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Pluto TV - Live TV and Movies App

Welcome to a whole new world of TV. Watch 250+ channels and 1000s of movies free! Drop in to hundreds of channels streaming the latest movies, binge-worthy TV shows, breaking news, live sports and more. Always on. And always 100% free! Watch hit movies like Big Fish, Zodiac, Legally Blonde, The Big Short and more anytime you want with Pluto TV on-demand. Get up-to-the-minute headlines from major news outlets including: CNN, NBC News, CBSN, and TODAY. You can even access local coverage from CBSN New York and CBSN Los Angeles. Relive iconic moments and classic games with a 24/7 NFL Channel, and don't miss a minute of the biggest sports action with Fox Sports, MLS, and more. Plus, live sports are at your fingertips from beIN Sports Xtra and Big Sky. Your favorite shows are playing 24/7 with channels dedicated to Baywatch, Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen, Leverage, Cold Case Files and more. Catch up on wild reality with MTV’s The Hills, The Challenge, VH1 Love + Hip Hop and all the latest and greatest unscripted shows. Can’t get enough true crime? Solve the case with retro classics like Unsolved Mysteries and Forensic Files, and witness the action from inside the courtroom on Court TV. The best part? You’ll never have to pay for Pluto TV. No credit cards. No bills. No contracts. No signup. Just open the app, drop in, and watch for free. Pluto TV is free TV. - Privacy Policy and Your California Privacy Rights: - Do Not Sell My Personal Info: - Terms of Use:

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Pluto TV - Live TV and Movies app reviews

  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Javian Luis
    Please add more channels and classic tv shows from the 80’s and 90’s like on the TMNT channel add classic TMNT toons and movies on their channel
  • Kinda pretty bad 1/5

    By Julie C?
    This app has issues. First it started playing this random movie while I was trying to search for something specific and there was no way to get it to stop playing. VERY irritating. Then as I tried to find the certain thing I was looking to watch I could just search it, there is NO search thing for me to just plug in the title. Then as I searched by genre it wasn’t alphabetical or anything, made it impossible to find what I was looking for! Pretty unorganized app.
  • Buffers too frequently 3/5

    By Gingerjanmarie
    I love Pluto TV. But, it’s frustrating watching a show when every 10 seconds or so it all stops. Then when it comes back, they’ve skipped a couple of lines so you’ve missed some important information.
  • It shows live tv and on demand, but does not show movies. 5/5

    By dorm$5
    Does not show the word movies: please fix this problem.? Thank you!
  • Awful App 1/5

    By Cheech64
    The basics of app design aren’t even accomplished in this attempt of an app. Can’t crop 4:3 aspect videos in full screen- instead it is a 4:3 inside of a 16:9, producing a post-stamp aspect ratio made for ants. The time and battery status bar does not hide as well. Scrolling through the channel listing feels like a battle with all the incorrect gestures it registers (I’m just trying to scroll down.) Do you guys even use your own app, or any other app for that matter? Who actually watches content in such a bizarre manner? It’s 2020, surely app design for video streaming has been figured out by now. Don’t bother making something if you aren’t going to even get the basics down, even if it’s free. Good idea, horrendous execution. Try again!
  • Kids watch Minecraft in the and these ads are bad for children 3/5

    By beth eyre
    kids watch Minecraft do you think only people who are only 13 watch Minecraft they I do but kids eight and older watch Minecraftv I hope you disable the ads I am going to send you a star rate One out of five
  • Search bar 4/5

    By RommyMrSwag
    How hard is it to add a dang search bar???
  • Needs fixed please 3/5

    By Chuckaaj
    Pluto tv in the beginning was awesome!!! But her lately it’s been freezing like crazy, can’t watch a show without freezing up every 5-10 minutes. PLEASE FIX!!! Avid watcher of Pluto tv here!!!! THANKS
  • Almost unusable 1/5

    By DarinJ
    Great service but the latest update has ruined the experience. Frequent buffering with repeat video at times. Audio sync issues at times as well. Happens on multiple channels. Only app that I have issues with. Tried reinstalling with no change.
  • Went from good to crap 1/5

