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Postmates - Fleet

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  • Current Version: 4.26.10
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  • Developer: Postmates Inc.
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Postmates - Fleet App

Turn your free time into earnings with the Postmates Fleet app— deliver goods from local merchants to customers. No schedules, no offices, just you and the open road. You can drive, bike, scoot, or walk. Earn on your own schedule. It’s free to sign up and fast to get started. There are no fees or time commitments, so you take home 100% of what you earn every time you complete a delivery. Clear earnings, instant deposits. See how much you earned after each delivery and exactly how your earnings were calculated. Get free weekly deposits or cash out instantly anytime you want. All the tools you need. Sign up and we’ll send you a free delivery bag and prepaid card so you can deliver food, drinks, retail, and more—from anywhere in your city—literally. Sign up now and start earning today. Download the app, enter some basic details and start delivering. It’s that easy. You’ll be on your way in to time.

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Postmates - Fleet app reviews

  • Don’t make any money 1/5

    By DustinMarc
    There are rarely any deliveries and when there are they only pay $3
  • $4 per delivery 1/5

    By vcutdf
    I applied for fleet months ago and have yet to been able to do deliveries. Background check is still not completed! I have sent at least 10 emails to the Help center with absolutely no help whatsoever!
  • The update made the app unusable 1/5

    By 💋Kisses💋
    Had a working account prior to the update. Now I can’t log in. Been emailing support. Keep getting told to log out and log back in or restart my phone. It’s been 2 weeks. I’ve emailed 13 people.
  • Greedy service for greedy people 1/5

    By Mariya Rich
    I would say that people, who order through this platform are greedy. I laugh at someone who uses this service for ordering food. If you use this service, you will get your food three hours later after ETA, cold and smelly. Enjoy! You are deserve it! If drivers report getting paid $3 for 10 miles as a common, so do not expect excellent service.
  • High risk - Low to no reward 1/5

    By Paradashisland
    How much do you make? Is it enough for your vehicle insurance deductible? Enough for a ticket(speeding, cell phone, or parking ticket)? Enough for vehicle maintenance? Or do you just need quick cash.......and risk your car to the daily demand of bad day ruins all you hard work. God forbid you lose you vehicle and have to borrow or rent. Trap game!!!
  • Lucky if you break even. 1/5

    By Darkpocalypse
    If you leave in California you'll be lucky if you break even with the gas prices. It's not like business is exactly booming and you're getting back to back deliveries. And when you do pray to the gods it's a fast food order or pre-ordered food as waiting for sushi places or restaurants is not worth it. Customers always complain that prices are not up to date nor do they take into account substitutions or extra items with outrageous price discrepancies. Most notably what should have been a $10 order from a burger joint as shown in the customer app ended up costing $25 because Postmates wasn't aware that the joint doesn't bundle fries and a drink with a burger and like 2 slices of bacon on the burger. But as usual the driver gets blamed.
  • Deceiving 2/5

    By cellybelly24
    I thought everyday I’d get on here I’d have some deliveries to do but NOPE! Idk what going on BUT NOTHING!!!!😓
  • Scam 1/5

    By Tat98gamer
    Didn’t work for long. Completed 4 deliveries on a day I had free to try it out. Made $18 and some change in an hour and a half. When it came time for it to be deposited in my account, I got $0.01 direct deposited. Not that $18 is a lot of money but it’s still time I spent, gas I spent, in the long run it was money I spent. Not worth it
  • Wow 1/5

    By seba183848;
    So regretful for ever working with this postmates, they had me drive for nearly an hour, go through hectic traffic and experience a low blood sugar. How much did I earn??? $3, which is a joke compared to doordash or Uber eats. Hope this company burns...
  • Location and time matters 4/5

    By maccbol
    Living in a big city like LA gives you a big advantage as a postmates driver. I have koreatown, Hollywood, downtown and mid city to deliver to. Very big communities that use delivery apps to receive their food. Everything is so close and convenient. I can’t imagine doing this in a small city, where everything is a bit distant and there won’t be many users to be ordering food. You also cannot expect to bag in 10 orders at 3 pm on a weekday. I assume it’s common sense and even the app recommends it, but try to be most active around lunch and dinner times.
  • Postmates & it’s unethical ways 1/5

