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Pregnancy + App

**Gold Award Winner of 2018 BMA March Awards - Best New Mobile App** Pregnant? Get the worldwide No.1 Pregnancy App. Want to see beautiful, interactive images for every week of pregnancy? Join more than 17 million users who already use this Pregnancy App to follow their pregnancy week by week. Our Pregnancy+ App can also be personalized for dads, grandparents and other family members. Everything you need in one Pregnancy App! - DAILY pregnancy info - Color and Scan images - Personal Diary - Pregnancy Weight log - Doc Visits log - Diet, exercise and labor info - Kick Counter - Contraction Timer - Baby Shopping list - 1000s of Baby names - Baby Size Visualizer - Pregnancy week by week info - And much more … Health & Parenting supports you at every stage of being a parent. -------------------------------------------------- Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: -------------------------------------------------- Pregnancy+ syncs with Apple’s Health App, but cannot read from or write to the Health App Database unless you grant access. This App is not intended for medical use, or to replace the advice of a trained medical doctor. Philips Consumer Lifestyle B.V. disclaims any liability for the decisions you make based on this information, which is provided to you on a general information basis only and not as a substitute for personalized medical advice. If you have any concerns about your pregnancy, consult with your doctor or midwife. The Health & Parenting team wishes you a healthy, full-term pregnancy and a safe delivery.


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  • Best pregnancy app! 5/5

    By Clari6610
    I downloaded several different apps when I first found out I was expecting again. At first this one wasn’t my favorite because it had a lot of the features blocked that you had to pay to access (as most of them do), however, they now offer a lot more and it’s amazing! I look forward to my update every week and I’m super thankful for all the people that put effort into this app. It helps me and my husband to see what’s coming and what to expect. 10/10 I will recommend this app to every pregnant lady that asks!
  • So happy with this app! 5/5

    By Brezzy 2010
    This is my first time using this app and my first pregnancy and let me just say I’m blow away eveytime I have a symptom or worry there is an article about it like the very next day. Which gives me so much peace of mind especially because I’m a worrier! This app is awesome keep up the great work!
  • Baby 5/5

    By Greeneyes4*
    Love the app
  • Used to be better. 3/5

    By kathumor
    I used this app for my first pregnancy and it was great. I received weekly updates, and the navigation of the app was easy. I started using it again for this pregnancy, and it seems like everything is different. I struggle to find what I’m looking for without searching for awhile; I can’t seem to locate some of the information I used to, and I don’t get the weekly updates like I used to, without having to search for it. (I allowed notifications on my phone for this app). It still has good information, but not as great as it used to be.
  • Repetitive articles 3/5

    By sOmgrl8
    I was considering purchasing this app since I’ve been using it from the start but they repeat articles often.
  • 👌🏻 5/5

    By Mariiiiiiaaaaaaaaaam
    Best pregnancy app ever 👌🏻❤️
  • Waste of time and not worth paying for 1/5

    By Freckles4sale
    Tried this app out for my second pregnancy. It blocks you out at 16 weeks unless you pay for it. There are much better apps that are FREE. Don’t waste your money.
  • Best App 5/5

    By Fionananj
    I usually do not write any review. This app is one of the best and convenient app that I use. I stay with it for the whole pregnancy. It helps me a lot! My 7 years old daughter also enjoy to use it to learn more about how the baby grows in my tummy every day.
  • Grossly inaccurate 1/5

    By raec0n
    Totally contradicts all measurements from both my doctor and all other apps. Shocked this got the Avent endorsement.
  • Good fun app 4/5

    By MomaNickie
    I paid for the app from the get go. I like everything it has to offer. It could use a public forum to chat with moms/dads/parents like BBC or something like that- it’s always nice to have someone to talk to that is on the same timeline as you in pregnancy. BBC people have gotten very rude over the years so I think that a forum in this app could help people who just want advice or someone to share the journey with. I like that there is so much information on it about things I am going through right when I open the app. I get to use the pictures to show my other kids what little sis/bro looks like and they love it too!
  • terrible 1/5

    By alralr01
    you can only use this app free until a certain extent, i think until week 14 but then you have to pay for it to read on about the weeks a head.
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By Westmagee
    This app completely cuts off all content at week 14 with no warning. Waste of time I don’t mind paying for good apps but this is a scam
  • The best app 5/5

    By saunicka
    This app helped me a lot during my pregnancy . Definitely will recommend for every mom.
  • There are better free options 3/5

