PS4 Remote Play

PS4 Remote Play

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  • Current Version: 2.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: PlayStation Mobile Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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PS4 Remote Play App

Use PS4 Remote Play to access your PS4 via Wi-Fi wherever you go. ・Display the PS4 screen on your mobile device. ・Use the on-screen controller on your mobile device to control your PS4. (DUALSHOCK 4 controllers can be used with mobile devices that have iOS 13 or iPad OS 13 or later installed.) ・Join voice chats using the mic on your mobile device. ・Enter text on your PS4 using the keyboard on your mobile device. You need the following items to use this app: ・Mobile devices with iOS 12.1 or later installed iPhone 7, iPad (6th-generation), and iPad Pro (2nd generation) or later are recommended. ・A PlayStation 4 system with the latest system software version ・An account for PlayStation Network ・High-speed Internet access (home Wi-Fi network) Notes on the Use of This App This app may not be compatible with some games. DUALSHOCK 4 controllers can be used with mobile devices that have iOS 13 or iPad OS 13 or later installed. However, to use the PS button or the touch pad function, use the on-screen controller. This app cannot be used via a mobile network.

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PS4 Remote Play app reviews

  • I can’t unmuted my mic 3/5

    By cant umuted mic
    I can’t umbrella to my mic I could glade lee appreciate if you could fix this
  • W 5/5

    By loejejd7472
    Best appp ever made
  • BOOOO 1/5

    By Jyelloh
    My iPhone keeps getting a “cannot connect to PS4” message. It’s real annoying and inconvenient. App too buggy. Try to manually connect. Instantly says I cannot connect. I’m using wifi. Same network and everything. I was connecting 6 months ago easily. Now all of sudden I can’t. FIX!!!!!!
  • No mic 3/5

    By funny jsy
    The mic on here don’t even work bro
  • Buttons. 4/5

    By landendaloser
    I have the iPhone 6 the buttons are kinda hard to use but great for lazy people and word great just with the little bit of lag and small screen but otherwise it’s perfect
  • False Advertising 1/5

    It says that you talk from the microphone of your phone but when you try to talk and unmute the microphone it doesn’t work
  • Nice 5/5

    By yes but spelled with a n o
    I played my cousin in mkx and beat his ass
  • Umm 5/5

    By the_realsloth77
    So I just moved and I don’t have a tv is there a way to link my phone with ps4
  • Very entertaining 5/5

    By EDP415
    It may glitch out sometimes but that depends on your WiFi and the type of phone you have. Overall, is a very solid product
  • Works great 5/5

    By 88walt
    I used remote play with the ps vita. I had to buy a case for it that had L2 and R2. It made it easier to play 2k. Then I heard that the app on iPhones and iPads where going to be supporting DualShock 4. I use remote play daily since it has. Hopefully 5G can give us strong enough signal to game everywhere.
  • I love this 5/5

    By techguy1
    This is the best app that I’ve ever used. I’ve owned a PlayStation for now for a while, I love the great games it has to offer the incredible operating system and the design. Figuring out that PlayStation remote play is a thing has made my experience that much more incredible, I love playing my PlayStation on the go I even purchased an old PlayStation TV just so I can remote play two other rooms in my house. I love this and I hope this features available on the PlayStation 5.
  • Lag is no good 2/5

    By zazapoodarm
    This thing is completely a joke. The lag, is just the worst , I can’t even play game.
  • Needs Apple TV support 4/5

    By Dadabc123
    App works great over a wired connection. PS4 controller support was a great addition. No Apple TV support is a head scratcher.
  • DualShock will not connect 4/5

    By vegetarot
    I just got this and I keep on trying to connect my DualShock controller but it won’t connect plz fix this I want to play with my controller
  • I need more stuff (I never actually tried this) 5/5

    By E1234570
    Make the thing look like a PS4 controller so I can play Minecraft on the PS4 (Phone)
  • Good but 1 problem 3/5

    By 17 in the track
    This works great but there is one bad thing about this. It’s the fact that I can’t download it on my iPad. I’m going on a vacation soon and I’m wanting to play with the boys. But the I have to do play on my phone. Which is a very small screen and an iPad would be better. Bigger screen vs smaller screen. I would like it if it could be available on an iPad.
  • You Need PSN 1/5

