Postmates - Food Delivery

Postmates - Food Delivery

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  • Current Version: 4.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Postmates Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Postmates - Food Delivery App

Postmates is the first app to deliver whatever you want when you want it. We will deliver food from any restaurant and merchandise from any store. One of our 200,000 Postmates will bring everything right to your doorstep. So what’s it really like? You wake up on a Saturday morning craving some bagels so you find your favorite bakery and order it on Postmates. Those warm bagels arrive in less than 30 minutes and you realize that this was the best idea you’ve had. Ever. Now it’s a Sunday afternoon and after a long day at the park it’s time to binge watch that new Netflix show. You literally can’t even “do” cooking because it’s 2018 and your fridge is empty. So you order a Chipotle bowl that arrives right when you need it—just like magic. But then it’s Monday and—after a busy morning—you just don’t have time for the lunch line at Tender Greens. But you’re craving the Tuna Nicoise Salad, so you use Postmates Pickup to skip the line and grab your takeout from the counter since it’s ready right when you get there. Left your phone charger in the office, but need to work late? It’s okay. A Postmate is coming your way with Red Bull from 7-Eleven and a charger. Should you expense the Red Bull? That’s up to you. Just remember that the delivery fee from any of our 25,000+ partners is just $3.99. Feeling the urge to download? We get it. Because we get anything, anytime, anywhere. Go ahead and live your best life—in sweatpants, or a power suit. GET ANYTHING DELIVERED We deliver from virtually any store or restaurant in your city. Order late-night meals, last-minute birthday gifts, cleaning supplies, pet food—anything. No questions asked. DELIVERY ANYWHERE, ANYTIME We’ll deliver to your home, dorm, office, the park, the dinner party—wherever you’re at. We deliver 24/7, 365 days a year. POSTMATES UNLIMITED Subscribe to Postmates Unlimited for $9.99/month and you’ll get free delivery on every order over $20. LOVE the offer? Yearly is only $6.99/month! REAL-TIME TRACKING Keep tabs on your delivery progress on a live map. FASTEST FOOD DELIVERY IN TOWN Our delivery platform takes time and distance into account to ensure your order is assigned to the best possible Postmate, for the fastest possible delivery. CUSTOMER SERVICE Need help? Our world-class customer service team is available 24/7. You can always reach us at: NATIONAL MERCHANTS Chipotle, Jack in the Box, Shake Shack, By Chloe., Tender Greens, Panda Express, 7-Eleven, Denny’s, Walgreens, Chili’s Grill & Bar, Chick-fil-A, Five Guys, The Halal Guys, Panera Bread, Subway, SUGARFISH and many more. ALSO GET DELIVERY FROM Taco Bell, McDonald's, Panda Express, Sweetgreen, Dig Inn, Wingstop, Wendy’s, Raising Cane’s, Nike, Apple, The Cheesecake Factory, Burger King, Starbucks and many more ACTIVE IN MOST US CITIES Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Bellevue, Boston, Brooklyn, Charlotte, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, East Bay, Evanston, Fort Lauderdale, Honolulu, Houston, Indianapolis, Jersey City, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Louisville, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, New York City, Oklahoma City, Orange County, Orlando, Palm Springs, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Raleigh, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, SF Peninsula / Bay Area, St. Louis, Tampa, Tuscon, Virginia Beach, Washington DC AVAILABLE INTERNATIONALLY Mexico City WAYS TO PAY Apple Pay, PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card. Major Credit Cards: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover. All transactions are 100% digital, no need for cash.


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Postmates - Food Delivery app reviews

  • gone downhill 1/5

    By ch4rlesinch4rge
    App has totally gone downhill. only "approved" restaurants are listed. drinks have been totally neutered. totally pointless now.
  • Wow. 1/5

    By life is hard sometimes
    In Chicago from out of town. Wanted the luxury of having a coffee delivered to my door (also working from friend’s home). Long story short, placed an order for coffee, steamed milk, and snack pack. No coffee arrives, just steamed milk and the snack pack (pack has been opened and egg is missing). Pack comes with 2 eggs (get it all the time). Confirmed my order on app, all three items are there. Bummer. This is only the third time I have ever used postmates.
  • Crappy app 1/5

    By Emjayy77
    I just got an email saying they will deliver a free Starbucks coffee but they are charging $5.99 for a delivery fee?! How does that make it free, that’s more than if I were to buy it. That is ridiculous, this app is a waste of my time and yours. DO NOT USE THIS APP!!!
  • 🚮Probably worse out of the delivery services 1/5

