Pocket Schedule Planner

Pocket Schedule Planner

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Pocket Schedule Planner App

*Are you a student who often troubled with when and where the next class will be? *Are you a teacher who often troubled with different courses of different grades & classes? *Are you a parent who often troubled with that you would like to take care of kids while they are having exam but you do not even know when the exam is? Then Pocket Schedule is for you! Our Pocket Schedule is one of the best tools to track down all your courses, classes and assignments. Once you use the app you will want nothing else to make your school life easier. ORGANIZE COURSES, CLASSES & EXAMS You can easily input and manage your courses, classes and exams. All your classes will be displayed in a week-view within the schedule module. You are supplied with a set of icons for your courses, and the icons will be continually updated in every upgrade version. By the way, you can cancel separate class in case of emergency events. MANAGE ASSIGNMENT Kinds of sections are designed to track down all your assignments easily and intuitively. You can either organize your assignments by date, by course or by priority, or sort them by completed or uncompleted. KEEP YOU ALERT Powerful notification feature makes sure that you will never miss even one class or assignment. The app allows you set general notification of all classes and separate alarms of each assignment. FILLED WITH FEATURES -Easily manage different semesters and holidays. -Manage detailed information of all your instructors. -Add a course, exam or assignment easily. -Each course has a well-designed icon. -Sort all assignments into different sections as you want. -Done an assignment easily, just by one tap. -Today’s classes are shown in specify module so that you can get them intuitively. -Each assignment and class has their own notification. -All classes are shown in a week view, you can scroll to get the information you want so that you will not forget even one class. Download and start to use Pocket Schedule to make your school life easier. Think of Pocket Schedule as your classes, exams & assignments alarm clock. If you have any problems or suggestions please send a mail to [email protected], and you will get the response in a short time.

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Pocket Schedule Planner app reviews

  • Loooooveee!!! 5/5

    By FArIA20O6
    I love this app so much. This makes studying so much easier!!!!!
  • I love this app! 5/5

    By Ketawrites
    Being in high school, it’s hard to keep track of all my assignments for all my classes. This app makes it so much easier. I can keep a schedule of all my classes, organize assignments by course, due date and or priority and much more. It’s just amazing. Get this app!! It’s seriously amazing.😁
  • Great 5/5

    By thegetfitandlitwiththelord
    This is such a great app. I use it to track all of my classes and assignments and it really helps
  • Disappointed799999999 2/5

    By Disappointed7931795
    Will not sync with other devices
  • It’s great a scheduling app 4/5

    By Winter Glass
    It’s a great scheduling app, especially if you’re not returning to class after the 4th of July in a panic trying to navigate a new app!
  • It’s the best🤗🤪 5/5

    By Josmarina
    It perfect because it sends you notifications and keep everything organized in my classes 10/10 would recommend this
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Superstar girly girl 101
    I’m going to college starting this fall and this app really helps. After I made my class schedule, I put it on this app and it’s so helpful with helping me organize all my classes. I highly recommend this for all students.
  • Yes 5/5

    By dumplingking
    To those who had been using My Study Life app, this is a great alternative for college students, high school, and middle school. Both have similar functions and its simple tool to use. Study smartly Good luck
  • cool 2/5

    By fat pig eating ham
    good ig
  • Very practical 4/5

    By evergreenacademy
    This is a great homeschool resource!!!
  • Great for school 5/5

    By Christian AL.
    I’m using it to keep up with and online classes and summer work and it’s great for alerting me when to do my work and when assignments are due
  • Almost perfect! 4/5

    By Bhngnujitd
    The app overall is very good, the interface is pristine and satisfying to look at, however I find that an “exams” tab should be added to separate it from assignments and tasks. That’s pretty much the only thing that keeps me from giving it 5 stars, mainly because I find it incredibly important.
  • Can't make an account 1/5

    By TaiB512
    Don't know what's going one but will not let me make an account.
  • What happened 1/5

