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  • Current Version: 1.114.2
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Niantic, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Pokémon GO App

NEW! It’s time to interact with your Pokémon like never before—Pokémon GO has recently introduced GO Snapshot! Taking AR photos is a snap with this easy-to-use update. You’re now able to take photos of any Pokémon you have in your collection. Document your adventures by taking photos of your favorite Pokémon to share with friends or as a memento of your epic journey. Join Trainers across the globe who are discovering Pokémon as they explore the world around them. Pokémon GO is the global gaming sensation that has been downloaded over 850 million times and named "Best Mobile Game" by The Game Developers Choice Awards and "Best App of the Year" by TechCrunch. Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Pikachu, and many other Pokémon have been discovered! Pokémon are out there, and you need to find them. As you walk around a neighborhood, your smartphone will vibrate when there’s a Pokémon nearby. Take aim and throw a Poké Ball… You’ll have to stay alert, or it might get away! Search far and wide for Pokémon and items Certain Pokémon appear near their native environment—look for Water-type Pokémon by lakes and oceans. Visit PokéStops and Gyms—found at interesting places like museums, art installations, historical markers, and monuments—to stock up on Poké Balls and helpful items. Catching, hatching, evolving, and more As you level up, you’ll be able to catch more-powerful Pokémon to complete your Pokédex. You can add to your collection by hatching Pokémon Eggs based on the distances you walk. Help your Pokémon evolve by catching many of the same kind. Choose a Buddy Pokémon to walk with and earn Candy that will help you make your Pokémon stronger. Compete in epic Gym battles You’ll join one of three teams and battle for the ownership of Gyms with your Pokémon at your side. As your Charmander evolves to Charmeleon and then Charizard, you can battle together to defeat a Gym and assign your Pokémon to defend it against all comers. Team up to defeat powerful Raid Bosses A Raid Battle is a cooperative gameplay experience that encourages you to work with up to 20 other Trainers to defeat an extremely powerful Pokémon known as the Raid Boss. If you succeed in defeating it in battle, you’ll have the chance to catch an extra powerful Pokémon of your own! It’s time to get moving—your real-life adventures await! Notes: - This app is free-to-play and offers in-game purchases. It is optimized for smartphones, not tablets. - It is recommended to play while connected to a network in order to obtain accurate location information. - Compatibility is not guaranteed for devices without GPS capabilities or devices that are connected only to Wi-Fi networks. - Compatibility information may be changed at any time. - Information current as of February 18, 2019 - Compatible with iPhone® 5s / SE / 6 / 6s / 6 Plus / 6s Plus / 7 / 7 Plus / 8 / 8 Plus / X devices with iOS Version 9 or later installed. - Not compatible with 5th generation iPod Touch devices or iPhone 5c or earlier iPhone devices. - Please visit www.PokemonGO.com for additional compatibility information. - Compatibility with tablet devices is not guaranteed. - Compatibility is not guaranteed for all devices. - Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically reduce battery life. - If you use Pokémon GO with your Apple Watch, with your consent we use the Apple HealthKit APIs to read and/or write certain data (such as Step Count, Calories Burned, and Distance Walked) to the Health App Database on your device (the "Health App Data").

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Pokémon GO app reviews

  • I like it 5/5

    By pikasoccernoob
    Very decent game
  • Pokémon go is amazing 4.9 star rating 5/5

    By wickstorm gaming
    This game is amazing I have loved Pokémon and have loved the outdoors know I can do both at the same time this game is amazing and really fun it is changeling but not to changeling I wish I could play it more often and also they just a little bit more gyms and poke stops I went to the movie theaters and nothing was there I went to the mall there was one gym and like 4 poke stops so just add more gyms and poke stops
  • This Game is too slow for me 4/5

    By thejueman
    The game is great but when I went to run and use the new feature where I could be out of the app and still hatch my eggs but they did not hatch. I ran for 6 miles and none of them hatched. I was running not driving and the eggs didn’t hatch.
  • This is awesome very captivating but.. 3/5

    By 💞💗💕💘💗💖💙
    Also there the very popular issue of accessibility. Kids are playing this game, and they often are not able to drive to any pokestops. Pokestops should be more widespread to the point where every area (not only the popular and populated ones) have a pokestop. Lack of poke balls can lead to overall abandonment of the game itself, seeming as it is almost entirely built around them. What would be best is for every group of houses (apartment buildings included). there should be a pokestop close enough for a child to walk to. Also the AR more is very difficult to effectively use. The idea of it is awesome! But actually using it is a different story. It is way more likely for Pokémon to flee while in At mode. Being really annoying especially for people who don’t like wasting hard earned poke balls. Plus the aim on AR mode is very stressful. Wasting plenty of balls on a Pokémon trying to aim for it. For the Pokémon to flee. The solution for this would be to eliminate pokeballs being able to go behind the Pokémon. And to entirely make AR mode just like the regular mode but with just the background changing into AR.
  • Bad 1/5

