Postmates - Food Delivery

Postmates - Food Delivery

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  • Current Version: 4.1.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Postmates Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Postmates - Food Delivery App

Postmates makes local delivery fast and easy! Order from any restaurant or store and a member of our fleet will pick it up and bring it straight to you! Order Anything: We deliver from virtually any store or restaurant in your city. Order late night meals, last-minutes birthday gifts, cleaning supplies—anything! Delivery Anywhere: We’ll deliver to your home, dorm, office, a park for a meeting, a fancy dinner party —wherever you’re at! Postmates Unlimited: Subscribe to our new Postmates Unlimited program for $9.99/ month and you’ll get free delivery on all orders over $20! Real-Time Tracking: Keep tabs on your delivery progress on a live map! Speed: Our system takes into account time and distance to ensure your order is assigned to the best possible Postmate, for the fastest possible delivery We’re Always Open: Postmates is a 365 days a year, 24/7 service. Customer Service: Need help? Our world-class customer service team is available 24/7. Postmates is active in most US cities, including: Atlanta Austin Baltimore Bellevue Boston Brooklyn Charlotte Chicago Columbus Dallas Denver East Bay Evanston Fort Lauderdale Honolulu Houston Indianapolis Jersey City Kansas City Las Vegas Long Beach Los Angeles Louisville Miami Milwaukee Minneapolis Nashville New Orleans New York City Oklahoma City Orange County Orlando Palm Springs Philadelphia Phoenix Pittsburgh Portland Raleigh Sacramento San Antonio San Bernadino San Diego San Francisco Seattle SF Peninsula St. Louis Tampa Tuscon Virginia Beach Washington DC International: Mexico City At Postmates, we aim to transform the way goods move around cities by providing a delivery service on-demand. We thrive to empower communities to shop local.


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Postmates - Food Delivery app reviews

  • Odd behavior for signup? 3/5

    By M. Bubblez
    Logged on with Facebook. Then it wanted a password. LOL. I don't care if there's and apple pay promo, deleted.
  • Deceptive 1/5

    By Saintt
    I used to love post mates but a recent update has me hating this app. It was definitely frustrating when I couldn’t order from a place I wanted to get food from because there were no drivers near by. BUT... This isn’t nearly as bad as the app accepting any order, my food being made, and then just waiting at the restaurant until a driver happen to be around. First off the food just sits around. Second, I think I’ll be getting my food in a certain timeframe that’s displayed “as if it were being picked up now”. But that little timer just keeps picking up time and time up time. I had a delivery marked at 45 minutes once take two hours. Might as well just go yourself these days.
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By mtmtntmrnr
    Twice I have ordered food and it was never delivered. First time the person never picked up the food. Second time they drive around never finding my place, which isn’t hard to find and lied and said they delivered. Don’t waste you’re time, you’ll end up hangry.
  • Please fix 4/5

    By Havokdawl
    Since the most recent update I can only search for restaurants, it doesn’t give me a list like before. I’m new to this city and I have no idea what’s around. I won’t be using until this is fixed.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Rhaja23
    I have used Postmates a couple of times. 1st: the fees are ridiculous! I’m not even talking about the delivery fee. Why does it cost almost $10 to “operate” the app? I can go to DoorDash or Uber Eats and pay less. 2nd: I tried using it the second time because of a so called free delivery week. The app keeps saying error...retry. I updated the app and even did a hard shut down of phone. Completely worthless
  • Ugh what happened 1/5

    By baaaaggggeeeell
    This app literally doesn’t work. Can’t configure? I’m connected to my own google fiber WiFi
  • The app doesn’t work 2/5

    By Tamakun2
    The app doesn’t work always I have problem connecting always.
  • Fail - no star 1/5

