PS Remote Play

PS Remote Play

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  • Current Version: 5.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: PlayStation Mobile Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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PS Remote Play App

Use PS Remote Play to access your PS5™ or PS4™ wherever you go. With PS Remote Play, you can: • Display the PlayStation®5 or PlayStation®4 screen on your mobile device. • Use the on-screen controller on your mobile device to control your PS5 or PS4. • Connect your DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller. • Connect your DualSense™ wireless controller to mobile devices with iOS 14.5 or iPadOS 14.5 or later installed. • Join voice chats using the mic on your mobile device. • Enter text on your PS5 or PS4 using the keyboard on your mobile device. To use this app, you need the following: • A mobile device with iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 later installed • A PS5 or PS4 console with the latest system software version • An account for PlayStation Network • A fast and stable internet connection When using mobile data: • Depending on your carrier and network conditions, you may not be able to use Remote Play. • Remote Play uses a lot more data than most video streaming services. Data charges may apply. Using the DUALSHOCK 4: For mobile devices with iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 installed, use the on-screen controller to use the PS button and the touch pad function. Note: • This app may not be compatible with some games. • You need to grant this app access to connect to devices on your local network. If you haven't already, you can do this from the Settings menu on your iOS or iPadOS device. • Your controller may vibrate differently than when playing on your PS5 or PS4 console.

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PS Remote Play app reviews

  • Connection trouble 1/5

    By hybridfact
    On my local network, it will turn on the PS5, and then say someone else is doing remote play already. Either that or throw an error code - 80001fff It turned the machine on, so some connection was made…
  • It don’t work 1/5

    By Niyah/Jordan
    My phone is updated to the latest update and it doesn’t work. It keeps saying I gotta connect to the same wifi even though I had both on the same wifi. They’re both in the same house. Like ion know if I gotta have an iPhone 10 or something but if not, the app isn’t working for my iPhone SE (the new one). Trash app.
  • Tried to fix my earlier review 5/5

    By Leo12160
    Had issue with the remote play working on my iPhone12, but just now got it to work as it was a cellular data issue. I just can’t seem to revise my earlier comment on here, sorry ps remote play team! Thanks for the customer support👍
  • Lag 3/5

    By germtheking
    The app is extremely laggy at the moment, even though I have good internet speeds
  • Wrecks controller 1/5

    By Rhoshi
    So I connected my controller to phone in hopes of using phone as headset when mine broke. Now it won’t connect to ps4. I have everything for 24 hours to get this working. I have watched all videos on syncing and nothing works. Even when plugged into ps4 and turning controller on all it does is attempt to sync and I have done this with 4 different charging cords. I only have 1 controller so now I can’t even use my PlayStation anymore. Don’t use app unless you want your controller ruined and 0 reaponse from customer support.
  • Phone Controller 3/5

    By steelbonz
    The big NoNo is I can’t connect to wifi while using the app. This takes lots of data and even the phone carrier says unlimited you never know. The app is awesome just have to get used to it but for emergencies having it makes it worth it. Another use is kicking out whoever is using the console… have fun.
  • Terrible connection 2/5

    By dis app haunted
    Everytime I try to connect it says can’t connect to ps4 error code8001fff
  • هل توجد اعدادات للنت موصى بها 5/5

    By Ippo30
    انا استخدم التطبيق على جهاز الايباد برو بكثره ولكن توجد مشكله انقطاع النت جهاز الواي فاي الذي استخدمه هو ZTE router 5g وجهاز ال ps5 فى المنزل ارجو الافاده وشكرا لكم
  • Please allow for a media controller function 3/5

    By Nazzarellastick
    The app works for game but not any media apps. I don’t care for watching them on my phone, I would just the ability to control and use the phone as a media remote.
  • Connection 4/5

    By Drummerman2008
    I love the remote play feature only problem I see with it that it lags when playing.
  • 3 stars because.. 3/5

    By lemu emu and doug
    Its a real good concept but the buttons are kinda janky and whenever i turn in a game i spin in circles, please fix this. Kind regards.
  • Trouble connecting back to ps4 3/5

    By jnmsgraVe
    this is app was working great until i started having problems connecting my controller back to my ps4. i’ve tried played on my phone for a while without any trouble but for some reason my controller only recognizes my phone and not my console. if someone has any solutions to this please let me know. and it would be great and if you guys could fix the issue as well because i never had any problems connecting controllers to my console until i used this app
  • PS4 controller does not work in the app 1/5

    By johndavid3gxx
    All of a sudden my ps4 controllers do not work with the app. And they are connected to my phone. They have a blue light. I’m not sure what’s going on but they were just working fine yesterday.
  • Unstable 2/5

    By Ch Ch Cha
    Have extremely high speed cable and strong Wi-Fi connections to stream on multiple devices, but when I try to use Remote Play it only stays connected for 2 minutes before disconnecting. I don’t know which update made it so much slower and unstable but it needs to be fixed.
  • Ps4 remote 3/5

    By here Hdh f
    I have downloaded it and it doesn’t let me connect or if I do manually it just don’t work plz help
  • Best app ever. 5/5