    By beattheapp
    I’d just like to start by saying IF a person tip you on postmates app you wont get it for 1-3 days. The average payout in my city is 4-6 dollars. The orders that are sent may be MILES away. Do not waste your time doing long pick ups. Keep it under a mile. They also pick & choose when to display drop off address. I advise against shopping for ppl its as low as 7 cent per minute in some cities. In my city every 10 minutes of waiting at merchant is ONE DOLLAR, so hypothetically (but possibly) if you wait one hour the system is set to pay $6 for time. If you need to cancel an order even before pick up fleet will force you offline. This is not a function as independent contractor. I recommend you do what you want and use two platforms together because one wont get you anywhere. Don't sign up without referral code thats the only way to make a guarantee minimum. Or else you'll get base rates only without incentives.
  • Thank You Postmates 5/5

    By Godric108
    I can’t complain because Postmates is my bread and butter. I have 3,000 deliveries and I average $9 per delivery. Remember to count your cash tips. You will get cash tips. A good portion of my earnings are tips. I know how to work my tips. I send a personal text when I’m on the way to delivering every order. I get extra napkins for every order. I try to get a side of hot sauce/ more condiments for each order. And I always say thank you with a smile. Try to get 1,000 orders and check your average. Good luck.
  • Count on tips cause postmates is a greedy company to work for 1/5

    By peace out postmates
    So... I’m fortunate enough not to depend on postmates as my primary income but this was a great way for me to make extra cash when I’m not working or have extra free time to kill. I haven’t had to turn to postmates the beginning part of this year but in the last few weeks, I found extra time in my schedule so I decided to give it a go...first night I didn’t notice right away that the fare amount changed. For a quick standard delivery, I was use to getting $4 minimum. This has changed. $3?? You have got to be kidding. I did a few more in case the numbers didn’t calculate all the way, but no. It was now $3. My heart sank. Gas in my large city of a home is over $3.30 a gallon. I thought, Is this even worth it? Uhmm no it definitely is not. Not even for the easiest painless delivery, it is not worth it. I remember back in the “good ole days” thinking $4 was ridiculous and it should be a set $5 unless time/distance play a factor then yes give us more!! And postmates did the opposite, they took a dollar away from their driver. Greedy postmates. Very greedy. You should be ashamed. Sometimes you get a generous customer that will tip...don’t count on it. But when you do, it may be worth it to take on delivering for postmates. Maybe the other delivery companies will pay more? Either way, goodbye postmates.
  • Modern slavery- 1/5

    By Sarah Casteliah
    That app should be shut down by authorities
  • Postmates 1/5

    By minmin46224
    I work for Postmates and most deliveries average out to bout $4 which really is not worth it. The rate needs to be more because it’s not worth the time effort and gas spent
  • There should be petition to shut this down. 1/5

    By I'mFromRussiaBaby!!
    It took me 2 months just to set up my account and card. 2 months and tons of emails. Most of the time they did not answer my questions or help me fix my problems. Or I’d say what I’ve tried and they’d tell me to try those things. I’d email them and tell them that I can’t get walking orders/deliveries and I’ve been online for an hour. I’ve done all the “problem solvers” moved around on map. Went online earlier in the day and nothing. I live in a constant hot zone. Downtown. My friend gets driving orders here but I don’t get anything. Deleted app, restarted phone and re downloaded app. Logged out and logged in on a friends phone, with up to date software. Deleted app, turned off phone and took out my sim and put it back in turned phone back on and re downloaded the app again and nothing. Nothing worked. I put in my car Information and spent an hour online and moved around in the hot zones and waited for over an hour and still nothing. They did not help. One person from their company support team responded but mentioned direct deposit. It had NOTHING to do with my problem. Postmates fleet made me feel like they didn’t value me or my willingness to work and try. Comment to one review on here. I’ll take the $3 pay over my problem. Ha, let’s trade.
  • False advertisement 1/5

    By Frustrated PostMates Driver
    The pictured advertisement of these screenshots are HIGHLY inaccurate of what actual pay driving for post mates is like. On average, you get $3-4 per delivery and a tip is doubtful, especially when the customer is prompted after they get their food- leaving them to forget until the next time they open the app. Pay out is 50 cents to get your money. If you have a problem, they never answer the phone or keep you waiting forEVER, sometimes even while you’re in the middle of an order. There’s barely any “bonuses”, such as the $1-2 extra pictured in these advertised screenshots. postmates, you have a long way to go. I think the amount of gas and money I spend on gas does not equate and is not worth the amount I make in deliveries with you guys.
  • Not worth it for drivers trust. 2/5

    By Nextplateplz
    Postmate for driver is not worth it. They go by miles & waiting is 7cent a min & the customer can tip u anytime they want so sometime you won’t get a tip & your wasting your gas & time for 3 dollars. Drivers are losing out customers win cause they can give u a tip whenever they open to order again & that can be days or months I still haven’t gotten my tip for 5 order. Only time postmate is good for drivers is when they have their promotions to compete 10 orders & get $125 & even then ur spending out on gas & u can’t see where your going til u accepted.
  • Quit crying 2/5

