PrimeroEdge Inspections

PrimeroEdge Inspections

By Cybersoft PrimeroEdge

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PrimeroEdge Inspections provides K-12 food service operations a better way to perform local site audits and inspections in a smart, efficient, paperless approach. The form template builder allows for an easy and robust creation of new or existing questionnaires, standard operating procedure audits, equipment checklists, and any other areas of review. Questions can be assigned scoring values to help capture varying levels of weighted importance so that results provide quick, at-a-glance feedback before diving into the details of each observed area. Inspectors experience the mobility and ease-of-use with an app-based tool that allows for simple input of observations, findings, and additional supporting information. Leverage mobile devices to take pictures, video, voice recordings, or simple notes to attach as supporting documentation when performing an inspection. While inspectors focus on the work of on-site observation, administrators have access to consolidated dashboards and reporting to see the big picture. For better oversight and accountability, you can easily configure a tiered approval process to ensure each inspection is reviewed by a central administrator and given an official sign off. Experience greater operational standards with the efficiency and accountability of PrimeroEdge Inspections. Key Benefits - Eliminate paper-based inspections and communicate results real-time - Create and customize inspection templates for all areas of your operation - Experience a mobile-first approach to capturing and documenting observations - Promote accountability with better oversight Note: All functionality is available online or offline because we understand the challenges of local site connections.