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Poshmark is the leading marketplace to buy and sell fashion. ***Shop over 5,000 brands in every size—including plus size, petites, and juniors—at up to 70% off retail ***Sell and turn your closet into cash. List your items for free! Shop. Sell. Style. Party. SHOP Whatever you’re shopping for, Poshmark’s got it—for much less than at discount clothing retailers and outlets like Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx. With over a million dollars worth of new and gently used merchandise added to the marketplace daily, you will find amazing fashion and beauty finds from the hottest brands like Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, MAC Cosmetics, Nike, Brandy Melville and more! STYLE Need ideas for what to wear to your next date or that upcoming wedding? Do you hate getting dressed in the morning? Poshmark has millions of of outfit ideas for you. Shop the personal style and closets of other Poshers today, or request to be styled by your favorite Stylist! SELL: CONSIGN YOUR CLOSET Do you have items in your closet that didn’t work out? Maybe a designer handbag, statement shoes, or even your old wedding dress you wore once and won’t ever wear again? Poshmark is the #1 online consignment solution for a girl to sell her unwanted clothing in order to buy new things she’s coveting, providing an alternative to Goodwill and other consignment stores like Buffalo Exchange. 1 in 50 American women have their closets open for sale on Poshmark—you could be next! PARTY Party on the go, no matter where you’re at! Join the thousands of women who come together three times a day, seven days a week to participate in our themed virtual Posh Parties. Create new listings, share and shop together! Have Tory Burch, Forever 21, or Zara on the brain? There’s a party for you. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING “I’m obsessed with the shopping app Poshmark.” —Refinery 29 “I have saved so much money shopping on Poshmark, I don’t think I’ll ever pay full retail again.” —Caroline, a Poshmark user “It was such a hassle dropping clothes off to Goodwill and other consignment shops, plus who wants to throw out a perfectly good purse that you know another woman will LOVE?” —Crystal, a Poshmark user “I tried Vinted, Threadflip, and Thredup, but nothing sold — girls on those apps don’t want to spend much. On Posh, on the other hand, there are so many eager girls ready to shop my closet!” —Justine, a Poshmark user Don’t waste another precious moment with other discount fashion retailers or consignment solutions. Poshmark will change the way you shop for clothing and fashion. Try us out today!


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  • If you don’t buy all your clothes off poshmark your wasting money 5/5

    By Audsauce19
    I buy all my clothes of poshmark!!! I get so lucky with all the deals!! Free people, brandy Melville, UO, triangl what more could you ask for. I live by this app. With the fast shipping it’s more reliable than direct sites I’ll always check poshmark first before buying something full price
  • Love it!!!! 5/5

    By karlamichelle7
    This app and the Poshmark community rock! Has made selling my bearly worn clothing so much easier. The credit card info is handled by them, the shipping label created and I just take pics, post my items and COLLECT!!!
  • Used to be better 2/5

    By Mustluvcatz
    Too many users lie about clothing conditions and charge way too much for used clothing. I used to make more sales and then stopped all of a sudden.

    By TheaVanCaTT
    If I could give NEGATIVE STARS I would! I've been selling/buying on Poshmark for over a year now and I've been pretty successful. I'm a Poshmark Ambassador and a Top Rated Seller. Recently I had a customer buy and DESTROY a pair of shoes for over 200$$ - which they still let her return even after I sent both photo and video evidence (many times) proving that this customer destroyed my product. I've tried to contact them via the proper ways to "report a problem with return" and gotten NO RESPONSE THAT ISN'T PRERECORDED! I'm very unhappy! I've emailed and called multiple times and still gotten NO REAL RESPONSE !! I'm looking for other places to sell where they actually protect the sellers... this is RIDICULOUS! They've responded to maybe 20% of what I've sent them over the last year. It always says "someone will get back with you soon" and then nobody ever does....
  • In love! 5/5

    By odessa christine
    I love this app. I finally have a way to clear my closet by sharing my closet. I don’t run a boutique and I’m not interested in boutique shopping in this app. I’m more of a bargain hunter. Many times I need something that I’m just going to wear ONCE! I shop here before heading to the mall. Love the buyer and seller protection. 💕
  • Sigh 4/5

    By Isis(my real name!)
    i like the app as a seller mostly, but as someone who also uses the site to buy things, it would be so nice if we could bundle items from different shops and maybe pay a slightly higher fee for shipping. most of the time i don’t want to pay 6.95 for shipping for an item less than $20, then go right back and pay another 6.95 for a different item in a different shop.
  • Love Poshmark 4/5

