Postmates - Fast Delivery

Postmates - Fast Delivery

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 6.68.10002
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Uber Technologies, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Postmates - Fast Delivery App

Delivery from your favorite restaurants, grocery stores, and more! 24/7, 365 days a year. Postmates gets you what you want, when you want it. Just Postmate it. FIND YOUR FAVORITE RESTAURANTS Browse nearby restaurants. Choose from a variety of selections to order: Pizza. Burritos. Burgers. Sushi. Chinese food. Skip the line and reservations. Order your food from any menu and add it to your cart with a few taps. Or, schedule your food order in advance for a delivery person to pick it up later. Your choice! GROCERY, CONVENIENCE, RETAIL AND MORE From your local favorite grocery store, liquor shops to the big beauty brands. Just Postmates it, and get them delivered in about an hour. REAL-TIME ORDER TRACKING Track your food order on a map as it heads your way. See the estimated delivery time to your address. Get notified when your order arrives. EASY PICKUP or NON-CONTACT DELIVERY You can order food ahead for Pickup instead of just ordering delivery. Select Pickup, add food items to your cart and go to the restaurant to get your food. Or, choose the new no-contact delivery option and go non-contact and have deliveries left at the door. PROMOTIONAL TERMS $10 off your next order terms and conditions: Up to $10 off your next order. Offer valid when you download and log in the new Postmates app only. Tax & fees still apply. Store and offer availability based on user location. Limit 1 use per customer. Offer is not sharable or transferable. Offer only valid for 14 days from log in to the new Postmates app. Exclusions may apply. Offer cannot be redeemed for cash or like exchanges. Postmates reserves the right to modify or terminate this offer at any time without notice.

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Postmates - Fast Delivery app reviews

  • Order placement 1/5

    By ‼️💡‼️💡‼️💡💡‼️💡‼️‼️💡
    It was frustrating to place an order with these people every time i tried to place An order , it kept saying decline ! Even when I have money on the card , each card to be exact ! & it was still declining ! That is irritating, because Postmates takes the cards I have which is a MasterCard & or visa ! They even take prepaid . Being that I wanted my food . I decided to add funds via Uber cash, since it’s connected to Uber sadly . To my surprise it worked . Which doesn’t even make sense because I used the cards that apparently were declining … Idk what the issue is but fix it , if it happens again with another restaurant, I will just delete the app all together & head to another app. Kind tired of experiencing issue with these apps . It absurd.
  • Fix your app 1/5

    By Derp:P
    Unable to change payment method without waiting five minutes before returning to the order page to continue. I’ve tried 3 different payment methods all of which are valid and every time the app declined them. Was not able to order anything.
  • It’s great…when it actually works 2/5

    By dingus10101010101
    I live 35 mins away from the nearest Chipotle and Postmates is the only delivery service that will allow me to have it delivered this far. It started out working great and now I’m having the problem where I can’t use any other payment other than my Apple Card. I have tried three other credit cards and my debit card (all of which have worked in the past) however, it won’t work. My boyfriend is having the same problem. I love Chipotle and I love the convenience of having it delivered but I have driven 60 mins there and back to get Chipotle in the past and I will start doing it again if this problem continues.
  • Great app! 4/5

    By Tuffypaws20
    I’ve used this app like 3 times now, thanks to their coupons/ deals. If you sign up for free unlimited trial and use a coupon, it’s well worth it and convenient. All my orders were correct and packaged nicely and securely. Fast delivery too , however I do order close to home. Update… had a few minor issues but customer service was responsive and we solved them.
  • It’s up 4/5

    By spitsgame
    Sometimes prices are slightly higher in app than from original location.
  • Great deals! 5/5

    By jah_kee
    I love how Postmates is convenient for everyone.
  • First order was a fail 1/5

    By Babyhamster
    My order never got to my door. I received my refund my not the coupon I had for a “first time order.” Absolutely terrible experience after waiting for over an hour.
  • Will be ending my subscription 2/5