    By KyddKarma
    As someone who has worked at restaurants that take Postmates, I have never had a positive experience with Postmates nor have I ever heard of one. First and so far only time I’ve ordered on here the delivery driver went to 36 St/6th Avenue instead of E 6 St (even though the address was put in right, he claimed the app deciphered it wrong) and then supposedly his car broke down there and his phone died, and I had to wait two weeks to get some of my money back. I called Postmates who didn’t even attempt to resolve the situation, instead claiming it was my bank and the driver’s issue and not theirs. I was attempting to order for a sick friend and rather than make them feel better it stressed them out more. Moreover, I COULDN’T EVEN CANCEL THE ORDER even though the driver turned off his phone and could not be located! I then had to wait to submit another order which took an hour to arrive and the driver wouldn’t even come to the door and had a negative attitude as well! In addition to all that BS, Postmates will not deliver to me in East Brooklyn even though they serve “New York City”. They should change that to “Manhattan and near the bridges” cause that’s the reality. This company is truly trash. I wouldn’t trust them to deliver a piece of paper let alone food.
  • Added fees 1/5

    By Raika Y
    Why doesn’t Postmates tell you they’re going to charge an additional $6 for a small order. I get the delivery fee (and of course they show that) but why the added charge with no warning or further info period on it ?
  • Zero customer service 1/5

    By sonalnarain
    They send preprogrammed responses (probably a computer assuming different names) which are exactly the same irrespective of the question
  • My first order was cancelled after an hour 1/5

    By fabregaszgw
    because of the weirdest reason I have ever seen: the restaurant does not accept credit cards. How can such a notification come so late right before the estimated delivery time? I was so hungry and the app made it even worse by delaying my dinner time for two more hours.
  • Terrible company, horrible customer service 1/5

    By Aussie in PDX
    I stopped using Postmates after a terrible experience about a year ago. I decided to give them another shot today because my car had broke down and I had no way to drive to the grocery store. Again, the driver got completely lost, ended up driving past my house and then marking the order as “delivered” when it wasn’t. The driver never even tried to contact me. I tried calling him multiple times but the number was incorrect. Customer service issued me a refund but did not offer to replace my meal or make up for the fact that I’ve been waiting for over an hour only to have no food arrive at all. Horrible company. NEVER using them again.
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By Look-J
    Not providing a phone contact information is a very cunning move how to avoid any problems with own customers. Unfortunately, it’s not fair at all. I have an 3 weeks unresolved overcharge and no one has ever gotten back to me. From practice, it’s known that no one cares until one calls there, very upset and annoying for the company. Only then the problem might get resolved. I don’t like this practice, I prefer a fair dealing with people. Big disappointment.
  • Unable to even open an account 1/5

    Sent me several verification codes, tried Facebook. Tried email. Can’t even login. Deleting this app forever.
  • Such a great app 5/5

    By mclaughlin.conner
    I am lucky that I belong to one of those cities where this service is available this app is great, postmates is great.
  • Just plan bad 1/5

    By Bigmicman
    Sneaky fees and deceptive promotionals I did the give 100 get 100 dollar in delivery fee credit when I had a friend sign up. Two days later I ordered something but was still charged a delivery fee after writing in to ask about it the response I got was .. that was a limited time offer. So... If you don't use $100 worth of delivery credit the same day your friend signs up the promotional ends? If they are sneaky and deceptive about things like this I can't even image what else they are willig to lie about. Save your money... Get Uber eats
  • Poor communication 1/5

    By WSAH1234
    We’ve really tried to like this app but after waiting for an hour and a half only to be told that they canceled the order due to not finding a driver multiple times, we give up. There’s just too many other dependable services to choose from these days. So disappointing.

    By dylan_2403
    DONT ORDER THEY TOLD ME ETA WAS GOING TO BE 5:34 then it’s currently 5:55 and my order hasn’t been picked up its saying 6:15 eta now it’s not a joke they got to go out of business I got places to be and if I cancel my order I have to pay for the whole total HELL NO give me a break
  • Too good to be true 1/5

    By Megg1109
    I have ordered more than 3 times with them- and let me say the ONLY time I got my order CORRECT was when I ordered a smoothie! The other 3 times I have been missing food! It gets super frustrating - The first time they send an apology and refund your $ for missing food. Great but STILL hungry. Second time I try again Bc it’s our fave Chinese restaurant but to far to deliver. Nope missing my dinner- and 2 other orders. I ate a little of my husbands abs 3 teenagers ate off of my younger daughters order. And they again refunded my missing orders. But again.... I was still hungry and 3 hunger teens. I told them they need a system that they check the order to the receipt- they say legally they can’t touch the food. I get it. So I order AGAIN... like an idiot - and now we got 1 wrong order- and 2 missing orders. I’ve called the restaurant - totally blew up at them - I mean clearly you don’t mess with HANGRY people - and now- I’m here writing a review after emailing the company demanding my FULL REFUND. Come on people ..... get with it. Figure it out- nothing worse than waiting 40-50 min for food and paying WAY more than if I just went and picked it up.... all to get nothing you ordered. DONE.... lesson learned.... TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE
  • Major Brooklyn map bugs 2/5