    By B Stadiem
    This app used to be great. There were so many options and the ads were scarce. Now, all it does is play ads and show the loading bar. It’s awful now and I have to delete it. What a shame.
  • Search bar but besides that it good 4/5

    By 746205
    um I can’t find the search bar
  • Pluto 5/5

    By Mr_Cantstop
    I love this it’s the next best thing to your favorite thing to do in life!!!! I recommend this to all of my fiends and family!!! It would be great if you awesome people made a X-Files channel!!!!! 🥳
  • Autoplays 1/5

    By NoMore42
    With no way to stop the stupid thing.
  • Great FreeAlternative to cable 5/5

    By Redmars77
    Why haven’t you downloaded it Yet? Best free cable subscription ever. Thanks for a Great App Joshua M
  • App needs to see improvements 3/5

    By Jkyra13
    I enjoy watching Pluto tv because of many contents it offers, plus it’s free to watch. The only thing i have to say is it pauses quite a bit. Please find a way to keep this from continuing.
  • Good Service, Not My Thing 4/5

    By DDewDropsS
    It’s a pretty good service, but there are some things that I don’t like about it. You can’t pause the live tv or rewind or ANYTHING like that. You also can’t search for shows on On Demand. So it’s basically hunting through the genres for the one show you want to watch. It has a lot of shows but not a lot of variety in them. It’s basically just a free cable service, but not as good. It’s not really my thing. But for people who would want to watch cable tv anywhere, go for it (it’s a little glitchy tho.) I don’t really enjoy the types of shows they have. But again, although I probably won’t use this app, it’s a good free service for people who want to watch live tv with decent variety (I gave it 4 stars because it’s a decent app even though I don’t like it)
  • All “redesigned” Pluto updates = Bloated, slow, junky on streaming boxes 1/5

    By Barbatus Unum
    This review reflects how badly bloated the “redesigned” Pluto TV app has gotten over several months on both the 4th Gen AppleTV HD and Roku streaming devices. The one-star relates to all the app problems I have encountered since the redesign. It has not gotten any better over weeks of trying the various updates on multiple devices. The prior app was leaner, loaded much quicker, and most notably, was much more responsive and reliable when tuning between channels. These new versions have all had various problems and long lags during loading, navigating, and changing channels. Wish I had never upgraded. I’ll take a leaner UI with good reliable performance over a prettier app that doesn’t work well any day. The added UI bloat from the redesign has very significantly degraded the user experience (UX) from what was once a great app. It’s clear that this app is gotten too heavy for its own good on these platforms. Please Devs, you need to stop increasing your whizbang bells and whistles and focus on leaning out/optimizing the app again to make it more responsive. Not everyone is running the latest and greatest streaming boxes. It’s suffering from serious feature bloat. The far longer app loading time and big lags in navigating the UI are extremely noticeable and frustrating. For example, the remote presses lag behind on the 4th Gen Apple TV, and sometimes they do not register at all, especially in the grid view. This is the only app I have on both streaming devices that does this. As a direct result, I have definitely cut down to barely watching anything on Pluto TV over the last several months, and instead watching the other streaming services that actually work very nicely on the same streaming boxes. That translates to lower ad revenue for you and your content providers. Devs, you need to figure out a way to make this app run far more snappier and reliably on streaming boxes, and not just the current generation units. Just a couple of months ago, the older app version ran much better (basically, any version before you redesigned the logo and grid interface). Think about it, the people who are going to watch free TV with much older, recycled content like Pluto TV are not the ones who are able to afford the latest and greatest streaming boxes every year. That’s a good chunk of your user demographics, and many people are not going to be able to buy the latest streaming boxes just because of your bloated app, especially when their current streaming boxes work fine for everything else. Please plan your app development accordingly, and you need to test it on some older boxes, not just the current ones before releasing it. Believe me, you’ll have a lot more happy users. I realize your channel bloat got out of control and you needed to make some changes. But those changes need to work a lot better, as I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews since you’ve redesigned the app. UX is far more than just the UI, as your redesigned app has unfortunately proven so far.
  • Needs a lot of work. 2/5

