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  • Current Version: 3.1
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Pokémon TV App

Download the re-designed Pokémon TV app, complete with awesome new features and even easier navigation! Watching your favorite Pokémon animated adventures on all of your devices has never been easier. Stream movies, episodes and special animated features starring Ash, Pikachu, and all of their friends, all for free! Easily Watch Across Devices! When you sign in with your Pokémon account, your episode and season progress will be saved across all of your devices. Watch Offline! If you’re planning to be without service for a while, don’t worry! With the updated app, you can download episodes or a movie for offline viewing. This video will be stored to your device, so you can watch on that long airplane flight! Watch Full Seasons! Catchuponfullseasonsatatime.Currentfullseasonsinclude:Season1:IndigoLeague,Season20:Sun&Moon, andSeason21:Sun & Moon - Ultra Adventures. Stay Up to Date with Push Notifications! We’ve also added push notifications to alert you when new movies and episodes have been added. With push notifications enabled, you’ll be the first to know what awesome adventures await the next time you watch! The Pokémon TV app is the perfect way for fans to watch their favorite episodes.

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Pokémon TV app reviews

  • Love it... 5/5

    By isla89
    But, can you guys add the Johto Journeys and Johto League Champions too, please?
  • Amazing 5/5

    By gamerboy55382748837
    If your looking to watch Pokémon this is you app best thing ever I love it
  • Just episodes 5/5

    By Hello My Meeps
    You don’t have to pay, no ads, and all the episodes.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Mudkip30
    Love Pokémon and I even play the game on a 3ds! Love watching this
  • More episodes 1/5

    By hserlix
    Please pokemon company please add more episode in pokemon sun and moon
  • Review 1/5

    By C.D Fan 12
    When I was watching a video it turned grey and I couldn’t see it.
  • Pokémon company 1/5

    By William Bivings
    What happed to all the other Pokémon seasons? I would have to agree
  • Best app to watch Pokémon 5/5

    By yerrrrrr yerr yerr yerr
    Love this app
  • Pokemon 5/5

    By gehehehsh wh
    It’s fun to wache and I am very exilerated
  • Thank you! 5/5

    By ahdneixnejsm
    I couldn’t be happier that I can finally watch the entire Pokémon series over again!
  • The newest episode are not there to watch 4/5

    By Deven7601
    I like this app but I feel like it doesn’t have much new episodes in it and I have already watched all of the rest. On YouTube I already saw that the Pokémon league for Alola is already built but there is no new episodes of it and that is upsetting me for right now.
  • Lots of shows 5/5

    By Audrick26
    There are so many Pokémon shows available for free here. My son really appreciates it.
  • I like but somethings missing 5/5

    By Evan92642135
    So I just wanted to say that there used to be a Pokémon show that I liked but it got removed and I got sad. So all I’m asking is for there to be all the seasons on here ok. Also you did a good job making this however when I’m watching there’s always a glitch or bug and it turns everything gray and blurry.
  • Plz add X AND Y plz 4/5

    By yoshi is a loves cats and
    I love the app but some episodes and series are not there like X and Y I really like ti and Netflix Thor’s away and I rlly want see the new episodes of sun and moon and I really want to see black and white plz READ THIS! Ti be really nice thank you
  • Aswome 5/5

    By Kekois
    I’ve been looking for a place to be able to watch Pokémon since in Netflix the whole anime series isn’t available.
  • Series/seasons 4/5

    By PokeyRaptor
    All right so to start this off I love this app but there’s one BIG Problem so Pokémon you better be reading this.You see senses last year people started saying that ruby/spaffare All of the begging Gold/sliver Dimnde/Pearl black/white xyz and the rest of sun and moon you should no you have to make it we’re we can watch all of this that would make the app Way better you see there’s some season or episodes in the Pokémon series we love but they go away what you have now season 9 my favorite season of the Pokémon series we’ll be gone soon so make we’re we can watch all the episodes of the Pokémon series k.that was the main part of my repot the second thanks is that you should make it we’re we could watch some early that would make a good reward for buying the app.thanks for reading this gameFreak pls pls pls do all the things I write down pls I give it 4 starts because you know way hopefully you fix this soon and it shouldn’t be that hard to get all the seasons and series in the app you have had it that way before so pls make it we’re we could watch the seasons and series pls pls pls10,000,000pls pls do it pokemon! Also we’re all just trying to make the game better so pls do it. Pokémon
  • Love it but 1/5

    By Chumage
    I had it before ( when it had all gens except sun and moon and newer ) and I loved it but sense it doesn’t have X and Y or black and white ( my 2 favorites) I can’t enjoy it as much now I will change this to five stars if you get the 2 I said in the app.
  • Overall it’s good! 4/5

    By fairy princess love
    Ok so I only have a few complaints about it. The first one is why is Indigo League called “The Beginning”? I know that it’s the first series and all but I liked the name Indigo League and The Beginning makes it sound less important in my opinion. The Last complaint I have is that I have no idea where to find the movies! I really only watch Indigo League and I want to watch the movies but have no idea what season they would be in. With that over with I honestly think that it’s a good app.
  • It’s glitchy 2/5

    By dragonwild clay
    It’s really really really really glitchy and I can’t even see what’s happing I thought it was part of it buts just glitch and I think they should fix it up a little bit BYEEEE
  • It’s ok... but not great 1/5

    By cookiefan134
    It’s not that good actually it needs some major fixes like a search it also needs the XYZ and XY series on there also, if your going to have season 9 on there of ruby and sapphire series you at least need to have the seasons before that. I personally hate this and can’t wait to delete it. FIX YOUR STUPID BUGS!!!!!
  • I love to watch it but... 2/5

