PS Remote Play

PS Remote Play

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  • Current Version: 5.5.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: PlayStation Mobile Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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PS Remote Play App

Use PS Remote Play to access your PS5™ or PS4™ wherever you go. With PS Remote Play, you can: • Display the PlayStation®5 or PlayStation®4 screen on your mobile device. • Use the on-screen controller on your mobile device to control your PS5 or PS4. • Connect your DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller. • Connect your DualSense™ wireless controller to mobile devices with iOS 14.5 or iPadOS 14.5 or later installed. • Join voice chats using the mic on your mobile device. • Enter text on your PS5 or PS4 using the keyboard on your mobile device. To use this app, you need the following: • A mobile device with iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 later installed • A PS5 or PS4 console with the latest system software version • An account for PlayStation Network • A fast and stable internet connection When using mobile data: • Depending on your carrier and network conditions, you may not be able to use Remote Play. • Remote Play uses a lot more data than most video streaming services. Data charges may apply. Using the DUALSHOCK 4: For mobile devices with iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 installed, use the on-screen controller to use the PS button and the touch pad function. Note: • This app may not be compatible with some games. • You need to grant this app access to connect to devices on your local network. If you haven't already, you can do this from the Settings menu on your iOS or iPadOS device. • Your controller may vibrate differently than when playing on your PS5 or PS4 console.

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PS Remote Play app reviews

  • I can’t login 1/5

    By ewwupo
    I’ve seen other reviews on not being able to login in. I logged in on my phone a couple days ago but when I sign in again it says, “The connection to the server timed out” Please fix this. It been happening for a while. Thank you
  • Yet 5/5

    By see hrjrhsndbfh
  • L 1/5

    By zyorti
    I can’t login in with my user name and email :(
  • It’s broken 1/5

    By W0mbatb0y
    Since the last update the remote play app lags by seconds. Never had the issue before.
  • Losing connection 2/5

    By DRAGON310
    They need to update this make it work function correctly. I keep losing connection to it even MY PS 4 and PS 5 is in rest mode. I’m trying to connect it from my work. I would love to give it five stars once in a while let me play correctly is the app either the PS five for the iPad or the iphone
  • Please try to fix 2/5

    By coodlaoapoaoaoa
    I tried to sign in but it would not work so try to fix bug please
  • Works Great With One Suggestion 4/5

    By DevinABreeding
    I am getting pretty good service and connection through the app but do yourself a favor and research what ports to open in your router settings for the quickest speeds. My one suggestion would be for Playstation to allow changes in screen resolution to match the device. For example the iPad is a 4:3 ratio and iPhone is narrower than 16:9. This leaves black bars on the sides of your iPhone or top and bottom of an iPad. It would be nice to utilize the whole screen while playing. The app works well enough I’ve hit the point, most of the time I don’t even keep an HDMI hooked up.
  • Not connected to iPad 16.0 1/5

    By MrRose453
    I just bought this ps5 2 days ago and it’s not connecting to my iPad I thought it was because my iPad wasn’t updated but I just updated it to 16.0 iOS and it says ( can’t link the ps5 you want to connect with ) is this normal or should I return ps5 for another one
  • Please, that’s app I need update, full screen and auction 1080 60 FPS 2/5

    By Hama gaming
    Please, that’s app I need update, full screen and auction 1080 60 FPS
  • Great but add one thing 2/5

    By ghfhdhfj
    So when I tried to get in it wouldn’t work because I don’t have remote play enabled but I can’t enable it because my tv is broken so I need you please add the one thing so it can let you put in your info and you can automatically get access to your PlayStation and everything else
  • Make this like the PS4 app 4/5

    By GoCrazyGreg
    The PS4 second screen was perfect for me is put PS4 in rest mode it allowed me to use as keyboard whenever I had to text either in game chat or in playstation message
  • A esta app le falta mucho 2/5

