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Prescription Check App

Has your eyeglasses prescription expired? Want to take a vision test at home? Well, welcome! Introducing Warby Parker Prescription Check. This is our telehealth service that, if you are eligible, allows an eye doctor to assess how you're seeing through your glasses and provide an updated eyeglasses prescription. At the moment, Prescription Check is available in select locations. If you reside in AL, AK, CA, CO, D.C., FL, HI, IL, KY, LA, MA, MN, MS, NM, NY, OH, OR, PA, TX, UT, VA, VT, WI, or WA, you could be eligible to use our service. In one of those states? Excellent. Download the app to answer a few easy questions about your current prescription, eye health, age—things like that—to determine your eligibility. If you are eligible to participate and the doctor issues you a prescription, you will be charged $40. (You won’t be charged if the doctor recommends that you get a comprehensive eye exam.) If you are eligible, here’s what you need: -your prescription glasses -a credit card -an iPhone (N.B.: the app performs best on iPhone 5s or higher and won’t work on iPads) -a computer -about 12 feet of space -20 minutes (that’s about how long this whole thing takes) Quick note: Prescription Check is not a comprehensive eye exam and it isn’t meant to replace visits to your eye doctor. It’s important to get your eye health examined periodically, even if you aren’t experiencing any vision problems, so please follow the advice of your doctor. Good to keep those peepers in check. Warby Parker offers designer eyewear at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for socially conscious businesses. With free shipping and free returns, it’s easy to find the best pair of frames with no risk (None! Zero! Zilch!). Plus: apps are fun. For every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need.


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Prescription Check app reviews

  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Skorpn26
    Simply Awesome!
  • Useless 1/5

    By sdfgghjkjfddhbjjj
    The app just crashes and crashes and crashes. I was never able to even get past the initial questions because it would just crash. Really disappointed.
  • Excited to get my glasses 5/5

    By Slarkpope
    This was a cool experience and a good way to make sure I can get my glasses!
  • Very intuitive 5/5

    By tayduran
    Great use of technology and was a delight to use. It's almost gamified in a way and i found myself chuckling as I navigated through the various tests. Saved me a lot of time and headache of going to a doctor. Bravo to this product team! 👍🏼
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By dtreindl
    You know what glasses I have because I bought them through Warby Parker, so you knew they were ineligible to use this app. Yet you forced me through a full medical questionnaire before telling me my glasses are ineligible to use the app. Don’t waste my time!
  • Saved so much time. 5/5

    By laura-noches
    Loved this app, didn’t have to go to the eye dr to get a new prescription. Saved so much time.
  • Easy and convenient! 5/5

    By rowieej
    Just an easy experience going through- helped me get my glasses quicker! Such a simple idea and great execution
  • This App Needs Glasses 1/5

    By bartub
    I got thru the questionnaire fine and was trying to set up the distance. I pointed my iPhone at the checkerboard on my laptop, kept backing up per the directions, got to a certain distance and it said “we can’t detect your screen.” I got as far as 9.2 out of 11 which I assume means number of feet away. But I was standing next to the 15’ mark of the tape measure I had on the floor next to me and somehow the app is still telling me I’m only at 9.2 (feet away) out of 11. Then it turns yellow and says “we can’t detect your screen”. Yes, maybe because you had me back up so much, I’m now in Canada. I shut off all the lights to avoid a glare. Same thing. I dimmed my laptop screen a bit. Same thing. I brightened my laptop screen a bit. Same thing. I took my iPhone case off. Same thing. I tried for 30 minutes to get it to stick. Nothing. Just me tripping over furniture in the dark. So now I need an orthopedic prescription, too.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Telhas
    Does not work too many variables and. Cost me lots of money.
  • Super easy and convenient! 5/5

    By Lackmann
    This app is amazing! I will be so happy if it saves me a trip to a doctors office 👍🏻
  • Update: Problem Fixed 4/5

    By Andy & Brecky
    Update 2018-01-15: support was able to send my results via email. —— Charged but no results? Took the test on Sunday, got a confirmation email. $40 charged on Tuesday, but have received no email (as of Thursday night). The app just shows a mostly blank screen with Logout, privacy/terms, and button to start a new prescription. And main Warby Parker app doesn’t seem to be of any help either. Not really sure how to proceed.
  • Need more tests before release 1/5

    By lljjol
    No working. Swipe to choose yes or no does not work for me.
  • Too limited 1/5

    By Adayday
    It’s such a cool concept and I admit I download the app just to try it. However, the on-boarding process sets a lot of constriction. For example if you have more than a long distance eye problem, they won’t let you continue. The most frustrating part is you have to enter your eye exam information in order to continue, otherwise, it shows only two buttons: call to make an appointment or call WP, there is no exit button. That said, this app is not for new patient, it’s not for anyone that has more than distance eye sign problems. With all of the denying without continue process to the real function of the app, 1) it’s too much work to try out the app, if it requires me to see an eye doctor, I’ll have my eyes test out without having to open this app; 2) lost of trust, and the limitation feels this app is more of a toy than an actual tool to use for eye exam.
  • Not available in many countries 1/5

