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Podio App

The ultimate companion app for Podio – enabling you to run your projects and collaborate with your team from anywhere. Take your content and conversations with you, no matter where your workday takes you.
 • Organize and track your projects – customized to suit how you manage deadlines and responsibilities, share content and discuss ideas. Get the exact overview required to see you’re making progress. • Communicate with team activity streams – get updates, ask questions and share files, without messy CC-email threads. And, chat in real-time with one-to-one or group instant messaging. • Create stronger client relationships, using Podio to present and receive feedback on your project deliverables. Interfacing with clients is just as easy as working with your own team on Podio. • Extend Podio in minutes to handle your sales and account management processes – align company departments and get everyone on the same page. Plus, bring in content from Dropbox, Google Drive and more. "Podio threatens to replace all your project management tools" – Mashable "A game changing virtual office that forms to your needs" – TheNextWeb More than 400,000 growing businesses and innovative teams use Podio to organize their everyday work. Start today, for free. Podio will request access to device capabilities or data to enable advanced features, including: Contacts This allows Podio to let you choose co-workers among the contacts in your phone address book. Notifications Notifications may include alerts, sounds, and icon badges. These can be configured in Settings. Camera This allows Podio to let you capture a photo for your user profile or to attach to a Podio item. Microphone This allows Podio to let you record audio for use with Podio Items. Photos & Media Library This allows Podio to let you choose photos from your Library to attach to Podio Items. The Podio Privacy Policy can be found here https://company.podio.com/privacy


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Podio app reviews

  • Almost there 3/5

    By Villalobos.Jesus
    Only thing missing here is the reports. If there was a way to see a dashboard of some sorts, this would be an unbeatable app.
  • Struggling 2/5

    By Charleey1
    Not user friendly at all
  • Needs work 2/5

    By Dgprice
    The app has a great deal of flexibility in adding and editing data within Podio. But as you navigate the app every other edit causes the app to crash. Continuously crash. It is probably related to iOS 11 update but something needs addressed on Podio’s end since the new iOS has been introduced.
  • Down?!? 1/5

    By REI Mike
    Well...all of my Customer Base and profile info is stored on your platform. Do maintenance on a saved version of your system. Don’t shut down my company because you are fixing slowness issues. And for the record, my stuff was working great. And you can’t tell me when you’ll be back up either?? I just purchased your best version upgrade of Podio too. I’ll be looking for another CRM for our company while this is going on. Or I’ll accept a full refund in lieu of leaving your company. And reverse my one star if you promise not to do this again. You cost me an important deal today and we are dead in the water until you fix whatever is supposedly broken.
  • Podio is amazing 5/5

    By Dennes Garcia
    I cannot believe I didn’t know of this sooner!
  • Ich 3/5

    By ön. öccjhff y v m mv. f.
    Vb my fpWay lyric ibgy be
  • Crashes Are Annoying But.. 3/5

    By AdamBuysHouses
    This app would be a lot better if it didn’t have so many crashes at least on iPhone. Seems like functionality would be awesome if it stated consistency with being opened.
  • Invaluable 5/5

    By Prop momma
    We've used for over 3 yrs. Our office could not function without it.
  • 3 star review 3/5

    By Mrredforman
    I am not able to create an account through google using the podia app. Every time I confirm that polio has access to my calendar data, etc. The App crashes.
  • Almost perfect. iPad app is missing one big thing though. 5/5

    By JustinTMR
    It is difficult to see an overview of the calendar on the iPad app. The only option for viewing the calendar on the iPad app is a list view. And that list view doesn’t even show the day of the week (ie: “Monday” “Tuesday”). This makes it difficult to schedule things with my clients. I always have to jump back over to the iPhone app or a web browser. Will gladly give this app 5 stars when this is possible.
  • Horribly Complex 1/5

    By SG-3064
    Difficult to navigate
  • Potential, but nooo. 2/5

    By neothetwo
    The app is seemingly straight forward. And don't take this app lightly. It's used by tons of real estate investors and business people. You can totally nerd out on the API's and try to modify stuff. But first logical thing is to delete some blade titles I didn't want. Such as sales managers. Because I'm not worried about sales, this app I was going to use instead of slack as a family communication tool. I couldn't delete anything. No swipe to the left or long press would get rid of it. 2 stars.
  • Lots of Potential 4/5

    By Angry Ghost Pepper
    Over all, Podio offers a good UX, on both desktop and mobile platforms. Podio is perhaps the BEST application I've come across for designing custom-made, flexible workflows. I would, however, like to suggest the following improvements: 1) Add more powerful color coding features. In both outlook and Asana, for instance, tasks can display with multiple colors on the calendar to indicate project overlap. This is a great, and highly-useful, feature that I hope the Podio team will include in the near future. 2) Allow for multiple reminders, as well as the option to "snooze" or delay tasks. 3) Add an Apple Watch App that notifies of scheduled reminders, at the very least. 4) Add an Inbox feature for managers who may follow a GTD-type methodology Much thanks to the Podio team! I look forward o future updates.
  • Logo Trouble 1/5

