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Progressive App

Easy access to your insurance, whenever and wherever you need it. Here are some things you can do with the Progressive App*: • View coverages, discounts, ID cards, documents, and policy details. • Report and add photos to a claim. • Pay your bill by credit card, debit card, checking account, or PayPal. • View your billing history and upcoming payment schedule. • See your progress in Snapshot®. • Quote or make a policy change. • Request roadside assistance, exactly when you need it most. • Take and submit photos of documents that we've requested from you. • Get in touch with your agent and claims rep. • Start an auto insurance quote—and then buy online. *Availability of some features may vary by state and policy type

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  • Bait & Switch 4/5

    By Later Bye
    Signed up for both Auto & house insurance Came time for 6 month renewal (Note: no accidents or violations of any sort) to get a 25% price increase) When I inquired I was told that I got a ONE time discount for applying on line. Yes, I got suckered…But I did switch car insurance (for the same price I was paying) I will never deal with FLO or any of her associated people Good Bye & Good Riddens…. Mean Gene
  • Sneaky and not transparent 1/5

    By Kaletbh
    I don't understand what's happening here, but I don't like it at all. I registered for Progressive with Snapshot a few months ago. At the beginning, my rate was $121, which was great. Then within a month, I got an email informing me that I was removed from the program due to supposed lack of feedback from my phone.... which I was completely unaware of, because I wasn't notified. The following month, my rate went up to a whopping $238. Over a HUNDRED DOLLAR difference. I didn't even notice, because I wasn't informed of the change. The next month, my rate went up AGAIN to $251. I'm supposed to be billed in the next few days, and I'm nervous to see how much they've increased my rate again. I didn't even notice the changes until today when I checked my bank account. I tried to access the Progressive app to see what's causing these changes, or if they've noted anything on my account, but go figure - the app won't even work. It's stuck on a loading screen. It's not my internet; everything else is working perfectly fine. I'm angry and I feel taken advantage of by this company. There's no transparency whatsoever. I don't have the kind of funds to afford sudden increases in rates like this. If I can't get this resolved by the end of next week, I'm switching insurance.
  • Barata , pero mal servicio 1/5

    By Jose1asi
    Tuve la experiencia de estar en un accidente y progressive lo único que hizo fue cerrar mi caso y decir que el auto que me choco no Yeni aseguranza y que ellos no podían hacer nada. Por eso como empresa no tienen ética.
  • Irritating 1/5

    By Zack Dunphey
    It always says that I am offline even tho I have either good coverage or good WiFi and it’s incredibly annoying
  • Progressive does not have you back 1/5

    By Phuck Cash App
    I'd suggest never using progressive. They will find any tiny issue not to cover you. I wouldn't get progressive ever again
  • HORRIBLE!!! 1/5

    By hsjsjzjzS
    I started a policy and agreed to it being taken out of my account. 2 days later the policy triples! And they help themselves to the amount in my account!! I never agreed to any of it. All to find out later that the associate helping me set up my account asked for any tickets with in the last three years. I told the the truth and they added on a ticket that was over three years old. After I complained they took it off but by that time the damage had already been done to my bank account when I spoke with a “super visor” he asked me what did I expect him to do I replied give me my money back he laughed and said that won’t happen. Don’t give this company your personal banking information!!!
  • My rate keeps going up 3/5

    By Ycp1989
    I have had progressive for over 4 years and now that i have a newer car my rate went up like 40$, i have a mint record and im an only driver. They don’t care, and will not keep old customers, yet they will give offers to new ones, unbelievable. The app is good, but so is the all state app, and the insurance is a little better and 40$ cheaper lol, and I could finally have a 500$ deductible. Very happy with all state.
  • The worst insurance company that they have in my life 1/5

    By flafeel
    The worst insurance company ever
  • Missing important features 2/5

    By Nickname:A
    You cannot complete roadside assistance request through the app (and you can no longer do it over the phone). If you have more than one policy there is no way to differentiate between them other than the # so better memorize them. Everything seems to be a link to something that is completed in an internet browser.
  • Worst app ever!!! 1/5

    By Kimmie smith
    Asked me to confirm policy number for multiple policies- once I did that they disappeared and I don’t have access to the cards! The Geico app rocks!
  • Poor Customer Service 1/5

    By gchcbcwc
    Used the Roadside Assistance function. The original ETA was an hour and a half. 7 hours later a service provider showed up. Completely inept representatives on the phone. I’m done with progressive.
  • Charge WAY too much. 1/5

    By dan12345)7
    They’ve been sneakily increasing my bill every month. I’m paying $230 and haven’t changed my driving habits. Also, how does that even makes sense? Isn’t the money you pay every month supposed to go towards what accidents you make? And then they argue with you about whether they will cover it and still make you pay an amount of it out of pocket and then they charge you even more each month for years. They charge too much
  • Bad employees 1/5

