Polycam - LiDAR & 3D Scanner

Polycam - LiDAR & 3D Scanner

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  • Current Version: 2.3.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Polycam Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Polycam - LiDAR & 3D Scanner App

Polycam is the leading 3D capture application for iPhone and iPad! Create high-quality 3D models from photos with any iPhone or iPad, and rapidly generate scans of spaces with the LiDAR sensor. Edit your 3D captures directly on device, and export them in over a dozen file formats. Share your captures with friends and the Polycam community with Polycam Web and explore captures from around the globe on Poly World! Capture with Photo Mode: ● Take photos and convert them into 3D models with photogrammetry ● Great for scanning detailed objects and scenes ● Generates 3D assets that are ready-to-use in any computer graphics application ● Runs on any iPhone or iPad Capture with LiDAR Mode:* ● Top-rated LiDAR scanner on the App Store ● Rapidly generate dimensionally-accurate 3D scans ● Great for scanning spaces and large objects ● Create unlimited scans for free directly on device -- internet not required Better Floor Plans with Room Mode:* ● Generate usable, descriptive models of interior spaces in real-time ● Overlay floor plans with a LiDAR survey for even fuller scene information ● Export floorpans in .dxf, .svg and .png format to import into popular softwares such as AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator and more Export 3D models with Polycam Pro: ● Export mesh data as .obj, .dae, .fbx and .stl ● Export color point cloud data as .dxf, .ply, .las, .xyz and .pts ● Export blueprints as .png images or .dae files ● Export .gltf, upload and share to iMessage for free Take measurements and generate blueprints: ● Take unlimited measurements with inch-level accuracy for free with the Ruler tool ● Automatically generate measurements of spaces on LiDAR captures ● Upgrade to Polycam Pro and generate scale-accurate blueprints Share your 3D captures: ● Upload your 3D capture and share with collaborators and friends with a link ● Publish your 3D captures to Polycam Web and share with the community We are excited to see what you create with Polycam! If you share something online, tag us on twitter or instagram @Polycam3D to let us know what you’ve captured and get featured! Privacy Policy: https://polycam.ai/privacy_policy.pdf Terms of Use: https://polycam.ai/terms_and_conditions.pdf *Polycam requires a device with a LiDAR sensor, such as the iPhone 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max or 2020+ iPad Pro to generate LiDAR captures, but Photo Mode works on every iPhone and iPad from 2015 or newer.

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Polycam - LiDAR & 3D Scanner app reviews

  • Oh. My. Gosh. 5/5

    By insainlewey
    I’ve spent hours even days in the past making models of rooms on the iPad or pcs. This thing did it so fast it was unbelievable. Also added my furniture. In such a clean and accurate way. Even with all the junk in my house. Bravo on this one. You deserve more than 5 stars.
  • pretty cool but not convenient 4/5

    By joel9000
    this app works perfectly on my ipad pro that i got for my birthday nearly 2 years ago now but why doesnt it work the same on the iphone 13 as it does on my ipad :( im not going around everywhere with my ipad just having my phone on me and scanning something is much more convenient if there’s something different about the 2 devices please let me know cool app though 👍
  • Blammo 5/5

    By TechAnachroCapitalist
  • 1st time user 5/5

    By Crimmer19
    I’ve used this once and the results were better than i expected
  • Wow! 5/5

    By nuremek
    Best 3D scanning app ever! Really helps with my e-commerce website :)
  • Annoyed 1/5

    By builderjim508
    I love the LIDAR scanning images created by this app. HOWEVER I upgraded to pro to take advantage of the floor plan to DXF option. I am disappointed to discover that when I export to DXF I get a floorplan that is the wrong scale regardless of the settings, I use to import . The website is not helpful and the only video tutorial for exporting to AutoCAD does not use the DXF format! I went to cancel my subscription with the promise of a free seven day trial and I discovered that they will not refund my money. FALSE PROMISES.
  • Boom! 5/5

    By jax333333333
    Blown away especially free!
  • Dinamic 5/5

    By Andres Apa
    The best app I’be used for 3D modeling, it’s complete, some detailing resolution they should add but amazing app, we are one step ahead the future here.
  • Joke 1/5

    By Lucas McCain
    Such a joke. Terrible. Takes a scientist to figure out
  • Wow. Just WOW!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5

