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Have you ever wanted to make your own little fantasy world? A farm, some kind of castle, or just an epic fantasy city? Pocket Build is an open world game where you can build with no limitations or restrictions. Build whatever you like, whenever you like, however you like. The possibilities are endless! "An open world sandbox building game with a great 3D graphics engine." - AppAdvice Castles, people, animals, trees, fences, farms, bridges, towers, houses, rocks, land, it's all their for the building. The only limit is your imagination! - Hundreds of items to build. - Huge open world. - Build instantly. - Collect resources and build special items. - Beautiful 3D graphics. - New items added every update. - All items unlocked. - Endless possibilities. -Buildings, Trees, People, Animals, Fences, Pathways, Castles, Skulls, Barrels, Farms, Bridges, Towers, Houses, Rocks, and loads more! - Build, rotate, and place items anywhere in the world. - Control the camera view, rotate, zoom. - 3D touch support. - Haptic feedback. The possibilities are endless! Build your own city, build your own world, build your own castle, be creative, craft your land, build a town, create your own adventure, build anywhere in an open world. Become a Pocket Builder today!


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  • Amazing, few suggestions 5/5

    By plastiktolstoy
    This game is sooo cool it got rid of my Minecraft phase. But I would like to see the humans and goblins fight with weapons. Also, what’s the purpose of building a whole world then making another one, you should make it with a story, or even better, LET US MAKE the STORY!! Also there should be modern day people, like a student, teacher, adult, and more. Also it would be cool to see some fish. Pls add it in.
  • All it does is crash 1/5

    By Roscoefireball
    Play 10 minuets, crash 4 times
  • Very good 5/5

    By The backyardigens
    This is a very good game all it needs is different t types of people besides knights peasants and workers.
  • Really fun but... 4/5

    By nerfthespears/lances
    This is a great game and I love playing it but it seems like features are limited. The stuff that doesn’t cost anything is great but to put people in it it costs meat and wood which that supply is limited
  • Support this Developer! 4/5

    By SuddenCrane
    This is an in-depth review. *Scroll down for pros and cons. Letter to the developers at the vey bottom* TLDR: I’ve been playing this game for about a day and I love it. The game is massive, and is only limited to your own imagination. There are no real ‘objectives’. The game is similar to Minecraft’s creative mode where you are given the tools to build, but there are no quests or achievements or multiplayer PvP options. While this may turn some people away, the game is still a relaxing and a great experience for the ‘creative types’. Pros: + Massive/almost unlimited space to build +Tons of environment options (flora, climate, textures, etc.) +Lots of pre-made structures +Spawnable NPCS that act and move organically through your world. Some gather resources for you, others protect villages, and there are even Unfriendly npcs you can spawn to give your world a sense of ‘danger’ +Intuitive and easy to use build controls **Most Important Pro*** +Unlimited Building Resources • Note: lots of games have a currency or resource system that limits you to only a certain amount of objects or materials. The game *truly* sets no limits to what you can create :) •This is one of the biggest draws to the game thus far, and the main reason why I purchased this game. Cons: -No Game Center Compatibility. •No Multiplayer or achievement functionality. -Only a small number of NPCS as of this build -no way to publish/share creations **Biggest Con*** No way to save your worlds across devices. Hopefully the developer(s) can fix this. I haven’t ran into the problem yet, but I could imagine being extremely frustrated if I lost my world. 4/5 Tremendous potential, looking forward to future updates! ———————————————— To the developer(s): If I have any recommendations for the developer(s) is to (1) add Game Center compatibility so that you can save your worlds and not have to worry about loosing them if the app gets deleted, you loose your device, etc. (2) Online compatibility to allow people to see other creations (maybe a world publishing feature and a way for people to download other people’s worlds). (3) Another important option is a ‘return to world’ or have a world map with a ‘tap to go to’ function. I’ve seen many reviews who spoke about scrolling out of their building zone and were unable to locate their work. And just for fun, here’s a personal wish list. Maybe you’ll find some ideas if you get stuck trying to figure out what else to add: (A) Music and Ambience would also improve the game. Right now it is very quiet in game. It would be nice to have a music track, and maybe the option to add specific ambience to areas like the sound of a large group of people in a crowded area, birds chirping, wolves howling, etc. Same could be for music, like fancy trumpets for castles, strings for country areas, and primal drums for goblin camps. The possibilities are endless. B) Day and Night Cycle would be interesting. C) Weather Effects and water/ocean animations. D) More fantasy races would be interesting. Dwarves, Halflings, Ogres, Trolls, Dragons, Drow, etc. E) Maybe more additions to the Elves since currently there is only one Elf character. (F) More NPCS, and customization options like hair, skin, and clothing color and style. G) Server hosting options as well as player avatars that can be controlled. Imagine if you could essentially make your own RPG world, and then play in it! Overall, great work. Keep working on improving this game. I can totally see the passion, love, and hard work you guys put into this game. Please, please keep developing this game!
  • Love this game but.... 5/5

