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Priority Pass™

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  • Current Version: 6.15.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Priority Pass Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
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Priority Pass™ App

Priority Pass™ is the world's largest independent airport lounge access program, providing members with quick and easy access to 1300+ airport lounges and other experiences worldwide. Activate your account for free with the Priority Pass App in just 2 easy steps, so you can benefit from a host of additional features to make your airport experience more rewarding. • Start your trip early by searching and accessing 1300+ airport lounges and other experiences worldwide • Activate your account to save with 800 discounts and upgrades from around the globe across a range of airport experiences, including retail, dining and spas. For example, you could save 20% on a gym pass at Baltimore Airport, or 10% at Michael Kors at Washington Dulles International Airport. • Find your way around - try out new indoor airport maps functionality, available at 10 major airports. • Stay up to date – create an account to check your current membership entitlement and visit history or leave a lounge review

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Priority Pass™ app reviews

  • No pass 3/5

    By Fulldecent
    It fails to put the card in Apple Wallet
  • Only one lounge in Paris airport located in different terminal 2/5

    By РК1972
    There’s just one lounge in Paris available in E terminal but flights to Chicago are from A terminal. That's wierd.
  • Digital card? 1/5

    By sunnxtuser
    Where did the digital card section go?
  • Poor selections / access 1/5

    By m2ciry
    Priority pass has removed a large number of lounges and there is a limited selection of lounges just tried to use the Lufthansa lounge at the Detroit airport and you can’t use it from 12 to 3 on days that Lufthansa has a flight. Weird and limited selection very disappointed in the decreasing services that are offered by priority pass
  • Couldn’t get into Aspire Lounge in Bristol 3/5

    By ngwalker00
    Tried to use this facility but was turned away do to not prebooking. The lady at the counter told me she was sorry but Priority Pass doesn’t allow for prebooking and they were at maximum capacity. If the prebooking was an option then I would have done this over a month ago while booking my trip. Very disappointed.
  • Great Service 5/5

    By Wannabe Lawyer
    This is so helpful during stressful travels.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Doug10000000000
    I’m on the app for 15 minutes still cannot figure what lounge I can use at LAX
  • Stop logging us out! 2/5

    By JustinRossLee
    There is zero purpose for sessions to keep expiring. Very inconvenient while traveling.
  • No digital card 1/5

    By Mr. Law 03725
    Digital card will not show in the app
  • No Room For Priority pass at ORD 1/5

    By Taco Juans
    Went through the hassle of changing terminals and going through TSA to stop at the Swiss Port lounge at O’Hare airport. Even though the lounge was empty they would not allow Priority Pass in. They said that they were going to be booked and flights were coming in but that we were not allowed in. Why am I paying for Priority Pass? Let down by priority pass again!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Epoch7501
    Very useful when traveling domestic and international.
  • The lounge in Terminal D no longer honors Amex Priority Pass holders. 3/5

    By checksdaily
    The lounge in Terminal D no longer honors Amex Priority Pass holders.
  • Refused entry. 1/5

    By martin5ttjlc
    This lounge does not take priority pass
  • Awful - fraudulent charges on credit card 1/5

    By gujbcrth
    Las Vegas location- charged $96 on card when it was going to be a free pass/trial- no place to sit and out of food so we used the restroom and left. Confirmed with the person at front that they would not be charging.
  • Bad design and Usability 1/5

    By JCRH1964
    Login access thru the App doesn’t work
  • Priority pas is Not so enjoyable 1/5

    By rudyCH9Iuuturbo1
    There are not so many lounges available for priority pass holders. One time I was rejected in Tokyo airport as too many ppl were using a lounge and guests with pp were rejected bc of lower priority. I’m thinking ab canceling pp. not so much benefit.
  • Fantastic!!! 5/5

    By Guyiis
    As a frequent flyer the lounges are a welcome Break from the hustle and bustle of any airport. I highly recommend getting this pass
  • Service 5/5

    By Golam Rabbani M
    Prompt @Doha airport
  • menu link 3/5

    By Flica lover
    I wishes the menu of the lounges/restaurants are in the app & can order through the app.
  • Love the power of the pass! 5/5

    By SergioRockstar
    Everything is very exclusive quick with my pass saved in my Apple wallet! 👍🙂
  • Only Korean Air 1/5

    By jhet_ski
    In Tom Bradley Airport LAX only Korean Air accepts Priority Pass but unfortunately we are traveling today July 23rd 2022 to the Philippines and guess what Korean Air doesn’t accept Priority Pass… This app is a scam & gives little information about what lounges accepts priority pass… I paid full amount for membership but I guess I won’t renew it by next year … You can keep my money Priority Pass CEO 😤😤😤
  • Awful app 1/5

    By Abcbcd
    The app always wants to spend minutes downloading data (for every single airport in the world??) before it can do anything. Great feature when you’re on slow airport WiFi or limited data and just want to see if there’s a lounge where you are.
  • There is nothing to eat !! 3/5