    By ggghhgyfdhf
    Do not get it it does not work!!!!!!!
  • Ehhh 2/5

    By flamingomae
    See look I might’ve liked it if it would let me log on I couldn’t even start the game because it wouldn’t let me log in and get started it just kept logging me out so no I did not like this
  • Incubators 1/5

    By SaintJP
    That’s all I should have to say. Where in the #### did all the incubators go? Give them to me with raids or stops! This money extortion type gameplay pisses me off. Give me everything in game for free
  • Gyms 3/5

    By CeCepandalord
    I’m giving a 3 start rating simply because it’s not fair that we can only get pokecoins once a day from gyms now with the new update. I’m not rich. I can’t spend money every single time I’m out of poke balls. My go to was putting Pokemon in gyms to earn pokecoins. I’m an avid player I play quite a lot, this is very inconvenient.
  • Great game but 5/5

    By Nathan100509
    The game great but jirachi is only in go fest and y didn’t go so i don’t have jirachi and y want jirachi so Pokémon go should put jirachi global so all People they get jirachi
  • Great but Poke stops need a change 4/5

    By Ballerboy1106
    I love this game but I wish I could ride by a Pokémon stop and not need to try again, if I can access it for a little bit I should be able to get it. This is really not a complaint though but just something I would personally like.
  • Trash 1/5

    By bddhdhdhdg
    This app is very trashy
  • This game is great!!! But..... 😐 4/5

    By GalaxyFlower1027
    I enjoy this game and think the new trading quality and raids are great!!! But I believe that when you put a Pokémon in a gym and then it comes out it should give you your Pokémon coins on the time that it’s in there. And that you should be able to get more than 50 a day depending on he number of your Pokémon in gyms please read this and change it it would totally Change my opinion but plz fix it!!!
  • yee uee 5/5

    By owensahs
    such aye good gaym
  • I can’t purchase coins! 3/5

    By Dheiksnfh
    I love this game! I gave it 5 stars before until it wouldn’t allow me to get 20 pokeballs with my 100 poke coins! It never worked even with 4 bars! It just freezes! Please fix this bug!
  • Lazy people 3/5

    By OmegaDragonGaming
    Fun game but for those people for lazy or people with no data so I propose a thing that allows to move but not move in real life. Not hard I think and hope
  • It really is a perfect game, I just need help with… 3/5

    By Deathspy98
    This game is really, really, really, fun to play everyday with my friends. It made me go from saying “Pokémon is just for little kids, immature teens, immature young adults, and even immature adults,” to going back and say “I love Pokémon! I really wish my DS Lite still worked so I could replay the games with Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh… But I’m not complaining! This will do!” The only thing that’s wrong is: I have 100 Pokécoins, yet it won’t even load! So, I but I don’t even get the opportunity to use it (if it’s an item), nor will it let me put it on my avatar (If it’s a piece of clothing). ’ve been patient, waited, and made sure to stay on the game, but it won’t even load if I stay on the app for a while! Please fix this issue!
  • Deleted account 1/5

    By typo9910
    I had a level 30 or so account and one day I got on to play and I was logged off. Tried logging back on, it didn’t work. I even went to change my password and stuff, then I got a email saying there isn’t an account with this email even though I literally have emails from when I had my account. Unless I can get my account back I’m not changing the rating.
  • Suggestion 5/5

    By Jsjsdjsjsksjdhdbbdbdsn
    Maybe consider a daycare system that works similar to the daycare in normal Pokemon games? It would be a great addition to the game and could add new ways to get Pokemon candies for whatever Pokémon you put in.
  • Decent 4/5

    By ccoooollbbooyy
    The game is good but the maps are off and should get updated more offset. I get lots of Pokémon but they do not spawn in enough
  • Broken adventure sync 1/5

    By Lancersrock
    Use to love playing. Decided to pick it back up just to find it no longer syncs properly. Hopefully this gets fixed as it was a pretty good fitness aid and helped with motivation
  • Fix 4/5

    By jaymarshall021
    Please fix the gps signal
  • The good old days are gone 3/5

