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Procreate Pocket

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Savage Interactive Pty Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
1,539 Ratings
$ 4.99

Procreate Pocket App

Powerful enough for creative professionals. Simple enough for everyone. The award-winning Procreate Pocket is the most versatile art app ever designed for iPhone. Offering hundreds of varied pressure-sensitive brushes, an advanced layer system, and the breathtaking speed of Silica M, Procreate Pocket gives you everything you need to create expressive sketches, rich paintings, and gorgeous illustrations on an expansive, ultra-portable canvas. Work on the couch, at the beach, on the train, or while waiting in line for coffee. It’s a complete art studio in the palm of your hand. Now with all the features you love from Procreate for iPad, Procreate Pocket includes: • Features and highlights: - Massive High Definition canvases up to 8K - 3D Touch for built-in pressure-sensitive painting - All-new interface designed exclusively for iPhone - Advanced customisable QuickMenu puts all your favourite tools at your fingertips - Revolutionary new QuickShape feature for perfect shapes - instantly - Powered by Silica-M, the industry leading painting engine behind Procreate for iPad - Haptic integration for immersive feedback throughout the app - Deliciously responsive 64-bit smudge sampling - Optimized for iPhone X and iOS 12 - Stunning 64-bit color - 250 levels of undo and redo - Continuous auto-save - never lose work again • Hundreds of breakthrough brushes: - Packed with the same beautifully-made brush library as Procreate for iPad - Over 50 customizable settings for every brush - Support for leading third-party styluses - Create your own custom Procreate brushes - Organize brushes into custom Sets - Import and export custom brushes and Brush Sets • Full-featured layering system: - Layer your artwork for precise control over individual elements - Use Layer Masks and Clipping Masks for non-destructive editing - Stay organized by combining layers into Groups - Select multiple layers to move or Transform objects simultaneously - Access over 25 layer blend modes for professional compositing • Color without compromise: - Quickly fill your art with seamless color using ColorDrop - 64-bit color for greater accuracy - P3 Wide color support - Input RGB, HSB, or HEX values for exact color matching • The design tools you need: - Add vector Text to your illustrations - Easily import and export all your favorite fonts - Refine Text spacing and alignment for a perfect finish • Powerful drawing guides: - Perspective, Isometric, 2D, and Symmetry visual guides - Drawing Assist perfects your strokes in real time • Dramatic finishing effects: - GPU accelerated for lightning speed - Add exclusive Perspective Blur for incredible results - Disconcertingly fast Gaussian and Motion Blur filters - Add Noise to your canvas, or Sharpen your image for perfect clarity - Adjust Hue, Saturation, or Brightness in stunning real-time - Powerful image adjustments including Color Balance and Curves - Let the mind-bending power of Liquify Dynamics blow your mind • Industry leading video features - Relive your creative journey with Procreate's celebrated Time-lapse Replay - Export your Time-lapse recording in 4K for high-end video production - Share a thirty-second version of your Time-lapse recording with your social networks - Broadcast your drawing process live with your favorite streaming service • Share your creations: - Export as layered native .procreate file, PSD, TIFF, transparent PNG, multi-page PDF, web ready JPEG, or animated GIF - Import or export Adobe® Photoshop® PSD files - Export to any connected location, including AirDrop, Files, iCloud Drive, Photos, iTunes, Twitter, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Weibo and Mail - Easily share canvases to your iPad to continue creating on a larger screen

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Procreate Pocket app reviews

  • Not bad! 5/5

    By PrøCreatë
    I like procreate pocket! Surprisingly usable. I’ve always wanted the original procreate but I wanted something cheaper, I found this and it works like a dream! Maybe there can be more the 7. Layers but rather than that, this is a create app for beginners ( or experts ) in digital art! :)
  • So good 5/5

    By Lover123654
    I tried it once I started playing it it worked so good and I could make very pretty things
  • Idk what’s going on?! 1/5

    By awsomepossum224
    So I bout this app a while ago and it was awsome I LOVED IT buuut recently it updated and for some reason all of my brushes are transparent! Let’s say you choose hard airbrush well when I try to paint i have to press SUPER hard to make it show up and even then it’s still transparent! And it’s really annoying! So if you could look into it that would be great procreat!
  • Impossible. 1/5

    By TM02140
    Junk. Use at the risk of losing will to live.
  • great just add one thing 5/5

    By kaylaweller05
    this app is amazing. i use it almost everyday. but one thing u need to add is the light and dark interface. plz that will be great.
  • Good But 1 Problem 4/5