    By SFExpress
    See above
  • Loading wait time and limited content 1/5

    By honesty 111
    Don’t advise relying on this app. Using the app is frustrating (technical issue), and the content is limited. There aren’t options available especially for business needs.
  • Worth the money 5/5

    By morepopppppps
    We used our priority pass while we were in Cancun. There was no charge for my husband and myself. Beverages were good the food was good the service was good.
  • Paying for nothing 1/5

    By Last time 10
    Miami airport. Lounge closes before flight. How often we fly, pay for Priority and get nothing. We will not continue. That is for 2 subscriptions.
  • Essa more updated info 1/5

    By lakiebvt
    Please make sure Info is accurate
  • No Digital Membership Card 1/5

    By graemefouste
    They claim to have a digital membership card but they do not. It does not work and customer service is not helpful.
  • App is bad. Service is worse. 2/5

    By MJ5216
    It’s great … when it works. Also it keeps logging you out. Additionally not in app support you have to call and then wait 30 mins to get directed to a call center. Additionally, even if there is a lounge at an airport you may get put into a waitlist that only applies to priority pass members and not other lounge members.
  • Glad I don’t pay for it 1/5

    By dragon813gt
    The access was never great. But now it’s worthless. There used to be multiple restaurants and lounges at airports that accepted it. Now there are no restaurants and maybe one lounge. And that one lounge won’t let you in because they care about their own members first. It’s become a useless “benefit” that cokes w/ credit cards geared towards business travelers.
  • No access 1/5

    By meddeda
    BOS- big sign in Air France lounge entrance- NO PP accepted
  • Not available to PP during COVID 1/5

    By C.Alistare
    So far on three different visits to the airport over the past two months my wife and I have been turned away from 3 different lounges saying that they were not accepting Priority Pass for entrance. It’s been embarrassing and disappointing. We’re once again on the way to the airport and are hoping for a better result.
  • lane 1/5

    By Avoid this audiobook
    no lounge in phoenix!
  • No priority 1/5

    By authority on lounges
    There are no priority pass lounges, in lax I've tried on multiple occasions to use their lounge but there are none They advert over and over on their website Embarrassment them I'm going to go on social media with my complaint to help others dismiss the company and go back to the airline lounges Shame on American Express for allowing their customers to experience this
  • Not what it used to be 1/5

    By Shmitty from the city
    Unfortunately too many credit cards are giving out priority passes causing lounges to be overcrowded. Most have sub par food/drinks, have blackout times during busy hours or just say their “system is down” and deny you access. Use this benefit if you get this for free but if not don’t waste your money paying for it.
  • Admiral Club and United Club, rejected the entry. 1/5

    Not allowed in all clubs…
  • Password Verification is impossible 1/5

    By all so DL NBC
    Trying to get into this App is impossible. They do not have a good way to retrieve it. You need to call customer service. Very frustrating.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By SuperUser007
    Does not show the card number. What’s the point? Even if I’m signed in the app it’s useless!
  • Perks dwindling 3/5

    By K10009730
    Less and less perks these days….
  • No access 1/5

    By Karl 1964
    Not happy having paid for the Priority Pass card get to the airport and find there is a one and a half hour wait even though the lounge is almost empty , this makes no sense
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Big Drac
    First of the app keeps kicking me off the platform, very annoying especially for someone like me who cannot remember the dozens of usernames and passwords for all the apps I have. Secondly, on a recent trip I tried to use my membership and got continually denied entry into various lounges so my thinking is why should I pay all this money when I can’t seem to even get into a lounge. Very disappointed.
  • No maps to lounges in Amsterdam 1/5

    By cmaxn
    The app is not helpful identifying where the priority lounges are situated. Very frustrating
  • Great people 5/5

    By LaPappe1963
    Excellent service and pleasant stay, thank you!
  • Buggy and is not showing LAX airport 1/5

    By netmx
    This app gets worse over time. I can belive LAX in not listed.
  • Perks are trashy now 1/5

    By Korean fried chicken 233
    They give you $28 usd to spend in restaurant knowing that you won’t go due to COVID. No more lounges
  • 6:00pm no snacks 1/5

    By NikkiPari222
    No food on the entire grab and go bar. Club doesn’t close for another hour and a half.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By 11 Bravo
    Traveling even more of a joy with airport lounges
  • Michael Dougherty 1/5

    By yuckfootoo
    I have a priority pass card but it has not been accepted the last two times I’ve tried to use it. I sent in a complaint to priority pass over a month ago but received no reply. I have also had no luck with calling their phone numbers. I am not pleased. The concept is great but I have felt abandoned.
  • This is how they make money 1/5

    By vincewenqingsun
    Most people using this app was enrolled from Amex, and it comes with 10 visits for free every year. Be careful: 1. 10 visits per membership year, not calendar year 2. Your guests come with you counts as two visits. They didn’t explicitly say this in their membership agreement, so your unexpected charges is how they make money.

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