    By Sylinator
    The best thing about this app is the images. The articles aren’t great (a lot of fluff and not as much substance), and I don’t feel like I get as much of the important information or as many developmental updates as my other free app. Also, they changed the layout after I purchased the app making it more complicated to find certain things.
  • Twins? 4/5

    By preggieandhappy
    Wish the app could be more tailored to twins. But I love the info in it.
  • Not really upfront. 1/5

    By parkerandpreskey
    Same as everyone else, dissatisfied with the 14 week surprise payment. If the app had been upfront about the payment instead of waiting to spring it on you maybe I would have bought but nah. All my other free apps that stay free work fine, no adds, and don’t use up my data. Thanks though.
  • Best Pregnancy App 5/5

    By VictoriaShhh
    I love this app!! I tell my pregnant friends about it. It has so much info on everything all pregnant mothers need to know! I don’t see the big deal about $3.99.. ppl are so cheap 🙄 lol everything isn’t free!
  • Why i have to pay 2 times 1/5

    By belaleo
    Been trying to restore the purchase for 6 months now. Emailed management many times from apple and android they just ignore me .. No I will not pay twice for the same app ..
  • Not a happy paying customer 1/5

    By Mrs.Misssay
    I paid for the app but can’t even read the articles because it’s alwaysssss freezing and never unfreezes. So upsetting because I spent money on it to use it. But can’t. Now what.....?
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By Lrn2oo6
    This app is great until you click on anything ! Then all of a sudden it wants to charge you to upgrade. Don't download it. There's nothing beneficial about the free version except telling you how far along you are.
  • New update 1/5

    By Pr3ttySadity👑
    I enjoy the look of the new layout but My biggest frustration with the app is when the new update came it freezes up when clicking on the articles and if I’m paying for all the features the app has to offer then everything needs to be working
  • Hidden payment blocks app at week 14 2/5

    By one_woman
    The app was good up until week 14. At that point, if you want current info, you have to pay. I understand this is the chosen business model. Bait for the first trimester and then: Surprise! You can't use it anymore. Fine, but like others said, be upfront about it. Respect your users. Don't try to trick them. It's not that premium content is paid at that point. Your daily status and everything is locked. Not a fan of this approach and will delete this one and use one of the other free ones despite the hassle. Not a happy customer. Update: I find the developer's standard response to this misses the point: they say they don't want to flood you with advertising. Sure, few people love adverts. But my critique is about openness and transparency: if you are confident about your product, be clear and open in communicating with your customers. Tell us it's a 1st-trimester-free trial and then you have no option but to pay. Don't trick us and when you've done so pretend it's for our own good. Just tell it as it is. If you want to charge, no problem. But please make this very clear in the app description, from the outset, so people know what they're getting into. It's simply unfair to wait three months before the big reveal.
  • Use to love this app.. 1/5

    Ever since the last update this app will not work for me.. I have deleted and re-installed it multiple times. I can not even click on articles without the entire app freezing up. It’s frustrating because this is the most crucial part of my pregnancy and those articles really gave me peace of mind. Not to mention I paid for the unlimited content and now my money is being wasted. 😒
  • New layout 2/5

    By Ajrhodes33
    Not a fan. Tooo much going on. Last one was perfect.
  • Great app even for Nina and papa joe ! 5/5

    By Zachf02
    This app is so great that even family members, example, grandparents can keep up with the babies growth, etc and mommas progress etc. wonderful!
  • Updates needed 2/5

    By n0t n33ded
    I purchased this app and now I can’t access the daily info. The app crashes and freezes. Or allowing me to do anything further. Please update, it is a waste of money to pay for an app that doesn’t work.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Roth6
    All the features you need to keep track of your pregnancy all in one place. Love it!
  • One frustrated Mom. 1/5

    By klfujishiro
    It was a great all up until the most recent update. Now i cant open the daily readings! I have deleted the app, re-uploaded it even restarted my phone and nothing has changed. It is the only thing within the app that does not work.... so i paid $5 for this???
  • Favorite app BUT HATE NEW UPDATE 5/5

    By Shirreene
    I’ve always used this app for all My pregnancies. But this new update or look causes the app to freeze. Some of the links like “daily” freezes and doesn’t work. Please fix this issue.
  • Was* great. 1/5

    By Skatjorevo
    The new update on this app makes it virtually impossible to use. Every time we try to open an article, it freezes. Useless. Update 5.0.1- Daily Blog section will open but Daily Info will cause entire app to freeze and need to be forced close.
  • Best so far! 5/5

