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Podcoin - Podcasts That Pay App

Podcoin is the podcast player that pays. We have every podcast you could possibly want, and we pay you to listen to each one. It's that simple.  With every podcast to choose from, you can stream or download your favorite episodes, and get paid anytime, anywhere! Podcoin makes it easy to find great podcasts. At heart, we are a social podcasting app. Discover new podcasts based on what podcasts your friends love. Whether your interest is news, true crime, history, philosophy, or comedy, we make it easy to find great podcasts, and we pay you to listen to them. Podcasts are the most powerful storytelling format of our time. Our goal is to increase the time that the world spends listening to stories. That's why we pay you to listen. Our podcasts span every category … BUSINESS and TECHNOLOGY podcasts – Manage your money like Rachel Cruze, learn to start the next unicorn with Masters of Scale, or find out how the world will end with End of the World. EDUCATION podcasts - Top educational podcasts like include TED Talks, Caliphate, Slow Burn, Mythology, and Bag Man help you gain insight in politics, psychology, and history. NEWS podcast - News coverage, from radio sources such as This American Life, BBC, NPR, The Daily, and from media all over the world. We also have personalities as varied as Ellen, Joe Rogan, and Dave Ramsey. MUSIC podcast – Get free songs offered by famous radio and FM channels, includes classical piano episodes or modern guitar music, and interesting musical digressions like Broken Record. COMEDY podcast – We have your favorite talk shows and comedians to help you get through the day, like Conan and Ronnie & Bo. INTEREST podcast - Are you a crime junkie who can't get enough serial killers? We have S-town and Serial and Mind's Eye and so many more. How about your daily horoscope? Or the latest fashion news? Or what's hot in gaming? Or even bigfoot? We have it all. RELIGION & SPIRITUALITY podcast – Need to sleep? Indulge in Bible stories, buddhist meditation or Islamic audio before bedtime. Or wane philosophical with philosophy podcasts like The Partially Examined Life.  KIDS & FAMILY podcasts - Be a better parent with Parenting Junking. Enjoy myths and fairy tales for family time. Or even learn how to save your marriage from trained marriage counselors by day and podcasters at night. So what are you waiting for? Get the app and get paid for doing what you love ... listening to awesome podcasts!

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Podcoin - Podcasts That Pay app reviews

  • Great idea terrible execution 1/5

    By Awashbu12
    This podcast app is kind of like going to a car lot and having the salesman offer you a brand new car that only has the features of a Model T because it saves on gas The idea of this app is great. Get rewarded to listen to podcasts, and that is the end of the good part. This app is missing pretty much every single key feature of any modern Podcast Catcher. Here is my top 5 reasons I hate this app: 1. It doesn’t have playlists. I can’t turn it on in the car and have it listen to the newest episode from each of my podcasts.. if you finish one episode it just keeps playing a stream of the older episodes from that podcast, which is terrible when I am driving, because I have to pick up my phone, search my feed for which podcasts have new episodes, go to that page then click play. 2. No Auto Download: literally EVERY OTHER podcast app out there will automatically download the newest podcast episode to your phone when it comes out so it’s ready to go and you don’t have to stream it.. but NOT Podcoin.. if I want to download some episodes I have to go to each one and click downloaded.. then to make matters worse, it won’t just play my downloaded episodes, no it plays the episode I downloaded then goes on to stream the old episodes I already listened to (because of my #1 above) 3. No speed adjustment. I am subscribed to 12 different podcasts and listen to them everyday during my commute. On my current catcher I can speed up and it automatically skips vocal silences, so I listen to my podcasts at approximately 2.5x regularly.. but on Podcoin, you can’t speed it up.. I’m so used to the speed that the hosts all sound drunk to me now. And I can’t even finish half my podcasts with this app. 4. Episode updates.. I think they only check for new episodes once every 12 hours.. which is super annoying because if a podcast is published at 3 am and I listen at 6am it won’t be on there.. which means my normal news podcast never shows up until after I am at work and can’t listen to it in the AM. 5. Fabled “Bonus Podcasts.” Supposedly there is a feature called bonus podcasts which I can earn extra points by listening to. They are supposed to be on the discover page.. but they don’t exist.. I think they are just lying to podcast creators to get them to advertise for free. Anyway, this is a great idea, but missing those key features makes this app cumbersome, outdated, and renders it impossible to use effectively.
  • Kinda weird 1/5

