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  • Current Version: 1.9.4
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: MoonBear LTD
  • Compatibility: Android
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Pocket Build App

Have you ever wanted to make your own little fantasy world? A farm, some kind of castle, or just an epic fantasy city? Pocket Build is an open world game where you can build with no limitations or restrictions. Build whatever you like, whenever you like, however you like. The possibilities are endless! - Featured as Game of the day. - #1 game in over 57 countries. - "An open world sandbox building game with a great 3D graphics engine." - AppAdvice Castles, people, animals, trees, fences, farms, bridges, towers, houses, rocks, land, it's all their for the building. The only limit is your imagination! - Hundreds of items to build. - Huge open world. - Build instantly. - Collect resources and build special items. - Beautiful 3D graphics. - New items added every update. - All items unlocked. - Endless possibilities. - Buildings, Trees, People, Animals, Fences, Pathways, Castles, Skulls, Barrels, Farms, Bridges, Towers, Houses, Rocks, and loads more! - Build, rotate, and place items anywhere in the world. - Control the camera view, rotate, zoom. - 3D touch support. - Haptic feedback. The possibilities are endless! Build your own city, build your own world, build your own castle, be creative, craft your land, build a town, create your own adventure, build anywhere in an open world. Become a Pocket Builder today!

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  • Help!! 4/5

    By Bdahhhh
    This is a great game but for some reason the game stopped saving my progress after I exit out of it. Every time I quit the app, it doesn’t save anything new I made after a certain point.
  • Future Updates 5/5

    By PeacefulCritic
    I love this game, and appreciate it. I would have never dreamed of such a great create game before in my life, like this one. I think it is very well done created, and I love the detail put into this, maybe some more great details will come in the future. Some things I would love to see that would make this game evolutionary is by simply adding geographical, natural disasters. Maybe add meteorites, tornadoes, something crazy like that. Some other content I would like to see is people interaction, maybe a real economy, government, a money system, something that will blow other games out of the water. Thank you for this great game, I don’t regret getting it. Just enable us to toggle people interaction if we choose to do so. Like let things “naturally” happen.
  • This game is really fun, but... 2/5

    By Picklelovesmermaids
    I’ve had a great time playing this game and so far it is super fun, but I spent some time working on building and decorating and it all got that I had placed then was deleted when I went back on the game. Then I placed a few items down to see if they deleted if I left the game and they did. I also tried syncing it but I had no luck.
  • God 5/5

    By kdude232
    This game is really good I would definitely recommend it for non gamers also to the developer can you add some more buildings
  • Good game. 4/5

    By Portersryan
    It feels like a more creative game then Minecraft. This is the kind of game I like to play while watching TV unwinding after a long day. But, the app is not optimized for iPhone X. The buttons get cut off on the corners. You also have to build your own landscape in the game. It would be more fun if landscape had an auto generate function and I could just build my city.
  • It’s alright... 4/5

    By Mr.HonestGameReviewer
    I mean if you just want a game where it’s mainly building and that’s really it then this is for you. Me personally would like to see a change in the NPCs like when it’s night maybe they go in their houses and stop working or when there being attacked they hide in houses or something like that as well as a more life full environment and events that may occur like tornados, volcano eruptions etc.
  • Super exciting! 5/5

    By Fronlex219
    Love this game so much. I get overwhelmed because I have no idea what to even make! Although one suggestion I could give is that users could make customs NPCs. I have a certain species of animals that I’ve made that make villages to live in. It’d be so cool to have the actual species runnin around their village
  • Good 4/5

    By Jaahouse
    I like this app I just wish I was able to have a delete button you can go back but no delete button 🙄🙄🙄 But this game is still really good and I TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT
  • 10000000 out of 10 5/5

    By sayen princess
    (Bug was just in a world, kinda sad to give it up but it’s ok) I love this game. It’s really fun. I like the free creativity of this game!!! This game has also been extremely therapeutic, and it helps my stress, anxiety, etc. I also like how you can copy other people’s worlds to your own for the less creative people and how you can private your world so no one can copy or see it. But the past updates make it so more things cost in game currency (igc for short). You should add a creative mode where everything is free, no igc needed. However, some people like the challenge. You could make a challenge mode where everything costs igc. The fact that the game was a great place to just build without too much igc was the greatest appeal to the game for me. Still is. Recommend to anyone. And the game is good, great, no, it’s amazing. Thanks for everything!!!
  • Boring 1/5

