PS4 Remote Play

PS4 Remote Play

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  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: PlayStation Mobile Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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PS4 Remote Play App

Use PS4 Remote Play to access your PS4 via Wi-Fi wherever you go. ・Display the PS4 screen on your mobile device. ・Use the on-screen controller on your mobile device to control your PS4. ・Join voice chats using the mic on your mobile device. ・Enter text on your PS4 using the keyboard on your mobile device. You need the following items to use this app: ・Mobile devices with iOS 12.1 or later installed iPhone 7, iPad (6th-generation), and iPad Pro (2nd generation) or later are recommended. ・A PlayStation 4 system with the latest system software version ・An account for PlayStation Network ・High-speed Internet access (home Wi-Fi network) Notes on the Use of This App This app may not be compatible with some games. You cannot use the DUALSHOCK 4 with this app. This app cannot be used via a mobile network.

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PS4 Remote Play app reviews

  • Hi 3/5

    By FWMyt
    Can you make it so that you can use this when the DualShock is on beacuse the mic on my head seat stop working and I just wanna use this for the mic
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    Don’t get this it is just a waste of your time. It does not work at all.
  • Controller support please 5/5

    By nezi03
    Sony you guys are the smartest company around but honestly this is a missed opportunity adding controller support would not only make this the new Sony handheld it would compete against the highly popular switch please consider you will not regret love your consoles tho.
  • It’s ok 2/5

    By iLOGIC77
    I say this would be better if you could be able to connect your controller to your phone so u can play but you can’t
  • Why can’t I use it on a different WIFI? 2/5

    By ColinSniper5000-
    I’m trying to use the ps4 at a different place and it’s not working! :(
  • Can’t Use 1/5

    By MDAskey
    When you first start the app it asks you to login. Then it sends a code via text message for you to enter. The problem is every time you check the text for the code and come back to enter it, the app has you start over again from the beginning. It doesn’t stay on the screen where you enter the code. Needless to say it’s a vicious cycle that leads you nowhere. Can’t even use the app.
  • Good but could improve. 3/5

    By UseCodeLachy😂
    I really like the app but it needs improvement. 1 pro and 2 cons: the pro is I’ve heard people complain about how you can’t use a controller and the phone at the same time. They say they want to use the phone as the screen and they can’t. While not being as good, you could use a different account with your controller than with the phone. (This might sound gross) but I’d do that and bring my phone into the bathroom and my controller and grind out some fortnite😂. But you 100% should be able to use streaming devices with it. And also they need to make it portable (like you can connect it once and it will be connected whenever you go in the app). Could be better but still kinda fun.
  • PS4 remote 5/5

    By Little je5se
    Gotta say the app is great! Wanted to test a Game worth playing on my iPad so I put in Mortal Kombat 11 and it works amazingly!!! This app is one of my favorites now!
  • 3 1/2 Stars (Rounded-down) 3/5

    By K.B.T.
    The few issues I have with the app regard its settings, or lack thereof: 1) Needs an opacity slider for the touchscreen controls; 2) The touchscreen analog sticks need serious adjustments (analog stick size, thumb travel on screen, overall sensitivity and deadzone); 3) Touchscreen controls size scaling, as the entire on-screen controller should be free to make larger and smaller. Several of the instances in these issues regard landscape mode. However, if there was a option to use the portrait mode’s button size in the landscape mode’s controller placement, you probably have a winner.
  • Useless Remote for the Vue and TV/Video app 1/5

    By Apple fan 24681012
    My main purpose for downloading this iOS app was to use it while viewing PlayStation Vue or the TV/Video apps on my PS4. Was hoping to listen to streaming videos through my Bluetooth device while the Remote app was open on my phone. Instead once the apps are launched, the remote app is useless. The only thing you can do is touch the PS button to get back to the main screen and navigate between the apps on the main PS4 screen. Can’t use the remote app to control the PS Vue or TV/Video features (pause/playback, switch channels, etc). Need an update.
  • 9/10 5/5