    By to futer fight
    It doesn’t have It all the Pokémon anime’s and I mad :c
  • Add others 3/5

    By PeashooterPlayz
    I would rather use this to watch XY or other Pokemon seasons but what we get is ruby and sapphire, the beginning, and sun and moon’s other seasons.
  • You guys are great 5/5

    By Treystewart
    You guys have the best shows and ultra legends is something I’ve always loved Tyson
  • Great app! But-... 3/5

    By Carmel QwQ
  • Missing Seasons 3- 5 2/5

    By Hank2188
    I wanted to watch the pokemon series in order, but I can’t here because it does not have all episodes unlike what it sounds like. You can only watch season 1 and 2, but then it skips all the way to 6 without explanation... What happened to the rest of Jhoto? Then it skips all the way to 20 from 9! I care more about the original kanto, Jhoto and Hoenn though, but like I said most of Jhoto is missing...
  • Good but missing 4/5

    By your mom's singing momsters
    It is good, but it is missing half of the seasons
  • No XY or XYZ 3/5

    By 2883572$,$$283
    It’s good, but there is no XY or XYZ! I watched and really want to watch it again, but it’s not on Netflix anymore. I really wish there was XY!
  • The screen 4/5

    By Realdrill24
    I like the app but I got a gray screen for the whole episode
  • Pokémon TV 5/5

    By dcrtvccdddd
    I like Pokémon TV because it adventurous and fun
  • This is amazing!! 5/5

    By SnowyStar6055
    I thought this was too good to be true since everything I ever wanted is on here. It’s free, doesn’t need wifi, and even has captions!! Thank you so much Pokémon 🙏
  • Deer Pokémon person 5/5

    By pokemon puppy Master
    I love Pokémon Pokémon okey Mann
  • Distasteful Autoplay 2/5

    By Nottartsydoc
    I hate Binge Watching. Please add an option to disable it. I thought you included season 3–5 permanently, but now it is gone. I already seen it, but now I feel disappointed nevertheless.
  • So when are the Galar adventures gunna come out? 5/5

    By jay1shan2
    This app is really cool I’m just wondering when it will come out
  • Español Latino 1/5

    By MarMex101
    Quisiera estuvieran los capítulos en español Latino
  • pokemon da best 5/5

    By kisancooliyobro253
    i love it but why u take out gold and silver
  • Read pls 5/5

    By IHadToEnterANicknameSoHere
    Not gonna go too into detail but I would appreciate it if you could add Kalos. It’s my favorite region in the anime! Love the app btw. Thx for reading
  • Good 4/5

    By Dbdhfhdjdjfufuf
    This is a good app but it needs one feature. I want it to allow us to search up episodes. I loved the XY and XYZ series but can’t find it. So please make a feature where you can search.
  • Video doesn’t work 1/5

    By JamesRC64
    I was enjoying it but now the video doesn’t work only audio
  • One problem 5/5

    By dhsjhwkdwndejd
    I love the app I can watch Pokemon add free but the app does not have all the Pokemon episodes released xy and z was skipped and DisneyNOW has the latest episodes wow this does not
  • I miss the old app 2/5

    By Dinohunter2025
    This isn’t a “oh, nostalgia” review. I’m saying the way the app used to be set up is absolutely superior to this pile of garbage. It’s really annoying how you can only pick from the first 3 generations and Sun/Moon. These are perfectly fine animes (not counting SM, but that’s a personal problem. But I want to watch the X & Y and Diamond & Pearl shows. With the old app, you didn’t get every single episode at once, but you still got a good amount from each and every season, as well as the specials. It was far from perfect, but was incredibly better. This gives you, what, 4 gens and like one special? And this user interface is god awful. The split each season into 4 volumes? Ugh. And the pics for each season are huge. This only has 12 seasons yet it feels like you’re scrolling through fifty. And the 3 tabs are ultimately confusing. I have to go to a separate page to watch my downloads? And the settings page has no use whatsoever. At least it isn’t glitchy. The episodes always play correctly. It’s just a stupid decision they made that caused this whole thing to go downhill. Pokemon Company needs to stop making these decisions.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By GamingNinjaEric
    Amazing app
  • Volumes coming really slow 4/5

    By Faris in da hood
    The VOL for the seasons come out way too late, but the app is amazing. No other complains
  • Good App but wish there was all of the show 5/5

    By Favorite Brain Teaser
    I just finished the beginning but now I need to watch the part of the show where Ash and his friends go to the Jhoto region but the only other parts of the show are Ruby and Sapphire and Sun and Moon so please add more of the show to Pokémon Tv
  • My favorite app 5/5

    By HarrisonKane
    My daughter is just now a year old and I have loved Pokémon since as long as I can remember and this app has a lot of easy ways to get access to episodes that I love and that I love to watch with her thank you Pokémon for making an app like this and my household will forever be an Nintendo household!
  • It’s really good 4/5

    By Emistaychillstaychill
    Ok so I’m a big Pokémon fan and I love the games the movies and the series but when I saw we could only watch the Kanto one and not johto and the other series I was disappointed.
  • Pokefan 5/5

    By cryoshadowwolf
    Wish they had all seasons
  • Pokémon 5/5

    By bnufvhyrwqetjjnmmllpoigcvxd
    The 🐐🐐🐐🐐
  • I love it 5/5

    By RunningEvee33
    This app helps me catch up on all Pokémon that I don’t get to see on Netflix
  • Adding Hoopa and the clash of ages! 5/5

    Can you please add Hoopa and the clash of ages and Pokémon XY series cause I think those series are so awesome!

Pokémon TV app comments

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