    By empoore
    Love Poshmark! I have found such cute stuff and have been able to sell lots of items that have been stuck in the back of my closet. They make shipping and ordering so easy. My only complaint is that you can’t choose different shipping options!!
  • Best App To Make Extra Cash!!! 5/5

    By gisslleflo
    Sign up with code FLORESG2 to save $5 This app will be the best thing you will do for youself. help make yourself extra cash and sign up using the code FLORESG2 to save $5!!!!!!
  • Styling is the worst part of Poshmark 2/5

    By Vicamillethaca
    Styling is a waist of time!!! If people want to buy something they look for it. The sellers should Not look for customers. Customers should look for the products they want. No sense for all those notifications! I’m not styling nobody!
  • Not a good community 1/5

    By Md1112222
    You can make a fair amount of money on Poshmark, but there is not a buyer rating system. There is a lot of rude buyer behavior. Excessively so.
  • Ehh. 1/5

    By amylittl
    Sales are great, but forget getting any support. I’ve had far too many issues that have left me unable to reach anyone in PM support for assistance. They don’t offer any real methods for sellers to protect themselves from unfair or incorrect ratings or reviews, and the returns process is a nightmare for both parties involved. As a seller, I recently had an issue with a large boutique order, in which the buyer ripped two pieces in trying them on. She submitted a return request to PM, stating that the items were ripped when she bought them, which wasn’t the case. It was evident in the photos that she provided that the items were stretched which is what caused them to tear. Regardless, her return was approved and she received a full refund, though I only received part of the order back. It’s been a nightmare trying to get PM to help me, as I’m out nearly $60 in product, and this particular customer received two free tops. The customer service has been atrocious; every time I receive an email response (for the times they actually do respond), I get the same automated message to contact someone from support via the app. It’s like an endless loop that does me absolutely no good. SELLER BEWARE. If you’re planning on selling on this platform, be prepared to be screwed out of your merchandise, as PM is clearly more invested in protecting fraudulent buyers than they are in protecting their sellers from said fraudulent transactions.
  • Buying on Here isFun! 5/5

    By Virginiagirl98
    I am really enjoying my Poshmark Experience!
  • Fix this stg 2/5

    By Unicornaco
    I live in America, the USA. United States. And it’s only open to people in the UNtIed StAtes! Why the heck?? Wouldn’t it let me sign up?! Why does it keep saying I don’t live in America?!?! I’ve put 10+ usernames also and none of them have worked... so like get your crap together please
  • Rip off 2/5

    By Happy Zee
    If you want to sell on here... DO NOT. They take too much of YOUR money. And they charge the same overpriced shipping fee to ALL buyers which makes you have to consider that when you price your items. People already think everything is supposed to be thrift store prices. I went to Mercari to sell.
  • Great but... 4/5

    By nikb1118
    Sometimes it freezes. Overall I love it! A GREAT improvement would be if you could somehow save or bookmark your favorite sellers so that you get an alert when they post something for sale or even if they could be at the top of your feed. Like a way to “favorite “ that seller!
  • Why I love POSHMARK 5/5

    By Ladyjingers
    POSHMARK is easy to work with. You can sell things you have no use for anymore or even new items. They have a lot of support and they want you to succeed.
  • Love! 5/5

    By Hate2lrnChinese
    Tired of going to consignment store and being offered $3 for your designer clothes? Poshmark is the answer. I also love using this app to find replacements for my favorite garments that are no longer sold in stores
  • I ❤️ Poshmark, an amazing blessing!!! 5/5