    By Sam French toast savage
    It’s impossible to rack up rewards
  • Cool to get paid to listen, when I actually can: 2/5

    By macoladipietro
    Concept is great, I love being rewarded for listening to the podcasts I'm already going to listen to. But on dozens of occasions a podcast won't load/play while my WiFi wheel spins and then will immediately play once I switch to the Apple Podcast app. Incredibly frustrating especially when in the car and just want to get it going right away.
  • Breaks streaks, slow, 2/5

    By Marginaliant
    The app is what you would expect for this sort of thing: it rewards you just a tiny bit and it would take you ages to make any money with it. Still more than nothing but barely. However the trade off is that the app is slow. It takes time for the app to register that me pressing the “unpause” button means that I want the podcast to start playing. It also does not, as it claims, have all podcasts and I have looked for some without hope. It also glitches and breaks my streak, twice now in the two weeks that I have been using it. I don’t know why except to assume that they just don’t want you to make money.
  • Insanely terrible player from a features perspective 1/5

    By ScottJergenson
    It’s cool that you can conceivably get paid for just listening to podcasts (even though it’s likely unholy things are being done with your data), but I can’t get over that even basic features are ignored with this app. There’s no manual refreshing your feeds here, so get ready to wait up to a day to see the podcast that you know is out to actually show up in your subscriptions. Also you have to listen at 1x speed, skipping forward/backwards is cumbersome and laggy and there are no playlists. You’ll likely have to rely on another podcast application if you listen to enough podcasts to actually be able to ever see any gift cards. Hopefully it’ll get better in the future but it’s a pretty big mess as of today.
  • Consider this App your “podcast rewards card” 5/5

    By crazy4brit143
    This is a brilliant app for podcasting, listeners and podcasters alike. It’s like a rewards card for listening to almost ANY podcast you already naturally listen to. It’s just getting started, and I can’t see wait to see what this pod casting app has to offer in the future
  • Love the idea 3/5

    By NcLacrosse92
    I don’t even mind that it takes a while to get any money out of this, better than nothing! It’s just the lack of features make listening a much worse experience. 1.5x speed is a must have. Nice to have is automatic download option, more speeds, easier order arrangement and voice boost (hard to hear in public transportation). I know it’s early so hoping to see this grow!
  • Rewards just for listening to your favorite podcasts! 5/5

    By Elizabeth 115
    I’ve been using Podcoin for a little over 6 months and I love it! I’m constantly listening to podcasts. Whether I’m driving, at work, working out, or before bed, I’m using Podcoin. Previously, I was using a popular music app to also listen to all my podcasts until I discovered Podcoin. Podcoin has ALL the podcasts you could ever listen to! You can listen to your favorites or discover new ones. The only thing that I don’t like about the app is that you can’t earn rewards for podcasts you’ve previously listened to. I do have favorite podcasts that I like to listen to again every so often and I wish that I could still get rewarded for those. Overall, you’re not going to get rich quick on the app but if you listen to lots of podcasts it’s a nice little reward for yourself.
  • Seriously take this in mind and then I’ll give 5 stars 2/5

    By Lexicazz123
    Not all of us will make it to 360 mins but I definitely go past that point and then it stops giving me points after 360 mins, now that is really bothersome and now I feel as if it’s pointless to even go on the app after I’m not receiving anymore points, please change this asap! You should be able to keep earning points while listening for as long as you want. I honestly also think after a certain amount of daily streaks you should be able to increase your points income again until the streaks broken of course, I want more then just 2 points! AND please make a personal section where you can choose what podcasts you like and which ones you want to listen to!!
  • Dndndns 5/5

