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Poptropica App

Poptropica is an open virtual world created by Jeff Kinney, author of DIARY OF A WIMPY KID. Join a community of more than 10 million players in a unique multiplayer adventure game, where you choose the type of HERO YOU WANT TO BE! Collect powers, prizes, and customize your character with exclusive outfits from your favorite heroes! So, are you ready for your next big adventure?! Travel back in time, break out from jail, build your own Island or battle zombies, monsters, robots, pirates, Vikings, thieves, Greek gods, and the evil Dr. Hare! Solve mysteries and complete quests while exploring a virtual world composed of a growing chain of story-based islands. Begin your journey and create your very own Poptropican today! ***** “Amazing, I love this game. I play it on computer and tablet.” ***** “OMG this game is amazing! My favorite game in the world. Super fun and challenging!” FEATURES: - Explore the virtual world of Poptropica and its 20 islands! - You’re the Hero! Solve 1000+ mysteries! - Customize your hero from head to toe with 1000+ themed outfits! - Collect items from your favorite heroes! - Multiplayer game where you can meet and chat with your friends! Join a community of more than 10M players. - Create your own island! - Free to play, with in-app purchases available for more customization! Poptropica made Time Magazine's list of ""50 Websites that Make the Web Great"". ***** “This is the best best best best best game ever!” ***** “Loved it! This game is so much fun to play.” ***** “This was my childhood, so I'm glad to see it again on MOBILE this was the best game!” Please rate Poptropica - your feedback helps us make the best game experience possible! *Poptropica is free to download and play. However, you can purchase costume bundle packs with real money. A WiFi connection is required to download this app.* Want the latest news about upcoming islands and other exciting developments in the world of Poptropica? * Website (www.Poptropica.com) * Facebook (facebook.com/officialPoptropica) * Instagram (instagram.com/poptropicacreators) * YouTube (youtube.com/PoptropicaCreators) * Twitter (twitter.com/poptropica) * Blog (http://blog.poptropica.com) For app support, please visit: http://www.poptropica.com/contact/contact-players.html. Poptropica is a kidSAFE-certified virtual world enjoyed by millions of adventurous kids across the globe! Privacy Policy http://www.fen.com/resources/privacy-policy-mobile.html Terms of Use http://www.fen.com/resources/terms-of-use-mobile.html © 2017 Sandbox Networks, Inc. All rights reserved.


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Poptropica app reviews

  • Love the game 5/5

    By Rebekah's Laptop
    I love this game but it was kind of disappointing when I found out that it didn’t have the same leveled as the online game. Please add more levels. I have already completed every level in poptropica and poptropica worlds. So please add more levels to poptropica and poptropica worlds. Please
  • Broken 1/5

    By ynotwoodz
    Escape from pelican rock at the end is broken to where you can’t use the mixer with the drill bit to open the hall corridor and if you jump towards that area you fall into the cafeteria

    By Ana Budimlic
    the only mystery that I really want to solve in this game is why I can’t get past the loading screen. not even on my computer.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By ApplePear135929
    At first I was happy to learn that I could play poptropica on the go. Then the glitches and bugs started! My screen got really fuzzy and laggy. ALSO this game has only 10 islands, I was disappointed because I lost all my previous completed islands and had to start from square one. I only recommend this game to new players and not veterans. Those who completed most of the islands will loose their progress. I hate this game and wish I could give less than one star.
  • Brings me back BUT 4/5

    By Poop122456
    I was exited when I found out poptropica was on the phone. I was pretty disappointed when I found out some of my favorite islands were left out including skullduggery. Love the game but please add more islands.
  • Ok but needs work 3/5

    By TemmyFlakes07
    I love this game a lot and I used to play all the time on my laptop but then that got crappy so I decided to get the mobile app to take it with me but I found out that they hardly have any of the islands that were fun to play. The ones that they did have were okay but I wish that they had more options
  • Love it 5/5

