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  • Current Version: 2.11.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Popeyes® App

Features: Mobile Ordering: Order with the app for delivery or pick-up. Mobile Coupons: Get exclusive access to the best mobile-only deals. Restaurant Locator: Find your closest Popeyes® and see their hours. Compatible with Apple Pay

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Popeyes® app reviews

  • Online order doesn’t work 2/5

    By jlarryg
    Apple Pay in app doesn’t work. Nor does entering card
  • Not pleased 1/5

    By HmarieI
    Very irritating that the restaurant close to me has mac and cheese on the menu but I can NEVER order it through the app.
  • Charges you reward instead of redeeming 2/5

    By Kasey90210
    With the new rewards program you are charge the full price of the item you are redeeming, instead of getting the item for free.
  • meh 2/5

    By Bderiso
    app “works”, but ordering online makes your order take a back seat to everyone else, even in the drive through. back end and back of house needs work.
  • Wish I could give zero star! 1/5

    Every time I ordered from the app the store cannot find my order and I have to wait in the line. Not sure why I use this app anyway so deleted it right away after it happened again today
  • Best ever 5/5

    By Bobdevine
    Had lunch today and it was just fantastic!! No one makes better chicken anywhere!! Everything was perfect plus they give military veterans a big discount! Also senior discounts!!
  • Terrible Experience! Never again ! 1/5

    By bluetomis
    Order in person , not through the app!!! The app itself is good and user friendly. I have ordered from Popeyes through this app over 20 times. Each and every time I have received an incomplete order. This issue is not due to the store not having the items, but a lack of concern and care for us customers. Today, I had the worst experience that solidified my decision to never order from Popeyes again. Aside from the numerous refunds that I received for the incorrect orders, it is no longer enough to get me back to Popeyes. I ordered a huge family feast, received a text from the driver that the order was taking longer than expected due to the high volume of people at the location, I responded explaining that I understand and that there was no rush. My huge family feast arrived in a tiny bag with only 2 sides. This was a huge disappointment for all of us and unacceptable for all parties involved in this transaction. The store and order from (Popeyes @ 3202 w Chicago ave, Chicago, IL, 60651) was not appropriately managed. The store never prepares the orders as ordered, the driver (DoorDash) never reads the receipts and assures all items are accounted for. There is clearly no structure for service at this center if all of my orders have been refunded due to incorrect / missing items. I would more so recommend someone to go to the store, in person, in order to assure there order is there in it’s entirety, instead of ordering through the app. Popeyes + DoorDash = catastrophe
  • Trash—no local coordination 1/5

    By Alambert82
    First experience, had to pay ahead of time, got to the restaurant, there was an hour wait. But I paid ahead of time and there was no way to cancel. Today, order for in-store pickup (not drive-thru). Again, paid ahead of time. Got there, doors were locked. No one called when I answered. I didn’t have time to jump in the drive-thru line which is why I placed an in-store pickup. Terrible terrible coordination.
  • App Doesn't Work Anymore 1/5

    By Sad and chicken deprived
    Ever since I updated the app with the latest patch, I can no longer order anything. I get all the way up to submitting my order and then I get an error message indicating that my credit card company may not be accepting the charge. I checked with the two credit card companies I tried to use and both never even got a submission. Again, I have never had any problems with this app until this week (I updated my apps over the weekend). By the way, if it makes any difference, I live in Hawaii.
  • Needs a lot of work! 1/5

    If you redeem an offer, and the phone locks, the offer goes away! This has happened several times. When trying to redeem online it did not go to the checkout. So I gave up and went to Sonic!
  • Slow service 1/5

    By Bigtruck98
    Ordered from app …..they don’t make the order right away….they wait until you get there , then they start making your order…have to wait in the store for 15 mins…what’s the point of ordering on the app???
  • No Sauces Available 3/5

    By No sauce?
    They have an options tab for everything except the sauces they have. I’m not asking for free sauce, necessarily, but they don’t even offer a tab to pay for sauce like other restaurants do (not even with something common like ketchup). Sure, their customer service is god awful, but the app doesn’t have to reflect that area of incompetence. Again.. not asking for free sauce- but please, for the love of god, provide an option on the app to at least pay for it.
  • Delivery is amazing 5/5

    By dragonslayer10592
    The free delivery over 10$ and the speed and smoothness of the delivery process is amazing. 10/10, better than most other food apps!
  • Hassle free sign up! 4/5

