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Progressive App

Easy access to your insurance, whenever and wherever you need it. Here are some things you can do with the Progressive App*: • View coverages, discounts, ID cards, documents, and policy details. • Report and add photos to a claim. • Pay your bill by credit card, debit card, checking account, or PayPal. • View your billing history and upcoming payment schedule. • See your progress in Snapshot®. • Quote or make a policy change. • Request roadside assistance, exactly when you need it most. • Take and submit photos of documents that we've requested from you. • Get in touch with your agent and claims rep. • Start an auto insurance quote—and then buy online. *Availability of some features may vary by state and policy type

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  • If I could give 0 stars I would 1/5

    By jeremy flannery
    Progressive has been nothing but trouble. They will take your money every month for full coverage but if an actual accident happens they will do everything they can to not help. I am incredibly disappointed and not impressed with them at all. I Will be going to a different insurance company for sure.

    By Nader Hamdan
    I don’t care what Geico says about Progressive. They’re alright in my book. To everybody else hating on Progressive, 🗣we know you are lying Because progressive honor there business.
  • I have never wanted nor had Progressive insurance 1/5

    By Sunnystate
    I have not had, Ive never downloaded progressive app. Not have I ever made an inquiry’s regarding what you have to over. I’m very unhappy with the way the progressive added an app to my phone, I don’t even have the password to download apps. The most frustrating part of it all is there is no way to delete the app off of my phone I would appreciate it if you could give me some tips walk me through it. I think it’s very rude that you downloaded your app onto my phone and I don’t even have that option. I have great insurance. It would be nice to have some kind of compensation for my hassle.
  • Horrible insurance company 1/5

    By TylerEReese
    Horrible coverage and rates are insanely high.
  • Invasive app wants access to entire phone 1/5

    By Leaderjoecool
    Wants to know location, access to every picture or video, and more. This app is highly suspect and should be avoided. Insurance company tries to avoid paying a dime to anyone you hit - almost guarantees lawsuits. Protect yourself with another company. Good luck
  • Probably the worst insurance ever 1/5

    By obrad45
    Purchasing progressive insurance was the biggest mistake in my life. I never had that bad experience in my life, they are garbage!
  • They need to reduce their prices 1/5

    By Nina1978
    THEY NEED TO LOWER THEIR PRICES EVERYONE HATES HOW EVERY FEW MONTHS IT GOES UP ALOT. My pay check doesn't go up that fast so I'm better off taking the bus and leaving progressive alone. Soon as the weather breaks
  • Hard to Believe 2/5

    By xiouxx!
    Hard to believe we are in the 21st century, digital age, and they wanted me to provide DIVORCE papers to remove my ex-husband from my policy even though he has his own insurance! And on top of that, I reduced from 4 drivers to 2, dropped 2 cars, and my rate went up $28 per month.
  • Loved the app and loved my insurance!!! 5/5

    By Yara F
    So happy with how quick and easy and painless my claim was handled! I was not happy with the car rental, progressive right away made a report to enterprise. The price is what made me happy the most for such quality services. I was afraid at first about what people said about online insurances but really I loved progressive.
  • Phone Issues 3/5

    By Luckystars2289
    While speaking with a representative, the call disconnected. There was no call back even though she had my policy and contact info pulled up. The issue was not resolved. Calling me back doesn’t take the agent very long, but requires the policy holder to go through a phone tree again where reaching the same agent is very unlikely. Give your paying customers a call back!
  • Progressive is the worst. 1/5

    By tripewire98
    Spend all their money on cute dogs and whatever else and in the end they don’t want to pay you there a joke. They had bugs in their computer I bet it didn’t make a mistake on your bill. In your favor.
  • Could be better. 2/5

    By Sister_788
    Progressive was one of the only companies that would quote me after being dropped from State Farm for a lapse. For that, I appreciate. The policy process was even a breeze and I can’t complain about my rate. However, any time I need roadside assistance it seems that I am assigned to the lowest rated service provider near me. Also, the snapshot option did me no good after driving for over 2 months. Not to mention whenever I call to speak to a customer service representative regarding an issue I have or simple questions, my wait time is unbelievable. I appreciate being quoted when no one else would, but the service could be greatly improved upon.
  • By far, the best ins. Company 5/5

    By Borf
    My experience with Progressive after a recent incident when I totaled my car, was nothing short of phenomenal! Excellent response time, great one on one communication, no run-around, and excellent follow up with rental service and purchase of a new car. As good as it gets.
  • Always Helpful 5/5

    By CathyJo919
    When I call I get a human! Yeah! I like to do everything online but when I have to call they are always very helpful.
  • Use Browser 1/5

