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Procreate Pocket

  • Category: Graphics & Design
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 4.0.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Savage Interactive Pty Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
9,821 Ratings
$ 4.99

Procreate Pocket App

Powerful enough for creative professionals. Simple enough for everyone. Award-winning Procreate Pocket is the most feature packed and versatile art app ever designed for iPhone. Offering hundreds of handmade brushes, a suite of innovative artistic tools, an advanced layer system, and the new Valkyrie graphics engine – Procreate Pocket has everything you need to create expressive sketches, rich paintings, gorgeous illustrations and beautiful animations. Work on the couch, on the train, at the beach, or while waiting in line for coffee. It’s a complete art studio in the palm of your hand.  Procreate Pocket includes: Highlights:
 - Ultra High Definition canvases - up to 16k by 4k
 - Intuitive Dark Mode interface made for iPhone 
- Revolutionary QuickShape feature for perfect shapes 
- Smooth and responsive smudge sampling 
 - Powered by Valkyrie: the fastest 64-bit painting engine for iPhone
 - Connect a keyboard to use shortcuts
 - Create art in stunning 64-bit color  
- 250 levels of undo and redo 
- Continuous auto-save - never lose work again • Breakthrough brushes:  
- Packed with 100s of beautifully crafted brushes
 - Brush sets keep your painting, sketching and drawing brushes organized
 - Over 100 customizable settings for every brush  
- Brush Studio – design your own custom brushes 
- Import and export custom Procreate brushes
 - Import Adobe® Photoshop® brushes, and run them faster than Photoshop® • Full-featured layering system:
 - Layer your art for precise control over details and composition 
- Create Layer and Clipping Masks for non-destructive editing 
- Stay organized by combining layers into Groups 
- Transform objects simultaneously across multiple layers 
- Access over 25 layer blend modes for industry grade compositing • Color without compromise: 
- Fill your line work with color fast with ColorDrop
 - Disc, Classic, Harmony, Value and Palette color panels 
- Import color profiles for color matching
- Assign Color Dynamics to any brush • The design tools you need:
 - Add vector Text to your illustrations
 - Easily import all your favorite fonts
 - Crop and Resize your canvas for perfect composition
 - Perspective, Isometric, 2D, and Symmetry visual guides 
- Drawing Assist perfects your strokes in real time
 - Streamline smooths out your strokes for beautiful lettering and expert inking • Animation Assist
- Easy frame by frame animation with automatic onion skinning 
- Create storyboards, GIFs, animatics and simple animations
 - Export your animations in full resolution • Dramatic finishing effects:
 - Gradient Map – remap your image’s colors with a customizable gradient
 - Glitch, Chromatic Aberration, Glow and Halftone to add new dimensions to your work 
- Gaussian and Motion Blur filters for depth and movement, or Sharpen for perfect clarity 
- Advanced Noise filter gives you more control for a classic retro look
 - Adjust Hue, Saturation, or Brightness in real-time 
- Powerful image adjustments including Color Balance, Curves, and HSB
 - Let the mind-bending powers of Warp, Symmetry, and Liquify Dynamics bring your art to life • Time-lapse replay
- Relive your creative journey with Procreate's celebrated Time-lapse Replay 
- Export your Time-lapse recording in 4K for high-end video production
 - Share a 30sec version of your Time-lapse recording with your social networks
 • Reference Companion: 
- Keep a full canvas or reference image always with you, or paint on your face with AR.
- color pick right from the reference window. • Share your creations: 
 - Import or export your art as Adobe® Photoshop® PSD files 
- Import Adobe® ASE and ACO Color Palettes
 - Import images files such as JPG, PNG and TIFF
 - Export to AirDrop, iCloud Drive, Photos, iTunes, Twitter, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Weibo and Mail
Drag and drop artworks, brushes, palettes, and fonts between applications

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Procreate Pocket app reviews

  • Needs to sync 4/5

    By Alabamagolg
    Love the app but I gottta download all my fonts again other than not syncing together 👍🏽
  • Not bad🤨 4/5

    By idk but ok Aubrei3773
    I like the app but you can’t erase anything and I find it kind of annoying so plz fix this
  • Needles 5/5

    By RaviMitchell
    Best five bucks I’ve spent in my life. Please add needles to the brushes. That would be amazing. Thank you *updated Tattoo needles as brushes. Name brushes as sizes 0401, 1227m, etc. different shading techniques.

