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Podcoin - Podcasts That Pay

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  • Developer: Violet Moon, LLC
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Podcoin - Podcasts That Pay App

Podcoin is the podcast player that pays. We have every podcast you could possibly want, and we pay you to listen to each one. It's that simple.  With every podcast to choose from, you can stream or download your favorite episodes, and get paid anytime, anywhere! Podcoin makes it easy to find great podcasts. At heart, we are a social podcasting app. Discover new podcasts based on what podcasts your friends love. Whether your interest is news, true crime, history, philosophy, or comedy, we make it easy to find great podcasts, and we pay you to listen to them. Podcasts are the most powerful storytelling format of our time. Our goal is to increase the time that the world spends listening to stories. That's why we pay you to listen. Our podcasts span every category … BUSINESS and TECHNOLOGY podcasts – Manage your money like Rachel Cruze, learn to start the next unicorn with Masters of Scale, or find out how the world will end with End of the World. EDUCATION podcasts - Top educational podcasts like include TED Talks, Caliphate, Slow Burn, Mythology, and Bag Man help you gain insight in politics, psychology, and history. NEWS podcast - News coverage, from radio sources such as This American Life, BBC, NPR, The Daily, and from media all over the world. We also have personalities as varied as Ellen, Joe Rogan, and Dave Ramsey. MUSIC podcast – Get free songs offered by famous radio and FM channels, includes classical piano episodes or modern guitar music, and interesting musical digressions like Broken Record. COMEDY podcast – We have your favorite talk shows and comedians to help you get through the day, like Conan and Ronnie & Bo. INTEREST podcast - Are you a crime junkie who can't get enough serial killers? We have S-town and Serial and Mind's Eye and so many more. How about your daily horoscope? Or the latest fashion news? Or what's hot in gaming? Or even bigfoot? We have it all. RELIGION & SPIRITUALITY podcast – Need to sleep? Indulge in Bible stories, buddhist meditation or Islamic audio before bedtime. Or wane philosophical with philosophy podcasts like The Partially Examined Life.  KIDS & FAMILY podcasts - Be a better parent with Parenting Junking. Enjoy myths and fairy tales for family time. Or even learn how to save your marriage from trained marriage counselors by day and podcasters at night. So what are you waiting for? Get the app and get paid for doing what you love ... listening to awesome podcasts!

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Podcoin - Podcasts That Pay app reviews

  • Legit!!! 5/5

    By Reese Da Beast
    This is a pretty dope app, especially the fact that you can give back to different causes. I’m definitely a fan for now, hopefully they keep improving the product.
  • Good App 5/5

    By LukeByrum
    Cool podcasts variety of topics! Plus, I’m earning cups of joe. Time to learn!
  • Great!!A must download for the Podcast lover!! 5/5

    By Haheue101
    If you enjoy listening to podcast this is the app for you. Listening while earning points towards rewards is always great! Feel free to use my referral code to earn 150 points to start out with! Loganbri
  • It claims I’ve signed up 1/5

    By wish this update didnt happen
    It claims my email has already been used even though I’ve never used this app before, so I tried a different email and it said the same thing. Can’t use the app—needs fixing!
  • This is great! 5/5

    By Jenny5656555
    I just got into listening to podcasts 3 months ago when my sister first introduced me to it! Now I listen to it wherever I go! They have a huge selection of podcasts to pick from (not as good as apple but it will do). If you want 160 coins before you even sign up, use my code here: Jenny8jd I already have a Starbucks gift card!
  • great app 5/5

    By nekocatgirl38
    Love this app I would listen to a podcast before going to bed. But now I listen to the whole podcast getting paid in gift cards to. Listen to podcast is fun this is a excellent app love it. Use my referral code so we both get currency for gift cards. My referral code is: Jenny665
  • Great concept! 5/5

    By H.G.Bright
    love this app!! It takes time to earn points but if we can get gift cards anyways why not :) Use my code to get your first 150 Podcoin: Hikar5tb
  • Invite code 5/5

    By 828flight
    get free Podcoin. Use invite code Franc6v4
  • Great 5/5

    By kylerthekat
    I gotta say (and I don’t usually review anything) that this app has to be the best app of its kind I’ve ever used.
  • Why not get paid for what I listen to anyways. 5/5

