PrendeTV: TV In Spanish

PrendeTV: TV In Spanish

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Univision Interactive Media, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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PrendeTV: TV In Spanish App

PrendeTV is the TV you deserve. Premium TV and movies, FREE and in Spanish. From Hollywood hits, to acclaimed series, novelas, comedies, classic sports, documentaries, programs for the entire family and more. The best streaming TV and Movies - All in Spanish - Always FREE - On all of your screens The first and only free streaming service in Spanish where you can watch a wide selection of hit television programs, movies, classic sports, sitcoms, series, telenovelas, and much more. On PrendeTV the entire family can enjoy a wide variety of programs featuring the stars and stories you know and love and that have captivated us throughout our lives. - Hollywood movies - Latin American series - La Rosa de Guadalupe - Liga MX - Novelas - Sitcoms - Nature documentaries - European soccer - Children’s programs - Anime The FREE app works without limits on all screens and features a massive on demand library with thousands of well-known titles. PrendeTV can be enjoyed without restrictions TURN ON OUR CHANNELS PrendeTV offers a wide variety of FREE and unique channels. GET LOST IN OUR VIDEO LIBRARY Thousands of your favorite high-quality programs and movies from every genre and always in Spanish ON ALL OF YOUR SCREENS Television, computer and phone

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PrendeTV: TV In Spanish app reviews

  • Prende tv 1/5

    By vikafer
    Porque me pregunta por pin num no se cuáles nunca he puesto ninguno, se me hace que no es verdad q es gratis
  • Roku 5/5

    By Esmeraldas472
    Porque la busco en Roku y no aparece pero en mi iPhone funciona muy bien y me gusta
  • Todavía falta 4/5

    By barcelona rosen
    Yo baje esta aplicación para ver partidos de fútbol gratis pero no más tienen partidos pasados y yo quiero partidos de ahora
  • Constructive review for improvement 1/5

    By Spartanian_
    I have watched some movies here, so I’ll say it has potential. Although the UX is not user friendly at all. I’ll mention some things should be improved: 1. There is no search bar 2. The “Mi Lista” does not saves movies you choose, instead saves the category the movie is on. 3. Once you choose a movie to watch the volume is too low even if the volume on my device is over half of it. But when the adds are playing they are way too high so I have to lower the volume. 4. Once you are watching a movie on the Apple TV the controls are not user friendly neither. If you want to pause the movie you have to look for the controls, same for the 10 seconds back or forward. 5. If you go back to main menu once you started to watch a movie and then decide to continue watching that movie it starts all over again instead of continuing where you left off. This review will continue once I find out more about this new app....
  • 😍😍😍 5/5

    By 🥰😘😘🥰😍
  • Unstable 1/5

    By Comet Stang
    This app is unstable. Uses too much resources, phone gets hot, Impossible to pause, can’t fast forward as it freezes all the time, can’t lock orientation when laying on your side, no search, app navigation is a mess. I’m using this app on an iPhone 12 by the way. I hope this gets updated soon because it’s a hot mess.
  • Me gusta 4/5

    By amagaña
    Me gusta la de Entre el amor y el odio. No puedo esperar para que sustituyan Marimar.
  • Landscape mode please...ipad 2/5

    By @123.,
    Tendria mejor alcance esta app si funcionara al 100% en el ipad. Fanta dimencionar la app y que se pueda ver cuando giras tu ipad...
  • Mixed feelings about the app 3/5

    I never write reviews but I am taking the time now because I want to give my constructive criticism. The app is a great concept and I see potential. But at this point I am frustrated with all the little bugs, it crashes while on Apple AirPlay and closes on its own, it also closes when moving into a new episode and it will not even keep track of where I left off everytime I close it or after it crashes. The “continue” feature doesn’t work properly, it doesn’t update. I am hooked on a show and love it while it’s playing but then it takes me back to scenes I already watched after commercials and a “search” feature would be great. I hope with every update these things get fixed. Because I really want to see my novelas 😉
  • Disappointed 3/5

    By Shygirl24567
    I love novelas always have and it’s hard to find them. I gave this app a chance but it doesn’t have too many novela options, the commercials are horrible every time it goes to a commercial it freezes. When I close the app because it’s malfunctioning it restarts the whole episode and not only that but it will start playing commercials again if you forward it to where you were.
  • Tv 4/5

    By uebdhb
    Buena en mi cell ,pero tengo días intentando bajarla en mi televisión y nose puede
  • Lo mejor 5/5

    By sipe123
    Muy recomendada es la mejor app para mirar las novelas
  • Roku 4/5

    By csanava67
    Cuando vas estar disponible en Roku???
  • love the content. hate the navigation of the app 1/5

    By gkryptonit3
    I been trying to watch my novela on my apple tv and I don’t mind an ad every 5 minutes but once I pause it or it comes back from a commercial it auto plays to the beginning or to a part I already watch. Also the navigation is the worst because I can’t scroll to the part I want to watch and I can’t really tell if the buttons on the tv are frozen or hidden because I see no movement from my remote. It is just another bootleg version of Tubi or Pluto TV!!!..Please fix this!!!!
  • Asking for a novela 3/5

    By jessssssssixaaaaa
    I really love the app but I would want for the app to have the novela “mi marido tiene más familia”.❤️
  • iPad and Roku Support!!!! 3/5