    By Emin Emini
    It’s seems unsecure and not ethical, also it’s nor available in most countries.
  • Leave it to the Doctors 1/5

    By Jaider12245
    Terrible app, extremely frustrating and simply does not work. This is why you do not make an app that does what a doctor is supposed to do. Awful
  • There is a reason you see an optometrist 1/5

    By StarkDDS
    Im a dentist. However i see this much like i see smiledirect for dentistry. There is no liability. The consumer is more at risk. Im all for tecnology. But i see this as trying to go around the medical profession to make money. How can you get a quality exam from this? Why do we want to give business to a company when we could give it to our local community optometrist. If money is super tight, I might understand. But i dont see this as being nearly as good as visiting with someone in person.
  • Preys on the uninformed 1/5

    By Wushu Tiger
    This is what happens when tech people think they can be doctors because being "disruptive" is supposedly better than being good. See your doctor IN PERSON. You only have two eyes, so take care of them. Just because you feel that you see well it doesn't mean your eyes are healthy or that you're seeing your best. Update: so now he’s a “doctor”? This reeks of misleading information that shows just how stupid they think you are. This may be a violation of federal regulations. Apple would be wise to remove this app before fines and/or civil liability ensue.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By SeanKD
    This a terribly designed app. Did not work at all and a complete waste of 20 minutes of my time. I won’t be back.
  • Misleading 1/5

    By cofc06
    I don’t recommend ANYONE getting this app. Prescribing glasses is more about looking at a screen. This is not accurate WHATSOEVER. There are things about the health of the eye that can affect the prescription. This app and others like it should be banned and is a harm to public health.
  • Do not recommend 1/5

    By Yaseen
    These tests will not properly test your eyes. Vision is one of your most important and cherished senses, don’t skimp out on being properly tested and prescribed by an actual Optometrists. None of those online tests can properly correct for astigmatism.
  • New Jersey 2/5

    By mattvanleeuwen
    When are you adding NJ to the list? Thanks!
  • See an actual Dr 1/5

    By Alicat_103
    This app is a waste of time. Just go and see an actual Dr that can actually check the health of your eyes, instead of an app that barely works. An actual Dr is not going to kill you, and it won’t take all day if you show up early/on time for your appointment, and are nice to the staff. Also, the Dr’s office has staff that will actually help you pick out glasses that are right for your face shape and prescription. You don’t get that personalized service from an app.
  • No use 1/5

    By Dodo121
    Better to go to doctor
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Steve Huy
    Interesting, but a waste of time. No way this exam is as comprehensive and effective as seeing an eye doctor... short-cutting something as important as an eye exam is stupid. What’s next? the app that allows me to forego seeing a doctor for a physical exam?
  • Not avail in my state 1/5

    By Jeseaca
    Had to go through a lot of steps to find this out.
  • Experiencing error in app 5/5

    By Emerson.
    After I upload a photo of my latest prescription, it asks if this is the prescription in my glasses. I select “yep, I confirm this is my current Rx”, but the app never moves past that question. I have restarted the process a couple times but it always hits this snag. Other than that, great app
  • Don’t put walls to use your app 1/5

    By Luiscarrascob
    I open the app the first time and I’m forced to watch a video. Then after I do, I’m forced to create an account. Your funnel must be terrible guys!
  • That was awesome 5/5

    By AlexaCoop
    Some of the best app design I’ve ever seen! Literally seen :)
  • A week later and no response 1/5

    By MedicallyOriented
    Still waiting for “Eye Doctor Approval” (or rejection) a week later. No ability to contact the company through the app to get an update.
  • Very glitchy 1/5

    By ACH5309
    I’ve tried this on several computers - six tries in all - and each has been an exasperating disappointment. An auto-save feature would be HUGE. The distance kept needing to be reset, the system was down and couldn’t take my payment, a random error that WP was being notified of... It wasn’t even one consistent problem; it was all of them. Very disappointing.
  • Took forever 1/5

    By DJ Jonny J
    I used two different computers to get the distance correct. I️t was unable to read and every time you tried to do I️t again you had to answer the same questions. Great idea, poor execution.
  • Fantastic user interface 5/5

    By mmclinn
    From a software designer: Great job guys, this is one of the finest software experiences I’ve ever scene. Bravo.
  • Super frustrating 1/5

    By Momof3under3!*
    It seems like a good idea but it’s not! It didn’t work properly. Constantly resetting distance, which I understand, but then it would freeze afterwards. My issue is why do you care what my prescription is? I’ve purchased multiple pair of glasses from you and my last prescription didn’t change but I don’t want to have to go to the trouble contacting the eye doctor because I’ve already lost the prescription they sent home with me. My kids broke my current glasses (purchased from warby Parker) and I need a new pair ASAP. Didn’t even do the try them on thing, every pair I’ve purchased have been amazing. Just needed a new pair quick. But that can’t happen. I’m paying for it what do you care what the prescription is?????? I dont get it. Do not use this app. It won’t even work. It’s not like you’ll loose any money, you’ll just get super frustrated and say screw Warby Parker for even teasing me with this option.
  • Broken and useless 1/5

