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Progressive App

Easy access to your insurance, whenever and wherever you need it. Here are some things you can do with the Progressive App*: • View coverages, discounts, ID cards, documents, and policy details. • Report and add photos to a claim. • Pay your bill by credit card, debit card, checking account, or PayPal. • View your billing history and upcoming payment schedule. • See your progress in Snapshot®. • Quote or make a policy change. • Request roadside assistance, exactly when you need it most. • Take and submit photos of documents that we've requested from you. • Get in touch with your agent and claims rep. • Start an auto insurance quote—and then buy online. *Availability of some features may vary by state and policy type


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Progressive app reviews

  • Progressive insurance 5/5

    By Necie5442
    I recommend Progressive insurance because of my years dealing with them. Whenever I call just to ask a question they have been patient and knowledgeable with the correct answer. When I had a claim they were very efficient and paid in a timely manner. Some people I told of my experiences with this and other insurance companies, have signed on with Progressive and are satisfied. Thanks Progressive.
  • App is ridiculous 1/5

    By Newkk
    Useless app. It will not log you into your account without changing your existing log-in and password, and requests password formats that are proven to be ineffective. Plus those stupid security questions. I’m not resetting my entire account just to use an app. Send it back to the developer for fixes.
  • Recent update on 5/4 3/5

    Recent update erased my login info and touchID saved settings. Once I filled the username and PW, I was able to log back in.
  • Most Fraudulent company, Progressive 1/5

    By lotuscmxx
    Progressive is the most fraudulent company I have ever had the misfortune of being a customer who they tried to absolutely ROB blind, but luckily I will not let them and not only have I switched auto insurance companies but I am writing this review in hopes that I can save you from progressive! I had auto insurance with progressive just over a year, I had one accident where I provided proof in pictures that I was hit and they decided to secretly say that it was my fault. I never knew about this until recently. How sneaky and underhanded of them! Not only that but the progressive auto insurance building that I took my car too in San Antonio TX on horizon hill Blvd was also a bunch of sneaky underhanded scammers who not only refused to fix my vehicle even though I had full on coverage to the max! They not only decided to falsely put me at fault, but totaled out my car as unfixable when all it needed was a bumper. Not only that but my car was there overnight and they rolled down all my windows when they knew it was raining outside and all my seats got wet. I had to make an additional claim which I received $150.00 for that took about 6 months to receive in the mail. Just around the time I received my congratulatory post card on the mail from progressive of being a one year customer, they started billing me every 14 days as opposed to every 30 days. This was an interesting shock, inquired about the time frame and they had every possible excuse in the book as to why I was being billed so often. The bill was 185.00 every two weeks. Most recently I got my bill down to 130.00. I decided not to pay and see what sort of late charge they would come up with. A $55 late charge! The bill overnight was suddenly $185.00. I finally had proof that they were making up random numbers, charging what they felt like, and most importantly being frauds! I let them know I was overjoyed to be canceling with them, and switching to a decent and more reasonable car insurance company. Which, even though progressive thinks that placing at fault in an accident that I was not at fault for, I have a message for you progressive... what is that Cardi B song? Bodak yellow? How does it go? Lol! Happy to never look back and move forward with my new auto insurance who I have already spoken to and is very decent. Chow!
  • Update caused problems 2/5

    By xJB2011x
    I can pay my bill or add new vehicles or even update my policy. Not happy
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By steveng021
    They just increase my monthly insurance payment without even my knowledge until it was almost time to be payed up !!! This made me angry !! Ugh !!!
  • Roadside Assistance 4/5

    By HeatherX76
    Very Helpful! Son’s car broke down out of town. They helped me find a reputable place to get it repaired and towed the car there! I don’t know what I would have done without the service!
  • Home owners insurance. ASI 1/5