    By Kaitlyn_._
    This app worked perfectly for about a month on my phone then I downloaded it on my iPad created an account and paid the 1.99 membership and it went horrible. The apps would not synchronize with each other so I sent an email to tech for helping with this situation and never got a reply. So I took matters into my own hands it deleted the account app off of my phone then re-download it and try to sign back in and now it won’t even let me sign back into my account, or change my old password in case I forgot it.
  • Cannot sign up 1/5

    By 방탄여기봐
    I tried to create my account many times, but I failed :( Plz fix this problem
  • Cant sign up 2/5

    By navidabasi
    I cant even sign up Even with vpn connection And idk why when im adding something it wont show up on calender on the first tab How sad is it mystudy life app wont goes on anymore
  • Can’t create account 1/5

    By _mng
    Can’t create account. Keeps giving me error.
  • Love it but.... 4/5

    By Kensbarbie10
    I downloaded this app to help me keep track of my lesson plan while homeschooling my 5 year old. It has helped sooo much, but i cant sync it. At all. It wont even let me make an account. I really was hoping to have it on my phone and my iPad so i can type it all on the bigger screen on the iPad and have the phone for on the go. It would also be nice if it was available on more platforms so i could use it on my computer too. Other than that it has definitely been a helpful app and my favorite of the 12 i downloaded to see which was the best lol.
  • Great App So Far 4/5

    By RockChalkJNO
    Before I started using P.Schedule, I was using another app and I like both, however this app is smoother, although I haven’t tested it during a semester yet. I’m testing it this Summer term and if all goes well, I’ll be using it next semester. My only real complaint is that the app currently will not allow me to create an account, however, it still saves info I input into the app.
  • Love It! But there are some syncing issues 5/5

    By ♥rachelk29♥
    I love this app but for some reason it always says “Sync Failed” and I can’t understand why.
  • Signup Fail 1/5

    By Rennie1389
    I tried to sign up/create an account five times with different usernames and emails. It always failed. F-
  • Nice but needs some spice 4/5

    By Hxixoocotoyd
    Very good app, but I wish there was a way to label a class as online and more themes, or insert our photos to make custom backgrounds for the planner.
  • So Helpful ! 🤩 5/5

    By Nellaayyyy‼️
    it really helps me stay organized ! i never forget to do exactly what i have to .
  • Great app but... 5/5

    By Tk95685378
    I absolutely love the app and have even upgraded however it won’t allow me to make an account so i’m able to sync to my iPad. If the developer or someone could help that would be great!
  • Can’t create an account! 1/5

    By tbilyk
    Very disappointed that it won’t let me creat an account and I paid for the full app! Please fix this!!!
  • Signup failed 1/5

    By airicaxoxo
    I just downloaded this app, and when asked to sign up, it says signup failed. I tried signing up multiple times and still the problem persists. Please fix this problem, thank you.
  • Sign up 1/5

    By majhalene
    It won’t even let me sign up. Please fix this.
  • What the heck !!! 1/5

    By Nanagyh
    It will not even let me make an account .
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By mdlion
    It won’t even let me make an account. Won’t be using it.
  • Was great, but logging in lost all my classes!!! 2/5

    By Patrickl27
    This app normally works great, but logging in to my account and pressing Sync replaced all my classes with those from 2 semesters ago! Not looking forward to re-entering all my details today, 2 days before class starts. This severely degraded my trust in this app! Update: It still seems to lose classes when syncing, which is unacceptable!
  • LOVE IT but could improve... 3/5

    By MomILoveRoblox❤️❤️❤️
    So i downloaded this app cuz I go to an IB school, and I get tons of different tasks, homeworks and assignments everyday and then I found this app. I wanted to use it on different devices but, it always said there was an error when I tried to sign up, still with no idea why. This was the only issue, I really love this app and hope you can fix it. Good luck!
  • Was great at first! Now it’s trash. 1/5

    By dcwiggy
    Stopped syncing nearly two months ago, and now it won’t let me log back in after logging out to try to kick-start the sync. I absolutely have the correct login creds. When I try to reset the password, it pops up and says “password reset,” but there is no notification (email or otherwise) to tell me what the new temp password might be! Completely trashed. I’m so mad!
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Sjg04
    I downloaded this when I lost my handheld agenda and its pretty functional. I do wish that it listed the exams coming up under the assignments area, or there was an easy way to see everything coming up in the way that it shows only assignments
  • This is a Great App! 5/5