    By Connned
    This app needs a lot of work. It freezes and constantly blanks out. I’m very surprised at this app. I expected better.
  • 🤘😎🤘 1/5

    By Busta1gt
    This app was good until the update . Now ??? TRASH !!!!!!
  • Hate commercials 3/5

    By jimmy jerker
    I enjoy the lineup and channels this app offers but compared to others like it does not compare. Freezes up for 15 seconds constantly and wayyyyyyyy too many commercials:
  • Could be better.... 3/5

    By plunkerbunkey
    The app and Pluto TV channel line up is great for free TV — and even better than some paid TV. Bit over the past months it has gotten to have more and more playback problems. The commercial breaks cause the program to delay for seconds at a time while it appears to “buffer”. Then when the program returns, it too will play a few seconds and start buffering again. Very often it has a slight pause and when it restarts the program has no sound for 5-10 seconds. When the pausing and buffering get too bad, it just skips over a few seconds of the program. I want to rate this 5 stars, but can’t with these issues. Netflix has no issues, Hulu has no issues, neither do the other streaming apps — YouTube, Tubi, etc. and it doesn’t matter what device, I’ve tried iPhone, Apple TV, etc. I think they might be outgrowing their infrastructure.
  • Not that good 1/5

    By Lv1979
    App is garbage. I have cable internet at 150mb/sec and it still stops and goes. Buffers then plays for 5-8 seconds and buffers again. Cant even enjoy live news without doing the same thing. This is on my iPad. I can only imagine how bad it would be on my phone. Save your time and find another tv app. I will be moving on. Was fun while it lasted
  • I’m not sure other people want this to be added to this app well I think 5/5

    By YouGonnaLose
    So Pluto creators plz add searching like I like James Bond but I can’t find and barley I can find ice been looking for searching but there is not and I’ve hade Pluto which is this app for 9 months now and no searching plz add that plz I’m begging
  • Buffering 3/5

    By Lewrolbeb3
    I’m having problems watching programs. It seems to be buffering any times during presentation. I don’t have any problems with my internet service.
  • So Bad Now 1/5

    By ♥xxshelbyxx♥
    I've used this app on my phone and Roku. Since the new layout, I find it so hard to navigate. It also freezes. All my favorites (on phone) were removed. It's disappointing that you can't easily favorite and hide channels now. Since I use on Roku more, I decided to favorite channels once again. Some didn't even save to favorites. And the entire thing is a mess. The favorites go in a random order. The remote feature is also gone. Please bring back the easier favorite feature on phone and let it work for Roku too.
  • A little confused 3/5

    By @Danny_Galdamez
    Does this app have a search bar it would be so useful if it did
  • What happened 1/5

    By scotttiger
    Can no longer activate, sign in with Google or customize channels. Big step backwards
  • Bad app. 1/5

    By mparrott82
    No way to turn off the auto play. No way to stop the video. All I wanted was to see a Pluto TV guide for the free channels on my Samsung TV. I don’t want to watch videos on my phone. Uninstalled it the next day.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Unabirder
    This was a good app with a channel guide on the left. Today, an apparent update. I had several channels saved as favorites, easy to get to. Now I cannot find them. This is on my iPad. Now, there are groups to select from on the right side. You need to swipe to scroll the groups, but scrolling on that side of brings up the web browser. I guess with time, this will get a little better, but currently I see what was a good, well designed app, totally screwed up. Previously, Pluto was good on the TV. Not sure what I will find there.
  • Great for tv shows! Need more variety! 3/5

    By ptqxy
    I really enjoy this app for the most part! Just wish they played more variety of episodes instead of the same ones multiple times.
  • What happened to the remote?! 3/5

    By mccalab
    I watch Pluto TV on my Fire Stick daily, and I downloaded the app for the remote feature for easier channel surfing. I haven’t been able to find the remote in the latest update, so I don’t have a reason to keep the app on my phone.
  • Hands Down The BEST 5/5