    By Jane Jamilah
    I found Poshmark in January of this year- 2018. Where was I before that? I see that some people have been buying and selling on Poshmark since like 2012 or 2013. It is insane to me that the average person in America is not legally allowed to sell things other than at a pop up yard or garage sale unless they have permits, licenses, and permission and yet people legitimately can sell on Poshmark without police saying “do you have a permit or license to sell”? It is an absolute blessing that Poshmark as an app and entity is so great and professional that it allows me to sell things and to buy amazing products at great prices and to me, it is better than apps like Offer up, Letgo or Mercari. I’m sure all have pros and cons but honestly the only con I can say about Poshmark is very minor. I wish there was a customer service phone number so I can call someone and speak during business hours, but we are able to email Poshmark and they reply very quickly. Regardless, I wish they had that phone number. Other than this, Poshmark is amazing!!! I wouldn’t mind working for them at company headquarters even or something like that one day. For now, I am completely satisfied to have my own ‘closet’ business and website on Poshmark and to be able to have access to so many stunning products, which allows me to not have to go shopping much by traveling to stores and paying too much money. Sometimes I wish shipping and handling was $4.99 or less rather than $6.49 and that we would be allowed to use ANY priority mail box to mail items rather than regular cardboard boxes or that the shipping label would always be dated the next day so I won’t have to wait until the next day sometimes to print out a shipping label with the day I’m shipping on but these again are minor things. I also love how Poshmark protects buyers and sells from whatever may happen. They always have seller’s backs, especially. I thank Poshmark for being so professional. What would I do without it now that I’ve found this app and website?! I thank God for allowing Poshmark into my life and showing me how to survive better in this hectic world here in NYC. I love being connected to so many other people in America as well!
  • Lower your fees! 3/5

    By shoker1234
    Poshmark is ok for selling and buying but the fee is ridiculous comparing to others ( ebay charges less and mercari as well tradesy is on par with you guys). Shipping is ridiculously expensive at times for items that are very light on weight and small (everything is $7!! ). Lower your fee and make shipping dependent on the size of package. Why everytime I upload pictures from my ipad it gets cropped and I am unable to show the whole item? Please work on that glitch
  • Obsessed! 4/5

    By Cb2010220873
    I am obsessed with Poshmark! I have made several purchases and have been happy with all of the items. My Likes list is packed with so many items that I wish I could buy them all!
  • AMAZING!!! 5/5

    By highmaint85
    Poshmark is so easy and fun to use! I’m making lots of money and have found some amazing deals as well. I love it!
  • Not great for sellers 3/5

    By Blondiejag
    If your a buyer you can find great finds. As a seller it’s not a fair site. A buyer can open a case against you reporting things about the item was not disclosed, I have found buyers to create damage themselves to make it look like you didn’t disclose it. When this happens you have no defense. In return you get your item back with damage. In my case this seller had the item I sold her listed on her page using my photos and describing the item as beautiful in EUC. I told Posh this and sent a screen shot of her describing my item as EUC but Posh sided with her. I will now be getting back my item with the damage she created. Another item a buyer complained about was the magnets on a handbag were faulty, the photos she sent them showed her not closing the bag properly for the magnets to work. I resold the bag for $20 more with a 5 star rating. This concerns me of Posh authenticating anything since they don’t know what they are looking at, very concerning! They have now changed the site so seller and buyer can fight with each other as part of their deciding buyer against seller. The site needs some work.
  • Reprimanding customer service 1/5

    By Kristennnnmm
    I loved the app at first, but in the last two weeks I had spent 300+ dollars. I accepted an order because everything looked right. After a couple of day, I tried on one of the products (a bralette) and the wires popped out. This was not in the description. I contacted support to try to work out a refund and reprimanded and lectured me of their policy and would not allow me to return it. Bad customer service to someone who just spent $300 dollars. Won’t be using anymore.
  • I like this cool site so far 5/5

    By A potato wrote this
    Thank you very much. This site rocks. ~ Marianne (annkoi)
  • Couldn’t even try it 1/5

    By Dmwr
    Was looking forward to using this app but I couldn’t even make an account to experience it. It told me “sorry, this is for USA customers only.” I live in the USA but It didn’t even ask me where I lived in the sign up so I’m not even sure where they got information to determine where I live. I tried different emails, usernames and even tried logging in with my Facebook. I wanted to give the company a call but this is an email only company. I would imagine that leads to issues when buying/selling as well. Users should have immediate contact with the company. Looking at these reviews, it seems like trash anyways and not worth my time. I’ll use mercari or another clothes selling app.
  • Great app but needs to improve shipping labels 4/5

    By saigex3
    I love this app and the control it gives me for selling, but there needs to be a feature for batch printing shipping labels, or make it so the labels automatically print on half a sheet and not in the middle of the paper
  • Do Not Use This App to Sell 1/5

    By brimac327
    Poshmark has become a complete nightmare platform to sell items. They are 100% on the buyer’s side no matter what. I sold a handbag and the buyer even commented that she “changed her mind” which is not a valid reason for a return. She filed an Item Not as Described case saying that it was missing an additional shoulder strap (which it’s hard to have a missing strap when the bag in question never came with one from the retailer in the first place!) I described my item accurately and provided many clear photos. Poshmark sided with the buyer and I’m just hoping that the buyer doesn’t send an empty box. Please do your research. Google Poshmark and see all of the horror stories! Will never use this app again.
  • Poshmark 5/5

