ProximiT: MBTA Bus and Subway

ProximiT: MBTA Bus and Subway

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  • Current Version: 2.0.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Jeff Lopes
  • Compatibility: Android
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ProximiT: MBTA Bus and Subway App

ProximiT is a real time personal assistant for all your bus and subway needs in and around Boston. Ever arrived at the station right as the bus or train pulled away? You could have walked faster but now you’re stuck waiting. How about spending an eternity in a crowded underground station when you could have been enjoying the outdoors? Download ProximiT and never waste your time or money again. • Get arrival times for your favorite stations as you approach them, without opening the app. • See down to the second predictions, so you’ll know when to rush or take your time and get a cup of coffee. • Locate nearby stations in a new part of town. Stations are sorted by distance and show upcoming arrival times, so you can decide which is your best bet. • Find out about service alerts such as delays, construction, and elevator outages. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. ProximiT is not affiliated with the MBTA.

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ProximiT: MBTA Bus and Subway app reviews

  • Do They Even Know The Time 1/5

    By The Brain Trust
    I get the impression that this app is just making guesses. The maps are complicated to read. It is difficult to get the app to switch services or bus numbers.
  • Watch Version Please 3/5

    By brider617
    Please make an Apple Watch version! Sometimes the approximate times change drastically with no explanation (I.e.) 10 min away becomes 2 min away.
  • Not my favorite 2/5

    By Unicorn TN
    This app works well for me. However the latest update is whack! My favorites kept switching it’s order. I don’t know why and it isn’t changing it’s order due to my current location, if so that would of been better. Please either make the favorites change it’s order only if it’s base on my current location, otherwise, please it the the order I placed it.
  • Below standard 1/5

    By Unes_here
    Needs major updates. For accuracy and speed.
  • Best app for the MBTA 5/5

    By seanhussey
    Fantastic app! It lets me set up my favorite bus lines and show them as a list sorted by geographically closest to me at the time. And this is the first screen when you launch the app, which I need to stress the importance of. When I need to know when a bus is coming, I don’t want to fiddle with different buttons and screens. The info is right where I need it when I need it.
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By Guenther GTD
    Lately the estimates times are just plain wrong and i missed a bus earlier this week. This mirning the app reported that the bus 459 is 22 minutes away. Then at the hus stop the estimate kept hovering between 22 and 23 minutes. The bus arrived at the stop and the app still reported 22 minutes as i boarded... Could be an issue with MBTA, not clear
  • Used to be reliable 2/5

    By kdlllllllll
    This app used to be very reliable. Recently, going west on green line towards Cleveland circle, all the stops are displaying the same exact time when the T is arriving. Very off. Hope this is fixed soon
  • Mostly reliable 3/5

    By madlab97
    I’ve never used this for the bus, but it’s pretty reliable for the green line. Only thing is it’s not reliable at all for the weekend schedule. Currently sitting outside in the rain on a Sunday waiting for the train they said would come 10 mins ago. 😡
  • Very approximate 5/5

    By Geewiz23
    Great app really approximate on timing of trains. Been using a few weeks. Realistic timing of train arrival times
  • Accurate 4/5

    By hitoallfreecellers
    Helps me catch the bus; I do wish the app would stay active on my screen so I could just check arrival time as I walk to the bus, rather than have to keep unlocking my phone.
  • Not accurate 3/5

    By ThisIsDebM
    Missed my bus a couple times this week. App is getting deleted...
  • Flawed 1/5

    By MumblesFumbles
    Seriously flaws in this app. It assumes if you’re heading east on green line that the train is going to lechmere. However many trains terminate at park and government center. Therefore it shows no upcoming train service. Really wanted to like the app but this is a fatal flaw.
  • Great...when it’s on top of things 3/5

    By Kayluuuuuuuuuuuh
    During busy times or when there’s delays it’s not too great with predictions. But for the most part this has been a fantastic replacement for NextBus. It will absolutely drain your battery tho if you keep it open. At least it does for me 🤷‍♀️
  • Straight up doesn’t work most of the time 1/5

    By r_sudzy
    Every time my morning commute gets screwed up because of this app, I think about writing one of these reviews and deleting this piece of garbage app. Today was the last straw. I’m currently typing this after waiting 30 minutes in the cold for a bus that was supposed to be 3 minutes away and is STILL displayed as 3 minutes away. This happens at least twice a week, every week. Going to uninstall this piece of garbage and try a different T tracker.
  • It would be great if it was accurate 1/5

    By wma229
    Recently the times in this app are off. Not consistent and unreliable
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By shana$&34
    Looking at the reviews I downloaded this app and got disappointed by its performance. Even this morning when I was in the bus stop it was 14 minutes for the bus but could find a bus before that. I observed this more than a week, not happy with this app.
  • Good but could be better 3/5

    By rebelhigh
    When there are big delays due to traffic the app does not give estimates unlike the old bus app did. This is a huge limitation as a lot of commuters take the bus at rush hour.
  • Green D line towards Lechmere 3/5

    By anneliese42
    The Green D line towards Lechmere is not accurate, at least around chestnut hill and reservoir stops. Otherwise I’ve found that it is accurate.
  • App doesn’t shows reality on route 116 and other sometimes I have to wait 5 minutes after. 2/5

    By 102dx
    App doesn’t shows reality on route 116 and other sometimes I have to wait 5 minutes after.
  • Ok but 3/5

    By Superuber
    This desperately needs to catch up with the apps MBTA no longer supports, give me a map, let me favorite a stop, not just a single line at that stop that sort of thing. This has potential for greatness it just needs updating.
  • Rate 5/5