    By ffffigigofto
  • On the go 5/5

    By gamepaddad
    A great app to find a genre of entertainment you like to listen to!
  • Obsessed 5/5

    By Mum2PA&KK
    I was so deceased when I heard of this show and since finding it I have been binging for days now! Love you guys
  • Disappearing act 4/5

    By Stephsigns
    I’ve been using Podcoin for a short time now and was able to get enough coins for a $5 gift card which is great! But over the last few days the bonus podcasts that earn an extra .5 coins have disappeared. My partner who also has the app has the bonus podcasts but it’s not showing up on mine. Now I can’t accumulate extra coins while listening to my favorite shows so it’ll take me even longer to get enough for another gift card. I’m not quite sure what else to do.
  • Nice concept, terrible interface 2/5

    By wjjohnso
    I can never get this to work well. Fine is the best it gets, whether I’m trying to download podcasts or navigate through my subscriptions. It’s slow, it’s glitchy, it’s cumbersome and inefficient. Love the concept—that’s all that’s keeping me going, and I’m close to giving up.
  • App settings 3/5

    By veuwoxmfu
    On iPhone display it doesn’t give me full options for some reason. No continuous play or referral code
  • Bonus Podcast? 2/5

    By Susanthemexican
    The bonus podcast are nowhere to be found. Used to be 5 stars. This is a super disappointment.
  • Referral points 2/5

    By kmjimerson
    Was promised 150 points as a referral got me started..when does that show up? I haven’t seen it yet
  • No More Bonus Area? 2/5

    By Marisah92
    I love the concept of this app but the bonus area is a big deal especially as a podcast creator. If you don’t have the bonus area anymore then where is my incentive to bother keeping my app as a “bonus” on your list?
  • Not perfect but it pays. 4/5

    By John Kupsa
    I have been listening for a while now and they do pay you but the app is not the best. Sometimes it just refuses to play the podcast I want to listen to but when I go to another one it plays fine. Seems like some podcasts associated with some casters play fine while others are hard to play. I run into the same problems with downloads as well. But as for paying me I am very satisfied with that because it does pay.
  • Design needs some tweaks 4/5

    By VP squared
    I have no issue with the concept or execution of the "get paid to listen to podcasts" concept- it's great and the prize options are also good! The gripe I have is that the design does not allow you to remove podcast episodes you have listened to already, so it starts to automatically play episodes I've already listened to or just remove altogether episodes I'm not interested in hearing. It would also be great to have a "queue" feature for when I'm driving so I don't have to switch it manually between episodes
  • Where did the bonus podcasts go? 4/5

    By jennyd2017
    The bonus podcasts worth 1.5 Podcoin used to be at the top when you opened the app. Where did it go??
  • Scam 1/5

    By missie_k
    So taking a look at the app for every 10 mins you get 1 point, it takes 6,000 points to earn a $15-20 gift card. Break it down that’s 416 days straight of listening. Great app if you want you phone to listen non stop for 416 days..
  • has trouble playing 3/5

    By ashxtreme
    i’d love to love this app. i use it a lot and the concept is neat, but sometimes it just straight up won’t play! then i have to go back to using a different podcast app if i don’t want to sit in silence. wish it worked more consistently.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By julysgood
    I listen to many podcasts. When I found out I could earn gift cards for listening, I thought it was too good to be true. However it is true, I just earned a $5 amazon gift card. Thank you.
  • Needs some work but great incentive! 4/5

    By julyysveryown
    Sometimes it takes a few tries to load episodes and it doesn’t always play them in the right order, but I still use this app religiously! I am confused and upset right now because I was at almost 3000 Podcoin and this morning I wasn’t logged in and the app won’t let me log in or even try the “forgot password” reset link. I hope it’s a glitch bc I’ve been listening for months and I referred several friends to this app!
  • Philanthropy 3/5