    By ajc219
    I've tried this thing three times and had the same error from up every time. It will say that the distance from my computer has changed (even though I haven't moved) and that it needs to reset the distance. Okay, fine, reset it then. Except it doesn't do anything from there. It just puts up a screen saying that it needs to reset the distance. No buttons to press, no instructions on how to reset the distance, and no ability to continue the tests. I kept tapping the screen trying to figure out how, exactly, one is supposed to reset the distance. Nothing happens, it just stays on that screen. The only thing you can do is to restart the app and begin the entire process all over again. I did this three times before finally giving up. Seems like a neat idea and the actual tests were easy enough to do, but this app is completely useless until they fix this issue.
  • Doesn’t work in all states, developers are morons 1/5

    By strofman
    Location check should be the FIRST thing the app does instead of wasting my time. Log in to warby, find glasses, credit card, move computer so it has 12 feet of space, THEN it checks your location and says “sorry, doesn’t work in your state”. Thanks for wasting my time. States not listed in APP store either.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By 123Rob456
    Complete waste of time. The test will keep freezing and all the support team say to do is update the app despite me telling them I already have the latest version they just keep telling me to update the app. Don’t even bother wasting your time to only get half way through the test then for it to crash and never get past that point and all support will you to do is ‘update the app’.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By 134yfjhbknv
    I think if you know your prescription doesn't change often, you're already a customer of Warby Parker, and you need to update your prescription in order to get new glasses, then this is perfect for you! It's a great app so far, I can see it getting better with a few improvements. Maybe have lines on the user's phone application to indicate what swipe is considered left and upper left. I'd feel more confident that you got my swipe correct. Also, it said a doctor will assess my results within 24 hours. It's been over 24 hours and no results. Is it because it's the weekend?
  • super great! 5/5

    By Charlene Okoye
    fast. simple to use. intuitive touch controls from your phone. overall 10/10
  • Good, but still a few thing sto work out. 4/5

    By TD2530
    Make sure to change power setting on your computer, to maintian the brightness of your screen for more than 20 minutes. The test can appear to hang on a blue screen, but eventualy works it's self out. Way beter than a trip to the optometrist!
  • Easy 5/5

    By Caseyryback
    This app is great. I got my prescription updated and it was easy to use.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Gettingpro
    My doctors office closed and I couldn't get a copy of my prescription... I got an email with a link to try this. My prescription has pretty much remained the same over the years, so this worked out just great! Saved me going and getting a full exam and paying extra $$$.
  • Suprisingly impressed 5/5

    By mvitulli
    Prescription check by warby Parker was originally tough to find in the App Store due to fact that when you search warby Parker it doesn't come up. But I have to say that was one of the only negatives I had taking my exam. I was definitely skeptical but the entire process was fluid, well explained and led to a similar near sighted prescription that I got from my optometrist last year. Took me about 15 minutes. Now again, I'm a +.5 near sighted, so I'm a very simple case... not sure how a more complex case would be. If you can find the app it's definitely worth the shot. Like everything else... this technological alternative is going be the wave of the future.
  • Incredible 5/5

    By gold0
    Convenient, quick, and so easy to use - huge fan!
  • Really innovative concept 5/5

    By Communist Idaho
    Really awesome process. I saved myself the time & energy of going back to the eye dr to update the prescription I know hasn't changed. Did this all at home in like 10 minutes and was able to pick out some sweet frames right after. Highly reccomend this.
  • Salty 5/5

    By Sparkzzzzzzzz
    My new favorite app! (Next to KIMOJI)
  • Can't even try the app 1/5

    By noclownn
    I downloaded and installed the app and on the first easy question it asks what is your area. I put my area in and it says it is not available in my area. I travel a lot so I started to check several different areas, and it says the same thing for all of them. Do not waste your time with this app!
  • Seems like it has potential but it crashes every time 2/5

    By Duckiesandie
    Trying to use this app... it crashes at the same spot... when I am setting up the distance from the computer screen. It opens the camera app to start detecting the distance and instantly crashes. Twice in a row already... really frustrating. Please fix ASAP... would really like to renew my prescription.
  • Awesome idea and fun to use! 5/5

    By WorldTraveler78
    Great use of technology and very user-friendly. The app saved me from having to take time off work to see an optometrist and the requisite heavy-handed sales pitch to buy their ridiculously priced glasses. Warby Parker is on its way to revolutionizing how glasses are prescribed. Definitely worth trying!
  • Beware! 1/5

    By Decembergrace
    Glasses not always correct prescription!
  • Hmmmmmm 1/5


Prescription Check app comments


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