    By Surfer831
    Just a heads up, your logo almost copies one of the most iconic skate companies ever created, Powell Peralta. Might want to consider changes.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Thsjjiaikanwbebbdbdbskkx
    App does not function well at all
  • Amazing Tool 5/5

    By brimg87
    Hands down the most customizable collaboration / small business tool we could find. Mobile app is actually quite good. A few features are missing from the desktop version, like save and duplicate, but hopefully they will add soon. Also would love to see more intuitive design that requires less clicking to enter into each and every field. Overall though, love it. Seems that some stronger marketing would get more people on Podio as a platform.
  • Related item search 5/5

    By JPL4
    New update seems to have broken the ability to search when adding a related item. Cant create work orders for my team while on mobile without this. Please address asap.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By kzinlatt
    I love Podio
  • No search feature?? 3/5

    By Jayvilz
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Jkioogffjdehjbxdszghmnxdfg
    One of my favorite apps. Use it for work and now setting up a couple apps for personal stuff.
  • Please make notifications more descriptive 2/5

    By futurelight
    This app is functional in that it lets you access Podio on the go. However, it fails in the one area a mobile app should succeed most: notifications. Please make your notifications actually useful. When someone makes a comment, I don't just need to know that they made a comment, I need to glance at what they actually said so I can decide if I need to take action. Additionally, there's a bug when you actually do tap the notification to read the text. It opens the app and, instead of showing me the full content of the comment, invariably I get a screen that is trying to be a notification layout but instead says "no internet connection," even when I'm obviously connected. All other users in our company have the same problem. To work around that bug, I have to go into the main menu and click on the notifications section to actually see the alert. What should be a glance, currently requires me to stop what I'm doing and perform a 3 step process just to make sure I don't miss an important directive. Additionally, it appears that if you have a project open on your desktop browser and someone makes a comment, the system assumes you've seen it and doesn't trigger a notification. I've missed multiple important notes while I was away from my desk because of this. These bugs have caused us to use a hybrid system of gchat, sms and email to make sure everyone receives important messages on the go. That means that communications about a task become fractured, which defeats the whole point of Podio. We like the structured fields and relationships available in Podio, but if your team does not show commitment to fix the mobile experience, we will need to switch back to Wrike or some other solution.
  • Critical for my business 5/5

    By apalko
    Podio provides incredible flexibility to manage the day to day operation of my business. The ability to create simple "apps" easily customized to our business needs has proven to be a life saver. You drag and drop what you want for each module on the website then use the app to manage the communication flow. We have been using this platform for several years and it just works. Sure, there are few things that should be tweaked but overall Podio has built a software that we love to use and could not live without.
  • Constantly Logs You Out 1/5

    By Scoremax
    I have lot of sites and apps that requires userid & password, so I use Lastpass that stores my complex passwords and this app constantly will logs me out. It is super annoying to go search for a password and log back in. Please integrate Finger print log in or give me more control in the log out process. I want to stay logged I got for at least 2 weeks. No more logging me out the next hour
  • Perfect for our small business 5/5

    By Debigales
    I love the interface on this app. It is clean, and just makes sense. I love that I can go into a person see what job order they are connected to, and from there even see what company they are part of. The task option is a great way to stay on top of to do list items throughout the week. The messaging app allows my partner and I to communicate without clogging up emails or scrolling between personal and professional texts.
  • Lacks features and hard to navigate. 2/5

    By PMarsh83
    The app feels unorganized. I seem to spend a lot of time searching for items and the deeper you go the less shortcuts there are to back out. Need a customizable menu bar along the bottom for quick access to apps, tasks, etc.
  • As of February 13, 2016, Podio v 5.1 is among the Top Ten 5/5

    By Viking2965
    I have been a Podio user since 2010. Over the past few years Podio has grown into one of the best 'Future of Work' platforms accessible outside large budget enterprises. My Master of Project Management thesis covered innovation platforms. Both technically, economically, and strategically Citrix Podio is among the Top Ten mobile and desktop productivity choices available. Guaranteed. Podio scales from 1-2 simple personal need apps you can load from the Podio App Market (there's a large library of 'prefab') choices, to the more robust innovation platform I created with a range of custom Podio apps. There's a free account option to get started. Low Apple App Store rankings assigned to Podio may not be based on valid tests. It's true organizations looking to get the most value from Podio will benefit from a guide who is experienced. Otherwise Podio is like anything else: an investment of time and focus is needed to get your expectations exceeded. I do not work for Podio, but Podio is a superior tool for businesses... and for doing things like empowering communities and government together in solving our sustainability challenges.
  • Needs work (a lot) 2/5

    By c&d&e&a
    The problem I have with the Podio app is that it seems to be an app developed without the user in mind. Lists of contacts show up with lots of white space and very little content... lots of scrolling required. And, the information shown is not useful. For instance, my contacts only show the type (e.g. customer), the first name of the contact, the name of the person who entered it and the date it was entered. So, no last name and no company, even though I can sort by those fields. While reporting (and notifications) is a problem overall in Podio, the web version is definitely far better than the iOS app version.
  • Crashes Constantly 2/5

