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  • Current Version: 2.8.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: PowerSchool Group LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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PowerSchool Mobile App

Built for convenient access to real-time student information like grades, assignments, and attendance, the PowerSchool Mobile App provides enhanced functionality for parents, guardians, and students. • Get easy access to the most important student data with an updated user interface, dashboard, and improved app structure • Use new dashboard widgets for quick access to important information including: GPA, Class Overview, Assignments Due, Assignments Graded, Attendance, School Bulletins, Meal Balance, and Fees • Customize the dashboard by reordering or hiding widgets to prioritize the information that is most important to you • Access class information and grades across terms and drill-down to detailed views of class assignments, attendance, and standards • View class assignments for the week or month in a new calendar view, and drill-down to assignment details • Manage push and email notifications, student profiles, access school information, and more PowerSchool is the leading K-12 education technology provider of solutions that improve the education experience for 100 million students, teachers, and parents in over 70 countries around the world. IMPORTANT! To access the PowerSchool Mobile App, your school district must be using the PowerSchool Student Information System. If you are not sure what SIS your school is using, contact your school or district. PLEASE NOTE • Requires iOS version 10.0 or higher • Access to PowerSchool is controlled by school administration • Requires a wireless connection or mobile data plan • Users must consent to receive push notifications when connecting to servers outside of the United States • Meal Balance totals are only available if your school uses the PowerLunch meal management feature in the PowerSchool SIS

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PowerSchool Mobile app reviews

  • perfect for students! 5/5

    By Allie :3
    it's perfect for me because i forget my assignments a lot so i can check the assignment board for upcoming due dates and you can check the calendar as well. you can also quickly check your grade overviews and it doesn't have any bugs. you can add your lunch balance to it, look at attendance, email your teachers, find your overall GPA, etc. it's a good app, if your school approves it into their system, definitely get it!! every person at my school has this app on their phone and most parents do too! please please please get it, it makes your school life a breeze and helps with senioritis xd :)
  • trash 1/5

    By avkahskeud
    infinite campus is better
  • Good app I’m just sad 1/5

    By gracewise
    This app works great, never had a problem with it...except it makes me sad when I open it. I would attach a picture of me crying over my ap world grade if I could. Very helpful to keep up with grades, just don’t check it if you’re sensitive.
  • Non Updated GPA 1/5

    By EliasDaGr8
    The GPA never updates for me I don’t know if that’s my school or PowerSchool but it would be grate to see what’s my GPA right now.
  • I like it 2/5

    By AK🥳🥳😔
    It keep kicking me out but it is good so you can look at your grades
  • not the same 2/5

    By Tay&Kayla
    the app will send me a notification indicating my grade went up yet when i enter the app, it doesn’t change. i re download it and refresh constantly but it doesn’t change.
  • Trash 1/5

    By slothy513
    I hate it
  • GPA never changes 3/5

    By Lucy73162
    The GPA is not functioning properly. How do all At with a 96% being the lowest score equate to a GPA of 3.4. ? The GPA always stays at 3.4 even as grades fluctuate. Not a very accurate app.
  • Very helpful! 5/5

    By coolio baller
    I used to go to the computer and have to log on and it would take a long time but ever since I got the mobile edition of Power School it is so much easier and less time consuming to check grades.
  • Few tips 4/5

    By skippaderf
    It’s a good app and doesn’t seem to have many issues but I have just a few tips and things that might make it better. For starters, the class overview I believe should show the grades for your current marking period/semester. My school year is split into two semesters with three marking periods each, and the class overview shows my grades for marking period 1, but currently I’m in marking period 3. I think it’d be easier and much less confusing if it showed your current grades. Second, when you tap on a class in the overview it takes you to the grades for that class but again, not to the current marking period. Other than these small details the app seems to work well and I haven’t had many other issues with it. I think fixing it so it shows you your current grades and not grades from the start of the year will make the app much better and easier to use.
  • Fix 1/5

    By jack123123456
    Please fix the app everything is stuck on it
  • Crashing 1/5

    By EjSrrn
    my powerschool keeps on crashing and i already updated the app.
  • Thank you so much for adding support for iOS 13! 5/5

    By The Review Maniac 7828
    Now I am proud to say I love the app! Don’t have to relaunch the app when I login! Thank you so much :DDDDDDDDD
  • Awesome but annoying 4/5

