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  • Current Version: 8.5.1
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  • Developer: Guru Network Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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The Podcast Player App

The best podcast app & podcast player to find, save, download, and listen to your favorite podcasts, FM, radio, and audiobooks. 【New Feature】Join the millions experiencing better bedtime, lower stress, and less anxiety with Zen mode on Castbox! Access over 95 million audio content including podcasts, audiobooks, FM radio and more in 27 different countries on iPhone and Apple Watch. Discover popular podcasts on various topics including: - TV Series podcasts: Binge Mode: Game of Thrones, Game of Thrones The Podcast, History of Westeros (Game of Thrones), Game of Thrones LIVE; - News & Politics podcasts: CNN 10, NPR News Now, Fox News Radio Newscast, The Overcast by The Seattle Times; - Music-related podcasts: Dissect from Cole Cuchna & Spotify Studios, Defected Radio, Capital FM; - Games & Hobbies podcasts: Wolverine: The Lost Trail from Stitcher; - Sports podcasts: The Ringer MLB Show, MLB Network, The Chicago Audible; - Technology podcasts: The Overcast Podcast, This Week in Google, Google Cloud Platform Podcasts; - Talk Shows: Sincerely, X from TED and Audible, By The Book from Stitcher, Luminary from - Business podcast:s Youpreneur FM Podcast; - Sleep: Sleep With Me, Guided Sleep Meditations, Sleep and Relax ASMR Super intuitive and easy-to-use podcast app & podcast player for iPhone with: - Personalized podcast recommendations according to your podcast list - A powerful search engine that allows you to find your favorite podcasts effortlessly - Smooth streaming and downloading of podcasts, radio, FM, and audiobooks - Smart speakers supported, including Apple HomePod, Amazon Alexa - Fully support cross-device syncing for iPhone/Apple Watch/Google Devices - Daily top podcasts list - One-click subscription and never miss an episode for every podcast - Sleep timer to fall asleep soundly - Adjust playback speed during the podcast to accommodate your listening habits - Volume Boost - Trim Silence - CarPlay Support - Podcast Community - Livecast: live audio streaming service - Import your favorite podcasts with OPML from Google podcast, Overcast, iHeartradio, Pocket Casts, Podbean, Podcast Addict, Spotify, Stitcher, the Podcast app, Tunein, and apple podcast app! Privacy policy: Terms of use: Love Castbox? Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

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The Podcast Player app reviews

  • Greatful 5/5

  • Bruhhh 3/5

    By chiefSosai
    It’s a pretty great podcast app but the auto download had me heated. Why is it a default to automatically download 13 episodes for each podcast someone is subscribed to? It would be fine if they listened to 1 podcast but when theres multiple it’s ridiculous.
  • My go to pod catcher, but.... 4/5

    By real_edu88le
    it frequently crashes, like literally at least twice per day. It’s been doing this for about the past year. I’ve been a user since beta, so the positives obviously still outweigh the negatives, but it’s extremely annoying. I hope this is fixed with the recent update.
  • Not At All Intuitive 3/5

    By Terry & Sara
    Can I not add podcasts to a playlist or favorites? Luckily I can add specific episodes to a playlist, but it would be great if I could add a podcast instead of waiting for new episodes each day.
  • Bigmouth 5/5

    By bigdriftless
    Great pidcsst
  • Great app!! 5/5

    By AJ Pier
    Truly great podcast app. Only thing that would make it perfect is if there was a way to turn auto play off. When a podcast ends, it automatically plays the next👎
  • Crashbox 1/5

    By Zenman!
    I’m a Premium subscriber and on my iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 13.1.2, it’s crashing almost every time I try to use it. Will update my review if they fix the bug in a timely manner so I can use the app before I have to search for a podcast app that actually lets me listen to podcasts.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By RavanSll
    This is my most used app on my iPhone
  • Absolute best podcast app! 5/5

    By Pizookie Queen
    It’s just perfect. Download it now.
  • Very Good Player 3/5

    By mdm100
    My only gripe is cleaning up old episodes. Please make more obvious.
  • My fav app 5/5

    By GreyWitchStudio
    I love this app!!! Use it everyday while I'm working!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Better than most 4/5

    By 2.13.17
    Easy to learn and use. Many choices available for sorting and filtering. One complaint: the app “seizes” and quits on my iPhone after a couple of hours. Just close and reopen fixes it
  • Doors for healing& deliverance/souls winning souls ministry 5/5