    By Curlygoat
    I hade a lot of fun playing this game but you should try and make the animals interactive as well as people and houses. With out those things it's kinda boring.....
  • It’s Amazing! 5/5

    By PaneInTheGlass
    No “purpose” needed. Calming and stress free is enough for now. Sure it will evolve as the potential is unlimited. Coupla quick suggestions: please allow us to zoom out fully enough to see our whole world in one frame. The total world overview. Also allow us to select a larger area for demolition as opposed to one grid frame at a time. Many thanks! So refreshing to not have to shell out for constant in-app purchases. You buy the app, ur done! Oh, cloud syncing between devices? Yes? Oh, one more thing: FLAGS!! And knights on horses, and jousting!
  • Best Game Ever!!! 5/5

    By ~~xXUnicornGirlXx~~
    This game is just great. You can really be creative when you're playing this game. It is now my favorite game on my iPad. But I just have some suggestions- Could you add cats and unicorns? Those are my favorite animals. And if you have dogs in this game, why not cats? And you could add a feature where you could create your own character and the character you create could adopt pets! But aside from my suggestions, this game is really fun and addicting. You just want to build more and more!
  • Ideas for an Update 4/5

    By SeanH15
    1. Miners who mine stone (used for idk what) 2. Interaction with machinery (as of right now I am having trouble getting knights to use ballistas (etc) so if you could find that or make it so machines worked that would be cool 3. Multiple purchase options. Currently it’s a pain to have to scroll through to look for a creature just to place another one down. It should allow you to buy like 10 knights at a time or something to save time 4. Add archers 5. Have the animals attack certain creatures/humans/other animals (spice it up) 6. Make a way to allow uses to select large groups and to control them 7. *** Make the attacking range larger Right now the range is so small that unless creatures/knights are very close they don’t fight each other. I’ll add more as I come up with them but hope this helps. Thanks!
  • Great but 4/5

    By Opboylol17😜😜😜
    I love the game but I clicked the tip button which is not cool because I payed for the game and I could not click out of it and I accidentally tip them thanks a lot pls take away the tip button it’s just not cool and pls give us our money back
  • Where to begin? 2/5

    By HeathermNJ
    This game plops you down in a landscape without any greeting, narrative, goal, or instructions. Create some sort of atmosphere or something. It’s hard to get engaged when the first thing you see is dry instructions and not much else to motivate you to get into the experience. Seems pretty but what’s my motivation?
  • Very relaxing 5/5

    By Raccoonslayer101
    This is an awesome game, though I have some ideas. 1. Add larger boats, there are shipwrecks, why not functioning, non destroyed versions of that? 2. More people/species things. 3. Horses 4. A way to make mountains, or caves. 5. More ruins 6. Maybe a way to generate land quicker? These are ideas, I love the game, just this could make I better.
  • C00l 5/5

    By Buddybear111111
    Good game u should buy it hunny mama
  • Such a Bummer 2/5

    By Young Mr. Arvizu
    I really, really enjoyed this app! It’s a great way to relax, building and expanding a village, detailing, combining assets to make new buildings and layouts. I probably spent over 20 hours on a single world over the course of a few weeks. The thing is, the longer you play, the more you discover the breadth of what this app offers! It easily became my favorite time-killer. But, as 2-Star reviews usually go, it all went south a couple of days ago. I opened up the app to a blank sea of blue. My resources were still being collected by villagers, I even saw a guy scooting along in a boat. But after scrolling and scrolling around the screen looking for my little island of labor, nothing but blue. It’s just sad. The merits of how great this app was, the fun it provided me, is the only reason it gets 2 stars. Even after losing everything, I still have the memories of a great time building, I guess there’s that.
  • Very good if you have an imagination 5/5

