Zz3xTr3m3z
    This app is a lie literally connected my account then boom had to either try the free trial or delete the app bc it wouldn’t let me do anything else the paywall opened everyone I closed and opened it again and again couldn’t get any further but also why throw a paywall at me after I entered my into that’s hella sus bro. Gg (not good game…I’m telling y’all to get good freaking rip offs) 🙄🤙🏻
  • Paywall 1/5

    By laylabayla4682
    If this app actually give us an OPTION on whether we want to PAY or NOT then it would be BETTER.
  • Bruh 4/5

    By bigmandad
  • To developers 1/5

    By The Asian man65
    I like what your doing and all but i can get past the pay wall and now when i try again it says wring gamertag just please fix this.
  • Glitched 3/5

    By dajdh cjcndndjcbdbr c
    I used to have this and it was awesome but now I don’t like it because it’s trying to make me get the battle pass for it and I can’t exit out anyway to fix this?
  • Don’t waste your time or money 1/5

    By Lifted_Pear
    Forced paywall don’t waste time it’s not worth it compared to game groups on Facebook or Twitter
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Best for hentai
    Saw this ad on Snapchat thinking it would be fun to connect n play with others, but after syncing my account I get slapped with a paywall… It’s hogwash, I should be able to at-least use the app before agreeing to a “free trail”. Don’t waste your energy with plink, because they just wanna plink the change out of your wallet…
  • Dont waste your time 1/5

    By J-dawg;)
    i set up an account and went through the whole process. only to find out you have to pay before even using the app. L app
  • Trash app baiting for a subscription 1/5

    By Aaronalation6267
    Like the title says. 9.99 is a joke
  • Dont download 1/5

    By guerro!
    They make u pay
  • An Absolute Toxic Cesspool 1/5

    By Hollywood Hexx
    I wish I could give this app NO STARS.. I am a returning user from a few years ago, before Plink was rebranded. I thought this 2nd go around would be better, but it was an even worse experience than the 1st time. The community in this app is an absolute toxic cesspool.. This Tinder style app is supposed to be for gamers to connect, but it’s just girls posting a bunch of thirst traps & guys desperately seeking their attention.. I witnessed users being absolutely disgusting to each other on public posts having an argument with no moderation or intervention from Admins.. Some of the users engaging were even “verified”.. Which is sad because these folks should serve as ambassadors for this app, instead of using their status solely as a symbol for their popularity.. I saw some folks posting links to GoFundMe that seemed questionable in nature. Users can even opt to not disclose their age, or have it shown on their profile, which can be extremely problematic for many reasons.. I am sure that I saw some users that could have potentially been underage.. I spent about 2 weeks using this app until I realized that it is no place for a sensible person.. It is pure anarchy & a popularity contest for female users aspiring to become the next popular e-girl.. I even tried to take advantage of a “free” 3-day trial of their “premium services”, but was simply charged $9.99 for a week, & never got the free 3 days at all.. If you want to waste your time & have a horrible experience, this app will be the one for you.. At this point, this app just needs another rebranding & relaunch because as it stands, it is a complete dumpster fire..
  • Paywalls are never going to make you successful 1/5

    By Garbidge
    Sorry, but when you put the ENTIRE app behind a paywall, you deserve to get nothing but 1 star reviews.

    By Tomato018
  • Horrible don’t waste your time 1/5

    By vbvvggvvg
    Awful app design. Waste of time.
  • Great idea 2/5

    By mejerk
    Terrible UI/UX and pricing is insane for what is offered. And your “discount” of $4.99/week vs $19.99/month saves me a eye whopping three cents. This app is stuck in beta and I would suggest that you should label it as “early adopter” and charge early adoption prices. That’s just my .02…or in this case .03
  • This makes no sense 1/5

    By jgfttg
    How do I get out of the area where it says battle pass
  • Greedy devs. 1/5

    By Abzadad13
    Once you sign in with your platform you will get hit with a payday that you can’t go further thru. They offering you free trial but after that you will start getting charged. You cannot use the app without using a free trial which is how they get you. It’s only 3 days and then you forget that you subscribed and you get charged weekly. Do not even get the app unless you are ready to pay. If I could give it 0 starts I would. Just use looking for group function in games that support it
  • I can’t get out of the battle pass purchase page 5/5

    By hhhhhdsh
    I connected to my PlayStation account and it took me to the battle pass page and won’t let me out.Any help?
  • Paywall 1/5

    By sorakabananagod3
    If i wanted to pay i would have just went on that website where i can pay people to play with me 😂🤣 kept seeing this ad, saying free and that you can find other then bam was hit with a paywall. Really don’t see a point to this app when their are websites that will be free or just look for group parties on xbox/ps
  • Terrible 1/5

    By aglohfuj
    Wants you to sub and there’s no way of having a taste of the app. I would swear…
  • Instant paywall 1/5

    By requiemf4liling
    Asks for money 30 seconds into downloading the app
  • Highly disappointing 1/5

    By KiidLucy
    Hit with a paywall right after creating my profile and $10 a week??? Wow that’s laughable no way it’s a 4 star app