ProCam 5

ProCam 5

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 10.5.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Samer Azzam
  • Compatibility: Android
18,303 Ratings
$ 5.99

ProCam 5 App

TRUSTED BY OVER 6.5 MILLION USERS --------------------------------------------------- WHAT PEOPLE SAY "This app provides more control over the settings of the iPhone’s built-in camera than your old compact camera probably ever did." - New York Times "ProCam offers fine-grained control and features typically found in DSLRs, but the interface never gets out of hand." - Macworld "ProCam for iPhone is one of the most versatile iOS camera apps we have ever come across. It basically turns the iPhone into a futuristic DSLR camera." - BGR "If you’re looking for a pro-grade camera app with neat photo and video editing features to boot, better set your sights on ProCam." - App Advice "Well-designed and offering all that one could need, it's tough to fault ProCam." - 148 Apps --------------------------------------------------- SHOOTING MODES - Photo - Night Mode - Burst Mode - Slow Shutter - iPhone 5 / iPad 3 and later - Portrait Mode - requires dual lens camera system - 3D Photos - requires dual lens camera system - Video - Time Lapse PHOTO SHUTTER RELEASE OPTIONS - Self-Timer - Anti-Shake - Screen Shutter / Big Button - Interval VIDEO FRAME RATES AND RESOLUTIONS - VGA, 720p, 1080p - 4K Ultra HD - 3264x1836 upscaled to 3840x2160 - in-app purchase - iPhone 5s / iPad Air 2 and later - 4K Ultra HD - 3840x2160 - native support on iPhone 6s / Plus and later - 4K Max - 4032x2268 - in-app purchase - iPhone 6s / Plus and later - High frame rate: * 48 / 50 / 60 fps 720p - iPhone 5 / iPad mini and later * 96 / 100 /120 fps 720p - iPhone 5s / iPad Air 2 and later * 192 / 200 / 240 fps 720p - iPhone 6 and later * 48 / 50 / 60 fps 1080p - iPhone 6 and later * 96 / 100 / 120 fps 1080p - iPhone 6s / Plus and later * 192 / 200 / 240 fps 1080p - iPhone 8 and later * 48 / 50 / 60 fps 4K - iPhone 8 and later TIME LAPSE FRAME RATES AND RESOLUTIONS - VGA, 720p, 1080p - 4K Ultra HD - 3264x1836 upscaled to 3840x2160 - in-app purchase - iPhone 5 / iPad Air 2 and later - 4K Ultra HD - 3840x2160 - native support on iPhone 6s / Plus and later - 4K Max - 4032x2268 - in-app purchase - iPhone 6s / Plus and later - High frame rate: * 48 / 50 / 60 fps 720p - all devices * 48 / 50 / 60 fps 1080p - all devices * 48 / 50 / 60 fps 4K - iPhone 5 / iPad Air 2 and later * 48 / 50 / 60 fps 4K Max - iPhone 6s / Plus and later MANUAL CONTROLS - Manual exposure, shutter speed, ISO, focus, and white balance controls - Scroll and steppers system inspired by DSLR cameras - Tap location accurate manual focus assist - True focus peaking - Zebra stripes - overexposure warning - Live shutter speed, ISO, focus, and WB values - Manual controls are supported in all photo and video modes MAIN CAMERA FEATURES - RAW (DNG) iOS 10 - iPhone 6s / iPad Pro 9.7 and later - Lossless TIFF file format support - Intelligent 3-shot HDR - AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing) with RAW support for high contrast conditions - Live light level histogram - Adjustable aspect ratio (4:3 / 3:2 / 16:9 / 1:1) - Video pause/resume functionality - Video audio meter (Avg. / Peak signal levels) - Still photo capture during video recording - Realtime video stabilization (ON/OFF) - Video disk space indicator - Thirds grid and horizontal tiltmeter. - Date / time / location / Copyright stamp PHOTO / VIDEO EDITOR & PHOTO EDITING EXTENSION - Nondestructive editing - all edits, including cropping, are completely amendable / reversible - 60 expertly crafted filters - 17 lenses: Vignette / White Vignette / Fisheye / Tilt Shift / Macro / Tiny Planet / Wormhole / Split / Kaleidoscope I, II, III, IV, V / Ripple / Striped / Hatched / Halftone - 19 comprehensive adjustment tools - Trimming, cropping, rotating, mirroring, straightening, and perspective correction - Extremely accurate timeline with the ability to review videos frame by frame - Ability to add background music - Volume control for both original recording and background music - Ability to extract still frames from of videos


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ProCam 5 app reviews

  • Good deal and service is great. 5/5

    By Lucky8254
    I have had Thai app for a while and have compared it to the original one on my phone and it beats it hands down. Can go wrong ProCam 5.
  • Don’t update 1/5

