Polaris Ride Command

Polaris Ride Command

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  • Current Version: 5.4.11
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Polaris Industries
  • Compatibility: Android
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Polaris Ride Command App

Introducing Polaris Ride Command, the ultimate accessory for any powersports enthusiast, specifically created to elevate your Off-Road and Snowmobile experience. Previously known as the ORV and Snow Trails apps by RiderX, Ride Command is designed to enhance your year round riding experience by providing over 300,000 miles of trail data. View ride areas, points of interest, and dealerships all on the map of your smartphone or tablet. Ride Command also provides downloadable maps for offline use and weather updates including snow and rain fall. Experience group riding like never before with Ride Command’s Group Ride and Follow the Leader features. Invite a rider to your group to see their live location on the map of your smartphone, tablet or Ride Command in-vehicle display. Assign a rider in your group as your leader to follow their trail through any twists and turns you encounter. Seamlessly pair to your in-vehicle Ride Command display via Bluetooth to wirelessly sync rides and waypoints to your vehicle. Stream music to your vehicle’s speakers, receive text and call notifications on your display, and keep track of other riders in your group, all from the driver’s seat of your RZR, Ranger or General. Ride Command is a registered trademark of Polaris Industries Inc. *Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life. Connection to a power source is recommended. **Group Ride functionality requires cellular connectivity. If cellular signal is lost, Ride Command will show the last known location of riders in your group until signal is established again.

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Polaris Ride Command app reviews

  • Can't sign in 2/5

    By Sgueglia2124
    Can't log in. Screen just stays white with my email in the background and loading circle just keeps spinning. Please help!
  • Flakey... 1/5

    By beyonder422
    I got it to work a long time ago, well enough, pretty good app, but did iOS upgrade and now it freezes after load...
  • iOS 12.1 won’t allow to sign in !!!! 1/5

    By lapatskiy
    What’s happening guys, you had a good start in developing. I have an iPhone X and version 12.1. It’s bugging and it won’t let me login. Also, can you guys make so that you can share location from the app to the regular maps by longitude and latitude. I mean I would like to search places and be able to set my destination on this app map. Also add an option to share the place with other people.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Erik800
    Always spot on. No need to fight with the big bulky, never folding up right paper maps anymore. I love this app, I don’t need to guess where I’m at on the trails, the blue dot tells me where I’m at and shows me the direction I’m facing. Up to date trail report given from other users. Shows gas stations, food, and Polaris dealers only..(should show all dealers). Other than that, this app is amazing
  • Problem with the code!! 1/5

    By arcadius1974
    I have the ranger Efi 150 6months now and NOBODY KNOWS INCLUDING DEALERS what IS THE CODE to upload settings to the vehicle unit -HELP!!!
  • Customer support???? 1/5

    By komatsu400
    I can’t log in!! Set up a new account with my rzr this last summer. I now have a 19 850 and I’m trying to set it up with my sled. It says I have an account, I can’t remember my password and I try to send one to my email and it isn’t doing anything!? Hello anyone out there???
  • Share ride 3/5

    By Railsig
    App works pretty good but not able to share rides/trails with other riders. After ride is complete would like the share fixed. Thanks
  • Freezes 1/5

    By eeferber
    Running on iPad Pro. App constantly freezes - so often it’s completely unusable.
  • Junk for the iPad. 1/5

    By MarcGrey
    Does not work beyond startup screen on iPad Air. Haven’t tried on I phone yet. Bring back rider x. Never had an issue with it.
  • Bad flaws good start though 3/5

    By Rockndakota
    First this app needs a follow me feature to keep your vehicle centered on the map or trail you are following. It is very difficult to continually have to use your fingers to move your position on the screen so that you can see where you are on the trail. When using in landscape mode the map zooms out to show the horizon. When this happens it is easy to lose track of the bigger picture of the trail you were trying to follow. When using the landscape mode it is necessary for the app two maintain zoom level that the user has sat while actively using the app. To load tracks / trails not created in Ride Command the files must be in GPX file format and then uploaded to the ridecommand website to your rides. It takes a bit of trial and error but in the end I was able to upload all of my club rides and can now use them in Ride Command. Thanks Polaris for showing me where to go to complete this task.
  • Recording rides Not working well, lost service records 1/5

    By mac78610
    Will not retain or transfer vehicle service records. The web version is very glitchy and intermittently responsive. The app used to work well and now it crashes in the middle of rides. It’s a good thing I am not riding unfamiliar territory.
  • Worthless for Indians 1/5

    By Msauasen
    Downloaded it to use with my Indian to load waypoints and routes and it only has off road profiles. Get rid of Indian Rides app and just integrate it into here. We don’t need two different apps for routes.
  • Screen rotation 2/5

    By BybeeJ
    Nice app but a lot of screen functions go away when you rotate the screen on an iPad. Called about a year ago and was Told a fix was coming.
  • It’s ok but just ok 3/5

