Poly Bridge

Poly Bridge

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Dry Cactus
  • Compatibility: Android
13,178 Ratings
$ 4.99

Poly Bridge App

Poly Bridge, the hit indie bridge-building physics title with dozens of hours of gameplay. "A must play for anyone interested in puzzle games." - TheGamingReview * 105 Campaign Levels * Sandbox * 22 Achievements * Hydraulic Pistons * Moving Drawbridges * Swings, Jumps, and Classic Bridges Unleash your engineering creativity with an engaging and fresh bridge-building simulator with all the bells and whistles! Play the fully featured campaign with 100+ levels of challenging physics puzzles or make your own puzzles and bridge designs in the Sandbox. Success begins by getting cars to their destinations by any means; build suspensions, ramps and jumps, double-deckers, moving drawbridges, and much more. Complete every level under budget and with a sturdy, unbreaking bridge, to become a Poly Bridge Master Engineer... and unlock the secret world.

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  • Great but no leaderboard 4/5

    By petermitrano
    Fun but I can’t figure out how to see the leaderboard
  • The best 5/5

    By fornite alex
    The best game ever!!
  • TOO HARD 4/5

    By Dani3182
    I played for about a week and on the first part I got stuck and the tutorial didn’t help at all
  • Would like a refund 1/5

    By sloths019
    I am only 14 and I thought this game was going to be good but instead it was crappy. The game controls on the IPhone is awful and has a 1in5 chances for it actually working correctly and the way I want it to work. I was trying to move the screen but instead I had added lots of wood stabilizers when I didn’t want that so I had to redo everything by deleting the whole bridge and restarting which was hard because I had forgotten the way the bridge had looked in the first place. When placing things down it was hard because the items would snap weirdly and then I would have to go back and fix it all by using another tool which was time consuming and made me frustrated that it was taking long. I had asked for a refund but I didn’t qualify so I have a game that has bad controls and is very frustrating to play. Apple had said I didn’t qualify even though I had wrote about the controls and the sandbox but they ignored me, I feel like Apple has given up and is now just in it for the money which is annoying since we are to rely on them for help, refunds and recommendations. I am not trying to diss Apple in any way this is just my opinion and I could be wrong so you don’t have to believe me.
  • Needs update 1/5

    By Brostaph
    Can’t get past certain levels, making the campaign puzzles unplayable. Last update was 2 years ago.
  • . 4/5

    By EvadeWolf
    Very fun game! the only problem I have is that the controls are very sensitive and are not specific at all. My roads have tiny little gaps and what not. Please fix this problem!
  • Support issue 5/5

    By UniBubble
    Every time I try to put on supports it won’t let me and it won’t let me finish a bridge.
  • Great game, touch controls are very frustrating 3/5

    By snoozebar
    I’ve played other versions of this game and love it, but the iPhone version is extremely frustrating. The touch controls aren’t programmed well. For example, trying to select the line curve guide to change the curve of the line works maaaaaybe one in four. Instead you’ll just move the screen around. I accidentally hit the wrong material all the time - the selectable area is small. And the selection tool is wonky - it doesn’t select what it should, or it selects unrelated items. I am still having fun with it, but MAN do I want different controls
  • Great 5/5

    By drdepresion
    Great for passing time
  • Difficult but fun 5/5

    By astroclimber26
    I’m very impressed with this game. The physics feel nearly perfected, and the high difficulty gives me a fun challenge. The sandbox mode is also fun, and it allows me to freely test out my ideas. If you are into engineering and puzzles like I am, then you will definitely get a kick out of this game.
  • Well made. Extremely challenging 4/5

    By Jdjpooph
    Great game and well made. Just a cautionary word to anyone thinking of buying it it gets very very difficult very quickly; right around half way through the second “world”. I had 3 stars on all levels up until then and im having trouble even completing levels from there on out. There are no hints and no guides once you complete the tutorial.
  • Needs a “Hint” button. 5/5

    By Aughhhhh!
    This game is nice and fun. BUT, there should be a “hint” button to give you help on a level that you are stuck on. Maybe if you are stuck on that level for a certain amount of time it will appear. Or after a certain number of times you fail it will appear.
  • Has great graphics 5/5

    By ROCKER596
  • Beautiful Game 5/5

    By a player ok?
    This id mainly a PC game but it’s been ported to mobile well!
  • The best games, but a little hiccup 1/5

    By Unubhgvgvtvtvcrxrvh
    I’ve just passed the last board and now the only thing that works is sandbox. Campaign won’t load at all. Please fix this. I’ve asked many times if I can play the workshop on my iPad Pro 3rd gen with no computer and didn’t get a response. Not a big deal. But the thing I’m asking now is different, the game won’t load. I wonder, am I not getting a response because I rate the game 5 stars? Maybe you only respond to 1 star. I’m gonna try 1 star and see, I don’t want to, but I’m thinking that’s how the algorithm works to get a response. I’ll change it back after. Awesome game. I wish there were a 100000 levels
  • Bugs 1/5

    By polybridgechris
    Sandbox Mode does not work! You can set up scenario but you can not implement a new build.
  • Delete just one node? 3/5