    By gdeggdr
    This game is so boring you make a kingdom but it’s just cosmetic there is no challenge and the fight are boring
  • Absolutely Amazing 5/5

    By The Amazing Bebo
    I’ve had this game for a couple months now, and I am absolutely in love. I feel as though it could use a few things though. I’d love to see many more house types, and different NPCs (especially a male elf). I would also absolutely love the addition of some type of option to play a lot of trees at once, as making a forest at the moment is very time consuming. There are still a few glitches I find from time to time but nothing game breaking. The most common one I find is that occasionally when you delete ground it will still look as though it’s there, when it’s not. Kind of a like a ghost tile. This can easily be fixed by restarting the game though. I absolutely recommend this game to anyone who wants to build their own world! The possibilities are nearly endless, and it just gets better with every update. Can’t wait to see the end product of this.
  • Great game, one slight suggestion 5/5

    By Systemreboot_3
    Amazing game, amazing graphics, amazing creativity, endless possibilities. I only wish there was a way to rotate and move set Pieces carefully, like a button to switch from normal build to precise build with little rings to rotate things or move it to the side a little to get it juuuuust right into the perfect spot Other than that this is one of if not the best app on the store right now and I absolutely love it
  • More more MORE!!! 3/5

    By Zanedavid MINECRAFT
    I love this game, but it just doesn’t have enough
  • Awesome game 5/5

    By xecom of zaki 3
    You are awesome just that is that but in the most recent update I’ve discovered a bug where the tnt will only sometimes destroy large blocks of LAND specifically instead of all blocks; i can only imagine what i will do when the the bug is gone thank you
  • More thing 5/5

    By Panchomadril
    I like this but i think your can make or create more thinks I think your can add a battle mode with hostile thinks or can hunt the animals make this game more entertaining create more aleatory maps can take stone and ores thinks like this, some thinks are only for decoration and doing this game so simple I now the game I new but please add more thinks also good job guys
  • I love this App!!!!!!! 5/5

    By Gjjknopp
    I love this App I really like to see other player's cities And towns plus TNT!!!!!!!
  • Favorite! But suggestions... 5/5

    By Sashlee85
    Favorite game ever! Worth the money! The potential is ENDLESS! Like others have said, I wish it was a little more interactive when it comes to the people. If I place the slightly curved short palms a certain way, my people are stuck spinning in circles. Lol. Which I personally find a bit comical. It would be cool though If they could sit on the benches, things like that. I NEED more items! I enjoy having to really think outside the box and find many uses for one item. I love that! But the things like the fountain, it looks like it's spitting out ice blocks instead of water. Haha. But seriously, PLANTS. Wildflowers! Flowering trees! Just trees! Crops! PATHS! I can't wait until there are more paths and fencing! I love this game! I was also hoping you guys might experiment with half or quarter size tiles. Something smaller. ONLY COMPLAINT- Two parter: When I search other worlds I always get signed out and have to sign back in with username or password, or the app crashes completely. All of the interesting and really imaginative worlds will not load. Which brings me to the second part of the complaint. CLONING!?! I spend HOURS on mine. I appreciate that you gave me the option to keep mine private, BUT I want to show it off. WITHOUT someone plagiarizing it with a click of a button! 🤯 Please, PLEASE remove the cloning feature! 😫 Replace it with a "Favorite Worlds" feature maybe? I love it though, awesome work. I can't wait for more updates! 😝
  • Worth the money 5/5

    By Finici
    Overall its a good game. But i think the game needs some characters for modern-typed city
  • Great game minor bugs, make gameplay frustrating 4/5

    By officialomoney
    Bugs with zooming and rotating screen for better angles, could use better display optimization for iphone x really get the most out of the a11 bionic!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Rosee *-*
    So, I love this game and I think it never gets boring. I love to decorate things and build so this game is a perfect match for me. I’d recommend this game to anyone who likes to build. :)
  • Great.....but.... 5/5