    By yeet👌🏾
    I’m not a college student, though I think those are the students for whom this app is intended for. However, this app is still compatible with a non-college schedule and is very simple to use! Though my classes are regarded as “courses,” it doesn’t stop me from designing my schedule as a younger student. Thanks!
  • Good for school assignments 4/5

    By sage meidel
    Love it, good for school assignments is that’s what you’re looking for! For lifestyle/ everyday tasks it not my favorite.
  • Reminders are not good 1/5

    By Nnarls
    Don’t rely on this app. The reminders are terrible, does not do what it says. This app was just not very good with reminding me of assignments or letting be know the deadline for a test/assignment. Honestly this app was just putting your schedule in something and looking at it. This app is not school material. As soon as my semester is over I will delete this immediately.
  • Best app for school 5/5

    By RN4378
    I never write reviews, but i had to for this one. As a full time college student with two jobs, time management is super important and this app allows me to make plans for each day. I split assignments up into smaller assignments each day and its a great feeling to be able to mark them off at the end of the day. If you’re looking for a way to stay organized and ahead of your class work, this is the app!
  • Great app 3/5

    By S.j pnw
    Works for me
  • Can’t log in? 1/5

    By Firestarter77
    I’ve used this app on my iPad for three semesters. Since I decided to have it on my phone, it hasn’t been able to sync up for whatever reason. It’s so frustrating Edit: I’ve lost everything. Can’t log in, can’t sync my account. Will not be using this ever again
  • This app is great 4/5

    By buttttttt$
    I rely heavily on a planner to get through school and I’ve been wanting to go paperless for a while. I think this a great homework planner and it’s super helpful. Only change I would make is that I would like tasks and assignments to show in the same page.
  • "Sync failed", please help 1/5

    By galros
    When trying to sync the app through Facebook, the message "sync failed" appears, is there a solution to this problem?

    By Bobking11
    The app’s synchronization feature is currently broken, and Apxxy’s support is utterly useless - half the time my emails get rejected due to a full mailbox. DO NOT USE THIS APP until the functionality is resolved.
  • pretty great app ! 5/5

    By itsthejuliaaaaaa
    it's like having an actual planner except you actually remember to put stuff in it & get reminded that you aren't doing your crap. 10/10
  • Not the best... 2/5

    By Ash1ey3314
    I was very excited to use this app but after using it for a couple of weeks, there is so much to be improved .
  • Too many bugs 1/5

    By Harpy3061
    Don’t get this app. You can’t log in or make an account. I spent two hours uploading all my classes and assignments and they are now showing on the wrong days. The email address for support returns mail as nondeliverable.
  • Great! 5/5

    By MelIsaDyl
    Honestly, very convenient
  • It’s a beautiful, amazing app, but... 4/5

    By Angelb
    It’s a great app and I don’t know what I’d do without it. I’ve tried so many other systems to track my homework and due dates, but there are a few things I wish could be updated. Let me just say I did pay 2 dollars for premium which I don’t really care about. So since I paid for premium the ads should be gone (and they are) but when I’m listening to music and I open the app, my music pauses and I hear an app but I don’t see it or no ad comes on at all and my music pauses? Also I wish at the calendar it would tell you how many days till x exam.
  • Great app once you’re,logged in! 3/5

    By mbeth1995
    I loved this app and it was very easy to use. It definitely made me more organized for. Unfortunately I got a new iPad yesterday and when setting it up, I couldn’t log back in. I tried logging in with Facebook and it did nothing. I also tried the forgot my password button and it told me that my password was reset but didn’t say or give me me the option of what it was changed to
  • It’s Great 5/5

    By Tfjdnvxhb
    The apps layout is clean and it is very easy to use. Its features are amazing and manageable as well as helpful. The reminders are precise and definitely help you remember any assignments that you have forgotten. It is just a great app all around.

Pocket Schedule Planner app comments

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