Pocket World 3D -unique puzzle

Pocket World 3D -unique puzzle

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  • Current Version: 1.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Minimonster Game Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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Pocket World 3D -unique puzzle App

「Pocket World 3D」is a fun and relaxing 3D puzzle game. All the models are based on world's famous buildings. While assembling the parts into various of models, players are also feeling the exotic atmospheres around the world. The in-game model perfectly restores the buildings around the world. There is corresponding description under the models, to help player know the world better. Game feature: * Assembling by yourself,hands-on and build it up, experience assembly fun. * 3D vision,a new 3D puzzle game that trains your brain, open your imagination. * Hundreds of famous scenarios here, take you travel the world in the smart phone. * Enjoy listening to classical music while managing your model.

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Pocket World 3D -unique puzzle app reviews

  • It’s really good, but... 4/5

    By guanyu2918
    1. I think there should be daily missions or a consistent source of income feature added that allows the player to receive revenue and be able to (through time) unlock all coin puzzles. This, for me at least, will better motivate players to consistently log into the game and want to continue playing it. 2. I also feel that there should be a zoom in feature implemented that allows you to zoom in and place objects at the same time, otherwise some minuscule part of the map will often be missed and it will be extremely difficult to guess and check where it is. Other than that, the game is really addictive and well made. The graphics can look really awesome in the finished product and time passes fast with this app.
  • Game is good 3/5

    By CheetoBandito69
    Game is great but tons of ads
  • Ok game 3/5

    By Gayboilolwtfgtfo
    Would be better if there were more ways to earn diamonds, I’ve completed every puzzle except the ones requiring diamonds to unlock. I’ve literally run out of puzzles, after you clear all the free puzzles and the ones requiring coins the game gets boring fast.
  • Doesn’t download 2/5

    By teslatrips
    I really enjoy this game but lately nothing opens up. I tried opening new boards to play and it only downloads till 99% and then nothing happens.
  • Fake ads 1/5

    By Bronn Bro. Hotwn
    Stop showing this to me YouTube
  • Theft 1/5

    By Yeetus Del Etus
    One of the ads for this game uses a song from “Board Kings” that I think is copyrighted. If not, I am deeply sorry.
  • Love It 3/5

    By Taptaptappitytaptap
    I love this game! But, after the update with the new five cities, the game just crashes. Please fix! Thank you.
  • Game crashes 1/5

    By K like swim
    New update makes game unplayable game crashes
  • fun but has some problems 3/5

    By Scouty Kat
    i really enjoy playing the game!! one of the only problems that i’ve had with it is that there are so many puzzles that cost coins or diamonds and the only way to get them all is to buy the coins/diamonds. you can only get a few until you run out of puzzles to earn coins and then there is nothing left to play. also there are so many ads. i really like the concept of the game it’s just that i don’t want to spend money just to play the section once
  • App failure 1/5

    By by on
    App will not load after new update
  • Crashes on load 1/5

    By Poddre
    Crashes as soon as it loads with latest update :(
  • By far one of the best puzzle games out there 5/5

    By soontobeMrsG
    I don’t usually game on my phone. The constant ads kill the joy for me (yes, I know they’re necessary to keep things free,) but every once in a while, I’ll go in search of something to pass the time. I downloaded a house decor game and after a few ads, Pocket World popped up. I was intrigued to say the least and decided to download it. Well, I haven’t stopped playing it since (date of download was Thanksgiving) and I had gotten to what I thought was the end of it (Hawaii.) My intent was to come onto the game listing and leave my review, but then I saw that magical update button. There’s new levels, which makes me extremely happy! This game is just wonderful. It’s created beautifully, down to the music. The 3D aspect is pretty great too. My only complaint would have to be that you’re unable to place elements while zoomed in. This would be helpful for the tiny pieces you might miss while zoomed out. Other than that, 5-stars all the way. Please keep updating it!
  • I love it but... 4/5

    By ReneeS083
    It’s a fun relaxing game to play and there is a lot you can do for free but then there is a lot you cannot do. If you are a single mom like me and cannot afford to buy diamonds or the premium package then you can never get enough to buy any of the ones with diamonds next to them and that isn’t very fair. You should make it easier to get diamonds or be able to spend cash to get diamonds. At this rate I will eventually be able to buy one or two of them and I’m already done with all of the levels and waiting on the new ones. I love it though. It is so much fun to play and I have never found anything like it. I can’t stop playing it.
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By kitten cat 5
    Free game that’s fun for once!
  • Locked into .... 2/5

    By m0j0bean
    Loved the game until the Kardashian game ad locked it up and I can’t play anymore. Going to delete game. Sorry
  • Nice but... 3/5