    By drissell
    After receiving one quote. I called because in my area we need Wind/hail coverage so I got another quote from them. Then we received two quotes (one addressed to my husband and I. Then the other was addressed to just my husband). And was $500 more and no Wind/hail I call that bait and switch. Will not be going with this company. Progressive needs to check what this company is doing.
  • Can’t login 2/5

    By Mikrod
    I can’t to log in Progressive because at each attempt, I was told to contact Progressive. I think there’s a bug in this build.
  • Useless insurance 1/5

    By soccernobueno
    They never told me I had to add everyone who was living at my house to my policy even though none of them drive my car ever!! When I told them that they didn’t care and told me I was going to have to pay more now for the other “drivers” useless chat box and useless customer service.
  • Believe the bad reviews! 1/5

    By Noire1
    I downloaded the app. It doesn’t recognize or can’t find my policy number. The same number on my cards and all of the emails they have sent me. Also doesn’t recognize my email address-the same one they send all of my payment reminders and receipts to? Yeah that email address. I just need information on rental car discounts they offer! Customer service can not help they just push the app! Going from place to place to get solid quotes with out all of the bundle nonsense takes time but that’s exactly what I plan on doing at the earliest convenience
  • BUGS 1/5

    By 18thLetta
    The app logged me out and won’t allow me to log back in.
  • I can't access my policy! 1/5

    By ShareCares
    The app keeps saying something is wrong with my account and telling me to call Progressive. Why? I didn't have this problem until the most recent update. Ugh.
  • This App Does Not Work 1/5

    By Deeda223
    I logged in with my account information. Every time I try to bring up my ID cards, it logs me out stating I was idle. I’ve tried resigning in to no avail. This app needs A LOT of work. Thanks!
  • Progressive 5/5

    By lulu landon
    Thank you for your help with my insurance. Great Job.
  • Update ruined app 1/5

    By CoffeeeeeeeMe
    I updated the app and now I cannot even login. It just scans my face and closes the app. What’s a piece of crap.
  • App problems 3/5

    By jessvw2010
    The app keeps closing on me as soon as I open it ?
  • Keeps crashing 2/5

    By hiphuggn
    Every time I open the app it shuts down, please fix
  • Consistent Crash 1/5

    By AnotherPlayerReview
    Every time I click to view my open claim, the app crashes. This is the only thing I’ve used this app for, and it’s broken, which basically means this app is pointless. Once Apple allows Face/Touch ID to safari, this app will be absolutely worthless.
  • Accident 1/5

    By fancey girl
    I was in an accident. Was hit by another car my car was totaled. I have full coverage with progressive and always make sure a rental is available for me Incase of such an issue should occur. I’ve always been on time with my payment. I’ve gotten no rental and it’s been over a week with still no response to my claim. I had to call claim rep.several times before they would even start on my claim. The agent said for me to call the other insurance company and gave me the wrong number for the agent. Progressive is not working very hard to get me into another car or mine fixed but text me days before the payment is due to make sure they get their money. Think it over very hard before going with this company.
  • Unbelievable 1/5

    By SOUL R4G3
    This insurance company was about to drop my insurance to $90 a month...pretty good right? But because My gf lives with me even though she doesn’t even drive my car they raised my Monthly bill to $ do they even come up with that number....and they canceled my insurance because I apparently didn’t call and update my info even though I did and when I called again they didn’t answer this happened multiple times before they canceled my insurance. If I have any good advice in me at all it is this. Whatever you do DO NOT GO THROUGH THESE PEOPLE THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF AND TRY AND BLAME is not only stressful but irresponsible at the same time there customer service is garbage even in the chat option. I would rather pay double anywhere else just to have good customer service that is not so disrespectful
  • Suggestion 3/5

    By HeavenHillHammock
    Decent app but when the app shows me I have a notification why is it that when I enter the app it doesn’t tell me where or what the notification is for? You just tap around in all these menus, here is nothing new, and the notification bubble goes away.
  • Bad experience with adjuster 1/5