    By gibsonflood
    After a glitchy set up and order process the app cancelled my order for no good reason. Said there was suspicious activity which is odd since it was my first order ever. So they cancelled my order, wiped it clean, and gave me no one to call or get ahold of to fix. I was dead in the water. Good luck getting ahold of someone if something goes awry or if you simple make a mistake on your order. It’s a process to find who and how to contact and in the end it’s e mail. Someone answered my email THE NEXT DAY. This was as an important customer dinner. There’s way too much competition and good examples of how to and how not to run a business to put up with this. If they were smart they’d contact me to find out what went wrong and how to fix it. I took the time to provide feedback in mail. Wait for it... no response. This company doesn’t seem to want to improve and/or doesn’t appreciate my biz. Therefore. I won’t use ever again.
  • Would not recommend 1/5

    By tjg333
    Placed an order, got a notification it arrived, but the driver wasn’t there. Still got charged. To Postmate’s credit they did refund me, but this app just isn’t worth the hassle. I wish I’d checked the ratings beforehand to see how many other customers have had issues. I’m sure the service is fine when it works, but it just seems like too much of a gamble.
  • Very convenient 5/5

    By Reeeeleeee
    I’m glad we live in a world where it’s easier to get what you need when you need it. During business travel it’s hard to make it to even a drug store easily and Postmates saved the day!
  • Terrible service! Delete it 1/5

    By Yu C Huang
    Do not use this app!! I have been a frequent user for 3 months, but my most recent experience was terrible. They never got my order right. Plus the service fee is extremely HIGH! I ordered 5 pieces from a restaurant but only 2 pieces were delivered. I contacted customer service right away who suggested that I order again. Then I paid the rush hour delivery fee of 20% and service fee. I contact customer service once again this time asking for a refund on the service fee because it was their fault. I should not be charged again for the wrong order. They just gave me a $3 credit! For my recent order, I waited for over 3 hours and decided to cancel my food order. They charged me a cancelation fee! This is so ridiculous. I’m done with this app, so be careful using this. It is such a scam.
  • Best looking food delivery app out there 5/5

    By Faldo22
    The new app is very sleek and is so much easier to use than the others. Also I’ve ordered 10 time and the food is always delivered on time. It’s just so easy.
  • F#%k this sh*t 1/5

    By ...$:8:!3!!&;&/!/&&/
    This worst delivery app ever. Never get my delivery on time.... I will always need to find the drivers. Idk if it’s me who’s doing the delivery..... ridiculous
  • Terrible 1/5

    By ijustwantedmysnickerssunday
    When they screw up your order they’ll discount you and then give you another fee for being under 12$- even when my original price was over 20$. You’ll end up with much less than you ordered- and fees after their “discounts” to “fix” the problem.
  • The worst 2/5

    By Ferrel Raskin
    Do not use Postmates! Their competition has them beat hands down. The norm for every delivery I have had as a driver that is lost. Even after contacting the driver and giving them clear cut directions, they decided to not deliver. I stood on the corner for 20 minutes trying to flag down and find the delivery boy. Only to receive an email from post mates that my food was delivered. They want to hold a $72 authorization on my credit card for 5 to 7 days because they messed up??? GrubHub has them beat hands down I was a premium subscriber to post mates and can’t wait to cancel and get my money back!

    By ravishingjaye
    the quality of this service is 0 stars, horrible I’ve had my food eaten from, delivered an hour after it’s has been prepared, side items taken, and nothing is done about the incidents reported with proof. They over charge for orders and have ridiculous holding fees! it’s hard to get in contact with support to even review the issue they send emails apologizing but nothing is done this is my final order
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Kaitlynnarwhal
    Delivered wrong size if item and did not deliver a number of grocery items requested. Did not give me a receipt and told me that I needed to return the item to Target myself. I have no car, so I would have to pay someone to drive me to Target to attempt to return the item they messed up with a screenshot of the receipt sent to me after I complained. I'm pretty sure no store would allow a screen shot of a receipt to be used to return an item. Paid them almost $200 today trying to get the items I requested. It took THREE postmates drivers just to get toilet paper and chips. Customer service is horrible
  • Great app 5/5

    By diegoarmandomartir
    I get my food very quickly and Postmates keep my food warm so I like this app
  • Bad app and bad customer service 1/5

