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Postmates - Fleet

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  • Current Version: 5.22.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Postmates Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Postmates - Fleet App

Turn your free time into earnings with the Postmates Fleet app— deliver goods from local merchants to customers. No schedules, no offices, just you and the open road. You can drive, bike, scoot, or walk. Earn on your own schedule. It’s free to sign up and fast to get started. There are no fees or time commitments, so you take home 100% of what you earn every time you complete a delivery. Clear earnings, instant deposits. See how much you earned after each delivery and exactly how your earnings were calculated. Get free weekly deposits or cash out instantly anytime you want. All the tools you need. Sign up and we’ll send you a free delivery bag and prepaid card so you can deliver food, drinks, retail, and more—from anywhere in your city—literally. Sign up now and start earning today. Download the app, enter some basic details and start delivering. It’s that easy. You’ll be on your way in no time.

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Postmates - Fleet app reviews

  • Takes forever to make order 1/5

    By Rahat710
    should have placed order before arrival time otherwise it takes 30 min for food prepration all the time.
  • Double run within one order 3/5

    By jdnshabsb
    I did a delivery and 2 names popped up so I just thought they lived together but when I gave all the groceries to the drop off point I was told by the app to deliver it to another location that shouldn’t happen because you can’t tell who’s groceries are whos so you could possibly mess up and now I’m having to wait outside some random persons house to get the groceries that I need fix this problem please
  • 😡 1/5

    By hogfan1212
    I never can get into the app!!!!! What’s up with that?
  • Needs Way More Work 2/5

    By YungATDMoore
    I like using the app but whenever you get a delivery you can’t view how much the order is and you can’t really update your name or picture via app. Whenever you go into the app it always goes to San Francisco. How about it go directly to the city you are in? This app has become very frustrating.
  • La app se queda en chequeo de antecedentes de ahí no pasa 1/5

    By luis gin
    No deja de terminar de configurar para empezar a repartir se me quedo en background check
  • Es la peor compañía 1/5

    By Carlosadolfo132
    Son los peores y unos ladrones, cobran por encima del valor de la comida, al driver le pagan una miseria y al costumer le roban con fee extras no compren a través de ella es. Nada profesional no tienen atención al cliente
  • Restaurant closed 1/5

    By Down with Kim k
    4 stars but I traveled to a restaurant for a pickup and they were closed. Selected that option from the help menu and the order was cancelled and I was not paid. Other platforms reimburse drivers for their errors... why not postmates?
  • Won’t even acknowledge I needed help. 1/5

    By BigBreah
    I had a delivery to an ice cream place, paid for the ice cream. Tried to hit complete. Complete wouldn’t work. I tried over and over to try to get it to work. No result. I texted the customer to contact them and see if they could contact postmates. He couldn’t get through either. Finally the app said, we will have somebody contact you shortly 5 mins turns into 20. So I texted the customer and asked what his address was so I could just take it to him and I thought the app would sort itself out. Take it to the guy, he says he would take care of me with the tip. I said okay, then went home. I look at the app three hours later thinking it resolved itself and I got paid. No! The apps still saying someone will be reaching to contact you for support. Fast forward to the next day. I go running take a shower, and wanted to do some postmates before I went to my other job. Nope the apps still running the same deli every saying someone will reach out to me soon. 2 hours later the app resolved itself and tells me that the delivery was canceled. And I got $1.48 for everything that had just happened. So I stay relaxed and reached out to the fleet delivery line. Through an EMAIL!!! I CANT EVEN GET IN TOUCH WITH THE COMPANY TO SAY I DIDN'T GET PAID!!! SO TODAY THE LADY WITH THE SUPPORT LINE FINALLY GETS BACK WITH ME AND SAYS THAT THEY CANT PAY BECAUSE THE DELIVERY WAS NOT COMPLETED. I do not understand in any way shape or form what has transpired. I feel as though I have gotten ripped off for my time. The app had a major glitch and I will not return to doing deliveries for them until this issue is resolved. On another note I had proof that I went to the guys house. Sent that in as well and now there telling me I have to wait 72 hours before somebody will be able to get back in touch with me. WHAT IF THIS HAPPENS AGAIN!!??? Do I just not get paid for my deliveries??? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND...
  • Latest update issue May 29 2020 - broken 1/5

