Pocket Points: Student Focus

Pocket Points: Student Focus

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  • Current Version: v4.5.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Pocket Points, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Pocket Points: Student Focus App

Are you in college, broke, and addicted to your phone? Pocket Points incentivizes you to put your phone away and stay focused with coupons at local merchants and big online brands. Get your school work done, pay attention in class, and be rewarded for it. Earn points! Use our timer to track how long you’re not using your phone. For every minute you’re not using your phone, you’ll earn points. Get the most points you can and spend them on awesome student discounts. We’ll help you put your focus on your studies so you can be more productive and feel more accomplished. Now take those points and shop on our marketplace of gifts and treat yourself to student coupons and discounts for food, apparel, accessories, and much more. Students get updates on new coupons. Never miss a good deal, because every penny counts. Students spend more money on food than anything else, so check out our food deals or suggest deals you want to see in your college town. The leaderboards and achievements for students who stay focused the most create a competitive atmosphere in class. Are you staying focused more? Find out how you rank against other students at your school and students across the nation. Save money, stay focused with Pocket Points. Features > Timer: Stay focused and earn points > Marketplace: Spend points on student coupons and rewards > Leaderboard: See where you stack up on the leaderboard > Achievements: Get achievements for hitting goals Tweet us @PocketPoints or email us at [email protected] for suggestions or support.


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Pocket Points: Student Focus app reviews

  • Gift tab 1/5

    By AHHHHHH!!!!!!help!
    I don’t like to have to set a goal for points, we should just be able to lock our phones and earn points without setting a time. Also, you guys have every single category on the gifts tab- Jewlery, seasonal, outdoors, electronics- but you don’t have one for food!!!!
  • Fun coupons 5/5

    By SierraWardle
    I like this app because it helps me stay off my phone. I live in a place where there are lots of stores that offer coupons so it’s definitely rewarding.
  • Shuts down 1/5

    By Miky2309
    The app used to work for me but now it makes me enter my graduation year everytime I reopen the app to use it. Recently it has started to close down right after entering my graduation date. I have deleted and redownloaded the app about a dozen times and it still doesn’t work I’ve tried everything possible but now all my points are just gone and I can’t use them.
  • 💕 5/5

    By 🎈🔥🎁😊
    I love this app it saves me on so much .
  • Annoying 2/5

    By ZakkaryG
    It's super easy to rack up a bunch of points but most of the deals you can buy with them aren't really anything special. Not worth the 4 pointless notifications a day. I finally just turned all notifications off for this app because there's no way to turn off the ones that aren't for actually earning points. Not one star because of the few decent deals here and there.
  • Exceptional 5/5

    By optimistictechy
    Highly recommended for everyone
  • New isn’t better 1/5

    By UnholyZigzag
    The new point system is awful. If you unlock your phone before your time is up then you lose all the points ya you had in progress and you get way fewer points for your time. Also, the app sends me literally 5-6 notifications a day with useless annoying info trying to get me to use the app that’s honestly not even worth your time anymore.
  • The notifs are so condescending?? 3/5

    By Angiestar57
    I like the idea of the app, but the notifications are so condescending to its target audience that I’m so tempted to just delete the app and get it over with. Like I’d love to go eat lunch with a friend, but do you really need to add “actually talk to each other”??? Do you think we just stare at each other in silence?? That we have no human interaction ever?? I hate this so much jesus christ
  • Not a great update 2/5

    By Mo2847
    It completely stopped working on my Android phone for over a month now.
  • Great choices 5/5

    By Professor Squirrel
    I love the variety of choices I have. It’s a nice incentive to keep your phone locked
  • Can’t even use....😡😡😡😡 1/5

    By olympiankid
    I can’t even create my account app keeps shutting down when I enter my expected graduation date
  • Too difficult and confusing to earn points now 2/5

    By kbpkbetz
    The update makes it so you have to set a goal to get points now, and if you don’t reach that goal, you get 0 points. This makes it way harder to get points because a class may end early, and you get nothing to show for the time you did stay off your phone. This alone makes me want to delete the app. Also, if you do reach your goal, every minute your phone stays locked earns you bonus minutes, but I have no idea how this helps me because I can’t find anywhere that explains what this bonus time does. Lastly, I have noticed that you can have a fraction of a point, such as 33.21 points. This seems pointless to me because all gifts use full points, and seems to be another way the app has made earning points that much more difficult. I’ve loved using pocket points before, but now it’s too difficult and doesn’t seem to be worth the effort for the gifts that are getting worse and worth more points.
  • Love the discounts👌🏽 5/5