    By Southerngrace99
    I purchased full access and didn’t receive the gems. At least I think I was supposed to receive them, but I can’t find a way to confirm all that’s included in the purchase. The only way to get in contact with the developer is via email. I don’t know what to put in the email regarding my purchase, and an email defeats the purpose of using the safety of Apple for my purchases. I should have known better than to purchase from a foreign developer. Fun game but I feel cheated. Dummy, me.
  • Teddy 5/5

    By Teddy jean elventhe grader
    Pleas come up with more like this of rap and building i hope they are free because my mom and my dad says i will not pay for it in less it is a coloring app or a running game app or a walking game app because those things has been proven to help when you do the action and doing the game might help pleas come up with more that is free i would like that
  • Camera 2/5

    By RikiSissy60#
    Playing game last night and there was a camera in the lower right side. I clicked on it and wanted to get into your photos and share them. This is a kids game and that is not appropriate. Fix this or I will take further action. This is NO joke
  • Okay... 3/5

    By Homeschooling Girl
    Now what I expected but it is okay
  • Fun app, but… 2/5

    By Snwbrdrgrl79
    This app is great, a lot of potential, IF you want to spend the money to buy the $19.99 package for no ads, unlock the diamond puzzles and such. I’ve enjoyed putting everything together and sadly didn’t get the recent update where you can zoom in; it would’ve been helpful on a lot of the assembling areas versus watching more ads! So I say good by to this app because I’m not paying money and would gladly watch more silly ads, just to keep building.
  • Fun game 4/5

    By Fab1234fghd
    Best on a tablet because some of the pieces are too small to see on a phone screen. Only giving five stars because there’s no ability to zoom in.
  • Tricky Game 1/5

    By Mooookie crisp!
    I was playing this game for three days and I'm already over it. Way Tooooooo many pop-ups and when u try to close them out, they continue to pop up. Ur tech team have a lot of work to do before I will return......👹
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By @t_is4tattoos
    Pretty good..I was frustrated a little at first ...because I gotten stuck and didn’t know what to do ( I’m a pretty good gamer) so that wasn’t easy. Also I wished the graphics were a little bit better
  • Mids game 3/5

    By gwhhsjejsjdjsjsjsjjsjjjjj
    It’s annoying because I’ll literally try every possible way to fit a piece and it won’t work and then I use a hint and it tells me to do exactly what I’ve been doing except it works right away, it makes no sense
  • Meh 3/5

    By the lima bean man
    This app is fun the first 2 minutes u get it but it starts getting boring, and the piano music is giving me a head ache but all in all it’s pretty good
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Untook nickname
    I had to put a engine in the front of a Volkswagen bug instead of in the back like it should.
  • The BEST game 5/5

    By 101010010107739011010
    I love this game so much!! I love the scenes you can build, and all the details. And the background music and sound effects are perfect and relaxing😌
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Makayla1617
    Ok more levels need to be added ! i’m completely addicted , I am obsessed with this game !
  • good but has its issues 4/5

    By XxdreamonxX
    i am obsessed with this game to no end. but the main problems i have occurred is 1. it is hard to do without coins. and 2. there is not enough normal worlds to complete. the special ones are a different story because you have to pay for them. but there are not enough basic ones in my opinion
  • Love the game but... 5/5

    By 50 coins for this
    I love this game except I need new puzzles. I’m out and there are not hundreds like said to be. When will new puzzles be put into game so I can keep building?
  • Great app WAY TO MANY ADDS 1/5

    By eebean2
    Open app, tap puzzle (ad), finish puzzle, want double coins? (Ad) Don’t want the double coins? (Still an ad) want another puzzle? (Ad) tap a wrong button? (Ad) Deleted because I had more then 5 ads in 5 mins.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Mimi121555
    I LOVE this game!
  • Enjoyable!! 3/5

    By Blessd;-)
    I really enjoy playing!! BUT I'm in Mexico City: Mexican Taxi Rank, and for some reason, it's given me an extra phone stand. Technically I've finished the puzzle, but the game is not recognizing it's a duplicate piece; so for this reason, I'm unable to advance to Morocco. if it wasn't for this glitch, I worked have given 5stars. PLEASE FIX ! Thanks.
  • Best game ever!!! 5/5

    By psgoetz
    Fond of puzzles, this game is amazing.
  • Pretty Good 5/5

    By PEE PEE 69,350,420
    Dang pretty good game not ganna lie 10/10 would recommend 👍🏼
  • Too many ads 4/5