    By panda541
    New quests are rare as heck The weekly KM rewards are pointless. No real incentive for walking as much ( as far as the game goes). The weekly Pokémon for your daily quest is super repetitive. Can’t tell you how many Enteis Lugias and Latias I’ve gotten back to back. It’s burnt out. Too bad I’ve spent this much money on it :/
  • Yeet 5/5

    By hfidshkjfegligdial3shiocds
  • Fun buuuttt... 3/5

    By SylveonOnTheGO
    This game is really fun. I feel it’s as true to Pokémon as a mobile game can be. But it has frustrating glitches such as Adventure Sync not collecting all the Kms you walked.
  • They should change the name to Login Failed 1/5

    By Prussia Teutonic
    I really love this game, but there’s always a problem. I used to track down hacks all the time to get it running, but I’m tired of doing that and I don’t feel like I should have to. I’m really going to miss this game, but it’s becoming a full time job to try to get it to run. Uninstalling and hopefully can find a fun game that actually works
  • It’s okay 2/5

    By MrsShellie
    If you want a generic pedometer to help you track your walking and you’re a fan of Pokémon, it’s good. The avatar is dumb. Not a lot of options as far as how you look. The fashion is laughable. If you can ignore the avatar it’s a decent pedometer.
  • Yay!❤️💙❤️💙 5/5

    By Perkninja61
    This game is awesome!!! They keep on updating it when it’s already perfect!!!!
  • Recent news about the lawsuit 3/5

    By Luc98e
    To Niantic I know this is suppose to be a review however I think this qualifies. I am a long time player since day one. I am glad that you are after those people that make money off your app. Which that been said. I would like to suggest that your company instead after these people with lawsuit, a waste time, money and resources why don’t you work with these people (May be recruit them) to make the app better. Some feature they add on actually made the game so much better ) for example IV check and their new feature fast catching. Your app have not change that much since day one. These feature should be added to the game to improve experience. I stopped playing for awhile because no new feature was added. I recently got back to playing because the new gen addition. I really hope the IV feature can be added so I can know which Pokemon I caught is good and which is average. The app itself still not stable. It still crashes randomly. Thank you for your time.
  • Last update messed up adventure sync 1/5

    By Delivior
    So it was an amazing game that I loved playing with my family. However with this last update adventure sync was damaged. Thus all my walking and what not was not shown and therefore, I lost out on a bunch of the game.
  • Walking tracker is off 1/5

    By KatzKub
    I have tried to walk my buddy as well as try to hatch eggs but the walking on the tracker does not work and I walked 2.5 miles so I will change my review once this glitch is fixed please and thank you!
  • Unresponsive support, buggy game 1/5

    By Jenwebster1986
    Have had issues with adventure sync for months, it worked before then when the game updated it stopped connecting to my health app. You can’t send screenshots of the issue to them via the app. And the bot tells you that you won’t ever get a personalized response. What that really means is that no one is reading the complaints and they will update things only when it costs them money and players to NOT update. The game is fun and a good way to get people out and connecting with others, but if you’re going to put a game out, you need to actually take care of it. I only know three people still playing this game. It was once the most popular game in my workplace, we were all playing during our breaks. Not cool niantic. Not cool.
  • Amazing BUUUUT 5/5

    By Dingo12171/Adir
    I just got my research box scamed
  • I 4/5

    By chadburnett
  • It is rude 1/5

    By ade mae
    I this site play it again but it won’t let me in I tried my email I tried in username I tried the password is one let me in not even a new one but I still recommend people to play it it is a fun game but if you get locked out like me because I couldn’t get my password right or user name even though It was right you should still play it
  • More of a suggestion 4/5

    By Talmarr Decree
    I think it would be cool if you could breed a male and female pair of the same kind of Pokémon in your collection , like link them together for the purpose of generating a poke’ egg by a certain distance walked or a certain amount of candy & or stardust similar to evolving or even better yet cross breed two different types of Pokémon to come up with totally new random types of Pokémon that inherit certain traits of the parent Pokémon.
  • Not working iPhone6 1/5

    By Itheawesome
    So I used to love this app, it was so much fun, allowed me to be active and connect to a great community! I even made some really good friends. Since December, the app no longer works on my device (iPhone6). It freezes on the opening screen. I have contacted the company several times via email and twitter. Each time there is a new version of the app, I download it again and the same error occurs. The company is not receptive to my complaints at all. This truly saddens me because the app has such potential and I wanted to continue using it! I am deeply disappointed by Niantic.
  • Please fix login!! 1/5