    By Drcirinoalomar
    Best app so far! Used it during my first pregnancy and loved it! Has lots of information and I really like that it keeps track of the days left before the due date, the size of the baby, and also the things that are important.
  • The Best 5/5

    By cathy4011
    La recomiendo me ah ayudado mucho en mi segundo embarazo y si tiene la versión completa mejor Excelente
  • Excited Aunt 5/5

    By nearlyfallinstar
    I’m going to be an Aunt for the first time! I love that this app has the option to set my relationship as Aunt and it is not constantly “your baby”. Now I can keep track of my sister’s pregnancy without constantly pestering her.
  • Not loving the update. 5/5

    By Megan Barron
    Ive been using this app throughout my whole pregnancy, i am now 6 months & the update is good & all but when i try to look at the daily info, the whole app freezes up & it doesnt ever open the daily info. Please fix this bug so i can continue to love the all the way i used to!
  • What happened? 2/5

    By Emberhink
    I loved this app, then without warning you changed something. A new look is one thing...while I preferred the old look, I can accept that. But now I crashes when I click on an article. Please fix!!! I would like to track my pregnancy.
  • Greedy 1/5

    By Praneeth61
    I totally love this app. I made a switch to iOS recently and was unable to retrieve my subscription. On contacting the customer service, they said they cannot and asked me to purchase it again. I was able to retrieve all my purchases except for this app. Too bad for a well rated app. Extremely disappointed!
  • Don’t like the new layout 1/5

    By Jojo8493
    Before I could read the articles ahead. Now I can only read the blogs ahead. When I knew I had some busy days ahead I would get ahead on my reading. It would also help me anticipate symptoms earlier and know what was happening to me.
  • New Update 2/5

    By Queennavyblue
    Love the new update, but I have problems opening the daily articles. And the app freezes☹️
  • Enjoy this app. 4/5

    By Dani-2010
    I really enjoy this app but I do miss the old layout.
  • Have to pay past 14 weeks 1/5

    By Micah6161
    I wish I would’ve known this app shows you nothing past 14 weeks without paying. I can’t even read the articles or see baby’s progress anymore. Basically it only shows me how far along I am on any given day. Going to have to look for something that actually has information.
  • I loved this app until the update... 2/5

    By SNHI86
    The new interface is so drastically different! I personally do not think it is more user friendly. I used the appointment section to keep tabs on my appts, BPs, & baby’s heartrate at the appt. I liked the list of appointments. Now I have to scroll through the calendar and find the TINY dot to indicate when my appt was so I can track my BP trends? I’ll give it a day or so, but I’m already transferring information to a different app that’s more user friendly and will no longer recommend this app to friends.
  • Love This App! 5/5

    By khalilahj.
    I freaking LOVE the new update!! OMG
  • Beauty 5/5

    By A087100e
    Excelent jobs
  • Terrible new update 3/5

    By Dani15664
    I have had this app through 2 pregnancies and loved it. But the new interface is hard to navigate. Also the baby sizing pictures are ridiculous. A box of chocolates?! Cotton candy? And a WEDDING CAKE for 40 weeks?!? Who came up with these?
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By maiyah in L.A.
    The new update doesn’t work on my iPhone 7 Plus. When I click on anything inside the app the articles, etc. don’t open. I can only scroll up of down.
  • Update not functional 1/5

    By Sweet_pisces
    Updated and can’t use the app enough to make it worth having... And I paid for the upgrade. Completely freezes with even the slightest scrolling. Even closing the app and reopening it doesn’t un-freeze it.
  • Redesign why?! 2/5

    By Addytanier23
    I’m so upset that I bought this now! This complete redesign is awful :( I’m 9 weeks to my due date and it’s been great until now...
  • Please consider these? 4/5

    By nothappywithnest
    I love this app I used it with my first pregnancy. However I feel there should be the option to eliminate the partner info. As well as articles involving partners. Not everyone is blessed enough to have someone by their side. Some people lose their partner and some never have one. I find it a bit depressing, scrolling and having to see the partner stuff every time, being one who no longer has someone to share this with. I think this should be recognized. Also this is my second child and I find most articles are geared more toward first time mothers. It would be nice to choose an option of whether you are a new mom or have had children. That way content could be better filtered. Update: thank you for responding with the tip on changing to single mother.
  • Great. Until you hit 14 weeks. Then ya gotta pay. Terrible to do that to expectant moms 1/5

    By Chrissybailey65
    I understand pay for more features, but not like this. That’s just awful.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By littleyoung2016
    I always look at this app. It’s a awesome! Gives me advice and what the baby looks like and everything!

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