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  • Current Version: 2.82
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: MoonBear LTD
  • Compatibility: Android
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Pocket Build App

Have you ever wanted to make your own little fantasy world? A farm, some kind of castle, or just an epic fantasy city? Pocket Build is an open world game where you can build with no limitations or restrictions. Build whatever you like, whenever you like, however you like. The possibilities are endless! - Featured as Game of the day. - #1 game in over 57 countries. - "An open world sandbox building game with a great 3D graphics engine." - AppAdvice Castles, people, animals, trees, fences, farms, bridges, towers, houses, rocks, land, it's all their for the building. The only limit is your imagination! - Hundreds of items to build. - Huge open world. - Build instantly. - Collect resources and build special items. - Command your humans to do various tasks. - Beautiful 3D graphics. - New items added every update. - Endless possibilities. - Buildings, Trees, People, Animals, Fences, Pathways, Castles, Skulls, Barrels, Farms, Bridges, Towers, Houses, Rocks, and loads more! - Build, rotate, and place items anywhere in the world. - Control the camera view, rotate, zoom. - 3D touch support. - Haptic feedback. The possibilities are endless! Build your own city, build your own world, build your own castle, be creative, craft your land, build a town, create your own adventure, build anywhere in an open world. Become a Pocket Builder today! ----------------------------------------- The game contains an optional subscription feature. It is not required to play and enjoy the game. If you choose to purchase the subscription, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours. Subscription starts at $0.99/week. Prices are in US dollars and may vary in other countries. Auto-renewal can be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes store after purchase. The subscription can be cancelled at anytime. If you don't choose to purchase the subscription, the game can still be fully played without it. Terms & conditions can be found here https://moonbear.com/terms-and-conditions

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  • played this for like five hours straight and went to sleep at 4am 5/5

    By Xer0x0verRid3
    This is a GREAT world builder. The amount of freedom you have to create and the amount of items you have to build with is INSANE, especially for the price. added to that you have the option to subscribe formeven more items, but you don't have to because a new item unlocks for you once a day! I'm excited to use it to plan stories and maybe even d&d campaigns! And just to have some Zen creative fun! I'm definitely looking forward to future updates as the. developer seems really engaged with the community and also updates FREQUENTLY A couple of features I'd like to see: toggle Batch or Multi Add/ Delete: the biggest downside of this game is that you can spend ALOT of time to place individual small items (I made a flower meadow with dozens of individual flower items and then changed my mind and it took just as long to delete it since you have to individually tap each item and hold it or select delete) So being able to select so you can either just tap and hold to add or just taptaptap to add would be great, as well as delete. lock individual items: you can already lock individual files, but when deleting in dense areas sometimes you delete the wrong item and have to undo it. individual locking would be great to prevent this! some more variety of people. labels on the crops cause I have no idea what they are! lol
  • Pretty good game 5/5

    By Sticky68
    First off let me say that I am not someone who has a great imagination but this game really is perfect for people who love to use their imagination and build worlds.
  • Ehh 1/5

    By Bay1166
    Just kinda boring resources feel like a second thought. Creative building would probably be the only real thing that games good for if you’re into that
  • It’s aight 3/5

    By dramallama16
    I expected a game with a lot more freedom for two dollars. Update: more interactions and modes coming.
  • Unique game! BUT with BIG issues... 🙁 3/5