    By 193mimi
    Waited one week to have my car towed after an accident. Spoke 5 times with the person in charge of my claim and she did nothing. Had to go to another employee who solved the problem in 5 minutes, but by then I already felt that your customer service was terrible. Will see if I change my mind when they deliver the car after repairs. Mina Furer-Rozenberg
  • App not opening fixed 4/5

    By Muslim_sk8r
    Can’t get the app to launch. Stays on gray screen with loading wheel. iPhone X Edit: app launchs and works fine after uninstall and reinstall.
  • 20 yrs plus 5/5

    By Candles23
    I have used several companies in the past have always had issues. If u file a claim you get dropped or you ran around in circles and wouldn’t get your refund back. Well I have used progressive for over 20 yrs plus and I have never been dropped or cancelled. I’ve had several clams due to other people lack of insurance etc. my claims have always been paid and taken care of in a very quick and professional matter. My friends and family started using progressive because they saw how mine was. The other best part is the amount of discounts they offer that no other insurance company can beat. Sincerely, Your number 1 pleased customer !!
  • So much more! 5/5

    By L1ttleBigger
    Nothing to worry about and a wonderful feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day. What more could you want?
  • Every six months 1/5

    By really! want my nsme
    Why must I fight with you every six months to keep my rates down! Yet there are no moving violations or issues. Just tried to raise my rates $1,000 that is not a typo!
  • Very happy customer 5/5

    By Atlnicole
    After State Farm dropped us without warning Progressive picked us up and gave us the best quote after shopping around, after two and a half years we have just received our first drop in rates and it was a significant drop. I love being with them!
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By fregado73
    I just dropped this insurance company due to their support of David Hogg and stand against the second amendment.
  • I thought this was an app review? 5/5

    By Glenjamindle
    Not a company review... Go complain about the company somewhere else. I'll review the app. The app is great and everything you need is right there. If you need more detailed info there is a button for the full site that drops you right at the login page. All of your policies are viewable and you can even get quotes. Pretty idiot proof. Love it!
  • Worst insurance company ever 1/5

    By melissa jordon
    They refused to pay after I had an accident and their reason was that they had to have Proof of what kind of insurance I signed up for but I had lost the paper work that they sent me right after I signed up with them. So they never did pay me for my van that was totaled out
  • This app is useless 2/5

    By Alexis Eris
    So for starters, the camera doesn’t work at all even with the access to camera on. Secondly, the agent stayed on the phone through this experience and decided to just send a guy out. My car was already broken into and destroyed. I shouldn’t need more trouble. Just call them directly this app is dumb.
  • Apple Pay Coming! 4/5

    By FFranksJr
    Good move! Let’s add Business Chat to the mix!
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By John-3:16
    I spent many many hours on the phone, got quotes, on phone and in email. Scheduled my current provider to stop my policies. I don’t have any previous accidents or claims. When calling back the quotes were good but they told me I needed to get a letter and answer questions before staring. There is absolutely no reason for this and no indication I needed to until after me calling my current provider and scheduling a stop. So, I had to cancel the cancelation of my first provider like a fool. Unknowledgeable staff, very poor customer service, misinformation, and false quotes. Serious doubts on how they would handle me as a customer if that’s how the treat a potential buyer. Saving money means nothing if the service provided isn’t any good.
  • Very disappointing 1/5

    By Absolutly the best game ever
    Most inefficient claim process ever! It took us 2 1/2 weeks to get hold of a rep who was assigned to our claim.
  • Total trash company 1/5

    By Litz_C
    My boss got this trashy insurance. Last week one of my coworker car broke down requested a tow service taken 4 hours. Their process alway make mistake and their towing company are scammers. Over the phone they said the tow required $69 they don’t cover extra mileage so that fine in the beginning. But by the time the tow arrived they request for $300. This happened at San Jose at 3/23. Their attitude was rude like money greedy. Today I m requested roadside service for a blowed tire for change tire. Those mf took 3 hours and not even here. What wrong with them?!
  • Awful 1/5