    The app works fine, but where it the iPad and Roku app for it? If only there would be an iPad app and for Roku. Other than that I think this app has a lot more opportunity to grow.
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By hcjfhtnrnfbnfnt
    I have a question although it’s an excellent app how can we use it on our tv?
  • Mala 1/5

    By @srt4
    Muchos comerciales.!!
  • Should have a search button 2/5

    By cecy562345
    I downloaded the app to watch legally blonde and some other movies it was promoting, however I can’t find it. They should add a search button to look for the movies we are looking for.
  • Da lástima 1/5

    By Gz677545
    Too many comerciales cada 5 minutos 🤣 se congela o se repite
  • free anime app 5/5

    By Preslea Tolhurstdr
    many ads and many fees ,i dont like it .4ANIME app Is The Best to watch animes.
  • best anime app 4ANIME 5/5

    By Kiayra Clothierxy
    i tired 4ANIME app and is better than your app , 4ANIME si fully app but in your app everything is paid .
  • You want free anime 5/5

    By Keevin Filyashinvw
    4ANIME Is better , i tired many apps but 4anime Still the best one.
  • 4ANIME free Anime App 5/5

    By Kaibree Dustay
    4ANIME is better i can watch any anime for free no hidden fees.
  • 4ANIME 5/5

    By Pernie Mulkerrins
    everything is paid here , 4ANIME app is the best i can watch all anime for free
  • Good but 4/5

    By Iradocyclituz
    I loved this app but can we get a paid version for it for the people that don’t want to watch the ads. Thank you.
  • Terrible UX and Performance 1/5

    By jacquesar
    Worst new app in a while. Navigation is not intuitive and the app freezes frequently. It autoplays and it is impossible to stop it. Only thing they needed to do was check Netflix and learn from the best, but of course they try to reinvent the wheel. Unless there is a show you really want to watch, don’t waste your time. I downloaded it for Nosotros los Guapos but they only have the first season. Basically click and bait. Mediocre app as the network that created it.
  • Anuncios 2/5

    By yisliquetdi
    Los anuncios me estresan demasiado 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Pregunta 2/5

    By 1Soph2
    Se puede ver prende tv en una televisión Roku
  • Search Option highly needed! 3/5

    By Malangadijolachanga
    How come there is no search box? It’s extremly necessary! Please add. Thanks!
  • Si pudiera le doy cero de estrellas 1/5

    By okkkmmmjjlej[foejf[or
    Esta aplicación es un fiasco la bajé estoy muy decepcionado me hacen ver y ver lo mismo y lo mismo puse una película y me regresaban a los mismos capítulos una y otra vez si pudiera le doy cero de estrellas
  • No funciona 1/5

    By el 345
    Se esta deteniendo a cada rato. No importa el canal y no es mi wifi porque pongo otras aplicasiones y funcionan el la aplicación
  • Roku 4/5

    By garyf222
    Love the app so, when can we expect the app form for tv?
  • Como obtenerlo en tu roku 5/5

    By munoz6
    Como puedo obtener la aplicación en mi televisor la pongo pero no aparece la aplicación
  • PrendeTV 5/5

    By aaaaaghfjnv jngb
    It should have more novelas
  • Me encantó la app puedo ver mi novela muy buena la recomiendo 5/5

    By Toxaca
    Yes súper súper súper encanto la app
  • NO TIENE canal de noticias 1/5

    By J. Macho
    Vivo en USA y esperaba por lo menos Univisión o Telemundo noticias y TAMPOCO TIENEN NINGÚN CANAL DE NOTICIAS DE LATINOAMÉRICA (soy mexicano y esperaba un noticiero de ahí)
  • Novelas 3/5

    By vanessa___14
    I downloaded this app to see novelas but there isn’t a lot of novelas and the novelas they put, I already saw them. They should add more novelas.
  • Rosita fresita dibujos animados 3/5

    By Cool chiki
    Porque no encuentro rosita Fresita, y la tienen en el anuncio q está pero no la encuentro
  • Doesn’t work on Apple TV 2/5

    By Mrtejano
    It does not have a Apple TV app, and I can’t mirrow it either. I can hear it but not see it.
  • Basura 1/5

    By Maritl01
    El app se friza y no permite registrarse.
  • Not a whole lot of novelas... 5/5

    By juli.hernandez2
    I came for this app to watch novelas but there isn’t really a lot of novelas. Only a few. This app could be better if it had more novelas in store but there’s more tv series than novelas itself. I’m very disappointed right now.
  • Perfecto 5/5

    By lfuno
    Aplicación fácil de navegar, pero deberían de ofrecer canales en vivo!
  • Good content 3/5

    By rocky09210
    Tons of great content but no iPad app?
  • ☺️ 5/5

    By Gustavo1215
    Me Encanta!! Mas Novelas Turcas porfavor 😉
  • I like it! 5/5

    By MarvinBarco
    will this be available on streaming devices besides mobile?! 😄
  • Todo en español!! Gracias!!! 5/5

    By lolifame
    Esto era lo que hacia falta, una plataforma con todo su contenido en español para la audiencia hispana. Gracias por pensar en nosotros!!!
  • A 1/5

    By john cintron
    Mucho anunció comercial.
  • Good content buggy airplay 2/5

    By gsm alarm user
    Airplay works fine for on demand. Airplay on live channels causes a crash loop.