    By Vaenn
    You can no longer sign in though Facebook or email. I can’t link my account with pokeclub either. I am well over 1000+ hours in this game and refuse to restart over a login option being removed.
  • Great man 5/5

    By ben20081220
    This is great!!!!!!
  • This game murders people 1/5

    By PizzaRose42
    People stare at the phone looking around for Pokémon then they fall off a cliff that’s just sad.
  • Good. One thing wrong... 4/5

    By gamecriticboi
    I love this game...ONLY WHEN I TRAVEL!! I live wayyyy out in the sticks, and I can’t catch ANY Pokémon because of where I live!! PLEASE make it so more Pokémon spawn out in rural areas. PLEASE!!!!!
  • Amazing 4/5

    By sandyshark
    The friending feature in Pokémon go is amazing
  • I can’t get my account back 2/5

    I can’t get my account back from two years ago and it is really annoying
  • It won’t let me in!!! 1/5

    By SpeedyGamerz
    I’ve made 2 other accounts after my first account logged me out! The 2 other accounts won’t work either! One of the 2 extras have a different gmail from the first so it’s not that! This game used to be my favorite, now it’s the worst!!!
  • OMG🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮 1/5

    By Zor Zor 28
    This game kill people
  • A BIG PROBLEM!!! 2/5

    By Jujulcrane
    Hello I know this is supposed to be a review and this kind of is but also kind of isn’t but that’s okay. Actually this is basically just a rant. Anyways I think there is a big problem with the Pokémon go buddy system. I think it was a really great idea but there definitely is a problem with it. People put very rare Pokémon’s that they may of gotten out of an egg or just found, that really want to evolve so that they can obtain candies for it. But the for a rare Pokémon usually you only get one candy for ever 5km walker which is RIDICULOUS. Just think about it, if you need 10 candies, you have to walk 50 k, and most people need like 50 candies especially if it’s a three stage Pokémon they would need 125 to evolve all stages (of course you shouldn’t have to rely on the buddie system for all 125 Pokémon but you still should rely on it for a decent chunk of that especially if it is a rare Pokémon.) to get 50 k you would need to walk 250 K!!!! Sorry but nobody walks that many kilometers. The lease they can do is make it like 1k-2k-3k per candy instead of 1k-3k-5k. You see the Pokémon go company doesn’t understand struggle of living in the country side and finding like one rare pokemon per year and not ever getting any more candies to evolve it. Anyways thanks for your time.
  • Good game but... 3/5

    By Tea-Coffee-Plants
    Great game. I love it. Picked it back up after about a year. But it never gets my location. I live in a city. It’s always the red bar at the top with GPS not found. My location is on and it’s really annoying. It doesn’t track how far I walk and when Pokémon show up I can’t click on them to actually catch them.
  • Fix the issues listed below!!! 1/5

    By SwankPeRFection
    Why the F* would you do ExRaids in a Monday at 1PM?!?! People work!!! And kids can’t usually go anywhere with their parents because the parents work! That’s just absolutely stupid!!! Think people, think!!!! Try them on Sundays, would be better for everyone. WHY WOULD YOU DO COMMUNITY DAYS ON A WEEKDAY AND DURING HOURS WHEN MOST PEOPLE WORK?!?!?! Do them ON A SUNDAY!!!! You know, when the whole family can most likely attend!!! Can’t attach screenshots or any file via the new in-game support chat when submitting a bug report. Not sure how you missed that during testing. On iPhone XR, on the Field Research screen, the top of the screen is cut off (the binoculars icon to be exact is cut off by the notch). Please fix this. FIX THE POKÉDEX SLOW LOAD TIMES!!! CACHE THE GRAPHICS LOCALLY! The version number in the app on the Settings screen has never matched the iOS app version number listed in the App Store. This should match and Apple should have caught that already and pointed it out per developer guidelines. Pokédex and caught Pokémon graphics take forever to load, even on a brand new iPhone XR. Plus they always have to reload when you pull up those screens. Who thought it was a good idea not to allow the app to locally cache the graphics for the Pokémon? This was introduced when you fixed a scrolling/crashing defect on these same screens a very long time ago. This must have been your “fix” for that, but it’s poor coding honestly. This should be fixed as it looks bad and amateurish as is.
  • Best game 5/5

    The lag is really bad when I leave a public area but other then that the game is so much better
  • Needs more content 4/5

    By vhvjbk
    I think this game is really fun but I just think it needs some more content

Pokémon GO app comments

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