    By digie?
    I love this app. I love how it shows you your grades and apparently a letter grade. I don’t know how to see a letter grade, but I’ll learn. The only reason I didn’t give you a 5 is because literally every time I want to look at my grades I have to re login and that’s annoying. 😊😐😂
  • So BAD 1/5

    By JeffDFrazier
    I can’t ever check grades because of this bug that’s been in this app for more than 3 months. When I log in it says authenticating and it says that and nothing more, never lets me go past that. I left my phone on for about an hour and it still said authenticating. This is one of the worst apps on the App Store so bad so bad so bad.
  • PowerSchool 4/5

    By didndisbdiiej
    I think PowerSchool is very helpful and is a very great app. I’ve been using PowerSchool for 3years and I’ve had no problems at all and it’s just been great! Thank you💛💓
  • Add 5/5

    By Kuntri
    Love the app but wish you would add a link for one parent to send an invite to another with everything needed for them to access their student. i.e school link, school code etc.
  • Issues GPA 3/5

    By carmine7408 lombardi
    My GPA is disabled for almost a month now and I want to know what it is🗿
  • This is a great app 5/5

    By Jennifer584
    This a great app because it tell you what you have to work and also it show you p your grade
  • Poor quality 1/5

    By jsuusjs
    Bad app
  • Option to print 2/5

    By Fade C.
    It is a great app as a student but sometimes my teacher asks to print out my grades and I can’t do it because there is no option on this app
  • The grade F 😔✊🏿 1/5

    By Ella the beast
    I got an F bro 😔✊🏿
  • Great app 5/5

    By Unicornlover.8107
    From a middle school perspective I use this app all the time. It always helps me tell my grades. If I’m missing work it will notify me. I can go in and in about the good things. The only thing I wish could change is the gpa. Nothing in our school informs us of our gpa. That is the only negative thing about this app.😃
  • I have only been able to logged in twice this month 2/5

    By NinjaBBanana
    Everytime I try to log in I have to wait for more than 2 minutes, and I tend to give up and just go find a computer to log into since ur app barely works What does work is notifications, so I can see my grade change but I can’t log in to see what caused it to change or anything else Please fix the bug of long loading times and not being able to logged in If it helps my phone is iPhone 11 on 13.2 software
  • 𝕪𝕖𝕖𝕥 5/5

    By Seanpg420
    I definitely think they should make it so you can choose your grades 𝕃𝕞𝕒𝕠 𝕨𝕙𝕠 𝕒𝕣𝕖𝕖𝕤 𝕗𝕠𝕝𝕜𝕠𝕨 𝕞𝕖 𝕠𝕟 𝕚𝕟𝕤𝕥𝕤 @𝕤9.𝕊𝕄𝔾
  • unable to use 1/5

    By Zxw4640
    I’ve had this app for all four years of my high school career, but it’s worked for about 1/8 of the time. Not worth the space it takes on your phone.
  • Love the app, but... 1/5

    By cmlo123
    I love the app, when it IS WORKING, which so far is about 2 days out of the entire school year, so I have to log onto my computer to get current grades, as the app is not synced with the computer. Get the app fixed, and you will have 5 stars! On a positive note, I do like the program much better than iPass, just need the app!
  • Work on it! 3/5

    By JaKe122404
    Takes forever to load recent grades. Nice to use to brag about high GPA, but not as practical as the website. Please work on it!
  • Alright 4/5

    By Gummy8ears2298
    Powerschool is a great way to check grades. However, theres technical difficulties sometimes. Like this one time I had to sign in multiple times when I knew I clicked “save password”. Also, my friend told me her powerschool is also not working and doesn’t even allow her to see her grades. Please fix the bugs. Also my friends from different districts use a different app and its more decorative and nice looking. Please make this app more presentable instead of everything blue and white Hint hint add pictures
  • Best school app ever 5/5

    By candyand food
    I love this!
  • Great app 5/5

    By kansbso
    I love this app it is great as a student it give me nonfictions if missed an assignment or what my new grade is. The only thing that makes me mad is when I see a nonfiction because my grade went down lmao😂!
  • Life changing for parents who want to be more involved in their kids schooling 5/5