    By FieryPotion
    This game is very unique! I’m a creative person and just love the process of creating. Two of my own worlds even got featured in the game!! HOWEVER, I rarely ever play this game anymore because of this one major issue it has. Before mentioning the issue, I just want to say, this game is one of a kind. You’re allowed total creative freedom in what you decide to create. It’s not like other games where you’re limited by the amount of resources you earn. None of the ingame building materials require you to buy them. The community is wholesome and the developer is clearly dedicated to the game; he provides consistent updates and improves the game. HOWEVER, it has one really BIG ISSUE!!! The biggest aspect in this game is clearly the building aspect, the process of placing objects within your world: The biggest part of the game is placing objects because it is literally the ONLY way to create your world. BUT the process of placing objects takes EXCRUCIATINGLY long. It’s the reason why I haven’t been paying this game. ****The biggest part in the game is the building part and it’s the LEAST EFFICIENT part of the game**** You have to tap each object one by one because a simple drag feature to place multiple objects hasn’t been implemented! Each object then requires you to tap a checkmark to finally place it which takes even more time. And on top of that, when tapping an object from the build menu to place it, it gets automatically placed at a random part of your world, instead of letting the user choose where to place it. When building multiple items very closely bunched together using freeform, it also takes forever! Like I said, a simple drag feature hasn’t been implemented so you have to move each object one by one and then tap a checkmark. They at least added a clone feature, but when cloning an object, it automatically moves to the next tile, so when cloning multiple objects, it is frustrating for the cloned object to move automatically somewhere you don’t need. That’s a list of all the elements that makes building take forever! The list goes on The developer keeps releasing all sorts of great updates that gives us more building items and that’s great BUT he should be focusing on updates that improve the HUGE problem of how long it takes to build, and THEN on updates that add build items. Even when creating multiple objects in close placement to each other, you have to place EACH object ONE AT A TIME!!! Making big projects or even small projects takes forever because each object no matter how SMALL, has to be placed ONE AT A TIME. It’s ridiculous. I have to place all these things just to make a decent world; flowers, trees, paths, vegetation, all sorts of structures, another type of flower, a bunch of decorations AND I HAVE to place it ONE AT A TIME. Absolutely ridiculous. I have made enough worlds to know that this process literally takes me HOURS. I don’t have that kind of a time. The developer needs to focus on these huge issue and fix it!!
  • One of the best games ever 5/5

    By Super duper pooper great
    This is one of the most fun games I’ve played so far that’s a mobile game and I’d definitely play it a lot more if they updated it more often.
  • Yeah 4/5

    By Sk1236
    Game is nice
  • Houses ple read 4/5

    By puppy1234567891011
    I am sorry that I have mad a lot of suggestions And this one is loooong griffons they are my favorite Fantasy related animal and llamas can you them in and maybe you can feed them brush them ride them I keep bring up house beds furniture opening doors more in a interacting
  • Great game completely worth the money 5/5

    By Redteddy1191
    This is a relatively cheap game, a great concept which the Dev constantly adds to with frequent updates that bring interesting new features, I would definitely recommend this game to everyone I know
  • Decent 4/5

    By Melidas11
    I like this game. It’s a relief from all the other games that constantly nag at you to pay for something. So far it’s decent, and it has the potential to be great. Just needs more. More character options ( commands, ability to build while in first person, speech etc. ). More variety of species ( Like the lack of a male elf or samurai, kimono wearing women, vampires, witches, etc. ). Also the item build menu could be easier to navigate, tabbing types of structures could help instead of having to scroll side to side. One of the things I like the most though is that I can manipulate multiple structures at the same time. This game is awesome, so keep up the good work; I’m looking forward to an update :)
  • Pocket build 5/5

    By Hunter$$$$$7
    I love the game so much I just wish we could control the giant in first person and we could go in side of a house or something and I would love the game way more if we could like make a little war with giants and people and you should be able to ride the fantasy boar.
  • Pretty fun 5/5

    By Wtfcreeper
    You can do everything that they advertise. I forget how much I paid for it but I’m pretty sure I’ve got enough fun out of it to be worth the money. Devs also seem to be keeping up with the players as I just checked back in and they added the ability to basically play the game in first person as one of your people. Very cool
  • Thank you 3/5

    By coolgame1118
    I like this game it is a lot of fun. My problem with it is the fact that the people are not as interactive with houses it would be more fun if the people lived in the houses that you made and there were more monsters and stuff and if you could go hunting and if there were babies and kids and families . I would also like if everything was not just for show it would be a lot better if it was more interaction. Thank you hope you guys take this review into account.
  • LOVE!❤️ E-mail? 4/5

    By TocaBoca4ever
    I really like this game! Especially with all the updates I can’t wait for more to come. The music and graphics are great. It’s so fun to build and discover whatever you want and I think the App Store needs more game like these because they open up a creative mind. I just downloaded this game and I’m already attached but when I tried to create an account the email never came through. I clicked resend multiple times and even checked to make sure I had the correct email and it wasn’t a typo. And when I realized it wasn’t I was heart broken. This is a great game! and I would love to be able to sign in on any device, but to activate the account I need the email to come through for the code. Please fix this. Other than that I can’t wait to explore more and have more fun on this game! Thank you Developers!!🥳🤩🥰
  • Overwhelmed 1/5

    By ~Flamboyant Flamingo~
    There is so much to do I don’t know what to do. Its also difficult to restart what you have built.
  • Love the app! A suggestion 5/5

