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Pluto TV - Live TV and Movies

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Pluto TV - Live TV and Movies App

Watch free TV and movies on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Pluto TV has over 100 live channels and 1000’s of movies from the biggest names like: NBC, CBS, Bloomberg, Paramount, and Warner Brothers. Plus get exclusive channels like the Pro Wrestling Channel, Anime All Day, Food TV, and the newest live college sports channel. No Fees, No Subscriptions, No Credit Cards…..Yes, It’s Really Free. Watch 1000’s of free hit movies On Demand in over 80 categories that watchers like you helped name. Pick from “Not on Netflix or Hulu”, “Something For the Whole Family”, and “Punch, Kick, Ka’Boom!”. Don’t miss out on new titles that are added everyday. Free TV is here. Download today to start watching Pluto TV! Just a few of our amazing 100+ TV channels: CBS News Food TV Frontdoor MST3K & RiffTrax NBC / MSNBC After School Cartoons Weather Network Horror 24/7 Bloomberg TV Crime Network Fight Channel Pro Wrestling Channel World Poker Tour Action Movies Tastemade CNET Anime All Day THC - Channel 420 Man Up 4K TV Adventure TV Action Movies +1000’s of movies on demand * Privacy Policy: * Terms of Use:

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Pluto TV - Live TV and Movies app reviews

  • Number One 5/5

    By Elati80226
    Number One app. Diversity on the news,documentaries, movies, fun, animals, kids and adults cartoons, sports, music and many more..
  • Good service, but app is buggy with offensive commercials 3/5

    By Barbatus Unum
    While I like the service overall, here are the bugs and issues needing correction (I hope their devs read this): - On the iPad Pro 10.5 in iOS 11.4, the app hangs every time you press the iPad’s home button. It tries to go into PIP (Picture-in-Picture) but all you get is a small black rectangle (no content displayed). You then have to force-close the app and relaunch it, and you miss some of your live-streamed show or movie while doing this. Yes, the minimization button in the app does work if you happen to remember to tap it first, but I use other streaming apps that go into PIP mode successfully and automatically when you press the home button, so it’s too easy to forget. The app needs to conform with typical usage as it’s currently a bit clunky. - No pinch-to-zoom feature or expansion button in the main show window, so you can’t expand the show or movie to fill the screen. Would particularly be effective for 4:3 SD content given most iPad screen dimensions. Older SD content is letterboxed on all 4 sides currently, resulting in a much smaller display than should be achieved. Please add these features. - The Live Guide is too limited. On the iPad, you can only scroll ahead a paltry couple of hours to see what’s coming up to watch. What’s worse, on the Apple TV version of this app, the Live Guide doesn’t even scroll right at all! Can’t plan ahead to properly enjoy the live-streamed content. - I get that the service is paid for by playing commercials. That said, some commercials are inappropriate and downright offensive. I really don’t want to hear about someone’s colostomy issues over and over while I’m eating and watching a show or movie. Disgusting! I mean - really! Has wrecked several meals for me. - Also, a number of times, the streamed show keeps playing unseen during the commercial breaks, so you miss part of the show. This is unacceptable. Properly stop the show until the commercials are done. - Content-wise, it’s a mixed bag. There are some decent movies (albeit older ones) in there, and they just added a dedicated Classic Doctor Who channel (kudos here). The challenge with the latter is that they jump around between the various Doctors and storylines, which is both good and bad. It’s good in that if you don’t like a particular Doctor, the next storyline may be with the one you like better, so you don’t have to suffer through the worse ones for too long. But without a properly functioning live grid guide, you can’t plan out your viewing since the 4-6 episodes per classic story do require a significant time commitment. This is also where I’ve observed the commercials playing over the actual show. Please fix this!!! The live grid guide really needs to be expanded to show at LEAST 2-3 days of upcoming content! Other apps go out to display the traditional 14 days so you can plan ahead. So a week’s worth of content or more Is a very reasonable request. Figure it out, please. It also needs an option to make the grid TEXT much LARGER on the Roku channel app — otherwise you can’t even read it on a much smaller TV at lower resolutions (text is too tiny and fuzzy). Again, I really like the service overall, but it could be so much better if these app issues were addressed. Come on Viacom (owns Pluto now), if you want to compete in the streaming market, you need to invest some resources into the apps. Pluto is characteristically different from Crackle and Tubi, but the user experience is still somewhat lacking. UX is critical!
  • Search Bar?? 4/5

