PS Remote Play

PS Remote Play

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  • Current Version: 3.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: PlayStation Mobile Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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PS Remote Play App

Use PS Remote Play to access your PS4 or PS5 via Wi-Fi wherever you go. • Display the PS4 or PS5 screen on your mobile device. • Use the on-screen controller on your mobile device to control your PS4 or PS5. • DUALSHOCK 4 controllers can be used with mobile devices that have iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 or later installed. • Join voice chats using the mic on your mobile device. • Enter text on your PS4 or PS5 using the keyboard on your mobile device. You need the following to use this app: • A mobile device with iOS 12.1 or later installed (iPhone 7, iPad (6th generation), and iPad Pro (2nd generation) or later are recommended) • A PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 console with the latest system software version • An account for PlayStation Network • High-speed internet access (home Wi-Fi network) Using the DUALSHOCK 4 • For mobile devices with iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 installed, you can use your DUALSHOCK 4 to use the PS button, touch pad, and motion sensor. • For mobile devices with iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 installed, use the on-screen controller to use the PS button and the touch pad function. Notes on the use of this app • This app may not be compatible with some games. • This app can't be used via a mobile network. • If you're using a mobile device with iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 installed, you need to enable local network access for this app so that your PS4 or PS5 can be found.

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PS Remote Play app reviews

  • Used to be good now it’s not 1/5

    By canihaveanicknamr
    Before the newest update where you can hook up ps5s to it it work really good. But ever since the pa5 came out I cant connect to my ps4 but I can for my ps5.
  • 80001fffffff 1/5

    By uganda knukles3
    Now I got remote play cause it was a way to check on my download before sleep because I was away from home,now when I got remote play for the first time I signed in and it worked only one time and after that I never connect to remote play because there is a error 🤦🏻‍♂️:(
  • Great app but there is a problem 5/5

    By Siddh_2008
    It’s a great app but the problems is that you have the connection problem. I hope they fix it in their new update.
  • Utterly broken 1/5

    By GoddzZ YT
    I have tried everything to get this thing to work, and nothing worked. Reset WiFi, moved the PS4 closer to the router, nothing.
  • Better than Xbox remote Play 4/5

    By Camerwa
    Sony nailed the launch of the PlayStation 5 including this feature (remote play). I am able to play with my PS5 on my iPhone 12 Pro Max. It’s amazing but... There is no support yet for the PS5 controller and that is a real bummer 😕. I took out 1 ⭐️ because of this. Otherwise it just works unlike the same feature on the Xbox series X. That console (Xbox) is a hot mess right now and I would not recommend buying it.
  • 2 stars 2/5

    By Zeeeee123
    I used to use it all the time but now it won't connect to my ps4 at all so it's useless until they fix it
  • Hi right I am not going 5/5

    By Valdez09*
    Hey hey I just got
  • Please port this to Apple TV! 4/5

    By IMcPwn
    Please port this to Apple TV!
  • You Lost Connection 1/5

    By BrianFromCali
    Update: This is basically unplayable with the PS5. They have updated the app to make 540p streaming the “standard” video quality now, which makes small text and map details hard or impossible to see with an iPad. I used to have an optimistic view of where this app could go but somehow it has only gotten worse. With a very capable home wireless network, I am now getting disconnected every three to five minutes. It starts with the video getting extremely grainy and then just disconnecting. This app is basically not functional. I don’t understand how Sony can’t manage to create a decent iOS app for remote play when an independent developer can make OneCast which works perfectly. Playing a game with quick time events? Better not plan on using this app then, because it also seems to hiccup at any moment with significant activity. Not sure if it’s the sound or visuals, but it seems to always have a problem if the action is heavy on the screen. There is no reason for the amount of lag and disconnects I get using Playstation Remote Play. I am on a pause screen for Days Gone and the menu items are all pixelated and hard to read. On top of the disconnects and lag, I have to constantly pair the controller back and forth with my mobile device and console when I switch between them. It would be great to hot swap between devices somehow without going through the pairing process each time. I still think a great option for this app would be a “in-house” mode where it only connects via the local network and the controller connects directly to the console. Sometimes I just need to use the iOS device as a screen in my own home.
  • Would be perfect if it supported connection over cellular 3/5

    By HDashti95
    The app does what is advertised well enough. It would be a lot more useful if connection over cellular support was added.
  • PS4 Keeps Dropping Connection for High Settings 1/5