    By Helploadnotwprkingmadboy
    Please fix the bug when you cant exit any color changing window AFTER changing a color, and you are forced to restart the app and re-find the color adjustment you were looking for.
  • If you close the app or go back to the gallery you can no longer undo changes 2/5

    By Thephoenixlights
    It is a HUGE disadvantage to no longer be able to change your work if you navigate away from the app momentarily. This is the reason I’m deleting the app and requesting a refund. That’s a basic thing and I have no idea why they wouldn’t include this. Edit since receiving the developer response: I realize it’s intended because I Googled all kinds of stuff before posting this review. If you navigate away for a second, you can no longer make edits to your work. That’s not helpful. That makes me not want to use it because if I forget and navigate a way, then what? My piece is just stuck like that forever? That would be incredibly frustrating. If I want to permanently save changes I would like to do so manually, when I’m ready. If it must be automatic, there should still be a way to revert and/or make edits. I am planning to buy the iPad version and I hope it has more options because I’m excited to play with it.
  • Procreate 5/5

    By Sa'Miya K.
    The things you can do on this app is amazing and i feel like its a good app and worth the money please rate this 5 stars really worth it to be honest.
  • Could be a little better 4/5

    By lunar 12345 ABC
    When doing my art it was kind of hard because when I paid the paint my piece of art it sometimes goes everywhere and it messes it up and I’ll give it a five star as long as you can tell me how to reset what I did because I can’t find it on this and if it’s not on here then it’s really not good but in all the rest of the stuff is very good and I like how you can pick pictures and I like everything technically about it it’s just I need to know about those things thank you for listening
  • This game is really good!!! 5/5

    By diikfjtidjfrjdkdj
    This game has VERY good quality! If you are looking for an art app, I would definitely recommend this one. 100% worth it!
  • Reporting a bug 4/5

    By Anonymous g564
    I can’t get out of my canvas. I’ve tried even turning the phone off and back on, but I still can’t get out.
  • Give me back my money 3/5

    By Rosalie's thinking
    It’s so hard to use this app please someone help me find out how to use this app and it’s a scam I do not recommend this app
  • Use nowwwww 5/5

    By Wandalyn82
    So gooppd
  • no undo buttons 2/5

    By Boo Ty
    i wanna know why i can’t undo a mistake i made!
  • Accounts 3/5

    By agiealicorn
    I do love Procreate in general, including Procreate Pocket, I just wish that people could make account so that we could have an easy access to our drawings and art works on our iPads and our iPhones. No one wants to take a fairly large iPad around when they’re having fun just so they can draw, they wanna take their phones and maybe finish an artwork that they started on their iPad.
  • Me to you guys 4/5

    By Hejksj
    How do you draw on your face
  • Well.. 1/5

    By ravenclaw1234
    I’m sorry but the pocket addiction is nothing compared to the tablet version.. I’m a young artist and unable to buy myself a digital art tablet so I thought I try this version out.. I wish I could have a refund.
  • I love the app but 4/5

    By water voss
    I love app but I had my iPad broken for months and I just got it fixed and I had the app before but it asks for a payment thing idk what it is tho but I already paid for it
  • A great app, at times tricky. 4/5

    By orosa3205
    Hey! A user who once used IbispaintX here, I bought this app out of spite to see how it's like and let me say. It's so fun, there's no subscripitions, ad-free and very fun to use! Some of the features though are taking some time getting used to, but other than that I love it!
  • Eh, 4/5

    By Gacha Rat Tick Tock
    The app is awesome and I’m new to all of this but I can’t seem to find the back button and idk if its even there 🥲
  • Can’t use my finger for procreate 1/5

    By Vrxyn47
    So I downloaded it and I was trying to use it but it wouldn’t let me and I tried installing it and downloading but nothing I was helping if you can help me.
  • Dear procreate pocket 5/5

    By Thank you so How much
    It’s a good game it’s just it doesn’t let me use freeform on stuff I just wasted money but good game
  • Don’t buy this 1/5

    By ggjwbbhk
    This is such a bad app don’t spend your money on this I could get a better one for free it doesn’t do what it says it does and everything is hidden and if you have a picture up and want to erase something it erases he whole picture never get this. I need a refund now.
  • Best drawing app ever 4/5

    By gkittykat
    I love this app it ha so many cool features but all I think it needs are some short little videos on how to blend of make some cool stuff!! AMAZING APP!!!❤️❤️‍🔥♥️🫘
  • Procreate review 5/5

    By itsarianna2021
    I love this app and it really helps me in art and it is easy to do. Thank you!
  • No title 1/5

    By snipergirl❤️
    Ok just listen when I download the app I was so pumped but it never was good I played trying to find something fun when I tryed to delete it I never got my money back this app is just disappointing 😔😔
  • Update 4/5

    By ledlightme up
    It would be nice if us users could do 3d art
  • Ughhhbh 3/5

