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PrettyLittleThing App

Need your fashion fix on the move? Shop on the PrettyLittleThing app for the latest in affordable women’s fashion looks that are sure to have you racking up all the likes on the ‘Gram. When it comes to women’s clothing, we’ve got you covered with the latest on-trend styles hitting the site daily. Shop everything from dresses for day and night, essential swimwear for those much needed summer holidays and the loungewear for those easy weekend wins. Inclusivity is our thing which is why our ranges PLT Plus, Shape, Tall, Petite, Premium and Maternity have your back to cater to #EveryBodyInPLT. ‘Cos we know style has no limits. Simply download and start shopping for your 'drobe of dreams with affordable women’s fashion at your fingertips. Wish List - Don’t have time to shop right now? Use our Wish List feature to add save those PLT pieces you’ve been going heart-eyed over for later. - Exclusive offers – As an app member you’ll be the first to know about our exclusive offers. - Fast and secure checkout – Looking to update your style? Get your Pretty Little Thing clothing fast with express shipping. - Track your order – Global delivery tracked straight from checkout to your door. - Easy returns – Shopping made easy with fuss-free returns, no questions asked. - Try Before You Pay - Our Buy Now Pay Later partners allow you to shop on your own terms. - New styles added daily – Need a new dress for the weekend? We have hundreds of new women’s clothes landing on site daily. - Need those finishing touches? We’re not just about women’s clothing. Shop your fave beauty essentials from brands such as Morphe, NYX, Garnier and more. - Stay in the know – As an app member you'll get notifications on our latest collections before anyone else. - Pay easily, safely and securely with Apple Pay. Whatever your shopping needs, we’ve got you covered 24/7 with the affordable women’s fashion you need.

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PrettyLittleThing app reviews


    By briannasachii
    They have the worst shipping!
  • The app crashes soo much and is super slow! 3/5

    By Kaylaslayy
    I love the variety of clothing PLT has to offer. However, when I want to to shop the app loads super slow! It’s annoying. Whenever I click on something, it will take up to 5+ seconds to load! Please fix the app!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By kaylay24😂😍
    Order still never came been a month now. When checking the tracking order it’s still the same as when I just ordered it. They are giving me a run around when all I want is my money back since it looks like I’ll never get it my package
  • As Frustrating as it is Inconsistent. 1/5

    By itsparis13
    For starters, this is not a bad company. The quality of clothing is satisfactory, and the range of clothing is sufficient as well. Yet, there is one major problem. The website lacks a crucial feature, a comment section or a review segment. For a company to be as wide spread globally as they are, it is extremely pivotal to feature a feedback area to review clothing items. It is exceedingly frustrating to have to order something based off a body type that is very contrasting to mine, and assume a size that would be best fit. On top of that, it is exceptionally disappointing to receive that item, have it fit atrocious, and then have to PAY to ship it back to its origin country overseas. A simple review section would eliminate this problem. I shouldn’t have to expect to order down 2 sizes from my original size just so I know my clothing won’t be falling off; even considering the fact that I am 5”5 and 175lbs. PrettyLittleThing, if you’re not going to feature a review segment, then at least present models in various clothing size inclusivities for us girls who aren’t slender and 5’9 to compare our sizes to. I’ve been disappointed time and time again, even having to exchange an item up to 3 TIMES to get a correct clothing fit. This is my final straw with this company, my time is deserving elsewhere. Do better PLT.
  • Very slow app 3/5

    By Sahory E. sepena
    I love the clothing of this store and the quality it’s really good! But the app is sooooo slow! Please fix it.
  • SLOW 2/5

    By justineeexmmmm
    this app is glitching and is sooo slow it gets frustrating and makes me not want to buy anything cause the app is annoying but the clothes are so cute!
  • Needs updates 3/5

    By Karismac2
    The girls love PLT but the app is not the greatest with all the glitches that makes the shopping experiences difficult. On top of the glitches PLT clothing runs very different, it would be helpful to have customer reviews for references so ppl know how the clothes run. Overall it’s a great women’s clothing store but needs more help with the app to make the shopping experiences better and easier!
  • app is slow 3/5

    By evemkor1
    so slow update
  • Slow app 3/5

    By MyaRozay
    I like the options they offer, but the app is sooooo slow and it glitches a lot. I often have to open and close the app, it makes shopping so much harder and takes longer than it should
  • App Glitches 3/5

    By Destiny_Monasia
    I love their clothes and have been shopping with them for a min but the app is glitching really bad and makes my phone run hot
  • Plt 5/5