    By Lemonslee
    My address in Brooklyn comes up twice, but wrong both times in different ways, and it tries to offer me delivery from Manhattan restaurants.
  • Hidden fees 1/5

    By MKP32
    The original receipt did not disclose an EXTRA service fee from merchants they are not partnered with ON TOP of the service fee that was originally calculated and added to the bill. I was surprised after I processed my card that an extra amount has been charged. I inquired with customer service and they stated that: Some merchants may have a 20.99% service fee on the platform as they are not one of our Partner merchants. All I’m saying is that the extra service fees from such merchants should have been disclosed on the original bill instead of paying for an initial amount, and once I accepted and processed the payment, they charged an extra fee in the back end and I was not even notified until I received my final receipt. First and last. This app is ridiculous!
  • Won't refund for pink chicken 1/5

    By happyone128
    Ridiculous. They refuse to refund for chicken that was severely undercooked - pink throughout. Uber eats wouldn't even think twice to refund something like that. Cancelling and deleting.
  • I want my money 1/5

    By ashiv27
    I did playmates for a couple of days and they still haven’t payed me it’s been 3months and no money in my bank account you guys need a customer service number because the emails don’t work they never answer your question! I just want my freaking money!!!!!
  • Horrible! 2/5

    By shaye112
    The first red flag was a driver saying he delivered my food and wouldn’t answer the phone .. The second time I chose to give them a chance a driver cancelled my order 5 mins away from my house . Won’t order from Postmates ever again and prices are absurd! Download at your own risk
  • Rip off 1/5

    By johnwell scott
    Horrible customer service. I was charged for 3 orders that never arrived, and the postmates team never contacted me back! Do not recommend this app at all. Uber eats is way more reliable
  • Sketchy and misleading practices 2/5

    The app would quote me a price for food, but I noticed that as I went to pay via Apple Pay, the actual price would jump significantly from what I was originally quoted, sometimes as much as 50% higher. I also referred a friend and got a $100 credit, but it only worked for my first order. I just don’t trust this company and have switched to DoorDash instead.
  • WT ACTUAL F 1/5

    By Me_Mrs.Horan
    FEES FOR EVERYTHING! Garbage!!!!!
  • Always cancels like 15 minutes after placing order. 1/5

    By younbryan
    Always cancels like 15 minutes after placing order.
  • Ummmmm no 1/5

    By Taegan Mae
    This was a 1 for me because they don’t even deliver to where I live! Nobody delivers to where I live, so I was excited to hear that I could have food delivered easily to my house. I downloaded the app, and made an account, only to find out that they didn’t deliver to my house, only to the nearest big city...which happens to be 20-30 minutes away from me. So I would say it’s definitely not a good app to use if you don’t live in a city that’s eligible for delivery from PostMates. Sadly, I can’t give a complete review of the app since I couldn’t experience anything about the app...but I hope this app works well for those who are in those eligible areas:)
  • Charged for no service 1/5

    By nvm96
    Charged full amount and no delivery. Emailed with Postmates and they said they will not investigate further but hoped I would give them another “shot”. Just wanted to make others aware.
  • Ok 2/5

    By baybear90
    Fees are ridiculous, but the delivery is convenient. If you have the time, I would recommend you just go get it yourself. You’ll most likely save on gas. I paid $21 before tip for something that costs $6.99 at the store. If you have the money to spend, then I don’t see why it would be a problem. But I still think that’s a bit outrageous.
  • Dishonest and multiple fees 1/5

    By Sniz0ped
    They have a 30% delivery fee, plus >$10 delivery fee, plus then they add tax and tip... this is insane. Then they have the scam of a monthly “free” delivery just by paying them another $10.... so, if you want $25 of food to cost >$50 then this is the app for you! Also, because they charge the restaurants to be on the app the restaurants increase their prices above their normal menu - normally just $1-2 per item, but they are just trying to scam you at every step.
  • Why is it so hard? 1/5

    By I'm the idiot
    I have been using this app often and for a long time. I realize that this makes me the idiot for doing so but it’s just so convenient and I’m lazy. That being said, they almost always get the order wrong. There’s always something missing. One time they even delivered to my food to my neighbor and then the driver got mad at my neighbors and me! I gave them one more shot after that and all of the toppings are missing from our order. So if you want the wrong food delivered to you or sometimes your neighbor this is the app for you!
  • Disappointed 2/5