    By Gibran1902
  • New update is bad 1/5

    By Soccerfrost
    It makes you set a timer now to earn points but it used to be to where you earn based on how long your phone is locked.
  • New update is terrible 2/5

    By GarrettGregg
    The new update is really inconvenient and honestly makes me not want to use the app. Unless something improves with it, I’m probably going to use my points and then delete the app
  • Great Idea, Great implementation 5/5

    By Maytag1534
    Incredible, really helps you focus because the points have value to you
  • 10 steps in the wrong direction 1/5

    By Bdougy15
    If I unlock my phone and open the pocket points app, it counts as failing and I get 0 points for opening the app! It’s becoming a chore to figure out what makes this stupid app work again with the new layout.
  • Disappointing change 1/5

    By L.J.R.C.
    Changing how the point system works has made this app very difficult to use. I prefer the old point system. I’m also not sure why you can get 2x studying points at the same time and place as the normal points. Maybe have the 2x points be a time-set countdown, and have the regular one be a count-up time/point system like before. Also, there’s a bug where the regular points will work, when the 2x won’t, depending on location.
  • Focus Focus Focus 5/5

    By Lalavren
    Helps me during class to stay focused!
  • I Love it!! 5/5

    By Sparkling cupcakes
    Best app ever!!!!
  • Has potential, but... 2/5

    I wanted to like this app because it seemed like good incentive to stay off my phone during class. However, several things turned me off to the app. The first noticeable issue was the lack of organization, especially when it comes to food/restaurants. I’m a college student so I’m always on the lookout for a deal on local food, and I found it strange that the restaurants were all scattered throughout the page, making it hard to find one I liked. They added a food category, but barely any of the food options were actually in that category, still being jumbled up in the other sections. My second issue with this app was the fact that certain “deals” for stores were actually discounts that you can just get from the store’s website itself. Seems pretty ridiculous that you can spend points on a discount that you can ALREADY GET FOR FREE by going straight to the source. Stuff like “10% off first order by signing up with etc”. I could get that deal while being in my phone in class. See what I mean? A lot of the available stores featured on the app (at least for my area) have this so it is difficult to find something worthwhile to spend my points on. I would also like to mention that there are discounts like this that are listed as zero points, which makes me wonder why have them listed at all? And why are there some of the same that cost points? Overall, these are the two biggest issues that I have. Please organize your app better and consider removing the discounts that you can already get for free from the online store (because it removes the incentive to stay off your phone).
  • Great way to get through class 5/5

    By kspuzey
    Love the focus of no cell use, and the rewards of being able to save money. I wish more UVU vendors would jump on board.
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By Hunter70417
    I keep on hearing from tons of people how amazing this app is, small issue though... you guys don’t even have my school listed so I can’t even use the app and it is just taking up space!!! I have requested tons of times to have my school added but nothing has changed!!!! Please fix this!!!
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Section80baby
    Good app
  • My school isn’t on there 1/5

    By S. Clarke
    I was really excited to use the app but my school isn’t on there and neither were any of the others in my county. It was kind of surprising considering it’s the perfect market for the app. I really hope my school gets added and I know A LOT of people in the area would use it if they could.
  • Always get a network error 2/5

    By Avisgarden
    I haven’t been able to fully activate my account because I always get a network error?
  • Coupons aren’t even accepted 1/5

    By Teresa AK
    You’ll spend your hard earned points on a buy one get one coupon. You’ll go to the place and pay double because they don’t accept the coupon. PocketPoints won’t give you the points you spent back, even if you email them.
  • New Update 1/5

    By NFC Soccer
    I love pocket points before the new update. You got a point for every minute you stayed off your phone. But now you have to set a timer for how long you will stay off your phone. If I go study I don’t know how long I’ll be studying, and if I stop short, I get absolutely no points. Additionally if class gets out early, the same effect happens. They need to bring back the old version.
  • Genius 5/5

    By Carliefornia
    It’s the greatest concept. Put your phone down and BE WITH PEOPLE, and we’ll give you points to get discounts and free stuff. I love it!
  • LOOVE the new update! Just one suggestion... 5/5

    By AJFielding
    I REALLY like this new update, I stopped using Pocket Points because it was never locating me on campus, and it was simply too frustrating to try and make it. Now I use it to reach my goals of staying off the phone. However, I notice that sometimes I lose my points even when I haven’t unlocked my phone, but I receive a text. I feel kinda cheated losing all that time. Maybe we could receive a very small portion of points based on how long we have our phone locked, then if we reach a goal, we can receive significant bonus points? Just a thought. Otherwise, LOVE this app!!
  • I like it 5/5