    By cjjsjiminezz
  • NEEDS WORK 1/5

    By Bashful23
    Firstly, a huge fan of the concept of this app and have been waiting for something like this for years. THIS APP REQUIRES WORK. There is no way that anyone can spend hours playing on this screen the way that they have made the apps controls. I would recommend that they allow the use of a controller so that the phone would just be used as a display. But i think that you should be able to play via the phone. The response is not snappy. I should be able to use the right analog stick and buttons with ease. But this is not the case. I recommend that they use the movement of the phone to control the directions the player looks. Also the ‘r’ and ‘l’ buttons and hard to use in a quick fashion. It is difficult and unintuitive to use the phone as a remote as it is. The phone is not optimized as a useful controller!
  • No controller support = no point for me 1/5

    By Ombria L.
    I was so excited about this app, only to realize there was no DualShock support. I’d like to be able to play “remotely” in my own home, with a DualShock controller, on an iPad screen. (Was any user research done on this?) There seem to be a lot of similar comments regarding lack of controller support. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for this feature!
  • at this time this app is useless 1/5

    By anthonyjdicarli
    dualshock 4 support would really come in handy with this app

    By oleLuke
    So many people are complaining Sony you need to fix this.. it doesn’t even work!
  • Useless 3/5

    By D0miniqu301
    The fact that you can't use a ds4 limits the this app and makes it almost useless
  • trash 1/5

    By Dilannn._
    it doesn't even work. i try to connect my phone to the ps4 but when i enter the code it says "cannot connect" even though the ps4 knows i want to connect because something pops up saying it cannot add.
  • 45 minutes to set up 2/5

    By jdkgnrnc
    I had a blast using my iPhone as a controller. But with a 45 minute set up time, and then the fact that you have to do this set up every time you want to use it? Stupid.
  • Need option for JUST the screen 1/5

    By rfloyd42
    This is basically worthless as is. ALL I want is to see the display on my iPad (which it can obviously do), but it’s of zero value to try and play a game (almost the only thing I use my PS4 for) because you're forced to use the controller built in to the iPad. You could watch Netflix, for instance, but why would I do that when I could just watch it on the iPad in the first place. The only thing I could see this being useful for at all is a PS4-specific video source, which is maybe why they do it?
  • Ton of potential !! 4/5

    By polk54
    Make it to where you can play anywhere and controllers for the phones 🔥‼️
  • Update 5/5

    By its ya boi alex lotso
    I like it, but maybe you should update the app to make it better
  • this app is good for nothing 1/5

    i want to watch netflix , but i’m too laZy to get up and charge my dead controller . i downloaded this app so i could turn on netflix and pick out a show without having to get out of bed , but it’s good for nothing & i cant . :(
  • Ps remote 5/5

    By Supreme josp
    I love it’s the best But it needs improvement what I mean is the WiFi has to work where ever you are.
  • Works great, has some downs. 5/5

    By johnemmet9
    U can play game in the house that the PS4 is in, or in someone else’s house, which means u can play on your PS4 even if u r 500 miles away from it! (Or as far as your phone can reach.) the PS4 needs a strong WiFi connection, same for the phone. U cant do everything on your PS4 tho. U cant do share play, watch movies or videos on tv and video app, but works great so that u could play it even on a vacation! I have one thing, just ONE thing I don’t like about the app. I sometimes get signed out of the app and that’s very annoying. Sony, plz fix this. Great app tho! (Ur gonna need psn account to play far away AKA: via internet)
  • REALLY GOOD But...... 3/5

    By NoobLetsPlayX
    Sometimes I can’t play my ps4 far away so yeee
  • 1 feature I expected is not here 3/5

    By Kitsune Jay
    It says even when you are away you can still play. I guess they meant if you aren’t home and your ps4 is on you can play because I tried to play with my ps4 off but it just lost connection. I really hope this gets added so I can actually play cause then I can change to a 5 star review
  • Cannot resister ps4 fix help 1/5

    By Richie Hang
    When I type the code in it says cannot resister ps4, can anyone help me
  • Can be better 3/5

    By 254267532
    It’s laggy and has bad graphics but beside from that you should be able to edit button size and select placement in settings
  • Completely useless 1/5