    By fvrbegngebeg ge
    You need psn to play. I f— hate this f- huh skim :&,(&;&&,:&,&,&;&.&,&;&&:,&,&:&,&;&;&;:&:&,&:&,:&/,3);!:?;!/5’hd D TN Stu—/?’djckdkckdkcfkckdk j kdkfkdldkfkckkvebfndgxhmdhmdhmhd Do Dongs Go svmyesgmjt Hge he I f$&$ rare this a one star they should do it without PSN
  • Good but could be 5stars 4/5

    By DrGymz
    It’s good but there is a glitch where if you press the ps button it disconnects
  • I would give it five but 4/5

    By user1484793
    Please Sony allow Netflix and Disney+ to be viewed wirelessly it is so annoying
  • Remote play doesn’t work 1/5

    By Samfishbass
    Remote play doesn’t work on iPhone 8
  • Connection 1/5

    By rhemajoseph
    It doesn’t connect to PlayStation slim
  • Would give 5 4/5

    By يتيغغ
    The joysticks, fix them I mean not controller but the device joy sticks
  • Great when it works 1/5

    By Tommy63
    For whatever reason the app will not connect to my PlayStation if it isn’t already on. I’ve tried everything I could find online, only placed in rest mode, set PlayStation as main PlayStation, enabled constant internet access. App will only connect if my PlayStation is currently on and will only turn on the PlayStation immediately after I turn it off from the app. Would change to 5 stars if I could actually play when away on work trips.
  • Plz fix 5/5

    By nefuinewfc
    It is fun but you might want to fix the lag
  • “Continue Watching” 3/5

    By AhhShhWee
    The only reason I downloaded this was to hit “continue watching” on Netflix because my controller is on the other side of the room. I think it’s dumb that you can’t use the controller on the screen even when there’s a blocked screen. There should be a feature for an actual remote on the app if possible like XBox has on theirs.
  • Great but not perfect 4/5

    By Romeo87
    The only things missing that are keeping it from a 5 star rating are Not all functions work with remote play when you have a DualShock controller connected via Bluetooth such as the touchpad and ps button on the controller, they work on the touchscreen tho. It’s just a slight inconvenience in my opinion. Also the lack of mobile data support, most of not all carriers offer unlimited data now, yes they throttle after a certain amount of data being used but that’s the users problem, not the app.
  • Dear Sony PLEASE let me take over this app!!! 5/5

    By ruguspeng
    The app is quite decent but the control scheme is completely THRASH & it’s quite simple to fix and there’s a solution. Give us the ability to have different control elements based on the genre of of a specific game for example: Nba 2k - 2k mobile button layout (Sports) Fifa - Fifa mobile button layout (Sports) Call of duty - Call of duty mobile button layout/customization (fps) All (rpg) games such as Bloodborne Monster Hunter (monster hunter mobile touchscreen controls) or even Diablo etc could use a layout similar to black desert mobile or order and chaos For racing games a tilt control can be implemented with auto acceleration being optional. App should be able to run in the background Latency can be improve Support for cellular connection Support for nintendo switch
  • Stop posting one on your reviews 5/5

    By TiffanyNicole1982
    I get it the app breaks and stuff but for real Putting it at 1 star over 1 experience Dude the app is good I can see why people don’t like it but rating it 1 star, really?
  • dont get 1/5

    By bdidkdfmx
    you have to sign in

    By true reviews 6950
    I want to play war frame but then it wont connect to my ps4 this annoyed me fix your app
  • Please fix 1/5

    By boommersuck
    The only reason I downloaded this app was to watch Netflix and YouTube and crunchy roll and I can’t watch it please fix and I download this app cause I don’t have a ps4 remote
  • AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By EnzoF006
    Its the best thing ever 5 stars should be downloaded more. No im not a bot
  • Great App 5/5

    By Gaming214
    This app is great but I would wish that playing it using remote play doesn’t result in laggy gameplay. They should improve the Performance of the remote play.
  • It works great! 5/5

    By Alex_Black30187
    Initially I thought this was going to be a horrible app to use, but then I used it for the first time and knew I was very wrong. The performance is great, no lag, can use my ps4 anywhere in the house!
  • Start button so small 2/5