    By maithgoleor
    I used PM almost exclusively when it was functionally web-based. The inability to address a missing order or other problem on the website is ridiculous. It’s much easier to view menu items and order on a laptop; why would I want to then switch to my phone to resolve an issue?
  • Too many times my order is cancelled 2/5

    By AJ_reviews123
    title says it all
  • Limits 1/5

    By Queen RAD
    Menus from favorite places are limited and some places are taken out of these services.
  • Service fee is insane! 1/5

    By thrillbilliam
    $13 service fee on top of a $5 delivery fee and they still ask for a tip??!? I had a $30 off coupon for an order that was $34 and after everything it was $28! Without the coupon it would’ve went about $50! Grubhubs lower service fee and lower delivery fee is much better
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Sporks468942
    Stuck in a loop of login information with no way to check out now.
  • Terrible Systems 1/5

    By Mangrilla
    I ordered a pizza. The app showed a driver going to pick it up, great. Waited a while. Opened the app and saw a new driver. Asked her what was up. She said someone else had taken my food and I should contact customer service. Customer service is waiting for someone to chat you, so in addition to waiting an hour and a half for no food, I was also 55 in order to get my lack of food refunded. After all of this I get a refund but nothing to give me confidence to use this service again. Other delivery apps are more reliable - at least in DC.
  • Payment 1/5

    By nighter101
    I can’t even make an order with my card or Apple Pay, I know there isn’t anything wrong with my card because I used it to add $25 to my wallet on the app just to order something that cost $16
  • Promos don’t work 3/5

    By The pattern
    On multiple occasions I’ve received promotions that don’t apply, the most recent being a push notification for $30 off your order. The details showed no restrictions and that it’s valid until 7/30/21, but when trying to use it on my order (which was more than $30 before taxes and fees) it just shows it as “currently unavailable”. If there are location, or other criteria that prevent use of the promotion, it should be listed in the promotion details. After a looking into this, it apparently happens all the time to people. Just a way to get us on the app? No idea, but it wasted enough of my time to merit a 1 star review. Update: Changed to 3 stars. The promotion only works at certain restaurants, though there’s no list, so you just have to check each one.
  • Deals and Promotions 5/5

    By saleemthp
    They have awesome deals every single day and have huge variety of stores and restaurant linked with them
  • eye roll 1/5

    By yourdadsmoms
    Make the app better had to order 20 times for it to go through
  • Prices 1/5

    By yeboi ab 12371
    Everything is expensive
  • First time user 5/5

    By Easytolove23
    Seems to be easy to use and on the comfort of your zone

    By Drip_Kage
    I ordered food late at night around 2 am i seen that no one picked the order up so an hr and shall later I just decided to cancel it mind you nobody was on route to pick my food up an hr and half after I purchased leading me to cancel I spoke over text with someone who told me I would get a FULL REFUND but when I look at my account I seen that they charged me I asked the person I spoke too who went by Tanu again if he was sure that I would get a refund he guaranteed me I would so i thought nothing of it and went by my day 8 hrs later no refund and no food I tried to reach out again and they keep giving me the same bot response over email and I don’t even have an option to speak again over the order that he canceled basically I lost $20 for something that I cannot control go eat at Grubhub
  • Service fees 1/5

    By BlazerL7
    Ok I never write reviews, but a 22% service fee is ridiculous if it isn’t directly paying your drivers. If it is, please correct me. But I know the restaurants aren’t seeing that tip money either. I haven’t used Postmates in nearly a year, and they pulled me back in with the “$30 off.” This will be my last time using Postmates. My subtotal was $44, and I still ended up paying about $45 with service fees and tip AFTER the $30 off. So without it, it would have “normally” cost $75? Yeah, right. The service charges that have no explanation behind whether it’s peak time charges or how it’s distributed is no way to keep a business going. Postmates is also already ripping off the tipped restaurant employees that have to disrupt their day to make to go food that they get stiffed on. People prefer transparency.
  • Postmates doesn’t know how to deliver hot food. 1/5

