Premom Ovulation Predictor

Premom Ovulation Predictor

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Premom Ovulation Predictor App

Premom is an ovulation predictor app that helps TTC (trying to conceive) women to predict their most fertile 6 days by using Calendar Method, Basal Body Temperature Method, and Ovulation Prediction Kit Method. Premom also records your Ovulation test results by simply taking pictures of your test results and we help you to line up and store all your test results on our extremely safe cloud. If you are struggling with charting your BBT, Premom is your best friend! Our [email protected] Bluetooth smart basal thermometer is Premom’s perfect pair! Take your temperature in bed every morning and fall back to sleep! Premom will sync your temperature to the cloud, do you charting, analyzing your pattern and give you the best ovulation prediction! The BBT data can also be synchronized with Apple’s Health App. Premom also has a one-step editing calendar, which provides you period, ovulation, LH surge, BBT and fertile window information on ONE calendar so you don’t have to go to several different sub menus to edit your fertility-related events anymore! Our well known [email protected] ovulation test works perfectly with Premom app! With our year of experience in the fertility industry, we believe we know our TTC group better than anyone! Our goal is to make your TTC journey easier.


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Premom Ovulation Predictor app reviews

  • Waste of money 1/5

    By Brigidkeely
    1) doesn’t display final temp long enough for me to read it 2) and doesn’t record last temp taken 3) which is a problem because it doesn’t upload the temp to the app even when the app is open & the thermometer right next to it 4) but the temperature is lower by about 2 degrees than other thermometers so is it even accurate? 5) slow to pair & won’t stay paired Maybe I just have a defective thermometer but this is a huge waste of money. If I’m going to manually enter bbt I have 4 other apps I can do that with, with a much less expensive & more accurate thermometer. Pros: for the few seconds it’s taking the temp the thermometer screen is well lit. If it displayed longer it’d be easy to read. As it is I have to “catch” it & sometimes miss the reading. Yes, I’ve changed the battery.
  • Inconvenient Glitches 3/5

    By kmm0326
    I just started using this app in December and found out I was pregnant in January. Unfortunately, my pregnancy was ectopic and I have to wait until May to try again. I continued to use the app and it was extremely accurate. My cycle duration has changed since my loss and I adjusted it this week. It completely through off everything and all of my dates are out of wack. So I have to start from scratch to figure out when my next period and ovulation will be since this next month is THE month.
  • Too Simple 2/5

    By Nanners229
    I wish I would have done more research before I purchased the compatible thermometer. I love that it syncs via Bluetooth, but to accurately track and use the symptothermal method it needs to be able to add in other symptoms. I really don't like the idea of having to use two different apps. This one for temps and then copying this result into another app that will let me input cervical position/fluid, sex days, etc. I guess I would say this isn't worth it unless you're *only* planning to track your temperatures.
  • Can’t change time of test results 4/5

    By starbreaker85
    I can import a picture I took earlier today, but it puts the time stamp as the current time. That’s not right.
  • Went from 5 stars to 1 this week 1/5

    By DeanaDuck
    I was perfectly happy with the app until this past weekend. It’s fairly barebones and doesn’t have the ability to track any symptoms, but it’s fine for syncing with the thermometer and getting that data stored on my phone. All of a sudden, the app will not load. It doesn’t get past the opening screen ever, sometimes not even that far. There has been an update since this started and it did not fix the problem. Fortunately, I use another app for my actual tracking or I’d be royally screwed.
  • Finally an app with opk progression!! 4/5

    By CaRicker919
    I have been looking for opk progression app forever! So excited to have found this and love that it pairs to a bbt thermometer for only $30! I will be ordering that ASAP. Wish it had maybe a few more data entry options such as cervical mucus and days you’ve had sex. But definitely excited to use this in addition to my other tracking app!
  • simple to use, accurate and comprehensive. 5/5

    By jmich77029
    Why can the TTC process be so disconcerting? I am looking for an easy tool that get results. Premom may very well be my answer. It is unique in that it allows me to integrate the data in a way that makes it easy to understand. The display screens give me everything I need including: period log, progression test tracking feature, Bluetooth sync BBT readings. The calendar screen is quite inclusive capable of marking: period, LH peak, BBT spike, fertile window, ovulation day, PdG positive. Charting is digital with Premom allowing all BBT temps to display in a coverline so I can see my cycle trends. The temps automatically sync with [email protected] basal thermometers, which makes using my BBT experience unified. There is also a shopping screen, i can see other products that can help on my TTC journey that I haven’t tried. Overall, I would say Premom really takes data and makes it simple for the best results. Premom seems comprehensive yet not complex to use or interpret, simple
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Cryolite.W
    If you are taking BBT for Natural Family Planning every day, you know how much effort you have to spend to chart and figure out the body temperature spike. Premom makes the BBT measurement very simple because it syncs up the result to your phone and chart the BBT automatically. The App pairs with the [email protected] basal thermometer super easy and fast. Then it is so intuitive to see the BBT spike and when the ovulation happened in the calendar.
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By Leahzl
    I love the design, very easy to use. The Ovulation test gallery feature is great. This is the first app I can upload or take my Ovulation test pictures, and save them in the gallery. The calendar edit feature is also really cool, you can edit the day without going to a secondary page. I’m gonna keep using this app. Hope they can add symptoms log in the next version.
  • Best App to pinpoint ovulation peak day 5/5

    By Olivia360jones
    I found this app when purchased again [email protected] ovulation tests. Since my ovulation is not so obvious and hard to pinpoint. After seeing some review pictures at Amazon I got the idea to keep the strips after testing and watched them darkening every cycle. I really don’t like this idea to keep those tests after dipping in urine. But seems that was the only way working for me to pinpoint my peak day. Why isn’t any smart technology do that for us? Every time when I stuck the strips to the paper, I wish I could find a smart product. But I haven’t found any. When I saw this app coming up with the strips, I got a little bit hope and I searched from Youtube with Premom ovulation. So excited there is a video tells that this app can store the result and can align up themselves, and do prediction. I downloaded the app right away and was amazed the app go beyond what I wished. It is just so easy and smooth, not like a lot of apps just make thing even harder. I can upload the picture of the test easily and dispose the tests right after testing. I can record my period in the same app simply by tapping and dragging on the phone. The app can do both period and ovulation prediction. Knowing period and tracking my ovulation are enough to predict my best days. For the first time I know it could be so easy to know my best days.

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