    By Vrekidbeb
    It is fun and you can build anything but I would like to know when the updates might come out
  • Great, but needs more 5/5

    I love this game, it has everything you need to build a complex world, in a simple way. However, more would make this better. New skeletons? Pirates to go along with the pirate skeletons? Waterfalls? Volcanoes? Better combat animations? Bigger ships? More goblins? Adding fire as something to place would be awesome too. Or adding an already existing goblin homeland in the default world would be great!! It would bring it all to life! Sharks too! Great job devs!
  • LOVE IT 5/5

    By Kyle h2004
    LOVE THIS GAME! This game makes me able to express my love to make things thank you guys so much
  • Great game 5/5

    By Msnewbootyishere
    But the fantasy houses and others of the sort should be expanded since the game was originally presented as a fantasy builder.
  • Great game, not enough stuff 3/5

    By osmosis21
    This game is great, good graphics and lots of possibilities, but there are very few people to inhabit the world, you have humans and goblins, there's also an elf but only 1, this game could also grow in the sense of More modern items, there are some but no people to inhabit the modern world except those with old themes, i.e. Knights and peasants, this game excites me on every update, I keep the game even when I take breaks from just for the next update, would highly recommend
  • Peaceful And Calm, Great game XD 5/5

    By BØ$$:)
    Hey developers, Maybe Next Updates You should play friends up to Five Players! Even You Could Join Friends Worlds, Help them build Amazing stuff, like Castle, Massive Town With Biomes, Goblins Town And Even More!! You Should Add Things To Create, Play Public Server And We Could Add Famous Landmarks And Skyscrapers And Add Weather And Daylight Cycle, Or Even Airport! Keep Working On Future Updates!! ✅✅
  • Great game, more content? 5/5

    By Fergus Lin
    I’d love it if you added maybe a bit more to the modern tab of things such as roads, cars, and people who aren’t medieval? Maybe street lights and more buildings of sort for a city vibe, the one world I have now is city themed and it’s lacking variety, I want to spice it up some so an addition of more modern buildings and people could really help out, keep up the good work!!
  • Nice game 4/5

    By Z y w Z y
    ADD Open world map that is already generated and multiplayer pls
  • EPIC, but a few(dozen)suggestions 5/5

    By Extraculater
    Only a few suggestions, please add more goblins and possibly orcs, dangerous wildlife, weapons(or at least someone to spawn that is holding a sword/ax/hammer/mace/knife/staff/spear/ Hoe(for farming)/bow/crossbow)also could you add the ability to draw a character, and make the knights go towards the goblins and vice versa, and fix goblin walls so that goblins can walk on them, also characters should be able to have pets assigned to them, and fantasy bores should be able to fight on specific sides, and you should be able to make people/goblins be on custom teams/kingdom/factions (for instance; grassy knoll-humans fire rock-only zombie farmers and gildon-humans+goblins are all fighting each other and will attack each other anywhere anytime) and also it NEEDS drivable vehicles(BATTERING RAAAAAAAAAAM/BALISTA) and why can’t people ride fantasy bores? + sometimes cliff edges can be too tall and bridges, docks and stairs are too...sometimes, also please NEVER, and I mean NEVER make it so stuff costs stuff and don’t EVER make it like sim city or anything, keep it mostly free, it’s what makes it unique, if people want stuff to be hard to get in this game, than they should go play that weird final fantasy kingdom app, this game, pocket build, should stay as easy as possible, I got the game so I could sculpt my world, be like god, and actually SEE what I imagine, an epic kingdom of elves, warriors and kings fighting a goblin army on a custom terrain with no restrictions, it’ll be near impossible to do that if each knight costs 5000 wood and 6000 food, 50 and 60 are ok because it’s easyish to get if you have small farms
  • I love it but... 4/5

    By Erma Blingaham
    I love the game but I wish it had more props and more things to do with the people and goblins and animals. You’re also limited in the props area and I see there are targets but there are no quivers with arrows! I also saw there was a king but no queen?! There was also no racial differences in the people as well. Again I know this game is new and stuff but I’d like you to put these things into consideration. I love the game a lot but I could use a couple things. Keep up the good work!👍😄
  • Loads of Potential... a Bit Tedious at Present 4/5