    By Elmore937
    Before downloading this app, the usually conversation between my child and I were fairly basic; “hey baby, how was school?” Followed by; “Do you have homework?”. This app allows you to check assignments and grades on the fly. My daughter failed to turn in a piece of homework and I received a notification in the middle of the afternoon through the app the her assignment was missing. When she got home, we were able to figure out what it was and get it taken care of. I’m guessing this all comes down to the school and the teachers following SOP’s and the app working properly. If there are any parents out there considering this app, give it a shot. You will not be disappointed.
  • Grrrr 4/5

    By αя¢αиє ℓσνєя
    Recently whenever I try to check my grades it will not allow me to log in at all. And I’ve been using the app for about three years. But I believe that the app is a huge help when I need to check my grades but it is very frustrating when my parents check my grades because I’m always hounded on what I have and have not turned in. While at times I can understand why having parents checking grades can be useful, being a high school student I feel as though I don’t get any freedom because it is so simple for a parent to check my grades. Along with the fact that there is what I guess would be considered an email option which emails parents when the students grades drop past a certain point.
  • Layout 2/5

    By Savagepacker
    The app itself is ok but comparing the Android version to the IOS it's unacceptable. It looks like the developer spent much time trying to make the Android version better while IOS users are stuck with a bland and boring app. It should be just as user friendly as the Android version and should look just as great.
  • Terrible. Please fix it. 1/5

    By PandaCookie2404
    I was very excited to use this app for my grades, however the app won’t even let me sign in. I have used multiple passwords to get in, including my current password and past passwords. I have checked over and over to make sure my username and password were spelled correctly, but it always says “Invalid Username or Password”. I have been trying to use this app for months, but it has not worked. My school district uses Power School, so there shouldn’t be a problem with me signing in. Please fix the problem, I would really like to use this app. It seems it would be very helpful if it would work.
  • Good looking app, poor usability 3/5

    By Boy Reloy
    Doesn’t include basic features that website has. You can’t even see how many points an assignment is worth, or the percentage of a grade.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Smgouzie
    No idea where to start. Randomly stops sync’ing all the time. Performance is awful, so slow! Tried to delete and add the app again, still not working.
  • This app is very helpful but... 3/5

    By Shadowkiller45
    I have problems with it every day I go in to check my grades and I’m looking at my grades and it just signs me out and when i sign back in it says authenticating and it says that until I close out the app and reopen the app then it lets me check my grades if you could fix that that would be amazing
  • Trash 1/5

    By fytnlgcv
    Fix your trashy app
  • It’s really good 5/5

    By Nicholas1232
    I think you guys should add the points and when something just got graded just now and this app is so useful and add dark mode support for iOS 13
  • Love it 4/5

    By kay richard
    I can fro a school using hac and it was terrible but know I love this app it is so easy to use it’s incredible.
  • A few things 3/5

    By Trxstewart
    #1. I would love to have a link to the school pay app from within this app for school lunch balance checks and for payments. #2. I would love to have access to a daily class assignment schedule.
  • Great app, but a few suggestions 4/5

    By hfsfwinkmufmdjdyjeg
    PowerSchool is a great app for checking your grades, but would be SO much better if you could get new grade/grade change notifications, instead of just attendance and birthday notifications. Also, a comment section on the menu bar would be great... it’s hard to enter and exit each class just to see your comments. Pretty much everything that the desktop version has, plus notifications.
  • PowerSchool 4/5

    By ilovetacos🌮🌮🌮
    PowerSchool mobile is a good app for being able to constantly check your grades. However, it can be too easy to sign out of your account, which is annoying.
  • Useful but needs refinements 5/5

    By Goddess Ame
    It helps me determine my grades, keep up with my classes, and can get me to advantages in my life. The program can be a little less confusing in a way. I feel as if each page is too repetitive. If they could fix that problem, I’d be great.
  • Why even have an app if it doesn’t work? 1/5

    By fupashmaximas
    Never loads my grades. Awful.
  • Never works 1/5

    By SwagSandwich
    App is always buggin 24/7
  • it’s broken now 1/5

    By MiaNGreen
    It used to be a great app until some random update. I can’t even log on anymore. The whole time all it says is “authenticating”.
  • AMAZING😀 3/5

    By E.Z Double G
    PowerSchool is awesome because you can see your grades and hopefully you are not like me and always have to fix them. I recommend this app because you can get all of your grades up and also fix assignments and see their due date

PowerSchool Mobile app comments

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