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Portillo's App

Hot dog! Since 1963, Portillo’s has been serving fresh, homemade food in nostalgic themed restaurants. With the Portillo’s app, you can order your meal ahead of time and pick it up inside one of our restaurants or in the drive-thru. We’ve made it easy to save your favorite order so you can come back again and again. Get your buns ready for some delicious food! Will it be our classic Chicago-style hot dog or our legendary Italian beef sandwich with home-cooked sweet peppers? Perhaps you’re in the mood for one of our char-grilled burgers or a chopped salad. No matter what you order, finish your meal with a slice of our fresh-baked chocolate cake or a chocolate cake shake. There’s something for everyone at Portillo’s! You can even use this app to order from Barnelli’s, too! In 1963, Dick Portillo and his wife Sharon invested their life savings of $1,100 into a hot dog stand called “The Dog House” in Villa Park, IL. The Dog House didn’t have running water or a bathroom. Dick had to run garden hoses from a local business to get the water he needed. The menu was simple – hot dogs, tamales, fries and a coke, all for under 35 cents. Through Dick’s hard work and determination, the Dog House evolved into Portillo’s and has become what it is today. Come and enjoy our legendary food served by the friendliest people in the business!


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Portillo's app reviews

  • Awesome 5/5

    By Querrey 2
    No Complaints. Glad Portillo’s Finally Delivers.
  • Nightmare 1/5

    By Mack Bolan TFM
    Mother’s Day the line of people waiting rose up in anger against the one person working the online order station. No manager to recognize that the system has failed. Most in line are 45 mins past quoted pickup time. People further back in line get their food and people flip their lids. Still waiting as I type this. Happy Mother’s Day:|
  • Still a wait even if you order online :( 2/5

    By Jemibar
    Love the food! Hate the wait. I was glad there was an app to allow more convenience. Went to the location on Taylor in Chicago. Waited just as long as those that came with me who did not order online. There is a sign that says avoid the line order online....THE LIES!!
  • Incomplete order 3/5

    By linjj300
    I love Portillos and using the app is convenient. I ordered from the app and I received a incomplete order and tried to call a couple of times to speak with a manager and i was put in hold for a very long time.
  • Service 1/5

    By Realistspeaks
    The app is easy to use but the service was horrible. I went to pick up my food and the the worker didn’t know what was going on. He asked numerous of times what I ordered and how. When he finally got my food he tried to charge me again when I paid through the app. He didn’t understand that I paid already and then shoved my food in my hand. They need more training on this.
  • Customization 3/5

    By brownbuckeye
    Please give the option to remove toppings completely not just add, extra, or easy. This is not convenient for individuals with allergies.
  • No order 1/5

    By Moyolt
    Got to store. They had no record of the order. Had wait to remake. No apology. Not great service.
  • Love 1/5

    By ILbarrelracer
    Love their food, Service was slow even though I ordered online
  • More Ability to customize orders 2/5

    By Kukini9
    More options to fully customize order.
  • Can’t order all items on app 1/5

    By bebeblues
    If you want to order their famous chocolate cake, forget ordering on app and online. No chopped salads, etc. You need to hire a better or more professional company to design and maintain app. It’s not that complicated talk to other companies who have successful apps It’s 2018 you shouldn’t have problems with payment or ordering.
  • Forget ordering on line 1/5

    By osu65bob
    The most disorganized service I have ever seen Better off waiting in a drive-thru as I’ve been waiting for my order for 30 minutes past my pick up time🤯🤯😡 No more!!!
  • Worst order experience ever ! 1/5

    By alanneal
    I place a good size order part of my order was 2 side salad with no cheese on them when I received my order guess what they both had cheese on them . Also very small part of my order was 1 bottle of water that already been open prior to giving it to me I did not notice these errors before I was back in my veh driving home bottle of water already open and small amount missing ? Is it all natural spring water or re filling bottles or ?
  • Easy to use. Great food 5/5

    By BrandonAS
    Food is amazing, app is pretty simple to use. Sure I gotta retype my card in which takes like 2 minutes to do (I don’t know why people complain about it) and boom my order is done.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Avaughn312
    This was our first time ever eating Portillo’s and was super excited. We made our order and when it was delivered it was cold and I found several hairs in my cheeseburger and one in my order of onion rings. Other than this the food would have been good I think. :(
  • Rude manager Maria 1/5

