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Pokey Ball

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  • Current Version: 1.11.7
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Android
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Pokey Ball App

Try to poke and flick your ball as high as you can. How high can you go?

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  • Repetitive 3/5

    By Ridley W.
    I got this game a couple weeks ago. At first, it was fun. But the game quickly lost all of its new ideas. I’m currently on level 134, and it just keeps recycling old levels in fresh new colors. Boring and uninspired after about level 50.
  • Really I am upset 1/5

    By perfect unicorn rosie
    I would like to know why my level and my best score and every single thing RESET I was playing a level and I had to do something and I came back to the app and it was back on the first thing it was like if I just downloaded it I am upset I worked hard to get to level 105 and it just was like bye so I am fully upset with that and it is really glitchy so yeah please fix that bye
  • Stuck at black screen 1/5

    By Ethan,
    First of all, I wanted to try out this game so bad, But I ended up in a black screen. Can you fix this Voodoo please?
  • Not good 1/5

    By LegiTurtle
    I’ve been playing for a bit and there is an option to watch an ad for 4x the coins but everytime I watch it it makes me watch another ad right after it and doesn’t give me the coins, I’ve missed out on at least 1000+ coins this game is a waste of time for 10 seconds of play and 20-50 seconds of ads it just makes the game not fun I’ve had problems with your other games but the company seems to not care about their players’ opinions/complaints
  • A few problems 3/5

    By kathyarm10
    I’ve been playing this for awhile and I’m on level 659, there was no way to pass it, I kept landing on the very very end and yet I still couldn’t jump high enough to reach the next block, I had to watch an ad and skip it cause it wouldn’t work no matter how many times I tried. Next, there’s SO many repeat in levels. I get that after awhile there’s going to be some thinks that are alike but the amount of times I’ve seen the same levels is crazy. Still a cool game though
  • best game ever tho 5/5

    By 🥶🥶❌em❌🥶🥶
    out of all the games on my phone , this is probably my favorite! i’m on level 507, and i plan to move up faster . i’ve had it for maybe 2 and a half weeks! sure, the levels repeat themselves, but it’s still great to pass time. i wish i could give it higher stars.
  • Fun but you need to be an ad lover 3/5

    By Dud us
    Fun game and moderately challenging at times. It’s time consuming due to amount of ads. 10-20 seconds of play time gets you a 30 second to even a 1 minute long ad. You truly need to be an ad lover to play this game.
  • Amaze 5/5

    By bkcheer17
    Amazing game!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • great game, but too repetitive 4/5

    By Kitty237
    love the game, i’m on level 520 but it’s very repetitive. i still play it because there’s nothing to do, but eh it gets old
  • Huh? 2/5

    By Jan Tosh
    Well, I enjoyed this game until I got to an unpassable level. I mean it’s ok to make it challenging but come on!
  • THE COINS 3/5

    By kate_rocks
    Okay so, I like this app, but a lot of the levels repeat, and the amount of coins you get don’t match up with the amount you click on, which is weird because the amount of coins I have is never consistent
  • Can't purchase no ads options 5/5

    By DreamingOfD2Support
    Before my glowing review, I cannot purchase the no ad version. I would happily pay for no ads, but when I click the option, nothing happens. I thought, "Maybe it must be bought from the app store." but there is no option here. I've reinstalled, restarted, tried each day, nothing. I would really like to give you my money so if you could fix it, or tell me what I'm missing, that'd be awesome! Having said that, not being able to make a no ad purchae has absolutely nothing to do with gameplay, so still 5 stars. Game is so much fun. Simple and easy but will keep your mind occupied or distracted very well. I deal with anxiety, so I'm always trying to find games that can distract me and take up some time while I calm down. This game does that perfectly for me. On top of that, it's just flat out fun! I'm additicted to trying to get the jackpot at the end of each level. I often find myself playing time and time again just for another shot at it, which is a weird thing, I know, but games that have other little repeatable quirks always have longevity for me. Another great one by Voodoo!! You guys are AMAZING! You keep pumping out the most simple games in concept that are so much fun to play. Thank you for helping me control my anxiety!!
  • The bug fixes aren’t fixed 3/5

