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Pregnancy & Baby Tracker App

Track your baby’s growth with the top pregnancy app for moms-to-be! Chosen by over 15 million moms, this pregnancy tracker app from the world's most trusted pregnancy brand, "What to Expect When You're Expecting," guides you through pregnancy day-by-day and week-by-week. Simply enter your baby’s due date (or use our pregnancy due date calculator if you’re not sure) and start tracking your baby’s growth today. Based on your due date, you’ll receive personalized updates on your baby’s development, expert tips, helpful articles and the latest parenting news. Join a tight-knit community of parents-to-be with due dates in the same month, and get support from an active, caring parent community that shares a post every 3 seconds. KEY FEATURES • Personalized pregnancy tracker shows your baby's daily development • 15,000+ medically accurate articles on every aspect of pregnancy and parenting, from preconception through the toddler years • Daily tips, up-to-the-minute health news, and personal stories from real parents • Week-by-week development info, helping you understand your changing body and baby's amazing development through each stage of pregnancy • Pregnancy videos showing just what to expect this week • Search tools to help you find fast, accurate answers for your pregnancy questions • Special groups devoted to birth locations, interests, medical conditions, parenting styles, must-have baby gear, and more! Once baby arrives, the app is here to guide you with all the expert advice and personalized support you need for baby’s first year and beyond. Find support for your pregnancy journey, and know what to expect, every step of the way. We’re here to help! Let’s connect: Instagram: @whattoexpect Twitter: @WhatToExpect Facebook: Pinterest:

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Pregnancy & Baby Tracker app reviews

  • Information Overload 2/5

    By BettyBlacc
    The actual user interface is really disorganized and overwhelming. It’s just not a clean and easy app to guide me through my pregnancy. It’s almost like there’s a lot of spam on the app itself and that gets distracting and starts looking more like a forum.
  • Only app I trust. 5/5

    By -momtobe
    Best community and best expert articles of all the pregnancy apps.
  • Love! 5/5

    By XxLadyNecroxX
    I have been using this app since I found out I was pregnant and it’s been a great and wonderful help. It’s very informative, week by week. Has helpful tips on symptoms and such. I highly recommended the app for all moms to be!
  • Helpful 5/5

    By Brandy.__
    I like the week to week updates & facts about the growing babies. Communicating with other moms helps a lot.
  • So informative:) 5/5

    By Veggie sludge
    So much information on the development step by step, love it!
  • For the love of god please change the videos 3/5

    By sarahbeara868
    Generally this app is good at providing basic information as the pregnancy progresses. However much of the writing is so CLOYING. surely this is not how the majority of moms want to be spoken to? Like we are fourteen years old? The videos in particular are so hard to watch. It is also very commercial.
  • Great app! 4/5

    By The Queen Tilly
    I have about 6 pregnancy apps and I live on this one! LITERALLY! Tbh the videos aren’t all that enticing and kind of boring actually but the app offers a lot of great advice and tips about pregnancy. The real reason I’m giving 4 stars is because of the community! This is the only app where there is constant, consistent interaction with other moms and moms-to-be. Like any social network there are Debbie downers but it comes with the territory, but for the most part everyone is there for support and the love that’s shown is incredible and refreshing. How to get to 5 stars? - I would like to see a little more creativity when it comes to showing the development of baby and the week to week progression. - We need a friends list!! Or a follow button! There’s no way to really make friends and keep track of them because people are posting so much and so quickly. - We need notifications if someone mentions us in a post with an @! It’s difficult trying to remember what the name of the discussion you were in. - I’d like to keep track of where I posted or commented so if I want to follow up with someone I can. These are essential to me and would make the app a game changer!
  • Decent App 4/5

    By NatiaLS
    I love how every week the app compares your baby’s size to a piece of fruit or vegetable. In addition, the mini articles about common issues and concerns of mothers is really helpful. What I don’t like are the videos. They are composed of the same two women and it gets annoying. Show videos of other people and experts talking about various topics. Also, I would add a contraction calculator.
  • Clueless 5/5

    By ceciDick
    I’m a first time mom that never thought I’d have kids so I’m coming blind. This app is helping me with all my weird random questions and I’m learning a lot I had no clue about. I personally love it.
  • New phone didn’t save date from account 1/5

    By SallyCoop
    I just got a new phone I had an account and when I logged in on my new phone my information was all there except my weekly pictures from my last pregnancy. I am very sad and heartbroken by this. You would think by me having an account for this app all my information would still be there photos and all. Smh
  • Love this app 5/5