    Postmates continues to be a disappointment. On more than one occasion a delivery has been late or canceled. Most recently a delivery was canceled over an hour past its expected delivery time.
  • Easy 5/5

    By Amire123
    I can order food from anywhere and it comes to my house , the delivery people are super polite , I really recommend this for everyone
  • SCAMMMMM 5/5

    By jazzypoou
    I thought this app was going to be like UBER EATS or DOORDASH (its not you’re better off ordering from there) I ordered $20 worth off of food with service fees and a delivery fee on top of that became over $30. I ordered at 7:30. The app told me 30-45 minutes for delivery. After the wait time said 8:40 I canceled my order. (I have kids and thats too late for them) They over charged me on my bank account and deposited it back. Than STILL CHARGED ME 26 FOR CANCELLING MY ORDER !!!! Than I tried to get help from the customer service team and they told me no I won’t be getting my money back. ( DOORDASH AND UBER IF THEY MESSED UP MY ORDER THEY GAVE NE CREDIT AND THE FULL AMOUNT BACK INTO MY ACCOUNT) this app just STEALS YOUR MONEY. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DOORDASH OR UBER EATS. THEY ARE VERY NICE AND GIVES YOU THE MONEY BACK. ( mind you Im so mad that they even over charged me the amount than puts it back but STILL CHARGES ME $26 FOR FOOD I DID NOT RECEIVE. IF I WENT BACK TO THE STORE I ACTUALLY ORDERED FROM THEY WOULD GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK NO PROBLEM. ITS THE APP.) if I would rate this app I would give them -0 stars. DOORDASH AND UBER EATS IS THE WAY TO GOO AND FAST AND FRIENDLY TOOO! And if anything goes wrong you’ll get your money back too. This app is so horrible.
  • Waste of Money 1/5

    By Soccergrl242424
    I have used Postmates twice and that will be the last time! I ordered 4 burgers and fries from Five guys. I received 3 burgers and fries. I immediately reported it and the way Postmates “resolved” it was to tell me it was never ordered and I never paid for it. When clearly it’s on the order and they messed up!! So I had to go get a burger. By the time I returned, the original food was cold. I still had to pay for $13 in service and delivery fees even tho Postmates clearly messed up my order. In the end it was a waste of money. Postmates is not reliable! And customer service needs to be updated to real service.
  • Bring it to Knoxville 4/5

    By Nascar33333333333
    I would love this app if it was opened to my city :(
  • Horrible Customer Service 2/5

    By Cythera
    App is fine, great selection and UI.... BUT (and it’s a big but)... menus are often entered incorrectly (if at all), item prices can be wildly off and, if anything goes wrong, customer service is absolute garbage. Seriously, the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. Like, so dismissive it’s bordering on rude/hostile. Coming from a customer service background, I tend to be forgiving, but WOW, these folks just do not care. They don’t even pretend to care. They’d rather lose you as a customer than reimburse for anything, even their own screw ups. Couriers also tend to ignore instructions, both on food and delivery, it’s annoying. So, nice app, but it’s a risk ordering anywhere.
  • Fees fees fees FEES 1/5

    Get ready to have a bunch of your money held for a few days because apparently they dont trust you. Dont use this app, constantly taking and moving your money. They should pay interest for withholding you money. Terrible and shady practices
  • Terrible customer service. 1/5

    By xkskjrshuai6
    In general, Postmates does not provide good customer service, and you’ll often feel cheated whenever a mistake occurs during the delivery process.
  • Use Grub-hub or DoorDash 1/5

    By HornyApple
    Ordered a $35 delivery but it was not delivered. I asked postmates if there was anything they could do but they basically said nope too bad, thanks for your money. Don’t use postmates; they’re a terrible and greedy company that steals your money. Grubhub and doordash are way better.
  • Bad Customer Service 1/5

    By AlexaValentine13
    My partner and I have used postmates for quite sometime now, and have never been so displeased as I am now. The order that was delivered to us was completely wrong (I got a brisket pho and my partner got a veggie/tofu pho because he’s a vegetarian) and we ended up with two beef phos. It also was 30 minutes late to be delivered, which leads me to believe that the Postmate walked which as far as i understand breaks the code of conduct, and the food was cold by the time it had arrived. We were also charged an extra $10 for no real reason. Rather than help us rectify the situation, the customer service only refunded us $15 from a $45 order and told us we should have put “meat allergy, vegetarian items only” in the allergy section when we have never had this problem before. I’ve since deleted my app and info, and once the refund comes in (which apparently will show up in 10 days or so, my partner will be deleting his app as well. We didn’t even get enough of a refund to order something else so we ended up paying for food that we didn’t even get to eat. Super disappointed. I’ll be going back to Uber eats from now on 😒
  • Simply terrible 1/5