    By Faizon Hassan
    Why is the start button small why not make it more large?
  • Great app 5/5

    By The Gaming Gecko YT
    The only complaint I have is that the controls seem to be put in a certain way so I wish you can move them and change size because it seems that the controls were made for slow paced games like Minecraft but in a game like dishonored when your in action you hesitate and don’t want to look down to the controls or you would die so you either end up pressing the wrong button or pressing no button at all
  • Hope this is just the start! 5/5

    By WilFromTheFutr
    This experience sets the bar for streaming games! Now Apple needs to step up their game by supporting 100% of DualShock 4 functionality and to allow streaming services like Stadia, xCloud, and GForce Now on the App Store!
  • Wish it worked to control youtube, netflix, etc. 1/5

    By TheCrip910
    i really wish i was able to control tv apps to watch videos and stuff
  • DOES. NOT. WORK. Anymore... 1/5

    By disappointed5785867587
    I don’t know what happened but no matter WHAT i do, I get “Cannot Register PS4”. I’ve used Ethernet. I’m on the same network. I only have one ps4. I’ve tried everything and nothing works. This is stupid.
  • REALLY needs improvement 3/5

    By marcthetheshark
    After the update that wasn't super long ago, it was a lot better. But still, it is really laggy, and the connection range isn't really big. I would love to be able to play on it while i am not at home, but it doesn't connect really well. I love the convenience to be able to take a playstation on the go. After all, it does say remote play in the title.
  • Fix Bugs 3/5

    By clusked
    It’s always pixelated and really bad graphics no matter what. With or without WiFi it’s always bad quality. Sony please fix
  • Apple TV support please 5/5

    By Abdulla Mattar
    Dear Sony , Please add support to Apple TV 4K devices , we love to play our PlayStation games on the big screens without moving the console , also add support to remote play over cellular data please ..
  • It's as great app but it lags to much 4/5

    By zagroskoko2005
    Maybe u can improve it
  • Good, but room for improvement 3/5

    By a_steez
    First, I’ll say it’s pros which are that it works as intended and with only a slight input delay. It also allows you to see what’s on your screen which is nice, but here’s where the cons come to that and what I think should be added, or at least updated. The screen is ok, but not always on, where your screens blocked for various reasons, this inherently isn’t bad, but when your screen is blocked (which is on anything entertainment related: Netflix, YouTube, etc.) the app is useless as your controller disappears onscreen and you can only use your phone to hit the ps button. If they allowed it to still use the controller or at least the d-pad and buttons it would allow me to use my phone as a remote, while my controllers charge. This really limits my use and I assume others to as there’s no real benefit to using it over just a controller, what situations would you be in where you’re in the house where the PS4 is in and really need to game in a different room, any online games would be pointless because of the input delay and controls on the phone itself, so please Sony not only update this app but also make everything into one app and let us see our saved clips on your app like Xbox
  • Wow and bad 3/5

    By DPlateto44
    It’s pretty good if you ask me but the only problem is that you need WiFi to use and me on the other hand life’s in the desert were WiFi is hard to get and we have hotspot but it’s a lot to pay so if u can make it through Bluetooth or something that would be create but other than that it’s great 👍
  • Works better than intended 5/5

    By xOne Man Future
    I have an iPhone 5C, and a Galaxy V10 tablet. Both are from around 2012. Both devices work flawlessly with this app. The biggest piece of advise I would recommend, is make sure you have fast internet. Even a brand new phone won’t run, with slow internet. This App allows you to have full PlayStation control, as soon as you register your device on the PlayStation. Satisfying and simple.
  • I connect to another ps4 3/5

    By anth0ny2435
    Whenever I try connecting to my ps4 through this app I always connect to the ps4 of a friend when he’s using his ps4 and I can’t do anything except watch what he’s doing it’s honestly frustrating. We don’t even live near each other as well.
  • It needs improvement 3/5

    By Starblade3415
    The quality and speed needs improvement and this has a lot of potential.
  • Bug 1/5

    By ttvblacklord
    It won’t let me sigh in

PS4 Remote Play app comments

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