    By binccd
    This company has some employees that lazy and impolite. I am trying to work on my claim(# 896309). I can not contact the employee on email and phone. I call them many time. They do not to work on this case and always disconnect the phone call suddenly. The insurance company always want us to give them money, but it is really hard problems when they give a bit of money back to people.
  • App not working. 1/5

    By JohnnyCWizard
    For the past 2 weeks the app says it is currently offline and will not let me log in. I can log in just fine on the web browser it’s just the app.
  • Decent-ish 3/5

    By Eddiezus
    Wished there was support for Dark Mode and the ability to change your name to a preferred name.
  • Can’t do lot of stuff on the app 1/5

    By sreenekanth
    What is the point of app If keep on saying do it on the website .
  • Good 4/5

    By doof1.3
    Great app, great insurance. One thing about the app that is pretty annoying. Every time I call for a tow and give my pick up and delivery locations. They either get swapped somehow or don’t show up at all for progressive or the tow truck driver.
  • Just a bit more than a web link 2/5

    By yanni2222
    Give users the ability to view/download all policy documents in PDF format without the need to navigate to the company’s web site. Also, allow changes to a policy to be made within the app. Why have an app if policy holders can only do a small fraction of the things offered by the web site?
  • Discount baiting - horrible company practice 1/5

    By michaelFair
    They add quotes with various discounts that then require various steps including faxing signed documents? The entire purpose is for you to either not complete these and then get late fees piled on top or just pay off whatever you were originally credited. I will avoid this company in the future.
  • Just Bad 1/5

    By Bono5112
    Like the title says , it’s just a bad app. Basically sends you online to do most everything which then tells you it’s down for maintenance (for 3 days now)
  • Needs revision. 1/5

    By Bucket of profanity
    It makes me put my policy information every time I make a payment. Whether I’m logged in or not. So I have to exit the app, go back to my account info, then go back to the app and paste in my policy number...every time I make a payment even though the app has access to the policy.
  • Mishandling and corruption claim process 1/5

    By DevTip
    They put you down a pathway that saves them the most money instead of being fair and helping customers.
  • Don’t 1/5

    By ohhh dallas
    Just don’t
  • 1/2 star Scam.. Please Read WARNING 2021 1/5

    By galleria photo studio
    Gave you try ??? No login they just want your money??? Quote site... Unethical business practices, hides payment methods, over charges etc.... They will bill you a small amount $8.00 and not notify you.. If you have an accident they will not honor insurance coverage because you owed thise $8.00 which they will bill and Not send a bill via US postal or e-mail ... Just another insurance scam..,... No login any where to be found....
  • App doesn’t work 3/5

    By cac12345667
    Can login on the website fine but the app will not let me login or see my claim in the claim center. Update App works but only if you are on WiFi. It wouldn’t work completely at the crash site. It let me access my insurance card but not much else. Then later I had WiFi off bc it was slow at my current location and soon as I turned WiFi back on I had access to everything in the app.
  • How 1/5

    By Donnatella Jones
    How do I get this app off my phone? Are they still watching me? They want me to update it.
  • Pointless 1/5

    By SV2698
    Useless if you need to deal with anything important regarding your policy. I got an email that my payment hadn’t gone through, checked the app and there didn’t seem to be any issues, it just listed my next few payment dates. No option to pay the balance due. Then a few days later my policy was canceled. Thanks a lot, Progressive.
  • App not working. Again! 1/5

    By G60mann
    I swear if this company spent less money on stupid advertising and more on this app to make it might work a little better.
  • Won’t show new Insurance information 2/5

    By twistedjuan
    I’ve been charged for my next 6 months.....but the app shows that it’s expired. What’s up???
  • Need my I.D. cards now 1/5

    By sudzybop
    Website and app are both down. Can't access my I.D. cards to register my new bike. Bad experience as a new policy holder.
  • Impossible 2/5

    By dianasaurusrex___
    Impossible to login or change your password on the app it says “passwords don’t match” even if they are copied and pasted and the login states your password is incorrect all the time- so I’ve changed it thinking maybe it’d work if I changed it- entered the same password I just re-created and it says it’s incorrect. Progressive needs to fix their app- it’s really difficult to use and the company itself requires so many documents to be submitted and signed all the time so it’d be easier if the app worked.
  • Uptight on money 1/5

    By jay46290
    I have filled out a quote, but what did they fill out? The whole policy. And of course the return on MY money has to be the last day they have left. Progressively screwing you all over. Used to have them before, now they’re worse.
  • Not good 1/5

    By C u kno
    I paid the policy up for 6 months never got a notification that the payment was coming up. It got canceled tried to reestablish my policy on the app and was disappointed I was redirected to the website plus I wasn’t able to change anything about my policy. I guess this is the best they could do!
  • Calling them Satan would make Satan feel bad! 1/5