    By Jay the Frustrated
    In my opinion, Postmates doesn’t know how to deliver food hot. The last food I ordered was completely cold. I contacted customer service and they are completely indifferent to the quality of service you receive a patron. That to me is unacceptable at the premium prices they charge.
  • Wrong payment charged 1/5

    By 27spawn1977
    The app charged the wrong payment account. My payment was supposed to use my Apple Card and a different payment account was charged. So now I have had to remove any payment account but my Apple account stored within the app. This has also happen twice on my wife’s account. The big difference being that one of her payment accounts is a corporate account. Something is clearly wrong with your systems and needs to be addressed. I will be forced to cancel my account is this does not get fixed and I really would prefer not to do this.
  • Shapiro’s Market 5/5

    By Taj'Shane
    We love this deli for our breakfast and lunch sandwiches and things we need while we’re working. Thank you for allowing us to order through Postmates again we missed you guys.
  • It’s a good place to order food 4/5

    By aiden767
    I like it a lot, just wish they would run the red lights too get here faster

    By Fjanamfnjsnan
    Everything about Postmates is trash after Uber bought them out, they are a bunch of money hungry people now. Horrible customer service, can’t even transfer the amount of money I want from my Apple Pay account, I have to transfer $25 or more which is trash. They have no customer service number. It takes like 30 minutes just to send a message to their chat group to fix a problem and then so far I’ve waited 20 minutes and no response. Postmates was the best app for me, but after being bought by Uber they are straight trash. Let’s see what food app I find a home at that isn’t Uber or Postmates, way to kill Postmates
  • Always so slow 1/5

    By douglas janes
    Postmates is always so slow and have so many issues
  • Uber ruined Postmates 1/5

    By Hellokitty45690
    I used to use Postmates on a regular basis, and loved it. The day Uber bought Postmates was the worst day ever. Uber ruined Postmates. My cards all get declined for no reason, I have had multiple deliveries be cancelled Becuase there was no delivery driver or a restaurant was closed. Never had this problem with Postmates before, it would tell me when a restaurant was closing. I now use DoorDash and have no issues whatsoever.
  • Garbage - False Advertising 1/5

    By pl619
    Not sure what happened but since the acquisition the app is pure junk. The worst time for an app or service to fail is when you are hungry. I ordered trying to use the 50% off orders over $40 and all the payments I’ve used could not be processed…YET when I used Google to order on the web and used Postmates as a delivery service it miraculously went through without the 50% off. G A R B A G E ! S C A M ! What happened to you Postmates? Why put it out there if you aren’t fulfilling the deal?
  • Uber eats fails 3/5

    By Mr. V!c!ous
    Took away our ability to buy cigarettes :l amongst many other things
  • Help Local Business’s 5/5

    By Durden701
    I find that Postmates helps to support local businesses and delivery people. The app is easy and intuitive. They really make it easy.
  • Hmmm 1/5

    By Pretty boy Jerms
    This app kept saying something was wrong with my card when I went to pay. I gave a 15% tip and it wouldn’t accept it. The second I changed it to 18% it magically worked..
  • Postmates 2/5

    By marilyn.animalgirl
    I have only used it once or twice since February. It’s $10 a month and I have been trying to cancel but I haven’t been able to so far. I have been trying for 2 weeks.
  • App problems 2/5

    By emes1324
    Setting aside how high the fees are, the app only works about half the time for me. I’ll go to pay for a meal I’m ordering, and it will decline my payment method. It will work in any other delivery app, Postmates is the only one that declines it. It’s frustrating enough that I barely even use it anymore.
  • Over priced delivery 1/5

