Powder Recorder - Record games

Powder Recorder - Record games

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  • Current Version: 1.1.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Unique Entertainment Experience
  • Compatibility: Android
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Powder Recorder - Record games App

With Powder Recorder you can record your gameplay on mobile games and we save your highlights automatically. Compatible with: -Call of Duty Mobile -PUBG mobile -Free Fire Booyah! -Among Us More games will be added in the future. How does it work? 1/ Start your recording on Powder 2/ Start your favorite game from Powder Recorder 3/ Just play, when you frag, we record and save your gameplay 4/ After your gaming session, just come back to your Powder Recorder library to discover your clips. We don't record the whole session to spare space on your phone! We just keep the best of your gaming session. Powder Recorder is a product by Powder, an app to edit and share game clips. You can contact us at [email protected]

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Powder Recorder - Record games app reviews


    By ayn ayn ayn ayn
    Ok I am about to update the review, this is actually a really good record app now I figured the filming part out already. Keep up the good work😁
  • Request 5/5

    By Phsyco Gamer
    This recorder is amazing but it didn’t save my clips sometimes and you should make it work with stand-off 2
  • Frags 3/5

    By AIDEN_Williams
    It won’t record my kills automatically And when I push the record button it turns on and then stops once I get into my game Please help
  • Trash 1/5

    By Snuggalexeltr1
    Every time when I record and I launch in Call of duty mobile. It just stops for no reason
  • Ai doesn’t want to record codm frags 1/5

    By Random Person 645738
    I select the smart recorder,then set it to record codm,it says it’s recording but then seconds later the AI stops recording.Got answers mr creator?
  • Help me 3/5

    By MrPhantom999
    The App says it automatically records frags but that is not happening with pls help
  • Error 4/5

    By BluLivesMatter2
    After I get a kill a pop up comes up on my screen saying the app was stopped due to a invalid screen recording. Plz help I’m playing call of duty mobile and it freezes after every kill
  • Recording 3/5

    By king074l
    I love your main powder app but when I click record on powder editor it never records or if it does the recording never saves
  • Plz fix 1/5

    By i hate blood and glory
    Whenever I record it usually turned red circle but when I record it with powder recorder smart recorder it says 3 2 1 then it just turns white not red and doesn’t record I have over 6 GB of storage bruh pls fix this
  • 🤨 1/5

    By jaiisnn
    It doesn’t work for me. When I go back to the app after playing a game it just stops recording. No video there tho 🤨
  • Won’t record 1/5

    By Hakeem Richmond
    It won’t even record I tap record it records for like 5 seconds then ends and when I get a kill it doesn’t even save waste of time
  • Wow 4/5

    By KioslCODM
    The app is a lot more than I expected, it really surprised me, but if course there always is a problem, I don’t like the refresh rate the recorder have, there should be a setting for it, and sometimes in my clips when I shake to fast like for example to an 180 degree turn the clip starts freaking out with the pixels, other than that, I think the app is great really surprised me, just fix these things 😁👍
  • In game sound? 5/5

    By abcrossover
    The app is great! But why can’t I hear the in-game audio in the recordings??
  • Bad app 1/5

    By ItJerwiii
    I got a triple collat and it didn’t record like come on
  • Accessible, but needs work 4/5

    By jcdjmac
    I just tested the app with VoiceOver, and it’s accessible, but needs work. Could you please add in accessibility enhancements for VoiceOver in future updates? I’m not a gamer, but love to record reaction videos for fun.
  • Improvement 3/5

    By gatorfnm
    This app is so good but there is only 1 problem. It makes my FPS drop in the game I’m playing. If this can be fixed. 5 stars for sure
  • Help 1/5

    By jesuisansnomputain
    When I record the videos I can’t post them
  • Bug? 2/5

    By coooool gamesss
    When I click record it doesn’t do anything. When I do it for call of duty mobile and fortnite
  • BUG 3/5

    By AgentNateroxYT
    I love to use this app but now there’s a bug where I can’t record but I think it’s something with my phone but idk. Pls fix
  • Obviously fake ratings 1/5

    By TheRidgeChannel_YT
    I open the app and what do I see? Use broadcast. A feature that iPhone already has is being used in this app. I try to record using the app and nothing even happens. I press record, counts down, starts recording, I stop it after “recording” my game, and it just asks to record again. It’s not even in my photos. Powder is bad enough but this recorder is so trash
  • I have a doubt 5/5

    By @aarushjswl7
    Can I record PUBG
  • I love it. One small problem 4/5

    By faz_elmo
    Hey, I know that powder is for clips, but can the the recorder record the whole game instead of kills. Because sometimes I wanna show off my edits but it only records kills. (At least, for me)
  • 10 seconds 4/5

    By Youngteo11
    They should make where when you get a kill it shows 10 sec before that
  • Powder is the best app ever! 5/5

    By Austin P.ف
    Powder just amazes me because I have been looking for good editing software for a long time on my phone and this is just fantastic! I can’t believe how well it works! The app sometimes has bugs like all apps, but unlike most apps the developers are so on top of everything that the bugs rarely stay!
  • Love the recorder 5/5

    By BMJay13
    I would love to see this app able to record other mobile games but I love recording with this app it doesn’t freeze and glitch with Fortnite or stop recording in mid game
  • This is amazing 5/5

    By cj_dog44
    This app really helps out when I want to record gameplay on my phone. Because I love to play games on my phone and when I hit those amazing clips and can look back and remember.
  • It don’t work 4/5

    By naruto cuh
    When’s I start recording it doesn’t work so when I get a kill it doesn’t record it in my library
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Evan Tullis
    I love how easy it is to use. You just click start recording, and it saves all of your kill/highlights. I love the app and am going to use it every time I play a game just in case of a good clip.
  • Convenient 5/5

    By Dr_Zoink
    A great way to get great clips without haven’t to screen record and look through all of you gameplay.
  • Enjoyable 5/5

    By MeWWEbcw
    I played Fortnite mobile to test even though I usually don’t play it but, I wanted to test it for my favorite developers! I am a big fan of powder and am one of the top posters on the main app. I would love to become a featured creator soon!
  • Easy 5/5

    By Scorp_Tex
    It’s is a really easy way to play and at the same time record without having to see it blurry and ind bad quality
  • Best recording/editing software 5/5

    By Eli Thorson
    I have been using powder since they had 20k and it was in beta, the developers of this app make sure to keep everything updated and they add new futures alot, this is a good think because it means that they care about there product what leads to them not going to be one of those developers that say “yeah lets shut it down” they are continuing to get high amounts each week of new people and have came a long way since i joined the discord, by far the best and easiest recorder and video editing for mobile out there
  • Nice and simple 5/5

    By Destharichkidd
    It is easy to start recording on mobile and now I can do a lot of stuff with out my screen being blurry