    By M.E.2012
    Because I travel a lot for my job, I was already in the habit of listening to a lot of podcasts. Why shouldn’t we earn points towards Starbucks gift cards or other things with something I am already doing? I was conditioned to listening to podcasts on my iPhone using their app and using this app hasn’t change the quality or anything else. I highly recommend this app. If you want, use my promo: Adam5k9c before you sign up and get 160 points towards your favorite gift card.
  • Don’t get it for the sake of making money 3/5

    By CL41RE
    It’s a fine app for podcasts. But don’t expect to make money. It would take 200 hours of listening to make even two dollars. I could walk down the street and find more money on the ground in a fraction of the time. Or like, ask a stranger for $2. To be fair almost all these “make money apps” have you doing a ton of work or selling all your privacy for pennies. But it’s not really fair to market it as a way to “get paid.” Taking advantage of the poor.
  • Why not 5/5

    By Ant12108
    I see no reason not to use this app, I listen to a couple of hours of podcasts a day to and from work, even if it takes a little long to get cards it’s better getting something rather than nothing
  • Most user friendly pod interface I’ve seen 5/5

    By SRMRolltide
    I was really annoyed when iTunes changed their podcast app around a year ago and have been on the hunt for a podcast program that is simpler and more organized. This is it. On top of that, you can earn rewards and connect with other listeners. What’s not to like?
  • Podcoin for Podcast! 5/5

    By LT3hobbit
    Earning Coins that turn into Gift Cards for stuff I was already doing.... uh yeah! SIGN ME UP! Lol
  • :) 4/5

    By Maurice Ravel
    It’s a great way to kill your time or to just have it as a background while you’re working on something else. There is a variety of podcasts you can choose from so it’s fun looking through them. Also, the fact that you do get paid for merely listening to these is awesome. Use my Invitation code Sarahe04 to start with extra 150 points!
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Chief slap a ho
    Love this app is awesome of course
  • One complaint... 4/5

    By JEllefson12
    I love this app. I love that you can listen to all your podcasts that normally listen to for $. However, I would like to see something like Apple and Google podcasts do, able to organize your podcasts. Write now all you have to hope that the next episode that you are on plays instead of looking for the next one.
  • Not giving me points 4/5

    By KBadenhop
    I listen to podcasts ALL DAY. Driving, cleaning, working. I LOVE that all my favorite podcasts are here and that I get awesome suggestions based on podcasts I already love. BUT. By the middle of the day, I stop receiving points for listening. I’m not sure if there is a cap or if it is just a glitch. Otherwise, I love this app!
  • Pay pal 5/5

    By RansomHarr
    Love this app But can I transfer the money to pay pal?
  • The best way to listen to podcasts! 5/5

    By Stepherann
    I love apps that pay, and this one is absolutely the easiest to use! I work from home and am constantly listening to podcasts so this app is a treat! Really excited to be an early adopter and excited about where it goes!
  • PayPal is gone 1/5

    By Fruttypebbless
    Liked until I got to hours before cashing out to PayPal and find out they are deleting the PayPal option
  • Seeing if it’s a scam 4/5

    By Dejeson
    If I get all these hours of listening to this podcasts and I don’t get anything when I redeem... I’m gone to make a review of what is really about to all my friends... and I’m gone to delete the app
  • If you love podcasts then this is for you! 5/5

    By meeprisa
    I listen to podcasts everyday anyway, so listening to them on this app is earning easy money! It has all the podcasts available and I think it’s a very good and easy to use app! Use my invite code “ Marisp1a “ and earn your first 150 points.
  • Podcoin 5/5

    By confusedChatter
    Just a great place to listen to many great podcasts of a large variety of topics.
  • App feedback 1/5

    By Cesar Salgado Salgado
    Why is PayPal getting taken away from the app please keep it please
  • Wonderful concept 5/5

    By Mikey L.
    Get paid or rewarded for listening to podcasts? I’m in!
  • Get rewarded 5/5

    By DeRock54
    You’re already listening so why not get a bonus for it?!
  • Please fix your accessibility issues 2/5

    By Lauren.Childress
    Great concept, weak execution as far as Accessibility goes. It needs to be fixed.
  • Only one complaint 4/5