    By jciwkfbjwkqpqlMdnfnkdwo
    So expensive.
  • Payment Issue 2/5

    By PosterJae7
    No matter which card I used on file or via Apple Pay, my payment option got declined when trying to Checkout my order. Ended up purchasing Uber Cash in the Wallet section of the app using Apple Pay with a card I previously attempted as mentioned above that was previously declined yet went through this way. There’s no option to call to speak to someone for issues and the Help section was NOT helpful. Nor is there a chat feature. The number of fees and their amounts are ridiculous on Postmates. Where’s the service being provided for the 22% “service fee” that does not include the delivery fee? If that’s the percentage simply for the accessibility to multiple restaurants in one app yet experiencing frustrating issues without anyone to contact for true service, I rather use another app such as DoorDash where the fees are not as expensive and I can call/chat with an actual person if needed.
  • Great service 5/5

    By beerguyTK
    Nice selection for eats and good prices
  • Extremely Unhappy 1/5

    By Dihda
    I signed up for unlimited YEARS ago and it keeps charging me because I lost access to my account. Even when I log in it won’t let me cancel it it’s extremely tiring
  • Uber ruined this app 1/5

    By cantsleep23
    I used to use Postmates several times a week and never had an issue. Since the merge with Uber, I have issues every time I try to check out. I’m unable to use anything but Uber cash and it constantly tells me I haven’t selected a payment method RIGHT AFTER I SELECT A PAYMENT METHOD. Prices have also gone up a ton. Thanks for ruining my favorite delivery app.
  • Working single mom 2/5

    By Minpinmum1
    I like the convenience of this app, however, not enough useable promotions for small orders. I have one kiddo that is home schooling while I am at work, and I like to send him a meal once in a while. I hope this app provides more useable promotions that are aimed at customers like me. Thank you.
  • Payment Error 1/5

    By Slsmf
    I had my correct card payment already saved to the app and it continued to tell me I did not have any payment methods saved, that I needed to enter in a new payment method and that I had two of the same payment methods saved so I couldn’t place my order. I had to close the app multiple times and then after 15 minutes it finally accepted my order.
  • They took my money 2/5

    By jeremy alexander robbins
    I placed an order at 10 o’clock at night hoping to eat good that night, but the lady that was delivering my order was given the wrong address. They even made the food at a far away location. The lady that was delivering my food called and said that it took her to a warehouse and she couldn’t find a door. To my surprise the map took her to place 20 minutes away from my house. She proceeded to call them telling them about the situation and they cancelled my order without telling me. And then proceeded to charge me because the Wendy’s that I ordered from already made the food, even though they gave the nice lady the wrong address and canceled my order without telling me. I tried contacting costumer support but they didn’t get back to me.
  • greddy 1/5

    By mentallysecured
    way too exapensive
  • Order cancel due even tho the place closed at 12 am 1/5

    By sdddsssaas
    Me and my wife just had our son and we were looking to get food because we’re tired and hungry and I ordered my food from the restaurant at 10 something at night and the place closed at 12 am and our order was canceled at 11:45am after waiting and waiting just to not be able to eat I’m never had this problem and me and the wife r tea mad and may never use this food delivery service again
  • Can’t use credits 1/5

    By lachickforever
    Literally had to uninstall the app to get payment methods to work. Then the so called credits wouldn’t work. I prefer Door Dash.
  • Review 1/5

    Would not let me select my payment method for 5 tries in a row. Deleted it and input it again and didn’t work! Had to add funds to Uber cash and wouldn’t let me customize the amount of money I wanted to put in. Just had preset values so I spent more than I initially wanted too.
  • Great service 5/5

    By abelair23
    App worked perfectly and good came right on time :)
  • Garbage now 1/5

    By Winfrey10
    They made this app so expensive now, not even worth it tbh, I wouldn’t use it but I’m super lazy. And the options for service and cancelling orders are such a rip off. I hope the CEO’s of this place meet a fateful demise
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By Abjeffer
    After a long day at work, I figured it would be nice to use this app to have my food delivered to me. I was wrong. There are SO MANY bugs with this app that I ended up trying to order food for half an hour before ultimately giving up. I guess I will be going to pick it up myself.