    By Robloxpro9394
    At first I didn't have much use for it because I didn't know how to use it but then I got it on my Roku TV and I learned how to use the app it has everything on a regular television and more for free ( BTW I'm not a bot )
  • Where’s Fox? 1/5

    By JonathanHockman
    Fox News please? You got CNN, NBC, and CBSN... Do that and throw more sports channels on here and I’d even pay for this app.
  • What happened? 2/5

    By Tatonka
    This use to be my go to app on Apple TV. Ever since the redesigned interface it constantly buffers. I deleted and reinstalled thinking it would help but nothing changed. It still buffers. Shame, this used to be a five star app easily.
  • You guys are the best 5/5

    By FlowyTheWolfy
    This app is definitely that every person needs that likes watching shows and movies without wasting a single penny!! Thank you PlutoTV!! You really made my day!!!

    By Jebandpooky
    Logging in online is not secure. Logging in on the app itself never works.
  • The best free tv 5/5

    By spinner2019
    I love this app. Its got great news channels. I choose not to have cable or satellite so as long as Pluto tv is free, I'm hooked! Ty so much and keep up the good work.
  • You can’t search for a specific TV show or movie 1/5

    By Elizabeth102020why
    you can’t search for specific TV shows or movies and I have to literally watch the ones that are there👋it’s a no for me
  • Search option pleeeeeeaaaase! 4/5

    By brooke_photog
    Great movies and shows available but there is no search option so you end up spending loads of time looking through everything.
  • Good 3/5

    By Fcojmm
    It will be a great app when work properly more often. Crashes to much, On the tv or mobile. But when is working it’s a very complete combination of programming. Some time to many proms
  • Meh 3/5

    By keiffers
    New update fixed the full screen issue, but now it buffers. It’s not my connection as nothing else that streams has a buffering problem but Pluto. Also get rid of all the over the top and slightly offensive ads for TBN and Hillsong. If I want that I’ll let the jehovahs knock on my door all day **** Everything was great before this recent update. Now I can’t watch full screen on my iPad without it at random reverting back to guide view. That’s such an obvious bug, makes me wonder if your updates go thru beta testing before you release it to the masses. Only positive is that the Bond channel is back but makes me wonder for how long
  • BEST APP EVER!! 5/5

    By Ari0208
    Love the variety of contents, no annoying pop ups, commercials are reasonable, and best of all it's FREE🤗🤗!!. I do love classic tv shows if at all possible would you be able to add METV show's to your lineup like ( leave it to beaver, the brady bunch, odd couple, little house on the prairie, the waltons, one step beyond and the millionaire). Just to name a few to give you an idea, sometime next year 2020. That would be AWESOME!!!!!.
  • Definitely recommend 5/5

    By thegh0st47
    Awesome app lets you cast can watch old shows and movies and the news it’s like tv but free 👍🏼
  • Amazing but there’s a problem 5/5

    By WeebDaNerd
    No dubbed anime? I’m not saying this takes away value but like why?
  • Buffering 1/5

    By Fddg37773
    Buffers a lot
  • Impressive 5/5

    By Jackie soto
    Is a great app for tv , with Spanish channel, highly recommended.👍🏻 is free most better.
  • Your App is a Blessing 3/5

    By Trueazul
    I have the App on my iPhone & Apple TV for months now, though recently the last month the iPhone App has a glitch and re-buffs every other minute (I watch before I go to bed), and TV App is now being affected-please fix!? 🙏🏽⚙️🔩🔨🔧📺
  • Recent software issues 3/5

    By Green Sub
    I’ve been a Pluto subscriber for a few years. Recent updates have broken several items. Remote no longer works, can not activate, and no channel icons on Amazon FireStick. Please beta test updates better before releasing.
  • Getting better 3/5

    By 873926639
    - how about an option for lower definition so we can save bandwidth and so the slow LTE can keep up. - I see Pluto TV channels advertised but don’t see the channels (science, etc) - there is no search bar to find those channels or any specific movie or show - The privacy policy is not viewable. The link is there but it does t work. - How about letting us turn off the setting that automatically plays the next tv episode. Even Netflix allows that....

Pluto TV - Live TV and Movies app comments

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