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Priority Pass™

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  • Current Version: 6.20.0
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Priority Pass™ App

Priority Pass™ is the world's largest independent airport lounge access program, providing members with quick and easy access to 1300+ airport lounges and other experiences worldwide. Activate your account for free with the Priority Pass App in just 2 easy steps, so you can benefit from a host of additional features to make your airport experience more rewarding. • Start your trip early by searching and accessing 1300+ airport lounges and other experiences worldwide • Activate your account to save with 800 discounts and upgrades from around the globe across a range of airport experiences, including retail, dining and spas. For example, you could save 20% on a gym pass at Baltimore Airport, or 10% at Michael Kors at Washington Dulles International Airport. • Find your way around - try out new indoor airport maps functionality, available at 10 major airports. • Stay up to date – create an account to check your current membership entitlement and visit history or leave a lounge review

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Priority Pass™ app reviews

  • Always a waiting list 1/5

    By Deb0995
    Last two airports both Denver 2x and Orlando…waitlist!!
  • Don’t pay for this 1/5

    By Ddamnit
    They have exceeded themselves today in making it impossible for me to use their services (one lounge only for Europe final destinations, one lounge closed for renovations, alternative lounge limited to business class only. Time to cancel.
  • Useless 1/5

    By timelord traveler
    I have had this for over 10 years and i only twice used the lounge. Every time I fly it’s not in my terminal or in the airport I fly out of. On my last flight to Rome my priory pass suggested I use air Indian lounge it was on the other side of terminal So I made the hike. Once I arrived I was told that this is not the case. He had a big sign saying no priority lounge access. This pass is not worth the space the app takes on my phone. It makes you feel like a bottom feeder. If there is room and the food is about to go bad and the receptionist is in a good mood then they might let you in. But only four passengers of priority pass at a time.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By AER1
    Lounges are back to being oversold. Is no longer a benefit to have this membership. Not useful in the last of you cannot use it. Could qualify as fraud.
  • Ms 5/5

    By Lovelyphat
    First time visiting and I loved it.❤️
  • Won’t accept password 1/5

    By Colorado Ray 2016
    Just joined and set up password. App won’t accept password. Called customer service. Very nice lady tried to help me. Sent me two temporary passwords. Neither worked. Gave up after a good 20-30 minutes trying.
  • Pretty useless 1/5

    By njsfhjdjis
    We’ve had Priority Pass for about a year. It’s been denied at places when presented and this was a surprise. How do you know what’s allowed? It’s turned out to be pretty useless.
  • Unusable. 1/5

    By MK.HOU
    Unusable. Priority Pass cardholders are consistently waitlisted at lounges for 1-3 hours, “prioritized” behind those flying with lounge airlines. More of a time waster walking to and from gate and lounges only to be turned away.
  • “Low-Priority” pass.. you may get lucky and put on a waitlist. 2/5

    By DrTalkFL
    Don’t plan to arrive at the airport early to take advantage of your priority pass. In my experience, you’re most likely to be told that the lounge is full or that they have limited priority pass capacity. In some cases, you’ll be put on a waitlist and texted when it becomes available to you 30-60 minutes later (right before your flight boards)… too many people have this “perk” attached to their credit card and in most cases, it’s a joke. Get an AMEX platinum if you are often in major airports as the centurion lounges are night and day better and I’ve never been turned away.
  • Website 1/5

    By T33itup
    So difficult to use this app on pc as well as phone. It times out or just doesn’t work.
  • Pass is great app is garbage 1/5

    By Capitán JJ
    Buggy. Won’t load. Won’t keep log in information. Slow.
  • Password change dos not work 1/5

    By customer-13445
    Very slow
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By HDubbie
    Every time I try to log on via the app, it says my session has timed out. I’ve tried reinstalling and changing my password but nothing seems to work. Frustrating.
  • Glitchy App 1/5

    By SKD2023
    It just does not allow you to log in. Better to carry the physical card.
  • App is slow. 1/5

    By Drippy007
    After signing up you cannot log in. I would recommend testing further before releasing to the public.
  • lack of lounges 1/5

    By xxxxvvvvggjgg
    not enough lounges in Newark nj
  • Terrible food 1/5

    By EricPham Traveler
    Went into the lounge at DFW airport, look at the food then walked right out. Went into the Capital One lounge, they served more varieties and much better food there. Very disappointed with with the food at Priority Lounge!
  • Where did the lounges go? 2/5

    By welliep
    I feel like each year there are fewer lounges available for members.
  • Too slow hard to use 1/5

    By Prius Driver
    Way too slow. Can’t look up lounges like you used to. Just add your pass to your Apple wallet and never use this app
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By Cb4bm
    Less than one star. Completely worthless service. A complete scam. Paid for this through CApital One and couldn’t use the lounge because hours are restricted. Terrible
  • Positively absurd delay when launching 1/5

    By AndyLex79
    The ridiculous delay when searching for a lounge is just insane. Why has this not been fixed yet!? Simpler just to do a Google search than use this app that appears to have been programmed by a kindergartner ten years ago!
  • Non ha face ID 1/5

    By ccclcu
  • New priority pass won’t add to Apple wallet 1/5

    By PGS NYC
    The old one was just fine. Now it doesn’t work.
  • Down load? 4/5

    By Krack49
    Why can I only open this in the App Store and not download the app???
  • Mr. H Klijn 1/5

