Himalaya: Podcast Streaming

Himalaya: Podcast Streaming

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  • Current Version: 2.3.25
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Himalaya Media Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Himalaya: Podcast Streaming App

Find your favorite podcasts by browsing through over 24 million podcast episodes, radio and audio content across 30 categories with this free podcast player app. - What people are saying - “Best podcast app out there. Excellent features and friendly interface.” “I am listening to podcasts as I wean myself off the need to be entertained to fall asleep. I love that I can get rid of the blue light and have a dark sleeping space and still hear episodes.” “I love this app and use it every day. Has a huge variety of everything. Am so glad I found Himalaya! Thank you, you're awesome!” Discover your next favorite podcasts from our featured podcasts: Dr Phil podcast, Joe Rogan podcast, NPR podcasts, Serial podcast, 8tracks L.A Times The Rachel Maddow Show Wondery The New York Times Dirty John Bag Man Dr. Death The Daily podcast BBC podcasts And many more comedy podcasts, educational podcasts, political podcasts and other famous podcasts! You can also listen to podcasts, radio, and audio books on our website player: www.himalaya.com - Why you need Himalaya podcast app - Stay connected - stream all your favorite podcasts into one app. Stay informed - stay up to date on the top podcasts for shows, news, music, audiobook and radio. Stay entertained - listen to millions of popular podcasts. Even listen until you fall asleep with our podcast sleep timer feature. - How to stream and discover podcasts on Himalaya - • Listen with just one tap! Free podcast player perfect for your commute, workout, chores, lunch break and more. • Play podcasts while you fall asleep. Set a timer and listen as you doze off. • Create playlists and share your favorite podcasts with friends and family on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Messenger, Line, Email & more. • Free podcast maker. Dive into the world of podcasting yourself! Aspiring podcasters can create podcasts and share with the world! Visit himalaya.fm himalaya.com for details. - Features - • High quality audio with no banner ads. • Personalized homepage with latest episodes of all your favorite podcasts. • Customizable playlist cover image. • Easily discover new shows, episodes and radio. • Browse by categories, featured, top chart and listening history. • Follow your favorite playlists. • Search for episodes and shows in English, Chinese & Japanese. • Keep all your favorite podcasts in one app with the import from Google podcast, Castbox, iHeartradio, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Podbean, Podcast addict, Spotify, Stitcher, the Podcast app, Tunein, and apple podcast app! Discover your next favorite podcast with expert podcast recommendations based on your usage. Stream podcasts or download episodes for free so you can listen to the latest podcasts offline at your convenience. 500,000 podcast shows 40 million episodes Tell us why you love Himalaya! [email protected]

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Himalaya: Podcast Streaming app reviews

  • New update issues 3/5

    By ardegael
    This app was great & my chosen podcast app (I listen to a LOT): simple, clean, has everything available, ability to make playlists (which means u can follow podcasts without getting spoilers from most recent episodes downloading). However ever since the most recent update a couple weeks ago I’ve been having lots of streaming playback issues, podcast often starting from the beginning after crash, and more importantly— the audio shuts off whenever my iPhone goes to sleep, which renders this unusable, unless u happen to be on your phone doing other things while listening. It works in lock mode but not when the screen goes black to sleep. Really annoying & impossible for battery life when traveling. I could not find settings anywhere to do anything abt this & wasn’t previously an issue that I noticed. Was working flawlessly before. Will update my review back to 5 stars when this gets addressed- hope it does soon & I don’t have to download a new app, for now reverting to the dreaded apple podcast app!
  • Please make playlists easier 5/5

    By ChristinaScalera
    Great app, but it’s super annoying trying to add shows to playlists. They start playing more often than not, when I’m already listening to a show. I like this setup better than iTunes, and this seems to be the only thing I’d change.
  • Great app, better than Patreon for podcasts 5/5

    By Some author somewhere
    Play is quick and smooth, unlike Patreon where it takes forever or just doesn’t load in at all. One concern I have found however is in external rss links, once your phone is locked and the screen is off the sound immediately shuts off. Once the screen lights up the opposite happens. Please fix background play on custom RSS feeds, would be greatly appreciated! Otherwise 5 stars!
  • Great Concept, Incredibly Buggy. 2/5

    By HaroldSax
    The app has a great UI, cool discovery features, and when it works it’s great. Problem is that it doesn’t work more often than it works. Randomly losing place, resuming playback at the wrong times, if you stop a podcast and start another one it’ll start at that time instead of the beginning, and played episodes will show up out of order. Once those are all addressed, I will probably switch to using Himalaya full time. Until then it’s a strong not recommend.
  • oh, how i want to love himalaya! 4/5