    By reviwer200
    Embarrassingly bad, especially in comparison to similar delivery apps. Submitted an order that dictated 45m wait. Took two hours to arrive, with cold food. Just overall bad service
  • Horrible 1/5

    By sali khouri
    I hate hate hate hate hate hate this app. Use Grubhub they are way better!!!!!
  • Charged for the fact my driver never found the store 1/5

    By hannahmjs
    My driver called me twenty minutes after my order was supposed to have been delivered to tell me she never even found the store and I would need to cancel the order which still charged a cancellation fee. Will never use again.
  • NYC Review 3/5

    By Deathrho
    My experience in nyc is 4 out of 5 times, the order arrives correct and on time. The one time that it doesn’t, their customer service is pretty terrible. If an item is missing, their standard response is ‘we can’t order a replacement but don’t worry you will not be charged’. Since they don’t have a phone number for customer service and all communication is via email, the response is slow. If you press on the standard response, they will offer to order a replacement and waive the delivery fee. 4 stars for getting it right 80% of the time and minus one star for poor customer service when an order is incorrect.
  • 50% of my orders are screwed up! 1/5

    By Daniel SD 92104
    I’ve had Postmates for 2 years now and it continually gets worse. I have the unlimited limited service and order 4-5 times a week. No joke, 50% of my orders are wrong. They forget sides, don’t prepare food items as requested, are missing condiments and utensils, and have damaged containers that leak everywhere. For example, I ordered a dinner meal from Tender Greens which came with an entree, 2 sides and bread. They forgot my side of veggies and I contacted Postmates and they did nothing! They said since there wasn’t an extra charge for the side they couldn’t do anything about it. Their customer service is horrible. I’m cancelling my unlimited service after I type this lol. Don’t use Postmates! Use Uber eats or Yelp, they’re a much better experience!
  • Extremely Overpriced 1/5

    By Malcolmmbates
    A pizza was $54 and then when I decided to cancel one minute later it was a $32 cancellation fee lol
  • Nonexistent service 1/5

    By literally noooo
    I ordered a pizza for a date night. I ordered it three hours in advance only to have it canceled 15 minutes before the delivery time window. Delivery that isn’t reliable isn’t worth it. Don’t bother.
  • Complete Rip Off 1/5

    By David5214
    This app is a rip off. Waited for my food at my doorstep and it never arrived and no push notification sent. Had to reorder and advise the driver to please call me when they arrived. Contacted customer support regarding the issue and they sent instructions on how the app works to which I replied it didn’t work, please rectify the issue by refunding my original order. Again was told how the app works and that the driver and merchant needed to be paid and I wouldn’t be getting my money back. Don’t use this app, they take no ownership of their mistakes whatsoever.
  • Worst App 1/5

    By Dhalaowhe
    Your better off using uber eats or grub hub. My driver gave my food to someone else after calling me and told the app he never made contact with me and they still charged me. Never had these problems with Uber Eats or Grub Hub.

    By Boy_Bleu
    To start they charge twice for delivery usuall 5.99 delivery and another 5.99 “service fee”.On top of the fact I joined Postmates using a promotion which was suppose to give me 100 in delivery credit that I never received and when I called I was basically ignored. On two occasions food was delivered and was up safe to eat and the second time food was cold. I fought tooth and nail to get money back I had to threaten to call the health department. They’re app has many flaws with make mistakes and if you happen to make a mistake it will cost you and you won’t get that money back. WORST FOOD DELIVERY APP

    By زينه🌸
    I just got this app last week, because my friend recommended it to me. The first two times I ordered from 7/11. It came and all was well. The third time, however I spent around $40 on Taco Bell for my family. I received the push notifications and I was waiting at the door (starving). It said it was delivered, but the postmate was in a WHOLE OTHER community next to mine. After texting and calling (which btw they never replied and we only got an automated reply saying the number is unreachable) I decided to go out and look for them thinking they were lost. To my surprise, she was not in the location that the map displayed. I went online and found out that this has happened to many other people, so I decided to contact the service who replied with “since your order was already placed and paid for, you were charged the full amount for your order and delivery.” After further explaining what happened and telling them this was unprofessional (and that i was not going to use the app again) they decided to refund me... overall horrible experience!!

Postmates - Food Delivery app comments


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