    By Autumn✌🏻
    So, it was all good until today. I downloaded it a couple days ago and it worked how it was supposed to all good and fun. Today I come on and try to play but to my surprise the game doesn’t work. I’d give this 5 stars it’s an amazing game! The only thing I’m complaining about is when your falling and supposed to touch the wall to doesn’t leaving me to fall to my death. Please fix this bug and I’ll play again.
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By 3m1lu
    I LOVE THIS GAME! I absolutely, positively, undeniably love this game! I play almost everyday. It keep me busy for hours! As I’m writing this I’m not watching my movie. This is amazing. Highly recommend this game.
  • Mature ads not for kids 1/5

    By mas67485656
    Do not let you kids play this game. They have ads with inappropriate images. Shocked when I sat next to my child and seen these ads. Please do the same and you will not be happy either. Please take the inappropriate ads out.
  • Very inappropriate ads for kids 1/5

    By aimer123456
    Had to delete from my kids iPads because of your inappropriate ads. So terrible to be putting those ads on kid games. They should not be seeing/reading those things.
  • Cool 5/5

    By karkar5115
    This is so cool I love it
  • Wrong difficulty! 1/5

    By AidanGamerTv
    Why would you have a person face a level that’s a rookie level but impossible for everybody? Pls add a skip ad for real because I wouldn’t get my skip ad. What I meant was to really do it for real because it maybe a bug. Just, it is like watching a ad for nothing!
  • Annoying ridiculous game 1/5

    By Luvmi6mi
    Sadly this game is disappointing I enjoy the actual game however it has way to many invasive adds and bugs in the game I am unable to just enjoy the game on its on. Please consider a option go opt out of the continuous adds anytime I am attempting to play.
  • NO ADDS 1/5

    By bonjour jemapelle jessi
    I payed 2.99 for no adds and was taxed $3.28 and still had to see adds !!!
  • Annoying asf 1/5

    By Angry stick girrl
    I would tap (really) fast as im falling yet i still havent poked anything ?! Like tf ?! How does that make sense ? It doesnt . Fix please
  • Too repetitive 2/5

    By cocok.
    I’m on level 473 and I’ve literally seen the same tracks over and over again. There are no new tracks. Gets boring.
  • 10 seconds of game then 30 seconds of commercials!👎 2/5

    By D.andK.
    More commercials than actual game play! This game could be good but greed kills it! Also it’s the same commercial 300 times!💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩👎💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩👎💩👎💩👎💩👎💩👎💩👎💩👎💩👎👎💩👎💩👎💩👎💩👎💩👎💩👎💩👎💩👎💩💩👎👎💩💩💩👎👎💩💩💩👎👎👎💩💩💩👎👎👎💩💩👎💩👎💩👎💩
  • Very glitchy 1/5

    By 1×1×1×1
  • Pokey ball 1/5

    By R.asr0r
    У игры много рекламы
  • What’s the highest score ever 5/5

    By Gkvjfuc
    Does anyone know the highest score
  • Level 559 is unbeatable 1/5

    By wack/
    Level 559 is unbeatable it’s literally impossible
  • sketchy coins.. 3/5

    By daynakayy
    I am on level 1713 and I love the game but i was getting suspicious i wasnt getting all the coins i was supposed to.. on one of my end pokes theres a small area where if i hit it i am supposed to get 814 coins.. well i was noticing when i do it my coin amount definitely doesnt go up that high, i screen recorded me playing. i had 166160 coins before that level and after i hit the 814 last poke i only had 116414.. only gave me 254 coins not 814...
  • My pokeyball experience 5/5

    By Liv 228
    Pokeyball is a very fun game. I am not going to delete it anytime soon. I can’t believe someone could come up with a game like this. Although I have a few cons about this game. You are doing the same thing over again all the time. I know they do that with a bunch of games. Thanks.
  • Freaking terrible game 1/5

