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Poptropica App

Poptropica is an open virtual world created by Jeff Kinney, author of DIARY OF A WIMPY KID. Join a community of more than 10 million players in a unique multiplayer adventure game, where you choose the type of HERO YOU WANT TO BE! Collect powers, prizes, and customize your character with exclusive outfits from your favorite heroes! So, are you ready for your next big adventure?! Travel back in time, break out from jail, build your own Island or battle zombies, monsters, robots, pirates, Vikings, thieves, Greek gods, and the evil Dr. Hare! Solve mysteries and complete quests while exploring a virtual world composed of a growing chain of story-based islands. Begin your journey and create your very own Poptropican today! ***** “Amazing, I love this game. I play it on computer and tablet.” ***** “OMG this game is amazing! My favorite game in the world. Super fun and challenging!” FEATURES: - Explore the virtual world of Poptropica and its 20 islands! - You’re the Hero! Solve 1000+ mysteries! - Customize your hero from head to toe with 1000+ themed outfits! - Collect items from your favorite heroes! - Multiplayer game where you can meet and chat with your friends! Join a community of more than 10M players. - Create your own island! - Free to play, with in-app purchases available for more customization! Poptropica made Time Magazine's list of ""50 Websites that Make the Web Great"". ***** “This is the best best best best best game ever!” ***** “Loved it! This game is so much fun to play.” ***** “This was my childhood, so I'm glad to see it again on MOBILE this was the best game!” Please rate Poptropica - your feedback helps us make the best game experience possible! *Poptropica is free to download and play. However, you can purchase costume bundle packs with real money. A WiFi connection is required to download this app.* Want the latest news about upcoming islands and other exciting developments in the world of Poptropica? * Website (www.Poptropica.com) * Facebook (facebook.com/officialPoptropica) * Instagram (instagram.com/poptropicacreators) * YouTube (youtube.com/PoptropicaCreators) * Twitter (twitter.com/poptropica) * Blog (http://blog.poptropica.com) For app support, please visit: http://www.poptropica.com/contact/contact-players.html. Poptropica is a kidSAFE-certified virtual world enjoyed by millions of adventurous kids across the globe! Privacy Policy http://www.fen.com/resources/privacy-policy-mobile.html Terms of Use http://www.fen.com/resources/terms-of-use-mobile.html © 2017 Sandbox Networks, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Poptropica app reviews

  • Merp. 2/5

    By Afterthedove
    Great game! Love it! Been playing for along time... and I completed every island... so I kinda got bored after i played.. what.. like only six or seven islands. In original Poptropica, theres over 50. Even though you need a membership to play all the trademarked ones like Peanuts Island and Wimpy Kid Islands, there was still plenty for nonmembers. Every time I enter the movie studio thing, it turns black most of the time. And the only thing to watch when it DOES work is some thing about a stereotypical superhero. I was expecting more of like, little poptropica clips about islands and characters, like poptropica cartoons. And theres only three games in the arcade. THREE. not nine or five. THREE. after you complete all the islands, you should be able to unlock a secret world full of crazy islands not in the Original PC edition. So more people would want to download this. Overall, I give it four out of five puddingcups (Gravity Falls Reference) Bye for now, potatoes. -a person who eats stuff (Mainly your brains muahaha) Update: do I have to be a member to create my own island? Because theres a thing where Theres no create an island OR the whole 20+ islands. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡only 14 you potatoes. 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel sad you guys promised all this stuff when I redownloaded it (long story) and then all there is iz a home island makeover. Like last time. And the time before that. And so on and soforth. I’ve been playing poptropica in general since 1st or 2nd grade. Yeah. That long. And i’m 11 now. Almost five years I’ve loved this game. For three years I wished and wished Poptropica mobile would FINALLY have an update, not just a oneisland makeover! Cry you guys. Cry. Don’t get this unless you want easy puzzles and auto chat. Where stuff happens and life is boring. WELCOME TO POPTARTPICA PEOPLE. HOPE YOUR HAPPY. P.S. if you read this far, treat yourself to a PopTart. You earned it. P.P.S I will eat your PopTart before you have it OuO P.P.P.S i wont delete this game, but there butter be some changes Jeff. Or those creator people. Thanks anyways for reading. Enjoy your PopTart in the 2 seconds its not in my mouth. P.P.P.P.S dude, Seriously. I’d like a response so i can be sure you’re actually reading this😛
  • Not the same 2/5