    By madukes143
    So far it’s been very accurate
  • Very unreliable 1/5

    By Spelt <3
    I’ve found I can no longer trust this app. I’ve had situations where it lists the bus as 2 minutes away, only to see the bus drive by as I near the stop. I’ve also had situations where it lists the bus as a few minutes away and I end up waiting 20 minutes for it. I think on average I would end up waiting the same amount of time if I walked to the stop without looking at the app and hoping to get lucky.
  • Looks good! 4/5

    By LoJo2Go
    I just installed and used it. It looks good do far. I could not find a help section for questions and couldn’t open the support page in Apps. Is there a way to reorganize favorites if you didn’t add them in order?
  • Fix this please 1/5

    By 90624996777$
    This App used to work great. I don’t know what changed, I now have the iPhone 8 Plus and unless it has my WiFi at home it can’t seem to work. Blank times, awful. I’ve run into so many problems with MBTA apps, none seem to work well!
  • Good info 4/5

    By MShim
    ProximiT is very helpful in planning my travels with the MBTA. I live near several T lines, so it helps me decide where to go to start a trip. It’s also improved its reporting as the T improved its data. I only wish they would provide info near the end of a line when a trip hasn’t yet started. (Of course, that assumes the T has — & follows —a schedule!)
  • “Should arrive”, not will 2/5

    By cjdrover87
    Nothing is worse than seeing: “4 min” “3 min” “2 min” “1 min” ... “15 min” and never seeing a bus. This happens pretty frequently- at best, the app gives the illusion of an arrival prediction. A stoped clock is right twice a day, as they say...
  • 好评 5/5

    By 嘉音到
  • Better options out there 1/5

    By DAJ_Leo
    I promise you I have to wait an extra 10 mins for more than 50% of the time. Stay away unless you have patience.
  • Based on MBTA timetable, not GPS 1/5

    By Mkind1010
    Unfortunately was updated and busses seem to be running off the timetable vs GPS. I use a different app now.
  • Good Idea, Poor Performance 2/5

    By SlkGrk
    I have used this app for about two months now. It works great when there is no traffic, however this is Boston and there is almost always traffic. It only updates every 5 minutes or so, and the majority of the time I find myself waiting an additional 10 minutes. The only reason I didnt give it one star is because its still (to my knowledge) the best option out there
  • Very useful, very accurate 5/5

    By paulhagstrom
    The future is amazing. The app does a good job of predicting when trains and buses come, very useful.
  • Could be great... 4/5

    By jordan =)
    Easy to use and very helpful when accurate but not always accurate and doesnt always match the bus stops.
  • Fantastic... sometimes 3/5

    By MBP008
    They need to do a better job during the busy times and when buses run back to back of taking the ones that are passing you by off the list. Also, there have been several times when the app has refreshed itself to “1 min” for buses that show up 10-15 minutes later, which then might also just drive by. On the weekends, buses tend to show up 1-2 minutes early and leave early as well, so be mindful of that. Otherwise, still the best app for Boston MBTA buses that I’ve found... open to trying new ones!
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By MKQMA
    I have found that the timing of different stops works differently. I take the red line and know that if the app tells me I have 5 minutes until the next Braintree train at South Station, it is really more like 7 minutes. But if it says 5 minutes at North Quincy it is really 3. I’m not sure what the trigger is for each of these stops but as long as you know the real timing, the app is accurate.
  • Good app compatible with iOS 11 4/5

    By mbta rider 2018
    This is a good app, which is compatible with the most recent iOS. I can see the dash board of favorites at a glance. Though I wish it allows rearranging the order of the favorite stops. Once in a while, it could lose all signals, but overall it’s pretty reliable.
  • Great 5/5

    By mendozahhh
    This is amazing
  • Incorrect timing 2/5

    By FeedMeHealthyFood
    In 2017 the app was just about perfect down to the second! This year sometimes it’s correct and other times it’s way off. Very disappointing.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By D.Zemora
    Do you have a train coming in 5 minutes? Probably not. Rarely is this app ever accurate. This just counts down “30 seconds” over and over... 5...4...3... 30 seconds, 29... eventually a train might come, but your guess is better than this app.
  • Best chowda Train app 5/5

    By Chardas
    Instead of parking my car in yard over by Harvard, just used this app. Best on the market. Period. Kehd.
  • Cool Tool 5/5

    By GuitarUniverse
    Does what it says and integrates well with his friends on the Purple Commuter train...
  • Wrong! 5/5

    By Dante Marella
    I was at Ruggles waiting for CT3 app said 9 minutes then said 1 and boarding then said 14 then 7. Have the same issue with Red Line at Ashmont b very inaccurate.
  • Just downloaded 4/5

    By Murabbi
    Would love an option to be able to mute the apps notifications for a set period of time (say, when I’m at work) instead of receiving notifications when I’m near those trains and busses.
  • T 5/5

    By Garciales2
    I love this app I would recommend anyone, to use this app for the train it tells you if it is delayed, and how many minutes does it come.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By cdog327
    It’s wonderful and accurate
  • What’ happened 2/5

    By Larry1184
    I have used this app for the better part of 2 years and have always found it right on. Recently I noticed that the next train is not listed but the one after it is. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling. No luck. Has something changed ? So my rating before would have been a 5, now it is a 2
  • Used to be better 2/5

    By DivaJLA
    Sometimes it’s great. But lately it’s been awful. Inaccurate. Just now said 14 min for next train as train was pulling in. And that’s happened multiple times.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Ttate22
    Very accurate.
  • Doesn’t Work ☹️☹️ 1/5

    By EricM1975
    New update broke the app, when using nearby setting it doesn’t show the time when at that station 😡🤬😡🤬
  • Red line arrival times are garbage 1/5

    By red line rydah
    Don’t download if you want an app that shows you ETA for the T

ProximiT: MBTA Bus and Subway app comments

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