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Popcornflix - Movies and TV

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  • Current Version: 4.20
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Screen Media Venture, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Popcornflix - Movies and TV App

Stream free movies and TV shows on your iPhone and iPad! Popcornflix is 100% legal, no subscription required. Experience feature-length, on-demand movies and TV shows with way fewer ads than regular television. These movies and TV shows showcase some of the biggest stars in the world, including Brie Larson, Ben Affleck, and Robert Downey, Jr. Watch movies from a selection of new titles, most popular titles, hidden gems that you may have missed as well as your favorite genres, like: Action Horror Thriller Comedy Family Popcornflix adds new content every week! So check back often to see the new movies and TV shows that have been added for your viewing pleasure. Stream as much as you want, 100% free.

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Popcornflix - Movies and TV app reviews

  • Not good enough 1/5

    By Cathy❤️💍
    I hate it it won’t find the movies I want to watch and the ads keep popping up which I just feel like throwing my phone across and it has like 1990 movies which is so boring and movies there aren’t good enough l
  • When casting, Plays advertisements but movie 2/5

    By JustTim128
    The app connects with the tv with no problem. When I hit the play movie button, a couple of advertisements play then closes on the tv. The movie will play fine on my iPad. Disappointed.
  • Chicks 1/5

    By YasuoVN
    No movies
  • No internet 1/5

    By no inter
    With or without WiFi app states no internet connection I tried refreshing and even powering off my phone and still get the same pop up
  • 🥺 1/5

    By V6ix
    This app came downloaded on my Xbox so I already knew what to expect. Corny movies you’d never watch if you had a choice but sometimes you don’t have a choice🤷🏾‍♂️ but what I wasn’t expecting was to download this app and you literally HAVE ZERO MOVIES ON IT AND ABOUT 10 TV SHOWS IN TOTAL like at least put in the description that you’re doing some kind of something to the app so we don’t waste our time downloading it
  • No Popcorn No Flix 1/5

    By Rich5719
    New Arrivals > No videos found Most Popular > No videos found Tis the Season > No videos found...Drama,Action,Horror > No videos found, a movie app with no movies 🤔
  • Not That Bad 2/5

    By MichaelSWalker8
    I honestly can’t complain that much. It’s an app with free movies and TV shows. The only thing I don’t understand is why isn’t there a way to save items in a queue to them watch later? Anyway thanks for some free content. I haven’t checked to see yet how many ads are in the movies but we will see.
  • Wouldn’t Recommend 2/5

    By Stephanie Solis
    I Like that all the movies are free and stuff but there aren’t really any movies that are interesting just old school there aren’t movies like Happy Death Day Or Purge Or things like that not any in the time zone some of us like but if you like old school movies then I would recommend but this isn’t really for people like me who like newer movies as there aren’t any and it says that any English movie is blocked or not allowed to be viewed in my country but when I go to my country it works I kinda see that as racist and but I understand I just would recommend it
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By ananda.shemwell
    Honestly y’all have no good tv show most of are things ppl don’t watch i don’t even see good shows like Teen Titans family guy robot chicken American dad the pjs etc.. this shows r wack asf installing
  • Saludos 5/5

    By TainoFrances
    It does not work. What I can do? This message appears in all movies “This video is not available in your country”.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By BellaForBlue
    This app is literally for old people. They don’t even have riverdale, a classic teen or young adult tv show. The only tv or movies they have are movies from 1980 and back. Don’t nobody watch them movies anymore. Please fix this.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By 1muleskinner
    Downloading the app was fine, opening the app browsing movies is fine. When you select play the screen will switch to a black screen buffering then close the app.
  • Same ads and lose the movie 2/5

    By bkxxwerbin
    Same o ads over n over again I really like this app it’s not too much ads I still can deal with it but if I leave the app while watching a movie I’d have to start alll over again 🤯
  • Subtitles? 1/5

    By Fans404040
    I gave it one star cuz no subtitles
  • Old and boring 1/5

    By babyjacky123
    This app only gives old tv shows and old movies nothing from like 2018 and everything is so boring
  • Adds 2/5

    By jj.,?\
    Way too many adds and they are extremely slow to load so an hour movie turns into a two hour movie
  • Whaaaa 2/5

    By Okurrrrtttt
    The app is ok if you like ads. Every 10 minutes the movie is interrupted for ads. That’s not cool. If not for so many ads I would give it more stars.
  • I like it but not 4/5

    By .???????.?????..???????
    This is awesome but one of my favorite movies is maybe on here and I couldn’t find it it’s called Zombieland and I was look for a search and the was no search so maybe a search. But anyway so far so good.
  • Piece of crap 1/5

    By amy821us
    It freezes in the middle of a movie on ads and then you can’t reopen until later and movie starts over
  • LAME 👎🏽 . 1/5

    By brazzy1
    THERE is no preteen shows there’s only baby & adult shows like really ? and I barely find shows to watch on this app. Next time there should be shows for preteens and good shows also just this is lame 🚮 .
  • Too Many Ads 2/5