    By biesteaaaaa
    The manager don Portillo’s at Lawrence it’s very very rude her name is Maria and She have no idea how to run the business And I won’t come back here anymore
  • A bit clumsy for a restaurant app 4/5

    By Andrew UnixMacGeek
    The food at Portillo’s is great, but this review concerns the app. It’s very convenient to order and pre-pay, then zoom in to pick up the order. I’d like to see the app take ApplePay. I would also prefer to validate my identity with Facebook or Google since my credentials are already secured. I don’t want another username/password pair to remember. Navigating the app is good, especially the options and sides. I get Italian beef hot and dipped, my friend prefers beef sweet and dry. No mistakes on the orders.
  • Decent app 3/5

    By Bdel1111
    Decent app just wish it would have option or ability to save info- I order from same location, have same phone and use same card.
  • Need to improve pick up time estimator 1/5

    By Retrotter
    The estimated pick up time is terrible. Some days it’s only 5 minutes off, other days it’s off by orders of magnitude. When it says 20 minutes, 25-30 is okay, but 50-70 is not.
  • Delivery in WI is awesome!!! 5/5

    By Wisconsin7765
    I’ve ordered several times from Brookfield WI location for delivery. Both times the driver said “good choice today bc the restaurant is busy!!” This location is always busy so being able to order and have it delivered is great. The bonus side is it’s always on time and usually early than anticipated.

    By Roberts MKE
    Makes no sense to order online and select pick up at drive thru and have to sit among all other cars at the drive through waiting your turn to get to the window to get your food. All this time knowing your food has been sitting there ready to pick up likely getting cold and more soggy. If you are going to offer drive thru pick up then have a separate for call in orders to pick up. NEVER AGAIN - Greenfield, WI location
  • Aggravating 1/5

    This app is the worst. It rarely works. If I have to call the store to order anyways why bother with it at all? Don’t use this terrible app. Door Dash does an awesome job. And you might even find something better than Portillo’s when you go to their app to get Portillo’s. I deleted the maddening Portillo’s app.
  • The app was good. The service on the takeout was LACKING 2/5

    By Dr. LeeLee
    There was no spoon for the soup. There was a normal size chili dog when we ordered the jumbo. The Gravy was ordered on the side and it was already on the sandwiches— therefore soggy on arrival. Received strawberry smoothie instead of pomegranate berry. That being said, the food is still pretty yummy. Greasy. Not healthy. But YUMMY!
  • Ordering delivery for the first time 2/5

    By Xdude126
    Was going through the process of placing my first delivery order and missed where you had to select delivery. When I reviewed my details of the order it said inside pick up. I immediately called and asked if it could be delivered and the lady was very short with me and said I'll have to check with my manager. When she came back two seconds later said nope sorry you have to pick it up bye and hung up on me.
  • Focus on the orders 3/5

    By Houndsvball
    When the app was first released, it was so convenient to skip the lines especially at the new Fishers Indiana store. My food came out perfect and never had an issue. However, that no longer seems to be the case. For the past five online orders, there has been something wrong with it every time. I do not know where the communication goes wrong in the line, but something happens and when you order a beef it’s not the easiest thing to open it up at the store, check the order then wrap it back up. The attention to detail you get when you order in the store is very different than when you order online.
  • App works, restaurant doesn’t 3/5

    By Marsbeams
    I placed an order in the app just fine. All went smoothly. However when we went to pick it up the staff acted like they’d never heard of such a thing. They were very confused by the whole concept. Phone in orders, they’ve handled no problem. This, they have problems with.
  • Late and incomplete 3/5

    By Sparks lot
    First of all the food was is amazing but my first experience on app not good it took 43 minutes for them to find my order and then I had ordered 2 lg cheese fries and 1 small cheese fry but I got 2 large fry no small fry and only 1 thing of cheese
  • Be wary of online orders 1/5

    By volkshofkindred
    I Love Portillo’s! However, every time I have placed an online order they have screwed it up. When you call to get it resolved they don’t/ won’t do anything to correct their mistake.
  • Decent 4/5