    By Slarvey
    App doesn’t load or open!
  • Improvements 4/5

    By Paulk8012
    Replace pass word with finger print
  • Not recommended 1/5

    By juandord
    Progressive likes to bill you things after you purchased an online “one time payment insurance”. I was having really good vacations until this notice. Find another insurance provider! Not recommended!
  • Apple Wallet 4/5

    By ReneeKIR
    Please add to Apple wallet! It makes it very easy and hassle free instead of opening the app for proof of insurance . Please do it soon.
  • Google Wallet 4/5

    By SJWOD
    Would give 5 stars if we could add the insurance cards Apple wallet for quick access to the card.
  • So so bad 1/5

    By PappaJoeP
    Horrible, just like their website. Have to change my login info every time I need to make payment, no big deal on a silly thing like car insurance. Fire Flo and start putting some money into your tech, think the marketing department has had its fair share by now. Sincerely, Future All State Customer
  • Don’t get this company!!! 1/5

    By Tcdf2012
    If you are looking to hire progressive, don’t do it!! They are joking with my refund since I asked the cancelation!! I want to give 0 stars, but I couldn’t!!!
  • Progressive works 5/5

    By CateFlorida
    I’ve had Progressive for several years now. I have read the reviews and I’m stunned. My whole family has Progressive, and we have never had anything close to these negative comments happen. Customer Service is amazing. When I got my policy it took very little time. Any questions I have are answered promptly. This is not true about other big named insurance companies I had in the past. There are 17 households in my family that are insured with Progressive. That says something about the company. If they were really as bad as the comments suggest we wouldn’t be there.
  • Worst experience with this company 1/5

    By Arisen Fiend
    Someone without insurance crashes into me. The police statement clearly showed I wasn’t at fault. Instead of supporting me they said it was a 50/50 and that they’re investigating if the other person even had insurance. Its still an on going investigation and has been months. Then on top of that they increase my premium by hundreds of dollars. Thats when I realized I made a huge mistake switching to this company. I would advise to stay away.
  • Redesign 3/5

    By Haitian09
    App need to be rework i you can barely do anything I don't see the reason for the snapshot app if you can include it in the this would be more convenient
  • Rip off 1/5

    By wingnezzy
    Progressive is a rip off . Save my by switching to geico .
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Dante Martorella
    The costumer service is the absolute worst, the people trying to "help you" have no idea what they talk about and get lost in between their automized responses. The cancellation process is even worst, I had canceled my policy and therefore started another one (A LOT CHEAPER) when a week later they still charged me! Now I'm 300$ short in my bank account and the best thing they can come up with is "you might get your money back in 12 DAYS!!! And I'm pretty sure that means 3 weeks. So your insurance company just ruined a lot of things for me.
  • Nearly great 3/5

    By ShadowenX
    ...the main problem I have is that I really *don’t* want to hand my phone over to a police officer. If there was a way to have an ID show up in my Apple Wallet (like my boarding passes do), I could keep my screen locked and give it to the cop without inviting their access to my entire phone. Add this feature and it’s straight to 5 stars, otherwise I’m literally never going to use it.
  • Incompetent bunch! 1/5

    By MrMarcosMiranda
    My policy has been only active for 1 month with Progressive and their laziness and incompetence is astounding.
  • No insurance cards received. 1/5

    By we have none.
    We have not received the insurance cards for the period beginning Nov. 11. We need the proof of insurance in order to get the car inspection to buy the license plates.
  • Widget 4/5

    By Smurf-Lóc
    Why isn’t there a widget for the insurance card? For some reason you guys stop sending me cards which I’m cool with but there should be a widget so I can quickly show the police I have insurance. Update soon
  • Apple Pay Coming! 5/5

    By FFranksJr
    Good move! Let’s add Business Chat to the mix!
  • 😡 2/5

    By so long 2018
    After being with progressive for over 9 years never been in an accident I get in a tiny minute fender bender progressive jacks my rate up $70.00’s that’s how they treat their loyal customers thanks progressive no longer will I be a customer I switched to GEICO all I got from Progressive was oh I’m sorry
  • Love this app and company! 5/5

    By 🎯🙊😘
    I haven’t been with progressive even a full six months and my car was totaled by hurricane Michael. A majority of it could be fixed by family friends so we thought it couldn’t be that bad. Turns out it was just that bad... so I make a claim and call progressive with questions and every time I’ve talked to someone they’ve been so nice and caring. I’ll be sticking with progressive until something changes. Most things I need answered could be answered through the app, but what couldn’t I had the numbers to call right away!
  • ID #s 4/5

    By nsp307
    Can you make it so we can name our cars/boats instead of just showing the number on the app? I always end up opening several before I find the car I’m looking for.
  • Could be a great app 2/5

