PocketVideo - Video Editor

PocketVideo - Video Editor

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  • Current Version: 2.8
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Pocket Supernova, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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PocketVideo - Video Editor App

PocketVideo is the most powerful video editing app specifically designed for iPhone video creators. If you want to create compelling and professional looking Youtube Vlogs, Snapchat Memories, Instagram Stories, Facebook Videos and more, then this is your app! With PocketVideo you can create, shoot and edit your videos easily. Main Features: ● Edit up to 10 minutes of HD video, perfect for your Youtube Vlog, Instagram or Snapchat. We support any kind of video format: Horizontal (Landscape), Vertical (Portrait) or Square videos. ●All the tools you need: ‣Advanced, desktop-class features like Video Overlaying, Green Screen overlays and Picture in Picture. ‣Animated Doodle Tool to draw on top or your videos, synchronized with the playback. ‣Easy to use, one tap "Reaction Cam" Feature for easy creation of reaction videos. ‣Create overlays with your videos using: Green Screen Videos, Regular Videos, or Any kind of image like GIFs, PNGs and more. ‣Tap and edit user interface: Just tap on any object on the screen and start editing ‣Create Amazing Titles for your Videos with one tap and using our templates including HD quality videos ‣Huge Commercial free Music library for all your video creation needs, including the Youtube Music Library. ‣Create, edit and cut your videos with our powerful precision editing tools. ‣Adjust the duration of clips and re-organize your takes with drag and drop gestures. ‣Mix your audio easily: Adjust the volume of your video, the volume of your voice or the volume of the music. ‣Add filters with one tap: change the look of your vlog easily, add effects individually to your clips and make your vlog look unique. ‣Add animated text titles: Type anything you want, add simple animations with one tap. The best titles you can get for your vlog. Easy and fast! ‣Choose from millions of stickers, GIFs or PNGs: Need some cool / cute or edgy decoration for your video? you can easily find animated graphics from Giphy. ‣Import your own: Have some cool GIFs or transparent PNGs on your phone's camera roll? right on! you can import those and use them in your video. ‣Adjust the duration of text, titles and images, so you can cue in anything at the right time you want. ‣Render in HD quality, and share anywhere you want. You can post directly to your Youtube Channel from PocketVideo or save it to your camera roll.

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PocketVideo - Video Editor app reviews

  • Slow 1/5

    By Imabeliever7
    They app runs the videos 4 frames...
  • PocketVideo - The Thing You WISH Would Suit Your Needs 2/5

    By SimplySpurky
    I used to use iMovie to edit my videos for school. Then I needed something with chroma key capabilities. I chose pocketvideo because it could do just that, problem is, you can’t spread a video sticker to two pictures. With that in mind, the video itself is cut because of it.
  • ugh 2/5

    By theKawaiiSquish
    “Really glitchy and won't let you save most videos . But it's a really cool editing app.” I actually wrote that review but never posted it awhile ago. But now it won’t even allow me to put videos in to edit! I’ve done all the new updates, but it is all just blank. When I still could edit videos, the features were really cool. But it just doesn’t work.
  • fix it 2/5

    By nijacc
    its an ok app. like it but text doesn't work no matter how many time you double tap!!!
  • It Works I guess 3/5

    By The Golrm
    Works ok I guess kinda slow crashes a lot other that I guess it works ok
  • Wow! 4/5

    By Tiko2009
    I like this app a lot there’s just one thing I don’t like about it. It’s that you can only record for 10 minutes that’s the only problem (which is why it’s a four star) but yaaaa I record my vids there so go check out my channel Tigrans life and tigran playz! Ok thx bye
  • Waste of time 3/5

    By Tigerboyjaycee10101
    So I spend 3 hours straight, editing a video It says downloaded.. I check my yt page... Oh won’t you look at that it’s not there... YouTube.com/Bytah I edit every single video using this app and each video is either delayed or by sound or just classic PocketVideo style editing (a.k.a. Horrible)
  • 👎🏾 2/5

    By jdodjdodjdi
    This app is trash it keeps putting the same video starting from the beginning instead of playing the whole thing
  • Kick outs/ sounds 4/5

    By #fixthekicks
    It always kicks my out and it’s so freaking annoying. When I try to go back on it, it doesn’t save to where I can re-edit my edit😂but anyways that is the only problem is that it kicks me out. Oh and it doesn’t play the songs all the way through😔
  • ? 2/5

    By bloxy city
    Why won’t it Let me download the app from the App Store?