    By hrthfodgud
    I like the game but could u add new maps I almost don’t have any more to play since I completed them all almost ty if u do add new maps
  • Aggravating 2/5

    By Jen.7s
    I’m on Mission Atlantis and I can’t go to the next scene because the screen backs out when I try going deeper into the ocean in part one. I tried the other parts but it does the same thing!
  • Islands 5/5

    By ❤️🌹💋💃
    I love the thought of giving us original islands but we should have ALL the original islands instead of a couple. Islands like spy, shark-tooth, Astro knights, reality tv, and early poptropica
  • Great islands 4/5

    By halcus
    I love this game so much bc it lets me relive my childhood, and it is still fun for me even though I’m 10 years older and it’s so much more convenient on the app. I love how the islands are exactly the same as how the computer game is too. I really just hope there’s an update with some of the more original islands. Like Shark Tooth, Spy, Super Power, reality TV land, steam work, and mystery train islands. It seems that most of the people that play this app are actually ones that played it as children and I think it would be good to bring these islands back to appeal to us.
  • Fun Game 4/5

    By lux🌸🐶
    I strongly disagree with the previous writer about customizing your character. I love how I can customize my own color of hair and find other outfits that I like. Even how I can save my look so I don’t loose it. Plus I can do that anytime I’d like since already on the screen.😍 I think the game is very fun too- until you finish all the islands and get board of them. Now I’ve been waiting a long time for more islands to play.😕 I love the game. But my only concern is that it needs more islands to play. Thank you
  • Card game in Poptropicon freezes!!! 4/5

    By Knkpar
    I love this game, but when I try to win the unreleased Omegon card from the person with the epic deck, my game freezes! Please fix!!! 😡😡😡

    By Kentrell Braxton
    I’ll 5 Star and download once reality TV island is added.
  • Needs mores islands 4/5

    By Sunny1818
    I love poptropica and I have been playing for a really long time but I think poptropica need more islands. All of my favorite islands are gone, and there’s a glitch in Mythology Island. The glitch removes the action button if you go out of the island and change your costume, then come back during the big fight. But I’m pleased at how much free stuff there is in the shop.
  • But where’s Shark tooth island 4/5

    By Zena A @awkwardcameron
    I loved playing Poptropica when I was 10 and shark tooth island was the staple island to play and it’s included on the loading screen but now on the actual game. I still play all the islands over and over again but that’s the thing I keep playing them over there aren’t enough islands to continue to enjoy to the fullest extent and there some hella glitches like ive walked through the tub in shrink ray island and stuck in the trash on that island as well as other islands too. Other than that it’s pretty good.
  • Love it 5/5

    By delaneydot
    I love this game so much and if it’s to hard all you need to do is look it up on YouTube
  • Glitch in Islands 3/5

    By Hungrybugs
    It’s fun and all but when I’m trying to continue in Escape from Pelican Rock it glitches and shows the loading button. I have tried to close the app multiple times but still glitches on the same spot.
  • Amazing until glitch..... 2/5

    By marzjbarz
    So I’m playing the Atlantas one and as I try to go deeper the screen goes black! I try to exit poptropica and turn off my phone but it keeps happening! Please fix this so I can continue the mission! Also as I was trying to download the Greek Mythology island the screen just goes black! Now the screen starts to go black at random points when I play poptropica. I’m in love with this game but it would be WAY better if you fix the issue, in fact I’ll then give you a 5 star review. So I would gladly appreciate it if you guys can fix this bug.
  • More places 5/5

    By bbbbaaaa11345678
    It needs more places I think the game is great but I beat it please add more places
  • GLITCH 2/5

    By gamergirl8080
    Hello,I was playing escape pelican rock prison and I was trying to give the guard with the steamed glasses the uncooked spray painted noodle and it glitched!It was weird because first it gave it to her then it glitched back into my invintory and it was NOT painted!!I had to restart all the way from the beginning!!😭😭
  • More worlds!!! 3/5