    By Papa Kimchi
    More ads than movies. Download Tubi- better app
  • Luv 5/5

    By Country-girl from Wv
    I luv this app it’s got great movies
  • How do we get away from the ads??? Can even enjoy a movie 1/5

    By anon41122211
    Hru feeling my love
  • Noel 5/5

    By StJohn, Bobbi
    So far I am very pleased with the App.
  • Too many ads 5/5

    By mr.everhard
    Selection is great but you need to calm down on the commercials Way too many
  • Too many commercials too often 3/5

    By macgid
    Breaks are too often and too repetitive
  • Movie 4/5

    By mvs rtr
    As A SR Enjoy your free movies very much, outstanding entertainment. Thank U very much
  • Popcornflix 5/5

    By >(Tangi3)<
    Thank you so very very much for the blessings of free movies and tv shows. I am a grandmother{60},disabled, surviving on a small monthly income...so naturally I cannot afford cable tv or any other pay tv. I solely depended on a couple of DVD’s at retail price from Walmart every month. I commend your service and you, because it has truly been a huge blessing for me. I did my research about Popcornflix, and Google gave you a 100% rating.* Thank you*
  • Thanks 4/5

    By Wil Alfred
    Thanks a lot for learning with you
  • Ew 1/5

    By ListenIHaveNoIdeaOkay
    Just a lot of NSFW stuff. Inappropriate for kids, minors and families. TubiTV is better.
  • Color it blood 4/5

    By not a drop
    Give thanks to an actor Chris Lee for the 4 because a 2 would’ve been 2 2 many.No just man kidding by all means not about the Great Chris. Lee ur alright I don’t think anymore Bloody Mary

    By sad gitl af
    I’m super sad! I went to go watch Mama Mia! Here We Go Again, and it wasn’t there! Super disappointed. All these reviews were good too! More recent movies please!
  • Freezes 5/5

    By plainjnehtx
    After the app loads a movie, sometimes it permanently freezes (more often than not).
  • Where are the movies 1/5

    By Livingdead107
    Every movie I click on does not play
  • Love it!!!!! 5/5

    By cleverTHEcurious
    I am currently watching a movie (the hunt for red October)that is a family favorite and I am amazed at the lack of buffering(most likely a function of low traffic; unbelievable).
  • New tv show 3/5

    By Stasilovescarlie
    Hey guys, why not put the tv show deadly women on this app?
  • More like 2 1/2 stars really 3/5

    By Rodneydoodles
    I love how many movie choices there are , even if I haven't heard of most of the titles . What makes this app almost worthless , is how long it takes for an add to finally buffer so it plays . The movies them selves play seamlessly . But man the ads take for ever to play and they play much like a broken record . I can sit through a minute and a half of ads a few times through the film . No problem . But it takes as long as five minutes for even one of them to play . I thought it was my internet connection but my other free movie apps don't have the same issues . This app would be ideal, if not for that . I hope it gets worked out because this could be a great experience for movie lovers .
  • Movie 1/5

    By Niecey504
    Movie never plays😢
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Garbageyourmom
    ...garbage. 3 ads if you tap the screen in the wrong place every time.
  • Review 3/5

    By x sess
    I used to enjoy Popcornflix, the advertisements didnt really bother me and there is a nice selection of movies. I would give it a higher rating but there is no search. Even alphabetical order would be great. I have quit watching because I see a movie on the app on my iPad and I look at all the lists on TV and cant find.
  • :I 1/5

    By PunpkinButt
    I didnt even k ow these movies existed. Add things people actually watch please. I wanted to watch the little mermaid but a cheap foreign movie popped up.
  • Lots of commercials BUT 5/5

    By abbeyxxlynn
    Although I’ve gotten frustrated with how many commercials interrupt the small variety of movies there is, it’s an awesome app. Variety may be small but some super good movies with good quality!
  • Popcornflix on market place 1/5

    By MaineBear826
    The market place app on my Panasonic tv no longer supports Popcornflix. It did till a week or two ago. Now it just hangs and does not play the movie. Of course, it does play all the commercials.
  • Too many advertisements😭 5/5

    By robfly1683
    It’s good but there are way to many advertisements . It makes the experience a drag, literally.
  • Doesn’t save progress 3/5

    By haile no
    The app is on par with other free streaming apps, but the major downside is that it doesn’t save your progress. Then, when you try to go back to where you were, the movie hits you with ads every time you slide the progress
  • No 1/5

    By jmad😂01
    Ningún video está disponible
  • Don’t download 1/5

    By jayyungg
    I advise nobody to download this app ... you can’t fast forward , rewind or even get into the moment without ads keep popping up and at that there 3 30second long ads this app is so stupid . If I could rate this a negative 1 star I would
  • Terrible selection 1/5

    By mikeconz
    If you like movies in the 1 dollar bin at Walmart this is the app for you
  • Bad 1/5

    By Mrtikki3
    Never had stranger things like it advertised

Popcornflix - Movies and TV app comments

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