    By Jerry Hunt Jr
    Five stars. I played my PS4 on my iPad while on vacation. Using cellular data. Totally worth it In every way. If you aren’t using this your not tapping into your PS4. Been with PlayStation from the start and have always hated how they didn’t really get this right on the ps3. This made my PS 4 an even better value to me and allows me to game anywhere and any time so long as I have internet access…. Can’t say enough about how awesome this is. Finally Sony got this perfected. Great Job Sony!
  • Accessible with voiceover, but haptics 5/5

    By AlyabaniKW
    It would be great if PS Remote Play supported haptic feedback, just like how PS Remote Play for Windows did recently. Keep it up
  • $10.69 2/5

    By BigPoppaTrai
    I updated my phone to have the new and improved buttons or whatever and they deleted it from phone. Now I have to pay for something I’ve been using for the past few years?!?!
  • Not working anymore 1/5

    By Ai Zoe
    I’ve got my PS4 and the App both updated and I am unable to connect to my PS4 nor can I connect to my PS4 Pro. My older phone with an out dated version of this app allows me to use it with no problems, but doesn’t want to connect to any other devices. Help? Like I can’t figure out why I cannot use it even though it it works on old phone and old version. I have a friend who even connected to my PS4 in the UK and yet I can’t with my new phone in the same house using the same WiFi

    By Mad4435333972
    It just doesn’t work on your phone unless you’re home. What’s the point then? Why would I remote play from home. I’M HOME!!! I had 50-100mbps internet download speeds, and it still does not work away from home. If I hotspot my laptop it will work on my laptop app. There’s something wrong with this mobile app. PLZ Fix it!!!
  • Waiting on a feature! 4/5

    By Froboi09
    STILL waiting on the ability to change accounts on a single console without having to log out and back in using the username and 2FA.. once that happens, this deserves a 5 star!
  • dumb 2/5

    By piebatter117
    i get that i cant see streaming app content on the phone screen while connected to the remote play app, but why can i not see the controls, just the buttons, to use my phone as a controller to pause, rewind, etc.? it is annoying when i have to use my controller that is on the other side of the room, charging, to do something i should be able to do using this app. the only button i am allowed to use is: “send console back to homescreen” then i can have the button controls back. dumb. just don’t show the content but give me the buttons to control my console.
  • Good idea but there’s a bog problem 1/5

    By what among us
    I have to sign in on PlayStation network but it doesn’t work on my iPad and on my ps4
  • Terrible even when in the same room! 1/5

    By Jelloskins
    Remote play is really just a buggy mess. Microsoft has this working amazingly, but Sony can't get it to work. iPad with remote play on WiFi network and the PS5 plugged into the WiFi router with an Ethernet cable. You would think it would be the best case usage, but it is unusable. Choppy, drops connection. I have removed everything from the network and dedicated a Ubiquity router to the iPad and the PS5 but it is just unusable. Don't bother with this app, delete it and move along. It should be removed from the store. It's really nice they recently added dark mode. Why not spend time on making it work?
  • Doesn’t work anymore 1/5

    By naknak95
    This app hasn’t worked correctly since they launched the PS5. It connects every one in awhile and I’ve tried over 5G, LTE, and 3 different Wi-Fi networks. Please fix this
  • I love annoying my brother with this🤩😁 5/5

    By aaaaaaaassfjkyfghddrhjhvfdfhh
    I love annoying my brother with it🤩😁
  • 8001fff 2/5

    By nedoka
    ipad pro + ps5, After first time installation and re-installation I did play once, but later same day I could not connect to the PS again. I can hear that PS reacts and turning on, but ipad app shows same error all the time: 8001fff
  • Please New Update 4/5

    By shyayaan88
    Sony Please fix the gray bars. On iPhones it looks really bad now and ruins the experience. Love y’all but plz get this fixed asap everyone wants this
  • Fix grayish background 1/5

    By Yurator
    Plese fix background color its gray and looks very terrible.
  • No 1080P for PS4 Pro & probably for PS5 2/5

    So this app is amazing & remote play for PS5 is incredibly nice with even HDR but as far as the PS4 Pro I can’t pick 1080p even though I have a gigabit Internet connection. I can’t tell cause I don’t see this setting for PS5 but I’m guessing that it’s also running at 720P
  • Great for on the road 5/5

    By NeoFresh
    Love having the convenience of playing PS4/5 on the road, albiet that being dependant on your internet connection, but the concept is cool and works well enough. The one complaint I do have is the grey lines now showing in landscape mode that are quite the eyesore. Since 5.0 came out. Hopefully that can be fixed asap.
  • Update! 1/5

    By curtie burdy
  • Make it simpler and more usable 3/5

    By CarlosBdez
    Coming from Xbox , I must say this app works great but not on par… why 2 apps? It’s easier to have everything integrated. Also, on remote play there are 2 black bars on sides (on landscape) why don’t you use that real state to put a ps button and the trackpad (or make the whole screen the trackpad. I’m using a hardware controller and is frustrating to meddle with the touch controls) .. hope you fix it!
  • Screen aspect ration problem 3/5