    By Marshmallow_Chell
    Great app, it has a lot in it, and they aren’t all old people movies. Buuut~ A search bar would be nice.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Barbecue kitty
    Fantastic app, wish there were a few more options for my kids
  • Horrible 1/5

    Do not download for ps4. Buffers constantly. None of my other apps do it. IE Netflix’s Hulu or or prime
  • Review 4/5

    By elively01
    Enjoy the app,the only problem I’m having is overlapping audio. I’ve tried different movies with same results.
  • Last be watching the same ads over and over 2/5

    By Desertbandit
    I’m impressed by this application however I’m shutting it down due to the repetition of advertisements the same with their descendants six or eight times every hour, and it’s nice t something I am interested in.
  • edit channels? 1/5

    By dioegrande
    what’s the point of editing channels when all hidden channels show up on all activated devices?
  • It’s Free 5/5

    By Told Ya So
    😂😂😂😂 people are complaining about something free😂😂😂😂 if it’s too many ads pay for actual cable and STILL watch ads. If it buffers a lot it’s probably your internet being garbage and not the app. Ignorance is bliss.
  • BEST TV APP 5/5

    By haisliz25
    I love this app so much it has my favorite movies that I watched as a kid it’s almost better than Netflix AMAZING APP
  • Tv Pluto 2/5

    By Brian Monayong
    The misdemeanors of pain, pleasure and passion are administered through the coming grips of human ambition and pleasurable desire.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By ladylnda
    I just discovered Pluto TV and it is the best. Thank You....
  • Love the app but... 3/5

    By AufKurs
    I love the app and programs/channels but having favorites is useless. I make sure I am signed in, check that my favorites are marked, but when I go back to the listings my favorites have disappeared. I hope they fix this glitch.
  • Use to be good 3/5

    By badddasss47
    Ok so when I got this for the first time I thought it was good until I found out that Nickelodeon in your app passes the same show episodes everyday.
  • Needs Favorites/Hidden channels 2/5

    By pk •••
    Please add! Love the app but the list is too long!!
  • Pluto TV 5/5

    By allen enriquez
    It has about 900 channels! User friendly app similar to that of a $178 channel package line up for free which my favorite part I think TV should be free! I would say it would be great along side with your local antenna to give you those extras, get internet essentials with Comcast for 9.99 a month, or Access by AT&T internet for 10 buck no equipment fees extra this program is for low income people that can’t afford those 60 dollar internet.
  • Search bar 4/5

    By leondreya
    Just needs a search bar and it would be perfect
  • Thank You❤️ 5/5

    By my evie eve
    Thank you for offering Free Live streaming! You Guys are awesome! The ads don’t bother me at all! I enjoy every bit of Pluto services! Never any issues on my fire stick or on my app! Love you guys a lot. Thank you again and again!😘😘
  • Yesssss Pluto Yesssss 5/5

    By Loud's Mom
    I’m loving it give me a few more urban channels and reality channels and I’ll be in heaven
  • Terrible 1/5

    By kjiolkj
    When i get on the app it just shows a black screen.
  • Channel jumps to another 1/5

    By A user when it works
    This was great until I tried to watch something for awhile. I would be watching something and it would jump to another channel on my TCL Roku smart tv.
  • Pluto tv 4/5

    By sixoligy
    This has been the greatest free app I have ever seen. I don’t mine the commercials cause it pay for the free tv. The movies I’ve seen been great childhood shows for me. I really enjoy the app when I’m not at the house. It keeps me entertained while I’m on the road. Once again great app.

    If you love anime like me they have anime all day or child friendly anime witch have the best anime ever I have this on my fire stick and I love it 200 stars out of 5
  • Eh 3/5

    By sam_mahoney
    It’s pretty cool, BUT I feel that they play the same few episodes that I’ve watched over and over.. seems to lag quite a bit and the ads are extremely repetitive
  • More channels 5/5

    By The inquire
    Best live tv. Please add some cable channels thanks Pluto!
  • Pluto is a good app but just one problem 5/5

    By NetherGalaxy11
    Pluto fix the “well be right back...” thing because it just cuts out of random and it’s been doing that to me a lot and it’s been getting annoying so Pluto please fix this but this is still a good app
  • Remote Control App update 5/5

    By kewlkidgamer
    Need better Remote control for TV on the app for example availability to slide to control volume, slide to control channel surfing & availability to type in channel number and favorite section that separates music, TV and movies as well as maybe a picture preview for the iPad only as well as availability to remotely control the Pluto smart TV app from the remote without having to use my smart TV app or my remote control.
  • Truthful 5/5