    By GreenHatHara
    Holy smoke this was easy to get setup! Was going to use DoorDash like I always do but there was a free delivery promotion for this app 🤑 I was pleasantly surprised I didn’t have to remember yet ANOTHER password 😵 However I think a better selling point for having the official Popeyes app would be to choose the specific pieces! I know you can choose white or dark but you can do that on any of the other delivery apps. Not sure about everyone else but I’d prob pay extra for dat 😬 Also I’d like a little more up selling on the order form. I had to go thru the add to order flow again just so I could get an extra order of fries 🍟 and those delicious 🤤 biscuits lol. Thx Popeyes for the great app! Looking forward to lunch!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Elyoho
    This app is as terrible as the service at my local restaurant. The offers disappear if you don’t use the mobile app. It has the option to use in the restaurant and when you get there the employees say, “I don’t t know why they offer this, we can’t use it, there has to be a code with a digit and not a number.” So, I tried the mobile app, the offer disappeared and wouldn’t allow me to apply it as if I had already used it. Trash app. Trash service.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By jéśś
    Downloaded the app doenst even open
  • Terrible fast food app 3/5

    By vtmrq11
    Ended up wasting my money because the app deleted a discount I had up until the order page. Other restaurants are much better about applying specials and discounts versus this one. EDIT: Support reached out to me pretty quickly and credited my account for the lost money. But I would still like to see the app undergo some major changes before I feel I can give it 4 or 5 stars - especially after seeing all the other recent 1 star reviews.
  • Chicken only and Pick Up in store are missing. 3/5

    By Nikowichitaks94
    Chicken only in family meals is missing. Further, the in my area (Wichita,KS) drive true is horrible and I have stayed +45mins sometimes. Therefore the crucial option to pickup in store is a must and it is missing as well. Please fix this.
  • Limited options. Tons of technical issues 1/5

    By It's a Flop
    Popeyes needs to revamp their app big time. I can never seem to order the chicken sandwich, and the options are so limited. The options only consists of meals and I can’t order a side without it being a part of some meal deal. Get it together EDIT: followed up but no fixes offered from the information about the issue. I guess no chicken sandwiches for me in the future. No point using this app
  • I wish I could give negative rating 1/5

    By loveurhate
    1 star is too much for this app. After half an hour of app failure and crash and order not go thru, I’ve finally decided to quit and delete the app..
  • Deleted this app 1/5

    By avogirl*
    App always says it has issues with my payment and try later. Then I try again and it says I can’t order because I have a duplicate order and locks me out. I always have to use the same payment at the window and pay full price. No more Popeyes!!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Ab_Lincoln
    No matter what I did I could not get a order to process through. Can’t figure out why this app has over 4 stars
  • Doesn’t work at all locations 1/5

    By aa ace
    There 20 Popeyes in Vegas but only three take the mobile order that’s crazy
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By bellzzie22
    The app doesn’t let me order, it doesn’t find restaurants, and it doesn’t even let me report the technical issues I’m having. PLEASE FIX!! by the time this detail gets fixed, I’m going to lose my T-Mobile Tuesday’s free shrimp box!!!! So angry!!
  • Popeye’s app is a dud 1/5

    By TheRealLongwalker
    Just a white screen of death. Popeye’s app is a dud. Nothing happening.
  • Missing items. 1/5

    By polpoklk
    Placed a mobile order through the app because of a promo with t-mobile tuesdays. Would never have downloded the app otherwise. I received my order and told the delivery guy that i was missing items and he said i don’t know thats the restaurants issue. Deleting app and sticking to other delivery apps.
  • Don't use it, needs a lot of improvements 1/5

    By Tigen14
    I've used it a total of 6 times and three of those were a disaster. Restaurant accepted order but when we got there said “we are out of food”! Same restaurant, same issue the second time! Sent order to a second restaurant, drove the miles in-between, got there and they said they had no mobile order in their system and that I should contact Corporate. I was charged for the orders, even though I received no food! Had to email support. Got the standard, “we’re so sorry” and gave me a $5 coupon. They need to fix it so you aren't charged until food is picked up! And they need to pull some of these franchises that have such crappy service and cannot seem to actually produce their product! The only time it has worked for me is for the restaurant on Lemay Ferry and the one at a truck stop west of the city. Don't bother, more trouble than it's worth.
  • Worst experience ever 1/5

    By Thethingsthatyoufindout
    Not good at all. Nasty food. Bad experience with app. They didn't honor their promotion for ordering the first time online. Order was wrong and wasn't ready when picking up. Never buying at this place neither using the app ever again.
  • Orders got screwed up 1/5

    By russwb
    First order got submitted for three hours after I wanted it. I hit order now. Second order never went through although payment was taken. Manager of store was nice enough to get my sandwich after I showed him receipt. App is deleted.
  • App doesn’t work. 1/5

    By cos10za
    When I open the app I get a screen with a “Reload” button. Tapping the button does nothing. Very disappointing as the restaurant I’m trying to order from has door sign saying they are open until 10pm and unlocked door to lobby yet they are telling me they are closed at 8:30pm. Long line at drive thru, though.
  • No gravy ? 1/5