    By DarkAquarius
    This is an amazing app and I’m having so much fun playing! My ONLY thing is that I would love if the villagers/people could interact and have children!
  • Better knights?? 5/5

    By robinhomez
    I love this game, it’s fun, but the thing is that there is like 4 or 5 knights, and they all easily die against the warrior goblins, maybe make better knights or add more, also, you can just fight goblins, it’ll be fun to fight giants, dragons or more, make animals playable too, make animals interact with each other, like hunting, adding birds would be awesome, I think that y’all can do so much with the first person view, great job.
  • Really good I have a cool question 5/5

    By Fent05
    Are you going to add guns not like new guns but like war war 2 weapons or the Vikings weapons like swords or muskets and I think it would be cool if you could add planes or some type of Engine powered vehicle ps thanks for making game
  • Pls read 5/5

    By kdude232
    Hi this game is soooooo amazing but maybe you could add some templates bcs not everybody likes building the landscape
  • Good but a few things 4/5

    By loldragon359
    Fist of all
  • Love this GAME!! 5/5

    By Wowow Ilkke
  • I love This Game 5/5

    By No, too busy
    I just wish that I could control the height of placed objects and that I could place people on places other than the water. The people keep swimming around and they don’t want to get up on the land i place no many how many stairs i place.
  • Good but could be better 4/5

    By 多久能恢复到手
    It’s a really good game but the combat is really plain. It would be nice for it to be more advanced please. Also maybe a night cycle that spawns enemies please
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Am forced to do this nickname
    Gets really boring really fast
  • Worth It. 5/5

    By yur_new_god
    I waited 3 weeks for my mothers pay check, she finally bought the game and I can’t stop playing it. It’s very well created, I may just stop playing Minecraft because with this I can create nearly anything I want, pocket build is definitely worth the small price of only 1.99, highly recommend this game, the graphics are beautifully pixelated, and the controls are magnificent.
  • Hey Guys Just One Thing 5/5

    By Bgyctrstreggd
    This game is a lot of fun. I have been playing this game and so far, it seems like a lot of fun. My only suggestions is that I wish the characters could have kids and make friends. Really anything with the characters interacting more emotionally with one another would be amazing. Welp that’s it, have fun!😁
  • Great game 5/5

    By dog-5009
    I have been playing Pocket Build for multiple months and I have decided it is an Amazing, Fantastic, Adventurous, and Thrilling game. In short, it is awesome. Honestly, anyone playing Minecraft and other adventure things like that are playing the wrong game. Once the first person update came out, this game skyrocketed. It is more interactive, adventurous, and has a whole lot to discover. My only criticism is something very small with first person mode. It might be a feature I haven’t discovered yet, but it would be much cooler if enemies attacked you in first person mode. Also, it would be cool if you could first person with orcs and giants along with people. Overall, the game is awesome and I highly suggest it. Thank you so much for creating a game that I love!
  • Awesome game 5/5

    By Five star review!!!!!!!
    This game is the best literally ever. But I wish the people were intelligent enough to to go fight goblin and build on there own. All to be apse to fight in first person mode and to walk it houses after that. But thank you either way this game is awesome ;)
  • zooming 4/5

    By ACB122
    The game is really fun, but I think they need a way to zoom out more. It’s frustrating to have to move around the space so often in order to see one thing.
  • Amazing game! 5/5

    By Mother_Bhirb
    Been playing for a while now, and I just have to say the game is amazing. It’s worth it, by far. However, there were just a couple of things that I think would be pretty simple for the devs to fix, that could make the game just a tad bit better. First, why do the animals (wolves, foxes, etc) eat grass? It would be very cool to have an option to let them hunt smaller prey animals. Also, the addition of songbirds or parrots would spice up the air, and make forests a bit prettier. Possibly the option to rotate objects not just around the y axis but z and x axes as well? Also, maybe improving the AI on humans, since mine keep swimming and running in circles :/ Any consideration of this review is great though! keep up the good work! :)
  • I. Love. It. 5/5

    By Daredev1490
    I've been loving this game since it was small. But I got to wondering, reading some other reviews and suggestions... I want to launch people with the catapults. Because that would be awesome in its own right, I'd also love to see the catapults work in general. And in first person. I think the player who had the multiple trees idea for forests was a wonderful idea, honestly that's one off the few things I hate doing, as it's very tedious. I would love to see you add a plethora of things, like classes, or possibly the ability to choose skills, equipment, loot, chests, etc for whatever person you've entered first person with. Also, giants. I would love to be able to smash through my town or builds in first person view with these giants. Back to equipment, maybe have different rarities? Or don't, I think either would be awesome. Now that I'm thinking about it. The addition to be able to enter buildings in first person would be so so soo sweet. And then decorate inside them? I'd never put this game down if you'd add that. Best money I ever spent on the all store.
  • I LOVE the game, But PLEASE make it where you can be a dog like when you go 1st person on a human! 5/5