    By Andre.r05
    I love this app so much I jist started yt and it helped me make the best intro and outro ever
  • So frustrating 1/5

    By poopa doopa
    When I try to write text it says “double tap, or double click” and every time I double click it’s 1-5 times it would actually work. The saves are fine for me but this app is so frustrating.
  • Downloading Assets 3/5

    By Na'Shia
    I give this app 3/5 because every time you open the app it always says “Downloading Assets: be patient, it may take a while”. I don’t understand why we have to wait for PocketVideo to download when we already have it downloaded on our phones. Another reason why I give this 3/5 is because of the “It will only happen once” excuse never happens once. Please fix the Downloading Assets because it makes me upset.
  • Help!!!! 1/5

    By kehem
    It been is stuck on downloading assets screen for 4 months now!!! Please help!
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By cycgyvugyvibbhhnuygn
    Ok It’s good but not great. I only use it for the green screen so if you need one use this. But if you use the stickers ohhhh your wig SISTER SNATCHED. Like girl I hope you ok. From, Your Not Your Friend
  • Constant crashing 1/5

    By Kalona18
    I had to remake the same short text based video twice but when I go to save it, the app will crash. And when I try opening the project I want to save, it crashes each time
  • Dont see the point anymore 1/5

    By ILoveCatsDogs12314
    This app was so good until.....never I guess. It was glitching really badly, the app crashes and I have to start my projects all over, and whenever I put a video from youtube it says Unsupported Video Format. Also, things get out of hand and it takes to long to load. The app always restarts when I get on it and that takes like two hours to finish. It was good until this started happening.
  • Glitch 3/5

    By hibotch
    It’s still very glitchy even with the update it kicks me out a lot and my internet is fine so I know it’s not that xoxo
  • Can’t save. 2/5

    By Aliyah Nicole
    Very frustrating. When I try to save it saves a blank video. All that work just to not be able to save it, very frustrating! There are no updates available so that won’t help me 👍🏼 also my videos glitch ALOT. IF it worked properly this would be an amazing app. I wish I could give it 5 stars
  • 😪 why tho? 3/5

    By 🏁⛓🔪
    Why the heck does it take a whole year for it to load assets... like for real it says that it would only happens once but it happens more than once. Please fix this
  • Doesn’t deserve 1 star! 1/5

    By Tinkerbelle rocks
    I made a video for school using the app when I went to click on it to save the video to my camera roll it would stop loading. I felt it over night and it did nothing! It is all ways crashing and load what a waste of time
  • Don’t Get😵😵 1/5

    By slither pro4356
    The app wouldn’t stop glitching to to long to load didn’t let me do certain things and took half an hour to download.
  • It’s Okay 3/5

    By cody200516
    So basically when I downloaded and started editing, it was fine. But then I started to upload and the app crashed, plus my video got deleted...
  • It’s good 5/5

    By Shy Shy the baby
    I like it, it helps me with my YouTube videos because I’m a Gacha Tuber....but I just wish you could green screen pictures but since I can’t I have to take a picture then screen record it then green screen it and I have to make videos...so I have to do that A LOTTTTTT
  • Great but one issue... 3/5

    By Another fellow gamer
    I love this app for editing my YouTube videos but there’s just one problem... after a couple of weeks of using it, crashes when I select something like a trasisson or title, I hate this glitch because when it crashes it deletes everything I’ve put on the file I was working on please fix. Disclaimer: I’ve found that if I just delete and redownload the app the problems will go away for awhile... and then I have to delete and reinstall again... please fix this it’s such a hassle! Thx!!! :)
  • Ugghhh 3/5

    By mrojas17
    Ok love this app a lot but it continues to not let me back into my videos and kicks me out of the app!!!!!!! Please fix this or create an update that fixes bugs!
  • Help? 3/5

    By aunt kirsteb
    Does anyone else have trouble picking your own music? Like I have Apple Music and it won’t let me use it :(
  • Easy 3/5

    By jkmhjjjj
    This app is very easy to use but I’m only giving it three because you can only have a ten min long video 🙄 but besides that it’s nice
  • Pretty good app 3/5

    By funny mommy of 4
    This app is really fun! I definitely recommend but when I was trying to save something after doing a lot of progress, it shut off my phone. It kept my work, but I needed to try a few times to make it save. Other than that I think that it is a really helpful app. I don’t remember if it does or not, but I’m just going to recommend that there should be a tutorial on how to use it once you open the app because I had to look up how to use it so it delayed me from doing what I had to do quicker. Again I think this is a very good app but it needs some work.
  • Glitches 1/5

    By Sixfoot2
    This app glitches way to much
  • Losing Data 4/5

    By laavram
    PocketVideo didn’t work for me. Making videos for my channel wasted up data. Is it possible to add more data? Thanks.
  • It won’t save 1/5