    By Omgodcholesterol
    I don’t care. Level 100 is freaking impossible like how the freak am I going to freaking beat this stupid dumb freaking level when it is freaking impossible. It’s too freaking short and I can’t even freaking get up to this part because you made the freaking jump too freaking long. tRiCkY LeVeL SHUT THE FREAK UP FREAK YOU
  • Battery life 3/5

    By Hussein.ali2004
    This game is fun, sure, but it really kills the battery on my phone. In about 10 minutes of play I went from 90 to 60 percent. I own an iPhone 10r which never has battery problems, and I downloaded this game today and it hoarded the resources, and I was barely Able to use my phone with out a charger. And this game has an insane amount of ads, like each time I passed a level, there was an ad, it’s inexcusable how much ads are found in this game. In a nutshell, fix the optimization problems, and get this app out the background, because it’s killing my battery, and thermally throttling the CPU each time I open it, and lower the amount of advertisements. Without that, I’d give this game 4 stars.
  • Gotcha 1/5

    By YEHEGGB(-/&) pik'#9
    You thought I couldn’t find out that you were PURPOSELY somehow making the game not let me press try again button when I died to make me watch an ad? Well now I gotcha and everyone else who looked at this rating.
  • BEST GAME!! 5/5

    By CubeySquare
    This game is actually best game I ever played in my entire life!!! No changes but maybe add more features to be attractive game?? Any others than that is the best game!!
  • Don’t bother paying for NO ADS 1/5

    By Chj1368
    Paid the $2.99 for no ads but it’s constant ads still.
  • Boring af 1/5

    By Scavenger314
    This game so repetitive. After level 100 it pretty much just repeats itself. Not to mention the ads 90% of your time spent playing this game is in ads.
  • Fun game with issues 2/5

    By The Big DM
    App crashes often and ads start in the middle of game. Quite annoying!
  • Great game 1/5

    By JnrII
    To many adds
  • Needs improvements 4/5

    By yellowhudk
    I have been playing this game for a little while now and I am on level 1038 and I feel like the levels are so easy now because they’re just repeated. Also, I’ve won / bought all the different balls with my coins so there’s really no point in having them anymore. There’s a lot of ads too. But the game is very addicting just needs a little improving.
  • Great game 5/5

    By fluffy hearts
    This is a great game.Its really addicting and the skins are super cute.Italso doesn’t have an add after every level.This is not true for most games.If your trying to decide whether or not to get this game I recommend you do.
  • Very glitchy 1/5

    By hdyvxd
    Whenever I go into the app, it won’t even let me play the game. I try to play, but the ball wont even move. I do not suggest to get this game.
  • Game so easy 5/5

    By malik kyle whalen
    This game is so easy i’m on level 470 I do 100 levels a day day i’m trying to get on level 500 and level 1000 is my goal this game is awesome everyone should have this game.
  • Great but ads 4/5

    By hhaktbflnclxnXnfmdkbr
    This game is great but the ads can be a little to much
  • Good but Repetitive 3/5

    By itscoryduh
    I'm on level 164 currently. It's a good game for if you're bored and just need something to do, but if you're looking for a game to continuously play for a while, this isn't the game for you. It gets repetitive after level 100, which makes the game too easy and boring.
  • Good game, only has one problem 4/5

    By GoldenGirl #8
    This is a super fun game to play on the road or when I am extremely bored but sometimes I will try to tap so I hit a pole but every once in a while it refuses to work and I lose. It is a fun game though.
  • It’s good for the most part 4/5

    By jillian52920021974
    After all the balls are unlocked, I wasn’t sure what to spend the money on. It just piles up without a place to spend!
  • Sooooo boring 1/5

    By Dalton46sd
    Don’t play it
  • Annoying 1/5

    By jaotnaov
    Too many ads
  • Good, but gets a little boring 4/5

    By hanbrowil
    The game in itself is great, but it gets a little boring after a while. It isn’t one of those games you could continuously play for hours on end.
  • So fun 5/5

    By hehewjwhdhhdhs
    I like this game lots of level and it doesn’t get harder so it is still fun

Pokey Ball app comments

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