    By gxcvbb. nn
    It’s annoying
  • Speed pant problem 2/5

    By let me see the vid
    When I wanted to see the video of how I did my drawing it didn’t let me see it
  • Me 5/5

    By I'm so proud of me love
    I think you should make it to we can just erase the clothes
  • The “double tap for quick menu” option 1/5

    By Pompom Pomona
    NEW PROBLEM YOUR FORUM CANT EVEN FIX How do you crop an image in a single layer?????? This is basic stuff. Crappy photo manip apps have this!!!! I wish I hadn’t spent money on this. The way you have it set up makes this function COMPLETELY REDUNDANT. Autodesk has a quick access hub for stuff like that and it works PERFECTLY. Your symmetry tool is an embarrassment. It’s clunky and frustrating to use. The line down the middle shouldn’t remain visible if the function isn’t in use, you idiots. I should also be able to choose when I can turn symmetry on and off? Is that ok with you? Can we use the function on the program we’re paying to use? Can it work correctly?
  • Procreat 5.2 4/5

    By fjjdjdbxu
    So i cant see the new update of 5.2 and it makes me really sad and i was just hoping you guys can fix it.
  • Good 4/5

    By ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎💔❤️‍🔥❤️‍🩹
    I really love this app but there’s a few things that annoy me… sometimes when I try to zoom in it doesn’t do that and it just leaves a big paint stroke on the Canvas. This bug really annoys me,another one is when I try to Zoom in(sometimes) zooms at the canvas to be when I first made it or flips the canvas upside down if you ignore those things the app is really perfect(The bugs may be caused because I’m using it on a small screen) I just wanted to point these out so you can try and fix them
  • Pressure 2/5

    By pressture
    The pressure doesn’t work for nu stylus.
  • Wow 5/5

    By omg i love lol
    I REALLY want an update for different brushes and other stuff but other than that, I absolutely love it!
  • Idk 3/5

    By vsvshsgcsns
    I recommend don’t buy it on your phone it will be better on iPad
  • Using this app makes me feel like an artist 5/5

    By artbbgrl8406
    I have this app and it’s been over a year, and I feel like it helps me a lot with my drawing skills and so far I’ve gotten better at drawing off screens!
  • :( 2/5

    By FloofyDoge101
    Terrible. Just terrible. It's very hard to work with
  • Bad but good 3/5

    By A frend to all
    I have this app on my iPad but I also wanted it on my phone, so it got the app. IT NEVER DOWNLOADED!!!!!! (Sorry if I spelled that wrong) the app is amazing on my iPad I can’t say if it is good on my phone because it never worked so I gave it a 3 it’s good but I want my money back….
  • Hi I love it 5/5

    By secretarial
    I wish I could type on there
  • The Animation 4/5

    By LoveDove301
    I love the app and the brushes but I wish the animations could be made smoother
  • Good and bad 3/5

    By lds 🙂
    Procreate pocket is like a live action remake. If you look at it for what it is it’s good but compared to the original it’s a clunky disappointment I don’t think procreate pocket deserves hate for basic things like it being “hard to navigate” bc everyone is working with the same size screen, your small iPhone is not their fault, or for not syncing with procreate on iPad because it never says it does. HOWEVER, I am disappointed and really wish that it did sync across devices because if autodesk sketchbook can do it why can’t procreate? It also makes me worried that smth might happen to my files on the iPad. But yeah the sync was my main reason for getting it, my bad
  • No 1/5

    By naksbil123
    It’s trash and I regret buying it
  • Great app! 5/5

    By ellielove cool🤩🤩🤩
    I had this app for about 2-3 years and never had a problem with it it really helped me improve my art and now I can draw really good on art and paper the only thing about this app is that when I try to use the symmetry line it never works any more so if you have any tips please let me know! Thank you so much❤️
  • It’s butters! 5/5

    By HotmilkO_U
    Kill John lennon😡
  • Great 5/5

    By airbrysh
    So I got this less than a month ago and I didn’t know how to delete but you use two fingers and tap and I did have some trouble filling in but I got it Working great app and not a waste of time!<3
  • Horrible 1/5

    By worldtravelerbg
    This is a total waste of money. Never download this ever. So horrible
  • Good overall .. 3/5

    By micah_bludragon
    Color drop isn't working
  • Bad waste of money and time 1/5

    By uniqueleeboykin
    I would like a refund I don’t mean this in a rude way but this is the worst app ever
  • Price but good 5/5

    I wish it didn’t cost as much money or could maybe be free for people
  • I hate this 1/5

    By addycolo
    I want a refund I payed 5$ on the stupid app