    Ok so you are rising slowly to the top your gonna have to work hard now if you want to keep it! This game is great but.. i think it needs more improvements! May i suggest some? Ok! (1) add the ability to join other players worlds to build and battle with them (2) add special buildings that need resources that unlock weapons, farm tools and mounts for the people/goblins as well as a tech tree to advance in technology so that you can battle with ships tanks planes etc... (3) I’ve seen others mention this in the reviews and I think it’s a good idea if you can have a playable character or hero in the game that can use stuff that I mentioned in “(2)”. The playable character doesn’t have to be FPS i think top view would be fine. (4) make wildlife realistic like for example bears attacking deer and dire wolfs hunting rabbits “but not to the point of mass extinction of course” also having the animals mate automatically so that they produce more. Another thing add hunting! That is all I have to say! Great job on making it to the top you developers are awesome! Keep it up and reach to the #1 spot!
  • AWESOME!!! 5/5

    Great game Alot of improvements can be added to make it even better,a time killer,sooo fun and it deserves 5 star rating....hope you come up with great ideas developer,and thanks:)
  • This would be a good game if your patient. AND Suggestions 4/5

    By Mionlol
    However I’m not patient and I just really wish that you can resize any ground item like grass or dirt flooring to any size you need. It gets sooo boring just spamming down grass to make a whole empty world not just islands.. So all I’m asking for is to resize grass or dirt (ETC) and/or a preset for a whole empty world. But I can’t really play this game due to this :(. Now to the suggestions part 1: Yes as you saw before add resizing or more presets :) 2: Muiltplayer. Now this is a stretch but you could make it where one person makes humans and one person makes Goblins and they build up walls and guards and attack each other. 3: Tools and blacksmiths. Start with 3 tools that break. One axe pickaxe and hoe. Can’t get wood without axes can’t get gold without pickaxes (Or add stone for a human resource) and can’t get food without hoes. Blacksmiths use gold and wood to make more tools. 4: Bakery’s! Brand new crop WHEAT use wheat and make BREAD! Use BREAD and spawn more HUMANS and GOBLINS!!! Sorry for the huge book but I have lots of suggestions NOW MORE SUGGESTIONS :D 5: When a human or goblin dies they drop a 75% refund from their price. 6: Sandbox mode everything is free OR infinite supplies BUT after your done building you can switch off of everything free OR infinite supplies. 7: More interactions like being able to go into first person and go into houses, talk to villagers, etc etc. And I’m done for now hope you can reply :)
  • ThIS game is good 5/5

    By raybo
    I can’t believe this game its really funn I rated this 5 stars it’s greattttt
  • Bruh i love the concept of this awesomeness 3/5

    By thunderpee
    Can i have more plants? I wanna be a gardener! Lol Uh and i cant remove rocks, unable to delete-which is sad when i misplace, i had to start over update 1.5.41 Cant delete anything anymore it disappears on me instantly when i try to move or delete anything gotta wait again... Update 1.7.2 Love the new update Really want to be able to zoom in and out of my world more. Mostly out so i can see everything that i have built.my cousin would also like this feature for his game too. Please please please AND THANK YOU FOR THE PLANTS MWAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHA 1.8.2 Holy yes i been waiting for this update! Much easier to see what i want to build overall. Love this app. Selfish we are, i would love more jungle like plants! 1.8.34 Always happy with the happy update Was hoping we could get some working ships to sail around. Right now theres only wrecked ships 1.8.6 Still waiting for working ships and maybe a bit more zoom 1.9.34 Still waiting for ships...
  • So boring 1/5

    By SRDame
    I love building games, I love them, Minecraft, and Don’t Starve to name my two favorites. And you can build a lot of this game, but there’s no purpose for the building. There’s no Drive, because nothing happens. Looks good and there’s a fair amount of options but soon as you build something I just want to build something else and then you get tired of building because there’s no reason to build
  • Worth the money. 5/5

    By WestCoastPocketBuilder
    This game is an amazing sandbox world that I’ve spend hours building things and expanding my world. I love that we can create our own land masses so that every world feels unique. I like the implementation of resources just to watch my little s̶l̶a̶v̶e̶s̶, I mean citizens, collect them for me. Overall this game is totally worth the cost, but I have a few suggestions for the game. First, I would like a way to stop the citizens from collecting allowing them to simply walk around freely because even though the trees regrow it still bugs me that they cut down my decorative trees. Currently I have all my citizens in a small fenced in area collecting resources, but I wish I could just have some people walking around with no set task. Also I’d like to see more fantasy buildings added to the game because my world ends up looking like the same 3 buildings just with different colors, but considering how often this game is updated and content is added it doesn’t bother me much. Finally, this game drains my battery like there is no tomorrow, I pretty much have to have my phone plugged in while I play or else the charge on my phone won’t last long. However, as I said this game is well worth the money and to anyone who is thinking about buying it, do it.
  • Good Game and some recommendations. 5/5