    By L-s-123456
    First time ever using an app like this and j am blown away. Easy to use with even better results. So glad I found this app and can’t wait to see what it will be able to do in the future.
  • Issues. 4/5

    By Legotti
    Would like more album sorting. If you search for a location, then load a model, clicking back always places you back in Los Angeles, forcing you to refund a location.
  • Very Good 5/5

    By sussy obamium
    Super pog 420/10
  • interesting 5/5

    By Another good review
    This would be a great program if I could work on my m1 max with it I can import but not measure
  • Really 1/5

    By Kfour420
    Stupid ash I tried multiple times and was sitting around and waiting 20-30 minutes just for Everytime to be a Failed Try and it takes away one of the limited amounts of times you can do iy
  • So cool!! 5/5

    By Charlie Elliott
    I can’t believe this is possible! As an engineer, this is very useful on a day to day basis. So grateful to be able to scan objects instead of having to model them. Works so well, I love seeing how scans turn out.
  • So good 5/5

    By hrhdnzi26627484hdbfnf
    I only have iPhone 11 and I comes oft sick clean
  • App is rad 5/5

    By Ball sack #1
    I’m just messing around with it. App is super cool
  • Update: photo mode still Not working 3/5

    By SGSCreate
    Updated: yes, good news, they did update the software and it does work AFTER you log out and create a new account with an new email address, etc.. I had PAID for the pro version on the original account and then had to pay AGAIN for the new account and I have no idea how to get a refund. Although I immediately canceled my first subscription, I have still been charged for two subscriptions. The LiDAR mode works with my wife’s iPhone 12 Max, unfortunately the photo mode does t work on my iPhone XR. Just hangs on Hold Still to calibrate, when you move around nothing is recorded. The Manual Mode doesn’t appear to be taking any photos. Attempted multiple times with over 30 + button pushes and the ‘done’ button never appeared and nothing ever saved. When trying to x exit out it says ‘exit’ or ‘save and exit’ neither did anything, just hung for over 15 minutes until I gave up.
  • Very useful for Contrators 5/5

    By sierrag15
    Im am a concrete contractor. I use this to scan a job before I start work and in between and the end. The measurements are incredibly accurate for reference when you’re not on the job. This is an awesome app and and a great tool for my tool belt. Thanks keep up the good work.
  • 😢 1/5

    By Bjo233
  • Amazing! Just one thing missing 5/5

    By Martyhew
    Would love to be able to add friends!
  • App works great!! 5/5

    By feelinglikeadumbo
    EDIT: they fixed the bug and now the app works perfectly! Incredible app. For starters: I’m on iPhone 12 Mini, iOS 15.6 The app just hangs on the message “hold device still to calibrate” forever and never does anything. Not to mention the lack of feedback the app gives the user, of which there is none. Would be helpful to have some indication that the app is processing or something so I could tell how much longer I need to stay still. Maybe a progress bar at the very least? Or any feedback that the app is actually doing anything or why it’s asking me to hold still. When I try to close the capture window and exit without saving it doesn’t do anything except add a small message that says “saving data” which ,once again, hangs forever. I haven’t even been able to get the app to take one photo. I hope an update comes soon because in theory this sounds like a very powerful app that I’d be happy to pay for, but until then I have to give it a poor review.
  • Not sure 1/5

    By BD Inc.
    When I first downloaded this app it was pretty decent and got some nice scans, now for whatever reason every scan looks like a jumbled mess
  • Awesome dev team 5/5

    By 4ci1ab
    Super responsive and hardworking dev team that cares about the community.
  • Image quality is bad 1/5

    By sr1ny
    Image quality is bad
  • “Hold device still to calibrate” 1/5

    By AYogscastJaffa
    App never calibrates no matter how long you let it sit. 0 star.
  • Can’t make profile 3/5

    By FEENIX1021
    Everything is great in the app and I’ve scanned 2 things with it but I’m not able to create a profile because it doesn’t scroll down far enough for me to add a profile picture. But other than that it’s good.
  • Never Worked :-( 1/5

    By WasTooHopeful60004
    I tried all weekend to make this work, but was never successful. Using iPad Pro w/ iPadOS 15.6 and newest (5 days old version of app). After doing LiDAR capture, just says “saving data” and never continues. Photo capture never progresses past ‘hold camera still’. Obviously works for some users, but apparently not all. Was recommended to me by a friend, but I am unable to recommend.
  • Does not work. SCAM 1/5