    By Lynn8869
    I personally love the game unlike other games like this this is the best out of all of them! But one small thing... PLEASE MAKE IT WHERE YOU CAN BE A DOG! You know when you can now go 1st person on a human well I would love that on a dog or any other animal PLEASE it would be amazing I still gave you 5 stars because you deserve tho.
  • Great game but room for growth 2/5

    By Mad.DiG
    Update: I don't know what you did with the zoom feature but please bring back the zoom all the way out options. I enjoy this game however I would love it you could put “labels” under the items so that my old eyes can figure out what it is before I place the item. I noticed not all the items have labels. I love all the different terrains, animals, people, hopefully you continue to add more with updates. It would be great to keep adding different mythical people as well as time era people (western, pirates, etc). Another thing that would be great is the ability to add multiple trees at once to create a forest as well as having the ability to place single trees. We can mine food, gold, & wood, it would be neat to be able to collect more resources. Maybe have an option for quests or challenges for those that run out of things to do after building their world. Also I would love to see more see through water, and terrains in general. Great game! Love the open sandbox concept.
  • Suggestions 4/5

    By PSN CODEz&:&&
    I’ve put roughly 7 hours into the game designing and building things, but I’m about out of things to do as the people really don’t do much, they don’t interact with any of the structures/props there aren’t many people/enemies to battle each other or use. Adding in the feature of people walking into the homes and interacting with props could be a great quality of life feature for the game. As well as more characters for battle scenarios. However the game is beautiful it has wonderful indie graphics and is accompanied with an astonishing wonderful yet simple and somewhat repetitive soundtrack. It is definitely worth the money and it seems the developers are avid to make the game better.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By PandaBear291
    Simply amazing. I’ve been playing since March 21 2018, and it’s quite the game. It’s grown so much. I really love the advanced rotation that’s been added recently - it’s amazing to build with. I’ve recently discovered you can change how a NPC behaves (explore, gather mats, ride a horse, etc). It’s truly something worth the 99cents. I had a couple ideas that I think should be added into the game, if they’re possible. “Modern” things: 1. “Modern” characters. Characters that look like they’d live in 2019 instead of out in a village during the 1900s. They’d fit with modern apartments and stuff. 2. “Modern” buildings. I’m aware that there’s already buildings but you can’t create high rises out of them because they all have doors. If there were some middle pieces (with just windows or even a balancing) you could create a skyscraper! 3. Cars. They wouldn’t have to move, they could just sit there and I’d love it. It helps reflect the modern theme there is. If you were to add cars you could also add roads similar to how pathways work/are placed. Other: 1. Half cliffs. Cliffs the height of just one block instead of two. They would help me out so much.. especially when building up an island. 2. Horses. If possible, the horses could have their saddles taken off? It’d make them look more relaxed when put out in a pasture. Thanks! The game is amazing. Keep up the hard work!!! <3 :) 9.18.2019 - Congrats for top 2 for Top Paid Games!! You’ve grown so much in such a short time! 9.25.2019 - While short lived, know that holding TOP TWO on the Top Paid Games billboard is no easy task for independent developers. You still remain in the charts and I hope you remain there for much longer! Keep on truckin’. :) 11.19.2019 - the first person mode is a bit rough around the edges, but I love that you can ride the horses! (I like how that’s the first thing you implement other than the basics). It’s quite the ride. I think it could be even better if you could interact with things, namely fence gates. One could open it, walk through it and finally close gates in 1st person. If they don’t close it then remains in that state even if 1st person is left (i.e. player opens a gate in 1st person, then leaves 1st person, but the gate remains open). Mobs wouldn’t have to be able to go through open gates either. The ability to do so in first person would be enough! As always keep up the great work!
  • great game but 5/5

    By SketchMan99
    this game is really fantastic like, really gives you a lot of shizz to do and it’s a great stress reliever BUT can you PLEASE fix the sizing on buildings? some of them are way too huge, and don’t scale well with humans
  • Bad game 1/5