    By _mommy2x
    There’s a lot of women who share your same experience and different experiences. A lot of information given and bonds formed. I love it!
  • App for CSection Women ? 3/5

    By BedoGodWin
    I’ve used this app for all 3 of my pregnancies, it’s great for a lot of things EXCEPT C-SECTION MOMMIES, if there is a way to choose that option on the app I’d really love to know, If not then that would be an AMAZING ADDITION to this wonderful App.. I just hate that I can’t really relate to the whole pushing because my water broke in a different county and they didn’t want to take a lot of time for me to push sadly .. so that would be GREAT if you could add that as a option for future references. Thanks Love the app regardless ❤️
  • Love this app‼️ 5/5

    By maddie preshious
    I used this app throughout my whole pregnancy my son is 2 months now and I still use it. It gives me so much information about what to look forward to with each month and milestones and developments I should look forward to with each month.
  • Community Discussion is Disgusting 1/5

    By klskris
    The app itself is helpful, but the women that are in the community discussion boards are horrible. Many discussion topics involved asking opinions about whether women should get abortions, while many of the women on the app are struggling with infertility and miscarriage. The discussion board is more about women tearing each other down than supporting one another. I would highly recommend you choose a different app because the admin fuels the hate by not regulating the boards or responding to complaints.
  • Needs more options 2/5

    By Brianaj09
    Does a great job of informing with what’s going on with the baby but beware of joining groups. You don’t have the option to block people so you can’t see their comments or posts, and you can’t delete threads that you create. Just needs a tad bit more freedom.
  • Great App but Lots of Emails! (Updated) 5/5

    By Pistolsdrummer
    Love the app but if you don’t want to get multiple emails a day from them don’t set up a profile & give them your contact info. Update: appreciated the fast reply from the developers, it's a fun app & I love the videos, easy to unsubscribe from the email list, thanks!
  • App looks different in Apple? 4/5

    By Frabjouszenny
    I’m trying to figure out if this app is significantly different in layout for Apple and Android? My friend’s landing page lets her pick different things to compare baby’s size and I can’t find that option on mine. Otherwise, I’m finding it really useful and a nice addition to the book!
  • 2 weeks behind ... 3/5

    By Kv223
    Your app has me tracking a full 2 weeks behind where I’m actually at, per doctors due date. I’m IN week 9 but your app has me just starting week 7?!?!? Get it together and get it right, bump.
  • I don’t like this APP 1/5

    By Unsatisfied__Consumer
    When I click on My Week it tells me that i have no internet connection and that I need to be connected to data or WiFi. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the App and when I tried to log back in, it makes me create a new profile and that is o the App and the website. I just got too frustrated and deleted the app altogether
  • Love it 5/5

    By msgaw
    I love this app. The weekly videos are my favorite. I know exactly what’s going on with my little guy every week!
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    By bmarvnaircrmcmdmvd
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  • Ughh 3/5

    By nijah boo
    Why aren’t you able to delete your own post??? Need to update and change that I’ll give 5 stars then
  • Can’t recalculate due date 3/5

    By kayenbug78
    I guess I was confused when I put down when my last period was and put the wrong day and I would like to fix it and have the right due date but it says “sorry it looks like went wrong. Reason - 403 user not authorized to access this resource with an explicit deny”. Don’t know what that means though.
  • Great 5/5

    By Ty2492
    I love this app very insightful
  • It’s a great app 5/5

    By Aliedaves
    Personally this app has helped me out a lot during my first pregnancy. Any time I’ve had an issue where I just needed to vent I’ve turned to the wonderful support of the other women on this app. 5 stars. Hands down.
  • New mom 5/5

    By KyleeRN
    I love to see the week by week progression and all the associated symptoms!
  • AMAZING! 5/5

    By mads.alissa
    This app is the best pregnancy app around! You can join groups and talk about your worries! And it’s so great!
  • Love love love this app 5/5

    By SAM :/?
    Except when it sets somebody else’s picture to mine?? Super weird that definitely means it needs some bug fixes but or something
  • Review of the app 5/5

    By efacio
    It’s an amazing app it pretty much answers all my questions I don’t need to go to google any more I would recommend it to everyone who is expecting
  • New Mother 5/5

    By babyatwood
    Enjoy reading articles and helpful tips! Gives me a sense of peace to know what I experience while pregnant is normal. Thanks!
  • Great App! 5/5

    By southerngirl092692
    Tons of information & a great support community!
  • New Mama! 5/5

    By Tee627
    Newly pregnant and this is a very calm, straightforward and pleasant app. I reference it often! Thank you!
  • Sort of okay, I guess. 2/5