    By ROBLOX.io.Lover.io
    I’ve played poptropica throughout my entire childhood, and I’m extremely disappointed with what I’ve recently found. It’s completely different. The only reason I’d ever play it again is to feel the nostalgia, but I can’t even do that anymore. I’ve always played this game on mobile, and only had access to about 8 maps. This still hasn’t changed. Your telling me that you have time to change everything I’ve ever known but won’t add at least one new map? Mobile users have always been excluded, but I thought this game wasn’t like the others. Turns out I was wrong. I bet even less people will play this dumb game considering nothing is the same. It breaks my heart to know that those fun times I stayed up playing the arcade with my best friend are gone forever.
  • Login 2/5

    By Shawndies
    It doesn’t have a login option for returning players
  • need new islands on the app 3/5

    By recycledprada
    i loved the game ever since i was younger bout im out of islands to play in the app. there’s more on the website
  • Where are the rest of the islands? 4/5

    By MLPgaming975
    So hey I’m playing poptropica and I wanted to know where are the other islands in the series? Like do you earn them, do you have to go to a secret area to unlock them, or do you need to complete a easy, medium, or expert of all the island in that section? Can you please let me know if there are gonna be more islands coming soon, you have to earn them, or there are no other islands at all? Thanks!!!
  • Sucky 1/5

    By mermaids4me
    I was so excited to have poptropica on my phone but then I saw that only like 5 islands are available and not even good one too. Also I have to use real money for the store?! No thank you.
  • Poptropica 5/5

    By 056313ogm
    I love poptropica so much! It has been my favorite game ever since I had electronics. My only wish is that they were more worlds then I would give it 6 stars!
  • Great... except 5/5

    By bellies_
    I absolutely love this game and have played it for as long as I can remember. I’ve gotten this app to play it more and I’ve finished all the islands. I would like there to be more islands please! 😁
  • Need more islands 5/5

    By CaydenLMitchell
    I have completed almost every island on mobile there should be more islands I’ve completed all islands already and restarted them because there was nothing to do anyway please add more islands like spy island ok I don’t care what islands are added but please just add more islands please oh and gum please add gum to mobile please but more islands please I really really need more islands
  • Great but... 4/5

    By mnbvcxzlkjhgfdsapoiuytrewqqaz
    I love this app and pelican rock is my fav but there’s a glitch whenever you restart. When you talk to flashy nothing happens after that. Also put the islands from the computer version on this one because there’s only a matter of time before you get bored with the game redoing the same islands. If you ignore that stuff then it’s great.
  • Bring more classic islands back! 5/5

    By Ajeet s
    I just started playing this again after many years as a kid, and I absolutely love it. It’s the same experience and the graphics etc etc. However, if you can add more like superhero island, mystery train, more of the original ones and several more that’d be great. Because once these are completed there won’t be anymore to do!
  • Get the tap sensitivity fix 1/5

    By Avery2Gucci
    Very thing about the game is okay, but during the mythological challenge, the river styx game is crap. Fix it because it make me hate the game and whoever had the idea of not fixing literally anything that needs to fix. Actually crap if you don’t fix it soon
  • NO LOGIN 1/5

    By Hannahthebannah
    You have do a stupid “new player” and you can’t login to your account on a pc or something
  • Please add more islands 4/5

    By Hoy Mehoy
    I LOVE poptropica like I’m like 17 and it’s still really fun but my computer is really really glitchy so I love that I can play it on my iPad but like I finished everything and I wish there were more of the really cool really fun islands :/
  • I don’t get it 1/5

    By hdurbr
    Ok I had this game like 2016 and know it’s 2019. I’m confused because you guys said “more island” I finish all the islands and know I have nothing to do!!!!🙄🤨 plz can we have an update we’re we can have like more islands 🌴🤬🥺 cause it like I’m being lied 🤥 to like really aaaaannnnnnd I think 🤔 that it but plz don’t get 😡 like me I’m just saying 🙏🏼 😊 thank you ☺️😿
  • Love the app BUT... 3/5

    By the real elsa (fight me on it)
    I love this game, but there’s like none of the original islands that I loved growing up. The other islands dont work on safari or chrome, so I cant play them anyway. I would appreciate it if you loaded all the iconic islands on the app. Thanks.
  • Didn’t transfer progress! 1/5

    By I'm Greedy
    I made my own account on my PC on poptropica and completed 7 islands so far and am on my 8th. When I found out there was an app on IOS as well, I immediately downloaded it. However, when I went into the app after it downloaded, there was no option for returning players. Only new players. Please fix this, I really want my progress on my PC to transfer to my phone as well.