    By Eek 134
    Last update of May 29 2020 broke this app. I’ve had few instances where a delivery available notification alarms and when the app is opened no deliveries are actually available in there... please fix this ASAP
  • dark mode 5/5

    By mjrs_
    Please add dark mode! I always work at night and it's kind of difficult to drive and have the big white screen there! Everything else is perfect 👍🏻
  • Order NOT showing up 1/5

    By DARADAI2020
    The last few hours I hear the order but cannot accept it then it disappear. You offered a achievable promotion and your app caused me to miss it. It’s Friday night it shouldn’t be this hard to get an order when my screen is red. WTH!
  • Still needs work 2/5

    By Issablacksuperhero
    The App freezes while my music is playing, it doesn’t recognize any of my bank cards (not prepaid cards), they make it it difficult to update your phone number, and the banking setup is trash. It tells you that a text will be sent with instructions but the text never comes and the Postmates Support is just as bad the app. Postmates is too successful of a company to have such a glitchy app. This is 2020. Get it together.
  • 2 out of 5 stars 2/5

    By FearNot727
    Earnings are ok but this app is awful. Bad compensation system for already-closed restaurants too... You get nothing and have to call support unless you want to take a completion rating hit, because the only reason you are allowed to give for cancelling a delivery is “I need to go offline.” Needs some serious work.
  • Waste of time. 1/5

    By gunner9265
    The first couple of times I used this app I would get an order almost immediately. And I thought I could do 3 or 4 orders in about an hour to two hours to make a little extra cash. Boy was I wrong. I’ve used this app pretty much every day this week during “peak hours” and in the “hot zones” and I would sit in my car for 2 hours and have to go home because I have other obligations in my life. So I waste all that gas that I already don’t have the money for! This is the biggest waste of time and money as a good delivery service I’ve ever used. Go to door dash.
  • Make it better!!! 1/5

    By j4ak3e
    I’m losing good orders left and right, fix whatever is wrong quickly, because I’m losing money and you are my employer, how am I supposed to make a good work if the app is all the time with problems!?!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Springdelight
    Horrible I been driving for days & cant get my money because of there system
  • Postmates help support team hiding 1/5

    By asdftreecgngxxfhb
    How you a delivery service with no help support team. Plus you want people to just email you guys that’s it. Wow I’m a postmates driver and like driving with postmates. I feel you guys should help your drivers more than you really do. We be out here in real life situations all day, and if something goes wrong I should rely on you guys but instead I have to google y’all phone number just to fix my app issues. It’s affecting my payouts, like I should be able to access my money anytime if I put the work and gas and miles in it. Not to be stranded without funds it’s because their crappy support team that doesn’t support anything but say wait 24 hrs then try again.
  • The worst app 1/5

    By HTHayk
    This company doesn’t have proper support team will help driver during delivery, because during duty there are a lot of problems. If app has some technical issue it must allow the driver to complete delivery manually inputing necessary data or continuing steps.
  • Missed requests if not on app 1/5

    By eh Q
    Was browsing twitter. Had 6 incoming requests and all were gone or disappeared by the time I went to the app. If your not on the app good luck trying to make any income. What’s up with that? Oh well zero stars!! Algorithms is soooo messed up... go south first when 2 orders are close to the restaurant, go pick an order when a drop off is right around the corner, clients get cold food and I don’t get tipped due to that. Must wait 10 mins before order is ready just cancel. If you get a pickup from fat shack Seattle just cancel. It’s always a guarantee 15-20 min wait time. If you get a pickup from a burger place in UW they either hand out the food to the wrong driver or the driver cancels the order and keeps the food or the app glitches out. Either way Postmates needs to charge double for the drivers that take and keep the food cuz a burger place will not remake the food so you end up taking a negative hit trying to sort things out but just end up canceling the order. FYI ignore a burger place and fat shack.
  • No direct help on active deliveries 1/5

    By Tbh user
    If you need a little side hustle this is not it. It’s fun just riding around, but when you need help with active orders there is no help on the app. For example, the merchant I went to wasn’t able to print a receipt so I had to cancel the order after 15 min of trying to get help from the fleet app. Very frustrating and it did not help that the app isn’t designed to the delivering parties needs. If I could give this app a 0/5 I would...
  • GPS glitches 1/5