    By ckava4
    Just updated today on my iphone 6. It wont take pics and crashes
  • Last update crashes 1/5

    By Questian1
    10.5.5 crashes immediately after pressing shutter button. Delete & reinstall did not fix. Same issue on two different iPhones both running iOS 11.4. No problems prior to app update. Please fix ASAP.
  • Error raw 1/5

    By Jcnasry
    Con la nueva actualización al marcar la RAW se cierra la aplicación
  • куку 2/5

    после сегодняшнего обновления вылетает во время пуска затвора
  • How to get 4k max with iTunes 12.7 3/5

    By XxVilexX
    How do I export 4k max videos with iTunes 12.7??!
  • It keeps getting better 5/5

    By DarrinC
    Updated review: love the new features tho I don’t use them much. Night mode is a killer!!!
  • Video vomits 2/5

    By TAL5
    Try taking a video, as soon as you stop filming the app crashes and the video is lost. The camera app that came with the phone captures the video just fine so why do I need this one.
  • The camera is awesome, the editing is seriously flawed! 3/5

    By AshishNarain
    I hate to have to take pictures with the amazing controls on this app only to be super disappointed when editing raw images. The controls are not at all intuitive. Purely as an example- why won't the app allow me to zoom to Full magnification when changing sharpness settings? It's a small screen, I can't tell how much I'd like to sharpen unless I can magnify! 'Done' and 'Save' button on the same screen, why and what does it mean to be done without saving? Seriously guys.
  • Stop nagging me 1/5

    By 110100101010010101
    You get a one star review for bothering me repeatedly to review your app... I purchased it, didn’t I? Ffs...
  • Best app 5/5

    By 999034
    Best app ever
  • Low light issue 4/5

    By Naai742
    please add noise removing filter to low light photos , much noise in low light photos
  • It’s early 5/5

    By Thomas H. Moody
    Still learning and I wanna watch some tutorials but looks amazing
  • Works like a dream bought it years ago 5/5

    This application is great it’s way better than the stock camera
  • Procam 3 4/5

    By Broken arrow 65
    Excellent camera app, and very easy too work with. Major bonus is text stamping of copyright, location, date, and time. I'm hopeful the font size will get larger, and a florescence green font would be a nice touch. NOW, Get this app!! Love it... really think larger font, brighter color would be very beneficial.
  • How can I get all settings to default every time? 5/5

    By Nettex
    Quite not intuitive all manual settings.
  • I want to have the flash on at all times, but when I press to focus, the flashlight turns off. 1/5

    By risingjsun
    I want to have the flash on at all times, but when I press to focus, the flashlight turns off. Also, the volume button to take pictures sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t work.
  • Cool app 4/5

    By GNDL27
    I have enjoyed the app but I am wondering how to add music to the video. Thanks
  • Great Potential But Buggy 3/5

    By JPCinPHX
    This app has some great features and potential. Of greatest concern is that it often hunts for ISO/shutter speed and is best used in manual to avoid this issue.
  • Photos no longer save 1/5

    By hawaiian808808
    Photos no longer save; only the spinning beachball-like image going round and round. Need to close app to take pics again, only to have newly taken pics not save.
  • Best Yet 5/5

    By BeaWit
    I’m a photo editing app hoarder and this app surpasses them all as far as ease of use, abilities, and features. The filters are few, but they are the perfect filters so it doesn’t matter at all. So far, so good!
  • Doesn’t do what I want 1/5

    By fdjdcvuxz
    I want to be able to set the exposure without limits but I can’t here
  • work too slow 1/5

    By Doveland
  • Would be a nice app.... 1/5

    By Geekgeezer
    ...but the nagware to rate it ruins it....
  • Can’t download RAW files 1/5

    By rg67777
    Contacted support, explained files shot in RAW were downloaded as JPEG from iCloud to laptop. ProCam support says cant help since they only know about Macs. Not windows.
  • Don’t Buy the app. Videos do not save any where on phone. 1/5

    By JIK.05
    Update: purchased the 4.99 add on and the max 4K option doesn’t save any of the videos it records in. 5.99 + 4.99 = WASTED. None of the max 4K videos save. The price is 5.99 and other features are still locked in the app.
  • Buggy as hell. 1/5

    By Hulamike
    Worthless. YouTube videos don’t even depict current tools or use although they say, ‘Pro Cam 5’. Several other apps I own produce a better image, 645 Pro especially. Waste of $6.
  • Great Apps 5/5

    By JC-Chyon
    i was crazy for get this apps just amazing experience
  • Great app 5/5