    By MKB8706
    Love the app! Has all the podcast I enjoy and has replaced the Apple podcast app for me this month! The only thing I dislike is how it just stops playing in the middle of a podcast. I understand why you wouldn’t want people to just non stop stream, but it would be nice if they would stop at the end. This issue is especially frustrating when listening to longer than average podcast. Love the app and hope an update finds some kind of solution to this.
  • For the podcast junkie 5/5

    By SerialAddict
    So far I’m earning up to 72p a day (360 minutes of listening). I listen more than that and I wish I could get it for the full amount. I earned a $2 amazon gift card and $5 PayPal. I’m working my way to the $50 amazon card. It’d be nice if they offered other awards but I still love it.
  • Why 1/5

    By brothehell123/
    I don’t know what’s going on but I’ve listen to it for almost 6 hours and I’m not getting anything the only stuff that I’ve really gotten our from referring someone and the welcome and thank you for joining thing and that’s about it
  • You get what you give. 5/5

    By startire
    Just get in it for the long run and soon enough, it’ll pay off !!
  • Years to redeem anything decent 1/5

    By mini-jiggy
    App crashes constantly. After episode-crash. After ad intro-crash. Switching episodes-crash. It will take 1200 minutes to get a $2 amazon gift card. Totally not worth the hassle. Super slow response from admin. Deleting app.
  • Fire 5/5

    By Dakid974
    It’s great! Use code Eitankp2 to get 200 coins! FREE!
  • Good if you’re going to listen to podcasts anyway 4/5

    By AClistener
    Use code for extra coins Alyss55v
  • Getting better 4/5

    By amberlove1030
    I’ve been using this app for a while now. It’s been fine and I love the podcasts. Use Amberuos to get a bunch of coins as a referral ❤️
  • Not a gimmick, they actually do pay you. 5/5

    By Mentorred
    I love the idea, I listen to podcast all day every day so why not get something for it. I reached my first quick target 3 days ago. I just received my $2 Amazon Credit. Not much but it’s a start. If you love podcasts it’s a no brainer
  • Great app 5/5

    Use my code Davehzs3 when signing up and get 150 coins!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By tmart76
    I love this app! Great options for listening and I love that I can donate and save coins!
  • Interesting concept but ... 1/5

    By Edenprariemn
    It’s hard to justify using this app over any other right now. The rewards seem enticing but the daily listening cap puts the high end prizes out of reach. I get it. Refer people. They sign up you build your brand I get a few coins. Down the road you potentially make money on add revenue in app or on the podcasts based on the growing user base. But doing the math 15 years of max streaming everyday to get the highest prize? If this app/humanity/PayPal is still around then I will eat my words.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Daaa1212
    Easy to use app and the podcasts are enjoyable! Love that I can earn for listening. Use my code, Andre6fd, to get a 150 coin sign up bonus!
  • So far so bad 1/5

    By RecolorMikrB
    Very buggy and I’ve listened to at least 3 hrs. It only registered that I’ve listened only to 2 mins. FAQ and reporting bug buttons don’t even work.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By cinadipity
    If you love podcasts you’ll love this app. 150 free coins if you use my code Cinamg9p! It’s odd I know but it’s free coins!
  • So far so good 4/5

    By use my code to sign up
    The Idea of app really cool but only listening podcast isn’t enough to earn rewards almost impossible. Fortunately we can invite friends to both earn 150 coins which is equal to nonstop listening 25hour podcast (1 coin = 10mins). If you haven’t invited yet please use my referral code Erka2qim
  • Pretty cool 5/5

    By Chubbz01
    Join and we both get 150 Podcoin. Use invite code Alexijcz
  • So far so good 5/5

    By Tjseago
    So far, this has been a pretty simple to use app that pays you a very nominal amount for every minute you listen to a podcast. I don’t have any complaints right now. I do think that they can make the app simpler to use by modeling their layout off of the existing podcast app that Apple created. The library in this app is not as clean or simple as the Apple library but so far so good.
  • Podcoin 5/5

    By luannp
    Great app!
  • Not Bad 3/5

    By trulymonique
    The app itself seems fun and entertaining the point system could be better Here’s my code so you get coins 150 Podcoin. Use invite code Moniqm31
  • Pretty cool app! 5/5

    By Rockstarsanchez
    I already listen to podcasts but this way I’ll earn gift cards along the way. Use code Rocks5wf to get 200 PodCoins!

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