    I have played this before years ago, so I wanted to install the app. I am surprised to find barely any worlds and they are hard and annoying. Please, Poptropica people, add more worlds I would like to play more and I have to install more and more games because I’m bored. I used to play this game all the time but now I can’t because I have no worlds left.
  • Good ig 3/5

    By pizza----
    It’s kinda boring because there aren’t as many worlds as there are on the computer.
  • frustrating and glitchy 2/5

    By Dizzo77
    great game but honestly way too challenging...placement of objects make them nearly impossible to get and the character does not follow controls exactly...i direct the character to a location and he goes further than directed therefore objects are very challenging to grab no matter how many time i try

    By ZainGrinder
    Nothing that I know of makes this game bad I heard people hate this game because it always lags but that’s because YOU HAVE BAD INTERNET! If I were to be Jeff Kinney the creator of poptropica I would just add more island monthly or manure even Weekly if i can
  • Great game 5/5

    It’s a great game but it needs a lot more islands
  • Goat 5/5

    By Trina909498
    Great game really makes you happy when you play 😁
  • Needs more islands to explore 2/5

    By Kimthunderblue
    I loved this game ever since I was little. But I do have some issues with this app too. Here are my positive thoughts: I love the music instead of complete silence throughout the whole islands you’re playing. I love how you can type your age instead of choosing 5/14 or whatever. Here are some negative thoughts: I feel like we should have more islands instead of having a small amounts of island to explore. It’s unfair That computer users have more islands to explore than the mobile users.It’s kinda gets boring after playing the islands repeatedly to a point you wanna delete the app. Should consider putting more mini games for online players that want to play each other. And there should also be a variety of items to buy/get the the shop instead of the same thing. Please improve on this app. Thank you and have a good night/day

    By Block or hide stories
    I already completed the islands on the mobile app You can’t sign in and sync progress :(
  • love love love it! 5/5

    By DECEM13ER
    i'm sixteen and still play poptropica, no shame here! my only disappointment is that the mobile app is lacking most of the really good islands, like counterfeit, shark tooth, astro knights (!!), red dragon, game show, zomberry, etc. if you could bring new islands to the mobile app, then it'd be ten stars from me :D
  • Fun game but horrible controls 3/5

    By D1416
    As nostalgic as the game is, the controls are absolutely horrible. The lack of accuracy when it comes to running and jumping is barely consistent. The constant freezing and crashing on the app makes it impossible to truly enjoy it. It would be a literal masterpiece if it didn’t have so many functionality problems.
  • More islands 3/5

    By isabel🤩
    I was reall excited when i saw the app for poptropica , which i grew up playing. I would really wish that it could be more islands to play on. Just like the online game. Other than that i love the app .
  • New Islands 4/5

    By Greedy Glove
    My sister loves to play mobile poptropica and she's completed all the islands like 20 times. It gets boring for her and new islands need to be added. Other than that it's a pretty good island.
  • GLITCH 4/5

    By Red Eye The Jedi
    I’m on Escape Pelican Island and I’m at the part where you use the drill/mixer to drill through the pipe above the mess hall and every time I equip the drill/mixer the game freezes and my character just stands there and does nothing and I can’t click on the backpack in the top right corner or get my character to move although their eyes follow where my finger is when it’s frozen like this. Please fix this bug! I would love to finish this island finally!
  • Bugs need fixing 1/5

    By Babydee233
    On pelican island the game keeps freezing up on me no matter what I do
  • Different 1/5

    By Joseph_marine_241278905
    The mobile version lacks a number of islands from the web version and therefore less to do
  • “Returning Player” Black Screen of Death 1/5