    By PdxPride
    Controls to remove one node are difficult (having to use selection tool). Why not a double tap or long press?
  • Es el mejor juego 5/5

    By hehsevgsggdhdbw
    Es el mejor juego
  • One of the best bulding game 5/5

    By Hreggi2222
    5 stars
  • I love this game! 5/5

    By Iouyp 2.0
    This game is great. It keeps me entertained when I’m bored. But there is no hydraulic controller so I can’t do most of the levels where I need the hydraulic to only activate at a certain time. Please fix this. I would love to continue playing this game and finish it. Thank You!
  • Doesn’t work... 1/5

    By Quimby315
    Sandbox mode doesn’t work. Instructions are a joke. Waste of money. Deleted.
  • Great game, sometimes extremely tedious 5/5

    By ben55418
    As a player who has unlock the secret world,(every level 3 star other than area 52) I enjoyed the game soo much. The simulation is amazing, all the levels force you to be creative, and it’s overall great fun! Except for some of the levels, the tedious ones. these levels are the types of levels that force you to keep adjusting you’r creation one tiny bit at a time until you’r bridge doesn’t break. So if you want to unlock the secret world you’ll need to invest many hours.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Jumpyball12
    Very fun strategy game!
  • Terrible controls 1/5

    By therealestofthemall
    Not sure why Apple chose to feature this game. The design is nice but the controls are impossible. I’m figuring out how to get a refund or will dispute the charge.
  • Bad!!👎 1/5

    By mjiijiojuefft
    I can’t get sandbox mode to work! Also I can’t place anything! Waste of 5$
  • 被中国人玩坏的游戏 5/5

    By nivkfcc
  • Fun. 5/5

    By person123243
  • Great 5/5

    By 4206934
    Better on pc but still great on mobile devices
  • Awesome 5/5

    Awsome game This game makes me work harder so I can get my dream job as an engineer.This game is the best
  • Don’t understand why it’s high evaluation 3/5

    By wwwenww
    I like the art style of the game. But the physics just doesn’t make sense to me and get bored quickly. Doesn’t worth the money.
  • Piece of crap 1/5

    By Mitch.W
    Sooooo bad. Waste of money. You can’t draw one piece of road or beam, it’s just a drag and draw an entire section without your precise input.
  • Awesome Game!!! 5/5

    By 🤪🤪🤪💩💩💩
    This is a super fun game that has a good amount of has a good amount of hardness and fun!
  • Poly Bridge 4/5

    By Bman95842
    It is a very good app but pretty buggy and once you go into sandbox mode you have an unlimited budget for campaign mode
  • A fun relaxing game👌 4/5

    By Coolbluegamer48
    This game is a great way to escape from the harsh reality of this world. Just wish some of the levels were a tad easier!
  • I love this game 5/5

    By natedoggsavage
    I love this game
  • Wrong game 1/5

    By andrewgsxr1988
    I did not mean to buy this game how do I get a refund
  • No hints 3/5

    By Agent_SH33P
    For the first few levels, the game was very fun. Simplistic builds. But later, just after a few more levels I have been stuck on any level past I think level 11. The game never provides any opportunity for you to get help. Also drains your battery extremely fast.
  • Impossibly hard to use 1/5

    By MrMarcosMiranda
    No instructions, no YouTube video tutorials and nothing can be figured out. 👎🏼
  • Cool 3/5

    By Corey Ha💋
    Nice but difficult for kids
  • Iffy 3/5

    By LMTBear
    I like it better on computer
  • 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍 5/5

    By mattt🥳062010
    Fun game
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Critisizing maniac
    There is literally no point to get this game because it kills your battery, it takes lots of time, and it is almost impossible. Save Your Money and DON’T BUY THIS please.
  • Iteration heaven 5/5

    By Paul Demys III
    It’s fun and educational, but it can be frustrating figuring it out. It seems to get very complex and I wish they would include some engineering fundamentals like building unique hydraulic bridges, and the difference of using steel or wood for certain parts, as well as ropes and cables. But I love the fact my 4yo can get into this with me. VERY EASY UI design.
  • It needs improve 5/5

    By Mincing applesauce
    Ok It is really fun but it takes so long to load and gets way too hard there are almost no hints either I know it was short but that’s all that I say needs improvements
  • The best 5/5

    By gameboy359
    This is the best build a bridge game and quite challenging.
  • Excellent port! 5/5

    By Mrjoeyjiffy
    Stays true to the original while adding a few quality of life feature to make the game smoother on mobile!
  • This is the best game ever 5/5

    By guavadabest
    I have been playing this game for months and I really enjoy playing it. I have actually made my own bridge and it looks really cool! It was thanks to this game. I hope you read this!
  • It’s a good time!! 5/5

    By DoctorDaddyBoi
    All around good brain game well done
  • What amazing game!!!! 5/5

    By Alan8172
    I wanted to play this game because I found it very interesting from watching it from jack septic eyes video and it looked really fun so I thought I should try it out,and thank god I did because it’s an amazing game!!

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