    By Woptel
    Mostly 90% the PP is not accepted (or only on specific times)at lounges. Very disappointing! This way your card has little to no value.
  • It’s a Scam 1/5

    Try to get in today in New Orleans. My card sas up to date, but they said it had expired and asked for 50uds$. All rhis after a galf hour wait list. In the end I had a nice burger at the gates, well served anf for a fraction. People beware of this outfit
  • Digital card tab not showing up on app 1/5

    By Kenshinrtk
    Digital card tab not showing up on app despite uninstalling and reinstalling. Had to log on using a browser to get the barcode to use at the airport.
  • Tricky 3/5

    By hbpasley
    It’s hard to know what this priority membership actually provides. Every airport seems to be different, and the credit card companies that issue this thing all provide unique perks. For instance, if Chase issued your Priority Pass, you get a credit at a restaurant in Tampa airport, otherwise priority pass does nothing for you in that airport at all. Needs to be more consistent to get a higher rating from me.
  • lounges are never available 1/5

    By dushbfbsh
    Every lounge seems to be excluding priority pass holders. I haven’t been able to use a lounge in over 5 years
  • Nice stop 5/5

    By Maddyday
    Great place to escape during a long lay over. Patrice McFadden was so helpful, kind and professional!
  • Best Priority Pass Ever 5/5

    By El Guero 72
    Just received my Priority Pass recently and I have used it already 5 times. This is the best, lounges and partners everywhere I travel. Highly recommend it
  • Waitlist 1/5

    By happier_gilmore
    Third time trying to use this third waitlist - 0 for 3 on getting in :(
  • Get Priority Pass! 5/5

    By buythisfan
    Access to great lounges
  • Airport transfer 1/5

    By bullflturd
    App does not work. Unable to initiate a transfer from home to transfer. Call help desk and told third party vendor.. international number not helpful at all.
  • Helpful operators 5/5

    By Sadbig7
    The operator was very helpful and solved my issues.
  • Don’t get Priority Pass! 1/5

    I’m a new PP member. I’ve tried 3 different times to use the pass. Each time the lounges are full or partner lounges are not accepting any more PP members. It’s been a waste of money for me so far.
  • Priority Pass in BA- at AA 1/5

    By A not happy frequent flyer
    What is the point of getting the priority pass if you cannot access the lounge? I was told there were 100 people in the waiting list and maybe they will call me in an hour. I got the priority pass right before COVID and the teo times I’ve tried to use it (in Atlanta) they directed me to a disgusting delta lounge that looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in a week. To make matters worse, now that I’m traveling again, my unused pass expires on 2/28.
  • Don’t waste your money 1/5

    By hygopygpy
    Waste of time this pass Most times they won’t accept you Other signs I see is there overbooked abd won’t let you in . Don’t waste your money this pass is not worth it
  • Can never use 1/5

    By jumity
    The clubs are always full and not accepting the priority pass
  • Enjoying 5/5

    By Prittigul
    Very user friendly and helpful.
  • Denver 1/5

    By PT&S&S
    Why is there NO club room in Denver International Airport!!!
  • Liberty Lounge Nice Airport 5/5

    By ADH 75
    Quiet and relaxed at the moment. Perfect for an early check in wait
  • Some lounges you can’t go in 1/5

    By Futuro FOODS
    I’ve already been to three lounges, which they say we cannot go in because they’re either private party or because they don’t take the card it’s only for the people that buy the lounge but the app says we can go to the lounge. It’s very frustrating when you think you can use the lounge but you can’t.
  • KLM Air France Lounge 3/5

    By Odie Jimenez
    A little disappointed. We couldn’t stay in their temp lounge because we were Priority Members. They however let us have grab and go lunches. Could be better.
  • Wait Listed 1/5

    By Bltigger
    Small lounge … limited availability! Disappointed to have a wait list for 30-60 minutes. For an international lounge, in a major cruise port, this lounge needs to expand! Would be nice to have an option to check in queue on the app.
  • Tried to use it once in 2 years and was rejected 1/5

    By UJL22
    Rejected by Miami due to priority of the clubs primary members - I guess priority pass members only get in at their discretion. It can’t be good if the only time you ever try to use the card gets rejected.
  • Lounges 1/5

    By santhoshabe
    Actually I took the pass to work while being at a lounge. But these places are often full. Lounges that work with credit card companies that offer complimentary access means there is no real reason to have a ‘priority’ pass.
  • Terrible! NONE at LAX (2nd largest city in US) 1/5

    By foofindo
    So disappointed with Priority Pass! (A) How is it possible for them NOT to have at least one lounge (actually should have several lounges considering the # of passengers served) at LAX airport! Mind boggling!! Never even imagined that would be the case. Come on Priority Pass, get your act together. So disappointing! (B) At Boston Logan airport we were denied entry bc the lounge was giving preference to other passengers over Priority Pass customers. What? And they charge a fee for this access so their customers can be denied access! What a racket!! I’d say don’t get their membership and use that $$ to buy yourself a good meal at the airport on your own, at least till they make major improvements.
  • Need better lounge access 3/5

    By kwb123456789
    Priority Pass connected lounges in many international airports are outside of the security zones and therefore of very limited use for connecting passengers. Other lounges have limited times when they are open for Priority Pass members.

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