    By Romeooooo123
    You literally pick up a bag of food. And you drop off a bag of food. You do nothing more, and your do nothing less. If you think this job isn’t worth the pay, go apply for a real job. I’m tired of hearing all you inexperienced kids complain about a job that requires no physical labor and causes zero stress physically or mentally. This job isn’t meant to be done full time expecting a 401k, overtime, life insurance etc. Go scrub some toilets and mop up puke at a school for $12/hr or work in a warehouse lifting 50lbs boxes all day for $12/hr and then you can complain. This is a job where if you have a little extra time on the side you can make a little extra money on the side. You ungrateful scum, crying about a company that has hired you with zero background and zero experience except for probably a GED or highschool diploma. Get a real job if you’re gonna complain about a job that requires zero effort.
  • Don't use this service 1/5

    By comeforplay
    They purposely cut your bonus during peak times so that you don't make the goal. You barely make money using Postmates during regular hours. You will be on an never ending cycle with Postmates. It cuts into your pockets more than actually helping you. I spent this entire morning on the app in the best part of brooklyn. I watched the app get ”hotspots” in the same area I am from 10 am until 1:48 and didn't get one ping. This is a horrible company
  • so many things to improve 1/5

    By KMCR3
    If you’re trying to make a decent amount of money, please use any other platform. I’ve only delivered 4 orders and all of them I’ve had problems with. First of all, the menus are NOT updated, I’ve had to call the customer apologizing, asking if they’d want anything to replace it 3 out of 4 of the orders. Also, you only get paid starting from when you pick up the food to when it is delivered. I wouldn’t have a problem with this if any of the orders are within 5 MILES of where I am. I’m driving city to city, sometimes spending 45 min/order just to make $5 or less before tip. And a lot of times you aren’t tipped. This app isn’t like other uber eats or doordash where the food it just waiting for you to be picked up, you need to order the food yourself, use a prepaid card, wait for it to be cooked, and then go on your way. There is no skipping huge lines. Overall, I am losing money from gas and using my time. By the way, sometimes you’re waiting 30min+ for an order. I will now state the very minimal pros. From what I’ve seen, all of the customers who order using postmates are really kind and understanding when something isn’t available (which isn’t even a pro of the actual app). Also, the process of signing up for the app went really smoothly. I think that’s about it for the pros. I hope that someone reads this and decides not to use it, because it is really frustrating.
  • Not Even Worth It 1/5

    By OneTeenGuy
    If you’re looking to make some quick cash by doing deliveries, I’d suggest seeking a different app. After the recent pay cuts & now lack of people ordering, deliveries have been less than $3.20 with maybe, MAYBE, 3 orders an evening? This is from Southern California. They also have false promises of these promotional rates ($175 for 90 deliveries if referred) but in the fine print it states it has to be done in 30 days, however indicates nowhere on the app of this. So just be weary and always ensure you read the fine print so big corporate Postmates doesn’t continue to rip you off. Deleting this app now.
  • Built in map could be better 3/5

    By CorruptCreed
    As you can see from the title, the built in mapping system could be way better than it is currently. I eventually had to switch to apple maps app just to get better directions and turn by turn instructions on how to get to the customers house. The customer was very respectful and understanding since it was my first time doing a delivery ever. But to go back to the main topic, it should definitely be better.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By curlymesss
    The app was perfect before all these mandatory updates. Now this app glitches and barely works now. It just wastes gas and your time. Don’t recommend
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By nicknameslreadytaken1222
    Don’t waste your time. Try doordash if you really need an app like this
  • Lower pay rates 1/5

    By postLA92
    They lowered the pay rate, and no longer have a $4 minimum. This makes it pointless to do most deliveries, considering you have to go to drive to the restaurant (not compensated for that) then turn off your car to go inside to pick up/order. Then drive to the destination and turn off your car again to go into an apartment building to deliver some cheap customer their $5 order. Theses customers do not tip. Instead of cutting the pay of the drivers, they should have bumped up the monthly delivery from $15 to $25.... $15 for unlimited deliveries is too cheap and attracts cheap customers that take advantage of this and do not tip. Also the whole “Party” option (for free delivery) just brings in more cheap customers that do not tip.
  • Bs 1/5

    By Brett4628
    This app is stupid. I started using it because I thought it would be a cool way to make some fast money. I joined when they had a promotion guaranteeing 550 for your first 70 orders. You make maybe $4 an order and they don’t pay you the way they state. I took an order that came out to $158 and I waited 45 minutes for the order to be ready and postmates paid me $4.71 for the order. I could have been out taking other orders and I spent almost an hour of my time between driving there, waiting and then delivering the order to make $4? If you want to make money there are much better options out there.
  • Worst side job 1/5