    By G-Money43
    I have a LAN connection on my PS4 at home that has very high speeds and when I try to use my remote play over internet when I’m away from home I have very fast internet speeds there too. But ever time I try to use remote play with the frame rate and resolution on high settings it always drops connection. The only way to get it to work is to have it set to 540p and standard frame rates. But the game looks like garbage like this and it kinda defeats the purpose. There is also a significant controller lag when playing this way. Not sure if it has to do with the settings or not but I have seen people play over internet without any lag before. So my assumption is it has something to do with the app. Again my download and upload speeds both at home and over the WiFi I’m using away from home are NOT the issue. Both have over 100mbs download and at least 10-20 upload
  • Not good 1/5

    By Jeffropaige
    R-play which was a ps4 remote play on the App Store was removed by Apple that was 100 times better then this app. It used mobile data or WiFi and didn’t crash very often if at all unlike this official app by Sony. Sony give R-play permission to come back to the App Store or figure out the bugs in this program and give us the ability to use our mobile data. This is a perfect example of anti-competition behavior here on the Apple store. Apple will let R-play return if you give them permission. When are you going to allow us to use mobile data ???????
  • remote play doesnt work on ps5 over internet. 3/5

    By timmytimmmzz
    ive used the remote play for years and before that on the vita and i love it. latency can always be improved to make it more viable, but as of right now on the ps5 you can not connect over the internet, only on the same network as your ps5. it has been this way since launch, and doesnt seem to be an issue on android as far as i k ownitnis only the ios app. will give five stars once it works correctly as it is a great an invaluable feature to come along with us to the next generation of playstation.
  • Review 1/5

    By /$$::$$:
    I give it a 1 because it needs WiFi and I’m with my dad I can use it when I go with my mom so I give is a 1 horrible now even a 1 a 0
  • Bricked controller 1/5

    By rodrigomichel
    My controller now doesn’t sync back to my PS4.
  • I’m Amazed 5/5

    By WhoIAm2U
    I wasn’t too sure how this would handle connecting when not at home. I’m amazed that I’ve had no lag and the picture remained in HD. And the remote location I was at didn’t have the beat of connection. Great job Sony. With my iPad Pro and controller it literally feels like my PS4 is in the go. Cudos!
  • Couldn’t connect. 1/5

    By kmsmiwmaoj
    Almost Every time I tried to connect, it said “could not connect to PS4” and when it did work, I couldn’t even use my controller with it.
  • Trolling 5/5

    By HousePartY97727
    I love this app I am in parkchester and my brother was on his ps4 in throngs neck. I took control while he was playing fortnite and turn off the system if you are reading this just know this app is top notch
  • Constantly loses connection 2/5

    By HelloReaper
    Used to work pretty flawlessly, but since the update to integrate the PS5 the app has been nearly worthless. Connected to a PS4 using iPhone 11 Pro it disconnects every few minutes. Internet is a gigabit connection with typically WiFi speeds around 300mbps. Connection should not be an issue. Will reconnect quickly when it stops but it’s still a pain. Also, I’m not even using it for games, strictly PS party chat.
  • Just COPY the Apple TV remote app 2/5

    By MovieNightsNY
    This app is confusing it attempts to overlay the PS5 controller onto a smartphone screen. Please take a look at hope Apple did the Apple TV remote app and take inspiration from there.
  • It’s great, but could add use of mobile data 4/5

    By caleb_cox7
    I enjoy the app! It’s great! I just wish we could play using mobile data because not all WiFi networks are strong when away from home or traveling. With 5G coming out, I hope to see this in an update 😊
  • Major issues 2/5

    By angryyojic
    Ever since the last update I can’t play on my phone. The internet keeps lagging out and kicking me. But works get when I am at home play no lag no kicking
  • PS5 dual sense support needed 3/5

    By Tokai D.
    Works well with the on screen buttons. Just got the ps5 and never had a ps4 so it’s odd that the new controller isn’t supported. Saving my 5 star rating for that update.
  • This is trash 1/5

    By mgxdhnk
    This keeps disconnecting from the playstation every 30 seconds can you fix this asap
  • It doesn’t reach very far 3/5

    By kditbk
    I mean I don’t expect it to reach super far after all there is only so much you can do with Bluetooth but I behind a wall that has my ps4 on the other side and it’s constantly disconnecting. Long story short great app but needs fixing
  • Don’t download 1/5

    By The goat of legitness.
    PlayStation is like apple they stop caring about the old stuff once new stuff comes in as soon as the ps5 came out it stoped working then most of the time even before the ps5 it was laggy.
  • Practically unusable. 1/5

    By Darkside1777
    Since the update the app is now plagued with issues. Most notable; video lag, loss of resolution and disconnects. This is NOT attributed to internet connection speed. My PS4 is hardwired via CAT-5 and I have the fastest service my ISP offers. Prior to the update, the app had no problems at all. Now, it’s nearly unusable. I expect better from a company such as Sony.
  • Has Potential 4/5