    By Flylow all day
    I’ve had 3 out of my last 5 orders cancel because the credit card is declined due to the app not knowing that I was at the counter of the store or in the drive through. Thanks for wasting my time, gas and miles.
  • Bank issues 1/5

    By postmater1
    Glitch won’t let drivers verify their banks or debit cards so they can’t receive their funds. Terrible customer service options
  • This app is terrible and needs to be updated 2/5

    By Dmatienzo7
    I’ve been doing Postmates for about Two months and I’ve ran into several problems. The app will log me out in expectingly for no reason. I have completed deliveries during a promotion and sometimes would not get credited for the extra payment even though i completed the delivery during the set time and area. Sometimes, it would say i have a delivery and i accept it but it would continue to ring but no opportunity to click anything. I have lost deliveries this way. These issues are causing missed monetary opportunities. Please fix.
  • Horrible company for all reasons 1/5

    By KathleenL.
    I could tell after just a couple work/delivery offers that this was a BAD COMPANY. I hold a full time job and I have several decent side hustle accounts by which to compare & evaluate. My suspicions were confirmed, (believe all the bad reviews, they are true!) SO I quickly decided to permanently quit (I would t even give them more than 2 hours of my time) AND THEN TO WAIT 2 weeks to be paid. RIDICULOUS AND UNETHICAL. EMPLOYEES BEWARE!! Work elsewhere!
  • Horrible service 1/5

    By rivera54
    I see that like many people on this app I’m also having issues with deliveries. The app insist on peak hours provided with more deliveries but that is not the case. I’ve stood in the city for more than 10 hours and have only done 7 deliveries in that total time. It also isn’t fair to be pulled in by the Guarantied $850 if you make 105 because there are days where you get no deliveries at all.
  • Earnings 1/5

    By lanecia1
    Always a glitch been trying to add my card to get paid for two weeks and still nothing . Can’t speak to anyone or nothing. It’s horrible . Once I get my money off never delivering for them again.
  • Do not use postmates 1/5

    By ah23881
    I delivered with postmates and the app does not allow me to verify my bank account information. The customer service reps state it’s a long known issue and they can’t do anything to help. Therefore they do not know when they will get my money. Go use a different delivery app.
  • Awful. 2/5

    By bakeremma
    I only signed up to help myself out finically with everything going on, and I’m severely frustrated with the app and the whole entire postmates and fleet. You HAVE to have every single notification set on to be able to go online. Which I think is ridiculous because you’re only getting notification if the app is OPEN IN THE FIRST PLACE! So you get blown up allllll day at all hours for silly promos and “it’s peak” which seems to be alllll the time, so it’s extremely frustrating having to receive 8 notification from them in a day and not a single one is for a food delivery. Oh and speaking of food deliveries, when it’s apparently “peak” there’s absolutely NO ORDERS!! This app is ridiculous. The only good think I have to say about it, the option to be able to pay out that day is pretty nice. Other than that, awful app and it glitches frequently, so good luck. You’re better off with a different delivery app.
  • My Earnings were stolen 1/5

    By abbiesobczak
    Loved working for postmates until my account was hacked and ALL of my earnings were stolen and sent to another bank account. I never got any notifications or verifications when the hacker added a new account, and I cannot find anyway to call postmates over the phone. SHAME
  • awaiting approval 1/5

    By KilllahhtheDob
    i applied and im waiting for my background check its been over a month ...smh
  • Garbage 1/5

    By JennyPennyRC
    Don’t know what’s worse, the App or the pay.

    By bricrisp
    somehow after sitting in a hotspot for over a hour, i’ve gotten not one single delivery request. I even tried moving to the next closest hotspot and nothing. I’m losing more than i’m earning with the app. Plus the customer service and tips are horrible.
  • Misleading 2/5

    By dkbxkhnfhJFZy
    From the cover art for the app I thought I could deliver via bicycle, also whilst trying to input my address I clicked the wrong one and it would not let me go back. Fix ya app,
  • Requires Closing Out and Reopening Often 2/5