    By carver .
    Great broad casting
  • Pluto 5/5

    By Dave and son
    Great app for being free love msk3000
  • Annoying! 2/5

    By WW Loser
    Right in middle of movie-soundtrack of earlier portion of movie starts playing. I don’t mind commercial interruptions, but this is worse.
  • What? 2/5

    By Dillon Cha
    So this app has a favorite option, but when you select your channels to favorite, they automatically get deleted seconds after. You can’t even view your favorite channels without having to scroll all the way up, but even then, your channels that you’ve favorited are already gone. What’s the point of signing up to create favorites if you can’t even create a playlist and navigate them. No menu or settings other than the guide. Only good thing I’ve experienced so far is the free part. Channels could be better, but can’t complain about that since they are free. Overall 2 stars because it is free and there are more channels than I expected. Needs work, but I hope it stays free and doesn’t get overrun with ads revenue.
  • Grateful 5/5

    By Butynme1
    It’s better than paid tv
  • It’s great but.... 5/5

    By camp_half_blood
    I have honestly never written a review before, but this app is amazing! My only suggestion for future updates would be to add a search bar; that way people can easily search in a show or movie they are looking to watch without scrolling and scrolling.
  • My Pluto 5/5

    By RainbowDash39
    I adore Pluto Tv...... I especially enjoy the music stations..... If you could add a country music video station, that would be awesome.......
  • this is your go to app! 1/5

    By davedog545
    want to watch 2 to 5 commercials every 7 to 9 minutes? then this is your go to app. want dropouts at the hour and half hour? this is your go to app. want to see the same movies for a month in worse repeat fashion than hbo 30 years ago? this is your go to app! want buffering with your high speed connection? this is your go to app... you censored my first comment; you’ll have to bury this one too kids! i have more and be glad i don’t run ads in my comments
  • Horrible ads for kids. 1/5

    By gamerbeware84
    I let my kids watch the kids shows and add come one about colostomy bags and cold cases. So now I have to delete this app on all of my six devices. There goes their add revenue. You guys need to invest getting more kid friendly style add on the kid channels. I rather pay actual cable tv knowing that the commercials are made for kids.
  • Great app 5/5

    By hassanb1207
    It is a great app for shows that don’t air no more but there is some shows that I would want on it other then that it’s perfect
  • Wow!!! 5/5

    By Chase Harlan 272737
    I was excepting a couple of shows and movies. But when I got this app it had hundreds of tv shows and movies. They had a variety of genres for kids and adults. And for the cost of nothing, this is a very good app!!!
  • Wow!! 5/5

    By TonyQ247
    Totally free!! No lag between changing channels. I’m very impressed!!
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By A touch of cali
    This app is the best choice to watch Tv. I am loving it!
  • ME 💞💞 5/5

    By Raining in the sky
    they should have movies like these and here they are and here they are call stuck in the middle and cloud 9 and liv and Maddie from Disney channel and this love movie me before you and the Christmas calendar and fun size
  • Free TV 5/5

    By jwilson427
    Great channels! I recommend you have a court show channel! Judge Judy, Mathis, Joe Brown, people’s court, all court shows 24/7!!!!!!!!
  • Doc 5/5

    By U so fat
    Free cable
  • 3 3/5

    By search??
    Would give it a 5 but can’t find the search
  • Amazing but add... 5/5

    By Jsjxjxjxhd
    The app is amazing but can you guys add like a search button so we can search up some movies that we would like to watch. But also, do you guys mind add the channel HBO, showtime and others channel where you have to pay! I would love to see that on the next update‼️
  • Pluto TV 5/5

    By briancarroll85
    Can you put 90s classic Boomerang similar to 90s classic Cartoon Network and Disney Jr. classic and Toon Disney classic Can you put Classic Toons from entertainment to kids
  • sound wonky 2/5

    By theresa505
    i love this app now the sound is wonky. i hear commercials playing in the background of what i am watching. earlier portions of show plays in background. Please fix.
  • Great app 5/5

    By merc0405
    Just like watching tv. Lots of channels to choose from. Nice shows and movies. A lot of channels you can’t find or get on cable. Picture is crystal clear and the sound is too. Best is it’s free.
  • good stuff, B-movie heaven 5/5

    By LOLZ ☠
    but man the UI could use some work, it’s hard to find stuff

Pluto TV - Live TV and Movies app comments

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