    By June Bug 33905
    I don’t know if they canceled donations to charity, but I don’t see where I can donate my PodCoins to charity. Not interested in listening to profit myself, was hoping to be able to help third world nations. Please bring this back!
  • Legit 5/5

    By Amandajanewtf
    Takes a bit to earn, but if you are an avid podcaster, might as well!
  • Love the app 4/5

    By Bayou mermaid
    I love this app especially since they made a share button. I would like to be able to search a podcasts ep by name though. That would be great! Thanks!
  • Not worth the trouble 2/5

    By sguinnane
    It’ll just randomly stop working where I can’t get anything to play, the glitchy-ness has overwhelmed any satisfaction I got from donating. And as many others have stated, ease of use isn’t great even when it’s technically working. My main complaint is it flags podcasts you subscribe to where there’s a new episode, but if you view the new episode and choose something else ultimately to listen to, even though you didn’t listen it removes the flag. So you can’t create a queue and it removes the new episode flag when you haven’t listened yet. I would flip back and forth to Apple podcasts constantly just to check my unlistened podcasts there. And even then I would have continued to use if it wouldn’t just randomly crap out and refuse to play.
  • Love app but.... 4/5

    By BriRum
    I will be extremely disappointed if the donation piece has been permanently removed
  • Awesome 5/5

    By dalmralm10
    This app is great. I listen to podcasts all the time and after about a month of using this app I got enough points to redeem for a $5 gift card. It’s not a lot of money but I was going to listen anyway so it makes sense to at least get paid while doing it. Once in a while the app will have a glitch but they usually fit it really quickly.
  • Causes 5/5

    By ig the iger
    Eh what happen to the causes?
  • To many bugs 2/5

    By Kyle Andreae
    If has no option to switch between Bluetooth devices and headphones so if Bluetooth is on it streams from that device which is annoying figured out the option to change it is on the sleep mode or if you unplug the headphones and replay them it works 2 but also annoying. Biggest issue is offline mode doesn’t work and I travel in the boonies so that ruined one of my days even if you download the episode. Also the platform is very laggy scrolling to older podcasts of your series and doesn’t tell you when there’s new episodes or if your all caught up it’s just a bad player it’s nice knowing you can get something for doing nothing but I believe I’ll be going back to my old player..
  • Greed 1/5

    By yankinkg
    I understand the contradiction in saying that an app which pays YOU is greedy, but this is a rare case. If you’ve been on the internet before, you know that any situation where you’re being paid for doing almost nothing is never one you’ll be happy with. Such is the case with this app. They ask for a very large percentage of your time, and expect that you will accept the apps many, many flaws and poor design in search for the buried (and buried FAR) treasure. If you are going to ask someone to use what is probably the worst podcast app on the entire App Store, then at least offer more than $3 for 6 months worth of listening at 6 hours a day.
  • It’s okay 4/5

    By Stillwater50
    Yesterday the app just quit working. Not sure why.
  • Earning stuff for what I’m doing anyway!!! 5/5

    By Albert and Gibson
    I am all about earning and incentive for what I’m already doing! I love listening to podcasts and now I can work my way towards gift cards! I have been listening since January and I just cashed in a $5 Starbucks gift card. So in my experience the points don’t add up quick but something is better than nothing and I was listening anyways. You’re not going to get rich but a free cup of coffee every once in a while is fine by me!
  • Cannot set up a queue 3/5

    By hfjksjdksmf
    I really like the concept of this app, and am excited about the opportunity to gain points and donate to charities just by listening to podcasts. The downside to this app is that the actual interface is not great, and you cannot set up a queue. If these things were changed, I would easily give the app 5 stars!
  • A good foundation, but... 3/5

    By bravest PAPAyA
    Overall, I like this app. The reason it’s not a 5-star is because there’s not a search for user feature. I would love to be able to search for friends. Maybe even connect to my social media so that I can get a suggested friend list. Also, I will pop this on and drive to work. While I’m driving, it’ll sometimes try and play an episode I’ve already heard. This is an inconvenience because it’ll be a few minutes before I realize this because of ads or whatnot. So then I have to try and find the next episode to play. This interface is sometimes unresponsive. But, that’s what it is. I do keep using this because I don’t mind nickel and diming my way to gift cards, since I only really listen to podcasts anyway.
  • System down? 3/5