    By clinginghoran
    Decent asl
  • Disappointed! 1/5

    By poisonivy76
    False ads... especially the delivery part in The South Elgin Location! ... when Portillo’s started the delivery service i was so elated. Finally i cqn enjoy their food without leaving the house and on that statement that yes we deliver within 30mins vicinity.. i ordered twice and succesfully was able to.. but just a couple of weeks ago, attempting to order thru my app multiple times that its either we ARE OUT OF THEIR DELIVERY AREA OR NO DRIVERS AVAILABLE? Three different days i tried with different times but it keeps showing up.. dont advertise and start of with something that you will change without informing your customers. Incredibly rude.. if your blaming the Door dash company that you partnered up with, then what have you done to correct it?
  • Easy to use 4/5

    By Plf 833
    Very easy to use this app. Just wish could select pay cash for store pick up but you have to pay with credit card...
  • App seems fine, but my order has been wrong every single time 1/5

    By Lopo905
    I've never had an order arrive correct - every time it's been missing food and I've never received a refund for it. I do not recommend ordering delivery thru the app. Huge disappointment
  • Awesome 5/5

    By H3rly
    I love Portillo’s and when I saw they will be delivering I got so excited now this is the only store where I get food when I didn’t have time to cook, I love it!!!
  • Today beef with cheddar sandwich 4/5

    By Susangg
    Outside quite cold and person who brought order out to car did not do anything to keep food warm. (Like close the bag) Liked sandwich but had to look to find cheese. I added barbecue sauce at home. Small fry was abundant. Drink was excellent and cake will have to wait till later but I know it’s great! I love all the diverse options so my only complaint is online orders should have first priority in Drive Thur.
  • Great food, but they will screw up your order 5/5

    By Duncancaper
    Foods amazing. Check your order though cause they get it wrong more often than not. Staff seems overwhelmed by the volume of service
  • 1st time doing delivery and my last 2/5

    By Kaleb804
    Picking order items was pretty simple. After going through that process and inputting everything, you have to pay with a credit card. When I’m in bed sick, I don’t want to move hence why I ordered delivery. Not having an option to pay cash is ridiculous. After that hassle, I hit enter to complete the order and the confirmation popped up with the recap of order. It showed “in store” pick up. I was ordering it to be delivered. I could not go back and modify the order and correct it. So I called the restaurant and told them. The girl said they had to cancel the order and I had to redo it on the app. I’ve now invested over 10 minutes into the order process and now have to start over? The employee should have taken my order over the phone and accommodated me for the inconvenience. Maybe threw in a piece of cake for the hassle. But I was just told to start over which is fine. I don’t expect corporate level customer service at a fast food joint. So then I go and enter my order again. This time I see the order type option and make sure to order delivery. I click enter to process the order and a pop up window says “we don’t deliver to your area, or we do not have a driver available”. Well which one is it? And why does the restaurant have a sign outside that says we deliver? And why did the girl not tell me this on the phone? Just for the heck of it, I went back and re entered the delivery address. Surprisingly it worked! And then showed me the estimated time of arrival would be 45 minutes. I live 2 miles from portillos and had a small lunch order. 45 minutes? Really? The process to get a $13 lunch that cost me $22 left me feeling like next time I’m getting Jimmy Johns.
  • So Close.... 3/5

    By StickyHandJoe
    There's no way to order shakes through the app, for some strange reason... Other drinks and SMOOTHIES are available but not the shakes... I called the store and they confirmed this... very sad! The shakes are so good :(
  • Needs more work 4/5

    By mnv1230
    It was easy and everything but when you go to customize anything you only can get three choices and some people don’t want everything on a certain item. And if you want a hot dog with no relish you literally have to add everything but relish why not just a no relish button or no this? For the chop salad they should have a add more of certain things, I like more pasta and I couldn’t do that. So it needs a little bit of work. Otherwise better than waiting In a two hour line!
  • Outstanding! 5/5

    By Salkns
    Still a trend setter!
  • Skip the line? Pick up order takes longer 1/5

    By Kemajigga
    Been waiting in line for 12 minutes for pick up order, order completed (per the app) but not ready in store
  • Love the food, not the app 1/5