    By lil mannnnniiiii
    Why is this app not letting me order
  • Creating an account 2/5

    By lele🍌🍌
    It was so f- ing hard for no reason didn’t even let me pick my own password I tried to but it kept saying, choose strong password, when I tried to confirm it.
  • there no kids clothes?? 1/5

    By coffeeLoverKID
    It’s says for four year olds and I can’t even find actual clothes that are not pajamas. It’s not a good app.
  • Good but Deleting is Bad 4/5

    By L4Leah
    The app is great for finding cute outfits at a reasonable price, but deleting items off your wish list is a nightmare. It’s glitchy and it doesn’t work properly. I really hope the developers fix this.
  • Use to be good 1/5

    By fyyvbgj
    They use to be so good now their clothing is WAYY overpriced and the material of the clothes is usually cheap!! For an expensive piece
  • App glitches. 3/5

    I absolute love PLT but the app glitches way too much which makes it very difficult to shop and ruins the whole experience I’ll change my mind by the time I find something because it takes so long to load and if I want to delete something off my wishlist that’s like for eg out of stock the page keeps swiping up like what that’s so annoying. Please have your tech team look at this ASAP.
  • Glitches 3/5

    By College Zombie
    The app has a bunch of glitches. Each time you want to scroll to see the items the app takes forever to load up the pictures. Also if the app logs you out it takes a huge while to sign in again. Then when you have things on your cart the app glitches and takes a while to process so your items may be sold out. Clearly the app needs some improvement. However it has good things like you can keep the items in your cart and the wishlist that you keep adding your favorite items.
  • Just don’t do it 1/5

    By babybakez
    Honestly the WORST customer service there is. I normally hate being the person to leave a negative review, but I was so upset by all of this that I just had to warn people. I ordered over $120 dollars worth of clothes from this company. When I went to pay I realized that the address associated with my account was old, so I edit to go to my new one. When I clicked to pay, my card initially declined which was very odd considering it shouldn’t have (I later found out that is pretty normal for this website). When the card declined, it was charged about a minute later so the order went through, I went to go check to make sure everything looked okay and the address had gone back to the old one, I have proof that I edit it to the correct address so something on the company’s side got mixed up. I emailed them when I realized what happened hoping to get some kind of answers or help to resolve the issue. Their response was basically “sorry, not our problem” they told me that I could have the mail forwarded to me from the person who receives it, great idea! If only the package wasn’t being delivered to a complete stranger in a completely different state than me. They also told me they would only give me a refund if the clothes were returned back to them. Okay boo, I’ll be sure to buy a plane ticket to go pick up this package so I can get it back to you ASAP! I was extremely disappointed that they offered no alternative other than me paying more money for a mistake that was not made by me because again I had proof that I put the right address because I just had a feeling that this would happen. Idk what customer services job is because it has nothing to do with helping customers. I think my biggest disappointment here yields from the fact that $120 dollars of clothes isn’t a big deal to a company like this, but to me it is and for them to completely disregard the situation and keep my money and not even offer some kind of alternative just flabbergasted me. I will never buy from the company again.
  • App is so slow now! 1/5

    By RNJHarris
    The app runs slow! Everything takes forever to load even just clicking on a new section takes so long to load.
  • Love Shopping PLT, but the App though… 4/5

    By Havokbombz
    The 4 stars is for the store itself, I love the options they offer, I can shop for any occasion and in whatever budget I may be in at the moment. However, the app has glitches that make the shopping experience frustrating, to the point that I just close it and end up not buying anything. Idk what the correct term Would be for it, but the back feature once I’m on a single item, takes forever to go in effect. I have to keep on clicking on the back arrow forever, like it’s not sending my touch on the back arrow and sometimes once it finally kicks in it’ll go back 3-4 pages back, like it has a backlog. Also when I’m scrolling through a section, select an item for a closer look at the details and then go back it’ll take me back to the very top, so I have to scroll down forever to get to where I was. Sometimes I can’t even add an item to my bag, because it won’t let me select a size. The times that I have checked out is when surprising the app has been glitch free, but more often than not, it is. Please work on that, thank you!
  • THIS IS A SCAM 1/5

    By Disappointed Customer #200
    I had an issue with a missing item in my order. I initially thought it wasn’t a big deal, but customer service is not refunding my order? I’ve looked into this more and there is some type of scam happening. It usually comes with some type of issue with your order and then the company withholding money.
  • Horrible Shopping store 1/5

    By kassey457
    I would suggest trying other apps like BooHoo or fashionNova because the return policy for this is the worst. They send you a ripped item and they don’t refund

