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Need your fashion fix on the move? We got you girl. Shop using the PrettyLittleThing app for fierce trend-lead, affordable fashion at your fingertips. The ultimate in fast fashion, with the freshest looks in the latest on-trend styles hitting the site daily, there's no excuse not to keep your #OOTD on-point. With our app in your pocket, we make browsing hundreds of wardrobe must-haves easy as clicking "download". • Buy straight from our app to get essential new season garms delivered straight to your door. • Don't have time right now? No worries, add those garms you're going heart eyed over to your wishlist to add to bag later. • Just in need some inspo for the weekend? Browse our new in. • While you're on your phone - join our squad and share your selfie with the hashtag #PLTSTYLE. Whatever your shopping needs, get in the know with 24/7 fast fashion on the go.

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  • No fabric details 1/5

    By Sara j
    I’m so surprised they don’t list fabric info it’s so ridiculous and wired I only shop from websites that list fabric info cuz I can’t wear polyester just cotton and rayon!!
  • Wish List/Shopping bag 4/5

    By Kaazmo
    I love PLT, Y'all really look out for petite people and for that I will always love y'all. That being said, you have got to do something about items disappearing from the shopping bag and wish list. It is incredibly discouraging and frustrating to spend hours looking for the right items and then when you are finally ready to buy everything, they have mysteriously disappeared. I end up not getting anything at all because that part of the app is so aggravating. Also can you please increase the number of items you can add to the wishlist, 100 is not enough. Plus I can see that the items are still added to my wishlist but if I go to view my actual wishlist the items are not there. I use the wishlist to save things I want to buy later, but if I have to keep going back to search for these things it completelycompletely defeats the purpose. Please 🙏🏽
  • Disgusted 1/5

    By samantha10251992
    I have placed 7 different orders in the past two weeks all in different devices I am given a confirmation email and order number and it never gets shipped out and then I’m told from customer service my order did not go through but a week later I still haven’t received my funds back into my account. I’ve ordered from this website so many times with no issue so I have to say I am not only extremely disappointed but I am disgusted
  • Shopping Cart Empty 2/5

    By Hershnluescn
    When I add stuff to my cart it doesn’t actually add. It says it’s empty. Can’t but anything if I can’t add it to my cart. 👎🏾
  • Love Love Love 5/5

    By CoCo_Bella97
    I’ve ordered from this store three times and every time I get everything I ordered. And returning stuff is hella easy to do as well. And I love how they have a whole Plus size collection for people who don’t necessarily fit a 12 but are in between sizes.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Elsangelina3
    Love this app, it’s so easy to ship
  • cart not working 3/5

    By Therealjennaortega
    i love their clothes and i always buy them but for awhile now it won’t let me add things into my cart, i click add to cart and it shows that 1 think is in there then when i click on cart it disappears and nothing is there and i keep re adding it but it won’t show up so now i can’t buy anything🤷🏻‍♀️
  • shopping bag 1/5

    By Not taken username!!!
    how am i supposed to buy stuff if the app wont let me add items to my shopping bag?
  • Needs an update 3/5

    By TCstudent
    Things disappear in my bag before I can checkout. I had to use safari just to put my order in.
  • connect to server error 1/5

    By hisbeaut
    keep getting an error while using the app. has been occurring the past few weeks. please fix it’s rather annoying
  • Missing stuff 3/5

    By Browna$
    I looooove PRETTYLITTLETHINGS but this app is very disappointing when it comes to stuff disappearing from my wishlist or cart!!! I try to order something I put in my cart and it goes away making me no longer interested.
  • Prettylittlething 2/5

    By goddeds_alayna
    I like this store honestly but there’s no way to contact them in person and that’s annoying
  • Lacking sizes 1/5

    By LAAM⭐️
    Extremely cute clothing but never available in my size. Please work on restocking so I can actually enjoy your clothing
  • Items in bag disappear 1/5

    By Freshmario
    I placed a few items in my bag & when I went to check out they disappeared!
  • The only problem 3/5

    By Jerikalove
    You know what’s annoying ? Lol when you pick the item ,size ,color and put it in your cart .. then you checkout and it tells you it’s out of stock . I feel like the app should keep up with what’s available HONESTLY so annoying & inconvenient
  • Love the brand. App is just a little behind! 3/5