    By Matman113
    I have to change my password every time that I login! The app. Shuts down while I’m using it and the cycle begins again!!! Nothing but frustration and no help on app. except to continue to change your password!! Download it only if you really enjoy being frustrated!!!
  • App is awesome. 4/5

    By Cindy402
    I like it so far, I love that I can chat online right there if anything, I used it, works flawlessly! And making payments is so easy! And your info right there on hands very nice app to have.
  • App times out and you lose everything 1/5

    By tumgoeringret518
    This has happened multiple times to me now... way to be convenient. Terrible app.
  • They messed my driving record up!!!! 1/5

    By Thehitandrunvictim
    Don’t get this insurance company!!!!! A lady hit and ran my car and I had made a police report and sent it to progressive insurance company and they paid the lady that hit me $3,000 and she didn’t call the police or make a report but they still paid her. Don’t go with this insurance company they will screw up your driving record and screw you over. Tell others about this if you are reading.
  • Website isn’t US Mint 1/5

    By Quiltersmith
    I love the insurance policies I have had with this company for over 6 months but I have yet to be able to set up my account online. I tried. I’m 75 years old so got my tech savvy daughter to try! She tried and tried and tried and nothing was accepted. This is ridiculous! Haven’t you heard of ‘kiss’? Keep it simple stupid? Why does the password have so many don’t do this and maybe that and who knows what else? CHANGE IT!
  • Very pleased. 5/5

    By M_Jayhawk
    I have Emerald status with Progressive. During the course of the years I have had with Progressive, they have been very professional and very prompt with taking care of me and my car when I have had an accident. I couldn’t be happier.😀
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Lush queen
    This app is trash. I had to cancel my old policy and start a new policy due to moving out of state and now all of a sudden I can’t use the app because It only recognizes my old policy and not my new one despite me putting in my new policy number.
  • I went back 5/5

    By jastaski
    I bought my first brand new car, 2014 CRV after my husband passed. Unfortunately in April Of that year I had my first accident at 74 years old. I was extremely pleased with the way progressive handled all aspects of the accident where the opposing party claimed Extreme physical damage with me going 20 miles an hour. I did switch because my insurance rates were increased, and I expected that. And this year went back because I was so pleased with their concerned about me and making sure I was OK. (And they gave me a better rate!)
  • Deceitful thieves 1/5

    By Bischoffaleah1987
    Quoted me $164 then 2 months later upped it to high $200s because they told me that they had given me all the discounts they offered for the services. That was my new price after discounts. Mind you I had no idea that was the case. One month later my bill is $387. I called and they told me they actually CHARGED me for not taking up the other insurance policies they covered. Home. Rental, etc. I was never told anything when I signed up. THEN, they backed up my payments and charged me for the balance of the first month I started. THEN, after all the charges were added up my account immediately went into cancellation. My husband and I $900 to prevent our insurance being cancelled.
  • This app does NOTHING 1/5

    By Disi Pointo
    This app Does Absolutely Nothing Useful Every time you tap something it tells you to contact your insurance agent
  • Claim reporting is extremely frustrating 3/5

    By J_in_orf
    You have a great concept, but having the app time out after writing a very detailed narrative of the accident is extremely frustrating.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Matthewkgdyhrfhhc
    This app makes managing your insurance policy's soooo easy and convenient. And if you have any questions you can chat with someone right through the app and they respond quickly!
  • You had ONE job 1/5

    By phoenix23
    Couldn’t even load my ID card, which was the main reason I took time to download and set up the app.
  • Worst insurance company in the world 1/5

    By Odf13579
    My parked car was hit by a drunk driver, I have uninsured motorist property damage coverage, my claim was denied because I wasn’t able to get a plate before he took off. We had eye witnesses and a police report but they said they’re not required to pay the claim.

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