    By alqaead
    Buenas si funciona bien y todo pero para poder usarla tienes que prender el play manual mente para poder jugar a distancia , eso es lo mas tonto que hay Tengo entendido que la del xbox puedes prender el xbox a distancia y jugar cualquier juego !! Hasta deberia ser igual o esta mejor por algo pagamos mas por una mejor consola que al fin y al cabo trabajan mas o menos igual
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By take my nickname you piece
    I’ve tried all the troubleshooting, read numerous threads, and spoken with the “experts”. There is something legitimately wrong with my PS5 and the wifi connection with remote play. It won’t stay connected to remote play through my backbone controller no matter the settings and even had my wifi hard wired into my console when it finally connected with my phone. But alas, the second I try and use it “remotely” it won’t reconnect. Its such a shame. I had no problems using remote play with my xbox, absolutely none. This is a huge bug on such a pricey console and sorely disappointed.
  • Can’t Connect 2/5

    By skittlz_101
    Works ok at home but doesn’t connect from anywhere else. Keep getting error code 8801330d. App used to work but no longer does.

    By Ravyyyy_
    Trying to use my PlayStation Backbone. App continuously crashes, I deleted and reinstalled several times & nothing 🙄
  • messed up my ps4 1/5

    By Reviewer person critic
    since playstation is incapable of making controllers with bluetooth that connects properly i thought this would be useful to reconnect my controller when my only way of controlling the device is not working but this app literally cannot do anything, if u want to just use netflix with this app u would be better off trying to use your tv as a touchscreen device, any input that you do, despite being recognized as a controller takes 3 times as long with your phone and sometimes makes things unable to load like your ps4 settings or any apps, do not use this unless you want to brick your ps4. this app has actually made my ps4 unable to load anything or move from the home menu and without a working controller and being able to access my setting, they have successfully made an app that makes everything worse
  • What happened? 1/5

    By WoodCookie69
    This used to work just fine, idk what changed. Connection is always weak/failing, but remote play works just fine with my Xbox.
  • App Will Not Open 1/5

    By DJ Max James
    I’ve tried reinstalling the app and rebooting my phone, but I simply cannot get this app to open. I’m really disappointed as I was gifted a backbone for Christmas and was very excited to use it with this app. Tips on how to fix? I’m happy to change this review if I can get this app to work.
  • Ps4 app review 1/5

    By Camerong252
    EVERYTIME I click my ps app or ps remote play app it says “ connection to the server has timed out”
  • Doesn’t work as advertised 1/5

    By Obsidian1983
    I can’t get it to work unless the PlayStation turns on and goes through the motions. I would like to play and still watch a movie, or be away from home.
  • PS4 Rocked, PS5 Garbage 1/5

    By Xxmixedxtapexx
    This app was perfect working with PS4, impossible to get PS5 working. Doesn’t matter what you do the PS5 errors out. Clear attempt to push you towards cloud gaming with premium. What a waste
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Jighead85
    This is the worst app I’ve ever seen it works for .2 seconds before disconnecting if you move more than 1 foot away from your console it disconnects
  • Doesn’t work wack Devs 1/5

    By Lexxo013
    App says works on iOS 13^ and up but it doesn’t run on iOS 14 just crashes and closes, patch it or remove it from Apple store stop wasting our time...🧐👍🏼
  • Yo 1/5

    By Kygoa
    Won’t let me open app
  • Good, but I can’t connect my PlayStation 3/5

    By Stop reducing
    It’s great when you want to play in your phone, but now I can’t connect to my PlayStation.
  • I hope Sony take time listen Feedback worldwide 3/5

    By cristain toribio jr 1
    I recommend got any problems and Sony remote write your feed back and post Sony twitter and write reviews apple store and how can improve Sony remote updates and I like more new updates everyday
  • Garbage 1/5

    By locokev714
    You can play a game but can’t watch anything on remote play pretty stupid and lame don’t call this remote play if you can’t play a movie it’s a remote game :)
  • The lag… 4/5

    By *-------------------*
    I’m a big PlayStation fan but every time I try to use the app it always has input lag and and get repeatedly kicked out of the app. I have tried connecting my ps5 to my internet router and it hasn’t done anything at all but despite this problem I am still a fan of your guys company. And one more thing. Why are the games so expensive?
  • Like it, BUT 4/5

    By PKY boy
    I like it, BUT I wish there was a way i could remote play my PS3 on here as well.
  • Completely trash when trying to use on Ps5 1/5