    By akskskxnns
    Matching pieces should be near other matching product or suggested at the bottom
  • My order :/ 2/5

    By Leira7o7
    So it’s my first time ordering from here and I was actually looking forward to it. Today my order finally came in and I have to say I’m really disappointed. I ordered a morphe palette and it came broken, the powder everywhere :/ I also ordered a couple of tube tops but they came really short, practically a bra, and the picture didn’t show them like that. I also ordered a high waist trousers which looked SUPER cute online but when I put them on, they looked really awkward and the material was very cheap like. Overall I’m really disappointed... I expected more...
  • amazing store 5/5

    By sammironson
    I wasn’t interested in this store before because the Kardashian’s were endorsing it heavy but when I finally took a loo I was in love and hooked for life 💕
  • Shoe review 3/5

    By BigbootyChas
    There are really pretty shoes on your site but I don’t like how there are no reviews for first time buyers. I was so unsure of what size shoe to buy because there are no visual reviews.
  • Payment 4/5

    By Zetti.d
    Should be apply to pay directly through the app without being directed to a web
  • Review 1/5

    By missirena
    Omg where do I start?? I ordered few things from this site and I was so excited to get themBut when they arrived both of the items was sent to me 2 to size bigger than that what they ordered. Never ordering from this site again it’s a waste of money!
  • Annoying 1/5

    By Luzz1
    Love their clothes but this has to be the most annoying app/website ever, it doesn't allow me to change my shipping address and didn't let my card go through and when I called my bank there was nothing wrong with it. I've been trying to order from here since last summer but there's always a problem with the app.
  • Zoe 5/5

    By Zoe804935
    This is really cool and the checkout flowed really nice.
  • Mobile Wishlist Won’t Sync 3/5

    By Akousa
    Overall a good app, just please fix the mobile wishlist bc the things I’ve liked on the website aren’t on the app when i open the wishlist !
  • Shopping Cart Keeps Disappearing! 1/5

    Spent two hours adding items to my shopping cart (had a total of 11 items)- only to get ready to check out and NONE of the items are there. They keep disappearing. Went back and did it again and the same thing happened!! It’s so frustrating that I ended up not even buying anything!!!
  • Wishlist/shopping cart 4/5

    By baby tay🖤
    My biggest complaint is stuff disappearing in the wish list and/or shopping cart. I like the wish list to favorite things for when I buy later, and at first I thought maybe it disappears if you don’t add it to your cart in time or buy it. But then I noticed while using the app it would disappear as well as the shopping cart. Had almost $200 worth of clothing in the shopping cart and was ready to check out, I go to click shopping cart and everything was gone. I was so upset because I literally spent TWO hours picking stuff out. I got so frustrated that it did that I ended up not even ordering. 😕 Other than that delivery was actually pretty quick for previous orders, most of the clothes were fairly good quality except one of the small body suits was extremely too small and I’m petite. (Wasn’t a petite size body suit) and one of the crop tips fit but if you look the wrong way your nipple will be looking dead in the eye at someone because it’s so wide😂
  • Returns 4/5

    By Destin2b_great
    They need a US return center. I would give them 5 stars if the returns were convenient. You can’t even exchange anything.

    By marilewi
    I’m not sure how their products look since I still haven’t received them. I did standard 5-7 day business day shipping and the 7 business day mark hit yesterday. When I would go on the app to see my deliver date it was telling me the 18th (two days ago). Now it is saying it won’t be here until the 22nd. I’m not impressed with their shipping. Hey
  • Horrible experiences 1/5

    By Celia Millard
    Clothes are very low quality, customer service is impossible to reach. If you’re shopping from the US, they show you European sizes, and you don’t know until the order is already placed. You can’t cancel orders at any time once you’ve placed them and returns aren’t free. Was missing 3 items from my order when delivered
  • True story bro.. 4/5

    Stuff is really cute can’t wait for my order to arrive!!! But let me know when stuff is sold out in a size before I get to check out.
  • Website 5/5

    By Tha_Truth_is
    I have the app on my iPhone and it makes it so much easier to order and track my items. I love it !!!!
  • Hate & love it 3/5

    By Leelykaay
    I love the style and selections that they have to offer plus the promotions and sales, but what I hate the most is that they never send the right you have to pay for shipping just to return. I wish PLT would offer free shipping returns or at least get their BOH people to do their job right by sending us the right size that was placed in our orders. Other than that i still love shopping with them.
  • I LOVE PLT!! 5/5