    By Akalvade
    I have been a loyal user of this app for more than a year now. However, I have come to realize (the hard way) of the quality of customer service provided. One the first instance, I ordered a pizza and was given the wrong completely wrong order as well as charged extra for someone else order ( yes they can charge extra if it’s not a verified retailer) I thought I would get my Money back since it’s the Postmates fault and to my surprise they would only offer me $5 back. I tried hard to get in touch with a customer service representative but they make it almost impossible to get someone on the phone. I accepted that this may be a one time issue and continued using the app. The second time I placed an order by accident and cancelled it within the same minute and after emailing the company three times about speaking to someone about this issue I have not been able to get in touch. Still waiting to hear back. I would recommend seamless/ uber eats.
  • I will NEVER use this app again! 1/5

    By EMG 13
    I am still waiting to be contacted by their support team. There are no phone numbers, no real people just send an email! It’s ridiculous. My order was COMPLETELY WRONG. It has now been and 2 hours since I received this order and I have gotten no response from their support team! I just paid $22 for a burger and fries $6 delivery and it was WRONG!
  • Horrible customer experience 1/5

    By Shawnipple
    So yesterday I ordered two burgers and fries, and the delivery time was 1 hour. Fine. After an hour an fifteen the driver was close but completely lost. She could not find the place. I spent 30 minutes talking the driver through how to get to my place, I saw her drive by twice, and I was telling her that I saw her. Anyways... I get my food an hour and 45 after the order was made and I was missing a burger... postmates didn’t believe me so I sent pictures. I believe that I was due a complete refund for the order, however they refunded me $4.86 and the burger was $6.50+tax. After emailing them again I did get the rest of the money, $2.12 and $6 delivery credit. However that was still very disappointing considering how late it arrived and how much time I had to talk to the driver and the burger was missing. I was talking up their service last week but after this I can’t in good faith tell anyone to use postmates anymore. Good luck to anyone using this app, and to postmates: Seriously improve your business model
  • Bad Employer 1/5

    By Eonsoffate
    After using this app to gain some spare cash, my enthusiasm was quickly diminished by the third day online. I spent an overall time of about 72hrs online and have seen it is simply a waste of battery life. As an employee being available for duty this frequently I assumed they would at least give me 10 deliveries making $4 base + tip. The first day online I had four deliveries!! I was excited as the next day they were having a bonus of $140 for making at least 14 deliveries. Guess what, since that first day I have only gotten 1 delivery a day. Being online for at least 7 hrs every day, that’s pathetic ... Just thought I’d spare everyone the time and battery. This business is terrible!!!!
  • Terrible Customer Service 1/5

    By sarzybethicus
    I’m not quite sure how a service representative doesn’t take a look at a customer account and weigh the value of charging the customer for food not received versus charging and saying, essentially, “too bad!” Bad form. Bad business. Prepare yourself for shady dealings if you go with this delivery service.
  • No delivery no refund 1/5

    By DancinJ
    I’ve been a frequent user of postmates since they started in San Francisco. Recently an order was “delivered” but my doorbell wasn’t rung and no one called. When I reached out to postmates an hour later they refused a re-delivery or a refund. After going back and forth with several remote customer service agents I’ve decided to cancel my membership and use Caviar instead. They lack the desire to correct mistakes and it’s very disappointing. Do not recommend.
  • Kind of mediocre. 3/5

    By Jess262812
    The app in itself is fine I like that I can make a custom item for places like Walgreens. But I hate that after a little while there are like no coupons to use. Like 10% off, free delivery, 25% off your order things like that. I understand the referral code thing but you can only refer so many friends.
  • Driver made me cancel and I still got charged 1/5

    By Liltaryn
    After waiting an hour for my food the driver called me and said his Postmates card isn’t working, so e can’t pay for it and I have to cancel. I WAS STILL CHARGED FOR THE ORDER!! I’ve sent two emails trying to remedy this and haven’t received a refund or any response. If anything I should get some sort of credit right? Not charged for something I didn’t get and didn’t chose to cancel. Won’t be using again.
  • hidden fees 1/5

    By deeznuts96
    so i received a 100$ delivery credit for postmates. after i downladed the app & checked how much my order would be i went to bank and deposited the exact amount of the order including the bank transaction fee. i then tried to place an order & my card got declined 3 times; so I go look & the final total & my delivery fee was waived but I was being charged a mysterious extra 5$ that wasnt listed anywhere in the taxes & fees
  • Delivery late at night 5/5