    By Ethanjshgsisbsjs
    You literally drive all over trying to find a hotspot and make money and hope for some deliveries but end up waiting for hours to finally get one offer and make $3 before tips(nobody tips) and that barley pays for gas for working it’s not worth the hassle don’t become a postmates unless you have absolutely no other options.
  • You lose money 1/5

    By Ryanmlinton
    I keep losing counts of my deliveries. Earlier it told me I had 11. Now I have 9. Postmates had a promotion for 10 deliveries for $125 guaranteed it said. Well I did another 11. Next thing I know I’m at 9 and didn’t get the bonus. It’s crap.
  • Don’t use this app for work 1/5

    By gmaerdog
    Terrible app, they have you drive across from city to city and will only give you a couple of dollars for your time. It’s a waste of time and you lose money paying for gas to get to your drop off point
  • Map 1/5

    By Tatti91
    This could be a great thing to make extra money on if it worked properly. The map shows areas for delivery that doesn’t have anything available. I’ve sat for hours right in the middle of areas that were in high demand and didn’t get a single ding. Best thing you can do is just sit and wait to receive an order instead of wasting your gas.
  • Low pay 1/5

    By Wawa954
    I’m deleting this app. Uber driving is better . I get paid chump change to Deliver food 15 mins away . I do Uber eats as well and it’s way better than this garbage . I had three stacked deliveries and only earned 8 dollars . This app is trash and there’s better ways to use your time to make money .
  • Constantly lowering pay 1/5

    By Chadderbox86
    Prepare to make 5 bucks an hour. They have lowered pay to the point that minimum wage is a dream. Recently they removed the minimum payout. I literally get 3 bucks for a 30 minute job. Do the math. If you want to make money delivering food, go elsewhere.

    By Armrisk
    How are you going to have a picture of making more than $10 a delivery without tip, when in reality it’s an average of $3 a delivery. People that deliver like me that need money and go far distance or wait a long time and pick up orders of over $70 just to get $3-$7. This is modern day slavery like any other job. We should be able to make enough to pay for gas, eat, and save. You should make it to where every 10 delivery we get an extra $150. Just because it was my first time you guys made this 30 delivery promo that I completed and spent the money on gas, gas I spent on making deliveries. Then after that I get no more promo, now if I have no motivation in making deliveries for Postmates since I know the most I’ll make is $7 which is rare cause most of the time you make $3. Fix this. Care for your employees or people will stop buying from Postmates and stop making deliveries for Postmates. I have a kid on the way and I’m 19, I have to find a job because Postmates doesn’t help at all, you can’t save money with this. And I know how you will respond if you guys even do respond “thanks for your feedback, sorry we couldn’t help you with that.”
  • ADD 3/5

    By xes8
  • Great side hustle job 5/5

    By ryan26arthur
    Easy to earn money. Set your own schedule. Pay is pretty good and the tips are a bonus. Very fun to do as a side job
  • Perfect for people who like to work for free 1/5

    By Billy the Lady Slayer
    Perfect for people who don’t like to make money while working. If you enjoy sitting in parking lots for 25 minutes then getting a call to deliver a bottle of wine and getting compensated $3.47 in return, then this is the job for you. This is by far the WORST of the worst of app jobs. Do literally anything else and you will make more money. Try throwing wet bread at your neighbor’s fence, I guarantee you will have better luck making money that way. It’s below minimum wage labor, on average, in CA and since you are considered an “independent contractor” Postmates is doesn’t have to give a flying fudge muffin about you. They could care less if you hit a wall exploded into a million pieces in front of your children. You do everything an employee does but since they say the words “independent contractor” automatically you are on your own for all maintenance, gas, accidents, etc. It’s a loop hole that should be illegal. It’s just a scam to get you to use your unbelievably expensive asset (car) to make them unreal amounts of money for no cost on their end and in return they’ll bless you with a sweet $6 for 60 minutes of labor after gas. Do anything else. Bake a rock in a toaster oven. It will be more lucrative.
  • Unresponsive and inconvenient 2/5

    By Jsaylor23
    For starters I came into the driver app thinking it couldn’t be as bad as the reviews. It is. Coming from Uber eats delivery app this app is a nightmare. There are constant crashes and bugs like giving me the same notification that I need to pick up an order even though it was an hour ago and already completed (this happens often). The navigation makes you use an external app like Waze or google maps, etc. Uber eats has built in navigation to the app and they’ve been doing their delivery service for WAY less time than postmates. How is it still not up to date and bug free?? Please listen developers, give your buddies at Uber eats a call and see if they can help you out here.
  • Waste of time and gas 1/5