    By Unknown1234€
    Pocket Build is a great game, with great 3D graphics with a cartoonish style. It’s calm and relaxing witch will remove any stress. You could play for hours without realizing how long you played. It’s a masterpiece. Their are a couple of glitches I experienced like your world disappearing but you still gain recourses and your people are still counted. But otherwise, it’s a great game. Sometimes it feels kinda of repetitive, waiting for resources then improving. I recommend adding more things to do besides building, maybe we can customize our citizens? Or maybe there can be clans? Maybe a weather cycle? Or how about more landforms? And possibly even Natural Disasters? I would really like a wander setting for the humans, because I would like to have people wandering around my town without cutting down every tree they see, some people like me would probably like having trees as decorations not just as wood. Those are just some ideas, I give this game 5 stars because of how well it is designed and how addictive it is. It can grow so much more and the constant updates leave me excited for more! I can’t wait to see what’s next!
  • Great app!! 5/5

    By Cheesy_rater
    First off let me start by saying I love this app! Super relaxing to me great to get ur mind off anything! But have you thought of making a like layered view of the screen that players see on.. like maybe like ground level and a sky level so you can edit land masses and cliffs and such with out the view and touch accessibility affected by the buildings
  • (Worth every cent)but needs a little more//I mite be grabbing 4/5

    By Fly away Great ones
    Such a beautiful game I feel like I need a little bit more when it comes to animals and AI they just don’t really feel like it they’re alive it sure is beautiful though I feel like there should be a little bit more animal why plant wise and obviously updating they are not just for animals but for anything anything that moves should get better AI I don’t wanna force it it’s just my (opinion)
  • Fun 5/5

    By Dark King072
    This app is great! It gets updated frequently. I love all the character and how they can fight. If I could make one improvement to the game, I would add templates so you have something to start out when you make a new world
  • Why Android????? 5/5

    By Ifihadmoney
    I love this game soooo much best money I ever spent and will gladly donate next time I have some more cash- but why is the Android version COMPLETELY different? I have an Android tablet but my cell is an iPhone. I can't even play the Android version without blowing all my resources. it's nice that it's free to play, but there should be an option to purchase them game so you can have the same version as iOS. Slight disappointment, but the game is great
  • Worth it 5/5

    By Biffalo Chicken Wing
    I love this game. I have a few suggestions for it like western and modern people. I think that the fantasy boar should be rideable and not just wonder around. I think that adding dwarfs or more elves to the game would make gameplay better for multiple people. I also think that people should be able to be commanded to kill things other than goblins. I have a problem with the game though. Most of the time that I try to play the game, it crashes. I didn’t have this problem until I created an account. I have an iPhone 6 though so it might be a problem with my phone. I love this game and am looking forward to the rampage update for the giants.
  • Unstable 5/5

    By ArmandoRosell
    My app keeps crashing
  • I’ve been playing this game for 6 months and 4/5

    By ArchitectAwesome!
    I really like it. This is one of my top games, I hope that you read this because I think there should be more interaction with humans or goblins. Such as if they are hungry, or if you want them to have a pet and take care of them. Anyways, this is a great game and I love how you put updates every month!
  • Won’t load! 5/5

    By Lianah-Marie
    I’ve been playing this game for a while now & all of a sudden it won’t load! Please help!!!
  • Honest review ! 5/5

    By Swagger boy xo
    This game is honestly amazing. But a few things could be a adjusted, like names for props & other things because I had trouble figuring out what they were lol. Also there are no male elven people. this may be a stretch, but the buildings should be usable for the people we spawn in. Besides that this is an all round great game for people who like building/designing worlds. I’m obsessed.
  • Great game 5/5

    By Romulus2733
    I would love if there was a way to make the opposing factions hunt each other on command the same way they hunt for gold, wood, or food
  • Great game, but... one little thing 5/5