    By yamaf1
    The app is delayed, even after updating it. It’s very annoying
  • Scam🤷🏽‍♀️ 1/5

    By tindlinda66
    I made two separate orders the same week almost 4 months ago and never got it. The tracking number I got only showed when I ordered but nothing about being packed or shipped, nothing to this day. Can’t cancel because for the past 4 months it keep saying the company is on “Strike “. Just save y’all money cause this ain’t it.
  • I love this!!! 5/5

    By Hope Brianna
    I ordered some books and they were packaged so nicely and my package came on time which was super exciting and last but not least the books I got were amazing I can’t wait to try out the clothes and other things.
  • App not as good as it used to be 3/5

    By A disappointed gamer.
    i’ve been wearing plt for yearrsss, and i always stick by them no matter how ridiculous the outfits get sometimes, but as of late the app hasn’t been performing as well as it used to. the whole app lags if you’re on it for more than literally a minute; like LITERALLY a minute. the shopping cart disappearing seems to happen to everyone— and i get it, when you leave stuff in your cart but don’t buy it can mess up quantity count, but if that’s the case at least give a time limit to how long we can keep stuff in out cart before it completely empties so we’d know (if that is the actual issue), but for everyone who says their wishlist is cut off: your full wishlist can be seen on desktop. so the items are all still there, it just has a cut off point if you’re on mobile. and lastly, which really bugs me the most, is how i can’t find any of the clothes that are featured. like for example, there’s a really pretty dress as the picture for the dresses tab but i can’t seem to find it anywhere, so why show me the dress if i can’t find it? the app used to be soo good up until this year, it updates every so often and i’m starting to think the only thing that gets updated is the logo, because the performance and accessibility is horrible.
  • Unprofessional 1/5

    By Demisha2214
    I ordered a two piece outfit from pretty little thing app. They took the money off my card for the order but didn’t send me a confirmation email or tracking number. Also, when I emailed customer service and told them what happened they ask me to provide info which I did then they stop replying. Everytime I emailed them and send the info they requested they stop replying everytime. This app is a scam they take your money for orders but don’t send confirmation or tracking number!!! So unprofessional
  • App is glitchy and slow 1/5

    By Kinahali
    It takes awhile for pages to load once you click on an item. Glitchy and slow. It needs an update.
  • Horrible Customer 1/5

    By Janhia 1
    I placed a order on November 4th 2022 it’s now November 26th 2022 and my order still says processing. I made 3 complaints, sent 4 emails, text their instagram, facebook, twitter, and still haven’t received a update. And when they did get in contact with me they said they were sending me over to the relevant team to get a update and that was 4 days ago and haven’t heard from no one. I asked for a refund and still no response. It’s going on a month and my order hasn’t even been shipped out and I can’t get in contact with someone that can tell me to actual problem with my order.
  • Unable to view or select colors on app 1/5

    By Tstacking
    Unable to view or select colors on app, just use the website
  • Horrible customer service & stole my money 1/5

    By Saucey shay
    They have horrible customer service , the app constantly glitches , and they stole my money. I ordered something and they didn’t email me once with any updates. I never got my package and they have horrible ways of contacting them and they do not answer. I never received my package even tho it said it was delivered. Im trying to contact them but they do not care. Never buying from here again.
  • False advertising 1/5

    By ChynaDoll0512
    Not only were my items I ordered cheaply made. They looked nothing like the picture on the website. A waste of money and on top of that there tracking does not work. A BIG JOKE.
  • Fraudulent! 1/5

    By Jessann801
    Do not order for this company. They will send you clothes that are dirty, stained, and have been worn. They will advertise clothing items that are actually out of stock and attempt to ship you incorrect items or sizes that are three times your size. They make it impossible for you to reach anybody in their customer service if you can even call it that. They will charge you to ship back their mistakes and dirty clothes. You are also not guaranteed to get your money back. I would also highly advise that you read the reviews on the Better Business Bureau website on about them. If I could I would’ve given them -5 stars.
  • Bugsss 1/5

    By reborn baby mommy
    Is it true y’all got bugs if y’all go on TikTok others saying this company have bugs um should I be very concerned. Why do yo company still knowing y'all company got BUGS make it make sense y'all nasty!!!!!

