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Prescription Check

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  • Current Version: 2.1.0
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  • Developer: Warby Parker
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Prescription Check App

Has your glasses prescription expired? Update it from home with your iPhone and laptop—you’ll use both to display the vision tests. Prescription Check is Warby Parker’s telehealth service (read: app!) that, if you are eligible, allows an eye doctor to assess how you’re seeing through your glasses and provide an updated glasses prescription. Download the app, take a few vision tests, and answer a few easy questions to determine your eligibility. If the doctor issues you a prescription, you will be charged $40. (You won’t be charged if the doctor recommends that you get a comprehensive eye exam.) Quick note: Prescription Check is not a comprehensive eye exam and it isn’t meant to replace visits to your eye doctor. It’s important to get your eye health examined periodically, even if you aren’t experiencing any vision problems, so please follow the advice of your doctor. Good to keep those peepers in check.

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Prescription Check app reviews

  • Glitchy and Disappointing 1/5

    By robhudz
    Truly garbage application. Didn’t coordinate with my NEW MacBook Pro AT ALL. I wouldn’t trust these glitchy tests. Such a sad gimmick.
  • Can’t even get past QR code 1/5

    By Ky Cam
    Got all setup and when I scan the QR code it just shows up as a string of text. No website, nothing. Tried with multiple different scanners, nothing worked.
  • Can’t take test on iPad?? 1/5

    By RubyBT
    I went through the whole test process using my iPad and laptop and thought it went pretty well. We didn’t have any glitches or anything. Then I got an email saying the test isn’t available for iPads, only iPhones. WTH? I think they should state that clearly BEFORE letting you download the app and go through the whole test process. It doesn’t even make sense because I only answered questions on my iPad, the vision test was on my laptop. I don’t know why the test would be rejected because I answered questions on my iPad versus an iPhone as the size had no bearing.
  • Trustworthy? 1/5

    By TorchGW2K
    I’m not so sure I’d trust an app to assess my eye health. The app didn’t work well nor do I think it could ever replace the need for a formal eye exam.
  • Won’t let me click to confirm 1/5

    I tried on two iPhones and two Mac computers and both times I get to the first test (fan) and it won’t let me click to confirm. The text turns red and bounces but then nothing. No way to find help or troubleshooting. Tried to chat on the WP website and got text bubbles but no response and then my chat was ended. Looks like I’m going to lenscrafters!
  • Great concept poorly executed 1/5

    By DaniCrangers
    If I’m using an app such as this I shouldn’t be directed to a computer to begin the test. What’s the point of this app then? Don’t bother. More annoying than a doctor visit.
  • Doesn’t work in my state 1/5

    By Lema_003
    I tried using it but said I can’t because I live in Kansas.
  • Not useful 1/5

    By j.nugz
    The eligibility survey should rule out those who need their prescription adjusted, rather than wasting your time.
  • Worked well after a few technical issues 4/5

    By Flyinglampshade
    I had to uninstall and reinstall several times, also ensure my iOS and apps were updated and that I was using internet explorer, I managed to get it to work pretty easily after that. I did call the help desk and they were very friendly.
  • Engaging, simple, prescription check. 5/5

    By Lisa11507
    As someone who gets a complete eye health exam every 6 months, this was actually fun.
  • An amazing feat of technology 5/5

    By TheRedFern88
    I have been blown away by WPs products for as long as I can remember. This new app is truest amazing. Will be having everyone I know use it!
  • So easy just had to use Firefox! 4/5

    By msfitzp
    Had trouble with it in the beginning but then I just used Firefox and everything worked really well! Just waiting to see if I get my prescription or need to see a doctor now :)
  • Extremely straightforward and painless 5/5

    By msalimc
    In my opinion, the people leaving poor reviews are either a)competitors/brick-and-mortar eye doctors, or b)struggle to follow simple directions. Both the app and computer browser interface worked seamlessly, and I was able to quickly judge my prescription. Typical eye doctor visits are much lengthier and a much bigger pain, and I felt this app tested my prescription in a way that was every bit as effective.
  • Seemed promising 3/5

    By Boopboopdidoop
    Wish you could manually input your location, would’ve otherwise been able to assess whether or not it’s a good app.
  • I mean WOW 5/5

    By EParena
    What a novel way to get a Rx renewal. So convenient with a price that can’t be beat. Hopefully I can continue to use this telehealth service. Thank you Warby for being so technologically advanced.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By e.runn
    SO IMPRESSED. I’m currently at the Armitage office in Chicago. I came in for the prescription test; however there was an IT error so I used this app with the assistance of one of your employees. She was SO HELPFUL! Also I’m amazed by your technology! Thanks for being such a phenomenal company! You’re making the world a better place!
  • Read this before you get this app 1/5

    It doesn’t know where most of the states are. So if you live in a smaller state you will have a worse experience.
  • Great, but you still need to show last prescription 2/5