    By StarFireRobert99
    This game is a wonderful idea, and I’m thrilled to have stumbled upon it! All my complaints pretty much boil down to how tedious it is to place and delete objects. This is especially true with terrain! Maybe if you could be able to customize the terrain on a broader level via a world map (like maybe a terrain “paintbrush” sort of thing), it would be a lot easier. A world map would also make it easier to navigate in larger areas. One other thing, a delete mode where you can just tap an object to delete it would be nice. Best of luck to the developers! I really want to see this game succeed!
  • Great game but.... 4/5

    By HippieXN
    The game is really well made but there is barely any buildings to make a huge city which I wanted to do in one of my worlds, also their is no people for the modern section which is a shame, second their are no modern vehicles, this really makes there no point to the modern buildings, otherwise I love the active updates and that makes it great!!!
  • Game Frozen Will Not Open - Solutions? 1/5

    By OAP55
    Over the last few days the game did not record progress and became harder and harder to play. I had to close down often just to save progress. Now it will not open at all. Any suggestions will be much appreciated. I am afraid to delete the app and reload for fear that all progress will just be erased. This is not an Apple Tablet issue as every other app is working fine.
  • Amazing game! 5/5

    By Kzebraus
    This game is sooo great!! First off i love the graphics, the game has no limits and i love the animals!! The only thing i want is a way to bond a dog and person so the dog follows them around. I really want cats too!!! Lastly i want to be able to start with a ground like the tutorial!!!! BUT OVERALL THIS GAME IS SOO GREAT!!!
  • AWESOME!!!! 5/5

    By We should all download this!
    I love this game! It is sooo fun, but I wish they would add more animals, but most of all... ADD DRAGONS!!! They could be kind of like goblins, but they could fly, and shoot fire at people. If you see this PLEASE ADD DRAGONS!!!
  • Wasn’t what i thought it was going to be 2/5

    By Bobby335775
    I download this game thinking it was going to be fun city builder game like banished, but was kind of upset when the only mode it has is “creative.” I was pretty upset, and really think it would be a lot more fun if it had more town building and survival aspects. However right now it’s not and was fun for about 20 minutes. Other than that big issue, the graphics are amazing. This game has lots of potential that is hopefully used by the developers.
  • Great Game, some new ideas 5/5

    By LegoBlaze5
    I love the game, and its very fun to play when I’m just trying to pass time in a waiting office, or in a boring class. I had an idea for how trails/paths should be placed. And this could potentially also apply to trees and land pieces. I personally (especially for trees), dont like having to go back into the menu in order to place a different kind of tree. So in regard to that, and for trails, what if there was an option to simply drag to place? Like, for placing a trail in a village, simply drag your finger in the direction you want the trail to go, and path pieces will place where your finger goes. If you draw a corner, it will turn. If you draw over a previous path, it will make a 4-way intersection, things like that. And for trees, you could just drag to place trees, making large forests quickly. Or, for the trees, have a “different size brush” kind of thing. Like, have the ability to choose several types of trees of your (the player)’s choosing, and with a finger tap, a cluster of those selected trees will appear, making the creation of forests or tree clumps very easy, rather than going into the menu each time to pick a different kind of tree. Anyways. Just an idea. Love the game though!! Keep the updates coming!!
  • It’s got potential 4/5

    By Norsto
    At the moment, there is a lot of room to create but not much functionality. I saw in the comments that the creator plans to put shops and such as well as objectives so I think that will increase the playtime of this game. I’d like to see an economy that you can have in your town with the stats that you have to keep in order to keep producing resources. I also think that having a better ai system might be a good addition. Like having the workers cut trees within a perimeter and the peasants picking food the same way. And having paths be priority nav mesh would be cool. One final thing: the goblins should be more unpredictable and more of a threat. It’s cool to have the free play aspect but a bit of a challenge would keep things interesting and force a small bit of strategy on how you build your towns. Even two modes would be nice :) id love to help work on this project if there is room for expansion but other than that, just really excited to see where this goes. Been wanting to make/find a sandbox game like this for a while :)
  • The games pretty cool 4/5

    By Je changed
    Don’t get me wrong the game is good but 1) there is no turtorial when starting the game 2) the game is not to its full potential, but the game is pretty darn cool!
  • Wonderful Game! 5/5