    By tortoisefeather
    I like this app because it has a great home page full of information pertaining to my specific pregnancy and it connects me to the millions of parents and soon to be parents around the world that have the same questions I do. I have several WTE books and enjoy them too! But here’s the thing. The WTE interface is garbage. I guess I’m mostly referring to the forum. 1. should be able to “like” posts/comments, or upvote/downvote similarly to Reddit 2. i like the idea to remain basically completely anonymous but you should be able to click on someone’s username and look at their past posts (like Reddit) 3. it should alert you/notify you somewhere in the app that someone has directly replied to your comment or tagged you in something (sort of like Reddit does!) 4. better management/way to look thru all of the hundreds of groups and categories. somehow hundreds of different people have gone to make a post but ended up creating a new, completely random, weirdly specific Group, for their one post. all because it is strangely difficult to sort thru all the categories and groups! it is so unnecessarily cluttered. 5. when i go to click on one of my “bookmarks” or a post i was recently active in, it automatically reloads the entire list when i’m done reading one post and come back to click something else. i don’t want to be back at the top, i had a few more things to click on all the way at the bottom! there is definitely more i’m forgetting but this app seems ancient. it is not user friendly and operates on such an awkward interface. to be one of the most popular pregnancy books, with such a huge following and user count online, please consider updating your app. not to something that resembles social media, we have enough of that. but something smoother, cooler, simpler.
  • 🥰 5/5

    By Rawrrrr1234567890
    Lots of information about the little one you’re growing AND the changes in your body!
  • Simple, easy, informative, CUTE 5/5

    By cobainluv91
    Love it, I use it everyday.
  • Good app. 4/5

    I just wish that the topics in the group chat were sorted by the newest posts first, instead of repeating the same chat multiple times because a lot of people posted on it throughout the day.
  • Ok but.. 3/5

    By ewatson89475
    Good info and groups to discuss in but I’m having a hard time getting photos to upload or get notifications when someone comments on my threat or mentions me in a comment. I get nothing, I don’t have time to look through all the old posts to see if someone replied to me. If that could be fixed that’d make it even better. I used to be able to upload photos, now it times out or gives an error. I have no idea how to put in a bug complaint other than to write this review.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By littlenugget20
    Love all the advise and the week by updates I receive about whats going on with this little nugget
  • LOVE 5/5

    By Devan Bishop
    First pregnancy and this has been so knowledgeable! I don’t really care for the whole what fruit or vegetable your baby is each week. I however do love the articles.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Mariekacstreet
    This is my first pregnancy and I love the little daily reminders and fun articles that pop up daily. It’s helped take some of the stress out of being a first time expectant mother. The only thing I’d say they could improve on is more diverse content. Basically a lot of the articles are targeted to reach a maximum audience but it’d be nice if there were a more niche article every now and again.

    By mamaggge
    I thought it was asking how I liked pregnancy! Haha!
  • Will not use anymore 1/5

    By mncrla
    Terrible upgrade
  • Super Helpful 5/5

    By Pamapikin
    Tells u all u need to know about one’ pregnancy journey
  • What to Expect 5/5

    By Liz Aunt
    I am 81 years old. Have had one baby who is now 54 years old. Was so excited to be pregnant and have a baby but never thought about how my baby was formed weekly and had no idea about the development at certain weeks. I look so forward to every Saturday to read about my nieces baby👍❗️ all of the women in my family share and talk about this all during the week. I have learned how good DOVE is for babies too😄👍❗️Thanks‼️
  • Not enough information, too many ads 2/5

    By c-lev
    This app has too many ads and sends too many emails. Very little information is provided.
  • Relief in an app 5/5

    By geminicat13
    Answers all the questions you ask yourself and all of the questions you’ve yet to think about your body and baby. Never feel in the dark especially as a first time mother. So extremely helpful and comforting!

    By AlKerione J.
    This app helps those expecting and those who have already had babies. People can learn week by week and day by day of the babies progress in growth and what’s developing as it goes. They also have a community discussion support group on the app and it’s VERY helpful to talk to people and learn about their pregnancy and what they went through. It’s very informative.
  • Every week! 5/5

    By FriendlyGirlNextDoor
    I love being able to see what my baby looks like and everything body related during each trimester. It really helps to let me know if something is normal or needs to be addressed with my doctor. Great app
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Bwhite62089
    The community it brings to women all over the world, is just amazing! I would rather ask real women questions based on their experiences than go to google and ask a question. Thank you WTE !!

Pregnancy & Baby Tracker app comments

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