    By badktty
    ...but the bugs are driving me absolutely insane! i’ve been trying to listen to a podcast episode for the past hour...and i’m having to restart it every few minutes, because it keeps randomly stopping. 😢 aside from that, himalaya is awesome! it’s user-friendly and i love how appropriate the recommendations are! the only other thing i would ask for would be a queuing option, so that i could listen to the episodes i want without manually having to go and play each one when the previous one ends. (like the “play next”, “play later” option that apple podcasts has.)
  • Great App needs some improvements 3/5

    By Jansport83
    Improvements needed: 1. Car play app 2. Sometimes when I pause a show it doesn’t hold my place. This happens both with downloaded and not downloaded shows 3. Need to way to Mark all shows as played when making the switch from a previous podcatcher 4. On the time scale I’d like to see it in hours and minutes, not just minutes. I’d also like to see the right side count down with the progression of the app. If it weren’t for the above issues I’d give it five stars.
  • Great App 5/5

    By MemphisMartinTheMason
    Crime Junkie is my favorite podcast. I recommend it to everyone
  • New platform 5/5

    By rjbenn
    I love the ease of the Himalaya app.
  • I really want to love this app... 1/5

    By KetoforLIFE
    I love the appearance and the set up but I’m having so much difficulty with the fact that the sleep timer even when I double check, and it’s running, does not shut off and episodes continue to play throughout the night keeping me from really sleeping. I also don’t like that it doesn’t hold my place if I have to shut it off I have to go back and find where I was. I also in certain podcast I’ve noticed that they’re not numbered so if I hear about one through Facebook or from an email I can’t look it up because the episodes are not numbered. I really wanted to love this app but it’s much more difficult than the current one I am using.
  • Why?!?!?! 1/5

    By Dsbollman
    I would rate this much much higher, but the episodes run in reverse order!!! If I’m listening to multiple episodes, I can’t go from part 1 to part 2 without physically selecting...why? Makes absolutely no sense!
  • Great app!!! 5/5

    By samuel7832_k
    Himalaya is a great podcast app the has lots of different types and Shows that are chosen for you!
  • I want to love it but... 3/5

    By maxNcheese.jpg
    The app updated and my podcasts wouldn’t play with my phone locked. They would either glitch out or just pause. Then the app was updated again and I can play podcasts with my phone locked now...but the sleep timer doesn’t work. I have set it. Double and triple checked and I wake up to have “listened” to 10 or more episodes while I was sleeping. Now I have no idea what I have or haven’t listened to. I do love the UI on this app, it’s beautiful and keeps pulling me back but every time a new fault comes up I find myself downloading stitcher again.
  • Bugs Make it Horrible 1/5

    By Who cares 0998
    How many times does a podcast have to randomly stop playing only to start from the very beginning when it resumes until this is fixed? The app has been doing this for months despite tech support putting out “bug fixes.”
  • 希望关注的频道可以分组查看。 5/5

    By WhereIsAo
    或者关注的可以手动排序…( ̄∇ ̄)不然关注新的把旧的顶下去了。
  • Like the app 4/5

    By Mr Ken 7G
    I have used podcast for years. I have used the Apple app, Downcast, Overcast and others. Of all the apps I’ve used this app has the best design I’ve seen. Because of this I’ve quit using the other podcast apps. The problem I have with the app tho is that when I’m not connected to WiFi and I have the phone locked and the screen goes black, the podcast stops playing. I updated the app a couple weeks ago and the issue stopped but today it returned. If it wasn’t for this issue I would rate the app a 5.
  • Love it! One problem... 4/5

    By Manusandoval
    I love the app. The play-listing feature is awesome and beyond that it works as my standard podcast app should. The only thing is that lately when my phone locks, it stops playing the podcast. This doesn’t happen with any other app, and I couldn’t find anything in the settings. Happy to change my review if this gets fixed!
  • Lots of glitches 3/5

    By Lilrapha
    Podcast will start in the middle and randomly jump around while playing
  • The app pauses the podcast when the screen turns off 1/5

    By MEJA_
    The latest update of the app pauses the podcast when the screen turns off … which makes it worthless. So I’m supposed to leave the phone screen on all the time?
  • New update is killing me 4/5