    By trotterthecreditprincess
    Tedline Erica Joseph Shepherd is a beautiful woman of goduI love her so much she has aught me and my sister a lot but I want too you thank god for the gifts s that god has given me to be able too Prophesies and be able too tell the Difference between the Holy Spirit & the evil spirit amen ! Joyce Vandiver trotter
  • I love this app. 5/5

    By Raincloudd123
    New I
  • Good, but not great 3/5

    By Chris R!
    A podcast app’s only job is to be a good and reliable media player. Most of the time, the app works great. But far too often, the app exits when I have it playing in the background and buffers more than usual (my Internet connection is fine, it is only while using the app that I experience issues). It makes the app pretty unreliable sometimes. In addition, I find that the queue of episodes is not very user-friendly. I have been listening to the same podcast in reverse order and I find that if I listen all the way through Episode 112, for example, the queue will play Episode 455 afterwards instead of continuing down the list. Overall, however, the app works well enough that I still use it to listen to certain podcasts.
  • This is definitely “the one” 5/5

    By Mo Please
    I have tried others, but, always come back! it’s easy to navigate compared to Apples that is frustratingly difficult, I have been on this one so long I can’t even remember the names of others I tried and quickly deleted. Thank you Castbox !!
  • Crash on launch 1/5

    By kfoxco
    Very unstable and consistently crashes during or shortly after launch. Disappointed as there does not appear to be any solution. I’m on an iPhone 11 Pro
  • Good app 5/5

    By Cr7 ali
    Good app❤️
  • Only podcast app I use 5/5

    By Bwtowne
  • Good, but still missing a key feature. 3/5

    By JaycesWild
    NEED an option to add single episodes to the “next up” queue. Maybe the add to playlist button can also give the option to add to Next Up. Also, I’m not a huge fan of the Next Up queue automatically adding every single episode of a podcast when I pick a single episode to play. Or maybe at least add a “clear all” button. As someone who uses Next Up way more than playlists, and likes to add/remove single episodes from many podcasts, I’d love to see this added in an update. Pocket Casts does this really well which is why it’s my main player right now, but I’m willing to switch if you guys can add it!
  • Hard to use with lots of subscriptions 3/5

    By Wschanks
    I see no way to show all episodes that are unplayed. The new episodes filter won’t show unplayed which in my mind are new.
  • I love this app 4/5

    By mrdlidvnci
    I’m stop listening to music when I run because this app is sooo good
  • Love the show very real time informative. 5/5

    By clear12
    The one to listen to and follow current updates and strengthen encouragement when needed.
  • Niarhairston 5/5

    By Niarhairston
  • Garbage 1/5

    By tsmurfo
    Absolute garbage Says I’ve downloaded a podcast and then once you lose network connection it stops The worst
  • Almost unbearably glitchy 2/5

    By Adudeyaknow
    Repeats same played episode so I have to forward to the end to have it marked played and the next episode queued. Everything else is fine.
  • Save problem 2/5

    By mmmnannanhaban
    App have so much problem to saving
  • Best Podcast App 5/5

    By Roobadenov
    I’ve been using this app for free for a while now. I would GLADLY pay for it. It’s the best. THE BEST!
  • I used to love this app - not any more :( 2/5

    By BigBen808
    This app was great. Performed much better than the Apple solution. However now the ads are going crazy. Often times the ad color matches the color of the back link (white), A button for Waze integration constantly pops up. You must close it first before you can access a menu. Also the ad quality is questionable. I don’t want to play a slot machine app.
  • Mmm, My Favorite (request for dev.) 4/5

    By Gurt McDirt
    I’ve been using this app for about a year now after being frustrated with Apple’s version. I wanted something that looked a little sleeker and still functioned professionally. There have been several key updates since I started and now I keep this at the forefront while Apple’s has been lost to the sea of Apple apps I never use. Much better production and the darker interface is so much more appealing. Easy to sort your subscribed casts, multiple options for displaying your library, picks up the last episode you were listening to at the correct time upon reopening. Personal favorite. I really appreciate how tuned in to the community these devs are. They’re constantly fixing, updating, and adding things commented on. One request I have is if we can add a blocker to commenters. Not completely necessary, but I notice a couple frequent commenters on podcasts I regularly listen to that just really bug me. I’d love the option to mute their comments from my feed via blocking their handle. Still waiting for some solution to the toilet bowl every comment section has become.. I like using it for the odd legit convo with another poster but then the entire post is bombarded with off topic harassment and the report option doesn’t seem to address anything. At least I can meditate on it, I guess. 😉
  • Unusable now 1/5

    By Stu7901
    App has become unusable in the past week. As in won’t even display episodes anymore. Comments , details and everything else shows up fine but zero episodes. Unsubscribed from premium and back to apple podcast player.
  • ALEX JONES 5/5