    By bmf462
    The game loads onto my phone but the app stays white and doesn’t let me go o to it
  • Almost there !!! 5/5

    By ILoveThisGameBro
    Please add first person fighting an option as well as riding horses / dragons if possible. I know flying is probably complicated but if not the horses would be dope too. I appreciate all the work yall do on this game! Its my favorite theraputic game for my mental state.
  • Good game but one question 5/5

    By Grimreaperzx
    Game is pretty fun with lots of things to do and build. Love the new updates and the new additions. Just one question why is it a that I always find some of my characters or animals randomly in the water swimming? Lol when I leave all the people of my lands are hard at work and when I open game back up later sure enough some of them are in the middle of the ocean swimming with some random assortment of animals from the land 🤔. Its quite the quandary.
  • Unfortunate 3/5

    By 509Gman
    I love this game, but after the new updates, it has become unplayable for what I was creating. I was using the game to make a massive map of a story I’ve been working on, and before the updates I could seamlessly scroll through my entire world without a single delay. After the changes, my map is too big for the game to handle, and every time I touch the screen, it has to load the area... even if I barely scrolled at all, whether I’m zoomed all the way in or out. Just unfortunate, considering that the world loaded and played flawlessly before the update. Still love the game though.
  • Amazing so far 4/5

    By SoSad_🤭🤭🤭
    I really like this game and it’s not just because of the previous update of being able to explore your world in a first person view, which is just amazing. I like how this game is constantly fixing and adding new ideas into their game and that’s what make this game so great. Though with all the previous update and new items, I’m constantly wishing for new characters and being able to command goblins to stand or even control them in a first person view. With this set aside I love this game and will recommend it to anyone, but having new characters and the ability to command/control a goblin is a wish. So keep up the great work game developers! 👌
  • The best game ever 5/5

    By the .man
    In my opinion this is the best game ever... I would recommend an entertainment section... still the best game ever but can you make the camera movements a little bit smoother. Thank you and great game good job
  • Some things to add 5/5

    By GiftedCashew56
    This game is amazing, and very very fun. However I feel like we need some more modern stuff. I’ve made a short list of possible stuff to add. It would be GREAT if these things could be added to the game. • add more modern roads, with road lines and road signs. • more modern street lights. (I know there are many street lights already, but I feel like they aren’t modern enough) and have the ability to change the color of the actual lamp post. • armor. Some weapons. It would be awesome if there could be armor for horses, people, dragons, and giants. And also some display weapons or weapons that actually work like swords, cannons, like more medieval weapons. Other than there not being enough modern stuff, thus game has everything I could want. (Also, the first person mode that was recently added is REALLY cool.
  • love the game 5/5

    By ivy susan ipad mini 3
    Is there anyway you can add quests and be able to enter the houses that would be so cool even have family’s and if we could play with others online somehow add where we can fight or team up and Concore someone’s world ?
  • I love this game but please read this 5/5

    By kap cat
    I love this game that now I know that it is a building game so I think you should add zoo animals and the modern buildings don’t really fit in with the pleasents so I think you should add modern people and they would have not a sword but a baton, also I think some units should have bows not just swords. Thank you for making the game super fun, oh also can you add a random map gen where it will generate a big island for you or something because I am bad at building/making the terrain Anyway this is a great game love it, I also love that the developers read this thank you 🤩 👍.
  • Good but needs more items 3/5

    By nikki00515
    I really do love this game, but I got bored of it very quickly because the more I built stuff, the more I just had to keep using the same supplies. And it wasnt fun. You should add more houses and more ways to make them all look different.
  • Great game but there’s a bug for me 5/5

    By picky app gamer
    I got the game and it asked me if I wanted to have unlimited resources or just play the game regularly I chose unlimited and now it will not let me play it on regular mode Nvm I’m an idiot I didn’t know that it was in the settings the hole time
  • Ideas 5/5

    By Elisabeth A. (ᵔᴥᵔ)
    Amazing game! Just a few ideas, can we remove the horse tack? Maybe add armor for the dragons? Other than that the game is so fun and addictive! Cures my boredom
  • This game is great but.. pt.2 5/5

    By Etrest84
    When I look for an interesting app to spend my free time playing I look for one with a great art style and something I can build from the ground up. I love this game I remember buying it a year back and loving it and wanting more gravity to the possessions in the game and I think the developer(s) listened because this game has came so far in numerous ways. I’ve recently started playing it again and I love it!

Pocket Build app comments

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