    By Jmoney14770
    Whenever the screen locks it pauses the podcast. Hasn’t been an issue before the latest update. Need an update ASAP
  • Keeps losing my place, clunky interface 2/5

    By StellaCat
    I open a podcast I haven’t touched and it starts 10 minutes in. I open one I started, and it’s back at the beginning. Also, half the time I try to hit the “details” icon, the podcast starts playing.
  • Good app 3/5

    By kokoronotomodachi
    1. Could you add speed change selection? 2. Internet access is always unstable. 3. Could you improve the recommendations?
  • A Few Suggestions... 4/5

    By Agatha H.
    I like this app well enough, but there is one feature I would love to see implemented that would make it easier to use. It would be nice to set up a temporary queue that would delete itself when I reach the end or something like that. It’s bothersome to have to pre make a list and then go back and delete it when I’m done listening to it. It would also be nice to add a show after the one I’m listening to just in case I find something I want to listen to right away rather than wait until the end of my playlist to hear it. I listen to my shows while I work and sometimes I don’t have time to move things around in my list. I hope this made sense... but I do love the app and how it treats my favorite podcasters. Keep up the good work!
  • Quality app 5/5

    By AlexanderJG
    Nice to have all my podcasts in the same place. Literally every podcast I have seen is on here.
  • A great app, but needs some refining 4/5

    By JayPeeeee!
    This app is great and far superior to the Apple podcast app I’ve been using for so long. It’s amazingly easy to get around, easy to find the podcast you’re looking for in you library, and it’s designed really well. I also really love that I get better recommendations from this app than on Apple podcast. I always see the same shows on Apple and nothing new. But this app isn’t without its bugs. The thing that annoys me the most is that it always starts playing what you’re listening to when you open the app which means you’ll be at work, unlock your phone, go to the app to search for a new show and as soon as it opens it starts playing a podcast for all to hear. It’s not too bad when your alone but it always happens to me public. Also when I pick an episode to listen to it will either play another episode that I didn’t choose or will start playing the episode at a random point so you have to start it from the beginning. Also I’ll be half way through a podcast, stop to listen to something else, and then come back to it it won’t remember where I was. It just plays it from the beginning again and I have to find where I was. Other than a few performance bugs I really love this app. I just want the developers to have a new update to fix them. Then they’d easily have a 5 star from me.
  • Opportunity 5/5

    By bjamesonair
    This app is ripe with opportunity. To learn, grow, elevate, get inspired, entertained, and be challenged. I’ve never taken the time to write an app review. I’m doing so now because someone needs to hear something that’s waiting for them somewhere among the peaks and valleys of Himalaya. May you find what you may not even know you have been searching for all along. Be enriched. Be encouraged. Happy hunting.
  • Love the layout but a few bugs and suggestions 4/5

    By bigdaddyryz
    I started using the Himalaya app last week and I love the layout. Very clean and easy to navigate! However, episodes will occasionally start in the middle even though it is my first time playing them. This is frustrating! I also would appreciate an easy way to queue podcasts that I intend to listen to next. I cannot find that function within the app if it exists. Overall, a good start but needs some work! Thanks for the app. I look forward to seeing it evolve and grow.
  • New episodes not starting at beginning? 3/5

    By justwanrtolisten
    I really just want a reliable and easily integrated podcast app, this one comes close but a few things are killing it for me: 1. Can’t use with Sonos (at least with what I have now) 2. New episodes commonly start inconsistently somewhere in the middle of the show
  • Love the playlist feature 5/5

    By Ilovecomics77
    Cool app. Easy to use and has a cool playlist feature that apple doesnt have. Def worth checking out.
  • CarPlay? 5/5

    By Greenpig70
    Upgrade for CarPlay!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By ElderStu7
    I have tried many but this is the best in looks and functions.
  • Goon nan love it bra 5/5

    By BarnabyA
    🙏🐱🙏 love
  • User friendly but buggy 3/5

    By Lite Junkie
    More of a community than Apple podcast app, more informational, easier to explore. Great recommendations. Only problems: one of the podcasts I listen to stops halfway 100% of the time, and the sleep timer, no matter how many times I set it for “when current episode ends,” defaults to “off.” Been woken up every night after falling asleep to a podcast, because it’s been going and going, episode after episode. On the plus side: weird dreams.
  • Comprehensive Podcast App 5/5

    By Sleepeyone
    This app has everything I look for! Plus the ability to support creators right through the app is a nice touch!
  • Please 3/5