    By senseofmillions
    You kept Alex. Thank you patriots
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By shotsie610
    Difficult to navigate.
  • Great app until 2/5

    By SuziSeason
    Update : Resolved. When I downloaded castbox, I signed in with my Google account. I removed castbox acess to Google and set up a new account with email. At the present time, this appears to be the answer to my problem. I'm happy again. Original post. I've spent a lot of travel time with this app and I love it. However, it's crashing over and over, just refuses to open completely. Any fixes out there? The app has been down for weeks. I’ve tried all I know to do.
  • Used to love it... 2/5

    By Mere2368
    I used to love this app. So much I upgraded to the premium version. But now, it skips, spoils, and crashes ALL THE TIME. I am constantly having to go listen to my podcasts on other apps now. I love the organization of this app, but I just can not handle the playback issues anymore. 😔
  • Very good.thanks 5/5

    By mrtt1352
  • Don’t even try to go premium 1/5

    By Apple fcu
    Liked it so I decided to pay for premium first time I try to use PayPal it charge my PayPal but they had stayed there going to try to use Apple store figured I just blow off the PayPal money and the ads are still there now I have two charges and lots and lots of ads don’t bother
  • Something has gone wrong. 2/5

    By Go go potato
    I really liked this app it has a lot of nice features BUT about a week ago it became unusable. It will not play any podcast for more than 10 seconds without cutting out. I don’t know what happened but it is very annoying. I thought it was my device at first but i tried it on another device and it still doesn’t work. I downloaded google podcasts and that works fine so it seems to be a problem with castbox.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By harmtoit
    Works well
  • Fixed! Playback settings not sticking after last update 5/5

    By gdahlby
    Playback settings for podcasts, mine set at 1.8x, are not being honored after most recent updates. Something broke. Maybe move playback speed from individual podcast to an ‘all’ podcast setting.
  • Der größte 5/5

    By yobzobbler
    Here's how much I like the app: This review will consist of a complaint, but I'm giving it a well deserved five stars. The complaint: Since the latest update does the app continually suicide mid-playthrough. Playback does not just stop, but the app's presence disappears outright. The rating: I've tried them all. This is the best. The UI is clean, playback options most intuitive, the ads unobtrusive, the search function and system of organization premium. There even exists an unexpected community of commentators. My favorite feature and the only one that exists on this podcast alone is the chronological list view of episodes before and after that which you're listening to. It's a one button push, and allows you to queue up the next episode - especially if you listen to anything that relies on narrative semblance. But please curb the suicidal tendencies of this app. It's not a game breaker yet, but you know you all are capable of better. Thank you!
  • Cast Box 5/5

    By ronald rt
    Cast Box is great!
  • Let the world moves you❤️ 5/5

    By Ararv
    Listen and learn what you need !
  • A recent update made the app a nuisance. 4/5

    By spazision
    Not sure when it started (less than a month ago), the app started to never continue playing episodes in my downloads. The app use to just continue on playing things in order in my downloads. Now it plays an episode, then stops or the sound freezes at the beginning of the next episode. Then if you press pause then play again, it starts playing the latest episode from the podcast, not the downloads. I can no longer just listen for hours on end, one podcast after another. I have to babysit the app between episodes and it’s super annoying. Another thing (this might have just been fixed the other day), when I finish in episode, the next episode would start playing at normal speed even though it said it was set to the 1.3 speed. I would have to toggle the speed to get it to continue playing at the correct 1.3 speed. I wish I could choose the order of the downloads to play in as well.
  • Playlist bug 2/5

    By Arcadia D
    Edit to Devs: What exactly do you want me to screen shot? I’d have to make a video with another phone or something. Also getting annoyed with my playlist just stopping whenever it feels like it. Original: Can we fix this playlist bug? It happens every time I use the playlist. One or two shows in, when it begins to play the third show a loud buzzing noise plays instead. I have to pause it and then hit play again to get it to stop.
  • No complaints. 5/5

    By Drumface_420
    Amazing amazing app... I love this , i use this all day and definitely will be for a while.
  • A great deal 5/5

    By ukfayooyay
    Free! You can hear the Joe Organ Experience (a simple meathead that tries to fit in with smart people) or the king and the sting (with Brendan “the closet case” schaub and Theo van! Great service
  • Crash after crash after crash. 2/5

    By Vlad289
    The app has a good UI and all but it crashes ALL of the time. I haven't had an app crash this much since 2011. And back then it was understandable because developers were actually working out the kinks.
  • Love it 5/5

    By myra ann 😀
    Love this app!

The Podcast Player app comments

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