    By BzZzzzob
    I would literally rather be eaten alive by fire ants than do business with progressive again. They give you 5 of your 30 days on your rental car, they give you half of blue book for your vehicle if you argue with them for weeks on end and will literally let you carry $2500 in extra coverage for aftermarket accessories they will then give you $65 for. Don’t forget international auto auction will have possession of your vehicle while they do your made up vehicle value assessment so if you buy it back it will have been broken down to pieces, reassembled with who knows what parts and literally falling apart! Shouldn’t be allowed to exist as a company!
  • Avoid this company 1/5

    By Rate Increase
    I live in a rural area and cannot receive mail at my physical address as it isn’t recognized yet by usps. This was explained to my rep when I signed up. I used a relatives address in a nearby city as my mailing address. I ended up being billed an extra $60 per month for three months before I caught the increase (underwriting used my relatives address to determine my rate in the other city.) I can provide proof with my registration that this vehicle was registered in the correct city & wanted to be refunded the difference. Additionally my landlord was willing to provide proof as well. I was told this was not acceptable and that I would not be refunded. I canceled today, horrible customer service.
  • Something they won't tell you 1/5

    By 草原的不死青蛇
    I purchased progressive car insurance in early December 2020. Less than a month later, I received a letter from progressive asking me to provide the driver’s driving record in less than 20 days, otherwise my insurance premium would increase by 500 every six months. I feel like this is a scam
  • Rateros 1/5

    By 19861505Cortes
    Esta compañia esla mas ratera de casi todas i digo de casi. Xk realmente todas son unas rateras. Asi es k si vana agarrar una aseguranza. Asegurense k sea una k no les suba el presio nomas x gusto komo esta. Al kontrario busken una k sivan teniendo años kon ella les baje. Klaro mientras no tengan accidentes na nada obio. Xk esta no les importa k uno tengo el rekord impekable ellos tela suben kada k renuevas sin importar nada si tu tienes limpio tu rekord
  • One of the worst app what I’ve ever seen 2/5

    By Ilia-S
    Usability is week, half and most important functions work through redirection to web site, UI/UX engineers probably don’t exist in the company. Even there are different web sites for auto and home insurance. Some of the very basic things can’t be even fixed meaning company doesn’t care about the customers.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By JaysonSpears81
    Progressive as an insurance company is okay, nothing special but their app is essentially worthless. Click ‘change billing information’-> takes you to their 800 number, Click ‘manage coverage’-> takes you to their 800 number. What’s the point of the app if all it’s good for is sending you reminders of when your automatic payment is being taken? When apps tend to be kind of useless or seem dated I often wonder if the company is employing anyone under the age of 50. This app definitely seems created by someone older who rarely uses apps and whose tech savvy skills probably peeked around 1997. Word to progressive and your 50+ year old employees, apps are used for much more than reminders typically they have features. Get with the times. My goodness.
  • Best experience as an adult yet 5/5

    By Nick cocuzzi
    I was paying 227.00 with geico literally had 0 dollars to my name. I just now switched to progressive and I’m saving like 700 dollars. I can now afford to buy food again!
  • Have given me excellent rates! Glad I switched to progressive 5/5

    By Fariz Khan
    Geico was ripping me off by charging over 95$ for liability coverage , I selected the same plan and now I pay 360) for 6 months which is almost 50$ a month ! That was almost half of what I used to pay to geico ! I have been with progressive for over 2 years now and I don’t intent to change my plan or move to other Conpany . 50$ a month for car insurance is steal for me.
  • Bad for bundled policyholders 3/5

    By mackiejack
    The app really only allows users easy access to AUTO insurance details. That’s great if that’s all you insure through Progressive, but I have other policies bundled with Progressive that I cannot view or manage in the app. For those, I have to open a browser instead. Not worth it to have the app if you can’t see all your policies in one convenient spot.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Milo R G
    They’re app is outdated, customer service is terrible and after 10 years of being a customer they don’t have a problem telling you to figure it out on your own and that it’s not their problem. As a young customer who’s had 3 luxury vehicle with this company, don’t even bother you’re better off purchasing one of those scam Insurance plans off of Instagram ads, you know the ones.
  • Update 1/5

    By danielafrisby
    Since the update, the app doesn’t open anymore!!!!!
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Diehardg8r40
    I tried to open after using my login credentials and. Irving happens. I updated the app since there was a bug fix but that has done nothing.
  • Unprofessional 1/5

    By gaaabnbf
    This app takes hours to login too and does not recognize passwords or polices. How is that possible? I’m very disappointed in this when I need to access my policy immediately. This is such a big company, this is very much unprofessional.
  • Great app 4/5

    By gisselle331
    Just switched over to State Farm which made me realize that this app is actually pretty decent. It’s intuitive and simple.
  • Card reader?!?! 1/5

    By AIIColorado
    How does a giant company like progressive not have a working card reader?!? After 20 minutes of scanning with camera and different lighting etc I gave up and typed the number in. Anyone else have this problem? Get it together! Decent company otherwise. I pay them a ton of money and never make claims. We get along just fine.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Nestoooooo24
    Not helpful in any way. Makes you click to go to the desktop version to fully use it.