    By Lee Fudge
    I feel like you could add more options for castles though.
  • I’m excited 3/5

    By Tuftess
    I love the app
  • Awsome game but needs to be able to use the war vehicles for war not just for decoration 5/5

    By Vrigdu
    check the title
  • Cute to kill time 4/5

    By Zimbabe
    I am recovering from a surgery, this has been fun to pass some of the down time. Simple but you can just build to your hearts content. Enjoying it.
  • Lack of goals 5/5

    By Music guru23
    So I love the fact y’all upgrade and listen to the feed back so I’m here putting my second feed back I think we should have archers and the goblins should have Skelton archers the plot should be to build each castle and army up as they go to war with one another and a currency like gold that each one is fighting to take then add in defensive building and let creative minds take over
  • Great app 5/5

    By $wwaagg
    First off, this is a great game, and great idea. However, when I put down a cart on the tiny farm I made when figuring out the game, and the workers didn’t touch it. I put down chickens, and what looked like a gate in the fence that I made, but the workers don’t go in there.once, I put a Knight next to a catapult, and then put out a goblin, and the Knight didn’t shoot at the goblin. They just walked around. Then, when I put a Knight next to the goblin, they pushed each other until the goblin died. Stuff the people can use, and more interactivity is needed. I completely understand this is a work in progress, that’s why I bring this up. This game has great item variety, and is already fantastic for a dollar, but I recommend that you up the interactivity between items.
  • Great game! 5/5

    By 5musk
    Amazing game, really relaxing and fun to build islands and towns!
  • Awesome a must buy! 5/5

    By your average G.
    I love this game, it’s graphics it’s style, a soothing and fun game and vast majority of options to top off the greatness, no restrictions, hop right into it and master an awesome looking and interactive kingdom. The developer is why I am mainly saying “BUY THIS GAME!” Because simply put he is awesome, he promises updates and then they come and they are exactly what people request! So for the developer and this 99 cent game, it’s easily worth it five stars for making a cheap affordable and fun and good developer game! Keep it up!!! Again only issues or recommendations would be more interaction with the world and AI to give more purpose to the game, this is not crtiisim this is just what I want to see moving into the future games already amazing :)
  • Update more stuff 5/5

    By prayforweekend
    I wish the people can do more, and interact with more
  • I wish the app should have 5/5

    By Suphla.exe
    I think that you need to be able to do first person and there to be more characters to put down
  • I, love this game 5/5

    By xxzzbob
    This game has been on my dream list of games forever A game where I can just build whatever I want with no catches, or hardly any. It’s a good creative think place, especially for a dungeons and dragons Dm like myself I can finally fully visualize my towns There is one small request I would like to make It would be nice to have some more pre-generated maps like pocket town( the default map ) Building the whole map can be tedious and time consuming, and me personally, I like to look at a piece of land and visualize where everything is going to go. Like a mental plan So if adding this would be possible, that would be fantastic! Thank you for creating this little beauty
  • Very fun 4/5

    By MellyMoe
    Actually love this game...I built everything in the game over the course of a few days, very addicting. I do wish there were more diverse characters but I am hopeful the game will continue to expand and add more types of people. Obviously would love more to build overall but definitely needs some diversity with the characters - that would make this a perfect 5 Star game
  • Really good game for a dollar 4/5

    By Frighteningmountainlionattack
    I wish there was a painter where I could drag my finger and the blocks would appear where I touched the screen. I also wish there was a snap to grid option I could turn on and off. Finally I wish the peeps and the animals would use the stairs or could move across the levels. I really like the unlimited aspect of the game.
  • Worth $10 5/5

    By Alto Fan
    I love this game! The graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is simple. You can build endless worlds. It is amazing. -note to game creator. In the next update please add in more bridges either larger or smaller. Preferably the bridges would be at the height level of two blocks. Otherwise this game is amazing.
  • Best 5/5

    By Graham Krisle
    It’s personally the best mobile game in I’ve ever played
  • I love the game but please add more 4/5

    By bonecru5her12
    I love the game but can u please add more enemy’s, more types of people and make the people go inside of the houses
  • Great but could be greater 4/5

    By Am I the only one ?
    The game is really good and probably the best improvement would be making characters go inside buildings, in the vehicles, actually fight etc. like using the rams and all

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