Pokey Ball

Pokey Ball

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  • Current Version: 1.10.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Android
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Pokey Ball App

Try to poke and flick your ball as high as you can. How high can you go?

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  • Too many ads 1/5

    By ravenousweasel
    poor game design and too many ads, what’s the point?
  • Fun minus the ads 2/5

    By Bearded hatchet
    These free games are so out of hand with the ads.
  • Pokey ball 5/5

    By hehdhehhdbrgajhcbruxbfg
    I can’t believe it but I got the jackpot I Love this game❤️
  • Horrible 😤👎 1/5

    By AFili09
    I hate it sooo much don’t get this app
  • 😎 5/5

    By JC!!🤪
    Cool, Fun, Game! Love it!!
  • Good game 1/5

    By Tarsteeler
    Good game but have message about ad settings it’s very annoying deleting the game
  • Creepy 1/5

    By Me 87643erggy6568
    It’s constantly asking for data sharing literally constantly, it super annoying, nor worth anyone’s time
  • Annoying adds 1/5

    By kakovac
    Screw ads every 5 seconds. Delete
  • Asks for your information 5/5

    By Blouie123
    I have played this game for a while. Everything was fine until one time when I clicked on the app. There was a white page telling me what Voodoo does with your information and why they need it. In red letters it told me that I needed to give them access to my device’s privacy settings. The fact that the letters were red it came across as sort of a threatening manner (even though it probably wasn’t meant as such). I decided to just move on without doing it. But after I didn’t do it, I was swarmed with notifications. It would pop up twice every level and before each level. Even though it only pops up at the top of the screen, in makes it very hard to concentrate on the level and has made it almost unplayable. I know that they don’t use your personal info for bad things but the fact that they want access to all of it is a bit excessive. And also the fact that they keep bugging you about it when you play is absolutely ridiculous and they care about money more then their costumers. It’s a good game, that’s why I gave it 5 stars it’s just this is a problem and they need to understand that not all people are comfortable sharing their information. Thanks for stopping to read my little rant xD have a nice day.
  • Repetition 2/5

    By saltyidownloadedthis
    If you play the first 15 levels, youve basically played all of them. After 200 or so levels, there were only maybe 3-4 unique ones aside from the ever repeating levels youve done 15 times prior. I expected the game to get more challenging, and instead got the same level at 204 that i probably had at level 4.
  • Harassed by demands for tracking enable 1/5

    By Mcsquizit
    This game was fun. I paid $2.99 to turn off the incredibly frequent adds that last 30 seconds or longer after every level... still once in a while an ad will play despite paying to disable them. Now a banner pops up every few seconds asking me to turn on ad tracking for the app maker. I feel this is harassment and absolutely shocking - the game is unplayable now.
  • Ok game but too many ads 2/5

    By fabi cat
    Ok game but ads really slow you down and are unskipable. Ads even when playing and after every loss. Prob gonna delete as soon as I get bored of it.
  • Fun but glitchy 3/5

    By Phillips727
    It’s a fun game but tends to glitch and crash often
  • Recycled levels 1/5

    By rubbyroo
    Might be fun for the first day you play it, once you get far enough it’s literally like the same 5 levels recycled.
  • Not after new rules 1/5

    By واحد هادي
    I used to love this game & play many times a day. After the new update & force me to allow you to collect my data for advising purposes!!! No way... we had enough Count me out of your customers Bye bye
  • Great game but invasive ads 3/5

    By Nick aguilar
    This game is actually fun, easy-to-pick up goodness. HOWEVER, the ads in this game is extremely invasive and so frequent that it’s really frustrating. Ads in games are honestly fine cause how else are you gonna make money off a free game? But, the quantity this game allows is a little overkill.
  • To many ads and tracking 1/5

    By TC 96001
    I know the developer needs to make money but constant ads on the play field is far too much. Also, I have ad repacking turned off and will not turn it on. Don’t continually display a request to turn it on, it will only get you game deleted and a bad review.
  • Fun at first 1/5

    By 907traffic
    It was fun at first. Once you have gone through the levels... what’s left? Nothing. Just the same levels over and over. They have yet to at least add new balls. Certainly no new levels. Yet they had time to put a banner on the game to beg you to support tracking what I do on my phone. I don’t allow add tracking which means to play the game you will see the banner which covers part of the game screen unless you let them track you. Yes you can close it, but it reappears right away. Deleted it since they don’t respect the decision to not allow it. Their game, their choice... just like my choice not to not allow them to track and to delete it when they didn’t respect my decision.
  • Entertaining, but buggy 3/5

    By Sethyyboyy
    I have I let had it 3 days and I’m already on level 126, so as you can tel it’s fun and entertaining. The only problem I have with it is the bugs. Random close downs the spam of ads and just all around a weird lag that spots up randomly.
  • Hey 5/5

    By alanapinks
    I liked this game because when I’m bored this is the game I go too
  • Ads and Annoying 1/5