    I used this app thinking it would save me a trip for an eye exam. However, after taking the entire test, it requires you upload your old prescription. Had I know this, I wouldn’t have bothered because mine was destroyed. There should be a notice about this requirement before taking the test.
  • Annoyed 1/5

    By hjosephs
    I thought this was a cool concept and was excited to try it. 3 months later I Am still waiting for rx approval. There is no contact number to reach anyone from warby Parker to assist me. I am disappointed and was hoping this would work out. In the amount of time this has taken ( and I still don’t have an answer if i get a prescription) I could have seen several eye doctors. I have been trying to be patient but it’s been 3 months.
  • NOT working 4/5

    By Cwonsbeck
    I was told by Warby Parker that it’s quick and easy to renew my prescription on this app. Once I got the measure my card to see the computer size properly it didn’t work. This is so frustrating! I already paid for my glasses!
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Ycaets
    I love WP but this app does not work. I tried time and time again and kept getting stuck at the screen measuring with no place to reload and no help to be found online. Guess I have to go get a real eye exam.
  • Useful software 5/5

    By w0de0
    Not perfect. A good start. Can’t wait to see iterations.
  • Sweet! 5/5

    By Jared Lowry
    Really cool concept. It’s nice to be able to check your prescription in the comfort of your home.
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By Sharon nnnnn
    Nice interface and fun to interact with during the question phase but then they need your last prescription... for me that was 5 years and 3 moves ago (including overseas). At no point during the “Here’s what you need” portion of the questions, or in the app description as of this writing, do they mention it. Without that, my only option was to book an appointment, so the app was pointless for me. Maybe you should just go to the eye doctor.
  • Very interesting (and positive) experience 5/5

    By natsykline
    What an interesting look into the interactivity possible in an app computer and human experience. It was intuitive, seamless, accurate, and beautiful. Great UX/UI design! The only issues I have with any of this product or experience is simply the knowledge that technology like this will be replacing the educated optometrists and other professionals who rely on having meaningful work to do for society. And we need humans with jobs, as well. With growing populations and shrinking industries, I feel as though this is still subject to consider.
  • A little glitchy 3/5

    By Master blaster CO
    I had to start over 3 times because the app froze or thought I had moved and hadn’t. Took an hour to complete as a result.
  • Really cool 4/5

    By Nboxwell
    Very neat app, but it would be a nice reminder to turn your screen saver off because I’m pretty sure it affected my test having to lose the connection a few times and swiping the phone on accident. Also a reminder to pull your cursor out of the way. Mine was touching a few of the letters. Or perhaps at least an easy way to restart a section if you know you screwed up with one of those things. But still very cool.
  • Noisy AF 3/5

    By skoskie
    Wow!! What is with the harsh clicking sound every time I type something?! And zero settings in the app to manage it. Since the first iPhone this is the first app review I’ve ever’s that annoying.
  • So convenient!!!! So SMART!!! 5/5

    By Julie-Joy
    I fell in love with Warby Parker and get at least 3 compliments a day on my glasses. But as you guessed, as soon as I wanted to add to my collection because they were sooooo reasonably priced I got an email from them saying my Rx was expired (which even them being on that is amazing) so I was like crap. Got to go do my yearly exam and I don’t have insurance so I usually have to go to Costco (which I am still grateful for because you do need to get comprehensive eye exams) which the app reminds you of constantly. But when I found out I could download this app and use it with my computer to confirm with a doctor that my prescription hadn’t changed for only $40 I was shocked! So I did it. It was so genius. Even how they have you measure the screen to your computer is sooooo smart!! My husband was watching me do the whole process and he was so impressed. AND they approved my Rx and it immediately went to Warby Parker and this time I went to and actual location (Abbott Kinney) so I could try on the whole collection if I wanted. They had all of my prescription info and just like that placed an order for two more pairs of glasses that will show up within a week I think. It saved me so much money and more importantly, TIME!! Thank you to whoever thought up this genius idea!!!!!
  • Misrepresented 1/5

    By The Abbeys
    This tool should only be marketed to tell if there has been a prescription change, not as a tool to determine eye glass prescriptions. This is a bunch of smoke and mirrors, but in all actuality, it does little more than a visual acuity chart. If you don’t value your vision and over all eye heath, you deserve eyestrain and glasses that don’t work and fit correctly! On a side note, there are plenty of brick and mortar stores that have trained eye care professionals that can insure a quality eye exam and dispense good fitting, properly adjusted spectacles. I love the internet, my smart phone, and all kinds of technology, but one must draw the line somewhere, and my eyes where I draw that line! What’s next? Online colonoscopies? Give me a break! WP should be ashamed that they are willing to put sales and profits ahead of people’s visual welfare and it shows their true colors...corporate greed and that they are a bunch of Millennial snowflakes.
  • cannot get location 1/5

    By Tacitdp
    I tried more than ten times, it keeps saying cannot get location. While my Maps app functions normal all the time.
  • At home Rx check, how awesome!!!! 5/5