    By Matt_baker
    Would be nice to use a finger and mark a trail out before going on rides and I hate how many times I go to over the map left to the left and the menu bar pops up about 10 times before you get it to move. The app definitely has potential.
  • White screen 1/5

    By Matt❄️
    It just stays on a white screen and won’t open. Sometimes it just flat out crashes. Please fix this before snowmobiling season I use this app a lot and it’s frustrating there hasn’t been a fix yet.
  • I did the update now it’s not starting 3/5

    By iampaulernst
    Need another update ASAP
  • App has potential but very unstable 2/5

    By Timmh35777
    I have used this app for over a year and its great when it doesn't crash. I just went to open the app to download maps for WV trails for an upcoming trip and it won’t stay up and running.
  • Need Fix 2/5

    By Amanda Ka
    Maps show good layout, but the app makes me register the VIN every time I log in (which is a pain)
  • Bugs fixed. Finally. 4/5

    By Heli-AV8R
    Earlier I wrote a one star review because after I updated my app it was STILL not loading. I finally just deleted and re-installed fresh and it finally seems to be working. Thank you for finally updating the ride command app!
  • Still glitchy but 1/5

    By Whateverbscrap
    I’ve found updates are horrible and app is glitchy when updating. Works better to delete and reinstall app completely.
  • Used to work 1/5

    By Byrons girl
    Used to work on my iPhone. Now it won’t load, white screen or won’t let me log in.
  • 5.3.3 doesn’t work on iPhone 6 1/5

    By RealGeddy
    5.3.3 doesn’t work on iPhone 6, fix it please.
  • Good idea. But crashes on start up 2/5

    By mayhem1328
    May 2018 Update - Not good. This app has so much potential but it is too buggy to use reliably. Installed on an ipad2 that was mounted in my turbo rzr. App would start and work great. Then it would randomly crash and shut itself down (the app). I could barely use it more than 15 minutes before a fatal crash. Also some commands are missing in landscape mode, which is how my iPad is mounted. So you can be locked out during a ride. It’s not currently reliable enough to use. Also randomly the trails would disappear and only reappear when you resize your iPad screen. Very buggy. If they can get a handle on some of these serious problems, then this app will be unstoppable. But for now, I have to go with another app. **UPDATE** Got it working again. Delete the app. Remove it from iTunes too. Reinstall. It should work. If not, try rebooting your phone after the reinstall. I used this before in Moab and it was great. Got us through Hells Roaring Revenge no problem. The problem is the updates. The latest update won’t even allow the app to open. Just the welcome screen and then an all white screen. Nothing. Running on iPhone 6 with current iOS. I still like the app. Just need to figure a way to get it working again. I hope they fix it because I just bought a defender case for my iPad and ram mounts for my rzr turbo.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Roxybluexd9
    Interesting to pitch this app to use with a vehicle we spent $30k on. The app won’t even load. Glad our RZR works better than the app.
  • Waste of space 1/5

    By Nick400adams
    This app NEVER WORKS iPhone 6s.
  • Partial work 2/5

    By xdstan
    This app used to work on my IPad Air; but now it opens and then closes immediately. I used this app to research rides and would like it to work again. When it was functioning I thought it was great
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By 1534dh
    The app doesn’t work. When I open it all I get is a white screen
  • Polaris Ride Command 2/5

    By PNGento
    Not sure what has happened, but this app shuts down on me anytime I switch to another app, like the camera and then come back to PRC. When I return to PRC app, I am asked if I want to resume my ride. If I say yes, the app shuts down. I’ve tried restarting, not using same alt app but doesn’t seem to matter. Shuts down every time. Using iPhone 6 with all updates in place.
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By Nasty Hooker
    Does not show all the trails in the UP of Michigan also missing Gas stations Drains your battery fast
  • App no longer opens 1/5

    By Me123432566436
    I used to love this app and he saved me and a group of friends one night but it is no longer usable. Opens to just white screen. iPhone 7
  • App does not work at all 1/5

    By mark charvat
    If you download this app, please be advised, it will not work at all if you have an iPhone 6 or 6s. Want you launch the app you only get a white screen. Then, it does nothing. A waste of time.
  • Works offline 5/5

    By buryitz
    Deleted and reinstalled and it works again and really good.
  • Quit working altogether 1/5

    By Sniper3dplayer
    WAS a great app, BUT now only loads a white screen?!?! Other CRAP about it: unless you own a Polaris, there’s no access to ride stats. Not even an option to pay for added access to the features already in the app??? But MAIN gripe is that it NO LONGER FUNCTIONS?!?!
  • White screen 1/5

    By Rab!
    App doesn’t work since last update. Just get a white screen
  • Does not work anymore 1/5