    By Matt pascucci
    Every single time I try connecting it to my ps5 it disconnects from it immediately. And when I go to Reconnect it says that I can’t use it because of another user on it when there NOBODY BUT ME! FIX IT
  • Can’t link to my ps4 1/5

    By Jurassic world alive fan
    It won’t let me link to my ps4
  • Apple TV compatibility? 1/5

    By DHirschfelt
    TVOS has the same support for DualShock and DualSense controller as the iPhone and iPad. With Apple TV being more popular and capable than ever it’s (past) time to add Apple TV support to the PlayStation Remote Play app. This would significantly extend the functionality and flexibility of the PlayStation platform within the home.
  • Fix your dam app 1/5

    By J see geneh
  • The worst 1/5

    By ejoas
    When I try to sign in it whoud not let me
  • Awesome for when sister is hogging the tv1 4/5

    By imposer
    This app is great, but the video quality get very low
  • not really much of a point here 2/5

    By Supergoldenninja
    if you ever wanted to play ps4 games at 10 frames per second with constant freezing and lag on a tiny phone screen than i guess this is for you
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Jesse icyj
    I use to be able to connect to my PS5 from my iPad. But now it will never connect for some reason. I even have better internet as well. I have a gig and it is hardwired.
  • Powerful but needs to be optimized 3/5

    By Dr. Missile
    It’s a useful tool, but performance is quite poor on my brand new iPhone 14 pro. Low frame rate makes browsing unpleasant.
  • Works well but integration with controllers could be better 4/5

    By svolokh
    This works well for playing my PS5 games while I'm away from home. However I use it with a Razer Kishi controller and while it works, the integration is not ideal: the on-screen controls still appear on the screen whenever I touch it and there is no way to disable this, and it is still necessary for me to touch the screen to interact with the touch pad.
  • Good enough 4/5

    By camarriott
    You’ll want a controller; a low ping connection on the PS4/5 end and a fast Wi-Fi/5G connection on your phone but it’s a good enough solution till Sony decides to launch a proper cloud solution.
  • Can’t connect since update ios16 3/5

    By mix11111233
    It was working fine before, but it won’t let me connect since I update ios16, always show me error 80001fff, please fix it
  • Keyboard map broken 4/5

    By nymestiza
    If you use a password for your ps5, the keyboard mapping to gamepad buttons is wrong. The numbers 1 and 4 are mapped to the same key. Can’t take advantage of remote play if you can’t unlock your console.
  • Decent 3/5

    By Kapriisunn
    I’d give this 5 stars if this app didn’t constantly freeze during streaming; it makes my character be stuck in place or the camera is going every which way without me even touching it because it’s struggling to reconnect to remote play and then bad enough to where it kicks me out. I was streaming Overwatch 2 on Discord and it kicked me out over 5 times, the game even gave me a countdown about to kick me out in the middle of a match set as “inactivity” because it was struggling THAT MUCH. May just find an extension to plug into my PS5 to do this so I can continue streaming games for my friends on Discord without this problem. Like I said, it’s fine but it has lots of connection and lagging issues. Not to mention the quality is kinda boo-boo. We are way past the times and need for 720hp being the highest quality available.
  • App is pretty much useless 1/5

    By efrain_SRT
    No matter how good your connection is on either end, the app is useless as it wont connect or it disconnects within seconds. App shouldnt even exist i dont see the point of the app when its useless.
  • It’s legs hard 4/5

    By hdjdndndndmf
    When done game or just doing nothing the game or a title screen black sword and to the point it just kicks me out
  • App Won’t even open 2/5

    By dnbjones98
    I have uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted my device and every time I attempt to open the app the PS Remote screen appears for a second and the crashes.
  • Good but not enough 2/5

    By Abelucho Power
    It gives me the same error 880133f but i’m sure both devices are connected to the same wifi. when I try with my android it perfectly works but I want to use my iPhone not android, I don’t know what else to do.
  • The app will not work. 3/5

    By Ranger Mo
    This app will not work for my son.
  • Need more support 4/5

    By joke4joe
    I been using this for awhile it work amazing on PS5 I got zero problem with connection but when I do play ps4 it be slow connection n sometime freeze or quit on me