    By RickyDewzer
    I have had to uninstall and reinstall at least once a week for the last 2 months (12/15 - 01/16). When it is working it runs very slow.
  • App is so-so 3/5

    By Super Bowl champs!
    Great when it works but constantly crashes. Have to go to AppStore and reload. I'm on an iPhone 6 with latest iOS version. Still crashes
  • Please fix crashing 5/5

    By badnews333
    I ❤️❤️❤️ podio but the app keeps crashing. Have iphone 5.
  • Crashing nightmare 1/5

    By Eyebelieve inyou
    I use this app every day for my job. Since I upgraded my phone to the iPhone 6splus and updated everything including this app, it keeps crashing every week. It has crashed EVERY week for the last 2 months. It is a nightmare. It won't load, i have to erase it and download it again. Every week. Super annoying. Major bugs need to be fixed here.
  • Great... Except 4/5

    By InformationOutput
    The biggest issue I've found is the extreme lack of view options. Building 3 apps, one with applicants, one with companies and another to schedule interviews between them gives me very little breathing room in how I view those schedules. The same views, even Table View that works alright on the website is not available in the app. Another small complaint is not being able to customize the File field and/or add more. Surely we should at least be allowed o change the label to make it more user friendly.
  • Love App BUT 4/5

    By Dream4321
    Recent update doesn't load. Keeps Crashing. Also if you want to add edit text to Descripton in an App it doesn't allow you to just edit it.
  • Crashes when trying to open 1/5

    By grandbleusf
    Please fix
  • Needs update! 3/5

    By Drewdub
    The app is great, but doesn't work with the new update. I can't enter text in the link fields or text box fields when creating new companies Please fix! Thanks
  • Worked fine before last update. 1/5

    By ArmBarU
    Crashes on start. Please fix ASAP!!!
  • Love the app, but no longer works. 2/5

    By Fletchy Music
    The latest update doesn't work. App keeps crashing.
  • latest update crashing app 1/5

    By Frankensplean
    There goes my productivity!
  • Crashes in 9.2 1/5

    By Jackfungi
    The app completely crashes and is useless in iOS 9.2
  • Great app, but doesn't work with... 2/5

    By Jestersmidt
    Great app, but doesn't work with the new iPhone update. Just updated my software and now the app won't work.
  • I no longer receive notifications 3/5

    By nicasiotorres
    Since updating I no longer receive notifications from the app. Being reminded that I have a task due is critical and with me not receiving notifications I am stuck using the reminders app from Apple.
  • Great business management app 5/5

    By Joeb29
    This is the first app that I have been compelled to rate without being prompted. Which is why I'm so surprised to see poor reviews. This new update is sooooooo much better than the old version. I'd like to hear more from the people that don't like it because I had trouble using the old version, and opted to wait until I could get on my computer. But this newer version has been awesome! It's so much easier to manage my real estate transactions, and see what my team is doing. There is always room for improvements, but this is a major step forward, and I look forward to seeing what comes next.
  • Tasks no longer sync 1/5

    By Jlwheels
    Ever since updating to this version my new tasks from the iPhone app no longer sync with workspaces. I can't find my tasks on specific workspaces anymore which is very frustrating. This new interface has ruined task management.
  • Broken build for iPhone 6s Plus 1/5

    By Phaser303
    Let me start with my review of Podio: 5 stars. Absolutely critical to my business. The iPhone app on my iPhone 5 has been invaluable. Unfortunately on my iPhone 6s Plus 64gb, when clicking "tasks" the program crashes immediately every time. I am assuming Podio is actively working on a fix as they are a phenomenal company. Consider this review as a way to get attention to the issue. Thanks Podio :)
  • Caution 1/5

    By madmith
    If you like the way the app works now, don't update. They completely changed the way it works. This will probably work for some but it has made the app much more difficult to use for me. Use caution.
  • Sign in errors 1/5

    By Churrolo
    Cannot sign in with google account. "Could not connect to your google account. Please try again later."
  • Updating to solve crashing 4/5

    By CherieCherie1
    The app was crashing at startup on my iPhone 6 Plus. After having contacted the support I updated from iOS 8.1.2 to iOS 8.3 and the problem was fixed.
  • Update ruined it 1/5

    By alvis212
    I cant use it after update. Can you fix it?? Anyone?? It's been few days already. How can i do business if tools are not working?? App won't open. Reinstalled million times. iPhone 6 plus.
  • Very good, but could use a few improvements 4/5

    By markets user
    First of all, podio is great, both the web app and mobile. However, it would be even better if 1) View filters had "or" functionality in addition to and 2) Email status updates included the project name.
  • Best CRM and Data Base Hands Down 5/5

    By Lanternland
    Podio is hands down one of the best apps around. Completely customizable CRM, data base and info management system. Almost nothing it can't do. Lots of new features and frequent updates, they seem to be always improving the app. iOS version is well designed and works smoothly. Well done!!!

Podio app comments


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