    By Rosleiny
    I adored poptropica since I was a kid. And here I am just now discovering that they had an app that I can play on the go. But why aren’t all the maps on here? And believe me I don’t mind about the space. I would honestly delete all the apps, pictures and messages on my phone just to be able to have all the maps. Com’n please come out with a new update releasing some new maps! And just update it frequently! Please!!!!

    By joshuabenjik
    We need shark tooth and all the other original maps. The current maps are not as good as the older original ones. We need the new the old all maps offered on the website should be offered here as well!!

    By Princessstar808
    I CANT EVEN PLAY DIS GAME JUST CAUSE MEH IPAD DEN WHEN I LOOK FOR THIS GAME I TYE IT AND I PUT IT ON FOR IPAD AND THEN IT SHOWS UP I played this before it is fun but scene I can't play not really on the good Side of meh
  • Glitch 2/5

    By 🌻Sunflower🌻
    I cant click certain things so that makes impossible to finish the game. Fix.
  • Love this game 5/5

    By censybeutwgksonge
    I also played this game as a kid and have always loved it, love it more now as an adult because it’s still fun and sometime difficult to figure out what to do next, but there are island missing from the originals that I’d really love to play on here soo soo bad. Also I’m very happy that unlike other games you guys don’t have ads! That’s literally what’s wrong with all games now days. Your game is different than any other phone game atleast in my opinion and it’s super reminiscent. Please add the old world and great job on the new ones!
  • Fun but 4/5

    By pug food
    I want more Islands like SOS island and in poptrapicon the vending machine will only power when I power it like 20 times 😠 but overall a good game 😌
  • There is a glitch 4/5

    By Saguino
    There is a glitch that I never experienced before. I have been playing the world called Poptropicon! and when I go on the first part, When I disguise myself and go to a different place, one of the disguise parts just go away by itself. Please fix this! Note(s) I have been playing since Kindergarten.
  • Great game! 5/5

    By ¥ęłł•
    I’ve been playing for a long time and it’s a very good game! :)
  • Glitching 4/5

    By boombalatti
    I have played this game since I don’t know when but recently there have been many glitches. After I beat monkey wrench island and I am getting a medal the loading screen will go by very fast and won’t load. Also, I have gotten outfits and it’s saying that I didn’t when I try to costumize the outfit. And the downloading of islands takes hours even when I have WiFi. Also I’ve played Arabian nights 3 before and the genie isn’t showing up where he is supposed to! Thank you for your time reading this.
  • Great game but... 3/5

    By reesh09
    I’ve played poptropica ever since I was little and I still think it’s a great game...I still remember my old username and password, but sadly can’t log into it on mobile. I feel like that’s something Poptropica could work on...
  • Log in options 4/5

    By julisa1821
    Usually the app has the option of logging in as an old user but the option is not there anymore. It only gives you the option of creating an account.
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By Maredy Narea
    I love the game, I wish they could put the rest of the islands on the app.But I love playing on my computer. This beats all other games it’s amazing. I love that there are now stickers for “message” and there is now poptropica worlds. As soon as I clear space on my phone I will get all the apps.YAY
  • Great Game,But IT can be better 4/5

    By Lauren B. Smith
    I love the mobile poptropica and the computer poptropica.Its just I love all the worlds in the computer version.And I think you should add all those worlds on the computer version to the mobile version.Its just my opinion to make poptropica mobile better.
  • Islands 5/5

    By fooodfight
    Need more islands
  • Stupid won’t save progress 3/5

    By green ranger 2.0
    Won’t save progress every time I get to the last few islands it logs me out then I have to start over
  • Can’t play it 1/5

    By Eptixacad
    I played the game on my laptop before and now I just downloaded it on my phone. Thing is, is that there is only a “new player” option, and no “login” option. I have made progress on my account and I do not want to create a new account, so please fix this. I cannot play the game because it won’t let me log in. I would of given this more stars if I could ACTUALLY PLAY the game!
  • Good game, a few bugs. 4/5