    By reviewAPPS1904
    I love this app but I do wish I could preset the settings. That way I don't really have to mess around too much with the focus or shutter speed since I continuously use the same settings but sometimes I end up missing the shot. I probably would use 2 preset settings 1 for macro photos and the other for landscape photos that I know it will be shape every time I Dnt use auto because it takes longer
  • Crashes taking videos with pause 1/5

    By Al-dub
    I purchased this app because it takes videos and allows pausing the video, which the iPhone doesn’t support. The pause feature doesn’t really work for videos I take. I like to take scenic videos of 30+ minutes pausing multiple times. This app crashes for my use. I’ve tried the suggestion of turning phone off and on before taking a video and checking there are no other apps running.
  • Great 5/5

    By yer dude z
    Great app would recommend
  • New app download but excited 5/5

    By megtravels
    I travel a lot and if this app can do some of the things a DSLR can then I will be very please! Can’t wait to use it on my next trip
  • It helps you understand photography basics. 5/5

    By Ronald Quint
    Very in depth app. But, it lacking adequate tutorials.
  • Also good for recording a concert. So glad i got this app 5/5

    By CrizzeBatell
    I purchased the solely for the purpose of recording some numbers in concert of my favorite artist. So last Sunday was the concert and the videos i have taken was way better than the default iihone camera app. You can check some of the videos i took on my youtube channel Crizze Batell.
  • Real Photographer Only 5/5

    By sopranos92
    I’d likes this exactly like my photography pro cameras experiences, If u don’t use this if you not a photography experienced first
  • The ONLY One 5/5

    By Perfect reviewer
    With all the options and the experience of paying for all of them, I still come back to this app every time for the most important moments. It has not crashed for me in a long time. So many features and very intuitive. The widget is great as well. Thank you!
  • Really professional and easy. 5/5

    By Minecrap 101
    After a few days messing with old pics I figured out all the features
  • Worth It 5/5

    By ey hijjajdbd d
    Beat camera app I've ever used.
  • Great features 4/5

    By AliSina Naghibi
    I just gave to this lovely App 4 star because there is almost no introduction about it's functions,I just see clips in youtube to understanding how i most use it! but this App is still great,and really useful
  • It’s freezing in landscape 1/5

    By SSRR7577
    I just purchased this app, it’s freezing in the landscape mode. The cancel button is hidden at the top of my iPhone X so I can’t even touch it. I have buyers remorse right now
  • It’s not working right 2/5

    By StopBeingSoGreedy
    Hey, did you do some sort of update to change the top bar? I can’t choose to make it a raw photo anymore at the top and when I choose it in the settings it still doesn’t take raw photos. If you’re going to make changes to the interface, why would you take a great app and make it less user friendly just so that you can say you made “updates” to the app? Super disappointed.
  • Best out of all! 5/5

    By 80N3
    I’ve done extensive research on all camera apps in the search of RAW as well as the most manual control for taking shots. This app is my #1 go to app for getting as close to I can to a dslr camera. iPhone 7 Plus user. Keep up the great work guys. 🙏
  • Videographer 5/5

    By Toulman
    This had been the best photo software I have ever used on my iPhone. I just takes awesome pictures and is easy to use. I highly recommend it to everyone.
  • iOS dock worthy 5/5

    By pgp
    ... meaning I have Phone, Maps, Music & this app in my dock; because I want to launch this often and because Apple locks in their app from the lock screen & control center. This is by far the easiest app to use that also offers 10x the control of the stock camera app. It’s easy to use and every couple weeks I discover something new. There are a 1000’s off camera apps and I still have about 6 on my phone (some are single purpose some are just interesting... like Darkr). ProCam is still my favorite and no offense to Apple but if their app is open it’s either because I was rushed or made a mistake. (I think Apple is probably ok with the “mistake” label, otherwise they’d let me set a default app.)
  • Amazing App 4/5

    By Real LB
    This camera app is amazing it has all the settings you need to get that perfect photo and capture great video. The other features are a plus definitely worth getting.
  • Best camera app 5/5

    By CherishCoke
    it makes my iphone to good digital camera
  • I like the AEB and Long exposures 4/5

    By Mattcda
    I like the AEB and Long exposures, and all the manual features. I was having an issue with the gray dot moving up and down, but that was a tip, and thanks to support we got that fixed!
  • Ok 3/5

    By Kano2122
    It was slow and I don’t understand it
  • Love it! 5/5

    By ajl1691
    This app has made it so much easier to get high quality photos from my phone and teaching me how to use my DSLR camera
  • Battery Killer 3/5

    By Little Purple Tex
    A nice app, but I eventually removed it because it would drain the battery completely in 30 minutes.

ProCam 5 app comments


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