    By neil rothstein
    Great game, but there are way too many ads. Even the levels that don’t have “ad” tagged to indicate you must watch one to unlock the level have ads. I finished all the levels in about a week. The addition of zoom and the blinking to indicate a piece is correctly placed were nice additions. In conclusion, cut back on the wave of ads and add some more levels.
  • So few puzzles 1/5

    By Starr1988
    It’s sad that there is nothing after Hawaii.
  • So many Ads 4/5

    By Pleaselyric
    I see ads for ad level, fine. Then I also see ads in EVERY level, at BEGINING and at END! Why are so many ads? This is a great game at first and now i feel sick...
  • Pocket world 3D 5/5

    By fortnite DEVail
    This game is awesome and fun I love it my friends shared it with me
  • SUCH a good game! 5/5

    By Scoobysda
    I really don’t have anything negative to say about this game. I play on IPadPro and have no problems with any feature...no problems with placing parts of the building, glitches, anything. I did pay the fee for unlimited access, and it was WELL worth it. The only problem I think I might have is running out of models to build, so please keep them coming. You all have made one of the best apps out there, at least I think so, and I look forward to coming home at night to play for an hour or so. Oh, and if you want to throw a model in somewhere of a pet store, I would be sooo happy. Thank you for a great game!
  • Too many ads 3/5

    By Booooio
    I know a lot of people have mentioned this but there are SO MANY ADS. I understand that you need ads to fund the game and it’s developers but it’s ridiculous that even for puzzles that don’t advertise needing an ad at the beginning, I still get one. Every. Single. Puzzle has an ad. I don’t mind watching an ad to unlock bonus things, but Jesus Christ people. Every time I start a puzzle, then when I finish the same puzzle, and sometimes in the middle. I wish this would be taken down to only ONE ad on the puzzles that they’re advertised on.
  • Crash 5/5

    By zachary125xx
    Ever since the latest update my games been crashing. Please fix
  • Gsm 3/5

    By Gsm956
    I enjoy this game. But you say their are hundreds of puzzles. I do not see hundreds of puzzles. I se less then fifty for free. I am playing this game on a I phone. I down loaded it to my I phone. I do not have a Facebook account and refuse to. So if you are selling this game on the Apple App Store you do not have hundreds of puzzles. You are faultlessly advertising your product. Also I figure out where a puzzle piece should go but it is impossible to make it connect their without having to use the assemble option. I play games to exercise my brain and enjoyment not to be frustrated by games that are designed to only be able to ply them if I watch two advertisements just to get one puzzle price to go into place. So please say up front that if you want to access hundreds of puzzles you must go to Facebook to do so. Tell me up front that I will have very limited available without Facebook. Just advertise your game on Facebook. So now after a few days I have put together all the free puzzles. This game is over for me. I have no more puzzles available.
  • This game has loads of misused opportunity 2/5

    By butterbard
    First things first this game has ads, lots and lots of ads, pretty much every action you do in the menu will take you to an advertisement. The gameplay starts strong you feel like this is a game that was really made not to just be a cash grab, but as you go on it starts to feel lazy. The Eiffel Tower has only 9 parts, which makes it only take about 15 seconds to build. But the game came at me with a special “fix all your problems” deal. It practically takes away everything that’s wrong with the game. But it’s 20 bucks! No one would ever spend 20 dollars on a game you play on the toilet. Over all this game has a good idea and a sort of good execution, but it’s held back by micro transactions and adds.

    By 😜😝😛😊😉😀😅😁😍
    There are so many ads in this game it really turns me off
  • Addcents 5/5

    By AbukaTopDesigns
    Lovely game and nice rewards for watching adds. I’m not looking forward to finishing the puzzles with so many more puzzles that I need coins for. I love it and I’m addicted but I also know how to say no when it come to spending money. Having people buy diamonds is great and giving a few is fair but when my coins are gone and I can’t get anymore and I’ve unlocked everything I can with them I’ll have to delete the app. That means no more add cents for you. Many people watching adds or a few just trying unlock a couple last puzzles. Seems like your dilemma for fast cash or future cash. At this rate your app is going to lose steam and your going to lose out on a great idea.
  • This game is wonderful 5/5

    By hdheuevsjxk
    I have downloaded many apps but none have satisfied me like this one. I do agree with the other reviewer about the adds but I still love the game. Anyway I would love it if you (the developers) would add more wwi and wwii stuff to the game😊

    By im ugly people deal with it
    If you don’t like ads DO NOT GET THIS GAME. There are ads every time you finish a level and they are 30 seconds to 1 minute, but other than that it’s a good game
  • She 5/5

    By evaander

Pocket World 3D -unique puzzle app comments

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