    By Ddbnhdfg
    This is my only problem from this app. I think this app is wonderful! But, I wish there was a button that can manage the Screen. I know this app is meant for a phone. But, I usually Draw on a iPad. And it’s kinda of awkward since you can’t see the full screen. That is my only complaint about the app. I hope you can fix it! Take care!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Aksyfy
    I used it for a while and honestly it was a very intuitive experience easy controls and simple drawings welcome along with complicated drawings I don’t have an iPad so that’s why I use pocket so much

    By Jen2001gamecocks
    This app was not what I expected. AT ALL! The app is made for 6 year olds who want to draw. I SPENT $5.00 ON TRASH! It is NOT advanced. I use a pen and I drew a PERFECTLY STRAIGHT LINE guess what it did? AFTER 5 SECONDS IT CURVED IN THE MIDDLE! I hate this app MORE THAN ANYTHING! You guys should be ASHAMED of this app.
  • Ok 3/5

    By perooooooohf2vgyhj
    It’s fine just some things bother me .like things on the side of. The canvas always. Gets in the way of my. Drawing
  • Ehh 4/5

    By oof_roblox
    I am having some trouble using the app.first my screen is not full size so it makes it hard to use the tools on the side it is very laggy and I don’t know how to fix it.if someone can help me pls tell me how to fix it
  • So Good 5/5

    By Camcakery
    I have no idea why everyone is hating this app, I honestly love this drawing app. It is way better then any other, They have so much brushes to choose from too! Although I think the price is to much.. but over all I love this app!! ❤️
  • Not very trustworthy 2/5

    By zarapanda
    The app itself is great but over night most of my brushes (85%) did not work so I could not finish any of my drawings. The app was perfect until that incident. I would not recommend because of the mishap. 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁😕😕😕😕😕😕☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️😡😡😡😡😡
  • fine 3/5

    By helli1233
    it’s fun
  • Best painting app out there 5/5

    By ïsaac
    I’ve tried out dozens of painting/art apps on iPhone and iPad over the past couple of years, and Procreate Pocket is the best one out there. I use the app for hours daily and am so comfortable with it now, that I tend to draw on my iPhone than on my iPad Pro. The interface is incredibly intuitive and accessible. The recent addition of a powerful liquify tool really pushes Procreate app over the edge. Frankly, I’m shocked this app doesn’t have a solid 5-star average rating which is what prompted me to leave this review.
  • Could be better 2/5

    By roosterperson
    I don’t really like it I was hoping it would be like the other one for 14$ but no and now I just spent 5$
  • As someone who uses the iPad version all the time... 3/5

    By Tjjjjjjjjj53814
    Look, it’s great for quick sketches and such but you are very limited. Depending on what canvas size you pick, you may be limited in layers. Also, it’s missing a LOT of features that the iPad version has (As to be expected, but it felt like it was missing more than it should have). Also, sometimes when drawing it would use the eye dropper tool to change colors when that’s not what I wanted at all. I’m giving it a 3 star just because of how much I do love procreate as a whole but to me half the price of the iPad version should have more features than it does.
  • Could be better 4/5

    By Winter Willow 45
    I think it’s pretty a good drawing app. It’s mostly better than all the other drawing apps I’ve tried! But I think it could be a little better. For example, adding shape drawing tools. And maybe showing the opacity of the layer near the check mark or the ‘N’
  • Problems 1/5

    By gifjfjhigjfjvn
    I find the app very hard to work with edits and confusing. Other than that, it's great.

    By Dizykid
    The attention to detail is AMAZING
  • Great 5/5

    By zander wright
    This app is great however I wish that there was symmetry pls tell me how to get it if there is
  • Layers 1/5

    By geradodime
    What’s the point of having all this features and power in your iPhone I mean endless possibilities but only allowed to have 3 layers that’s a joke
  • amazing 5/5

    By Slei😮😨😬👺😽🤧😽🤒
    it’s literally the best digital app for artists to draw and create masterpieces on smartphones!! i love this app so much
  • I WANT to rate 5 stars but- 1/5

    By toriisaslytherinhoe
    I absolutely love love this app BUT I was just working really hard on a drawing the app quit and when i came back it has a giant white box on it. Ruined my drawing.....
  • About the pro creat 5/5

    By zaymill
    Because this is the most fabulishas app ever I can make art work for my home screen and lock screen weekly
  • HELP 4/5

    By czgsejzrjd
    You should give us help for the things we want to do
  • Very Bad. 1/5