    By Racknov
    Amazing game, relaxing, you can do anything you want, no game over screen. But I’ve written a few reviews and now I’ve noticed that there’s no cats. Please ad cats. Also... make the pig butcher giant kill pigs when it comes across them in the world. To view other peoples worlds have a browsing list not just a search section, or a most popular. It would be nice if the giants all had special abilities. Small bug, giants walk on water when you place them there. Add a swimming animation. This would be amazing if you did this: blimps, boats, submarine, spawnable birds that only fly above your world and avatars. Please add these, it would make this game even bigger. I’ve been watching this game popularity since it was released and it’s crazy. Keep up the good work.
  • FIXXXXXX! 1/5

    By heyandy28
    I loved this game but then it kept crashing now it won’t open. It’s seriously annoying because I paid for this app then I really liked it and now I can’t even play the game. It crash’s and it’s making my phone drain so bad! I want my money back!!!
  • Love it! but I have a few requests... 5/5

    By Rebecca Kessinger
    this game really helps me when i want to explore the worlds my imagination creates. however, there are some limitations so here’s some items i suggest you implement(some of these would be essential and some just for more fun): -pathways that look like water or a way to make rivers and streams that don’t look blocky -cliff edges that are one block tall -a way to copy and paste creations so making forests and fields take less time -more fantasy buildings for villages like a bakery or blacksmith -(this is a big one that would be tough to do) seasons! just like the day/night slider, there could be a seasons/weather slider in the menu -more forest trees please -(another difficult one) making a choice for humans to stop working at night and go into buildings to rest - waterfalls! like i said before, i love this game so much! these suggestions are just some more ideas that would help players get even more creative! thanks for making this beautiful app. i’ve been playing since the beginning!
  • Amazing but still needs a tiny bit more 4/5

    By jayden36789
    Overall an amazing game. I would like to see cars City people added. I would also like to be able to make better wars. I would love to be able to assigned special jobs and tasks to ai and have a mini job system and more usable vehicles. I LOVE the game
  • Fun game 3/5

    By Newlium
    Really fun, and I love the building flexibility. However when it comes to the characters AI. I kind of wish there was just a “roam” button or something. It seems like all my characters ever want to so is chop wood and stuff. I just want a normal civilization that walks around and perhaps interacts with each other. Also would love an option for the respawn timer whenever it comes to how fast the trees and crops rebuild itself. It happens way too fast and kind of ruins the immersion of the game. Other than that I find the game to be pretty fun, would be cool if there were maybe missions or something to add more replay-ability.
  • Laggy and lost save 1/5

    By MontySollo
    The game started out really great. I really enjoyed the building process. After playing this game for about 4 hours and creating my world it began to lag really bad. After that, the game would not open at all. The game would load in and then send me right back to my iPhone’s home screen. I deleted the app to reinstall it. After reinstalling it and signing back in, my world was gone. Update: after downloading it again and getting several hours in the app crashed and now will not load. I believe it has to do with how many characters you place on the game. If this is the case, then a limit should be set so the game does not crash. Five star when working properly.
  • Amazing game. 4/5

    By SoSad_🤭🤭🤭
    This is my second review and I’m really impress with all of the new update. Still I would really appreciate it if you guys could make it where we could control npc and explore our world in first, second, or third person mode. This would mean a lot to me and keep up the good work. {\_/} ( •_•) / >❤️
  • Great! 4/5

    By ChickenChisckensChicken
    This game is very fun! However, I think it would be cool if you could go into some of the buildings and decorate inside!
  • This game is awesome I love it 5/5

    By Boby291
    But I have been playing for about three days and it is crashing every time I log on to the game I can’t even get past the loading screen pls fix this problem!
  • Cool app but really buggy 1/5

    By Jake7772
    Really enjoyed the game initially. Relaxing and creatively challenging. Issue is game wont launch most of the time. I tap it attempts to load then shuts off. Lost segments of work I did when I was able to get back in after over 10 attempts and a reboot of my iPad but that lasted seconds then it blinked off again. Sorry I spent money please fix your bugs. Update: this is third try and considerable time spent each time building worlds. Once your world is established it won’t load just blinks off each time after 3 or 4 seconds. Complete waste of money and more important complete waste of time, they say syncing will save but it doesn’t always round 2 for me I used their sync and still list entire world and they couldn’t restore, incredibly disappointing and huge waste of time
  • It’s a great game 5/5

    By Toca fan 1840
    I give this game five stars because it’s fun you don’t really need to buy stuff to have fun I fully recommend this game it is worth the money if you are looking for a sandbox game this is the best one I can’t stop playing it and can you add more animals like sharks fish alligators more aquatic animals 🙃

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