    By zaym_
    The app works great, however the screen ratio on my phone when I use remote play is off and doesn’t fit the screen, I see black bars followed by a grey background on the sides and there isn’t an option to fix the this.
  • Not that good 4/5

    I think the reason most people want to download this is because they want to play the game on their phone with out having to require the play station at all, I generally like the app but I’m bummed that I can’t play without the PlayStation being on
  • Thumbstick 3/5

    By moody_vibes
    It’s great but it’s hard to move in my opinion I’d prefer if it was a thumb stick it’d be a lot smooth and easier
  • Appletv support 4/5

    By 03727/94
    I really need this on my Apple TV so I can play both in living room and bedroom, please
  • Fix iPhone 13 Pro Max Full Screen Mode 2/5

    By parenkazax
    Please thank you
  • Is a good app but not recommend if you have a bad internet 4/5

    By eduardoeloko
    It is good for me
  • iPhone13 mini dark mode issue 4/5

    By Danyizaizai
    current version the dark mode has a bug ,background color is gray please fix it thanks
  • Please fix screen border issue, from dark mode update? 3/5

    By RickyWintrbrn
    The left and right screen borders on iOS have gray and then a smaller glitched black rectangle. I tried on a iPhone 12 and 12 mini, both had the issue. Very distracting. Otherwise the app is great lol.
  • Grey bars hurt experience 3/5

    By Jay_VNLO
    Unfortunately there is a visual glitch on the sides of the phone that give it grey blocky bars that are not entirely black. When playing at night it makes it very bright only on the sides and hurt the experience. I only write this here because I'm unsure where to contact customer support. Otherwise it's a great app and service. Which is why I care enough to complain about it.
  • Sony needs this 3/5

    By Trickydeclown2
    This was fun but I wish I could play from far a distance while the ps4 was turned off
  • Update 5.0.0 fixed! 4/5

    By Thebestreport
    Edit - nvm still only works at home I’m now able to use remote play again without the usual error!
  • Fix remote plays and a given advice. 2/5

    By the furious king gaming
    Ever since the recent software update for the PlayStation remote plays won’t work properly. When I turn the ps4 on my remote plays would start to lag and kick me out. It always saying that it’s my connection even though my internet provider said there’s no problem and there’s not a lot of people on the Wi-Fi. And whenever it’s on rest mode, remote plays won’t work and says that the PlayStation is off or to connect via to internet and gives the steps to activate my account to the primary one (and it’s already is the primary account). Also, I have an advice to what to add to remote plays. Add a feature to where you can plug in wired headphones into the controller while on remote plays, a perfect reason to do that is because people would most like, definitely would get remote plays on their mobile devices and use it on the go because their wired headphones would work on the controller while on remote plays.
  • Fix the latency 1/5

    By Van Gough #2
    I have pretty good wifi, the fastest you can get. The fact that remote play lags so bad bad has the worst latency is unbelievable. I love PlayStation, but I am beyond disappointed in this application. Not only does it not work well in the same room it also doesn’t work well with a controller. I have it connected to my iPhone and when I press a button it takes way too long to register. Please fix this, for the love of god. I want to be able to play games in another room and not have to drag my console everywhere I go.
  • Doesn’t work most of the time. 2/5

    By tired of unknowlegeble punks
    It works pretty good when I am home by my console, but why would I need remote play most of the time next to my console. It doesn’t work like advertised. I spend most of the time trying to connect to it, then it boots me and I have to start all over again. Games are supposed to be fun, I have found that a lot of the times I deal with my system is frustrating and aggravating. PS needs to do better. For the amount of money I am charged for the games and to even be able to play the games I have bought, everything should work perfectly. Guess y’all don’t know your stuff like you let on you do PlayStation.
  • 4 out of 5! 4/5

    By toiletooth
    running ps5 + ipad pro. playing elden ring on the ps5 ethernet connected, ipad pro with controller connected via bluetooth. the app was disconnecting if i left my controller connected to the ps5. only works with controller connected to ipad. so no vibration, kind of sad, but still works. graphics look very nice, but lag is a thing. its around a 400 ms delay, enough to make things feel a bit clunky, but you get used to it. have had no disconnects (since controller is connected to ipad) sit right next to the ps5. only using it bc the lady watches a lot of tv, and i would rather this than another monitor lool. otherwise, there is proabably no way i'd play on the app. it has potential, but since you kind of can't get a better setup than what i'm running this on and there's still pretty prevalent lag, i dont know. good work though, team, and i definitely will so wow, i cant believe it even works THIS good. which honestly is pretty good!!! EDIT: a month later, a couple feature req's: -login screen be able to access ios keychains for passords, why in 2022 am i entering this everytime? and more importantly, support for multiple psn passwords stored, for us nerd families. -vibrate support for controllers (am aware this is complicated.) thats it though! thanks.
  • Thank you for fixing update 5.0 5/5

    By Lydawobbles
    Functionality is perfect again! Thank you!