    By alidbrbrudjngjvic
    This is my favorite app and store to shop. I’ve been shopping here for about 2-3 years now. I’m addicted to this app. The clothes are except quality. The app is very easy to use. I love what they sell here. Easy checkout. Shipping is good. I do wish they had quicker response times for inquiries and that they gave you the ability to cancel orders. I don’t have any major complaints. I’ve spent thousands of dollars shopping on this app. It’s my favorite. Everything in my closet comes from this store!
  • Stole my money. 1/5

    By Samryyy
    I ordered a huge cart full of things and never received it. I emailed and never got a response or money back.
  • Missing items 1/5

    By jackyBuhnanasss
    I love me some PLT but all these missing items or my packages being lost through the mail isn’t cutting it for me anymore ! I spend money and don’t get delivered the right items ! I’m upset because I want my items that’s what I bought them for I don’t like my money being played with when I’m poor and still support please fix how you package the items or non the less be more careful how or who it’s being shipped with ! I want my items and I need them now !!!!
  • Took my money 1/5

    By ur_little_goat
    I had just placed an order for a pair of High heels and I paid 18.89 for it. However it took my money and never placed the order I’m very unhappy and no key has been able to give my money back I even have the email from cashapp saying I spent this much but the order isn’t there
  • Worst app to buy online 1/5

    By ashleynicole001320
    They send the items separately, some arrive and others are never delivered. When you try to talk to customer service it is impossible, they never answer you, I used all the ways to report half of my package had been lost and I never received a response.
  • Love the clothes but what’s up with this app? 1/5

    By allisonncv
    I wanted to get the app for that extra discount and to make shopping a little easier but this does not make things easier at all whenever I log in it literally doesn’t let me in. Switches to a blank screen.
  • Wishlist Issues 1/5

    By Mechanical Maintenance
    CS55.1.0 Version - I can’t see my complete wishlist
  • Clothes are trash and sizes are wayyyyy off 1/5

    By who$&?:@$!cares
    The clothes look great online and when you get them they are cheap fragile and the sizes are so off it’s not even close. A size 8 looks like kids sizes and a size 10 swallows you like a whale. Terrible and then they charge you for returning their crap clothes.
  • terrible 1/5

    By rootdizzol
    my grandma bought me a homecoming dress on here and it was beautiful in the pictures. my heart was set on this dress it came in after a long wait and the pattern was completely flipped, it was loose, and the bra padding was to big. absolutely not the dream dress i bought in the pictures. ruined my homecoming experience terrible app.
  • soo bad 1/5

    By jeon jungkook luv
    My order suddenly got return and I was so confused cause i never want to or request, then i have to contact customer service they said that the carrier lost my order and it take a whole 2 week so my moneys can get back to me😒😒 I been waiting for my order for the whole week, check my email everyday bc i really need it asap for an event. And they do me dirty😣 without any sorry or tell me what happened just refund my order.
  • Wishlist 2/5

    By 😝💍🥀
    I’ve never had a problem with any of my orders or anything, my problem is with the app itself. Whenever I’m looking through my wishlist the entire wishlist never loads. I can only see a certain amount and it’s really annoying when I’m trying to look for stuff to add to my cart and I can’t seen anything that I saved. It’s a problem that has been going on since I’ve had the app and I’ve had the app for about two years. Even after updating the app whenever there’s a new update it still never fully loads.
  • Order quality 1/5

    By ali_pett
    I ordered a dress off of pretty little thing and I was very disappointed. The quality of the dress was very cheap, it’s almost like fabric you would use to make a cheap Halloween costume is the best way to describe it. I also tried to get a refund but you have to ship it back in the packaging it came in (I ripped it by the way) plus you have to pay for everything. So…’s a no for me
  • Worse customer service 1/5

    By Tenisha west
    I’ve NEVER left a review for anything on apple but they deserve this. They have the absolute worse customer service I’ve ever experienced. I paid for express shipping it arrived 3 days later than it supposed to(over a week after I originally placed the order). Then it got delivered to the wrong address because they didn’t specify while I was putting in my address not to use a P.O. Box. When I tried contacting them they gave me the run around. The dresses seemed pretty but they arrived to late and still have yet to get it figured out. I’ll stick with fashionova.
  • what i love 💕 5/5

    By glowlingtwinkle
    not only is the name so suited for this whole company, but omg… thank you for keeping the items that are out of stock still in my wishlist, bc i would love to go again & have the opportunity to buy ! another thing… LETS TALK ABOUT THE CATWALK VIDEOS !! hello!!! it’s so so smart! i would recommend cat walk videos in the same way but different body shapes too! it can be helpful for others ! it’s all about the touch ! thank you for keeping cute clothes up ! it’s really a RANGE of selections! lots of love ! xo ❕❕❤️‍🔥
  • SHIPPING 1/5

    By whalerider246
    Shipping takes absolutely so long

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