    By Kathy CMain
    Now I can even ask for delivery late in the midnight in this app.
  • I JUST GOT $100 FOR FREE! 5/5

    By Titone311
    I just signed up and used the code HXG2N and got $100 for FREEEE!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
  • Want to surprise use this app 5/5

    By Thomas J Durst
    If I want to surprise anyone, I can always use postmates application and make them happy.
  • On time delivery 5/5

    By Holton877
    Quick delivery and I can order anything from any restaurant Postmates is amazing and much helpful. 5 star to this app.
  • Thieves 1/5

    By Sama9989909
    Thay gave me a free food to Deliver but thay took 15$ . Bad App i recommende to use Uber eat.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Robert M Angelo
    Used to be my go to food delivery service, but not anymore. They don't take responsibility for there mistakes and have moron customer service reps who are so dumb that they admit fault only to still say theres nothing we can do. Used Ubereatz and will be my go to from now on.
  • Please stop using this app 1/5

    By Pearson Chen
    PLEASE STOP USING THIS DANGEROUS APP. I haven’t used this app for a while, and after three days I logged into my account recently, some one in 500mi away hacked my account and utilized my credit card to order $400 food. MAYBE it’s my responsibility for the account safety. However, Postmates response is extremely SLOW, they responded my first email(transfer me to other person) and they stopped contact me!!! Not even trying to confirm anything, any my information, and didn’t stop the transactions at all. It has been 7 hours, I’m glad I’m not using my debate card. After they solve the problem, I will definitely close my account and stop recommending my friends to use this. Again, please stop using this app. Not safe at all.
  • When something seems too good to be true 1/5

    By Izzy Pregozen
    I have had a couple good experiences with this app, but they are getting sloppy with who they hire. We ordered dinner and gave specific instructions for how to dial the call box, which is placed conspicuously at the front gate. The driver texted once asking if there was another gate with a call box because the one he was at did not have one. When we tried to get in contact with him, he did not reply and reported that he had delivered our food and left. With our food. 100% would never use this app again.
  • Left hungry! 1/5

    By ChokoNoona
    I have ordered from many places that are LISTED but DO NOT use Postmates. Why??? Why are they even able to be listed??? Then I’m left hungry and waiting for my money to be reimbursed. Please fix this ongoing issue.
  • Never using it again 1/5

    By SquareRainCloud
    Postmates will not give you a refund if your delivery guy can’t find the place. My husband ordered food for me because he was sick and wasn’t able to drive because of how bad he was. Postmates has delivered to my apartment 2 times already and they found my door just fine but this delivery driver apparently couldn’t find my apartment or maybe he was to lazy to look for it because the front office even has maps but I guess he was to lazy to even look for it. The delivery guy and postmates did contact my husband but again because he was sick he fell asleep and couldn’t hear his phone and I was asleep with my baby because he was sick too so we trusted that postmates would come to our door because they already did 2 time. Trust me we would’ve heard the knock at the door but when we woke up. The food wasn’t here. He never came to the front door. We asked postmates for refund and they declined the refund because the delivery guy contacted us and we did email back saying what happen but they still came up with a bull excuse on why they will not refund my husband back. Waste of money. Postmates doesn’t care or understand there customers. Also they charge a lot of fees it was confusing. I wouldn’t recommend postmates.
  • They don’t care about you. 1/5

    By Imadethisnameteavethisreview
    Postmates driver stole my food and the company did NOTHING to help me, and I still had to pay for it. Their automated customer service is atrocious and there is no accountability at all. I have been a customer since it was made available at my city ((Miami)) And they could not even be bothered to reimburse me. Usually the service is adequate but if it goes wrong they will do nothing for you. Be warned.
  • Wingstop removed why??? 3/5