    By Nxde TNB
    When I saw that this app was free I was so happy so I Emmdiately installed it. I did tall the processes and I was able to play on my phone. But when I turnered my PS4 off it lost connection. Long story short your PS4 needs to be in so you can play on your phone. I don’t understand the point of this when you can just play on your tv. It also says that you need WiFi and can’t use you mobile carrier. I was in a different star and I hopped on the app and it kept saying searching for PS4 and never found it. How the hell are you suppose to play on the go, if you can’t even connect to it.
  • App Review 1/5

    By ImCrazyMexican
    The quality is what ruins the app as well as the option of only playing using the phone, you cant connect your dualshock and so it ruins some purposes of trying to use it.
  • Starting 2/5

    By jdnsbsbbs
    A nice thing would be if I’m at work and about to go home I should be able to start my ps4 from my phone and not be on the same internet
  • Ipad 4th generation not compatible 5/5

    By Rian Ahmed Mugdho
    Please bring it for ios 10.3.3 please
  • AppleTV 4/5

    By Saul R.
    Make this app for an appletv.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Theeapollo
    I was hoping I could text on my phone while using regular controller to play. And it’s hard to manage.
  • Great potential but....... 3/5

    By kutch48
    Great potential the game looks nice and the frames are nice but I wish that I could customize the settings along with where the controls go to make it easier when I play.because where the front bumpers are right now I can’t shoot aim and move all at the same time along with all the other buttons that go together. In short there is some control issue but the game looks great can’t wait to see what it looks like in the future
  • To the people complainin 5/5

    By Cris468
    This app is AMAZING!! I actually found a way to get play on the controller and still be able to see the game on my phone. You literaally just look for how to do it on youtube and its actually real cool
  • Good 5/5

    By huyshdbrjdbdudufbfj
  • I stream with the app 3/5

    By gglion
    The app should allow to be able stream while still being able to control the app
  • Great Potential 5/5

    By Steveieb19421
    I really do think this app could be a whole lot better. My only negative opinion about this is that I can’t use this over cellular. They need to understand that many people have unlimited data now and we don’t all have a limited data plan anymore.
  • Doesn’t work for remote play 1/5

    By neganisthebestlover
    App doesn’t work for remote play. I have tried multiple time in multiple locations attempting to use the remote play feature and every time it fails to connect even though the internet connection where the PS4 is extremely high speed 1gig and the Wi-Fi the mobile is connected to is 20mb. The only successful uses of the remote play was sitting at the house with the PS4
  • nice. 5/5

    By онавйноои
    guys this is the best app in the world.
  • Clutch 4/5

    By Bracket guy
    This app works fine. Just wish iPhones had controller support.
  • Finally 🔥 5/5

    By SixO DaDa
    i found a way to play with my ps4 remote 🔥
  • Useless without controller support 2/5

    By CobraBK
    The app concept is good but is pretty useless without controller support. If connected on the same network, should be able to use the PS4 controller to control the game without it stopping the share. I cannot and will not play with an on screen controller. Will review again when a physical controller can be used.
  • Pretty Lame 2/5

    By Swoogbot
    I would like to know why I can’t use cellular to actually play anywhere. My LTE internet has 130mb down and 60 up. There should be an option to use cellular while using this app. Other than that it’s not good for many games as you can’t use any controller.
  • Almost Seamless Integration 3/5

    By Ravager.Zero
    Needs PS4 Controller functionality and priority optimization to minimize lag by disabling background app refresh for all apps during play.
  • Can’t connect to my phone 3/5

    By XVDeadVX
    This is a great app, but lately i have not been able to conenct it to my PS4 no matter how many different codes the PS4 says to put into the phone it simply deosnt register to my phone to connect it
  • IDK 4/5

    By jdkdjejdncu
  • Can’t sign in 1/5

    By dushbsfys
    I’ve tried to sign in for days and I won’t let me with any account saying wrong password or email and when I try create new account and when I’m finish it still says wrong password or email

PS4 Remote Play app comments

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