    By Milton&
    Is the whole app down? It logged me out in the middle of listening today and wouldn’t let me log back in.
  • Great concept. Very slow 3/5

    By firstreviewrr
    I love this concept since it lets me get paid to hear good stories, keep up with the news, and listen to lessons on tough subjects. However, I did the math on how long it would take to accumulate 5000 Podcoins from 0 (without calculating for the streak) and the result is almost 350 days of uninterrupted listening. 24 hours every day for 350 days. I feel like there should be something to make the process faster. Personal opinion otherwise great concept!
  • 3 stars for now. 3/5

    By The Man Known as Hammer
    The app isn’t bad to look at. I think there definitely has to be a playlist feature or an auto-start feature within the same podcast or something that keeps me from having to pull my device out of my pocket every hour or so before I can leave Apple podcast app though. The rewards are fine. I like the ability to see top episodes and podcasts and I like that there are other users to follow. I think if there are ratings and ways to connect and chat with other users at some point it would be even better. Something like Letterboxd does with movies. Stats would be cool too. Like how many hours listening to True Crime and how many listening to self help, most listened to podcast, that sort of thing. I’ll keep an eye on this app.
  • Like it but can be better 4/5

    By Nathan1229
    So the one thing I have against it is it Maxes out at 359mins.. I listen to it all day while working my 8 hour shift. You don’t get a lot for 10mins anyway, so why max it out? Otherwise it’s easy and great to earn money for something I already do anyway.
  • woot posey pod pod! 5/5

    By Godzeera
    I’m at work o da poddy. I love the variety of shows available! True crime o rama and many more options Thanks!!!
  • Sometimes a little wonky but overall great! 5/5

    By MyriahRiot
    Sometimes I have some functionality issues with this app, but otherwise, it’s fantastic! I cashed out to an amazon gift card and got the code the next day! It’s an awesome thing to get rewarded for! I’ve also found some awesome new podcasts through this app!
  • Ok 3/5

    By RinaXOXO
    This is a cool app bc it lets you earn “coins” to redeem. However the most annoying part is when podcast episodes are released they aren’t always on here the day or day after they are available on iTunes or other apps you can get podcasts. That is probably the most annoying thing because each day I have podcasts to listen to that are released and often times if I want to listen to them the day or day after they’re released I have to go back to the iTunes app or another which can be annoying.

    By Charmed32
    I really like the podcast selection, but they HAVE to to get more features. Even the most basic podcast app has a sleep timer, automatic downloads, playback. You name it and this all lacks it.
  • Plays podcasts well, horrible rewards payout rate 2/5

    By zhollyn
    I like the app for the fact it plays all my favorite podcasts and I can download them for free. However, I strongly dislike the fact that after doing some math, I came to the conclusion of; even if I listen to podcasts for the maximum 6 hours every day, it’ll still take me exactly 3 months to earn a $15 gift card. That means the app “pays” you $.20 cents (real money) worth a day. Seems like a lot of time and persistence for a low payout, and an extremely disproportionate profit gain on the company’s end.
  • Nice app but glitches 4/5

    By ItsAnnaB
    I really like the concept but I hate how it will cut off every now and then and I’ll have to restart the episode I’m listening to
  • Well... 4/5

    By Cneidel1
    Honestly it’s worth using if you usually listen to podcasts. You’re not gonna make a lot with this but why not, right? I have found several new podcasts to listen to because of the bonus shows. My only complaint is the 6 hour per day cap, lots of times I listen the entire day at work which leaves no earning time left for when I’m off. And if I listen to new episodes after I cap out for that day it’s not like I’m gonna listen to them again later to earn points for them. Overall a decent way to get $ back for doing something I’m already doing anyways.

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