    By Daniel Casey Hopkins
    Move the “download” button away from the “play” button or make it larger. It takes 3 tries to download an episode because it keeps playing the episode.
  • Portrait mode only... 2/5

    By Thlrlgrp
    Why would you design an app for an iPad in portrait mode only? Great looking UI, nice design, totally useless to me.
  • Much better than apple podcasts!!! 5/5

    By Wendigohunter
    Has a Patreon like feature, that allows you through the app to be able to get bonus content through select podcasts, would love to see this encompass more podcasts. I currently support obscuria. Really happy I switched over from apple.
  • My Fav Podcast App! 4/5

    By Love it dearly
    Literally the best podcast app I’ve ever used. Some weird bugs occur now and then. New episodes I’ve never listened to will start at the end and hitting play outside of the app (like while my phone is locked or from swiping up) will not actually play unless I pause and play again. Other than that, the best UI I’ve ever seen, fantastic recommendations off what you listen to, and every podcast I could ever want ❣️
  • Needs work, but great possibilities. Still missing important things. 3/5

    By brierrabbit3030
    Appearance is nice, but still lacks individual podcast rss. Won't be a serious podcast app, until this is fixed. Also while it has ompl import, it misses some podcasts during importing them. But you can’t copy an rss address and paste it to add it to too shows. Too many developers have to reinvent the wheel, all podcast apps should have certain basic things. Pasting RSS feeds is one of them. this apps appearance is very nice though.
  • It works but doesn’t 2/5

    By PatrickRobinson
    This app doesn’t help much in sorting through thousands of choices but worse simply does not work when attempting to share with friends. Epic fail. Not recommended. Back to tune in.
  • it’s hard to find“when current episode ends”. 1/5

    By Just just so
    it’s hard to find“when current episode ends”.
  • No way to use custom feed links 3/5

    By ryan.l.bell
    Would like the app a lot more, but can’t listen to my patreon feeds on it.
  • Almost perfect 3/5

    By Danger Granger78
    I love this app. I really don’t like Apple’s app and made the switch. Unfortunately I can’t control it on my lockscreen or control center making my controls on my AirPods useless. I had to switch back to Apple’s app. Once this is fixed, I’ll make the permanent switch and look into the premium options. My device is a 7+
  • Review 3/5

    By _G-NoIS
    I’m happy with the setup of the app but I’m going back to my Apple Podcast for the reason of it working in my vehicles. There app will display and play via Apple CarPlay. Maybe it’s something your working on. But if not, I would recommend it. I listen to 90% of my podcast via the car radio.
  • Almost perfect! Needs Apple car! 4/5

    By Disneygirl_24
    This is an amazing BUT I wish they would move ASAP on getting it to work with Applecar so it’s safer for me to use in the car without touching my phone
  • Add me on tiktok at EDITS__loveedits 5/5

    By well my name is joshy boiiiii
    Himalaya os the best app everyone should use it.❤️❤️💕
  • Switching to another app 2/5

    By jpw207
    I really want to like this app as the interface is really sleek and I like the suggestions. But I can’t get it to work with my Airpods - the double tap doesn’t pause it and I have to open the app to start playback instead of resuming playback once I put the Airpods in. Perhaps the most annoying feature is that any time I play an episode it jumps to the middle of the episode and never starts from the beginning. All and all it’s a hassle and the attractiveness of the app just isn’t worth it.
  • Great 5/5

    By Yourfand001
    Clear design, better experience than Apple Podcast
  • I really want to like this app 3/5

    By Buttergun
    ...but I keep going back to stitcher because there are some basic features that seem to be missing from Himalayas (or I'm just not finding them or setting it up correctly?): 1. What's the point of creating playlists if you have to create new lists or edit existing ones to get new episodes? Maybe I'm not doing something right but all of my stitcher playlists automatically update, downloading new episodes the moment they're released. 2. I have my Himalaya app set to automatically download new episodes of the shows I'm following but it never does (and I don't need the past 3 episodes. Just the most recent). 3. Maybe my fingertips are too big but it always takes me several attempts to actually hit the "download" symbol because much of the time it just starts playing the show instead. I have to very careful touch the icon for it to work. I REALLY want to like this app. I like being able to more directly give support for my favorite shows, but if it takes me 30 minutes every morning just to set things up, manually download shows, edit playlists, I'm going to have to stay with Stitcher. 😕
  • Nearly Perfect 3/5

    By KayakBliss
    Only two complaints: it doesn’t stop a podcast when I start audio on another app (Bound audiobooks) and it takes a bit to load.

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