    By hgsserjj
    I actually asked if I could get this app because I’ve heard amazing things. And I got it on iPad and it is terrible!! Don’t recommend at all.
  • Doesn’t even work 1/5

    By Lindsey060705
    It doesn’t recognize my finger or my stylus. 5 dollars that i’m never going to get back.
  • This is awesome! 5/5

    By xXVal93Xx
    Its just like the procreate for the ipad! It has All the same brushes and styles of it... just a bit smaller incase you dont have an ipad on you.. you can save it and go to the ipad and finish your project if you want! I just bought it so I can check it out! Its great! Im glad I did my research .... it is as almost perfect! I will give it a 5 star rating! Just cause it can do a lot just like the one on the ipad! This is my first art program review😅
  • It’s not good on phones 1/5

    By chardéismeee
    It’s only good for IPads and Laptops I paid 4.99 for this and I want a refund this isn’t the best app For phones only for IPads and PCs
  • Horrible I want my money back. 1/5

    By Raquella C
    This app is a waste of money. It doesn’t work and keeps glitching, this is the worst $5 I’ve ever spent. I want my money back for this app.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Mårîššå
    I recommend for beginners, I have tried many free apps, and they are terrible! But procreate is different, me a beginner, has enjoyed this app, definitely recommend!
  • Wow! 5/5

    By ella2959
    4 words:this is just awesome;) it’s worth 5 dollars

    By goatfreash
    it’s missing a lot of things and i really just want the bucket tool back it saves so much time and i really am stressing over it
  • magic wand tool 5/5

    By SimplyRamen
    i love the app it’s working so well since i don’t use my ipad as much as my phone it was nice and pretty cheap compared to the ipad app but... where can i find the magic wand tool i can’t seem to find it... anyone know how to find it?
  • It costs money 2/5

    By Jack the frowny frog
    It costs money like fix that
  • Worst game ever! 1/5

    By nae😛😛
    Watse of money
  • Fix it to make it better 4/5

    By hari260
    The app is good for someone who hasent used procreate pro.but from watching videos it seeens so much better this app is a little hard to work but when you get the hang of it it’s nice . I wish this app was like procreate pro then it would make it so much better . Can you guys add more features so it will be worth 4.99 until then this app will be rated a 3 or 4 stars 🥺😔
  • Glitching 3/5

    By Bronchoboy2007
    The app freezes too much for me of to paid $5 for
  • I like it 5/5

    By AdDi_ZaL
    Really nice don’t listen to other people bc this is very nice and some people can’t use it correctly. They really set the app up very nicely and over all it is my favourite drawing app!!
  • mad 1/5

    By musical.ly_kaween
    give me my money back or i'm gonna sue you people
  • no eraser 2/5

    By turtle heada$$
    my eraser isn’t working and i can’t fix it. otherwise it’s fine
  • I hate the undo feature 3/5

    By Kawaii_fox20
    I can’t stand tapping with my 2 fingers to undo first of all when I tap the screen it just hurts my finger tips all the time, and when I tap with my fingers to undo I end up just making more lines with the brush I can’t undo I will eventually break my screen from this plzzzzzz give this another feature for undoing and redoing other then that the app is great.
  • BEST APP EVER!!!-kindwolf70 5/5

    By kindwolf70
    I love this app it’s worth the five dollars and I use it like 24/7 after you figure out how to work it it’s fun and amazing!!!
  • Apple Pencil Bug iPad 6 3/5

    By Fsygsycdy
    My Apple Pencil is having issues with the app on my iPad 6. Sometimes strokes will not appear even though my Apple Pencil is 100% connected. I hope this will be fixed.
  • I love it but there’s one problem 5/5

    By Bash506080
    The problem that I’m having is when I draw a circle or head shape and I decrease or increase the size. When I do that the circle leaves little edgey lines
  • Horrible 1/5

    By velvettcj
    I have procreate on an iPad and I really like it but when I download this app it didn’t let me use any other category of a brush beside calligraphy ink and sketch and I want to draw in my big painting and it didn’t let me
  • Nah 2/5

    By this dude3
    Sorry it wasn’t that good but I suppose it was the fact it was pocket edition. Don’t worry I will check out the original Procreate
  • It’s ok! 4/5

    By 😀❤️🐴🐎
    The iPad app is way better, but this app is for simple things.
  • Hmm 4/5

    By procreate review!
    Well this app is kinda hard to use for me pls leave me directions and how to do things

Procreate Pocket app comments

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