    By @smxcollectables
    This is a wonderful venue for recirculating unwanted clothing and accessories. The customer support system works fairly and payments are posted in a timely manner. Newcomers, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. Everyone is there to help and encourage... I should know. I’ve made so many mistakes, but they never kicked me off. Just check it out. Happy Poshing!!!
  • Way more good than bad 5/5

    By Corina775
    I have sold on other forums and hands down Posh is the best. I’ve sold on Posh for about 3 years now and have watched as they continue to evolve. I find they protect their Sellers far more than any other platform... a great Community and a great place to sell
  • Freezes Constantly 1/5

    By AmandaMakes
    The app freezes constantly and has to be removed completely. I’ve done this constantly since signing up 6 weeks ago. Also sellers beware. People buy items and if they don’t like them they destroy them, claim they were delivered in that condition and Poshmark refunds them.
  • Love sell BUT... 3/5

    By EpicLovely
    Shipping is extremely expensive and they take a big profit. I was selling something for $40 and would only be getting $32. Hoping this can be fixed.
  • Almost $7 shipping, RIDICULOUS!!! 3/5

    By Guitardiablo
    Makes the savings for certain things not even worth it with $7 shipping, also makes it harder to sell items for a good price because no one wants to buy a $10 for the high shipping price.
  • Just One Suggestion! 5/5

    By emmathelioness
    Love love love this app. Pleaseeee create a feature that allows you to un-heart all sold items. It takes too much effort to go through all my likes periodically to do this.
  • I normally don’t do this but... 2/5

    By Jctommooo
    I used to be a really big fan I have sold to many people before. That was until someone claimed that the item I sold them was ripped and I mislead them which wasn’t true. It was a pair of shoes and I told them I had worn them a couple of times but it was fine. They told Poshmark the company told them to return the item which I was fine with but the person still hasn’t return the shoes it’s been two weeks!! Also Poshmark has still yet to release the funds to me due to the fact the the person refuses to return the item to me which is not fair so they basically lied and got my shoes for free I have contract customer service and yet nothing has been done! I just want my shoes back or my money
  • Terrible experience 1/5

    By Dez Martini
    I decided to use this app in order to sell my Louboutins which no longer fit, or trade them for a bigger size. I was excited to find that I would be able to purchase “new” ones for the same price that I were to receive for my “old” ones. Issues: 1. I made some offers to get some new shoes, not realizing that once you make an offer, of the person accepts, you’ve basically already purchased the shoes no matter when they decide to accept the offer. You can’t cancel it, even if it’s seconds after.. there should be a note which states this somewhere BEFORE you make the offer.. Nevertheless, Once I realized I had purchased over $1,400 in shoes for 3 pairs of Louboutins I was ok with it and excited about my good deal. 2. The money came out of my Venmo account the same day, so I’m expecting my shoes... however, later that day the seller has informed me that my payment was cancelled due to missing payment information!? When I tried to reply to her message, I found out that Poshmark BLOCKED me from contacting her!! 3. Not only did they block me from contacting people after they ALREADY took my money for the shoes and allowed her to repost them for sale, they also REMOVED MY LISTING FOR THE SHOES THAT I ALREADY SHIPPED OUT!!! 4. Not only are these events unprofessional and a huge RED FLAG, but whenever I tried to complain about this order of events, either I would get no response or they would “mistakenly” send me the wrong response to a complaint. I did eventually receive my payment for the shoes, less the “luxury concierge fee” or whatever, but I promise you it was not worth the $120 that they took for being the middle man in this horrific experience. The funds were returned to my Venmo account as well, but now the shoes I wanted are already sold to someone else, I still cannot contact the seller or buyer and my listing is still removed from my page. I won’t even delete this app because I want everyone to know of my experience until someone contacts me personally from Poshmark to rectify this experience!!
  • New feature needed 4/5

    By CronusTheDeathEater
    Wonderful app overall, and a very enjoyable experience. However, it would be good for sellers to have the ability to reserve items. Perhaps a feature could be added where a buyer may request to have an item reserved for a certain amount of time? Something of that nature. Beyond that though, great experience.
  • Feedback 4/5