    By supermom042712
    This was so easy, I have an 8 week old and my Rx expired. I was able to do my test with my baby in a sling with no need to get a sitter while I went to the eye Dr. By far the best thing since sliced bread!!!!!
  • Great experience!! 5/5

    By 0912873465
    This app is great if you are eligible to use it (the faq on their website can tell you if you’re eligible before you download). I have an outdated prescription and have been wanting new frames but I know how pushy the eye doctor can be when you ask for your script and don’t buy glasses from them so I’ve been putting off going. When I read about this app I was so intrigued!! Overall this was such a smooth experience. I downloaded this yesterday, uploaded my old prescription, and took the exam all within a half an hour. By the end of the day I had a new prescription! Now time for new glasses!!
  • Measuring computer portion did not work 4/5

    By Mj1392
    Was going through the questionnaire just fine, but when it came time to measure my computer screen there was no “box” to scale my credit card. I tried on two different laptops on internet explorer, safari and google chrome. Very disappointed that this step was not more clear.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Skorpn26
    Simply Awesome!
  • Useless 1/5

    By sdfgghjkjfddhbjjj
    The app just crashes and crashes and crashes. I was never able to even get past the initial questions because it would just crash. Really disappointed.
  • Excited to get my glasses 5/5

    By Slarkpope
    This was a cool experience and a good way to make sure I can get my glasses!
  • Very intuitive 5/5

    By tayduran
    Great use of technology and was a delight to use. It's almost gamified in a way and i found myself chuckling as I navigated through the various tests. Saved me a lot of time and headache of going to a doctor. Bravo to this product team! 👍🏼
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By dtreindl
    You know what glasses I have because I bought them through Warby Parker, so you knew they were ineligible to use this app. Yet you forced me through a full medical questionnaire before telling me my glasses are ineligible to use the app. Don’t waste my time!
  • Saved so much time. 5/5

    By laura-noches
    Loved this app, didn’t have to go to the eye dr to get a new prescription. Saved so much time.
  • Easy and convenient! 5/5

    By rowieej
    Just an easy experience going through- helped me get my glasses quicker! Such a simple idea and great execution
  • This App Needs Glasses 1/5

    By bartub
    I got thru the questionnaire fine and was trying to set up the distance. I pointed my iPhone at the checkerboard on my laptop, kept backing up per the directions, got to a certain distance and it said “we can’t detect your screen.” I got as far as 9.2 out of 11 which I assume means number of feet away. But I was standing next to the 15’ mark of the tape measure I had on the floor next to me and somehow the app is still telling me I’m only at 9.2 (feet away) out of 11. Then it turns yellow and says “we can’t detect your screen”. Yes, maybe because you had me back up so much, I’m now in Canada. I shut off all the lights to avoid a glare. Same thing. I dimmed my laptop screen a bit. Same thing. I brightened my laptop screen a bit. Same thing. I took my iPhone case off. Same thing. I tried for 30 minutes to get it to stick. Nothing. Just me tripping over furniture in the dark. So now I need an orthopedic prescription, too.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Telhas
    Does not work too many variables and. Cost me lots of money.
  • Super easy and convenient! 5/5

    By Lackmann
    This app is amazing! I will be so happy if it saves me a trip to a doctors office 👍🏻
  • Update: Problem Fixed 4/5

    By Andy & Brecky
    Update 2018-01-15: support was able to send my results via email. —— Charged but no results? Took the test on Sunday, got a confirmation email. $40 charged on Tuesday, but have received no email (as of Thursday night). The app just shows a mostly blank screen with Logout, privacy/terms, and button to start a new prescription. And main Warby Parker app doesn’t seem to be of any help either. Not really sure how to proceed.
  • Need more tests before release 1/5

    By lljjol
    No working. Swipe to choose yes or no does not work for me.
  • Too limited 1/5

    By Adayday
    It’s such a cool concept and I admit I download the app just to try it. However, the on-boarding process sets a lot of constriction. For example if you have more than a long distance eye problem, they won’t let you continue. The most frustrating part is you have to enter your eye exam information in order to continue, otherwise, it shows only two buttons: call to make an appointment or call WP, there is no exit button. That said, this app is not for new patient, it’s not for anyone that has more than distance eye sign problems. With all of the denying without continue process to the real function of the app, 1) it’s too much work to try out the app, if it requires me to see an eye doctor, I’ll have my eyes test out without having to open this app; 2) lost of trust, and the limitation feels this app is more of a toy than an actual tool to use for eye exam.
  • Not available in many countries 1/5

    By Emin Emini
    It’s seems unsecure and not ethical, also it’s nor available in most countries.
  • Leave it to the Doctors 1/5

    By Jaider12245
    Terrible app, extremely frustrating and simply does not work. This is why you do not make an app that does what a doctor is supposed to do. Awful

Prescription Check app comments

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