    By Jennypuff
    Why can’t u order gravy on any of their digital platforms and when you call to try to place an order they don’t pick up n it goes to a full voice mail.
  • Trash App 1/5

    By Brobronelly
    App worked once then keeps asking me to sign in, enter verification code, and repeat.
  • It’s not working 5/5

    By FISK50
    This app isn’t working please fix it thank you
  • Feedback 5/5

    By amarijordan18
    Honestly I think Popeyes should add rice and gravy to their menu. If you take red bean rice and mash potato gravy and add the two ingredients to a bowl you have just created magic ! Thank me later
  • Needs “I am here” button to start order 1/5

    By 11sev6
    Ordered my food ( sandwich and surf and turf meal) 12:07 and got to the Popeyes at 12:25. Where they then started to prepare my food, I ended up waiting longer than customers waiting in line. What’s the point of ordering before
  • Garbage App 1/5

    By ccins11
    Everything you try to do results in an error screen that says bummer. Garbage app.

    By 12345678910abcdef...
    On the app for online ordering you are not able to add a request or instructions. My daughter wanted her sandwich plain . I am surprised there isn’t an option to add request or comments . We ended up ordering elsewhere .
  • No condiment option???? 3/5

    By AngieMSW
    So you can’t add an extra condiment to your order through the app and pay for it that way. Then you don’t have any cash on you so you can’t pay for the extra condiment at the window. Come on. Y’all can do better than that.
  • Place an order at your own risk... 1/5

    By Resident Elmo
    I have used this app a couple of times over the last month and it is a pain. It is slow. MULTIPLE times I have placed an order only for them to be out of an item when I pull up to the window. The last straw for me was when they started the free tenders with minimum purchase, when ever I try it, it still charges me for the free items. I even gave it a couple days to be fixed and it is still charging for items that is says are free.
  • Good until recently 3/5

    By WilliamD76
    The app was working great until two updates ago. Now whenever I try to order, the order immediately gets canceled & my money gets returned several days later. Until this problem is resolved, I’ll have to pay extra through DoorDash if I want Popeyes. Edit: Now I can’t even get the option for delivery through the app. I love Popeyes but the app needs some serious work, which is why I deducted a star from my previous rating.
  • Offers don’t ever work 1/5

    By Ezra 2
    Major technical problems with each update. Feels like the developers don't care. Sadly this is the only way the conveniently order for me, will find another resturant.
  • Is easy to used 4/5

    Is easy to used the app but the store get for ever to get your food more of 40 minutes to get the orden by drivethru is better to go inside I guess
  • Too many issues 1/5

    By angrytmobilecustomer
    When you order your food, you aren’t given anywhere to write what sauces you want/any extra instruction. Or at least there isn’t a place where the Popeyes restaurant actually reads it. I’ve written plenty of times I want extra hot sauce. I get no sauce, not 1 not 2, but 0. There’s an option to “contact your delivery driver”. When you call the number it says that the number is out of service and no longer available. There’s no way to reach the driver at any point during the delivery. I know this before the first time, the Popeyes delivery guy just left with my food when I saw him try to get in the building. I couldn’t leave but I kept trying to call him; the number didn’t work. The next time this happened, I called before the order was finished, after the order was en route, and when I saw the driver. It’s the same message. This time the driver was smart and went to the correct door and I was able to get my food.
  • Didn’t look open 1/5

    By vick861
    Looked closed when I arrived, but they close at 11. There were no lights on outside. Pull up to drive thru was asked three times the name of my order. I asked for hi-c. And was given Hawaiian Punch. Was given my receipt and they asked for it back. Due to they were giving me someone else’s order. Asked for Mayo packs advised they didn’t have any.
  • Easy to order 5/5

    By ce1122
    Really easy to order ready to pick up.
  • Order was cancelled for no reason 1/5

    By useless [email protected]@@
    Order delivery through app and order was taking too long and cancelled for no reason ir explanation. Useless app.
  • No order arrived at store - Couldn’t get refund 1/5

    By brittbenbosley
    I ordered a drive thru order through the app and sent my husband to go pick it up. When he arrived at the drive thru the store told him they don’t do online orders through the drive thru. The instructions specifically say to go to the ordering screen and the confirmation says it is a drive thru order. My husband went inside and the store did not have our order so they just gave him some chicken. Unfortunately what they gave him didn’t add up to what we ordered. The app is pretty worthless if it doesn’t work with the store.
  • Doesn’t work?? 1/5

    By symwun
    It literally doesn’t work. Awful. 90% of the time the “continue” “process” “submit” buttons don’t work?????
  • Cajun Rice 4/5

    By keljack