    By DB3698
    Why would you remove wingstop???
  • Worst App Ever! 1/5

    By Gizley
    Over the weekend my girlfriend and I decided to use Postmates because it was the only app that would deliver from the Thai place we wanted food from. The first roadblock was the fact that every time we would press “confirm” for our order, it would make us redo our entire order. After it FINALLY accepted our order, we received a message, only after the fact, that there would be a hold of $50 put on our bank account until after the purchase cleared. So, in addition to the price of our meal, postmates also charged a $50 hold for a few days. We decided to cancel the order because it said there was no cancellation fee and we didn’t want to have the hold on our account. We received a notification saying that the order was cancelled successfully BUT the hold on our account remained! It is now the 3rd day and the hold is STILL there! This is the WORST delivery app ever and I will never use it again! I regret ever downloading it! I wish I could give it less than a one star rating because I don’t feel that it even deserves that.
  • Further delivery options. 4/5

    By biary88
    When is delivery going to be available for Portsmouth and Chesapeake, VA?
  • By far the worst of the delivery apps 1/5

    By BlueRoboy
    Postmates needs to go away. They are by far the worst at service and customer service. I had a sprained ankle (later found to be small fracture) and needed a brace to get through the night due to pain. Due to ankle, couldn’t drive, so requested Postmates bring me the brace from Walgreens. Gave them the exact link to the item on Walgreens website. Called store to verify it was in stock (they had multiple of them available). Postmates arrives with...not an ankle brace, but a vaguely similar knee and ankle ice pack??? How??? Told Postmates customer support, their response? Get in your car with your broken ankle and drive to the store, and return it and take a photo of the return receipt. Then we can refund you. Of course, the postmate left no receipt, so I have no way to return the item, even if I could drive back to the store. Never using Postmates again, and telling everyone I know to avoid. There are MUCH better alternatives out there, and when Postmates screws up, they will hang you out to dry without a care in the world.
  • Always convey food 4/5

    By Clara E Jones
    I can literally order from any restaurant and postmates will always convey my food at my address.
  • Went gaga over this app 4/5

    By Mary A Adams
    When I first used postmates application I went gaga over this app and it is a lifesaver for me.
  • Get many coupons 5/5

    By Bruno D Sproul
    I always ordered from postmates application and I always got discount and many coupons in this application.
  • You better hope your order is correct 1/5

    By Danielle N.D.
    I will NEVER be using Postmates again and would highly recommend saving you the headache as well. On multiple occasions, my order has been incorrect due to the Postmate placing the order incorrectly. Postmates does not have any kind of phone support, only email. You cannot get in touch with the delivery person nor can you talk to someone at Postmates. You have to wait for an email, and when you finally receive that email, the customer service is incredibly subpar. They will not refund you for everything that is incorrect, and you will only receive a “partial refund.” The lack of care and concern for their customers is absolutely pathetic—especially in a day with so much competition.
  • Prime app 4/5

    By Winna Chotty
    I like using postmates application because it is my Prime app and I always use it whenever I have to order food.
  • Lifesaver when sick in NYC 5/5

    By Txbirdgirl
    Was in NYC for business and became ill. Knew what food I wanted and it was delivered quickly and hot. Totally impressed as this was my first use. Please come to Austin!
  • Terrible service!! 2/5

    By Vegemarmite
    Ordered a meal at Holsteins while in Vegas! Order was accepted, meal prepared and kept pushing my delivery time... presumably meal is getting cold! Waited an hour and 20min on an estimated 20-30minute window to get a text saying and I quote ”Unfortunately, no Postmates were available to complete your delivery. A delivery credit will be applied to your next order for the inconvenience” At least have the decency of informing people there were no postmates available at the moment of placing the order and not make me wait for it to be canceled last minute! After waiting over an hour! I called the restaurant directly and person on the phone said they been having issues with postmates with several I completed orders! I hope they didn’t charge my credit card!!! They need to improve the service! For now I am going with another delivery app and deleting postmates!
  • Not sure 2/5

    By danstark
    Upon reviewing the “most recent” reviews, the most critical seem legit and the most favorable all seem to be fakes. It can’t be that every legit “bad” review uses proper forms of English and yet the “good” ones all seem to be English as a second language. Hmm, somethings verrrryyy fishy going on with Postmates!

Postmates - Food Delivery app comments


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