    By nates house
    This app does nothing! I spent time scanning my room expecting something to happen. I followed all steps and instructions and all I received was a “saving data” notice for 10 minutes! I try to exit but the app won’t let me. This app is so frustrating and does nothing but waste your time. If I had spent any money I would immediately ask for a refund because this app does not work at all.
  • Not working 1/5

    By icerbear9000
    iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPad Pro do not work atm for me. They are stuck on saving data.
  • Unusable - can’t save 1/5

    By bdunderscore
    Every time I try to scan - even if for only a few seconds - Polycam hangs on “saving data” forever. It’s unfortunate, because if the preview is anything to go by, it’s doing a great job resolving geometry, but that’s of mouse if it can’t be saved…
  • Amazing 5/5

    By jammyjames328
    Very good
  • Amazing 5/5

    By hcjfbxujelxyepchzkgdk
  • What A App!!! 5/5

    By StopFrontin43
    Amazing application!! No complaints except hopefully a few tutorials in the future on the app to tell people how to capture objects, spaces or the best type of lighting besides that the app is awesome
  • High hopes no more 2/5

    By listenxtoxmusac
    Well just wasted 30 minutes if my life and 8 bucks . This app seemed to work great until the moment I paid for it and attempted using it for work . Crashed and saved no data
  • Not very good (might just be me) 2/5

    By FriedFrozenWaffles
    The app ends up crashing a lot without any reason, and my scan never seem to actually work. It may just be because I don’t have a LiDAR sensor, but my experience with Polycam has not been very good
  • Bad ux 2/5

    By dblsteezeburger
    When you click x -> exit (not "exit with saving"), it still saves the images, which takes forever and also counts towards your monthly limit. Not cool. It also does not correctly count uploads. I took one lidar recording and one photo recording, and it reduced from 10 to 6.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Wired monkey welding
    Very easy to work with. Has so much detail that can be captured. Like making a real digital copy two thumbs up
  • It's called Polycam, but you can only use the rear facing cameras. 3/5

    By circadian-slip
    Please add support for the front facing camera. The scans are much better!
  • The Explore sharing feed is highly edited/cherry picked 1/5

    By parudes
    I wanted to use this app to engage with other photographers about capturing and sharing 3d imagery, but most of my shared models were removed from the feed. So, I guess in the end it’s not worthwhile.
  • Incredibly vague, zero instructions 3/5

    By Ooxste
    It must be presumed the user has intimate knowledge of photogrammetry tools already and knows exactly what every button and function does, because nothing is explained anywhere. Their website has a couple of videos under 60 seconds that walk through basics, but I cannot find even a simple write-up anywhere of how their varying functions work. Adjusting with the crop tool is an unbelievably frustrating exercise. Then, after I paid to ugrade to have an .OBJ file generated, I get a message that says “Something went wrong; Please try again later.” I’m sure this app is super cool for those that have figured out all of its nuances; I’m just surprised at the lack of help/hints.
  • Not great to n comparison to Scaniverse 1/5

    By I hate the way this app works
    Poor quality and not as good to use as Scaniverse
  • Masha Allah an amazing tool 5/5

    By MuhammadAbdulHadi
    Absolutely amazing tool for image 3D capture. Anything that needs capture of an area quickly.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By beastmodegeek
    Useful and affordable. Great for sharing real world product visualizations with remote development teams quickly. I never would have thought of using an app like this for this kind of use case until I was stuck trying to explain a physical infrastructure constraint to a remote architecture team. I use it almost daily now!
  • It won’t save the photos 1/5

    By roblox username(coolboy_093011
    I hate this app because whenever I try to take the photos it doesn’t let me and it didn’t save all the photos. I spent 20 minutes taking photos and it didn’t even save a single photo
  • This is so rad 5/5

    By sdmcatee
    Easy to use 3d rendering
  • Unstable 1/5

    By HKGHK
    It’s crashed from the first try
  • BEWARE!!!! 1/5

    By bobthewrecker
    I subscribed to the 7.99 a month and today I discovered that they charged me for the 59.99 per year subscription. if you do the monthly version go back in and see if it switched over to the 59.99 behind your back. iv called my bank and apple about this issue and I’m feeling like it won’t be resolved properly. ridiculous….
  • Recent update makes all captures fail 2/5

    By Brnbmbr
    On an iPad Pro, before recent update captured fair, no longer works and fails every time now