    By TimDawgz
    I've been using the app with the Gurnee IL location and it's been awesome. I love ordering before I get there then get to pick up my order and be on my way way sooner than it'd take if I had to wait. My problem is with the app. It used to never save the payment method but thankfully that finally works. Now in exchange I get a new problem. Why fix one problem and create a new one? Now I can no longer order chopped salads as a drive thru order?? Why? I've always done it in the past via the app and I can still do it if I go through the drive-thru and give them my order in person. Now when I switch my delivery method to drive-thru I get an error that chopped salads cannot be ordered in the drive-thru. So why does this app now prevent me from doing something I've done many times in the past and something I can still do when there in person? Now the app is almost useless for me. At least with the payment method bug I could still order but now that I can't order everything I need there's no sense in placing the order online at all. 👎
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Karebear 🐼
    Food was ordered at 6:12 and the order arrived at 6:55! Everything tasted great!
  • Limitations 2/5

    By HarleyandScott'sMom
    If you have any special type of order… Don't bother using the app. You have to call in and make special orders and then you are not allowed to pay over the phone. They offer drive up, delivery or walk inside… But that's only for certain products. If you order a salad you must go inside. This app needs some flexibility.
  • Good but... 3/5

    By MrsM311
    Why do I have to enter my credit card each time I order? Can’t you make it so my info is stored?
  • The App is as Good as the Food!! 5/5

    By IlliniMom66
    Their App is fantastic!!! I usually order online food to be delivered to one of my kids 2-3x a week and I think this app is probably my favourite! Every single item is clearly marked with what it comes with and the customizations available...checkout was seamless and everything just works...I will actually probably end up ordering from them on a regular basis just because of the ease in ordering! Let’s not forget the variety of items available too! Portillo’s is rapidly moving up the ladder to our families first choice!! Thank you for the variety, quality of ingredients, the knowledge that we always get exactly what we order the way we love to eat it, reliable delivery regardless of the weather, and great final product! This Mom gives Portillo’s two thumbs up 👍🏻👍🏻!!!
  • The app was great to use, but the service i received due to using it was bad! 1/5

    By kristulka
    The app said the product will be ready at 8:12 pm I arrived at 8:32pm and still had to wait for my order. It seemed that nobody knew about the order. I ordered 2 different sandwiches, but only received one. the fries were cold, while the cheese sauce was very hot. Also they forgot to give me a straw for my milkshake.
  • Pick up 3/5

    By old cyrstal laker
    Every time we pick up our order something is wrong. We check the order at the desk but when we get home we either get a burger instead of a chicken sandwich. Missing cheese cups, and I even was missing my ribs one time. I never received them☹️. Now you ask why do I keep coming back, the food is AAA #1
  • No discount unless your order is $15 before taxes 1/5

    By Hoo ray
    Poor disclosure
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Dalejr23
    Great app. Works great except the scan credit card part. When I tried scanning my card, all boarders were green but nothing happened. I entered my info manually and all was good. Easy to use. The food is AWESOME!!
  • Delivery issues 2/5

    By (Kitty125)
    The app automatically goes to store pick up even if you only use it for delivery. Then it won’t let u cancel and change the order to delivery.
  • Who has my Order & Credit Card info? 1/5

    By MsLOWIE
    The “iPhone Portillo’s APP” is poor... Jan 1st, 2018, I downloaded this app - placed online order for the Summit (Chgo-IL) location - for delivery to my disabled parents - created an acct - provided CreditCard info - included tip - and confirmed order. NO recent orders... displayed when I reopened this app - called the Summit Portillos & mgr had NO online orders from me. Within a few more minutes... I started to receive text msg’s from “DoorDash” - informing me of my Portillo-order status. I quickly researched “DoorDash” and they have very poor reviews. “DoorDash”... had my Portillo’s order - sent several updates - delivered on time - to the door - order was complete - and still warm. I was relieved and gave DoorDash a “Great” review. Whew... I was lucky to have had good experience with them. AND... as always, it was reported that the “Portillo’s” food was GREAT. App DISCLOSURE?... Perhaps there’s some very fine line - informing customers that this “iPhone Portillo’s APP” doesn’t save your order info - CreditCard info - or your (starred) Favorite Locations - AND orders are routed/delivered through Third-Parties. Personal Info...I still need to find out who saved my CreditCard info!

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