    By Peterlover#1
    This app needs a drafts. The app will close out of a listing I’m about done with and it’s very annoying. eBay has drafts it’s great.
  • Awful & Untrusworthy 1/5

    By spikeswift
    Poshmark is completely unreliable. Customer support is god awful. I am now out $200 and am not receiving any help from the poshmark team. The one email I received said they would get back to me in 24 hours, it has now been four days without a word. I would suggest an app like mercari over this one. Completely awful support, take your business elsewhere.
  • Poshmark 1/5

    By eugeniastefania
    Greatest shopping and selling experience and customer service is very supportive & pleasure to be part of this wonderful experience. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Amazing way to make money 5/5

    By Mariamls
    I buy used designer items and resell them they do take a percentage but it’s worth it. I’ve also unloaded my good jewelry and designer items I no longer wear. It’s a fantastic way to buy beautiful items as well.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Moshling lover 7949
    I hate this app for selling items. I’ve used depop and mercari before and they’re both amazing especially mercari. When you post something to sell all you get is people spamming you and inviting you to join their “listing parties.” I had to turn off my notifications because I was getting at least 40 per day. Your listings don’t even get any views because no one actually tries to buy anything. I thought maybe it was just my things I was selling wasn’t very popular but almost everything on this app doesn’t sell. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By PeaceandLove69
    Great App for buying and selling! So glad I found it!!!
  • Best App for buying or selling designer or non specific manufacturers items. 5/5

    By Makeitnewagain
    Best way to clear out the old and buy new/gently used. Posh helps you keep up with the "ever changing" fashion trends.
  • Best shopping! 5/5

    By MPdevildog
    I love shopping from Poshmark! I originally set up to sell my items, but now use the money I make from selling to shop. Best place I’ve found to buy clothes!! Fast shipping, and honest sellers. Best prices I’ve found for name brands!
  • Good but... 3/5

    By alexia.m389
    Great app easy to use but HORRIBLE customer service, they took weeks to respond to my many emails. It’s a good app but could use some work in their end for responding to emails. Almost everyone is serious about buying and selling and I almost always get happy customers or what I ordered.
  • ⚠️REPLICAS ⚠️ 3/5

    By Dance with nature
    I wish Poshmark Could do more to control the amount of replicas being allowed on the site. I don’t think Poshmark has enough support adequate for the amount of traffic on this platform. It seems their staff may be inadequate especially on weekends when the replicas really tend to flood the market. This really hurts the five star rated sellers that are selling genuine products! I also find Poshmark shipping charges to be out of line with their traffic flow. If I can buy 50 pounds of candles from bath and Bodyworks for $4.99, why can’t Poshmark Closet do the same for one item?! No wonder so many are using multiple platforms that are offering better pricing😢
  • Seller 5/5

    By tpin12
    Love the support, the app works really good and very quick responses.
  • 72 hour returns 4/5

    By Shoe whisperer
    This app is very user-friendly and very nice to use. Posh support is there for you if you need help. Most of my experiences buying have been positive ones and I have had some success selling here too! I would have given it five stars if the return policy was clear in stating that you have 72 hours to file a claim for a return, but merely The words, “three days” are used. The 72 hour revelation only comes as a “gotcha” when you try to make the return within your three days but after you’ve missed The 72 hours, when it’s too late. Unfortunately the app requires the buyer to remember what time their order was delivered. I recently missed this 72 hour window and consequently I got ripped off, stuck with unwearable junk; while the deceptive seller is laughing all the way to the bank with my money. In conclusion, it’s a nice place to shop, but be careful with your returns because you’ve got to watch the clock, not the calendar.
  • Authentication “team” on Posh is HORRIBLE 1/5

    By Missan2net
    Poshmark let’s their unknown users (including myself!) rather than verified trained staff decide whether or not an item is a replica or not. NOT PROFESSIONAL! I sold an authentic Louis Vuitton item, buyer accepted and left a 5-Star rating. Suddenly this troll weeks later (not the buyer) makes a comment that my item is not authentic and reports me, and from THAT Posh “team” suddenly decides to refund the buyer without any warning and without letting me prove authenticity (I have proof). Now I’m out of my item AND my money and there’s no way to get my item back because you can’t contact the buyer directly. Poshmark never responded to numerous emails and messages to resolve this situation. No phone number to call either. Don’t ever sell high end items here...you’ve been warned.
  • TOTALLY worth downloading!! 5/5

    By Aflowersong
    There are so many options to find in this app for a seller and buyer! User friendly. Well planned.

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