    By FAHoleDevs
    So many ads. Also if you decline data collection it brings it up on every try of every level.
  • Eager review 1/5

    By thecarters1228
    Since your so eager for a review. I used to really enjoy this game. I get you receive ad money, cool. You now have ads every turn and a notification bar that won’t go away because you want to “customize” my ads. I’m good, thanks though. Going to delete the game now, because it’s literally unplayable with the amount of ads and me having to click no I don’t want customized ads.
  • Don’t spend your money 2/5

    By xidcat
    Paid for the ad free version, now I have to click out of a banner every level. Why? Because they want me to allow ad tracking.
  • Love the game 2/5

    By Momwithlittlepeople
    But the ads were excessive. So, I paid for the ad-free version. Great no more ads. But now it has an ad to support them by allowing data sharing. All.the.time. And it gets in the way of the game because it’s across the top. No, I won’t let you share my data, stop interfering with the game!
  • Eh 5/5

    By okayBomber
    The legit worst game you could ever buy, but still have fun with it. LOL I LOVE THIS GAME🥰😘😍🥳
  • 4 star rating!! 4/5

    By unknown pep
    The games dun and all but there’s too many adds
  • Just add one thing 5/5

    By temders
    You need to make the ball go any were
  • Lots of adds 1/5

    By dontwanttoratethis
    Every time I finish a level there is a add like I get every wince and a while but not all the time
  • Pokey Ball 5/5

    By red girl 300
    I love this app
  • Uwu 5/5

    By znico godboi
    Great game you are a good bommer
  • Pokey ball 4/5

    By babyboi23$$$
    needs to be harder buys its good
  • endless mode 5/5

    By buuuuuuurt
    so this app is everything. i get you guys are like maximizing your game quantity to maximize ad revenue, BUT... could you guys maybe look into doing an endless mode for the heavy players? this game is so fun but a zen mode would make this next LEVEL. or even a race mode with your friends. like who can get to the top faster? i know this probably won’t work but hey. i figured it’s worth a shot
  • So fun!! 5/5

    By U.S.S badger
    I love this game. I started playing a week ago and i'm already on level 300! What would be fun is if there was a menu to go back and replay levels.

    By YasssssQueen
    OMG!!!!! I am like so addicted to this game. I only downloaded it cuz my friend said it was fun but it is like the game I play all the time or when I’ve got nothing better to do lol. I’m in like level 1276 so ya bro. The only problem is that at this point they just repeat levels but I really don’t care cuz the games so great!!!!
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By Dan14JK
    Fun game but wayyyyyy too many ads. Deleted solely because of that.
  • Awesome!☻☻☻ 5/5

    By Cute HayHay
    Best game ever!!!♡♡♡
  • Cool but not 5/5

    It is a really good game but it logs you out when ever it wants so that’s a little annoying but other than that, it’s a good game...
  • Eat my butt 4/5

    By myfblife
    Eat my butt
  • Crap 1/5

    By hsnsnwbkssbe
    Whenever you try to poke the ball into the surface it you have to practically punch the phone for it to register. 🙄
  • Glitches 3/5

    By Black slash
    This game is fun and at some times addicting. But there’s a problem...whenever I enter into the game it kicks me out like EVERY time I try to play it the first time. Second of all after the adds it sometimes freezes the screen! And I can promise you it’s not my iPad! It’s just disappointing that it glitches so much because it’s a really fun game! Whoever made this needs to fix it!
  • Good game but one thing 5/5

    By Puppymaster9339
    hi I love this game I play it every day but I’m not sure if it’s my phone that’s doing this but the faces on the animal balls look weird and not like how it shows you when you win it I don’t know if that’s supposed to happen another thing is that the levels are so repetitive please be more creative but other than that the game is really good thank you voodoo
  • I love it but... 4/5

    By BunnyHuggers
    I play this game too often. I love it, but I’m on level 723 and the levels are basically repeating themselves. They should get hard levels as you increase levels.
  • Epic 5/5

    By ItzBigDaddy475
    Good game and I like it
  • So easy 4/5

    By sarakini
    Easy as 123🤩
  • Ads are annoying 2/5

    By Abraxis75
    Game is fun. I would pay to turn the ads off. Also they position the ads so you will likely trigger an ad while playing. I get it’s a free game but the ads are too frequent. Levels are short. So you have an ad after each level and every time you continue a game when you fail a level.
  • Hi 5/5

    By your friend AJ
  • Such a great game! 5/5

    By PICKLES1886
    Pokey ball is such a smooth relaxing game! I love it sooo much! Highly recommend to get! A five star game
  • Pokey Ball 5/5

    By The Flower Lover!
    AWESOME AND AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UP UP AND AWAY!!!!!!!!!
  • :,| 2/5

    By Globglogabgalab123
    I’m dead inside so I play this game

Pokey Ball app comments

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