    By Yeah is cool.
    The game is very well made, however there is a bug regarding Pelican Rock Island. After the real criminal is caught and you request the Marshall to put in a good word for your friends, the game will load, but will never finish loading, meaning you can’t complete the island. Other than that, I can’t find any other glitches.
  • So fun and entertaining!!! 5/5

    By XxfrenchsuperstarxX
    I love poptropica so much! But what I am very stressed out about is that the mobile versions don't have a lot of islands unlike the computer versions. Please add many other islands. As matter as a fact, add ALL the islands. That would be much better if you could. But otherwise it's perfectly fine. Thanks 😘 btw I have been playing since I was like 6
  • This needs more islands 4/5

    By BlackhawksFan#1
    U need to put more islands please
  • Add more islands please 4/5

    By Roxianne 1
    First, thank you. I have wanted this game on my phone since forever. But I’ve completed all the islands and I there hasn’t been any new additions, so please update, I really want to complete the classics like shark tooth and nibouti. As long as i have something new to play
  • Events = Errors 4/5

    By SavvyYoung
    This game is great, has good graphics, and has good maps. My only problems are I lose event features and 1 of mine don’t work. For the balloon I press action and I do not fly at all. If you come with the excuse “you chose the wrong balloon,” my balloon keeps changing whenever I return. There are problems with events, not the gameplay. -Sarah
  • Thanks 5/5

    By Snowpaw11
    Myron Van Buren stopped me from killing myself. I mean, he was kind of indirect, but still.
  • Glitch 2/5

    By Stinkymyrtle
    I was super stoked to find poptropica as a mobile game, I used to play this all the time as a kid. Unfortunately, I have had a ton of problem on multiple islands where I am not able to get items needed, or I can’t enter buildings to complete missions, etc. It’s super disappointing.
  • Unfortunate 3/5

    By Gamers we are
    This game in general is amazing. The only problem I have is that I get stuck in Arabian Nights episode 1. I looked at walkthroughs and everything, I even made it past the guards but it simply wouldn’t let me in through the door. Such a good game it was unfortunate because I needed to get through in order to keep paying. It wasn’t the only time either, oh no, I downloaded and erased the app twice with the same glitch happening each time.
  • Bug problems 3/5

    By Lolloppoo
    The rock pelican island after reaching the part where the flower blooms it shut down the whole app and sent me to my home page and whenever I open it I click on the island to continue it’d open for like 2-3 seconds then the app would shut down. Please fix it.
  • Shrink Ray Island 4/5

    By PrettyPandarian
    So app is amazing and everything and it takes me back to elementary school when I found the game online out of nowhere. The only problem is that on shrink ray island it gets weird. Like it used to not let me go outside of the house after figuring everything. I restarted it multiple times and the same thing kept happening. But now on my last restart in the beginning it’s stuck on the loading screen whenever I try to go to the science fair. I restarted it again and now I just keep getting stuck on the loading screen anytime I go towards the science fair. I’m playing on an IPhone 6. Would really appreciate this getting fixed. Other than that I love this game.
  • Oo 5/5

    By Uhhhhhhhahhhhhhgyea
    I like it :)
  • Ax_man 1/5

    By Ax_man360
    Why don’t I have all the islands
  • Best game 5/5

    By Kimmy 145
    Hey poptropica this game is amazing it helps me with stress and is always fun to play thx for a great experience
  • Not Very Well Thought Out. 2/5

    By Im_not_savannah
    Okay so I’ve played this game for awhile now and I’ve noticed on mobile in a lot of the maps you get stuck in places and can’t get out of them unless you restart the whole thing..... it’s very annoying and makes the game a terrible experience. Whoever created this needs to play it and look into detail on how there are many way to get stuck in a game because there’s no way to get out. And I know there’s puzzles in the games and most times to do end up stuck. But this is to the point where I get stuck in the game from an error you (poptropica creators) made. This is very annoying and makes it difficult to play the game.
  • Awesome, but needs more games. 5/5

    By UnicornGirl1744
    I love playing Poptropica on the internet, and when I found out they made it into and app, I was so excited. The only downfall, is they don’t have all of they levels on the app as they do on the website. And the levels they do have are pretty easy beat. They’re still fun though. I just think they need more levels.
  • Decent 4/5

    By Stevie8315
    I love that they have the game on mobile, and it works and operates very well... I just wish they had more islands especially the classic islands like astro knights and early poptropica etc etc.

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