    By Breeann Best
    You do not make much money as you would on DoorDash. Also no one tips anymore and that’s really pathetic. People in Mustang, Yukon and Edmond Oklahoma need to learn how to tip. On Postmates you’ll probably make like $3 a delivery versus $9 to $12 on DoorDash.
  • My experience working Postmates Fleet 2/5

    By MELLY2900
    I worked for postmates for about 3 months. People mainly sign up for the incentive of 45 or 65 deliveries guaranteed bonus. Once I completed the bonus I quickly realized it REALLY is not worth your time and resources! Never got another incentive after. Most deliveries were $4-8. You rely on tips and it is not as often someone tips you cash because of the in app option to tip. THERE IS A LACK OF ACTUAL SUPPORT if you have questions or concerns! Postmates will email you copy and paste/automated replies. Good luck speaking to anyone on the phone! There are times it’s decent and it is side hustle money but it definitely shouldn't be full time. If you do the math after expenses, mostly likely you will be making about the same as a minimum wage job but more wear and tear. Overall not a fan, I requested my account to be closed!
  • Not enough orders 1/5

    By kathyleeeenn
    I don’t know if postmates hires too many drivers or if people in my area don’t use it enough, but I will be active for hours and only get two-three order requests
  • Liking it 4/5

    By rapo_gtr
    Calls from customers is showing up as scam on caller id, makes me not want to answer The orders you have to order yourself at the store is a little bit inconvenient, also need option to upload file where we take a screenshot for the receipt as some places are sending us the receipt digitally. Besides that im really enjoying it. Use my referral for Bonus, code: FL-parreiras !!!
  • The app is not giving me my pay 2/5

    By Alani.malani
    I’ve emailed postmates plenty of times about my pay not being cashed out and I still have not gotten a response !! Could someone please update me on this situation🤦🏾‍♀️
  • Don’t even try it 1/5

    By FIFA master
    Absolutely a waste of time.. I downloaded it because I have been out of work and looking for money here and there, but you are better off getting a job at a fast food chain and flipping burgers. $3 and hour is disgraceful.
  • Close to 400 deliveries!! 1/5

    By Ekwonders
    Here’s my humble opinion after close to 400 deliveries. The good: Work whenever you want to for as long as you want to. You are your own boss and you can cash out daily ($0.50 fee) The bad: Not enough deliveries. I understand that Postmates has to keep a pool of drivers available at all times and they all have to be given jobs to keep satisfied, but a lot of times you’re just sitting in your car waiting for very long stretches of time. When you go back and calculate your pay and the amount of time put it, you’ll realize that you’re barely making minimum wage and you still have car expenses not the least of which is gas $$. The bad: DRIVER SUPPORT IS HORRIBLE MAYBE EVEN NON-EXISTENT. God forbid you ever have an issue while making a delivery. The only way to contact them is thru email. Really Postmates?? So we are supposed to keep the customer waiting while we wait to hear an answer??? You’re lucky if you get an automated response within a couple of hours that may or may not answer your question. You are better off turning off the app and taking the 1 hour penalty they give you for canceling on order. Dear Postmates: YOUR DRIVERS WILL ONLY CARE AS MUCH AS YOU DO!! And you really don’t.....
  • Horrible. 1/5

    By Amenze Tiara
    Please signup for Uber eats. I’ve been doing that for two years and I’ve honestly been spoiled. Decided to add on another delivery partner just for the fun of it and this is the worst amount of money to give someone for deliveries. Hope the change it soon but I won’t be around to see!
  • Less than minimum wage 1/5

    By nik sd
    Worked for Postmates for 3 hours and made less than $30. That was enough for me. Maybe I’ll go back to Uber or Lyft which is around $20/hr.
  • Card declined 1/5

    By Meema N
    I am a fairly new driver. I was working on my 10th delivery, when my Postmates card was declined. On my app I had no option to decline the order for card issues. I tried to call the number on the card and all it gave me was an option to email my problem. Someone told me I should have had an option to add funds to my card but that is not showing up on this new app. Crazy thing is I had just used the card at another restaurant and it went through perfectly. I do not know why this one did not. I’m very frustrated with the support system and hope this doesn’t go against my future deliveries. The app needs more improvements to be delivery driver friendly. I also didn’t have the option to contact the customer.
  • Postmate 1/5

    By pistmate
    You don’t tell people what they do wrong especially when you are at fault by not putting everything on delivery

Postmates - Fleet app comments

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