    By Reviewer.exe.pp.exe
    I give this app a 1 star because when I green screened a vide and exported it it was a still I’m game.FIX YOUR APP
  • Omg 5/5

    By meyaono
    I love it it’s amazing god job
  • PocketVideo 1/5

    By mike_6443
    Can’t even go to old videos
  • GARBAGE 1/5

    By Knair015
    This app does not work. I tried to make a reaction video with it and it does not work. I keep wasting space on such terrible apps like this I hope other people don’t think this will actually edit there videos
  • Video star app review. 5/5

    By machiella
    app 5 stars cuz they do try to make this app pretty good and not get hate and stuff that’s why I’m giving this app a 5 stars and because this app is good for editing videos, vlogs, reaction videos, and more. There’s some problems but I’ll let it slide. Cuz I don’t want this app to have bad reviews and be the worst app, but I really recommend this app if your a first timer at making YouTube videos. Hope you guys like this app and make sure to not be negative and mean to these people cuz they try not to make problems happen or something like that. Hope you have a great day every day. 😁
  • The best 5/5

    By The Will-ster
    Best video edit app I have ever used
  • Can’t save my edits . 1/5

    By Upset musical.ly user!😢
    Honestly I used to love editing my videos and stuff on this app but now I don’t . Every time I go to save my videos or edit them, the app buffers and kicks me out of that app . I think I’m going to delete this app for a while since it doesn’t work how it usually did .
  • I was in love with it until... 2/5

    By Momo the Mankey
    My main complaint is that when downloading the video to your camera roll, it only saves as a two second video in my experience. I was so sad to see this after the app worked very well for me 🥺
  • Annoying! 3/5

    By billyoofboboifsharleenooof
    I really like to use this app but every single time I try to save the video I make my whole phone screen turns black and take me to my home screen of my phone! Also for the layouts that can have texts in them, the always disappear and leave me with that ugly Ariel font on my video! Please fix this it’s annoying!!!

    By NJHawkins
    It crashes literally every 5-7 min. And it’s annoying to have to watch an Apple Music ad each time you save something
  • “Downloading assets” 2/5

    By BridgerB
    I logged out of pocket video after it wouldn’t let me import a video, and I came back in to the message, “Downloading assets.” And the bar won’t move.
  • Text bubble doesn’t work 4/5

    By JustAFriendlyComment
    I love the app! But the text bubble does not work for some reason. Hope you can fix it, and if it is just me who has this problem, please lmk!!! Thanks!!
  • Ok app 3/5

    By Kaitlyn.Kopp
    This app has amazing potential and great idea. It’s everything I would want in an editing app. The problems I have and I don’t know if it’s just the device but when I put text and a font it only works for the that time while I have hw app open. If I close the app when I go back to rewatch the video words are missing and the text is in its regular font. If you fix these bugs I bet this app will be AMAZING because it’s everything I want and I love the app, it just needs some fixes.
  • Seems good but... 2/5

    By justyce_eden
    It’s not easy to make a reaction video especially when it puts you on a screen that doesn’t do anything. I really wish I didn’t have to deal with these problems!
  • why... 1/5

    By why...🖕🏻
    I was using it to edit my vlog but the video wouldn’t load and it just had such poor quality
  • Review 1/5

    By jdmfnfndjjd
    I really had a hard time with this when I tried to put a photo from my camera roll there they only showed my videos but I wanted a picture really glitchy and hard to use
  • Won’t let me access my video!:( 2/5

    By m_ana_li
    Okay so I love this app and I can easily edit and make it look decent, but it won’t let me access larger videos when I save them and want to come back to them later. It’ll just give me the loading icon for about 6 minutes and then will glitch and the screen goes black, followed by it just bringing me back to the home screen. This is really annoying because I worked really hard on one of the videos and had a few more things I wanted to add, and now I can’t access it at all :(. I also have a ton of storage left so I know that’s not the problem.
  • Was ok at the beginning 1/5

    By bjsoshnsusi
    When I first got this app it was pretty cool, but then it took a big hit. Every time I close out the app when I stop my video it changes some things and I have to start all over again!Another thin is that it constantly keeps glitching me out of the app.At first I thought it was my phone being stupid, but it just kept happening.Its pretty annoying and I deleted this app because it wouldn’t stop.So I recommend people to not get this app.Maybe once they fix these annoying problems.Im not being a hater it’s just true facts and I’m pretty sure people don’t want to redo there whole video over and over again and keep getting glitched out the app.Please fix these problems!!!

PocketVideo - Video Editor app comments

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