    By DonDonF250
    After last update app does not work. I use ride command to keep up with my service intervals. And I cannot access it any more
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By CrankyApex
    App doesn’t work at all on my iPhone SE running 11.2.6
  • App won’t open nor function on my iPhone 1/5

    By Unclejackfan69
    Since the latest update, this App is nonfunctional on my iPhone 6s Plus. I originally loved this App but no longer. I have numerous saved rides lost. The App still works on my iPad but I don’t take my iPad riding......update, now the app won’t run on either my iPad nor my iPhone. Very disappointed. I’ve lost weeks of memorable trip information.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Clutter ell
    I have a iPhone 7plus. 99% of the time the app won’t even open. Why have a app if you can’t keep up with updates. Been trying to open it for the last 10 minutes and to no avail. Getting ready to delete.
  • Latest update renders app useless 1/5

    By Txmdtx
    After updating the app to the latest update, the app no longer works on my iPhone. Open app and only get a white screen
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Big barrel rider
    Would be nice to use, but all it does is crash every time I open it , tried un-installing it and re-installing still does the same. I have a new iPhone 8. Update , seems to work good now, works good for tracking rides .
  • App 5/5

    By bluerosetta
    I had the same white screen issue and thought it was just needing an update. I ended up deleting the app from my phone then reinstalled it...works perfectly now! Thanks Polaris love the app!
  • Don’t update the app ever 1/5

    By Capone mi
    Everytime I update the app it will never open ... I will have to delete it and reinstall it ....
  • New update 5/5

    By Cowboy1964
    Tried to use the app to track my ride toddy app crashes. Won’t let me open pst rides or waypoints trying to map out trails on my property to have maps made for a family reunion in a fed weeks not working at all. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled is working awesome now. Thanks for a great tracking tool.
  • Revised. Please update this app regularly! 1/5

    By TMac923
    This app hardly works at all on my iPad mini 2. However it worked fine on my iPhone 6s Plus and also my iPhone X. Now it won’t open. It stays a white screen although sometimes It just crashes on my iPad. Also the maps don’t have any trails marked on any of the major trail systems that I’ve ridden and used this app on. And when you turn the devise to landscape mode all of the function buttons disappear. How about 3D topo visual option as well so while driving the trails you know what type of terrain your on and what’s around you. Also realize if your using a device that is not connected to the network full time that you cannot use the new group ride feature. Useless app. Why is there NO support at all for this app. The riding year is upon us. Fix the app so it runs on the current iOS version devices. Fix landscape mode. If not. Just remove it from the App Store. It’s taking up space for apps that actually function. Now to find one that works. Or move on to a full fledged off road gps device. Not Ride Command!!!!
  • Nonfunctional 1/5

    By DannySummerfest
    Just a blank white screen. Never opens. Tried restarting app and phone with no luck. While the “old” Polaris “Ride” app was lacking, at least it opened and you could find a trail.
  • maps not displaying, can’t get support 1/5

    By D7200user
    maps not displaying, can’t get support at all. Nothing left to do at this point. Working on all my friends phones though!!! Grr!!! It installs but I cant get maps to display. Satellite map shows up but it is so useless not sure what the point of that is. I cannot see routes or trails or anything. So disappointed this isn’t working because it works great on all of my friends phones!!! I managed to get to a Polaris support page but it is not allowing me to fill out anything else at all, so disappointing!!! I tried updating iOS and reinstalling the app to no avail.
  • Major Trails Missing 3/5

    By Watersports nut
    I love this app except for one major flaw - many major trail sections are simply not showing on the map. I am specifically referring to the U.P. of Michigan. The trails west and south of Grand Marais towards Munising show dead ends that are inaccurate, the trails south and west of Munising show dead ends that don't connect properly and many of the trails around Marquette show dead ends that aren't accurate. These are MAJOR trails that are missing - like much of the major east/west Trail 8 corridor. I don't understand why some of the most obscure trails show on these maps but some of the most major trails do not. Makes it very difficult to rely on this tool to navigate whereas if the trails were fixed it would be simply awesome.
  • Stability 3/5

    By User48223
    5.2.x on iOS 11.2.2. The basics of a great App are included and has some very nice features. When the App is running the user interface is not really intuitive but at least it’s not complicated. The major issue is stability. During a ride the App can just quit. If you happen to notice then the App can be restarted and recording starts again. If your eyes are on the trail and you don’t notice then the App simply draws a straight line from last recorded position to the position when the App restarts. This could be most or all of the ride!! This is an old issue. The software must be more stable on the in dash device. I’m thinking that Polaris is not supporting mobile devices very well by choice so more people will purchase the expensive in dash device!!!
  • Good idea, but...(MC) 3/5

    By Eric the Host
    This app is suggested (advertised) in the owners manual for my ‘18 Springfield Darkhorse, but only has modes designed for snow and sand. Update for on-road use?

Polaris Ride Command app comments

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