    By Smiley maggi
    It’s great
  • Go back to the old system please 1/5

    By itwasntmei
    I really (used to) like this app and it helped me stay off my phone in class and got me discounts of gyros 🥙 which was great. But I hate the new system where you have to set a goal or you get nothing. Sometimes classes let out early or I really need to use my phone for something important for a bit :/ I think you guys should merge the old system with the new one so people have options. Change it and I'll give 5 stars.
  • Bring back the old version!!! 2/5

    By 574269536$9
    I used to love this app! It helped me focus in school and the rewards are actually really cool. But this version is extremely annoying. I am constantly having to check my phone to make sure that my time doesn’t run out, and if my class ends earlier than I set my timer to, I lose the points that I made while I didn’t use it in class. Please go back to the old version, at least for the time that you are in school. Because I like this “challenge” idea for when I’m studying at home, but when I’m at school, the old version was a lot better, because I can’t control how long my professors decide to teach. And if my class ends and I have to check the bus times, I miss out on my scheduled points.
  • I can't WAIT to get my school! 3/5

    By Milotuckercody
    ...but I might have to wait. Because I've requested it 13 times. In a month. Cmon guys. please
  • Points....ANYWHERE 5/5

    By brmoss
    I’ve been sad for a year now since I graduated from Chico State and could no longer earn points. Especially considering I only had an iPhone for 7 of the 24 months that I was there. BUT NOW! I can earn points as a regular civilian 😍 At my job and s*$t. I’m profoundly grateful for this new opportunity. Obviously.
  • App doesn’t stay connected! 1/5

    By tjfru53
    Every time I put down the time I’ll be on campus, the second I lock my phone and open it at the end of class, it says I have failed and don’t receive any points. My phone is even connected to the campus WiFi and stays connected! I miss the older version of Pocket Points where you were rewarded by the minutes your phone was locked.
  • Go back to the old way 1/5

    By 00goldendream
    Ithe new update makes it difficult to earn more than a few points
  • Go back to the old way to earn points! 1/5

    By Taracaitlyn7
    This update is completely horrible! If I have my phone locked for 30 min I get 5 points! It used to be a point per minute. I’ll be studying for hours and realized I earn 5 points...such bs. You added way more places to redeem points but took away how to earn them. And my friend that didn’t do the update has over 1500 points when I have 88...how is that fair ?
  • Greatest update ever 5/5

    By veronica williams
    Now that I'm not in college I'm so happy I can earn pocket points not being on a college campus!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Anny Wanny
    Very motivated app for staying off the phone.
  • Hoorah! 5/5

    By Matthew Paez
    Go pocket points!
  • New Point System is Terrible 1/5

    By The_Pardack
    The new timer point system is the worst, it’s almost impossible to get any sort of reward now and isn’t even worth using anymore.
  • Pocket Points Review 4/5

    By HBCUQueen
    This is a great app! Has saved me lots of money. I appreciate you all creating this in efforts to help out college students! I wish restaurants couldn’t quit or leave the app. Those are major bummers. Also at times this app glitches causing earned points not to be received. That is frustrating. But besides those, I’m grateful for this app!
  • Cool change 5/5

    By Kschmutzy
    Happy to continue using this app while I’m not in school! Works well and is surprisingly good motivation for staying off my phone.
  • Fabulous! 5/5

    By Lizy20001234
    I love the app. Has rest rewards and incentives!! Keep it up :)
  • Rewards 3/5

    By sookyboogie92
    I really like the idea of pocket points, but most of the rewards I would never use because they are places I have never even heard of or have in my area. I it would be nice to see rewards for my area. You guys already pin my location so why not do the same for the rewards.
  • It’s cool! 4/5

    By keeeeeeeeeilyn
    It’s great
  • Update flawed 2/5

    By Snap inner
    The new update requires you to specify how long you want to lock your phone. However, it doesn’t allow you to change the time after it’s set. Additionally, if you set it for a long time say 2 hours and then stop it say an hour in you loose all the points you had accumulated in that first hour. Please go back to the old version.
  • Improvements! 4/5

    By wmoult
    Love that you can earn points other places. I wish we earned a point every 5 minutes instead of half a point.
  • Cool concept, keeps me focused. 4/5

    By Steve24512
    I wish there were better offers from vendors on the app but it’s a pretty nice app overall. Design is simple but elegant.

Pocket Points: Student Focus app comments


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