    By ImaniTee
  • Pretty decent App. Lovely Clothes 1/5

    By SnuffyCakes
    It can get buggy sometimes. But better than Fashion Nova. Their clothes are very similar to House of CB (another British company) without the price! I love this store. I am an American shopper and they adjust the size rates to whatever country you are in. British Fashion for the win!
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By Jazymn25
    I am in love with this clothing brand. Shop here every week. Everyday there is new pieces to look at.
  • Hey! 4/5

    By 2INDIA8
    I need to see others reviews so my shopping is easier and I’d likely buy more things
  • Pretty Little Thing 1/5

    By alexistaigen
    Love love love the clothing on this site but they don’t offer reorders, exchanges or replacements no matter if they messed up your order or you simply got the wrong size...
  • In Love 5/5

    By bmw944
    Absolutely love there clothes
  • Over A Month? Yea Never Again. 1/5

    By hhdia
    Was very excited to order from PLT for the first time and didn’t expect my package to get to me right away seeing as it is the holiday season BUT over a month??? For a 3 item order? Your kidding right? And your telling me my expected Delivery is December 1st...... it’s December 18th! And I put in my order on the 24th of November. I’ve never heard of this unless your ordering from some cheap website based in like China. Ridiculousssssss. (We need a negative star rating)
  • Problems ordering 2/5

    By Lisa Vz
    App is touchy
  • Extremely disappointed. 1/5

    By makenziestratton
    I spent $250 on Christmas presents for my cousins, and in addition to that express delivery shipping. A week later after the expected delivery date I finally got in touch with a customer service representative when they informed me that my package was actually cancelled. When were they going to tell me this? That I don’t know. The crazy part about all of this? My money was taken out and will return “in five business days”?!! Long story short, don’t purchase anything from this company. Just because it looks cute on models and celebrities, and is priced reasonably, doesn’t mean it isn’t just another fashion industry hoax. Don’t learn the hard way like me and save you’re money for a more responsible source.

    By Briana v(:
    I thought i would give it a try because I’ve seen celebrities purchase items and sponsor clothing from here. I wasted about $50 thinking i was purchasing good quality clothing. i was definitely wrong. The dresses i bought are made out of extremely cheap fabric, they’re see through and thin. Not only that, but the dresses i ordered were a size 2, one of them was waaaaay to big for me and the other two dresses were extremely tight, not even a toddler can fit in them. They definitely don’t appear like that in the photos. Don’t bother giving this app a try. Don’t waste your time and make a MAJOR mistake like i did.
  • Lovely ! 5/5

    By Lovelenny0000
    Everything on this site is sooooo chick and all types of modern wear. If you’re a female with swagg who can rock sneakers and heels, then this site is for you! Sometimes your stuff disappears from your shopping cart though. May or may not come back so I would suggest not leaving things on there for too long!
  • PLT 5/5

    By Suga butter
    This app is easy to use ! QUICK and EASY ‼️
  • Having problem 4/5

    By Chiki1599
    I love this app and I love their clothes I have buy from this app several times and I love it. BUT lately the app doesn’t let me purchase anything, it doesn’t even let me add things to shopping cart, even the website is having the same problem. I really like this online store is one of my favorite one, so I’m hoping you guys fix it. I’m traveling soon and really wish to buy a few clothes from there
  • It’s A great app! BUT! 3/5

    By Alexiee
    I myself made a mistake on my order with the size, I ordered a size 4 when I’m a size 0. I tried to get in contact with Customer service by number and there is absolutely no way to contact them. There is absolutely no way to edit my order, there is absolutely no way to contact them at all! That is not good customer service. It’s very frustrating. Will I shop with them again? Yes, but I’ll use caution when picking stuff. I know it’s completely my fault but still.
  • 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾 1/5

    By kassidy Robert
    Horrible costumer service . Ordered from here 3 times never got my packages 2 months later saying it got lost. Very unprofessional,
  • Bad Customer service 1/5

    By mafeesah
    Horrible customer service
  • Scam 1/5

    By ezo4497
    They raise their prices all the time. Jumpsuit was $60 before Black Friday then they raised it to $70 after to make it seem like it’s a deal

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