    By Imani Cumi Black
    I downloaded the app a few minutes ago because I was having problems completing survivor island, episode 1, on my computer (as of yet I haven’t worked out if that’s a Poptropica issue or an issue on my end) and I went into it thinking I would simply be able to log in and pick up where I left off. I went to create a “new” character where I was allowed to log in with my online credentials and import my previous character design. All right, so far so good. From there, I get the usual loading screen - poptropica logo and those loading dots that move in a wave like formation. But after merely a second, they just begin to appear to shake violently and I’m stuck on the loading screen. The background music is still playing, the tips are still coming up regularly at the bottom of the screen, but the dots appear to be malfunctioning and I can’t get out from the black screen. I tried force closing the app, logging in again, and was met with the same malfunctioning black screen. I tried creating a new character instead to see if that brought any improvements, and sure enough I was transported immediately to the Home island. I’d love to be able to use my online credentials with the app with no issues, because I’ve completed many islands over the last decade (began in 2008 as a 3rd grader, am now 18) and I would hate to have to start all over, or otherwise not play at all, since I seem to have so many problems with my computer and/or the website. Otherwise, the app is fine; visuals are stunning, would love more customization options initially as other reviews have stated, UI is great. It would be even better, though, if returning players could have an easier time initially logging into the app.
  • Needs more islands 4/5

    By isi1633
    It’s great, has a few glitches, but that’s to be expected. It would likely increase popularity if you added more islands, like skullduggery. With increased popularity, you would be able to charge more for any ads, of course would increase profit. I try to look at things from a business perspective, as well as a programming perspective.
  • App crash 3/5

    By Reddd134
    Overall the game worked well when the time came for me to leave the prison it always crashes. I exit the app and I come back into the cafeteria with my inventory still intact but again it only crashes when I need to use the drill. Why?
  • Please 2/5

    By Theresa a ho
    I use to play poptropics ALL the time , by far was my favorite game to play . I was so excited that I could get it on my iPhone but I was really disappointed on the variety of the worlds. A lot of people all over love poptropica and if y’all would just put all the islands on here more people would actually play it !
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By Omar Baagil
    Best game ever
  • Arabian nights 4/5

    By baileyll
    On the Arabian nights when you throw a smoke bomb and you try to enter the gates it won’t let you in
  • More islands please! 2/5

    By Kjs20035
    Can you guys please add more islands these islands are boring
  • Shrink ray glitch 2/5

    By bcslove83
    When I jump on the green balloon instead of going to the food it goes straight down every time so i can't finish the level. Please fix it is very annoying
  • This game really needs an update 1/5

    By Djdjfi
    I can’t even play this game on my iPhone X because the sides are cut off. Plz add support for that and try to make the game s lot more similar to the website version.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By LittleLoveLayce
    This is an awesome, entertaining game with a good amount to do. I hardly have any issues, but I have one. I download Mission Atlantis, and when I try to play it the screen is completely black. I can’t play it, no matter what I try. I hope you can fix this!!
  • More Islands Please! 3/5

    I used to play Poptropica when I was younger on my PC and there seemed to be a lot more islands. The description says there’s 20 in the game but there’s only 13. My favorite island was spy island. I would love to see that island as well as others added! The overall game functions fairly well except the loading time tends to lag a lot. Also in the beginning it’s hard to customize your character which was extremely annoying.
  • The glitch... 4/5

    By deivaye
    I love this game so much! The islands are awesome and everything but there is a glitch that I have on pelican rock where I try to drill through the pipe but it won’t let me and when I use the drill bit it just says it’s loading and I can’t do anything. I have to log out of the app and log back in if I want too continue playing. Just fix the glitches in the game and it would be amazing!!👌🏻

    By MeMy143
    Honestly I love the app but it’s needs more islands on it from the computer versions and also create new islands as well.
  • Great game 3/5

    By Beba 💋
    Add more worlds !!!!! Like now
  • More islands 5/5

    By meg✌🏼💛✌🏼💛✌🏼💛✌🏼
    More islands pleaseeeeeeeee

Poptropica app comments


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