    By Sterling Gilliam III
    Anytime you need to confirm a pickup, take a photo for a drop-off, etc., you have to exit the app and reopen it, for the app constantly freezes.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By andthestar89
    Tried working for postmates for a while. Spent 3 hrs waiting and got no delivery in a hotspot. The app needs to fix its algorithm on distributing deliveries to its drivers.
  • Still waiting on background 1/5

    By jorgejr25
    been stuck on background for almost a month Horrible just taking up space
  • Ho hum 1/5

    By dsrtwolf
    Can open app and go 45 minutes without a delivery. Then the one they give me has me driving so far out of my way it’s not worth it sticking with Uber and DoorDash to actually make money. They offer those incentives but for no good when they don’t give you the deliveries to meet the goal

    By .Nick..
    I have an iPhone 7 and the app keeps quitting after I complete a pickup.
  • Banned also 1/5

    By maria80829915
    My account got banned also for the same reasons! I did nothing wrong but deliver food... I have also tried to get help and I can’t get anywhere! I loved working for them! I just can’t believe no one will help me get my account back up and running! PLEASE HELP ME!!
  • Problems with changing the bank account routing number 2/5

    By LaToyia_M
    The app was working great until I had to change my bank account routing number info. When I click on the link to add the bank info, then click on the link to add my routing number it looks like it is loading the next screen, then the screen goes blank. I hope Postmates will fix this problem because up until now, it has been very helpful for extra money since I got laid off due to COVID 19.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Username 33
    Had the worst working experience with the and I’m going to take legal actions with postmates and how for lawsuit because they don’t respect the promotions and also banned my account for some stupid idiot that wanted me to pay out of my money because their card was declined and this was my source of income and I will be taking legal actions because this is unacceptable
  • Great way to earn money 3/5

    By Hreyes1706
    I’ve used this to earn money during covid, I signed up cause of the promo, 50 deliveries done and get 325$ guaranteed if you don’t make it doing the amount required. And that’s without tips which is good. I will say though, other apps like this show what tips you get before you drive and go out your way, it’s not worth driving 30 minutes for a order and you only get paid 5 dollars. But in those 50 deliveries I ended up with 476$ total. I think it’s great and easy to earn.
  • Postmates will change your life instantly !! 5/5

    By The Mates Driver
    Ever since I started doing Postmates my income has changed dramatically there bonus schedules are perfect especially on the weekends and holidays have the most demand on deliveries,if your looking for something to do on your spare time this is definitely it. Or if you want to take it seriously you’ll come to realize fleet has a lot to offer.
  • Better better 5/5

    By Adg429
    Making okay money now thanks
  • postmates fleet 5/5

    By Carriee Hurst
    love it , especially delivery
  • Issues 1/5

    By Regieregg
    So I earned more in my deliveries and bonuses than the promotion of 3 deliveries for 13 dollars. Now my debit card seems to be deleted from the app and I am unable to add it again or receive any text to my phone so I can verify my identity.
  • Don’t work for another horrible gig company like this 1/5

    By Bound/04
    Another Uber / Lyft in disguise. The users have more rights and they can treat you like crap. As contractor drivers Tips can be good but horrible at times when a customers just orders two fancy milkshakes from cookout or fries and a coke from McDonald’s and they want a 19 minute delivery and you get paid $3.00 for the delivery and the customer is so thankful they add a 0.00 or $2.00 tip. How pathetic is that. Or you have a 9 to 10 minute trip to a restaurant to order and pay for the customers food order and the restaurant tells you there’s 25 to 45 minutes wait for the food. And you don’t get paid for the wait and the customer expects it and the delivery charge paid is lousy plus the tip from the customer. You’ll be sent to really really bad parts of town to crack houses or heavy crime ridden places.
  • Make it easier 2/5

    By Immax555
    Easier to get to the moon than to find how to change phone number in this app
  • Getting better all the time 5/5

    By Skateboard B
    I've been using fleet since the beginning, and it used to be REALLY clunky, sometimes so much that I couldn't pick up/drop off deliveries without exiting the app before swiping to confirm. Now, the whole experience is pretty seamless. Thanks a lot to the good devs at PM for helping make this excellent and continuing to add new features. Caveat: it IS annoying that there's no easy way to speak to someone when an issue does arise. Customer/courier service is not the best, but that's beyond the scope of the app.

Postmates - Fleet app comments

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