    By sfumus
    Progressive, please check out All States app because you’re app could be awesome if you look at what people want.
  • Great app 5/5

    By piggy surprise
    Wish the company be as thorough & informative as the app. Anything & everything needed is at the fingertips on the app! Better customer service & rates somewhere else.
  • App Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By Smilingfox
    The app will not let me log into my account. After several calls to customer service and repeated password changes to sync the information, I gave up. Good luck if you can get in, but it doesn't work for me. On another note, if you're on here complaining about the company, you're an idiot. This is a review for the app, not how the company overcharged you because you have several tickets and an accident on your record. The company is fine, you are not.
  • AWESOME! 5/5

    By blackoutgrl
    I have been with progressive since 2015. My car insurance is only $85 a month, and I just got renters insurance tonight for $16 a month because I bundled it with the car. I have never had an issue with them. The app has always worked great. In response to the first review. It tells you when you open the app and look at your digital copy of your ID card if your states police officers will accept electronic proof of insurance, and not in paper form. In PA you can use your electronic ID card as a valid form of insurance. Just pay attention to what the prompts tell you.
  • app fails to upload files 2/5

    By Tom Sky
    Insurance asked me to upload documents recommending the app yet for past several days i can't upload a single file what's the point of having the app than ? waiste of time !
  • False 1/5

    Does not support apple wallet even though it says it does.
  • Won’t Download From The App Store 1/5

    By Ala Mode76
    Hope this isn’t an indicator of how working with the company during a claim will turn out. I’m a new Progressive client and this poor start with their app doesn’t bode well.
  • Apple wallet 4/5

    By Cptobvoious
    Can you guys make a way for my insurance card to go into my apple wallet
  • Terrible Roadside Assistance 1/5

    By kontrarian nathN
    Set up a tow for the following morning 8:00AM. Received a text 7:00 AM tow was on there way. It’s almost 12:00 PM and no sign of the tow truck. Called numerous times and each time they said 20 minutes. Progressive must work with the cheapest tow companies in town. Terrible customer service. I am starting to miss Geico.
  • Love this design 5/5

    By lovethearr
    They did a great job with the layout. It is so simple to find what I need. It’s sleek, fast, and haste-free. Most companies bloat their mobile apps. Please don’t change this design Progressive software team. Nice job!!
  • Decent 4/5

    By chroko29
    Progressive is better priced than the rest
  • Progressive - never again 1/5

    By Miss West
    I have had progressive for over 3 years, no accident no tickets. My sister had an emergency one day and had to use my car, unfortunately had a bumper to bumper minor accident. The claims representative never got a hold of me instead sent me a letter via mail that indicated to call her once we got the letter. It took 3 days to get her to answer and when she did she had me on speaker and the call kept cutting off. Once we established that my sister was at fault and she got the police report she asked me if I wanted to add her to my insurance. After the accident things got a bit rough between her and I so chose not to add her. AS IF I HAD THE OPTION. This was mid month on August, September 1st she decided to move out. I get an email stating I have to pay DOUBLE my monthly payment because I now have my sister on the policy. I called to clarify and report she had moved out. I was sent to the Underwritting department where a very friendly worker provided me with the email to the process on how to remove her. I called 1 week later to inform them I was ready to submit information and proof, I got the rudest worker ever from the Underwritting dept. she basically said that she doesn’t trust what I am saying and that she doesn’t “FEEL” comfortable removing my sister off my insurance. I asked her if her decision is based off on personal feelings and opinions or policy since I can PROVE she does not live with me. She stated they follow policy but have the right to use their own decision. So I requested a supervisor and was told it took 48 hours. Insurance is in case of, but when that in case of happens they treat you like a criminal and make you feel taken advantage of. Accidents happen but I refuse to pay for an insurance that called me a liar and is using their personal opinion rather than facts. It is a disservice to me and I officially cancelled my renewal today and headed to Geico. Better rates! I don’t mind paying for quality but progressive is a scam. Never again !
  • App was great for paying bill but terrible for reporting a claim 3/5

    By Maddog IGH
    Tried to report a claim using app and after that I couldn’t log in again. Deleted app and restored to try and fix it.
  • The worst insurance I had ever 1/5

    By mñl67
    This is the worst insurance company I had ever, my coverage finished and they let me pay 1 more month, i had and accident and they didn’t want to cover anything, they are a scammers , they want money no matter what, then, they said after 6months with us we’ll give you and Offer if you continue whit us and then they increased the amount per month , shameful
  • Upload feature doesn’t work 1/5

    By SamTheDocMan
    Progressive asks for document proof of Marie’s status, garage adress and previous insurance but when I try to upload it through the app it’s crashes. Now I have to fax them as I live on in 1990s

Progressive app comments

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