    By RileyAJH
    It’s great to get gameplay off of apps! I could use this app for screen recording my PS4 to post on YouTube. But there are some major flaws. For starters, you can’t use your main PS4 controller for it, you must use the on screen controller, which isn’t too bad, but you can’t play a lot of the main titles for the PS4 with it. FPS games are a joke for it. Simple arcade style games, or games with a simple control scheme work best for it. From what I’ve gathered, you can’t use your own controller as you could on console. I think you could pair up a Bluetooth. If you could use the controller on the console, I’d probably give this a 5 star, since it would be amazing for catching gameplay footage, but these flaws are what make me from making it a 5 Star.
  • Controller won’t work 1/5

    By RaG3.TwiNkie
    I play on my controller whenever I use this app but for some odd reasons my buttons are switch. Aim is L1 instead of L2 and shoot is R1 instead of R2 and Grenades are the touchpad for some odd reason. It’s not the controller or game settings they are fine and I triple checked. It only happens whenever I use remote play. I play on my TV and it’s fine. I play on here and it’s not, I don’t know if it’s a bug, but please if it is FIX IT IMMEDIATELY.
  • Disconnection issues 1/5

    By InterestingFellow
    I keep having continuous discontinues after about 30 seconds connected. I was researching on how to fix this problem and learned that it’s been happening for 4 YEARS , the fix isn’t complicated but I cannot perform because I have no alternate accounts. I’m very disappointed by the fact that this still hasn’t been fixed. As well as I now that this bug is the one reason I keep getting disconnected, My internet speed is more than sufficient.
  • WiFi Only?! 1/5

    By sinceremillz
    Now this makes no sense. On Xbox they can use the app without WiFi. This is just another reason Xbox users talk bad on Sony. Please come out with this feature.
  • I loved this app. 5/5

    By Casper the bot slayer
    Sony your supposed to be the system, This app was great, I could use it away from home and I did good enough for most games and it did real good at home but now it crashes when I’m home right next to my PS4 and it won’t even connect away from hone. So please fix your problems,
  • Only works in WiFi 2/5

    By Weters
    This app requires WiFi. It should allow you to play using 5G.
  • It won’t work 1/5

    By yofiidjxjwjfif
    When I connect it only works for a second then disconnects
  • BUTTONS!!!! 5/5

    By awsome dog14
    Hi please add a feature where you can remap the buttons. Thank you:)
  • WiFi needed. 2/5

    By Chavodl8
    Why can’t I log in with my phone data. I have an unlimited plan and it’s not an issue for me. Give us the option please. That feature is available on Xbox.
  • Yes 4/5

    By mk fan 23
    Can you please make it offline
  • ’Marious 1/5

    By gtdydcufuyfyf
    This app is horrible every time I try to play the game with friends it turns off the controller and takes a long time to reconnect back
  • Great but... 3/5

    By Baby skins yay
    It definitely is useful but please add a way to connect out of home
  • Fix the app 4/5

    By OGManuelYT
    Lags too much every time I’m playing it kicked me and says lost conection when I’m right in front of the ps4
  • Every time the ps app says your internet connection might not be strong enough 5/5

    By Stevedemetro
    Why PlayStation Why? I’m Having A Problem!
  • Cellular data usage 3/5

    By Jerm_htx
    Update for cellular data on iPad Pro that’s all that’s missing
  • Needs an update 1/5

    By WhoAmI141
    This is in desperate need of an update, it is constantly losing connection to my ps4 that connected via ethernet cable. When it does connect to losing that connection within seconds. Please update this app.
  • Hi 4/5

    By gokusupersaiyan_god
    Can you tuna guitar no but you can tuna fish
  • IOS app not connecting to PS5 1/5

    By remagelosnoc
    The app connects fine to my PS4 but recently tried to connect to my PS5 and get connection error. The Android version of the app connects fine, just the IOS one is having issues.
  • I like the app but it’s so annoying sometimes 3/5

    By Greg pledger
    I like the app but every time I try to play on my tablet it just crashes for no reason at all and every time it crashes I do everything YOUR hints tell me to do but it doesn’t work so maybe update your app.
  • FPS 5/5

    By chike ffliet
    It needs to have a FPS option, but overall it’s good
  • 5G no need for WiFi 4/5

    By B.I.G.Swat
    Just like to point out this app still requires WiFi to use it and even attempt remote play. Most of the users are/will be switching to 5G iPhones. So I’m sure this app will no longer be trapped to WiFi. Other than this, the app is great, runs smooth
  • Let us use 5G now 3/5

    By Nevixia TM
    5G can be just as fast or faster than wifi. Would make remote play much more useful if it worked without wifi.